7/11 Instance: Perfection

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7/11 Instance: Perfection

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Thu Jul 11, 2013 9:01 pm

timeline: after A Bus to Catch

Paige: After the most humiliating public spectacle ever, Paige had gone back to her room and showered to remove the grime from the fight from her body. She had then put on at least three layers of clothing, her pink robe being the top layer and leaving her not unlike a giant pink marshmallow. She awkwardly plopped down on the couch, pouting and sulking. She hated her power.

Rachel: After finding herself on the edge of her own murderous rampage due to people's idiocy, she decided it was time to head back. Managing to avoid the police, she'd remained on the scene, after being separated from the group, to continue helping with the injured and crowd control, which was why she was just trudging back into her and Paige's room for a shower of her own.

Paige: "Jelly Bean!" Paige called out excitedly, momentarily forgetting her epic failure of the day. She started to get up to go greet her but then realized what she was wearing and why. Her face burned bright red, and she stayed put.

Rachel: Rachel looked over to where Paige was sprawled on the couch and eyed the blush, smirking slightly as she teased, "Oh, come on, you still aren't seriously embarrassed about calling me that over the eating me thing, are you? Because there's totally worse ways to phrase that."

Paige: "No!" Oh, her face went a deeper shade of red. "Well, I am now!" She hid her face with her hands, hoping it would return to a normal shade.

Rachel: She snorted, considering that a job well done, and grabbed some fresh clothes before heading to the bathroom. Tossing the clothes to the sink counter, she moved to turn the water on as she pulled at the collar of the uniform, finally remembering how uncomfortable the damn thing is now that she isn't dealing with more important matters.

Paige: Paige moved to get the phone she had bought for Rachel and placed it in her robe pocket. The black glitter was holding well, not flaking at all. She was pleased. She grabbed some candy and waited patiently for Rachel to have her shower.

Rachel: Knowing Paige was actually around and lacking music, Rachel made the shower quick, dressed, and wandered over to the couch, flopping down next to the other girl, sprawling across her lap.

Paige: Paige tried to nuzzle her, but she was too nervous. "Did... did you hear about... what happened?"

Rachel: Rachel sat up enough to make the nuzzling a bit easier and to steal a kiss before laying back down, head in Paige's lap once more as she asked, "About what?"

Paige: She returned the kiss, nervously stroking Rachel's hair in her lap. "About... me... today... I used my mutation."

Rachel: "Really?" she asked, blinking up at her. That was… Well, surprising was probably an understatement because there weren't really any circumstances under which Paige used her powers.

Paige: "Yes... because he turned himself to diamond... and it was hard for the others to do anything to him. So, I turned to diamond too," she explained, trying to keep her eyes averted from Rachel. "And... I must have had the wrong uniform on..."

Rachel: "Oh?" Then, she realized what that likely meant and nodded, "Oh. Well…"

Paige: Paige covered her face with her hands, completely embarrassed. "I was so awesome... and then, so naked!"

Rachel: "You're always awesome, especially when naked," Rachel assured her with a grin.

Paige: "Even when it's in front of the world, and people have out cameras?" Paige asked hopefully, peeking out through her fingers.

Rachel: Considering that for a moment, she eventually decided, "Unfortunately, they wouldn't take pictures if you weren't awesome."

Paige: Paige let her hands drop, smiling at Rachel finally. "I was afraid you'd be mad at me."

Rachel: "Why? It's not like people haven't seen you naked before, and it's not like you wanted them to..."

Paige: She shoved Rachel for that. "Not many people!"

Rachel: Flailing at the shove, Rachel latched onto her robe to keep from sliding right off the couch, protesting, "Plenty of people!"

Paige: "No!" Paige shrieked, hiding her face again.

Rachel: "Pfft," she rolled her eyes, "Plenty of people have seen me naked, too. It's not that big of a deal."

Paige: "Who?! I'll beat them up," she teased, leaning down to kiss Rachel.

Rachel: "Josh is dead, so good luck with that one… Um, anyone that was in the rec room when we were high, you, and probably a few others," Rachel listed in a mumble against her lips, teasing in return, "Luckily, I've avoided stripping for the general public."

Paige: "Temptress!" Paige giggled in the kiss. "Speaking of... I have something for you."

Rachel: Her eyebrow raised as she leaned back once more, clearly confused, "You do?"

Paige: "I do! I do!" She reached into her pocket and handed Rachel the new phone with black glittery case. "Ta da!"

Rachel: "You really didn't have to…" Rachel said as she took the device from Paige, flipping the new phone over in her hands, "The other one worked." Once you deciphered things through the cracked screen. "Though, guess I know why I haven't been able to find my phone now…"

Paige: "Sorry... but they transferred your contacts for you! And, it's black... I thought you'd like that." She smiled and kissed Rachel's forehead. "I know I didn't have to... I wanted to."

Rachel: "But, I could've…" she trailed off in her protesting at the mention of the black case, her brow furrowing as she considered the glitter. …What was she supposed to make of that? Turning the phone completely over, she inspected the case, still drawing a blank on what to say about how it sparkled in the light. Finally, she managed, "Well, I do like black…"

Paige: "You don't have to do everything," Paige told her softly. "I like to do things for you, too."

Rachel: "You got the last one," Rachel easily replied. It was likely ridiculous her phones only had the lifespans of a few months before they met their untimely end against a wall.

Paige: "I was the reason the last one broke," she reminded her.

Rachel: Maybe she should start investing in better protective cases. While she rolled her eyes, she gave up protesting, barely resisting scoffing, and muttered a thanks instead.

Paige: Paige just smiled and played with Rachel's hair, lost in her own thoughts for a moment.

Rachel: The silence didn't last long as Rachel thought to ask, "Speaking of getting me things, you wouldn't happened to have a few packs of cigarettes that aren't candy, would you?"

Paige: That made Paige dissolve into a fit of giggles. "Yeeeeeees. I bought you a whole new pack to make up for it. I thought it would make you smile!"

Rachel: "I may have been more amused if I hadn't been talking to Shaw at the time…" Rachel admitted, the mention of her smiling and Paige's snickering over her own joke actually causing her to smile slightly.

Paige: "What?! Why were you talking to him? Did you punch him again?" Paige asked, suddenly worried.

Rachel: Rolling her eyes again, she shook her head, holding up her hands as she asked, "Do they look broken to you?"

Paige: "They look beautiful," Paige brought them to her lips, pressing soft kisses to her hands and wrists.

Rachel: Rachel wasn't so sure about that, but she didn't exactly get around to thinking past that, let alone voicing the concern, as she eyed Paige. After a moment of biting down on her lip, she finally managed, "We just talked about the pumpkins and drinks before he had to get back to his plans to sacrifice small children." That was the sugar-coated version, anyway.

Paige: "Not our future small children, I hope!" Paige gave her a horrified look.

Rachel: Rachel carefully controlled the look of horror that was fighting to come through her expression and gave a nonchalant, half-shrug, "I just said not Ripley."

Paige: "And, not ours?! What if he takes them in the night and teaches them about... boobies or something!"

Rachel: "We don't have any children," she replied plainly, rolling onto her side to turn her face into Paige's midsection in an attempt to cover any faces she pulled. Muttering into the fabric of the robe, she added, "Even if we did, they'd learn about those anyway."

Paige: "Well... maybe... but we will someday! You said so. Well sort of said so. Close enough said so," Paige stroked Rachel's hair again, wishing she had curlers.

Rachel: That caught her attention, and Rachel didn't even bother to hide her puzzled look as she sharply glanced up to her, brow furrowed, "….I, what?"

Paige: "The other day... you said you wanted kids. Well, you said you wouldn't be with Cess because she wouldn't have kids..."

Rachel: "No," she shook her head, "She can't, but I wouldn't be with Cess because she's into the whole open relationship thing, so I'd be breaking my hand all the time." After a moment of thinking, she continued, "And, I've only said I'm open to the idea."

Paige: "But, you said you wouldn't be with her because of that, too." Paige pointed out, kissing Rachel softly. "You said you won't get married... but yooooooou want kids."

Rachel: Ignoring the first part of that, she shook her head again, "I don't know what I want."

Paige: Paige smiled and kissed her again. "That's ok."

Rachel: After returning the second kiss, Rachel flopped back down, pulling a slight face, "I'm not… I'm really probably not cut out for the whole kid thing…"

Paige: "You're being silly. I've seen you with Ripley... You can't hide that smile from anyone."

Rachel: "That's… Ripley's different," she insisted, reaching up to scrub at her face, "She's Bobby and Lorna's, not mine. It's like borrowing a toy -- it goes back when you're finished with it."

Paige: "But, it's even better when you don't have to share your toy."

Rachel: Rachel froze, pausing as she tried to come up with some sort of response to that logic. Finally, she replied, "Yeah, but I don't think it's quite the same with children."

Paige: "No... Not quite the same... and I'm not saying we should have one tonight... But, in the future it'd be nice."

Rachel: "Well, I don't exactly think we could get one tonight unless we go baby snatching for actual babies this time, which I can't say I'd be for," she replied, removing her hands from her face, "But, I don't know… Maybe. I'm… I'm just… I don't think I'd be good at it. It's like teaching, and I'm not exactly great at that, so..."

Paige: "Are you kidding?! You are everyone's favorite professor!" Paige took Rachel's hand captive again, smiling at her. "Everyone loves you."

Rachel: "Just because I hang out with students doesn't make me good at teaching them, and I imagine the same applies to children."

Paige: Paige lay her head back against the couch and considered what Rachel said for a moment. "True... but you know you don't have to be perfect, right?"

Rachel: Rachel gave a self-depreciating snort at the question as she shifted to actually sit up, raking her fingers through her damp hair. "I imagine that comes with the territory of being so far from perfect already, yeah."

Paige: Paige bit her tongue, but keeping quiet was what got them nearly broken up. "I think you try so hard to make everything perfect, and you don't have to. At least not for me. I love you regardless." Paige brushed the rest of Rachel's hair back with a smile.

Rachel: Biting down on her lip, she found herself glad she hadn't actually turned around yet, still sitting sideways with her back to Paige as she tried to process the words. There were reasons why she tried when it came to certain aspects of her life, and it was generally in hope that things wouldn't fall apart. They inevitably did, usually because she screwed up. So, if she was perfect, she didn't have to deal with the mess of that. Her jaw worked, but she couldn't quite find a way to voice all of that, unsure of what else there was to say.

Paige: Paige wrapped her arms around Rachel and pressed a kiss to the back of her neck before resting her head against Rachel's back. "I'm just happy to be with you."

Rachel: Rachel sucked in a sharp breath at the kiss, eyes closing, as that wasn't a spot Paige went for all that often. She imagined the tattoo there was a deterrent, which sorta sucked. Regardless, it was only a momentary distraction from the fact she would likely be expected to speak at some point, finally deciding it'd just be better to apply this to their current topic rather than her life in general for the sake of what little sanity she possessed.

Rachel: "Even if I decide no? Because it's something you really want," she questioned as she shook her head, "Or what if I decide yes? I mean, I'm kinda open to the idea of it, but I don't want to end up with a kid as screwed up as I am because I suck. I can't fuck that up, and half of the things I do… It's just… I can't."

Paige: "Oh, Rachel..." Paige squeezed her tightly and pressed a kiss to her back. "I already thought you had decided no, and I still love you. I love you, and I want to be with you, even if that means I never get married again or have kids. And if we do have kids, you won't... mess them up. You are so loving and protective and thoughtful. I really don't know how you could mess it up."

Rachel: "Well, I told you when we got wasted for Christmas that I'd put some thought into it and when we babysat for Bobby and Lorna." Though, that had mostly been with Josh. However, Paige likely worked out better for her when it came to this, if only for the fact she didn't have to give birth to anything. Leaning back into her slightly, she let out a sigh, "I'd offer to prove you wrong, but then we'd have one, and I'd be screwing it up."

Paige: "Except you wouldn't and you'd be proving me right that you are simply amazing," Paige nuzzled her and readjusted her arms just a bit. "It's not like you'd be raising the child alone either."

Rachel: "Pfft," Rachel scoffed as she let her head fall back onto Paige's shoulder with a roll of her eyes, "There's not a whole lot to worry about with you. You're already ridiculously good at the whole kid thing."

Paige: Paige kissed Rachel's forehead, then snuggled her. "Which is why you shouldn't worry at all. I can help you with that just like you help me with everything else."

Rachel: "We'll see," she mumbled, still doubtful. Hell, she was still doubtful she was actually a help to Paige half the time.

Paige: "And, you're pretty," Paige giggled, kissing Rachel again. "We should get some dinner."

Rachel: "Now, you're just sucking up," Rachel teased with a small smirk before insisting, "We should sit here. For a little bit."

Paige: Giggling again, Paige smiled, relaxing on the couch. "I'm ok with this."

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Re: 7/11 Instance: Perfection

Post by steyn » Fri Jul 12, 2013 3:13 pm

:shifty I'm waiting for the day Paige adopts a kid behind Rachel's back and goes "Ta dah!"

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Re: 7/11 Instance: Perfection

Post by TechPrincess » Fri Jul 12, 2013 9:39 pm

Paige :husk -------- Emma :emma -------- Hope :jean

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