Melody Jacobs - Threnody

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Melody Jacobs - Threnody

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Play By - Jourdan Dunn
Name: Melody Gretchen Jacobs

Alias: Threnody

Birth Date: August 25th

Height: 5'7"

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Nationality: American

Status: Registered mutant

Affiliation: X-Men

Mutant Abilities:
  • Necroplasmic Energy Vampire; Threnody is empowered and sustained by necroplasm, the energy surrounding a person when they are dying or near death, and as such she can sense death to the point where she can even state what the person is dying of. It remains to be seen if this ability can be extended to include other forms of energy absorption.
  • Necroplasmic Energy Manipulation; She can absorb the life energies released during death and convert them into bursts of explosive plasma from her hands or reanimate corpses into zombies under her control. She is apparently capable of creating hordes of zombies at once.
Relatives: Daughter; Harmony Nathania Jacobs
Mother; Judith Jacobs

Appearance: As the single mother of a young child Melody doesn't give much thought towards her looks these days. Bringing up a mutant child is hard work so she has a tendency to look tired and vaguely pissed off most of the time. Despite this she's still a reasonably attractive young woman with long dark hair and soulful eyes, though she is very lean looking and of slight built with a tendency to look rangy. She usually has her hair tied back in a loose pony tail and throws on the first thing she can find that’s reasonably clean in the mornings clothing wise.

History: Melody's first suspected she might have been a mutant when she managed to bring her pet budgie, Monty, back to life after her mother killed him when she was thirteen.

The only daughter of Judith Jacobs, a barely functioning alcoholic living on the wrong side of the tracks in down-town Detroit, Melody's life has been pretty rough and her childhood was a long stream of her mother getting a place to stay, them getting kicked out for various reasons, and ending up either on the streets or sofa surfing till a new residence presented itself. There were plenty of times she went hungry and was stuck wearing clothes several sizes to small for her, but she got on with it the best she could. Sitting around whining about it wouldn't fill her belly after all. As a result of this Melody became skilled at petty theft such as pickpocketing and conning people into giving her money. She reasons that if these people were so desperate to keep a hold of their petty change they'd do a better job of stopping her from taking it.

It wasn't always bad, every now and then Judith would sober up and try to go clean and they'd have money and fun for a while, but she inevitably always fell of the wagon and it was back to square one. Melody learnt never to get her hopes up when her mother said 'I mean it, this time I'm going clean for good!'.

The schools she attended were the usual inner-city cesspools of disruptive kids and disinterested teachers, but she was a bright girl and picked up a lot more than she ever let on. She would have done quite well at school if she hadn't figured out that getting into after school detention meant she had to spend less time at home and as such did everything short of physically assaulting the staff to ensure she was kept in it almost every day.

Monty was the only pet she'd ever owned, bought for her by her mother during one of her sober periods, after Judith fell of the wagon again Melody came home one evening to discover that her mother had become enraged by the birds constant chirping while she was trying to sleep and had broken it's neck and left it in the bottom of the cage for her daughter to find.

Melody wept over her pet's body, and as she did so she felt something akin to a static shock shoot through her and the bird opened it's eyes, hopped to it's feet and started to preen himself. Once she'd finished freaking out (which took a few days) she started to experiment with dead bugs she found, discovering that she could resurrect them and that when they died again she could draw the energy back into herself, though the process left her drained.

Never having had much of an appetite anyway, upon discovering her power it seemed to drop away completely. While she could still eat the food seemed to pass right though her giving her very little sustenance and she started to become weak and haggard.

At least until the car crash.

While making her slow way back from school a car ran a red light at an intersection as she walked past and collided head on with another car, instantly killing both drivers. Melody felt the energy released by the deaths surge through her, as well as the last, lingering thoughts and personalities of the two drivers, and her strength came back to her. After some though on the matter once she'd given the police her statement and gone home she came to the quite ghoulish conclusion that she must need this 'death energy' to sustain herself now.

The next day she walked to the local hospital and volunteered as a visitor. Ever pragmatic she figured that the people in there were dying anyway, they might as well die to keep someone else alive, a bit like organ transplants, and as an additional bonus while she was there she wasn't at home with mother. So she spent the next few years alternating between detention and visiting the hospital to drain the energy of the dying.

Then she met Nathan.

Nathan was a fellow volunteer about the same age as her, who was also using hospital work as an excuse to get out of the house, only in his case he was a boy from the nice side of town who's yuppy parents kept on trying to pressure him into doing sports when he'd much rather be doing music. Over time the two grew close and they started dating, much to the anger of Nathan's parents who believed she was nowhere near good enough for their son. The attempted to forbid Nathan from seeing Melody but that just resulted in the two sneaking behind their backs. Their relationship was unusually stable compared to others their age, they remained a couple for over two years and as they grew older they began to sleep together.

However, it turned out that the chastity people were right as despite all their precautions Melody became pregnant when she was sixteen, much to her and Nathan's shock, his parents horror and her mother's apathy. After much soul searching and discussing they decided that they were going to keep the baby and try and make a go of it. Nathan's parents threw him out of the house when he told them of his decision and so he moved in with Melody and her mother and, while Melody worked on getting their house fit for a baby Nathan dropped out of college to get a job to support them all, and as Melody's pregnancy progressed it seemed that things might work out after all.

Melody should have known better, they were still living in a bad neighbourhood and while stopping off at the 7/11 on the way home from work he was caught-up in an armed robbery, later on that night Melody received a call from the hospital telling her that Nathan had been fatally shot. She was seven months pregnant at the time.

Naturally she tried to gain access to his body to see if she could resurrect him with her powers, but his parents were his next of kin and blamed he for their son's death and they barred her from seeing him and banned her from attending his funeral. Watching from a distance as his body was lowered into the ground Melody silently promised Nathan that no matter what, she'd ensure their child had a good life.

A couple of months later Melody gave birth to a daughter that she named Harmony Nathania for both of them. It was obvious from the first instance that Harmony was a mutant like her mother, born with grey skin, black eyes and tiny claws and fangs (which as soon as Melody saw made her decided that maybe bottle feeding wasn't so bad after all). Melody loved her little girl from the first moment she laid eyes on her as was determined to be the best mother she possibly could be.

Nathan's family had a different idea, shortly after the birth Melody was served with papers claiming that she was an unfit mother and Nathan's parents were making a claim for custody of Harmony. They argued that an under-aged mutant parent with no job, living with an alcoholic in a neighbourhood with such a high crime rate was a unsafe environment for a child and unfortunately for Melody the judge agreed, giving Nathan's parents full custody of Harmony when she was just six months old.

In the court room everyone was astounded by how well Melody seemed to take it, she didn't cry or lash out, just very calmly got up and left the room. The cool exterior masked a burning rage within however, Melody was furious and she was going to get her baby back, and she knew exactly how she was going to do it ...
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