8/2 Instance: Midget Shortage

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8/2 Instance: Midget Shortage

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Fri Aug 02, 2013 7:08 pm

Timeline: After 'Meet the Cortezes' and 'Bikram B*tches'

Esteban: <"We have far more important things to attend to than her family and their affairs!"> Esteban was especially protesting the fact that Fabian wasn't giving his undivided attention to what they were currently going through and found it especially irksome that his son didn't seem to be inclined to change his mind about attending this wedding any time soon.

Cecilia: Cecilia gave Esteban an angry look. They hadn't been standing in the foyer for five minutes before he'd decided to throw a shit-fit. She grit her teeth, he had been a fucking nightmare since they'd picked him up at the airport and after dealing with his shit for days now she was just inches away from throttling an old man...if Fabian didn't get there first that is.

Cecilia: "I'm gonna go out front and see if they're coming up the driveway," she said, turning to do just that, but not before she leaned in and whispered to Fabian: "I'll be back as soon as I'm sure I'm not gonna kill him. Will you be alright?"

Fabian: <"We will be dealing in close quarters with Shinobi Shaw soon. We'll see if he actually has anything to say but as far as anything to do right now I suggest you prepare to eat a lovely meal and pull the three-ton brick out of your ass."> Fabian sighed, straightening his tie and leaning over to give Cecilia a nod. "I've not murdered him yet, don't worry."

Cecilia: "Thank you," Cecilia said emphatically, sighing gratefully and giving him a quick kiss. "I'll be back in a minute, I promise." She fled the foyer with a barely a backward glance, her heels clicking on the wooden floors.

Esteban: <"What could be more important to you than family?"> Esteban demanded, the veins in his temple pulsating. <"You stop this foolishness at once, Fabian. Your little fling will be fine on her own for a few hours while you stay here and actually pull your weight for once!">

Fabian: <"I spent my last bit of weight pulling fighting giant bugs in Istanbul that at least somehow have characteristics of taken and formerly presumed dead students. It may be related, it may not be, but I pull my weight. You'll just have to get used to the fact that you're not my only family I'm concerned with and that, until we've something more concrete to go on, we'll be biding our time.">

Esteban: <"You are not married to her."> Esteban hissed. <"She - they - are not your family nor will they ever be! I will not stand by and listen to you compare a fling and her blue-collar family to your own flesh and blood. I have put up with a lot from you since I came to this godforsaken country but this I will not abide! Never will you ever call them family!">

Fabian: <"Flesh and blood? So I'm not to consider Jacinta family now as well?"> Fabian taunted, giving his father a tired wave. <"You're just going to have to deal with it and act like a proper adult. I'm sure you can manage for an evening.">

Esteban: Esteban crossed his arms and glared at Fabian. <"I cannot wait until you're done with whatever lacklustre education you're receiving here, return home and come to grips with reality. You will regret this dalliance greatly when trying to integrate into our social circle and you'll regret it even more if it somehow manages to cost us your sister - again.">

Fabian: <"It may have passed your notice but not only have I maintained our connections but I've expanded. I'm doing better than at home and all you want is a lapdog that will 'yes, sir' and 'no, sir' you to an early grave - but you've been robbed of that because someone else has turned Anne-Marie into that for themselves! You lost her, not me, you're who put her on that path.">

Esteban: <"Oh yes, you've done very well for yourself attaching yourself to washed-up horsemen, vagabonds and ghetto trash!"> Esteban said snidely, waving his hand dismissively. <"Please, spare me the the declarations of your perceived competence and lack of responsibility - we both know who's fault this really was!">

Fabian: <"Yes, I already informed you."> Now Fabian was just growing bored. <"People find you to be a tiresome old blowhard and people are right. Nobody actually pays attention to you in 'our circles'. My grandparents and Jacinta made you socially and nobody else that wasn't connected to them has the time of day for you.>"

Fabian: <"So I've no idea what you think you've got to threaten me with socially. I'm better at such things than you and, as it turns out, so is Cecilia so we'll do just nicely.">

Esteban: Esteban shot a quick look over his shoulder to where the bitch in question had disappeared. <"We'll?> he repeated. <"What do you mean by we'll?"> If it was what he thought it was there would be hell to pay.

Fabian: <"I'm not going to get saddled with anyone like Jacinta was saddled with you.>" Fabian was fairly sure that explained things well enough.

Esteban: Esteban's face turned an awful shade of purple at this. <"Have you lost your mind?! No, I will not tolerate this! I will not sit back and watch you piss away our fortune and our name by latching onto some nameless whore!">

Esteban: <"I'd rather you married a one-legged, humpbacked Chinese midget than that!"> Esteban shouted in Fabian's face. <"You are exactly the sort of idiot that wouldn't have a living agreement or a prenup too!"> He spluttered and gestured wildly for a few minutes before he managed to gather himself enough to continue. <"I won't leave you a dime! Do you understand me?! Not one fucking dime as long as you're with that bitch!">

Esteban: <"You will lose everything over this! Mark my words, you will regret the day you ever laid eyes on her when she's snarling after your trust fund like a pack of wolves!">

Fabian: Fabian couldn't help it, he started to laugh. It was ridiculous, everything was ridiculous! <"I've all ready inherited enough, I don't need a penny from you. What else are you going to do with it though? Half of it is all ready wrapped up and the other half is my sister's which, unless she manages not to be in jail when the time comes, will probably go to me as well for her care.">

Fabian: <"I know her and I know what she's about but even if she is like that better her snarling for a trust fund than me snarling after some strange pussy, huh, father? Tell me, who'd have the better marriage? I've better taste than you did with my mother. Cecilia doesn't give a crap about any of it so you may as well get your heart-attack face away from mine.">

Esteban: Esteban belted Fabian as hard as he could across the face just as Cecilia and her family walked into the foyer.

Cecilia: It was so quiet for a few moments that you could probably have heard a pin drop, Cecilia thought as her mother, aunt and uncle all stared wide-eyed at the rather angry tableau in front of them. "...holy fuck," she said, her voice echoing in the hall.

Fabian: It wasn't quiet for long as Fabian's laughter returned once he rubbed his jaw and made sure it was still appropriately in place.

Esteban: <"Shut up,"> Esteban growled, jabbing a finger at his son. <"I'm warning you.">

Carmen: "Excuse me, but just what the fuck is going on?" Carmen said abruptly, not amused with this at all. "Who the hell are you and why're you slapping the shit outta my niece's boyfriend?"

Fabian: <"That was the funniest thing you've done since you lost your temper and started hurling your own booze."> Fabian was practically beside himself with laughter. "Carmen, Esteban. Esteban, Carmen."

Cecilia: "Fabian's father," Cecilia clarified, glaring at the old man. "Are you okay, Fab?"

Maria: Maria glanced towards the kitchen. "Maybe I should go and get some ice?"she said in her heavily accented English.

Fabian: "It's all right," he assured both of them. "I'm hit by professionals, after all. This is just sad. Oh, Cee, I'm afraid to tell you but I've been betrothed to a disabled and deformed Asian little-person."

Cecilia: "What?!" Cecilia exclaimed, more than a little surprised at that. Christ, she knew Esteban hated her and wanted her gone but she didn't think he was quite that desperate.

Vincente: "I think you probably should. It'd be a shame if we wasted all that money on a photographer only to have Fabian's face screwing up the pictures," Vincente said jokingly to Maria, who scurried off to the kitchen. "Are you guys ready to go then?" He looked around awkwardly. "I thought you said your stepmother was coming?"

Fabian: "Kidding, he was just listing off examples of who he'd rather I be with. Just in case he's putting me on dating profiles that are oddly specific I thought I'd share." Fabian turned to his father and smirked wide. "I believe Jacinta is waiting for us outside. Yes, father?"

Esteban: Esteban just glared right back at Fabian.

Cecilia: "I think he'll have to put you up on Ashley Madison if he's auctioning you off," Cecilia said, raising an eyebrow. "'Cause last I checked I was still in the picture."

Maria: "You should come in our car," Maria said, returning with a bag of frozen peas and handing them to Fabian. "You can sit with Cecilia then and we can talk about what we will be doing at the wedding." Also it would make sure his father didn't have another chance to hit him. "Vincente can give your parents the directions."

Fabian: This was going to be the strangest car-ride but Fabian didn't envy Esteban the ride with Jacinta either. "Thank you, Maria. Shall we then?"

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