Warren Worthington III

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Warren Worthington III

Post by JackSkulls » Tue May 26, 2015 2:20 am

NAME: Warren Worthington III
AGE: 19
DATE OF BIRTH: December 25th 1999
STATUS: Registered Mutant
Angel: Aerial Adaption; Warren's entire anatomy is adapted for flight. He has greater muscle mass and body does not store excess fat. His strength, speed, agility, flexibility, endurance, reflexes, coordination, balance, eyesight and hearing are all heightened. He is able to withstand high velocities and altitudes as well as Arctic temperatures.

Flight: With Warren's wings he is able to fly at a normal cruising speed of 70 mph, though he is able to reach speeds of 180 mph with diving swoops. His top speed without the help of winds being around 150 mph.

Wings: On his own his wings are extremely powerful, easily able to break human bones and even throw people through walls.

Sanguine Healing Factor: Warren has the ability to heal non-fatal injuries at a much greater speed than ordinary humans (less severe wounds within hours and even severely broken bones in just a few days). Because of the nature of this his healing factor (it being blood born) he is able to pass on his healing factor for a short period of time through blood transfusion.

Essence Reading: He is able to use this ability to see the true essence of whomever he looks upon. This also allows him to sense the life energy of living beings. (He does not exactly understand this power as of yet.

Energy Manipulation: Warren is able to produce energy blasts as well as create solid energy construct weapons such as a sword. (Warren does not yet have much control over this)

Life Force Manipulation: Warren is able to control the life force of people healing or killing them. (This is another ability that he has no idea how to use or even the fact that he has it, it may have some connection to his essence reading ability).

Archangel: Warren has a second mutation he calls his archangel form. His abilities are all increased by this form, making him much more powerful. His stamina and durability being so far enhanced that they become superhuman.

Wings: Warren's wings transform into techno-organic metal. His feathers becoming razor sharp blades that he can consciously control. He also has the ability to coat the blades in an extremely potent paralytic. His flight speed is also increased to Mach 1



ETHNICITY: Caucasian
HEIGHT: 6'0”
WEIGHT: 150 lbs
BUILD: Very muscular but not large
HAIR STYLE: Long wavy hair
PREFERRED DRESS: When wearing clothes Warren likes to dress to impress in well tailored suits. But for the most part because of his wings warren prefers not to wear shirts at all, that and his vanity compels him to show off his muscles, and he'll just walk around in loose fitting jeans or if it's warm enough board shorts.

-Flying around and causing mischief
-Hanging out with his best friend Heather
-Watching Hockey
-Loves going to Parties

TEMPERAMENT: Warren is very charismatic and outgoing, he tries to give off an air of happiness even when he's completely miserable. Very few people are actually privileged enough to see the true Warren and how kind and caring he can be, for the most part everyone sees a millionaire playboy.


MOTHER'S NAME: Kathryn Worthington
AGE: 46
OCCUPATION: Patron of the Fine arts and Technology Mogul

FATHER'S NAME: Warren Worthington II
AGE: 49
OCCUPATION: Multi-National Investor

Warren's mutation showed up early first becoming much better at sports than he had been and then eventually growing his wings. When his wings first grew in he had a little trouble with the religious fanatics trying to say that he was an angel come to earth to save them. But after plenty of time and the test showing that obviously he was a mutant they started to dwindle and leave him be. The fact that he was in boarding schools and out of the country for any of his school breaks really made it much more bearable.

On one said vacation he met Heather Cameron when the two were trying to save a drowning person. The two hit it off well and Warren spent most of his vacation sneaking off to hang out with his new friend, or he'd just hang out on the beach checking out women while she worked, either way Warren was pretty happy.

Warren made sure to keep in touch with Heather when he was at school or home anyway he could and after much begging managed to convince his parents to let him just go to Australia for his vacations other than the major holidays.

Favorite Colors: Red and White
Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers
Favorite Dessert: Classic Ice Cream Cones
Favorite Drink: Orange Juice
Favorite Band: Fort Minor
Biggest Fear: Claustrophobia

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