Summer 2015: Marrina

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Summer 2015: Marrina

Post by JackSkulls » Mon Jul 23, 2012 7:35 pm

Melati: The glow of the blowtorch filled the garage with flickering light as Melati cut the sheet of metal into shape, sitting hunched over next to the husk of the old van she had dismantled.

Melati: The glow of the blowtorch filled the garage with flickering light as Melati cut the sheet of metal into shape, sitting hunched over next to the husk of the old van she had dismantled.

Marrina: "What are you doing?" Marrina stared at the flickering light as she closed the distance between her and Melati.

Melati: She sat up peered into the darkness, but there was little to see, thanks to the protective goggles covering her eyes. After turning off the torch, Mel wiped her brow and let the goggles dangle around her neck. "Hey there," she said, putting on a grin. "Oh, just a little side project to pass the time."

Michael: Marrina laughed a little. "Destroying cars might get you in trouble." She sat down next to her. "Maybe you should think of more productive ways to pass the time?"

Melati: "I'm not destroying them, silly." Melat laughed and put the blowtorch away. "I'm modifying them. Besides, they're used and were about to be scrapped anyway."

Marrina: "If you say so. I think you're just getting a kick outa cuttin um up." She stuck her tongue out at her playfully.

Melati: Leaning forward, she was quick enough to flick Marrina's tongue with the tip of her own. "Maybe," she replied with a smirk. "Just don't give me the idea to get an even bigger kick out of cutting up your clothes."

Marrina: Marrina eeped and feel backwards. "Nuuuu! I like my clothes on my body." She poked Melati. "Thanks to you I've had to get handy with needle and thread."

Melati: "Too bad I prefer them off your body." She chuckled, her grin growing bigger, and moved with the other girl to her to the makeshift bench they were sitting on. "Hey, it's not my fault you put on fresh clothes to rip each time you come see me."

Marrina: Marrina blushed red. "Well I can't walk around here naked. Evil bunnies will try to rape me."

Melati: "Hm, fair point," Mel replied, eager hands roaming Marrina's body. "I could offer to protect you, but I'm afraid we just might end up sharing you between us."

Marrina: Marrina swatted at her hands weakly. "Nooo I've already avoided him twice today."

Melati: "Don't worry, I won't let him get his hungry little bunny paws on you," she assured her, giving a laugh. "Of course, as your protector, I might ask for payment." She snuck one hand past Marrina's defense and slipped it underneath her shirt.

Marrina: "Hey!" Marrina tried to hold her shirt down. "Maybe I'll pay you other ways!"

Melati: "That's exactly what I was getting at," Mel replied her, leaning close to nuzzle the green girl's neck. "I have no need for your money. Your other goodies, though... let's say I just can't keep my hands off them."

Marrina: Marrina bit her lip a little. "I ment I could make cool costumes for you....."

Melati: "Oh... what?" She sat back and watched the other girl with a frown on her face, before glancing down her own body. "Anything wrong with the way I dress? I always thought the oil stains and holes give my clothes that special touch."

Marrina: Marrina poked one of her oily holes. "They're fine, but I found a really sexy steam punk design I've been working on."

Melati: Melati cocked her head. "Well, I know punk, and I know steam, but I'm not sure how exactly the two go together."

Marrina: "I can show you." She smiled. "All you have to do is protect me from the big evil bunny."

Melati: "I won't guarantee for anything until I've seen my payment," she replied and got to her feet, offering her hand to help up Marrina. "Maybe he even has a better offer to make me for that cute little ass of yours."

Marrina: Marrina bit her lip. "Well fine! I'll give you what you want but you have to sweeten the deal. You gotta help me make my stuff, I'm not as good with a needle as you." She showed the pin pricks on her hands from where the needles got her.

Melati: "You poor thing." Melat smirked. "Don't worry, though. You came to the right person. I learned to sew my own clothes from early on, so I should be able to show you a trick or two."

Marrina: "Awesome! So it's a deal?" She offered her hand to shake.

Melati: "Hell yeah, why not?" She grinned and took Marrina's hand, giving it a firm shake.

Marrina: "Now we just have to has out the minor details." She drug Melati along to the girls dorms.

Melati: "Details? Oh, I hope they're not boring." Mel cast a quick look back over her shoulder as they left the garage. "Of course, I'll gladly help you get your measurements."

Marrina: "Awesome! And I'll do you afterwards." She paused for a second. "Oh uhmm you ment something else didn't you....?"

Melati: "Me? Never!" She laughed, the tip of her tail landing a playful swat on the other girl's behind. "Now who has a dirty mind here?"

Marrina: Marrina squeaked at the swat. "Stop that you." She pointed at Melati's tail. "My mind is perfectly clean!"

Melati: "Oh, I'm sure it is." Mel gave her another smirk "And hey, it can't help itself. Didn't you know tails got a mind of their own?"

Marrina: "Liar." She shoved her playfully. "I'd kick your scaley butt if I didn't need you." Marrina stuck her tongue out at her.

Melati: "That's the thing, though, no one can ever get enough of Mel." She put a hand on Marrina's shoulder and accompanied the other girl to her room.

Marrina: "Psh I don't know what you're talking about." She poked her side playfully.

Melati: "So, what's the plan," Mel asked, crossing her arms as she looked at Marrina. "Do you already have an idea what exactly you need my help for, or are we starting from scratch here?"

Marrina: Marrina got on her computer and showed her the picture of what she was trying to do. "This. And I've already done a little." She pointed to the pile of junk and fabric and other random things on her desk.

Melati: "Oookaaay, guess I can see where the problem is," she commented, poking at the bits of metal and leather strewn about on Marrina's bed. "You'll need more than my patented needle-technique for that. That calls for some lessons in metalworking."

Marrina: "Well... I can get the needle through the metal but the needles don't last long after that." She looked at her pile of discarded needles.

Melati: "That's because you need something way tougher than that, girl," Mel said, picking up one of the bent needles. "I think I should have something to punch holes in metal in my tool bag."

Marrina: "Sweet!" She gave Melati a big hug.

Melati: "Hey hey, that's what friends are for," she replied, reeling a bit from the forceful hug. "And it's not like I didn't get anything out of this." Mel smirked, her tail wrapping around Marrina.

Marrina: Marrina bit her lip. "I think your tail is friskier than that bunny..."

Melati: "We could hold a competition between the two," Mel suggested with a laugh. "Jack's not so bad, though. I can only recommend giving him a chance." She winked. "You know what they say about guy's with big ears..."

Marrina: "Big hats?" She stuck her tongue out at Melati.

Melati: "Close, but not quite," she replied, casually putting her arms around Marrina's hips.

Marrina: "He can have a big whatever he likes. I'm not really interested." She tried to ignore all the touching.

Melati: "Well, you might be missing out then," Mel commented, giving a casual shrug. "How so? Is it the whole giant bunny-man thing? Because I can assure you it's totally worth it once you get over that whole thing."

Marrina: "Well it doesn't bother me that you're a lizard so I'd say no."

Melati: "So, what else is it then?" Mel gave the other girl a curious look. "Just not into boys in general?"

Marrina: Marrina bit her lip and shrugged. "Dunno."

Melati: "Ah, still confused, eh?" She smirked, giving the girl an affectionate pat on the shoulder. "Don't worry, guess many people are. I believe the best solution for that is lots of experimentation."

Marrina: Marrina blushed a little. "Oh shush you."

Melati: "Oh, I can stop talking, if that's what you like." A grin appeared on Melati's face, right before she pushed the other girl onto the bed and was on top of her.

Marrina: "Eep!" Marrina bit her lip and stared up at Melati. "H...hi there."

Melati: "Less talking." Mel's grin was fiendish as she pinned the other girl to the mattress. She bent down to lick her neck.

Marrina: Marrina squirmed a little but didn't try to get away. "But... I ..."

Melati: "But?" The reptilian girl paused, stopping her eager hands from stroking over Marrina's body, and sat back to give her a curious look.

Marrina: "I... uhmm. N... nothing." She stammered a bit more but didn't stop her.

Melati: "Then why keep distracting me?" Mel smirked, leaning back down to lie on top of Marrina. "Just relax and enjoy." Tilting her head to the side, she kissed her way along the other girl's neck.

Marrina: "I...okay." She sighed a little and let the scaley girl get to work.

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Re: Summer 2015: Marrina

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