Felicia Hardy

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Felicia Hardy

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Name: Felicia Hardy
Alias: "Fee"
Age: 20
Hair: Blonde/medium length wavy
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 120
Build: Lean athletic
Nationality: American, New York
Known Relatives: Walter Hardy (father/deceased?) Lydia Hardy (mother)

Mutant Power: She holds the ability to manipulate probability in her favor. Though she has not quite grasped this as a talent, but instead purely amounts it to a rather generous string of good luck.

Strengths: Balance and flexible athleticism. Due to most of her life spent in various gymnast classes, she is rather practiced and skilled in balanced movement and feats of flexibility. The addition of martial arts later in her youth further built upon her athleticism. A talent for sweet talking and schmoozing has been gained from her work as a bartender.

Weakness: A blind idolization of her father. This attachment has plagued her with a sense of loss since his disappearance and presumed death. This view of her father has also caused tension in the relationship with her mother. She has also developed a mild draw to gambling and games of chance.

Bio: Felicia has rather fond memories of her youth, especially when it came to her father. In her memory, she has placed her father upon a pedestal, untouchable. She was Daddy’s girl, no one could come close to the bond between father and daughter. So, when he vanished when she was around the age of ten, she was absolutely devastated. Her relationship with her mother crumbled, and she threw herself into her afterschool activities of gymnastics and mixed martial arts classes.

Gymnastics she had pursued from a very young age, with the undying support of her father, and continued in his memory. Martial arts she took on after his disappearance, as a release for her emotions, but soon grew quite fond of it. She excelled in both chosen sports, as well as kept up decent grades in school, but her home life was a different story. She had a turbulent relationship with her mother, and would eventually end up slipping in with the wrong crowd. She was arrested as an accomplice to burglary charges when she was 16, when a then boyfriend ratted her out after he was caught. In a last ditched effort to reign in her daughter, her mother sent her to a boarding school in upstate New York, where she would later graduate.

After graduation, she moved back in with her mother but the relationship was still one of distrust and detachment. Felicia ended up going to a casino with friends on her 19th birthday, and won a considerable amount of cash. She used a chunk of her winnings to move out of her mother’s house and into a small apartment, where she then worked on furnishing it with the ‘easy’ money she made from that win and a subsequent one. Soon after, she landed a job as a bartender at the same casino. She made decent money and tips, and grew even more enamored by the atmosphere of the place.

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