7/11 Instance: Not that I Like you, Bakka!

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7/11 Instance: Not that I Like you, Bakka!

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Thu Jul 11, 2013 5:48 pm

timeline: current

Hisako: "It is gross..." Hisako murmured, finishing her mouthful of noodles and  pointing across the table at Julian, "...I mean, the way everyone is fraterning with each other, it's unhealthy! How can the school manage all these teen people having sex and not ever working hard?" she tutted.

Hisako: Finishing a small piece of chicken she continued, "Laura would agree too, obviously; it is all people think about, and it is part of the reason this school falls apart!" she insisted, "You agree, obviously..."

Julian: Julian was disappointed that Laura had to depart, leaving him to deal with this uncomfortable subject over dinner. He was trying to fight down the urge to turn bright red, though he was sure his cheeks were a light shade of pink, and stared at the table as he tried to find some sort of reply, stuttering out a correction instead of actually agreeing one way or the other, "F-f-fraternizing."

Hisako: Hisako's eyes darted up to meet his, her gaze cold and wild for a moment before she smiled, "Thank you." she nodded, poking at her food and sitting back a little before pointing her chopsticks at him, "Are you a virgin, Julian?"

Julian: "You're welcome," he replied, that one coming easily and almost automatically. He had been struggling with his chopsticks for the entirety of their meal and had finally managed to take a decently sized bite of rice when she asked him that, promptly causing him to choke and instantly regret the decision to eat anything. He should've known better than to think it was safe. Coughing and sputtering, he reached for his drink, gasping out (hopefully inaudibly), "Y-yes."

Hisako: "Aaah! Kawaaaiiii!" Hisako laughed, shaking her head, "I mean, it is so rare to find that! Why are you? Are you saving yourself for someone special? Aaah! Is Juli-kun a romantic?"

Julian: Julian was doing his best not to choke on his drink as well now and awkwardly shrugged as he intently focused on the plate of food in front of him. How was he supposed to answer any of those? After a moment, he started to stutter, "I-I'm really n-not…"

Hisako: Hisako clapped, "Oooh, and you get so embarrassed! It's so cute!" she cackled to herself, taking her own drink and sipping from it, "You know, there is no shame in that. Some girls like that a man is so considerate and sweet."

Julian: He sighed heavily, mostly at himself but also at the comment. Shaking his head, he grumbled, "If by some you mean next to none."

Hisako: Rolling her eyes, Hisako grinned at him, deciding to keep her mouth occupied with eating for a moment or two to let him really think about his words.

Julian: Julian had no need to rethink his words because he was fairly certain they were, otherwise girls would've taken an interest in him. Letting the conversation lapse into silence, he reached for his drink once more, taking a small sip for fear Hisako deciding to speak.

Hisako: "...bakka." Hisako deadpanned to herself, shaking her head, "I think it is respectable." she stated outright, "Not that I'm interested in such things..." she added a beat later, "I mean, that would defeat what I am saying before..."

Hisako: She cleared her throat, "Anyway! Also, you should be more asserting! Men should be able to say their mind all the time! Maybe then people will treat you nicer!"

Julian: "Assertive," he offered as he considered what she said, brow furrowed. Finally, he commented, "I just… I don't want to be a jerk…"

Hisako: "Aaah, I hate this about people!" Hisako nodded, gesturing with her chopsticks for dramatic effect, "When they say 'you are such a jerk' for having a backbone...so what? Forget what 'they' say! You will get nowhere being this 'doormat' person!"

Julian: Julian was only slightly worried about possibly being stabbed with the chopsticks by the end of dinner. "Yeah, but what people think is kind of important…"

Hisako: Hisako shook her head, "I didn't say it isn't, but it is not the 'being and end of all'!, she explained, with air-quotations to boot, "You should be stronger in yourself, then people will respect you more. There is nothing bad about respecting yourself, Juli-kun."

Hisako: She went back to her food, glancing up at him again but remaining silent.

Julian: "Be all and end all," he said and nodded in acknowledgement of what she pointed out, as he wasn't entirely sure what he could say as a response. She wasn't exactly wrong, but it wasn't exactly easy. Well, he didn't think it was easy to have a backbone, and he was slightly envious of people that did.

Julian: After struggling with his chopsticks to eat his dinner, he finally asked, "What did you want to do after this?"

Hisako: "Arcade!" Hisako announced, throwing up her chopsticks in a triumphant gesture, "We can get iced cream and play games!"

Julian: "Ice cream." The correcting was likely going to become a habit, but she didn't seem to mind. However, games were not a habit of his. In fact, he was fairly sure he was terrible at them. Regardless, he flashed her a soft smile as he stated, "Sounds like fun."

Hisako: "Desho?" Hisako clapped, "Ok, then! We will!" she took a few more mouthfuls before looking up and sighing at Julian, standing and slipping over to his side of the booth, taking his fingers and re-arranging his grip on his eating utensils.

Julian: Julian was blushing as soon as she slid into the booth next to him and took his hand, willingly allowing her to adjust his fingers on the chopsticks before experimentally trying out the new grip. He still fumbled the food, but it was a huge improvement to how he'd been doing, as he thought he'd have to resort to simply stabbing his food to eat it. …Except that wouldn't exactly work with rice. With a sheepish smile, he offered a quiet, "Thanks."

-  -  - Time Passes... -  -  -

Hisako: Shooting dead another boss on the 'Time Crisis' arcade machine, Hisako laughed, doing a triumphant pose with her gun pointed at the screen and turning to Julian, "That is another level without dying! What about you?"

Julian: Julian had resolutely stared at the 'game over' message that had flashed across the screen only two levels after feeding the arcade machine his coins. Then, he'd simply taken to watching Hisako kick ass and snorted at the victory posing, gesturing toward the game he'd been playing with a vague hand motion at the question, answering, "Already dead."

Hisako: "Aaah! Juli-kun!" Hisako pouted, "Stop sucking at this game!" she pushed a coin across the instruction board to his side of the machine, "One more game? Or are you bored of this one?"

Julian: Prying the coin from the flat surface, he laughed and shook his head. All of the games would likely be fun, but they weren't nearly as fun as the faces Hisako made while she played them. So, they would never really get boring. "One more game," he answered as he slipped the coin into the slot and reached to take the gun from the holder once more.

Hisako: Hisako beamed at him, doing a little 'peace' symbol with her fingers before aiming her light gun at the screen again, both hands gripping the plastic weapon as the level started. In true eccentric form, she announced "Chaji!" as the enemies started popping out of cover on screen.

Hisako: The match lasted another ten or so minutes in relative silence, Hisako breaking it only to laugh or to make a comment about how well she was doing in her native tongue. She kept glancing at Julian, not saying anything, but sliding the occasional coin to his side in case it was needed.

Julian: Julian had taken up the gun, but it felt clunky in his hands, making it difficult to aim and shoot in a timely manner. Though, he hasn't very good at aiming anyway. Regardless, he managed to last a bit longer than he had last time, which was an improvement he considered a victory -- the grin on his face was likely proof of that.

Julian: In the ten minutes, he'd only had to use two of the offered coins, mostly because he spent some of the time between his games peering over at the girl.

Hisako: As the ending cinematic played, Hisako turned to her companion, smiling at him, "Good job, Julian!" she praised, patting him on the head, "You did really good!" slipping the gun back she went about taking the tickets that were being offered out, counting them as she did.

Julian: "You did really well yourself," he commented as he snatched up his own tickets. There weren't nearly as many as the ones Hisako had won, and he held them out in offering. No way would he have enough to get any prizes, so they may as well pool their winnings.

Hisako: Without a word, Hisako refused them initially, rolling hers into a wheel and placing them to one side. She did the same with his, counting them as she went and doing a little math in her head to calculate the total.

Hisako: With a satisfied nod, she took both wheels, "To the DDR machine. I have a plan..."

Julian: "You do?" he cautiously asked as he trailed after her to said machine, slightly worried at the prospect of him having to dance.

Hisako: Pointing at a machine attached to it, Hisako turned to face him, "Put your tickets into this and the last coin in." she instructed, placing her reel of tickets down beside the machine and sitting down on the step to remove her heels.

Julian: Julian took the proffered items with a puzzled and a moment of pause but turned to the machine to do as she instructed, working up the courage to actually ask, "Why are we feeding all your hard-earned tickets to this machine?"

Hisako: "Juliaaaaaan! You have to believe in me!" Hisako gave him a sweet smile, starting on removing her knee-high socks by slowly sliding them down her legs.

Julian: Julian spared her a long, skeptical glance before looking back to the machine, careful as he fed the tickets into it. He assured her, "Of course I believe in you."

Hisako: Hisako grinned at him, "Then trust me." she said simply, removing the second sock and leaving the pair hanging on the rail of the machine, "Coin as well! Hayaku!"

Julian: Finishing with the tickets, he moved to insert the coin into the game, insisting, "But, I never said I didn't…"

Hisako: Shaking her head at him, Hisako's smile remained. She stood up, stretching and hopping onto the DDR machine platform and hitting the 'start' button. She scrolled through the songs, selecting John Desire's 'Hot Limit' remix.

Hisako: And in the two minutes that followed, she let loose her dance moves, ending with a picture-perfect pose.

Julian: Julian watched in awe as she almost flawlessly danced along with the game. Not only was it impressive to have that high of a score, he couldn't even imagine being that coordinated. Cursed with being terribly clumsy, there was simply no hope for him to ever achieve a score that high in DDR. When he realized he was staring, he averted his gaze to the tickets spilling out of the machine, faintly blushing.

Hisako: Hisako took a few moments to catch her breath, sliding down onto the step to put her socks and shoes back on. She giggled nervously when she noticed Julian's occasional glance, composing herself by standing up and scowling with a grin, "Tickets! Go! Go!"

Julian: Julian waited for the game to finish spitting out the tickets and, when it appeared to be done, stepped forward to rip the last one off, carefully gathering the pile that had accumulated. He folded them into a stack and passed them over to her, commenting, "I didn't know you could dance so well."

Hisako: "Obviously I can!" Hisako pouted, a cocky smirk appearing on her face as she took the tickets into her hand, scratching her nose with a finger, "Kiiro Samurai Ichiki Hisako: Henkan: ICHI! Utsukushii DANCER GIRL!" she announced, throwing her hand up into the air again before turning around to count off the tickets in the reel.

Julian: "Well, yes, obviously," he nodded in agreement, the Japanese going over his head as he patiently waited for her to finish counting, making sure to remain quiet to avoid breaking her concentration.

Hisako: Hisako laughed, turning back around - now she had enough tickets! She winked at Julian before skipping away to the prize counter.

Julian: Julian watched her skip off into the sea of people and games, towards the prize counter, before he realized he should follow her to avoid being lost. Weaving his way through various groups of people, he found her stepping up to the counter and talking to the guy in charge of distributing the prizes in exchange for tickets, moving to approach.

Hisako: Immediately after landing her stack of tickets on the counter, Hisako's finger shot up like a dart, pointing at the large, special plush doll. She stood back, waiting patiently to get the doll and immediately spinning around and pushed it into Julian's hands.

Hisako: "For you." she announced with a huge smile on her face.

Julian: Julian stared down at the large plushie that'd been pushed onto him, looking up to her, blinking, "R-really?"

Hisako: "Of course I mean for you, idiot!" Hisako huffed, knocking his head gently with her knuckles, "I noticed you were looking really very upset recently, like you have this horrible weight on you." she fidgeted with her fingers a little, "So, obviously I need you to cheer up..."

Hisako: She looked away, "Y-you know, because then otherwise you will make me feel upset. But not because you are!" her protest was exclaimed by her pointing at him, "Because it is depressing to look at your miserable face; like 'ooooh, it is so hard to be Julian!'."

Hisako: Glancing away awkwardly again, Hisako shrugged, "...you have a nicer smile."

Julian: While he was feeling the weight of his extracurricular activities at the Hellfire Club, Julian was slightly surprised she'd noticed anything at all because no one else had seemed to, and he wasn't sure whether to feel paranoid or grateful that she cared enough to pick up on the changes in his moods. Regardless, he wasn't about to offer up the information of why, though he did have a cover should she ask.

Julian: As he watched her explain herself, he felt a smile tugging at the corner of his lips at her insistence that it was how pitiful he looked as opposed to her own feelings. Briefly flashing her his best grin, Julian looked down to the stuffed toy in his hands, face rapidly becoming red as he mumbled, "Thank you."

Hisako: Hisako swallowed, nodding and flushing a little pink herself, "Fine! It's...fine." she shrugged, "But you better smile more now, ok? I worked hard for you!" her smile came back as she nudged his side, "Ok?"

Julian: He laughed at that and the nudging, nodding in agreement as he wrapped an arm around the plush, holding it against his side to point at the door, "Okay, okay… Think we should head back now? It's probably starting to get late."

Hisako: "Yes." she nodded in response, smiling still as she was beckoned by the stall vendor behind her, receiving her change in tickets; one last ticket she'd miscounted.

Hisako: With a soft laugh, she turned to Julian, kissing the ticket and sticking it hard against his forehead, "For good luck!"

Julian: Blushing at the kiss and then the ridiculousness of the ticket being stuck to his forehead, Julian laughed along with her as he started out of the arcade like that, not entirely able to stop the thought that he'd need the good luck in the coming week or so.

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Re: 7/11 Instance: Not that I Like you, Bakka!

Post by PanicSwitch » Thu Jul 11, 2013 9:01 pm

Oh Julian, Walt knows your pain. Nice Guys Finish Last, eh? :(
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Re: 7/11 Instance: Not that I Like you, Bakka!

Post by steyn » Fri Jul 12, 2013 3:19 pm

D'aww, Julian is so adorable. Hisako will teach him right though.

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