7/13 Instance: Shh... I'm Huntin' Wabbits....

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7/13 Instance: Shh... I'm Huntin' Wabbits....

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Fri Jul 13, 2012 7:04 pm

Curent Timeline.

Jack: One thing Jack started to like about the mansion. They had an actual jogging route through an actual woods. He had slowed down to a stop when he neared the lake part, taking a moment to catch in the sights. He eyed the rabbits that ran past him. Way too many rabbits in this place, he thought.

Tigra: Tigra had been chasing the rabbits all morning and had still not managed to catch one. Those furry bastards! She skidded to a stop when she saw something magical. GIANT. RABBIT. She had found their king! NEMESIS! She crouched low. She was going to get it.

Jack: Jack stretched a little, then looked up at the lake to catch a glimpse of a fish jumping out of the water and catching an insect. A beautiful place indeed, he thought. So serene and calm. I could do with a bite. I wonder which of the girls are single. What's Mel doing right about now. I need to get back to the mansion and check on her.

Tigra: Tigra stalked her prey, silently inching closer against the wind. Closer.... closer..... GO! She burst from the bushes and ran at full tilt. Gonna get it!

Jack: Jack's ears twisted and his head followed and instinct took over. He ran. There was always more flight than fight in his instinct. He skipped the whole route, and went for a striaght line back to the mansion, which meant a more foresty kind of woods. The only thought in his head by then was, I hate this place, I hate this place, I hate this place, what the hell is that?!

Tigra: Claws out to increase traction, Tigra was focused. She ducked and weaved around her territory, eyes locked on her target, the gap slowly closing.

Jack: Jack nearly tripped several times as he leaped over bushes and tree trunks. However one certain large boulder that appeared out of nowhere caused him to stumble. It was then that he did something he hadn't done since before he could walk. He went down on all fours... and actually ran at the same pace as on two, which was a little surprising, but not surprising enough to keep the absolute fear out of him.

Tigra: Tigra's tail swung behind her acting as a counter weight. Just a little closer and... She flung an arm out and swiped at his feet.

Jack: Jack's whole body was in midflight as his arms reached out to steady him for his next leap. That never happened when his feet went a completely different way as he intended. The words 'oh god oh god oh god' repeated in his head.

Tigra: Got it! Got it! Tigra jumped on it before it could get away again.

Jack: Jack was suddenly pinned belly down on the ground, trying to scramble away. It had claws, he could feel them! Oh GOD!

Tigra: It took half a second for the scent to register as familiar with the less instinct driven side of the feral's psyche and she forced herself back into control, loosening her grip slightly and withdrawing her claws.

Jack: Please god, I won't have premarital sex again if you let me live, Jack thought, before he felt the weight lift slightly, just enough for him to twist around, "Please, if you let me live, I'll sleep with you!" was the first plead that escaped his mouth.

Tigra: Greer cocked her head on one side as she took that in. Then grinned at him and licked his cheek. "Cute."

Jack: "Nu-huh, afraid" Jack corrected her.

Tigra: "'Sokay. Not gonna eat ya." She released him and moved back. "Was gonna. Not now."

Jack: "Doesn't change the fact." he added quickly, fear still pouring out of him.

Tigra: "Rabbit tastes good." She supplied, "But they're mean.... you're huge."

Jack: "Not really, I'm pretty average." Jack said before he realized he said it.

Tigra: She blinked at him then burst into giggles. "Oh I see what you did there!"

Jack: "Panic?" he asked.

Tigra: "Naw, the innuendo." she grinned, climbing up on a fallen tree and perching, her tail curling around her feet. "You smell familiar..."

Jack: Jack scrambled to a sitting position, and a little further away from the... chick? "Thanks? You smell like... scary?"

Tigra: She grinned again, displaying her fangs. "Thanks!"

Jack: "Um... okay." Jack said, eyes looking around, now feeling a little less scared a bit more confused.

Tigra: "Sorry I chased you... Tigra saw giant bunny and... well... couldn't miss that opportunity..."

Jack: "My... pleasure?" Jack said, "Am I.... am I speaking to Tigra?" he asked her like someone would ask a crazy person.

Tigra: "Well... yes and no... Tigra's what I call the feral but it's also my codename." She hopped down from her perch and walked over to him, offering her hand, "My name's Greer."

Jack: "Um... hello Greer then, I guess." Jack said, eyeing her hand suspiciously for a moment, before holding out his. "My name is Jack. Wait... codename? You're an X-Men as well? Oh right, of course you are."

Tigra: She giggled, "Yep. Three years now." She shook his hand, "Leaving soon though. Nice to meet you."

Jack: Jack finally stopped looking up at her, and started to actually get up. He stood in front of her, ears pointing up skywards. "So... why haven't I been hunted and scared shitless by you until now?" he asked.

Tigra: "I work a lot... well and I guess we just haven't been out here at the same time. Usually I hunt at night but I had some free time so..." she gave a shrug. "Probably won't do that again though."

Jack: "Well actually if you're interested, there's two big lizards, easier to catch, in the mansion, in case you're in the mood again." Jack said, thumbing towards the mansion's direction.

Tigra: Tigra shook her head, "Girl lizard will probably end in sex and that'd piss my fiancee off because he wouldn't get to watch... Guy Lizard... no... just... never again...." she shuddered.

Jack: "Ah... so I'm the final one in your collection then." Jack wiped off some dead leaves, rubbed his forehead, felt some leaf bits sticking there, and ended up wiping his whole face to try and get clean, ending up rubbing his nose.

Tigra: "I guess so," she giggled, "I'm so sorry about that... It won't happen again... we just have a long-standing war with the rabbits around here..."

Jack: "Um, no sweat, I guess." Now with less heartstopping fear, Jack took a second look at the girl. If he was some kind of anthropromorf furry deviant that sat in front of his computer each night surfing imaginary porn, then he would have begged this chick for sex. Good thing he hadn't gone that low yet. He took a deep breath, then said, "So, this boyfriend of yours, jealous type?"

Tigra: "Fiancee." she corrected, "And yes.... well with guys."

Jack: "Ah, fiancee, so you're technically still single." he reminded her.

Tigra: She giggled, "You're adorable."

Jack: "Bet you I'm more adorable in bed than your not-yet-husband."

Tigra: Greer giggled, "Oh do you now?"

Jack: "Oh yes, I could do now, and I could do it several times more. But if you're busy, I could do later as well, but remember the old saying, Carpe Diem... or in your case, Carpe Bunny." Jack said smirking.

Tigra: She laughed again, "Oh honey, I think I'll break you."

Jack: "Oh please, I'd tire you out long before you could break me." Jack retorted.

Tigra: Greer extended her claws, "Do you heal?"

Jack: "...eventually." Jack answered.

Tigra: "Yeah I'd break you. You'd be covered in scars."

Jack: "You call them scars, I call them happy memories." he quickly said, "plus, nothing a little bit of cotton wool and gloves wouldn't fix." he said, a finger experimentally tapping one of her claws.

Tigra: "That is no fun at all." she wrinkled her nose. "I bite too."

Jack: Jack grinned widely, showing off his rather rabbit like teeth, "So do I."

Tigra: "But I heal." she demonstrated, swiping a razorsharp claw across her exposed midrift. It healed before their eyes.

Jack: "Then it'll be a night to remember for me." Jack kept his grin.

Tigra: "Man, you are persistent.... I kinda always wondered if a rabbit mutant would be as horny as real rabbits.... guess I know now."

Jack: Jack gave a shocked expression, "I am hurt, that's just plain stereotyping! I don't start making kitty litter remarks, do I?" Jack asked, stepping closer, then added, "So your room or mine? Or we could go all rough and rugged out here in the woods."

Tigra: Greer laughed again and gave him a shove, "Gotta catch me first!" She bolted.

Jack: "I'm taking that as a promise!" he yelled and bounded off after her.

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Re: 7/13 Instance: Shh... I'm Huntin' Wabbits....

Post by TechPrincess » Fri Jul 13, 2012 7:11 pm

Brilliant... just... brilliant. Two thumbs up!

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Re: 7/13 Instance: Shh... I'm Huntin' Wabbits....

Post by Starfish » Fri Jul 13, 2012 8:10 pm

Heehee, that was funny and cute, you two! Jack is the biggest flirt there could be. XD

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Re: 7/13 Instance: Shh... I'm Huntin' Wabbits....

Post by steyn » Fri Jul 13, 2012 9:13 pm

No, Jack can be a bigger flirt, I just know it! I CAN DO IT!

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Re: 7/13 Instance: Shh... I'm Huntin' Wabbits....

Post by Slarti » Sat Jul 14, 2012 6:36 pm

So did he catch her? :naughty

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Re: 7/13 Instance: Shh... I'm Huntin' Wabbits....

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Jul 14, 2012 6:38 pm

you and your bestiality obsession *tuts and shakes head*
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Re: 7/13 Instance: Shh... I'm Huntin' Wabbits....

Post by JackSkulls » Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:47 am

I'm sure Chris can think up a good recipe that involves rabbit :shifty

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Re: 7/13 Instance: Shh... I'm Huntin' Wabbits....

Post by steyn » Tue Jul 17, 2012 3:28 pm

for rabbit pussy sandwich? :shifty the recipe isn't that long.


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