8/2 Instance: Going to the Chapel

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8/2 Instance: Going to the Chapel

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Fri Aug 02, 2013 7:10 pm

Timelined: Immediately after 'Highway to Awkward' and the day before 'Man Down'

Fabian: Fabian was at one with the drink in his hand and the seat squarely under him. "I've reached my happy buzz stage. When does the inappropriate dancing stage commence?"

Vincente: "After we get through the speeches," Vincente said, eyeing Lola's father making his way up to the podium. "Everyone'll be done eating then and the dancing will start, so not too long."

Lola: "It shouldn't be too long," Lola said, carefully leaning back in her chair and resting a hand on her swollen stomach. "My father is a man of few words and I picked my maid-of-honour for her conciseness. I can only sit through so much of this before I gotta use the restroom after all."

Fabian: "I like you. You're kind to all man's bladders and cruel to all of our livers. Good job, Miguel." Fabian gave a small raise of his glass before the speech, hiding a yawn and settling back to listen.

Miguel: "I know! I did good picking a girl that went to college," Miguel said, pulling a little at the collar of his army uniform. It was getting a bit warm in the gymnasium. "So how did you manage to get a handprint on your face the day of my wedding? Has my sister started beating you or something?"

Cecilia: "I never laid a hand on him!" Cecilia protested, sloshing some of her drink onto the floor as she pointed a finger at her brother.

Fabian: "I'm a smart-ass," Fabian replied, laughing and feeling quite proud that it was still visible apparently. "I apologize if I've ruined any pictures and will cover any re-touch fee."

Miguel: Miguel took one of Cecilia's hands and raised it to Fabian's face for comparison. "Damn, Cee! What big hands you have!" He laughed as she pulled her wrist out of his grasp. "Yeah, I'm very disappointed in you, man. When the times comes and it's your wedding I'm gonna show up with a huge hickey, that'll teach you!" he joked. "Seriously though, it's fine, I'm just glad you showed up!"

Fabian: "You've met me, right? If you showed up with a huge hickey I'd just cheer the two of you on and tell you where you could find a room to continue in. Your baby will need a little brother or sister."

Cecilia: Cecilia winced as Lola's father began a somewhat passive-aggressive speech disguised as a joke about how everyone here could thank him for this excellent reception 'cause if he hadn't been such a terrible chaperone they all wouldn't be here. "Better not tell Mr. Ortíz that," she said, gesturing to said person.

Miguel: "Yeeeah, he's never quite forgiven me for that." Miguel reached for the booze and poured himself another glass. "Well, at least I'm pretty sure he's not gonna kill me now."

Fabian: "He'll just have to deal now, won't he? And if he holds it against you good thing he has to pay to celebrate the fact, hmm?" Fabian gave a chuckle. "It's certainly a bit late to try to make a big public production about it now."

Lola: "He'll be better once the baby's born," Lola said, a little embarrassed at that, thankfully her maid-of-honour had better things to say as she took her father's place and began talking into the microphone. "Dad will enjoy having a grandson or granddaughter now that all my siblings are grown up."

Maria: <"So will I!"> Maria said, reaching over and patting Lola's stomach. <"I don't want any from Cecilia though until she's done college.">

Cecilia: "Mom!" Cecilia exclaimed, choking on her drink. "Why would you say something like that while I'm drinking!? Jesus!"

Fabian: "You've nothing to worry about, I promise you. The last thing our school needs is more people raising small children in it...Melody's baby still knows me as the guy who let her throw rock hard baked goods."

Cecilia: "Not to mention your father might actually kill you," Cecilia said, motioning to the table Fabian's parents were sitting at some distance away. Jacinta appeared to be fitting in nicely, but Esteban was just scowling at them from across the room.

Fabian: "Don't say that. That's an encouragement. I saw his heart-attack face today as it is."

Lola: "Well…I think we're actually ahead of schedule," Lola said, getting to her feet somewhat gracelessly after her maid-of-honour had concluded her speech and Miguel's best man had said his piece: 'I'm not gonna keep everyone here, so congratulations guys and let's get this party started!' "Now all I gotta do is get through this first dance without my water breaking. I'll see you guys later! Don't leave without saying goodbye!"

Fabian: Fabian chuckled and waved as they headed on out and leaned towards Cecilia. "Speaking of the heart-attack face though, I assume we shall be celebrating in ways of making it appear without the ability of him to shout about it?"

Cecilia: "You bet," Cecilia said, sliding a little closer as Miguel and Lola starting dancing (a tad awkwardly) to 'Little Wing' by Jimi Hendrix. "It'll be too loud for us to hear him anyways so we might as well take advantage of it."

Fabian: "I do love to see him out of his element...I suppose we can't get too drunk tonight though, if we're going to be 'on duty' soon enough." He groused somewhat at that but the chance to transfer Shinobi Shaw wasn't going to be passed up.

Cecilia: "We'll cut ourselves off at midnight and just not worry about it until then," Cecilia said, reaching for his hand and squeezing it a little. "Besides, it's not like there won't be tons of fun things to do without alcohol. There're be dancing and lots of people to meet. Plus, this gym is just a part of a larger community centre so there must be some stuff we can get into." She smiled widely. "Don't think about tomorrow for now - just be here with me."

Fabian: "I always am." Fabian pointed out slightly teasingly. "And getting into things is always fun...we should behave ourselves somewhat if your mother runs the risk of catching us, though."

Maria: <"In case I catch what?"> Maria said, turning towards them, a small cat-like smile on her lips. <"Did you say something, Fabian?">

Cecilia: Carmen smirked and made a 'drinking' motion and an 'okay' sign as her late brother-in-law's wife turned around which made Cecilia snort slightly. "Having a good time, mom?"

Fabian: Fabian just gave her his most winning smile. "Sometimes Cecilia has to remind me to behave myself in public. I don't want Carmen to ever have to arrest me for making a public disturbance."

Maria: Maria smiled. <"She's the troublemaker. She spent so much time at home when she was young, she didn't make friends easily 'cause she couldn't get along with anyone. It's nice she has some now,"> she said, patting Fabian's shoulder. <"You're a good friend for her.">

Carmen: Carmen grinned evilly. "I have sooo much planned for you guys if I ever pull you over. It's gonna be biblical."

Fabian: "...you realize this absolutely terrifies me, right?" Fabian just laughed for Carmen. "Well, I was always one for heading out for the unknown when I was younger so I suppose we cancel one another out."

Carmen: "Or compliment each other," Carmen said, smiling widely before getting up as the first song ended and the crowd flooded onto the dance floor as the DJ started a loud rock song. "Well, I'm gonna go and make sure nobody's trying to swipe booze from the open bar. See you guys later!"

Vincente: "Try not to kick the crap outta too many people," Vincente called after her.

Fabian: Fabian glanced over to his parents, wondering how much they would use the open bar to further or blur this experience. "If someone gets belligerent, though, kick away, yes?"

Carmen: Carmen saluted. "Will do!"

Cecilia: Cecilia stood up. "Shall we see how your parents are doing?"

Fabian: "Oh yes, we should try and get them involved!" It was a party, after all, they should have fun...or Fabian should have fun making his father miserable.

Cecilia: "I think I know as well!" Cecilia said, grinning wickedly and pulling Fabian towards the table on the far side of the room. "I put in a song request earlier, it should be coming on any minute now..."

Fabian: "...did you request things that Rachel and I would perform? Because that could confuse a lot of people."

Cecilia: "I picked possibly the most retarded song and dance that was Caribbean themed and am planning to start a conga line."

Fabian: "...please say this doesn't involve little mermaids."

Cecilia: "No!" she laughed. "It's probably just as stupid though. You know 'Hot, Hot, Hot'?"

Fabian: Fabian blinked, surprised. "My God...why don't you just pave the road to hell with pain and queue up 'Copacabana' next?"

Cecilia: "Well, I could..." Cecilia laughed. "I am just that mean."

Fabian: "You are truly a cruel, cruel thing." Fabian admitted, stealing a quick kiss. "We should do it."

Cecilia: Cecilia smiled at this. "Careful, your father is already pissed off and if he sees you making out with trash like me he might belt us both."

Fabian: "Lets see him try that. Just look at all of the people here."

Cecilia: There were, which would probably make it even easier to bully Esteban into the conga line. "If you take the lead I'll sandwich in behind him so he can't escape the train of embarrassment."

Fabian: Fabian nodded resolutely and was most certainly on a mission. "This is possibly the most dangerous thing I've ever done at a party."

Cecilia: "What's the second most dangerous thing?" Cecilia asked as she slid up to Jacinta and Esteban. "Enjoying the party you two lovebirds?" Oh yeah, she was gonna get strangled.

Fabian: "I couldn't even guess, so many options." Fabian put on his best smile for his parents. "Yes, there's an open bar so I suppose that could cheer you up some." Jacinta just laughed but Esteban's face started to redden.

Cecilia: Cecilia cackled wildly at the blush. "Don't be shy now, Esteban!" She turned to Fabian's step-mother. "So was your own wedding quite like this?"

Jacinta: "Well, I will say we had the same feelings about the bar but I can see a few differences here and there," Jacinta admitted, chuckling. "I'm afraid you would have found it very dull in comparison."

Cecilia: "You mean you didn't play 'Shake Yo' Ass' at your reception?" Cecilia said, faking incredulousness. "I pity you, I really do."

Jacinta: "I'm afraid not, but it was quite the evening anyway, I will say. Fabian didn't get his sense of fun from his mother's side, after all. She's a dull thing from what I've seen."

Cecilia: And Fabian's step-mother was coming up as a topic of conversation. Cecilia looked over to Fabian to judge his reaction. "Hm, well...I guess I should be thankful that he's more a Cortez than a Bern, yeah?" She stood up as her song came on. Oh thank God. She never thought she'd be so happy to hear 'Hot, Hot, Hot.' "You guys gonna join my conga line?"

Fabian: Fabian was okay with it. He was perfectly used to it and it really wasn't a big thing for Jacinta to toss out. It also wasn't a big thing for her to hop right up for this notably different festivity.

Esteban: "I most certainly am not," Esteban said, scowling and making no move to get up.

Jacinta: "Hush that and get out of your seat. You know very well what thin ice you're already walking on. I'll make you give a toast."

Cecilia: Cecilia could barely contain herself as she got in behind Esteban. "Go Fabian! The train is leaving the station!" Oh God, she hoped somebody had a camera on hand. She wanted to remember this forever.

Fabian: Fabian had his phone handy and gladly held it up over his head as he lead the train along to film the entire thing. "Choo, choo, people."

Cecilia: Cecilia snorted as the train started, Esteban stuck between her and Fabian and getting redder by the minute. "~Feelin' hot, hot, hot!~"

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