HI. I wrote Quitting Time.

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HI. I wrote Quitting Time.

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Sat Mar 14, 2009 8:29 pm

After sitting on it for a little while...

My original detest for Mephisto stems from the half-assed attempt Marvel made at trying to ret-con some awful mistakes on their behalf with the Amazing Spider-Man (my number one hero), so naturally when I got wind he was involved... I treaded carefully and I fear I may have done so with some bias as well.

I apologize, and after carefully re-reading it, I thoroughly enjoy the art work, I like the story points (though as SK says, it is stamped with editor's approval and reeks of the "chopping block") nonetheless, it is classic Kurt. It is constructive, it doesn't interfere with any ongoing story and it gives a boost of self-esteem to Kurt or any of his fans, both who have been feeling lame and out of the loop lately.

However I still don't get why he had such an inferiority in the first place but I'm going to chalk that up to editors again.
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Thank you very much for writing some classic style Kurt and even more so for dropping by. We really, honestl appreciate it.

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HI. I wrote Quitting Time.

Post by Angelique » Sat Mar 14, 2009 9:27 pm

Saint Kurt wrote:
I know you asked if we had any questions and I guess I just have to know, is "Now I've got a fire we need to put out." Nightcrawler's way of saying "I'm going to kiss you and then leave for San Francisco" or is it a more subtle version of the age old male perpetrated urban legend "If we don't have sex now honey, my balls are going to turn blue."? (Even if they already probably are.)
Or is there a possible third option: "We should probably deal with that untended campfire that's now burning down the whole forest. I just also happen to feel like kissing you now."
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HI. I wrote Quitting Time.

Post by fourpawsonthefloor » Sat Mar 14, 2009 9:27 pm

Asmus wrote:Then there's the kiss...
Which has been a topic of way more discussion here than I would have expected.

Though the "fire to put out" was completely a double entendre.
Oh, that's cause you've wandered into a long long debate of if Kurt is a virgin or not. (ie sticks to the catholic beliefs) Run, James, run! :)

Thanks for the explinations though. It's rare to get to hear it from the source.

Are you planning anything from here with the x-books/nightcrawler? Any future hopefuls?
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HI. I wrote Quitting Time.

Post by The Drastic Spastic » Sun Mar 15, 2009 3:35 am

33686683&tid=11695&author=Saint Kurt wrote: I think the thing that I failed to grasp from the previews, prior discussion, and Joe Q. hype was how fricking funny the book was meant to be. Loved it. I laughed my ass off - from Nightcrawler's over the top narcissistic temper tantrum in the beginning to his #1 biggest fan with the liberal arts degree (I get the joke too Spaz) to how there is this one town in Germany that for some reason, missed the industrial revolution. It was Excalibur style whimsy that I really miss from a lot of Marvel's new titles.
Agree with this completely.
I know you asked if we had any questions and I guess I just have to know, is "Now I've got a fire we need to put out." Nightcrawler's way of saying "I'm going to kiss you and then leave for San Francisco" or is it a more subtle version of the age old male perpetrated urban legend "If we don't have sex now honey, my balls are going to turn blue."? (Even if they already probably are.)
I think it's supposed to be open to interpretation... buuuuuut he didn't show up in San Francisco for a whole week.
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HI. I wrote Quitting Time.

Post by Diablo » Tue Mar 17, 2009 11:53 am

Ult_Sm86 wrote:However I still don't get why he had such an inferiority in the first place but I'm going to chalk that up to editors again.
Yes, I don't know why they often play this card with the character. It sure doesn't make him more loveable.
During Excalibur, Kurt had a few moments of doubts too. But they were always quickly swept away by his humour and good nature. I think it's the right thing to do when you write him : show his emotions and his doubts from time to time, but not let him be overwhelmed by them.

I just jope this one-shot will give the elf his mojo back for a loooong time !

Ach, if only we could have such a wonderful book on a monthly basis...
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HI. I wrote Quitting Time.

Post by SmoothBamf » Tue Mar 17, 2009 3:54 pm

I just wanted to say I loved what you(Asmus) wrote this was the Kurt that made me love the guy in the first place sword fighting kissing random girls acrobatic action and funny quips
James you rock

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HI. I wrote Quitting Time.

Post by Jeremus » Tue Mar 17, 2009 4:37 pm

Asmus wrote:
Jeremus wrote:Also.....the demon thing..... man, that's not right. Neling's absolutely right.....Uncanny Annual #4 clearly states that Kurt is a human and NOT a demon. Dr. Strange said so. That's canon. Period. ]
I actually agree with you on this one. This is actually something I am hoping to get to come back to in books in the future. And maybe it was too much to hope for that it would play out like this - but the person was right who pointed out that Kurt is not the one who says that. Mephisto is as he tries to torment Kurt. And Nightcrawler is not going to negotiate semantics with a king of lies.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I still haven't been able to read the book, but if Mephisto is the one saying it, then it's a lie and ol' Kurt ain't fallin' for it!
I'm glad to hear that YOU don't believe it. I read the interview by Tim Stevens at Marvel (X-men: So Hard to Say Goodbye) and he quoted you as saying that Kurt was a half-demon. As you can tell, I've been worried about that....because once the writers start to believe it, then you can kiss Kurt's humanity goodbye. But if you understand and accept that Kurt is completely human, then I'm not going to worry about it anymore.
Like I said, I still haven't been able to get a copy, so please keep checking back in. Thanks for your response! :)

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HI. I wrote Quitting Time.

Post by Mistress_D » Tue Mar 31, 2009 6:28 pm

Guten tag and Wilkommen, Herr Asmus! And a big "Danke Schone"! from me to you. You, Mr. Asmus, are the first creator to ever draw me back to (American) comics since the ending of the Nightcrawler series.

Fueled by suspicions and info found here and elsewhere online, I too was prepared for the worst. I only felt like I had an obligation to see Kurt on his way out. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised by the story when it arrived on my doorstep. I have been devoted to the fuzzy elf or 16 years, so I was definitely a discerning reader.

I was happy with the way you wrote him, from the personality to his banter with Mephisto. I'm probably a minority, but my favorite storyline has been the "Demon War" introduced in the aforementioned 12 issue series. Not a huge sci-fi fan, my favorite is fantasy/supernatural and I always appreciated the potential to explore such stories through Nightcrawler. My hopes ended with the last issue but now I am anticipating this plot to come to fruition once more.

Kurt's swashbuckling attitude only adds to the adventerous tone and it's about time for it to resurface again. You also handled Mephisto very well as well; though I would have preferred Jorge's visuals, and his dialogue: "12 souls spilled out and I drank them all", gave me goosebumps.

Only a couple of minor things bother me though. For one thing, your history's a little off. Kurt claims Mephisto asked him to join his side in the upcoming war. That's not right. Either truly knowing Kurt's soul or feeding his ego, Mephisto asks Kurt to simply not participate in the war at all in exchange for the ressurection of Stefan, because he knows Kurt would never join the side of evil.

Also this whole "Demon War" moniker is misleading. In the same issue, Mephisto hints that angels are at work in the conflict as well. And when he furthers describes the event, any Catholic or Christian can tell you; it's not just a "war", it's the bloody APOCALYPSE!! So I don't know, "Demon War" just doesn't seem as encompassing.

Speaking of angels, since I have this opportunity, how about a tiny hint? Will we see angels reveal themselves soon? And how long has Mephisto been involved in this? Am I on the right track believing Azazel may have made a deal with him at the beginning?... :smirk

Once again, thank you for writing this story for us. I look forward to seeing what else you will do in the future. For now I guess I'll stick to episodes of Supernatural!

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HI. I wrote Quitting Time.

Post by Dedicatedfollower467 » Sun Aug 30, 2009 4:24 am

I am dragging up dead posts and I have already done way too much on this site today.

I don't care.

I borrowed Manifest Destiny/Quitting Time from a friend of mine who also likes comics and knows about my obsession with Nightcrawler.

I almost didn't give it back. It was that good.

Being a very, very new Nightcrawler fan, I get my Kurt fix from old issues of Uncanny and Excalibur and the occasional cameo he has every now and again in the current Uncanny. The one-shot was my dream come true-- and it sucked me down ever deeper in my Kurt fanaticism.

I'm glad to hear you don't think Kurt is half-demon. I'm new, but even I know he loses his whole point if he really IS the demon he looks like. And we all know Mephisto is lying like a rug. All those flames in the background? That was actually started by the fire in Mephisto's pants. ;).

All in all, I loved it. It gave me a chance to see current, non-preachy, non-moody Nightcrawler! Thanks so much!

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HI. I wrote Quitting Time.

Post by wizardelfgirl » Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:08 am

Hey, I started reading this post out of curiosity, and I thought some might be interested in knowing that Jorge Molina, the artist of this issue, has a deviantart account and in fact has a couple of rough pages of the issue there (that is how I learned of this issue in the first place, finding them in deviantart)


Oh, and though I don't know if he's still reading this forum, I welcome you, James. Unfortunately I haven't read the issue (I intend to buy it, have it in my ebay list of things-I-will-eventually-buy-when-I-have-enough-money) so I can't offer much imput, but it's nice to see that you're interested in knowing what fans think of your work. Not many artists, be it writers, illustrators, etc. take the time to actually address the audience they're supposed to be working for in a way and learn from them. That is very commendable.

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