Lukas Laufeyson - Loki

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Lukas Laufeyson - Loki

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Name: Lukas Laufeyson
Alias: Luke, Loki
Date of Birth: August 6th, 1997
Age: 17
Height: 6’
Weight: 157 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

Powers: Probability manipulation – Lukas has the ability to randomly change the probability of the world around him to suit his needs. It functions a lot like one would think magic would (and he knows it isn’t but don’t ruin things for him, it’s what he likes to call it), but sometimes the effect isn’t exactly what he’d been hoping for…he still has a lot of practice ahead of him.
Shape shifting – Though limited to human forms, Lukas has the ability to shift his form into any he desired. This includes changing gender, height, weight, tweaks to his features and the like. He can even make himself look as he will when he’s older. He hopes that in the future he can expand on this power, but only time will tell.

Family: Eira Laufeyson – mother
Orvar Laufeyson - father

History: Lukas is the first and only child of Orvar and Eira Laufeyson. Always a little smaller and frailer than his peers, Luke spent a lot of time inside on his own as a small child. The older he got, however, the more adventurous he got and he’d often find himself getting into a bit of trouble here and there. The one other child around his age he did see a lot of was his cousin Donald. He wouldn’t say that they were close, but close enough that Luke would follow Ankka whenever he was out and about.

As Luke grew up, he started to grow into his own, but the young man he grew up into was quiet, loved to read and learn and not at all what his parents had hoped for. They hoped that he’d take after his cousin, well liked, athletic and easy going. Instead they got a cynical teen with a sharp mind, sharper tongue and preferred to watch people rather than be involved with them. They’d often wonder why he couldn’t be more like his cousin and though Lukas came to resent it, he didn’t blame Ankka. It wasn’t his fault, really.

However when Ankka’s mutant abilities manifested, the resentment got worse. Now Lukas’ parents pointed out that his cousin was not only an all-around good guy, but he had these very cool and helpful powers as well. Not long after dealing with being even further in the shadow, Luke ran away from home. Not just in the little kid sense but in the sense that he cleaned out his bank account and some of his parents’, packed everything he wanted and took off. He booked himself the next flight to Italy, charmed his way through security and convinced them he was older than he was, then made his own way.

For a year Lukas picked up small under the table jobs and hitched his way around Europe, spending time in as many places as he could. He managed to pick up several different languages, including German, French, Spanish, Italian and notably English. Always a quick learner, he figured out that there’s always going to be someone that understands English around, so it’s a handy language to know. This led to him spending more than a bit of time in the UK. Within a year of his running away from home, Lukas had seen most of Europe and learned a decent amount of five different languages.

Settling for a time in London, there came a time when he started noticing that strange things happened around him. As if he had luck on his side, things always appearing when he needed them. Then one day, he’d been walking back to the place he was staying when a man tried to mug him. Instead of being stabbed with the knife the man had as he resisted, there was suddenly a rubber duck in his hands. Lukas knew very well that it had been a knife and had felt a crackle of power thrill his spine right as the rubber toy hit his side. From that day on, Lukas started concentrating on making those strange things happen, delighted when he could change one thing into something else or change the odds of one thing happening over another.

Months later, a handle on his new power though it rarely did exactly what he wanted it to, Lukas left England for the continent again. In time his silver tongue and manipulation skills were joined by another unique power. He found that he could slightly alter his general appearance, something as small as the shape of his nose all the way to something as large as becoming a woman to avoid the police who were looking for a young man strangely matching his description. He could even make himself appear as an adult to get into bars and clubs easier.

The day came in Barcelona when Lukas met another young man. The teen was talking a rather big game in a club one night and Lukas felt the need to challenge him. The challenge led to a budding friendship, which led Luke down a morally questionable path. Now, he’d already separated himself from his family, though he did check in on them every couple of weeks to reassure himself they were okay, and he’d already gotten himself into spots with police all over Europe, though none knew who he was thanks to the shifting powers. Getting tangled in the Hellfire Club wasn’t anywhere on his radar before he left home but these days it sounded like great fun.

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