Jonas Graymalkin

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Jonas Graymalkin

Post by steyn » Sun Apr 28, 2013 2:05 pm

Jonas Graymalkin

First Name: Jonas
Last Name: Graymalkin (Note, due to memory loss, Graymalkin was chosen as his surname.)
Codename: Graymalkin
Height: 5 ft 2 in (160cm)
Weight: 102 lbs (46.3 kg)

Jonas was found in an old cemetery near Salem, New York. Cassandra stated that after she regained consciousness, she somehow sensed someone or something that drew her to the area where Jonas was buried.
Upon awakening, Jonas only wore a pair of dilapidated jeans, shirt and leather jacket. In his jacket’s pocket was a flick knife.
Jonas has very little memory of dates or events before the moment of waking up. However the manner of his speech and clothing suggests he was buried between the years 1940 to 1955. The only identifiable item on his person was the pocket knife with Jonas scratched on it.

His body is short, and has a strong, lean, athletic build to it. He visually seems underweight, yet scales weigh him heavier, around normal body weight. His muscle density might be slightly heavier than an average person’s. He has pale grey skin, pointed ears and complete white eyes without any visible iris or pupil. At initial glance, his face has young, teenager features.

Psychological profile:
Jonas has the mental age of a sixteen year old, yet when given puzzle tests, his intellect suggests he is at a genius level. Jonas would excel at studies if given the chance.
Jonas has some notable psychological problems though, most probably due to his long term isolation of being buried alive. He has a tendency to speak to himself out loud and can become incredibly anti-social when surrounded by large groups of people.
Jonas prefers darkness, stating that he can feel the light making his skin itch slightly. He might suffer from xeroderma pigmentosum (skin allergy to ultra violet light). It is noted that he has more confidence when in the dark.

Jonas seems to become incredibly stronger and much more agile while in the dark. However the opposite happens when in light. When in light he seems to have average human strength. Or less than average, depending how strong the light.
Jonas seems to have perfect vision within the dark.
Due to the state and origin of his clothing, and where he had woken up, it is surmised that Jonas’ body is able to survive for incredibly long periods of time (maybe even indefinitely) without food or water when in the dark. Due to his psychological profile of his mental age, his body might even have gone into some sort of stasis sleep when, or before, he was buried. It is unclear whether his youthful look has any connection to his body going into a ‘sleep mode’ or if it is part of his mutation. Time will tell.
More tests will have to be done when Jonas is more comfortable with his surroundings.

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