7/21 Instnace: Hot Tub Friend Machine

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7/21 Instnace: Hot Tub Friend Machine

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Mon Jul 22, 2013 2:39 am

timeline: after Life Support

<@Kevin> Kevin peeled into Shaw's office. Nope, not there. He went to the desk and removed his bracelets and broke into the locked drawer. Shaw'd know who'd done it, but maybe he'd be forgiven since he had seen his friends fried to a crisp. He took the scotch and went back out, after snapping the bracelets back on. 

<Sophie> Sophie smiled when she saw Kevin return. "I see you found it, but what is it?"

<@Kevin> "Scotch!" Kevin crowed. "We're gonna get shit-faced." 

<Sophie> Not sure about that phrase, but if he was happy she should be, too. "To getting shit-faced then!"

<@Kevin> "You make the toast when you drink, Sophie. Come on, let's get some snacks, and we can commence the drunk." He preceded her to the kitchen. "Grab whatever you want."

<Sophie> Laughing at her failure, she followed him to the kitchen. Sophie took a moment to select her foods, going for some brownies, chips, and baby carrots. "This should be a good snack."

<@Kevin> "Ok. Now." He had no idea where to go. He didn't want to meet other people. He still felt a bit worked up. "Wanna go to the hot tub?"

<Sophie> Sophie glanced down at her clothes, then back up at him. "We aren't really dressed for the hot tub... but it sounds like fun."

<@Kevin> "Well. We could just go in our underwear?"

<Sophie> "I..." Well, what was the difference between that and swimsuits? "I guess there is no difference between that and a swimsuit. Let's go!"

<@Kevin> "Wait, what?" Kevin followed after her. Oh shit. Sophie's a girl. "Maybe we shouldn't?"

<Sophie> Glancing back at him, she gave him a puzzled look. "Isn't it just like a swimsuit?"

<@Kevin> "Uhhh. No. Not really." He came to a complete stop, trying to think fast.

<Sophie> "No?" Sophie furrowed her brow a bit. "I mean... it covers the same things. I don't mind going to change... I think I have a swimsuit."

<@Kevin> "Things...? Bathing suits, I think. For both of us. Minor side trip." He grinned.

<Sophie> "Alright. Meet back here when we're changed?" Sophie asked, setting her snacks down on an end table.

<@Kevin> "Sounds like a plan!"

*And thus they got changed and met back up*

<Sophie> Once reunited, Sophie flashed him a smile. "Is this better?"

<Kevin> Kevin nodded mutely. He thought she'd be the kind of girl to have an old-fashioned solid colour one piece, not a stripy bikini. He hiked up his borrowed trunks which were red and black with streaks of lightning in silver. 

<Sophie> Sophie picked up her snacks and headed out toward the hot tub again. "This was a great idea," she smiled at him.

<Kevin> "Good." If he got drunk, maybe it wouldn't be awkward, but then he might try something.  Maybe if he sat on the opposite side, or maybe he wouldn't drink. He shook his head. "It'll be fun."

<Sophie> She took a bite of a brownie as she set the rest of her snacks down. She sat down on the edge of the hot tub, testing the water temperature with her feet. "Feels great!"

<@Kevin> "Yeah? Not too hot?" He dipped in a foot then stepped down to settle on the other side of the tub.  "Oooh. Nice." He lifted the bottle. "To friends and family." He took a swig and passed her the bottle.

<Sophie> "Friends and family," Sophie toasted a bit sadly, taking a swig and making a face. People drank this?! She forced it down, noting the burn in her throat. She coughed a little.

<Kevin> "Good, huh? It gets better the more you drink." He'd barely been able to hold back his cough. "So..." Usually he was alone when he was sad. It was weird to not do music with her.  "Um... It's nice here." He took back the bottle and took another swig. Really? He coughed this time and made a little gasping noise. "You have any toasts you want to say?"

<Sophie> Sophie considered that as she took a drink. "To hot tubs!" She smiled, taking a swig and coughing again as it went down.

<Kevin> "Good." He took the bottle back and downed some more. "I want to say that my friends are - were amazing people, and I shall grind the ashes of their murderers into the ground." 

<Sophie> "Yes..." Sophie took a longer drink this time, managing to not cough. "To... Scotch!" She giggled.

<Kevin> "Yeeeah." He took the bottle from her and set it by the snacks. He sat and let himself float a bit. He felt a bit warm and fuzzy. Numb, too. Which is what he wanted. "To Shaw's finest."

<Sophie> "I might be out of things to toast... No! Brownies! To brownies." She grinned, leaning her head back against the side as she slid down into the water.

<Kevin> "Yum." He hoped she had said brownies. "So, scotch is good, then?"

<Sophie> "Yes, I like it." She leaned across him to pick up the bottle and take another swig before sitting it back down. "Delicious."

<Kevin> "Mm. Go easy. No puking in the hot tub." He paddled around a bit. 

<Sophie> "Oh… Good point." She mimicked what he was doing, floating in the tub a bit. "Noooo puking."

<Kevin> "Yeah. So. Now what do we do? I don't really feel safe here. I kind of want to go back home...but there's nothing there for me."

<Sophie> "I hadn't really thought about that either," Sophie admitting, sitting up again. "I'm really by myself out here now. Julian..." It was hard to talk about him. Why? "He was supposed to be here to help me."

<Kevin> "He did while he could," Kevin pointed out.

<Sophie> "But what if my parents make me go home now? I don't know if I want to stay here or not... It's kind of dangerous here."

<Kevin> "They're your parents. It'd be better go home, I think." Kevin sat up too, reaching for a brownie. "It's not safe here, really."

<Sophie> "I can't leave you here in the danger zone," Sophie told him gently.

<Kevin> "I'll be fine. If the offer to go with you is still open, I just might join you." He splashed some water at her.

<Sophie> Sophie splashed him right back with a smile. "Of course it is. We could get out of here for awhile..." She shrugged a bit.

<Kevin> "I think we should." Kevin took one last swig of the scotch. "If for nothing else but rest and relaxation."

<Sophie> "You have really good ideas," Sophie smiled, relaxing in the water. "We have a hot tub at home, too."

<Kevin> "Thanks. It sounds like a plan."

<Sophie> "When do you want to leave?" Sophie twirled around just a little in the water, liking the way her head felt funny.

<Kevin> "I don't know. Tomorrow morning? Or is it too soon?"

<Sophie> "Not too soon. I'll call my parents and get us some plane tickets."

<Kevin> "They should be happy to see you, yeah?"

<Sophie> "I don't know. I haven't told them about the accident..."

<Kevin> Kevin nodded. "Well, now's the time to let them know!" 

<Sophie> Sophie brightened up. "I guess it is. I think they'll just be glad I'm not... me anymore."

<Kevin> "Ah." Idiot. You forgot about that. "Who knows?" He offered her the bottle.

<Sophie> She took a swig and set the bottle down, pulling him into a hug. "You're a gooooooood friend, Kevin."

<Kevin> "I dunno about that." He hugged her back. "But I suppose I am."

<Kevin> "You're a good friend, too."

<Sophie> Laughing, Sophie released him with a smile. "We'll have some fun in California. You deserve it."

<Kevin> "So do you." 

<Sophie> Smiling just a little, Sophie nodded. They both did.

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