NeXt Gen?

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NeXt Gen?

Post by puppygirl » Wed May 16, 2012 12:29 am

So hey, I was thinking that maybe for crack potential we could do some what-iffing sent in the not to distant future where we invent some offspring (or maybe borrow some cannon ones, like Tyro for my Darren) for our characters and play them maybe hijacking their parent's jet to go off and have their own super hero adventures or something? Could be good crack, what do you guys think?

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Re: NeXt Gen?

Post by Scumfish » Wed May 16, 2012 12:32 am

I want this with face, if only so I can play that baby that Adam found in a dumpster that one time.

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Re: NeXt Gen?

Post by JackSkulls » Wed May 16, 2012 12:35 am

I'm soooooo in!

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Re: NeXt Gen?

Post by puppygirl » Wed May 16, 2012 12:37 am

Oh by the way, if we do this I'm claiming the Darren/Selene offspring that they grew in an Irom Womb :shifty

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Re: NeXt Gen?

Post by JackSkulls » Wed May 16, 2012 12:39 am

>-> I see a chris/greer child being the next juggernaut

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Re: NeXt Gen?

Post by Ferguson » Wed May 16, 2012 12:44 am

Everyone should fear Terry 2.0s, that's all I'm saying.

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Re: NeXt Gen?

Post by puppygirl » Sat May 26, 2012 2:41 am

<@Isabella> Isabella opened the front door and peered around suspiciously, poking her glasses back up her nose, "... I wonder if that's the carpet that tried to eat dad once," she wondered outloud, before shouldering the door open and dragging her case along after her.

<Megan> Megan had to remind herself to keep her feet on the ground as her father had expressly demanded that no child of his was going to wear a 'special helmet' to school. She didn't want to crash into some bushes or something her first day, after all. "Um...I'm sure they've remodeled since then?" She eyed the carpet carefully, poking a toe at it in case it was carniverous.

<@Isabella> "Perhaps," Isabella eyed the fairy girl suspciously, "Are you sure you're real, my mother suffered dillusions when she first arrived her and I'm wondering if it's herititary," she left the case next to the stairs and gave the carpet and experimental prod.

<Mark> Mark yawned loudly showing off all his pointy teeth. "Who knows. Maybe it's the draps that are carnivorous now?"

<@Isabella> "I would hope not," Isabella flicked her long, dark hair over her shoulders, "that would make drawing them for privacy quite .... irritating."

<Case> Case peered around the door, gloved fingers wrapped around the edge as he eyed up the others. Completely androgynous, it was impossible to tell whether he was male or female...especially as he was wearing a kilt and a baggy, modified straight jacket. Electric-blue hair went over one purple eye, and a white cat-ear flicked at the voices.

<Megan> "I don't think I've been a dillusion all this time." Megan frowned, twisting a bit of pink hair inbetween her fingers as she wondered if it was real. Wow, that was trippy. "Did things at the school often try to eat people? Mom and dad forgot to mention that..."

<@Isabella> Her eye was drawn to the ... thing peering around the door, further evidence that perhaps insanity was heritiary.

<@Isabella> "Dad said that this one time, a kid managed to warp reality, the carpet grew dog heads and tried to eat them ... are your parents ex-students as well then?"

<Mark> "Not a clue Dad never mentioned anything about the school trying to eat other people. Just students."

<Mark> "Mine both are. Mom's not hard to guess but you'll never guess Dad." He grinned.

<Megan> "Yeah!" She waved and smiled a smile much brighter and bigger than either of her parents were able to sincerely do. "I'm Megan Wyngarde! How about you?"

<Case> He'd been spotted! Case edged around the door, sleeves of the straight jackets covering his gloved hands and the kilt covering his feet. A white tail matched the ears and white and electric-blue...wings...were folded tightly against his back. The hair? Had an emofringe and was a veritable, fluffy mane.

<@Isabella> "Isabella Kent, my parents are Warlock and Black Widow," she extended a hand to the girl as she looked tiger-boy up and down, "I take it your mother was Tigra then?"

<Mark> "Yup he swung his tail around. What gave it away?"

<@Isabella> "... and it would seem Japan has invaded," she pointed at the winged fluffy ... thing in the doorway.

<Megan> "Dad's Mastermind and Mom goes by M...I guess they have a theme going but I hope nobody decides to call me Mothra or something." She glanced over to the door and, despite her promise to stay on the ground, flew over that way.

<Case> "...Hai!" Even his voice was androgynous, deep but oddly fluting and purry. Honestly, there was no way to tell if he was a guy or girl.

<@Isabella> "... Well my first clue was the fact you're not wearing any clothes," Isabella said dryly.

<Mark> "Ack!" Mark covered himself. "Oh yeah fur." He laughed a little.

<@Isabella> "... Well, I suppose Mothra would fit ..." she remarked as the girl fluttered over head, "I wonder if they'll call me a name begining with W or something ..."

<Mark> "Bet you'll never guess who my Dad is. Well... unless you knew my parents."

<Megan> "Coooool! I thought he just had furry pants!" Megan laughed and looked back to Case. "So what's your name?"

<Spike> The door from the entrance are to the recroom started getting pushed open. Red spikiness was the first thing that could be see. The spikiness started turning, and there stood a short red hudgehog kind of boy, both arms holdign on to bags. "Um... hi?" he said. "Um.. this is the recroom, right? I was told to wait here until they figure out my room assignment?"

<@Isabella> Isabella's nose wrinkled as she pondered that, trying to remember her parent's old school mates, "... Iron Fist?" she hazarded.

<Case> He stared at the girl flitting over to him, in a way that was very reminiscent of the guy who'd raised him. "...Case." He sidled over to the group, rubbing his nose, an ear flicking again as he blew hair out of his face. "I'm not Japanese." He said helpfully, obviously used to pointing that out.

<@Isabella> "And a fellow noob," Isabella waved at the spikey boy, "we've left our bags by the stairs."

<Case> "I has no bags. Dad'll drop them off when he remembers. If he doesn't get distracted. Again. He gets distracted waaaay too easy."

<Mark> "Who?" Mark raised an eyebrow.

<Spike> "...oh." The lumbering red hedgehog said, then disappeared again, before coming back, sans bags.

<Case> Case turned his purple cats-eyes to the tiger guy. "...Dad."

<@Isabella> "Obviously not, I'm better at remembering the code names," she looked thoughtfully at the cealing, "... Shaman?"

<Mark> "I totally only knew Dad's and Mom's." He shrugged. "It starts with an M."

<Spike> Spike was a little lost at what's going on or what everyone was talking about. Instead, he just shifted towards an open chair and sat down.

<Mark> "Ooh shiny!" He took off down the hall. "Be back after shiny!"

<Megan> "Yeah, you're not Japanese, and I'm not either." Megan laughed, flopping into one of the seats and looking around at the others, seeing the spikey guy and waving. "Don't think I've caught your name either."

<Case> Case rubbed his nose with a gloved hand - one of his Dad's old pairs, he'd inherited some habits from him - and blinked as the tigerboy fled after shiny. "...I thought Dad only did that. You have...really pink hair. Kandi would kill for that hair. Do you dye it? I don't dye mine, it's this blue naturally and it's blue - or white - all over, it's actually kinda annoying - apparently you can't dye mutant hair, is that true?"

<@Isabella> "M ... M ... well it's not Mastermind ... who else was there," she pondered this for a few moments before hazarding, "... Maverick?"

<Spike> "Spike." he said, giving a wave back. He was being way too shy, as usual.

<@Isabella> "... Oh, you've gone ..." Isabella frowned like that was an affront and then turned back to the group, "Is that your real name, Spike?"

<Case> "...I'm not talking too much, am I? Tell me if I am. I think it might be his real name. Some people have weird names. Dad called me Nutcase, though he's kinda changed it to Case recently, or Kitten but I'd really not be called Kitten by you guys...that'd be kinda weird, no offence." He took a deep breath.

<Spike> "Not really... its a nickname my dad gave to me. My name's Toby Jordaan." he shifted in his seat, then winced when he heard some of the spikes sink in to the fabric.

<@Isabella> "Pleased to meet you then, I shall call you Spike if you prefer it. I am Isabella Kent," she offered him her hand to shake.

<Megan> "No, I don't dye it. I came out like this!" Megan seemed quite proud of the fact. "Mom's been trying to get me to dye it for ages but Dad just gave up."

<Case> The winged neko grinned brightly, showing off his fangs. "So...are like...we all kids of ex-students here or something? Because Dad totally went here for ages and totally still lives in New York." He blinked at Megan. "Cooool. So I'm not the only one with epic hair! Dad claims his are tentacles but I don't believe him, except this one time when I swear they moved but I was kinda high..."

<Spike> Spike leaned forward and shook the hand. He smiled and sat back, "Wow, you talk a lot." Spike mentioned, looking over to Case

<@Isabella> "Your hair is fine as it is," Isabella nodded, "well I certainly am, wasn't Jordaan the last name of a student here too? I remember mama mentioning it."

<Case> "Do I? Am I? Oh dear, I'm doing it again...I'm used to talking a lot with Dad, I mean the guy can talk all to hell and back." Case toed the floor, tail curling.

<Spike> "Yeah, my dad. Max, or um, whatzzit, Quill, that's what he was called as well. And mom was called Penance."

<Megan> "I know, that's what I tell her!" Megan nodded to Isabella. "But it clashes with my helmet...I left it at home."

<@Isabella> "You have a helmet? What for?" She looked back at Spike, "Ahh yes, my father spoke highly of your parents."

<Case> "Penance! Omigod, your Mam was Penance? Awwww, Dad told me about her - he totally called her Knuckles though." He bounced on his feet, wings flaring a little in balance. "Ooh ooh ooh, does anyone know my Dad? He said he had a really shit codename so he called himself Toxic, which is way better."

<Spike> "... his codename must have been horrible if he changed it to Toxic." Spike said.

<Megan> "I...think my dad did something to your dad." Megan admitted, glancing down a bit and then blushing as she heard Isabella's question. "I've...not quite got the hang of my wings."

<Spike> "Wait, are you guys sure you got the right mutants? I mean, my dad looks like me, but is brown, and my mom looks like me, but less spiky like this."

<Case> "He said it was X-Treme. Toxic's waaaaay better." Case turned his gaze to Megan. "Eh, if he did, that's between them, right?" He shrugged. "...Duuuuuuude. Dad said they had a kitchen. With tea. Are we allowed to investigate the possibilities of tea?"

<@Isabella> "Ahh, so you crash into things? You weren't born with them?" She frowned at Case, "Yes, I believed my father described yours as 'an adorable psychopath'."

<Case> "Adorable psychopath? Hah! He got the 'psychopath' right." Case laughed. "Dad is a bit...weird sometimes."

<Megan> "No, the wings just sort of...sprouted a while ago." She winced a bit as she brought that up. "But I'm doing better!"

<@Isabella> "Oh dear, I hope it wasn't too painful," she poked her glasses again, "did someone mention tea earlier?"

<Case> "Wow..." Case rubbed an eye, fuzzy ear flicking again. "Dad found me like this, though the other stuff didn't turn up 'til I hit puberty. Yes! I did."

<@Isabella> "I'm sure we are free to investigate the kitchen and it's beverage making facilities," Isabella nodded, "shall we go together, incase of carniverous furnishings?"

<Spike> "Hang on, what's this about carnivirous furnishings?"

<Case> "Not to be stereotypical, but you think they got milk?" The winged thing's voice was wistful. "I like milk. And tea. And chocolate. Dad can't eat chocolate. Oooh, has anyone got any marshmallows? We could totally have burnymallows!"

<@Isabella> "Apparently a boy warped reality once and the carpet tried to eat my dad, and I assume you mean toasted marshmallows?"

<Megan> "I bet they have everything." Megan said, hopping up and fluttering about just a bit, wondering what way the kitchen would be.

<Case> "Burnymallows!" And with a manic grin, he clicked his fingers and his hand ignited. "Buuuurny."

<Spike> "Ehhh if we're having marshmallow, I'm skipping it. That's jsut bad memories for me."

<@Isabella> Oh dear, the strange boy had fire powers ... this could only end well, "Dare I ask what these bad memories are?"

<Spike> "Summer camp for mutant kids, nine years ago... marshmallows... lot's of marshmallows being stuck on me, and a kid with those powers." Spike thumbed towards Case's hand.

<Megan> "...that doesn't sound too safe."

<@Isabella> "... That does not sound like a fun time at all, I hope you're fireproof as well as pointy."

<Case> "Eee." The fire was waved out quickly. "Sorry..." He sidled up to Megan, watching the wings witn fascination. "Pretty. Much nicer'n mine."

<Spike> "No, just pointy." Spike grumbled.

<@Isabella> "I suppose now we should have the inevitable 'so what can you do' talk, but I'd much rather do it over tea ... oh look, they've sign posted the kitchen, the rest of you comming?" She started to make her way towards tea.

<Case> "Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaa."

<Megan> "Of course!" Megan was swooping out in a moment, going a little too fast and hip-checking the wall.

<@Isabella> And nearly knocking Isabella over if she hadn't ducked in time.

<Megan> "Sorry!"

<Case> Case ducked into the kitchen, immediately climbing onto the island and sitting on it, wondering when the inevitable 'are you a guy or a girl' questions would start. "Hey, isn't this the kitchen that guy blew up in that one time?"

<Spike> "... Okay, I really need to have a sit down and chat iwth my parents, because they never told me about an exploding kitchen."

<@Isabella> "I don't know, is it?" Isabella frowned as she located the kettle, "my parents never mentioned that. Who wants tea?"

<Megan> "I do, thanks!" Megan took a seat and looked up at the ceiling. "I bet it is...sorta creepy."

<Case> "Noooo, not asplody kitchen, asplody doooood. Meeee." Case bounced slightly, tail tapping against the surface. "Dad told me about this guy who was possessed and then exploded and then Dad got possessed and Cutlerygirl - sorry, Polaris - threw knives at him - think it might have been the guy who made the carpet munch Warlock."

<@Isabella> ... Carpet munching and her father's name, two things she didn't want to ever hear in the same sentence.

<Case> Case waved his hand, creating small fires on his fingers to play with, the flames a blue-white instead of the normal yellow. "You mentioned tea? And is there cake? Could totally go for cake."

<Spike> "Mmm, cake, haven't had cake in almost a year." Max said.

<@Isabella> "I can only make tea as quickly as the kettle boils, and as for cake you will have to go hunting I think, how do you take your tea?"

<Case> "What?! No cake? How the hell can you not have the glorious, God-given right that is cake in a year?!"

<Case> His ears went back, tail thwapping and his flames flared as he stared at Spike.

<Spike> "Because... I'm supposed to be on a diet." Spike said, mumbling the last bit of the sentence and rolling his eyes.

<@Isabella> "Really? Why?" Isabella frowned as she poured the tea out.

<Case> "A diet that doesn't include cake isn't diet, it's torture and should be banned under the Geneva Act." Case muttered evilly.

<Spike> "Because I was chubby." answered the short hedgehog. "Now I'm... no I'm still a bit chubby, but way less thanbefore... okay fine, I was fat, but just chubby now.

<@Isabella> "... Really?" She studied him, "so ... are you allowed cake now then? I'm sure once they put us into the super-hero training you'll find it much easier to keep the weight off."

<Spike> "I like your argument." Spike said.

<Case> The androgynous thing peered at Spike. "...Totally need to get you cake still." He slid off the counter, stretching, before starting the Cake Hunt, muttering to himself. "Do you think we'll get those awesome uniforms?"

<@Isabella> "I imagine so, so we can get that unified 'team spirit' thing going," she passed out the tea and then sat down at the table, "So ... who wants to go first with power show and tell?"

<Case> There was a happy sound as Case found cheesecake in the fridge, discarding the nametag on it and pulling it out. "Caaaaake." He put it on the island before sitting on a stool and wrapping his hands around his cup.

<Spike> "When it's my turn, I'll need a huge target-oh slice me some!"

<Mark> Mark sniffed around and found his way to the kitchen. "And I'm back! What'd I miss?" He smiled.

<@Isabella> "Nothing much, we were just about to have tea and cake," Isabella said, sipping her tea, "and show off our powers."

<Case> "Well, I don't really have to, I mean you can see most of mine, though I have the really cool and totally-not-overdone power of flamey. There's a couple of others, but..." He blushed, suddenly, and muttered into his cup.

<Case> He shrugged, flicking a hand, a knife filling it from his sleeve - which he then used to cut the cake before licking the blade and sliding it back up his sleeve.

<Megan> Mmmm, sugar. Megan was in heaven right now as she munched away.

<Megan> "Show off, huh? That could be fun."

<@Isabella> "Buuuuuuut?" She eyed Case.

<Case> "Buuuut."

<@Isabella> "Buuuuut what, can't you show them?"

<Mark> "Ooh fun! Might I steal some?"

<@Isabella> "Help yourself," she gestured to the cake and tea pot.

<Case> "Eh, it's someone else's anyway, go for it." Case picked up a slice. "Okay...I got my flamey and my dashing good looks, and I've got cat-senses too...and...well..." He nibbled the cake. "I...might...have the ultimate power of attraction...then there's the...whole gender thing...uuuh..." He flushed again.

<Megan> "The ultimate power of attraction?" Megan arched an eyebrow high at that, finally showing something of who her parents were.

<@Isabella> "Gender thing?" Isabella's eyebrow was almost as good.

<Mark> "Dad calls me a furry wrecking ball." He grinned and grabbed som cake and poured some tea.

<Case> The blue-haired boy sank a little behind his hair. "Um. It's not that cool. I mean, I can make people be attracted to me..." He nibbled more cake. "Totally not love, but...and...and...well...can you tell if I'm a guy or a girl? Really?"

<@Isabella> "I've learned not to judge, my father's a shapeshifter after all, though I haven't inherited that ability."

<Case> "I'm not a shapeshifter. Honestly? I'm a guy, but I can...well...I can...choose...depending..."

<Mark> "I am me and that's all I can ever be." He grinned fangedly as he tore into the cake foregoing utensils.

<@Isabella> "That sounds ... interesting ..." Isabella said carefully, "What about you two, Megan?"

<@Isabella> "You just look like a tiger? No hidden strength or healing factor?"

<Megan> A grin spread across Megan's face that aoso showed something of her parents in her. She held her palm out, holding some of the dust she produced. "Are you guys ready for this?"

<Mark> "Do you know what my parents could do? Well that's what I do. Really unoriginal. But eh I have fun."

<@Isabella> "... You are joking," she stared at the dust, "... fairy dust?"

<Case> Case stared at the dust, blush starting to die down as he tucked the feathery bastards closer to his body. "Preeeettyyyy..."

<Megan> "Just a minute, you'll see." Megan laughed before blowing it around the table.

<Mark> Mark raised and eyebrow. "Uhmm....."

<@Isabella> Isabella coughed and sneezed, waving her hand in her face ... and realised that it was leaving trails in the air, "... Oooooooh ..."

<Case> There was a moment's confused look on Case's face. "What do you..." Then he saw something out of the corner of his eye. Something that made him narrow his eyes. Suddenly there was a knife in his hand and he leapt for it. "Fucking unicorns!"

<Mark> Mark's eyes went wide and he just sat and stared at the colors. "Soooo many colors!!!!!!"

<Megan> "Nooo, nooo, knife bad, unicorn okay."

<@Isabella> Amd Case seemed to leave rainbow trails after him as he lept through the air, ".... Wow ... this is ... wow ..." happy daisy's were sprouting on the cealing and singing to her.

<Megan> "Yeaaah, it'll wear off soon. They're pretty nice hallucinations."

<Case> As soon as he hit the unicorn, it disappeared, making him flail and fall into a pile of white and blue feathers and fur. He pushed himself up...and watched as the room shifted, all the colours becoming rainbow-hued and golden. "...Ooooh..." He lifted a hand, waving it and starting his fires, giggling at the colourful showers of sparks coming from them.

<@Isabella> "... You could make a fortune selling that stuff," Isabella said slowly, as the flowers started to dance.

<Mark> Mark sat mezmerized biting at the air when colors got too close.

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