Johnathon Ohnn [The Spot]

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Title: Doctor Nemesis

Johnathon Ohnn [The Spot]

Post by Freak » Fri Mar 09, 2012 11:14 pm

Case report 90210-SPOT


Suspect Name: Ohnn, Johnathon
Known Aliases: Spot, The
Age: 18
D.o.B.: 22.11.1996
Gender: Male
General Appearance: Blue eyes; brown hair; Caucasian; 178 cm; thin but flexible body frame; Ohnn can be generally found wearing alternative and colorful clothing that will stick out in almost any crowd; Upon close examination, Ohnn’s body will reveal a great number of black spots of various sizes, he can shift them about his body and manipulates their size at will, however, they will always be there, this is a clear identification marker

Abilities: Ohnn has been identified as a mutant with a very high probability. He seems to be able to utilize the spots on his body to relocate mass at will. This is achieved by him simply picking up a spot off his body (it can be assumed that only he is able to do so), which he then can place onto any surface whatsoever, up to and including letting it float in air. The size of these spots seems to be freely adjustable, however, their number doesn’t seem to be, this can be deduced by the extreme care he takes to get them back after using them. A maximum range of the relocation has yet to be identified, but it may well be that there is no upper limit.

Occupation: Art student

Last Known Location: Paris

Personality Profile: Johnathon Ohnn is an extremist art fanatic that believes art should be constantly subjected to change in order to redefine the way humans think. His tendency to leave behind his signature spot-doodle with seemingly raised middle-fingers (“flipping the bird”) indicates a certain level of vanity in his endeavors. He has proven his ingenuity in this matter on various occasions (see files #64032- Mount Rushmore Moustache, 809234- Pink Red Square, and 703920- Fixed Sphinx), but his attempts up to now have been catered more to garnering curiosity, while avoiding wanton destruction. The cases mentioned above were either carried out with water-dissolvable paint (when he painted the whole Red Square in Moscow pink over night, a strong Summer rain got rid of almost all of it within the next week) or, in the case of the fixed nose of the Sphinx near Cairo, Egypt, with Play-Doh. Still, it is advisable to apprehend and stop him before he commits acts that can not be undone, or causes international incidences.

Family: Ohnn, Clarence (Dr. Eng.; father); Ohnn, Tupence (Dr. rer. nat.; mother); Johnathon’s parents are oblivious to the activities of their son, they seem to assume that he currently is on a study trip through the classical architecture of Europe

Status Quo: As of right now the French authorities expect him to attempt a guerilla-installation on the Eifel Tower in Paris, France. The recent appearance of a website called with a picture of the Eifel Tower and a counter on it in addition to Ohnn’s purchases of massive amounts of latex seems to indicate the date of this year’s world AIDS day as a possible time point for his actions.

Recommendations: Red Notice – Attempt a swift apprehension of individual and a timely extradition back to the United States of America. An enrolment into a facility catered to educating mutant teenagers would be advisable.


Solo – D10
Buddy – D8
Team – D6


Creative Mind – As an artist with many interests, Johnathon has learned to think laterally…and vertically, horizontally, and the cat may be alive, or dead, or actually a mouse step-dancing on Elvis’ skull.

Tools of the Trade – Johnathon is using a great variety of tools in order to make his art. He has experiences with simple power tools, but also with bigger industrial machines, up to and including a tractor (Exhibit a394 “The Agrar-Revolution eats its own children” – The Jaguar SX of the Indian landowner Mohindar Ramesh, crushed by a tractor).

International Incident – Spot has made a variety of very powerful men look very bad. In not few countries dropping his name is the fastest way to get booted out of the country. With an actual boot.


Spotted Dick – D4 (Spot is easily identified as the source of the spots when he is using them)
Spot Teleportation – D10
Spacial Awareness – D6

SFX – Surprise Tackle: Add a D6 to your dice pool for an attack action coming out of a spot, the opponent receives a d6 deduction on any non-instantaneous defensive action.

SFX – Presto Houdini!: Spend 1 PP to throw a spot at an opponent. Either an arm, a leg, their head, or even their whole upper body will go through the spot, which then will be fixed to the rest of the body. The part of the body that went through the spot appears out of a different spot that was planted elsewhere (usually in line of sight). The body part coming out of the spot is stuck in place.

Limit – Mutant: Gain 1 PP when affected by mutant-specific technology.

Limit – Scrawny: Gain 1 PP when attempting a physical take-down and failing, or when being overpowered by an opponent with ordinary physical strength.


Covert Master – D10
Crime Expert – D8
Tech Novice – D6
Vehicle Rookie – D4
Acrobatic Rookie – D4

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