Fabian Cortez

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Fabian Cortez

Post by Ferguson » Mon Jun 18, 2012 11:03 pm


Name: Fabian Manuel Cortez
Age: 17
Birthdate: May 13th, 1997
Place of Birth: Barcelona, Spain
Legal Status: Unregistered mutant
Height: 5'10
Weight: 160


To tell the truth, if there was one thing Fabian would change about himself (and that is an idea he wouldn't actually consider because why would he ever think about changing himself) it would be his powers. Other people get such excellent things and his...just makes them more excellent. Of course, there are some upsides to that as he can render most anyone uncontrollable if he boosts them up high enough and he rather does like the idea of sending people out of control. There are few defenses against your own powers going haywire, after all. So basically if Fabian's decided he either likes you well enough or it's worth it to him you can find yourself more powerful. If he decides he doesn't particularly care for you or it's worth it to him to mess with you you'll be on your way to burning out thanks to your very own powers.

He does have a little side power that he has discovered but is rather disappointed that it doesn't seem to last all that long. So his healing abilities are of questionable use as anyone he did use them on would either have to come crawling back for another mending or actually get to a doctor but in a pinch it will hold a person over.



Fabian Cortez is so full of himself if a person were to accuse him of being so he would claim to have invented being so. He's been impressed with himself for as long as he can remember, quite literally, and he sees absolutely no reason to stop now. He has a kind of confidence to him that allows him to feel at ease almost anywhere (which is being put to the test to the highest degree now that he's at Xavier's) and he quite enjoys that as he likes to see how far he can go on such things. People who lack confidence are people who will never amount to anything, after all, and he would neither want to be one of those people or waste his time lingering around such people. His arrogance can lead him to all kinds of rather interesting situations though he sees that as a positive as well as his life is never, ever boring even when it might involve a rash of decisions other people might see as bad. He is self-serving enough to almost guarantee never getting in over his head, however, which is his ready retreat when things do go poorly; and they have been known to do so.

So he sounds insufferable on a lot of levels and he is on probably a few more than he had even considered but a wide smile and the right words have always seemed to do the trick for him to smooth any ruffled feathers. It's just that he doesn't always care about soothing those out of place feathers unless he either has a use for you or he's decided he likes you well enough to keep you pacified.

He is smart enough, perhaps too smart for his own good considering the things he's gotten himself involved in all ready. Patience isn't something that comes naturally to him but when something is worthwhile he has learned how to sit down and force himself to work through it so a kind of forced diligence would at least be some positive attribute to mention even though he would more than likely much rather be out doing so many more enjoyable things. He has enough hedonistic tendencies to overshadow any other surprise positive traits that might be hidden in there but at least he does know how to have a good time and that is a quality that is lacking by so many other people.


Father: Esteben Cortez
Mother: Amelia Bern
Step-Mother: Jacinta Cortez
Siblings: Anne-Marie Cortez

Born from an affair between Esteben and a short-term resident of the city, Fabian and his sister have both resided in their father's home, enjoying a rather privileged lifestyle. The Cortez family was notably old money and had been a prominent family in Barcelona longer than Fabian could actually tell you as he rarely had been listening to the details of the family tree when anyone in his family went along babbling about it. Still, while he doesn't really appreciate the details Fabian appreciates the standing. Neither he nor his sister knew much about their mother and he was rather okay with that as he didn't exactly see what else she could offer him beyond this. He had always considered Jacinta more than an adequate replacement for any biological mother in any case.

Fabian was raised to be a respectable representation of the Cortez family and, on the surface, Jacinta and Esteben had done a decent job. He was charming enough from an early age which he learned was quite useful in getting his way whether it be with his parents, teachers, or strangers on the street. Weaseling his way out of unsavoury tasks was something Fabian learned early on and he's thankful for it to this day. When he was not escaping some minor duty Fabian's main pastimes seemed as different as they could be: studying and sneaking out to roam the city. He was a quick study and he also simply loved to nose about and see what was out there and, as he got older, his curiosity was somewhat replaced by a drive to get out and just experience things and so Fabian the student was replaced and eventually morphed into the version we have today.

His sisters powers were discovered first although it can't exactly be said when his own manifested. After they had, however, he rather felt her coercion powers were something to envy. That was no matter, however, as around the same time his parents had allowed the two of them more freedoms to move around in their circle of influence and rather than worry about being a mutant Fabian spent his free time trying to charm the local debutantes at their branch of the Hellfire Club. That is where he met two people he is currently around today, Lukas Laufeyson and En Sabah Nur. When your power is actually making other powers more potent it would make sense that someone like Apocalypse would have some interest and, soon enough, Fabian, his sister, and his friend found themselves working alongside Mr. Nur and his vision of the future. The whole work portion of the whole thing might be a little tedious for Fabian's attentions but he is pretty sold on the outcome at the moment still but time will tell.

Character Strengths:


Perceptiveness: Fabian is a shrewd enough judge of character and is pretty good at sussing out a person's motivation. It's what he does with this knowledge that might not be the best thing depending on what he's attempting to do at the time. He can also make fairly good sense out of a variety of situations.

Vitality: He's an admitted risk taker who isn't one to sit on the sidelines and observe but rather get right in there and do something. Any other lifestyle would be boring.

Motivation: Stemming from the other quality, Fabian has enough of a leadership quality about him to motivate himself and others in what needs to be done. If a person has reason not to trust him, however, this is a head-butting point.

Prudence: While he might be that admitted risk taker, Fabian knows when it is best to retreat and sees no shame in doing so.

Humour: Well, your mileage may vary.

Character Weaknesses:

Self-involved: If it doesn't involve him or anything he is involved in Fabian sees absolutely no reason to care about whatever it is people are going on about whatsoever.

Perfectionist: At least about certain things he has chosen to care about, anyway, or when he has to work with someone else and he finds others simply do not measure up to how he would do things. If he can use some of his more positive traits, this is not a problem, but if you ever want to annoy him to no end just mess up a few things on purpose.

Patronizing: He does try to explain himself but if it's overly needed he can slip easily into this role and is really rather unpleasant about it. He expects people to move and think at his speeds and if they fall behind he doesn't always know how to work with that and grows too frustrated to care about explaining things nicely.

A problem with authority: Fabian values his opinions far too highly for there not to be some issues here. He doesn't like being told something is a certain way when he sees it to be absolute garbage.

Hedonist: Fabian Cortez has never met a pleasure he isn't going to simply let himself roll in.

Rapid mood swings: He can be a mite bit unpredictable there but when he's happy he's happy but once that changes things might erupt.


A good party, what is better than a night devoted to fun and frivolity? Highbrow Hellfire Club soirees to some skeevy houseparty, Fabian is for it all just as long as it proves to be a good time.

Travelling, his family did a good deal of it and he quite liked the anonymity of walking around the streets of a city you didn't belong. It is sort of like having the power of doing whatever you pleased and it having absolutely no impact in your real life whatsoever when you returned.

Flirting, Fabian is shameless at this, to put it mildly.

Military history, this would be Fabian's secret nerd hobby and if you ask him about it he would more than likely share far, far too much in a fit of excitement that someone actually wished to ask him about it.

On the subject of somewhat secret nerdy tendencies to Fabian he is also a big Sherlock Holmes fan and much of his nosing around as a child was inspired by the character.


Being told what to do, even if it is a good, sound idea Fabian is not going to take kindly to it. He can follow orders but that doesn't mean he's particularly good at it or does so with any sense of loyalty. More often than not he's just muttering about how much of an idiot you are as he does whatever it was that needed done.

The stubbornly stupid, now Fabian appreciates stubborness to a point. Other people wouldn't be near as much fun if there weren't some stubborn people after all. It's the people who are just so bullheaded as to, when finding themselves in between a rock and a hard place, would rather flail uselessly against both sides rather than think their way around and through the obstacle. He wonders how such people manage to make it through puberty.

Those who complain all the time, now, don't get him wrong, Fabian Cortez is good at complaining but he knows how to shut up and enjoy rather than bellyache and he simply doesn't understand people who don't have this outlook on life.

Waiting, just because he has forced himself to develop some form of patience doesn't mean that he likes it and he will be quite cross if you do keep him waiting when he shouldn't have to.

Self-loathing due to mutation, the idea of someone hating being what they are is mind-numbing to him as it is, to bemoan being a mutant is almost beyond his understanding.


Bugs, they absolutely squick Fabian out to no end and, while he will never admit it if it as a topic of conversation, if he sees an especially large and, for lack of a less disgusting word, crunchy bug skittering across the floor Fabian will simply leave the room...possibly via jumping from chair to chair.

Blood, it's not a debilitating phobia and he can work through his issues but he still rather dislikes having to.

Not actually mattering, it's a sort of depressing thought that, in the long run, you haven't accomplished much at all and it is something that will once in a while creep into Fabian's mind, especially when he is on the sidelines helping someone else reaching greater power.


Mutant supremacy, he believes in it rather wholeheartedly and it's not going to be something he changes easily.

A life of leisure, Fabian is used to the good life as he has been raised in a life where money wasn't an issue at all and he never really had to work for such things.


An excellent marksman with firearms and other projectile weapons.
Has been known on occasion to sleepwalk.

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