Bobby Drake

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Bobby Drake

Post by Slarti » Wed Dec 06, 2006 7:53 am

Name: Robert "Bobby" Louis Drake

Alias: Iceman

Age: 25 (as of semester seventeen)

Height: 6 feet

Weight: 180 pounds

Hair Color: Light brown/blond

Eye Color: Blue

Nationality: American

Abilities: Freezes liquids as well as moisture in the air and in other matter

Known relatives and NPCs: Parents, William and Madeline Drake; ex-girlfriend, Nikki; wife, Lorna Dane

Bobby was born and raised in St. Charles, Missouri, a historic northern suburb of St. Louis, where he lived an average middle-class suburban life. His natural self-depreciating sense of humor and nerdy tendencies earned him plenty of ass kickings as a kid, so he learned to stay under the radar and pursue his interests with just a few male friends. He did okay in school, and is very good at math and related subjects, which embarrasses him to no end. He's not as dumb as he acts.

In high school he learned to do almost anything for attention -- something he's consciously trying not to do now. As a bored housewife, his mother forced several fun activities on him, such as Little League baseball, etiquette class, dancing lessons and other humiliations. He tends to repress those memories. Instead, he pursued movies, music, gaming, skateboarding and such. He knows entirely too much about pop culture.

Though fairly tall and in decent shape, he tends to slouch and often fidgets. The length of his wavy hair varies, depending on how lazy he's feeling about getting it cut. He dresses casually, generally in jeans, Cons, t-shirts, hoodies and the like. As a side effect of his powers, he doesn't feel the cold and isn't thrilled about the heat. A non-smoker, he has tried several drugs but was unimpressed by them and when underage stuck to drinking with the help of his fake ID from East St. Louis. He has no tattoos or piercings -- he doesn't see the point. Bobby has plenty of insecurities, but keeps them well hidden. Mostly.

He discovered his powers at 13 by freezing the bathtub while he was in it. Mastering his powers was easy after a little trial and error, but he kept them hidden from everyone but his family for several years. Bobby's abilities when he started at Xavier's included lowering his own body temperature and the ambient temperature of the air around him, freezing water and other liquids and cooling and creating ice and snow from the air by manipulating water vapor. He had a limited ability to dissipate small amounts of ice and snow, and could form simple objects. His junior year, he was caught using them at school by a girl - Nikki. She encouraged him to use his powers publicly, earning them both a degree of popularity.

He discovered he had more friends if he used his powers for fun and came to enjoy the spotlight, though he always suspected he was being taken advantage of. He'd worked at Six Flags, an amusement park, for the last three summers, and had finally worked up to the job of ride operator before leaving to go to XU. While he could have gone to college in St. Louis with his girlfriend Nikki, he decided to see what other mutants were really like. Also, his parents thought a free school sounded pretty tempting.

During his tenure at Xavier's, Bobby's powers evolved, he was kidnapped by Dr. Nathaniel Essex, eloped with Lorna Dane, was disowned and later reunited with his parents, was assimilated by the Phalanx, and finally graduated in semester ten.

Currently (as of semester seventeen) he is a teacher at Xavier's. After graduation, his natural adeptness at mathematics earned him a spot as the junior math teacher. Xavier soon sent him to paramilitary training with former Xavier's instructor Calvin Rankin. Afterward, he took over Rankin's position as physical education instructor.


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Title: Damn Not Given
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First Semester summary

Post by Slarti » Thu Mar 01, 2007 8:49 pm

Bobby's first semester at XU began in "n00bz Anon" when he met Eve, Kitty, Laura and Sharon. Upon learning he'd be rooming with someone named Victor Creed, he immediately pegged him a serial killer and started quoting "Silence of the Lambs." He also showed off his talent for being slightly cowardly when Eve's powers went out of control. His joking about his roommate was validated however when Vic was arrested for murder and extradited to England on his first day back at school.

As Eve figured out his powers, he and Bobby became friends. After meeting bathroom buddy Remy by way of almost pissing on his head, the three screwed around with their powers and got to know each other in "Fire and Ice and Everything in Between." He's also gotten to know Lizzie and Doug in a few geek nights, as well as fellow students Alex and Lorna and Eve's girlfriend Paige through classes.

He hid his roommate's arrest from his girlfriend at home, Nikki, until some chance MySpace comments made him realize several of the students had or could potentially kill people. Freaked out and feeling outgunned with only his little popsicle powers, he talked to her and decided he should go home, posting a blog that earned him no new friends. Though he decided to stay at Xavier's, he felt like a jerk for his comments, especially around Rahne, and kept a low profile for a while afterward. Homesick and still wondering about the people he was living with, Bobby got drunk and made an ass of himself on a night out with several other students at Vito's Red Velvet Lounge.

Nikki came to visit for Bobby's birthday in "Halloween!" While Bobby had largely gotten over his misgivings about other mutants and enjoyed spending time with his classmates, his girlfriend hadn't. Weirded out, drunk and suddenly feeling threatened and jealous as the only 'normal' person at the party, she overreacted to several of the girls - especially Lorna. The evening ended with Meggan slapping Nikki. The couple left the party and Nikki left Xavier's, not at all pleased with either Bobby or his new friends.

Lorna apologized to Bobby about the Halloween happenings in "Live and Let Date," and they bonded over Agent 007 (punny). He quickly learned he didn't have to show off for her to speak to him, and they even decided to start an ongoing Bond movie marathon. Though Lorna's use of the word 'date' made him wonder a bit about Nikki's jealousy, he knew no girl other than Nikki had ever been interested in him. Afterward, while talking to Eve, he revealed he was confused by his girlfriend's attitude and showed a more serious side for once.

He made out a little better on a night on the town in NYC with Remy, Kitty, Eve, Paige and Lorna in "Pirate Booty Dancing." The application of a little alcohol got him through the uneasiness of the implied 'date' with Lorna, and he discovered just how friendly and giggly she could get on a few salty dogs. After doing his drunken best to take care of her, she returned the favor when he got sick a few days later.

After a couple days sick with a fever, he woke up with his skin covered in ice – a new level of weird for someone who has always been in control of his powers. Panicking didn’t help, and he went to Nurse Annie in “Ice, Baby?,” but bailed and decided to wait it out. In “Grlz vrs Boyz” and “Verklempt,” Bobby was still sick and having trouble with his new ability to ice over. When Lorna showed him a little kindness, he calmed down enough to figure out how to defrost, and let his guard slip.

In “Not a Good Day for ‘Bob’s,” a sculpting class with Professor Howlett went downhill quickly when the teacher caught him tickling his ickle princess and threatened him. Laura felt guilty and angry at her dad, but Bobby realized it was just another example of his attention whoring causing problems. The bad news continued in “Cold Hearted,” when Eve told him he used Bobby’s powers to accidentally kill Paige’s ex-boyfriend over Thanksgiving.

This news threw his world out of whack, and he refused to believe it at first. Later, he tested his own powers and was shocked and truly frightened of himself for the first time in his life. Depressed, he hid it and helped Laura with her math final in “Funny Feet.” Laura was a little down herself, and shared her secret with him – bone claws in her feet, and her dad’s scary temper. Bobby understood her fear better than she knew, and tried to cheer her up, starting a new movie marathon tradition with Laura.

Semester three games

n00bz Anon -- Bobby meets other mutants for the first time and wants to make sure his roommate doesn't collect lotion...

Fire and Ice and Everything in Between - Eve, Remy and Bobby engage in the time-honored tradition of blowing up shit together.

Field Trip to Vito's Red Velvet...Zoo? - Acting like he can hold his booze gets Bobby left under the table at the bar.

Halloween! - Bobby's girlfriend from home visits for his birthday. She's a little high-strung.

Live and Let Date - Re: Lorna. Bobby learns not every girl hates his guts, and some even like James Bond.

White Men Can't Jump - Eve gives Bobby a brotherly, backhandedly-complimentary pep talk.

Pirate Booty Dancing - Lorna gives him the fun nickname of ‘sweetcheeks’ after getting a little gropey on another bar outting.

Ice, Baby? - It sucks to wake up covered with ice.

Grlz vrs Boyz - Sick Bobby loses control of his powers and comes in dead last in the DR.

Verklempt - Lorna gives him a little TLC – get your minds out of the gutter, people.

Not a Good Day for ‘Bob’s’ – Bobby meets the feral side of the Fruit Loop after tickle fighting Laura.

Cold Hearted – Sub-Zero’s powers are way not cool outside of a video game.

Funny Feet – Laura’s a little hyper even for him, and holy shit she will never need cleats!


Bobby went home for Christmas hoping to avoid thinking about his powers, but Nikki of course wanted to see what he seemed so worried about. She didn’t get the implications of his ability to flash-freeze things solid, so they went on with their normal holiday and Bobby worked at his dad’s accounting firm for a few days before Christmas.

The day after Christmas, they were in a car accident in downtown St. Louis. Acting on instinct, he used his powers to save them both and covered himself, a chunk of the highway and several cars with ice in the process. The ice armor saved his life, but he was injured in the wreck and spent several days in the hospital and on the local news. Though grateful to him, Nikki was frightened of his powers and ended their relationship in her typical charming way.

Realizing Eve was right to warn him about his increasing abilities, Bobby decided to do something about them. He called Eve and planned to work on control once he’d gotten back to school and healed. Though he’d planned to not bring up Nikki, Eve did, and he gave him the short story. For the rest of break, Bobby is stuck at home, mostly alone with his thoughts…

Christmas 2007: Bobby

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Title: Damn Not Given
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Bobby Drake

Post by Slarti » Thu Apr 19, 2007 6:04 pm

Semester Four Instances, Games and Fic

A New Semester of Crazy – Being all moody and injured Paige’s guard boy is a hard damn job…

Crushing Blows –…especially when she sneaks off, gets in a fight with Lorna and gets even more hurt.

My Boyfriend’s Back – Bobby’s relieved Eve is a pretty level-headed guy.

Icy Heart – Nikki gives Bobby the final shove-off and Remy hits on him.

Nice Guys – Trying to play tough guy with crazy Alex is confusing.

Something to Talk About – Cue the epiphany music when Bobby catches the clue Lorna likes him.

Dance Cowboy –Forge invented the electric slide.

Double-O Doubts –Combat team? WTF?!

What Would Kirk Do? – Nerd charm seems to work pretty well on girls who are nerds too.

Nothing on TV – Boredom leads to an evening of beating up things in the Danger Room.

CSI: Westchester – Alex is the prime suspect when Meggan goes missing.

What Do You Do With a Drunken Lambchop? – It takes a lot to get Laura drunk, but watch out for her dad when you do!

Strange Tails – Screw rescuing damsels in distress.

Team Training – Deciding to not ice up during Danger Room training, Bobby gets himself conked on the head.

Accuracy Testing – Don’t ever let Eve shoot you in the head and tell you its for your own good.

Sexy Pizza – The boys crash girls’ night.

The Good, the Bad, and Surprises – Bobby comes clean with Lorna about why he’s a spaz, though he must have been hit harder than he thought since he’d already done that once. (AKA the “what continuity?” instance)

My Precious – Kicking Orc ass in Lothlorien makes for a romantic birthday date for Lorna.

Cheat Well and Prosper – Ice skating on a double date with Eve and Paige is nauseatingly cute.

The Reckoning: Arms Race – Bobby gets shot on the return rescue mission to the Black Air compound.

The Reckoning: Pound of Flesh – Okay, well, one gunshot wound isn’t so bad when other people are much worse off.

Theseus – Not-so-crazy-anymore Alex wants Bobby’s help with a Danger Room program.

Reflections – Cess is very, very shiny.

Blood and Ice – Once again, being a nice guy backfires when Vic accidentally demonstrates just what his claws can do.

Cryonic Restoration – Ice powers do all kinds of surprising things… like help you grow your innards back.

Fic: Missed the Memo – All healed, Bobby figures out he also had a closer call in England than he thought.

Personal Wicked Bodyguard – Lorna returns Bobby’s oh-so-dramatic deathbed confession of love.

But I Got Better! – Eve and Bobby compare near-death experiences.

Lorna Shortcake – Lorna is first to be sucked into the wedding fun when Paige and Eve announce their engagement.

Hardly Working – Eve and Bobby kill time at work and debate which one of them would look better in a pink tuxedo.

Shifty Flip – Skateboarding in the house gets Bobby and Rae in big trouble with a big, big man.

Secret Surprise – Paige has had such a shitty semester Bobby throws his math final for her.

Food Fight! – The best part about a food fight is cleaning the chocolate sauce off your girlfriend….until your ex-girlfriend calls.

A Sticky Situation – Is gluing maybe-evil Professor Farouk’s priceless knife collection to the wall a bad idea? Naaah.

Summer 2008: Bobby – Nikki’s been calling for a reason -- she wants him to help convince her mutant cousin to go to Xavier’s. Great.

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Title: Damn Not Given
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Bobby Drake

Post by Slarti » Thu Aug 02, 2007 2:58 pm

Semester Five Instances, Games and Fic

Mutant Mixer Mayhem – Namor is a psycho and he didn’t remember being this annoying on his first day at school.

Break a Leg – Moving Farouk’s junk with ice slides and teke backfires when Rae dissolves the evil teacher’s leg and Bobby has to knock him out.

Pink Like a Deco Umbrella – Mental shielding lessons from the dark side of the Force, via two slim, attractive telepaths.

Fic: Logical Progression – What the hell does this whole ‘no upper power limit’ thing mean?

What I Did on My Summer Vacation – Eve never really killed Bruce after all, and a confession from Bobby about some indiscretions with his ex Nikki.

Sofaboarding – Always check between the sofa cushions before you sit down, lest you squish the tiny, tiny little man.

Jingle Jay – Oblivious Bobby fuels his roommate Jay’s crush while trying to get pink dye out of his hair.

A Well-Hatched Plan – Lorna and Bobby concoct a plan for revenge while she takes care of the pink hair problem, and Bobby makes a bad decision.

Dope on a Rope – Bobby talks to Remy about why he can't tell Lorna about his other indescretion with Nikki over the summer.

It’s a Dirty Job – Eve and Bobby clean up their acts at the tennis club.

Nutcracker on Ice – Everything falls apart when Nikki comes to visit her cousin Namor and decides to mess with Bobby.

Bar Sops – Bobby does his John Wayne of Emo impression for Laura and decides he screwed up too badly to stay at Xavier's.

Falling Flat – After a couple weeks brooding with uncle George, Bobby runs into Remy on his way back to school to apologize.

Building Blocks – Lorna decides to just be friends.

A Few Loose Bolts – Paige goes postal on Bobby for leaving Lorna with no explanation after his screw up.

Blanche and Sophia over Tea – New girl Jackie is a closet Golden Girls fan, and really, really friendly.

Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That – Jay's crush is exposed, but Bobby still just bats for one team.

Naked Truth – Drunkenness is not a good excuse for being an ass and kissing a naked Jackie in front of the girl you still love.

Fic: Acting Out – “The next morning, waking up on the sofa with his head pounding, he had to wonder when acting dumb for laughs had actually transitioned into being dumb.”

And Many Happy Returns – Flirting with the ex is a lot more fun, and productive, than trying to make her mad.

Cook Food, Not Kyle – If Bobby catches creepy new kid Drake doing anything perverted to Lorna’s socks he’s a dead little dragon boy.

WWRD? – Learning Lorna has gone out on a date leads Bobby to give in to the temptation of Jackie.

Night Owls – Feeling conflicted, Bobby spills to Rogue he’s still in love with Lorna.

Happy – Deciding her happiness is more important than his own, Bobby stops flirting with Lorna.

Let Sleeping Cats Lie – Bobby meets Lorna’s new guy Sean and immediately can’t stand the way he treats her.

Unresolved Issues – Rogue helps Bobby commit to getting his shit together to try to make up with Lorna.

Yoda Fingering – Fondling your ex-girlfriend’s stomach and new tattoo is a little awkward, but not as awkward as talking about tattooing your ass for her.

Happy Frickin’ Birthday – Drake still lacks in mad people skillz, but if he shares Bobby’s birthday he can’t be all bad, right?

Halloween – Partners in crime Roguey Dollface and Bugsy Bobby give the annual Halloween party a bit of da family touch, and Bobby and Lorna admit they miss each other.

Cold Feet – Ice cream is much more tempting than mutual body modification on Lorna and Bobby’s second first date.

Awkward Pie – Bobby really wishes the only other guy in the room wasn’t a baby when TJ and Rogue face off.

The Bomb – Getting teleported by Father Wagner just might be worse than getting blown up.

Sugar and Spuds – Thanksgiving dinners are all about family, and mixing Halloween candy into mashed potatoes.

Bikini Magic – Lorna in Princess Leia’s slave costume certainly distracts from meaningful conversation about what really happened the day the bomb went off.

Truce? – Paige calms down a little about Bobby and Lorna’s reunion, but Bobby is SO not on her BFF short list anymore.

Anchors – Realizing neither of them fall strictly under the general definition of ‘human’ anymore, Cess and Bobby talk about what anchors them to the world.

Elephant Love – The kids play with Johnny in the rec room. Also, Bobby learns holding a baby over your head isn’t smart if he’s urpy.

Snowy Interlude – Powers practice in making it snow.

Sparring Pirates – During some Danger Room practice, Remy notices Bobby’s not the pansy he used to be, and everybody notices Tessa is a little crazy.

Taking Out the Trash – The pranks continue, this time with Bobby holding the bag for Rachel’s prank on newb Josh.

Yet Anole Student – Green is a new color amongst the students.

Don’t Worry, It’s Stinky – In the continuing prank war, Bobby retaliates to Josh’s retaliation, this time recruiting his own accomplices.

Does the Carpet Match the Drapes? – Strip poker is not a good game for somebody trying to stay out of trouble.

The Fanboy Shuffle – Sean finds out who’s the real geek in the room when he challenges Bobby to a trivia contest.

Ceasefire – Ruining his stuff during Prank War II is one thing, but when Josh goes after Lorna enough is enough.

Promises – Danger Room experimentation leads to a promise between Lorna and Bobby to not use their powers on each other.

Who’s the Boss? – Christmas shopping with Roguey and Eve.

Christmas 2008: Lorna and Bobby – After plotting with Lorna’s dad Geoffrey to come for a surprise visit, Bobby spends the holidays in Reno with Lorna and her dad. He makes the first step in commitment by giving her his grandmother’s heirloom jewelry for Christmas and even gets to meet her bitchy mother. Once he’s back home in St. Charles, they figure out phone sexorz is the best way to keep in touch.

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Bobby Drake

Post by Slarti » Sun Mar 08, 2009 9:11 am

Semester Six Instances, Games and Fic

A Warm Welcome to the Sixth Semester – Tail wrestling isn’t as good of a spectator sport as it could be when it just involves Wagner and Vic.

Blackmail, Booze, and Bars – Bobby amuses himself by threatening Josh with frozen death if he hurts Rachel.

That Pesky Spin the Bottle – Hair of the dog from the bar leads to kissing Tessa – and JP.

Party in the Laundry Room – Lorna returns from Christmas break, and she even likes mice.

Good in the Hood – Rachel may not like the mice, but she likes Josh and Xavier’s now.

Tolerance – Josh and Bobby discover they have some common ground -- with alternate slash ending. :shifty

The Back Hole – Lizzie gets back in touch with the geek within by making one fanboy a very horny fanboy. No, Bobby is not the fanboy in question.

Teet – No matter what TJ says, Bobby doesn’t think any son of Remy’s babbling about ‘teets’ can be innocent.

ToD – Never play Truth or Dare with clock queen Selene.

Dead is Dead – Bobby decides Tessa might be nuts when she says Rahne shouldn’t have come back.

Pulling Punches – Tessa proves she really is a little nuts by threatening to shut down Bobby’s powers.

Igloo Shack, Baby – Scott probably won’t want that sleeping bag back after Bobby steals it for an intimate outdoor Valentine’s Day with Lorna.

Megatokyo – At least Alex isn’t in a French maid costume at his new otaktastic job, but if his boss has his way Bobby might be.

Size Queens – Jackie still wouldn’t mind a piece of Bobby, which doesn’t stoke his ego as much as it once did.

Cracked Nursery Rhymes – Insomnia fuels some midnight cooking and nightmare-inducing bedtime tales.

Breaking the News – Here we go again when six students are kidnapped right from the school grounds.

Pissy Pink Princess – Rachel in a pink French maid costume is poetic justice, and good for blackmail photos.

Two Geeks and a Baby – Judging by the new word Lorna and Bobby teach Johnny, that someday kid they discussed will be a George Carlin among tots.

Let’s Get Naked – A sparring session with Bobby proves Vic never learned any lessons from Sexual Harassment Panda.

Just in Time – Eve and Bobby catch up.

Frozen Balls and Stroked Sticks – Strip pool and the art of girlfriend distraction.

Dead Air – Everything goes to hell on the rescue mission when Lorna and Bobby get captured by Essex.

New Recruits – Bobby discovers the deep shit they’re in when he reunites with Scott and a much-changed Jackie.

Malicious Liaisons – Lorna isn’t quite herself anymore. Enter Malice!

They Shoot Fish, Don’t They? – Lorna manages to tell Bobby she’s been mercury poisoned, but not about the bonus prize in her head.

Absolute Zero – Essex brings about a shocking change in Bobby when he breaks his off switch and traps him in ice form.

Fic: Exile – “Cess had a distinct advantage over him. She could still function in this world, still be close to the people she loved. He could only hurt them by trying.”

Sunshine – Instability is catching when Bobby takes a shine to glowy Rae-Rae. Complete with annoying soundtrack!

Judas LeBeau – Broken, mourning Lorna and realizing Remy’s a traitor, Bobby goes for the bastard’s throat.

The Way It’s Supposed to End – Malice helps Bobby shuffle off his pesky mortal coil by using Lorna’s powers to rip him apart.

Fic: Within a Dark Wood – “Whatever the fuck he was, dead wasn't it.”

Crazy Ice – Vic gets an idea of what the others are going through when he visits a broken Bobby.

Doctor Roguey – Rogue gets her personal dose of Bobby's crazy.

Spunky Knows Best – Laura babysits Bobby while the teams go on the rescue mission.

A Stormy Reunion – Paige gets the news about Lorna.

Not Crazy – Bobby and Lorna are reunited and the mercury didn't even come to life!

Back Where It Belongs – They might be reunited, but they're a long way from okay.

Trend Setter – Rahne and Bobby discuss the peculiarities of returning from the dead.

Bald Truths – Bobby and Lorna have it out with Remy.

You're a Good Man, Otterpop – Geoffrey tries to get the truth from crazy boy on Lorna's real condition.

Wench – Lorna's mother is a bitch.

Performance Anxiety – The attempt to have the perfect date to make up for Lorna's crappy birthday is deflated before its satisfactory end. (Complete with director's cut!)

Happy Birthday Johnny! – Trying to act all happy family with the son of the traitor LeBeau is a little awkward.

That English Charm – Lizzie's hot brother James probably wouldn't have any problems in bed. Bobby immediately hates him.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does – More wading in the crazy end of the pool, this time with Remy.

Fire and Ice – Bobby catches up with his Sunshine Rae.

It's Contagious – Rogue sucks Bobby and earns a dose of his crazy.

Lay It Down – You'd think after a good sucking a guy would be less of an ass.

Melting Off – Melting yourself isn't mutant wanking, no matter what Laura says.

Patience – Bobby and Lorna make amends for his performance problems and work on fixing their relationship.

4th Degree – Scott and Bobby discuss the shoe volume of the women in their lives.

The Internet is for Porn – Setting up a webcam for Rahne gives Bobby and Lorna's sex life a lift.

Death to Smoochy – Witnessing Lorna take Sean down a notch is a beautiful thing.

Parental Panic – Worlds collide when their parents meet.

All the King's Horses – “Fuck it, Laura. Ah killed Bobby.”

Unrated Happy Ending – Bobby has some s'plaining to do to Lorna for his semi-suicidal tendencies.

Taco Belle – Lizzie gets a cultural experience at Taco Bell.

Fic: Weakness – Deciding he has too much to lose if he doesn't take care of himself, Bobby goes to Dr. Guan.

Camp Wendigo – Snipe hunt!

Head in the Clouds – Bobby proposes – this time the right way.

Summer 2009: Lorna and Bobby – The gift of the 'I less than three you' ring marked the beginning of a long summer of separation for Bobby and Lorna after Lorna's dad gets in an accident (again *cough*). He caved in to his father and went to work for him, then ended the summer with a visit from Rogue.

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Bobby Drake

Post by Slarti » Mon Mar 09, 2009 3:33 am

Semester Seven Instances, Games and Fic

New Faces and Old Friends – Bobby meets fellow geek Ju and gets really cranky with people who don't want him calling his fiancee.

Two Girls, a Boy, and a Stick – A flight with Lizzie and Selene gives Bobby an idea for an alternate career path to hereditary accounting.

Jedis Unite – A little nerd bonding with Ju helps Bobby forget his loneliness for a while.

Castle Walls – The news of Rogue's departure doesn't settle well on Bobby's first run piloting the Blackbird.

Sam-I-Am – Sam is a little depressed by Rogue's vanishing act too.

Five is Alive – Meet the new robot boy – Warlock!

Fashionably Late – Lorna returns from home.

The Touch – Stealing Rankin's paintball guns leads to a fun playdate with Rae-Rae.

Dirty Dan's Reloaded – Bobby learns a handy trick in self-piercing.

The Waiting Game – Bobby's desire to wait on announcing their engagement wears thin on Lorna.

Geek Lessons – Teaching Warlock the finer skills of geekdom is a tough job for selffriendBobby.

Get a Clue – Cracky Clue Conundrums!

Flags and Flora – Capturing the flag is more difficult when your team turns on you.

Water Sports – Raya gets a swimming lesson from the original watery Wonder Twin.

Fantasy 843 – There is no better secret fiancee in the world better than one with a classic Corvette that even matches her hair.

Homing Pigeon – Bobby and Remy put their differences aside to find Rogue.

Birthday Spankings – It's only a dream...

Cats Can Fly – Flying lessons give Bobby a romantic proposal idea.

Close Call – Rogue accidentally answers Bobby's routine futile check-in call.

Minnellis in the Making – Bobby tags along when Laura and Lorna shop for costumes for their new act.

Bitch – After a visit from Bill Drake, Lorna's insecurity is triggered by Bobby's friendship with perky, nerdy, cute Ju and leads her to cellular phone homicide.

A Small Eruption – The tension runneth over in Bobby and Lorna's relationship.

Relationship Manual – The perfect proposal goes terribly wrong at several thousand feet in the air.

Scoobies Stick Together – Lizzie joins Lorna and Bobby's little he said/she said drama and schools Bobby on sarnies while he broods at the airfield.

Not Friends – Things get sorted out and they can finally say out loud that they're engaged!

Monster Party – Vic channels the Village People at the annual Halloween Party.

Wanda and Blasters – Bobby celebrates his 21st birthday with his favorite green-haired songbird Zatanna.

Braindeath Kills – Drinking games with something called 'braindeath' aren't very smart.

Mutant Kitty Litter – Raya's dusty powers mix interestingly with Bobby's frosty ones when building winter palaces.

Matter of Control – Rogue returns, but it's never all sunshine and rainbows.

Locked and Upright Position – Ice sliding!

Concentration Camp – Powers practice with Roguey.

Mile High Coffee – Bobby and Lorna join the Mile High Club on a trip to visit his parents for Thanksgiving and Lorna bonds with Maddie.

Fishnet Fantastic – Lorna and Laura take their act on stage. Bobby really likes fishnets.

Screws, Nuts and Paint Cans – Jason, Lizzie and Bobby get arrested after some not-so-civil disobedience against a pro-MRA sign.

Bad Monkey – Fessing up the the fiancee about why you got arrested can be fun.

Wookie Cookies – Meet Spot, the new hot girl.

Winter Fest – Throw kids down ice slides in the name of mutant/human relations? Sign Bobby up!

Monumentally Magnanimous Mutants – Bobby's Winter Wonderland is fun for a lot more than torturing small children.

Best Woman – Bobby picks Rogue as his best man.

Newsnight – More MRA billboard vandalism makes everybody suspicious.

Guys and Dolls – Never wake a sleeping Rogue, because she kicks like a horse.

Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers – Getting kicked out of a Wal-Mart is more fun with Rachel.

Christmas 2009: Bobby and Lorna – Christmas at Bobby's parents' house leads to caroling and Christmas Eve radio-controlled plane flights. New Year's Eve in Vegas leads to a narrowly-avoided Elvis wedding.

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Bobby Drake

Post by Slarti » Tue Mar 10, 2009 4:40 am

Semester Eight Instances, Games and Fic

Nipple Surprise – On a double date with Sam and Rogue, Bobby passes on his hallowed fake ID to Sammy. Goodbye, sweet Guido!

You Miss Me? – Bobby and Eve catch up.

Doc Feelgood Special – Bobby warns off Eve from borrowing his powers at their new heightened level.

Coyote Stalky – Rogue's new job may not be stripping, but she sure does have the fuck-me boots down.

When the Hurlyburly's Done – Lizzie, Jason and Bobby return to the scene of their crime.

Ring Ding Ding Dong – Nothing says epic Valentine's Day romance like Ding Dong hockey.

Weddings of the Caribbean – Bobby and Lorna try to figure out how they can marry if the Mutant Registration Act passes.

Power House – Rogue tag team sucks Raya and Bobby during a DR training session.

Kickass Awesome Girl Squad – Zombies! Well, just one, who is less interested in brains than in finding her eyeball.

Evasions – Bobby relives his kidnapping at Essex's compound thanks to a little DR indiscretion from Rogue.

Post Traumatic Stress Distractions – Midnight PB&J and soul searching in the kitchen.

Do the Pub Crawl – Lorna's first annual St. Patty's day birthday pub crawl!

Bare All – Bobby and Lorna make amends with Remy.

Fools Fall In – Kidnapping, Elvis and a surprise wedding on April 1! What else would you expect?

Breaking Elvis – Magnetic powers and mad math skillz are handy things in Vegas.

The Breakfast Club – Back to the daily grind with an early-morning heavy discussion in Father Wagner's class.

Pass the Pup – Were-emo Rahne offers her unborn putty to Lorna and Bobby. Much awkward ensues.

Security Fail – Rogue and Bobby try to see if a Jason sacrifice will please Tom's evil spirit in the woods, much to Neena's dismay.

Bzzzzz – The passage of the MRA makes the hicks more bold, until they tangle with the Sith queen herself.

The Time Machine – There may not be alligators in the tunnels under New York City, but there are mutants.

Darth Dealings – After talking to Lizzie about ways to secure his and Lorna's future and get around the MRA, Bobby contemplates joining the Hellfire Club.

Not a Grandfather – Bobby's parents don't take the news of their son's wedding well, especially his dad since he disowns him.

Beer Battered – Drowning his sorrows with Jason leads to Prank War III.

What's My Age Again? – Mayhem at Megatokyo with Rae.

Guilt Trip – Learning he and Jason's pranks ruined Jac's expensive skates makes Bobby realize he's a little too old to be such a retard.

Penitent Payoff – However, he's not too old to pay off Jason to take the fall for the skates.

Always There – Swimming with the Dust.

Stuck in the Middle – Rahne makes everybody a little uncomfortable.

Cum Laude – Holy shit, a class made it to graduation!

Summer 2010: Lorna and Bobby – A trip to the Hellfire Club proves to Bobby that geeks don't belong in hell and Shaw is one creepy bastard. Staying at the school over the summer gives Bobby and Lorna time to train, play and catch Warlock and Selene playing tonsil hockey in local restaurants.

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Bobby Drake

Post by Slarti » Fri Mar 20, 2009 8:34 pm

Semester Nine Instances, Sessions and Fic

Deep Tentacle – Why, Lego Helm’s Deep and Aragorn Bond aren’t geeky at all!

Teacher’s Popsicle – Lizzie’s not pleased when Bobby turns down the Hellfire Club.

Bipolar Karma – Bobby shares his doubts if eloping in Vegas was the right thing to do with Rogue.

Heaven is a Dogpile – Who knew teaching Warlock to skateboard could be so dangerous?

Cooties – Bobby’s feeling a little under the weather with pork chop freezerburn.

Horse Sense – Horses don’t seem to like frostbitten pork chops.

Things Worth Celebrating – Vic and Bobby have that long-awaited drink, with a side of sexual harassment.

Other Halves – Don’t you hate it when your thing throws a hissy fit? Bobby’s powers aren’t fixing the mysterious frostbite rash…

Mutant VD – All work and no play (naughty or otherwise) makes Bobby a dull boy. A dull boy with a moldy, frosty rash.

Moldy Horror Picture Show – Moldy, frosty rashes make Bobby a little touchy and, uh, limp too.

Early Snowfall – Rachel and Bobby make it rain small, dead animals. Ew.

Moldy and Decrepit – Even Moonbeam can see there’s something up with the popsicle.

Miscalculated – It appears Bobby has developed a taste for torturing small animals – Lorna witnesses mousal abuse!

Over It – Remy wonders if Bobby’s about to come out of the closet, but alas…

This is My Boomstick – Combat games in the woods turn vicious.

Lemon Hat – Hat shopping without the wife?! Inconceivable!

And Lay Off the Doritos – Lorna kicks her weird, mouse-torturing, moldy-assed spouse to the curb.

Nearly Naked Nap – Sam and Lorna discover Rogue and Bobby sleeping together. Literally.

Three’s Company – Moonbeam decides to move out and leave Bobby and Rogue alone to their perverty ice games.

Invasion of the … Bee People? – The weird gets even weirder as Bobby and half the school are assimilated by the Phalanx.

Wilson 2.0 – Wade is assimilated by the Robo-Rogue and the frosty version of Locutus of Borg.

Fic: Contained – Maddie Drake finds her son quite changed when she gives him an apology call.

Pesticide – While the Phalanx uses Bobby as distraction, Adriana infests the DR – and the students inside - with her little friends.

Mercury Falling – Since Cessily can’t be assimilated, Rachel and Bobby destroy her.

Of Mice and Men – Surely the real Bobby’s still in there somewhere, since he can’t let his pet mice starve.

Peepshow – It’s clear there’s a new mutant at school, even if he is one of the bee people.

Freezerburn – Lorna and Monet find poor, traumatized Cess in her icy prison.

Deus ex Fury – Nick Fury saves the day and purges the Phalanx from the mansion and the infected students.

Cohabitation – Reunited Bobby and Lorna decide they need a possession safeword.

The Bright Side – It would have been less awkward if Bobby and Rae really had just gotten Cess a ‘sorry reduced you to metal filings’ fruit basket.

Touchy Subjects – The ‘sorry I slept with your girlfriend’ bouquet would have worked better for Sam as well…

T’rashed – Male bonding in the kitchen over instant coffee and a newer, creepier rash – this time on Andy!

Dead Hooters – Bobby, destroyer of small animals, spends some time brooding with Moonbeam in the woods.

A Question of Scruples – Game night in the wrecked rec room.

Green is the New Black – It’s a hoppy security breach when Toad raids the school dumpster.

Crusher vs. Wabbit – Moonbeam learns she has a new power.

False Positives – A fearsome battle with the trash can makes Bobby believe he’s soon to be a daddy.

School Daze – Bobby looks into grad school, with the help of Remy, guidance counselor de jour.

Off of My Lawn! – Enter the Fringes! Or, Morlocks. Or Fringelocks.

Fumblerooski – Aaaah, football season.

Rachel in a Pickle – Lorna and Bobby try to ensnare Rachel with their pickle and ice cream pregnancy test.

Breaking the Ice – Andreas offers Bobby an option to selling his soul to the Hellfire Club for his pilot’s license.

Goo Pie – Leech and Jono seem pretty ready to make Lorna queen of the sewers.

Condom Sense – Sam’s really, really paranoid after his own pregnancy scare with Rogue.

Laundry Lothario – Bobby gives Ben some pointers on how to not piss off his ladylove.

A Fowl Nut – KFC and a makeshift fort in the theater make for a memorable double date with Rogue and Sam.

Doubt Relief – Bobby picks up his long-forgotten clothes from the unfortunate bee people period and tries to reassure Rogue about her relationship to Sam. (Complete with alternate what-if naughty monkey version)

Strangers in the Alley: Bloody Monday – It looks like Essex may be back when the Fringelocks are slaughtered by his assassins.

Leeched Life – Bobby and Lorna have to tell Leech he’s the only survivor from his misfit family.

Medlab Malpractice – Bobby encounters a Malice-possessed Remy snooping around the medlab.

Christmas 2010: Lorna and Bobby – Bill and Maddie attempt to make nice by taking Bobby and Lorna on a Florida Christmas vacation, where Lorna resists feeding Bill to alligators, Bobby is nearly sterilized by his parents’ far-too-active active sex life, and after a slip-up about Geoffrey’s attendance at the Vegas wedding they agree to get re-hitched.

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Bobby Drake

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Semester Ten Instances, Sessions and Fic

Networking – A computer blackout leads the intrepid S&M Squad to find new girl Sarah.

A Carnie Tail – Since when are Bobby and Remy the responsible adults? Another highly ‘stealth’ mission, this time to find kitty girl Hepzibah.

Meow and Maim – Along with a new team structure and new uniforms comes another new feral cat person with wicked claws.

Do As I Say – Scare tactics are the best advice for Rachel’s wedding dilemma.

Shafted – Bobby and Lorna teach Leech about Disney and borderline inappropriate slang.

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Re: Bobby Drake

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Bobby has served as a junior math and physical education teacher at Xavier's for a few years now, except when Xavier sent him away for several extended periods for advanced training.

In semester 17, when Rachel Grey Foley was abducted by Exodus, Bobby and Rogue vowed to get her back and to end the threat of Dr. Nathaniel Essex once and for all.

In semester 18, Rogue and Bobby formed X-Force, teaming with Jason Wyngarde and recruiting several others to the cause, including students who were familiar with Essex or had suffered from similar experiences in the past.

Bobby nearly quit when he discovered Rogue and Jason were founding members of the Brotherhood, but carried on with the mission to recover Rachel and the others who had now been taken by a new villain named Apocalypse, who seemed to be working with Essex.

His powers returned to full strength when he and Lorna were threatened during a mission and he accidentally killed Vertigo. He took charge when Rogue killed a Marauder who had surrendered and begged for mercy. But Bobby himself took a turn for the dark side when Teagan as Death asked him to kill her and he complied, then when he intimidated Fabian Cortez, a captured Acolyte of Apocalypse.

Disgusted with himself, Bobby told Rogue he wanted to end this mission as quickly as possible and get back to his normal life, as the stress of keeping secrets and acting as a vigilante were taking a toll on him.

During the final rescue mission, the X-Force team ran rampant despite Bobby's orders, racking up an impressive death toll. They found Rachel, but in her disorientation she took out part of the team herself, and stripped Jason's mind from his body, leaving him a vegetable. Rogue attacked Essex while the team was distracted with Rachel, absorbing him to death. Now believing herself to be Essex, Bobby knocked Rogue out for the trip home, but the team's secret came out on the jet ride home.

Though they had achieved their objectives, the mission was a disaster and Bobby cracked under the stress, ranting at Lorna and accepting sole responsibility for the mess. He was fired and removed from the X-Men and went to stay with Pietro Maximoff, another member of X-Force, for a while. After learning SHIELD was now investigating the school and may attempt to take the abducted students and X-Force in, he surrendered to Darren Kent.

He is now in SHIELD custody as a suspected terrorist.

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Study of the North American Drake in Captivity


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Re: Bobby Drake

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