Paige Guthrie

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Paige Guthrie

Post by TechPrincess » Fri Jan 26, 2007 6:47 am

Dr. Paige Guthrie

Name: Paige Elisabeth Guthrie

Codename: Husk

Height: 5 ft. 7 in.

Weight: 120 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Age: 25

Status: Registered Mutant

Ability: Ability to shed skin into a different composition, shape or size beneath

Family: Thomas Zebulon Guthrie (father), Lucinda Guthrie (mother), various siblings.

Origin: Post, Texas

Talents/Interests: Dancing, singing, beauty pageants, fashion, makeup, acting


History: Paige was born to Thomas and Lucinda Guthrie. Her family lived in Post, Texas, working as cotton farmers. All the kids were expected to help out around the house, however Paige always resented doing that. By the age of 5 she had convinced her mother into entering her into local beauty pageants. The surprising thing was that the little farm girl was quite talented and earned many crowns for years. That is, until she discovered her powers. Paige accidentally discovered them while at a major pageant. It scared her so badly that she stepped out of the circuit temporarily until she gained control of her powers.

During her time as a student at Xavier’s, Paige fell in love with her classmate, Eve Thomas. The pair eventually got married and settled into wedded bliss despite the turmoil of the world around them. Perfection, however, was not to last. Eve became overprotective of her, eventually cutting her off from her friends and then family for years. Afraid to make a move, Paige eventually got up the courage to stand up to him. She told him that she was leaving him. In a rage, Eve attacked her, but a good punch from Paige knocked him out. Leaving him there, Paige made a run for it, contacting Charles Xavier once again as soon as she was safe. He offered her a job at the university teaching cosmetology, fashion design, and dance.

Paige eventually started back with her medical training. She is now a surgical intern, doing her internship at a women and children's hospital. She became engaged to Bobby Drake and has accepted Bobby's daughter, Ripley as her own.
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Paige Guthrie

Post by TechPrincess » Wed Jun 06, 2007 3:11 pm

Semester Three Instances and Fics

The Influx Continues
Paige and Lorna's first day at school! Eve falls out of the sky, nearly squashing Paige, and she and Lorna get a tour from Lizzie, Sharon, Alex, and Eve.

Snakes in a Mall
Paige and her roomie Dani go shopping at the mall. Paige meets Dani's pet snake. Roomie bonding is always fun!

Remy's Nearly Naked 21
Paige stumbles upon an upperclassmen party and is invited in along with Eve and Lorna. A game of Spin the Bottle begins, and Paige is kissed by The Fallen and Lizzie… however, when the upperclassmen leave, things heat up between Paige and Eve.

The Private After Party
Paige and Eve go for a walk in the woods. Paige reveals part of her history, and Eve has an important question for Paige.

Cookie Monster
Alex and Paige, new best friends, talk about relationships. Alex voices concerns about Eve, causing Paige to worry about her new boyfriend.

Creamy Cookie Kisses
Eve and Paige meet in the kitchen for a midnight snack and a very important talk about Eve’s past and Alex’s concerns. Eve also reveals something important about his relationship with Paige.

Paige Has a Taste for Tequila and Chocolate
After Paige’s parents bail at the last minute to come visit, Paige gets drunk to ease her pain. Remy and Kitty find Paige at the pool and help worried Eve take care of her.

He’s the One
Paige reveals to Eve some things in her past that he should know. Eve comforts her and reassures her.

So Much for Rage
Paige confronts Meggan about what she is doing to Alex.

Fic: viewthread.php?tid=6879
A Motherly Chat
Paige discovers that her ex has intentions for a future with her.

Splashy Splashy
A harmless swimming adventure for Paige and Eve turns into a romantic evening.

Won’t Heal Overnight
Paige lets TJ and Lizzie know that somebody is missing.

Paige’s Beauty Salon
Paige talks to Alex and gives him a new haircut.

Problems arise when Bobby’s girlfriend shows up for the Halloween dance and starts arguments with several students.

The first date for Paige and Eve, the couple travels into the city and learns a valuable lesson about giving money to strangers.

Revelation of Paige
Paige reflects on the previous evening’s scare and makes a career choice based on it.

Innocent Interrogation
Paige confronts Eve on why he went into the city and why he didn’t tell her.

Eve’s Redemption
Still upset over Eve’s daring rescue of Angel, Paige seeks reassurance and comfort from Remy.

Pirate Booty Dancing
Remy, Kitty, Lorna, Bobby, and Paige head out to Vito’s for a night of drinking… and maybe a bit more!

Hugs are Wonderful
Paige acts as a mediator between Rachel and her roommate Illyana.

Twinkie Buddies
Paige talks to Hank about her power problems and maybe a solution.

Sick and Tired of Heights
Paige goes to Eve for comfort after a hard training session. It is also revealed why Eve missed the training session.

Fic: viewthread.php?tid=7077
Paige misses Eve and School while she is home for Thanksgiving.

Home Sweet Home
Paige has Thanksgiving dinner with her family, with an unexpected, and unwelcome, guest.

Back in Texas
Eve and Paige have some time alone, and Eve discovers that something isn’t right with his girl.

Lone Star Justice
Eve takes care of some serious business.

Fears and Reassurances
Paige talks with Remy about what she thinks Eve did to Bruce.

Internal Struggles
Paige struggles to come to terms with what Eve did and at the same time discovers that Alex is missing.

Fashion Disaster
Paige prepares to go to Bruce’s funeral, letting Eve know that she knows in her own special way.

Paige’s New Barbie
Paige and Lorna go shopping for shoes!

Well that was smart Remy
Remy makes a horrible mistake. Meanwhile, Paige and Meggan begin battle against each other.

Everyone Loses
Meggan tries to talk to Paige, but tempers can get in the way of friendship.

Friendship and Horseshoes
Paige goes horseback riding with Scott and spends some time bonding with her friend.

You Can’t Hide Secrets
Remy catches Paige trying to hide her feelings and confronts her about them.

Anchovies: Aphrodisiac?
Eve, Lorna, Paige, Angel, and Scott enjoy a night of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and pizza, with a nasty surprise from Scott.

Secrets Can Kill
Paige and Eve finally discuss that night with Bruce.

We’ll Call It a Date
Eve has a secret surprise for Paige out in the woods.

Semester Three Games

Studying, Scrabble and Sunspot is a Psycho
Paige, Eve, Sharon, Jean, and Doug welcome the new student, Roberto. Problems arise when Roberto shows aggression toward a cameraman.

So Much for a Peaceful Hike
Paige goes hiking with her classmates for training. Many students get injured, and Paige gets to coddle somebody important.

Grlz vs Boyz
Obstacle course contest between the genders.

Not a Good Day for Bobs
Students are asked to do an unusual assignment for Professor Howlett.
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Re: Paige Guthrie

Post by TechPrincess » Mon Jul 16, 2012 6:21 am

Character Extras

Ice Cream: Vanilla with Sprinkles
Cake: Strawberry
Cookie: Sugar
Candy: Chocolate
Drink: Sweet Iced Tea
Flowers: Lilies
Color: PINK
Season: Spring
Holiday: Christmas

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Re: Paige Guthrie

Post by TechPrincess » Tue Dec 23, 2014 6:04 am

Semester 22 Instances

Smooshed Tension
Paige prepares a mini party for Ripley's first birthday and surprises Bobby with it.

Valincry Day
After Smooshed Tension, Ripley goes to bed. Paige and Bobby discuss living arrangements and lost loves.

Adult Time
Paige and Bobby enjoy some Chinese food and scary movies with Ripley away for the night.

Requiem for a Nightmare
Paige has trouble sleeping with all her nightmares. Bobby comes to the rescue.

Just Drinks
Paige goes out for drinks with Phil. Bobby struggles with the idea of her dating.

Date Date Date
A drunk Paige returns after her date with Phil. She and Bobby have a very serious discussion, revealing how they feel about each other. They agree to go on a date. and have their first kiss.

Paige and Bobby's first date. Dinner... and dancing.

Pink Cheer
Paige and Sebastian talk while he packs. She tells him all about her new relationship. She offers to make Jess a wedding dress for his upcoming wedding.

Petrifying Paige
Jess is terrified of the energy of the tiny blonde woman... and does not want her to make her wedding dress.

Sweet Dreams
Still struggling with sleeping, Paige turns to Bobby yet again.

Mama Paigey
Ripley calls Paige mama.

Pink vs Blue
Carol and Paige spar, training a little.

Master of bad Timing
Caught having a couple moment by Rogue, Bobby and Paige confess that they love each other in front of her.

Sugar and Spice
Paige surprises Carol with a decorated Yankees bedroom.

Marshmallow War and Peace
Paige and Bobby have a marshamllow fight in the fort in his (their) room. They are also intimate for the first time.

Paigey Prize
The morning after the fort, Paige and Bobby enjoy some more alone time and talk about their new relationship some more.

Balance of Lives
While having coffee with Paige, Sebastian receives a call with very bad news.

Emergency Baby Parking
Bobby picks up Paige from the hospital.

FIC Bravery
Paige copes with loss.

Fools of April
Bobby and Paige find an... unwelcome prank on the morning of April 1st. They question who pulled it, thinking ghostly thoughts.

Save it for Later
Carol, Bobby, and Paige clean out the Shaw nursery.

Faith in Grace
Sebastian and Paige go to the church. They light candles for their lost lives... and name the lost child.

Messy Decisions
Bobby surprises Paige with their bedroom.

Bobby returns home after battle.

Anybody Get the License Number - Link Lost
Paige is there when Bobby wakes up after the Sentinal attack.

The Last Straw
Sebastian and Paige talk over Hope's comaform.

Leave or Die
Paige and Sebastian talk over Hope's form again. Jess comes in, surprised that they are so close.

Summer Thread:
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Re: Paige Guthrie

Post by TechPrincess » Fri Jan 02, 2015 11:05 pm

Semester 23 Instances

All's Faire in Love and Stick Foods
Paige, Bobby, and Ripley go to the Ren Faire.

Incomplete - Pending Timeline
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