8/6 Instance: Sort of Stowaways

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8/6 Instance: Sort of Stowaways

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Tue Aug 06, 2013 9:16 pm

Timelined shortly after [fic]Traitor.

<Broo> Broo twisted and turned where he stood, a small mirror in both hands as he tried to get a good view of something he felt at the back of his rather large head. Unfortunately the kid just couldn't reach far enough with his arms to actually see the weird new scar he discovered when it had started itching.

<Jessica> Jess picked up the letters Viper had given her and stuffed them into a pillowcase, encouraging Sharky to jump in after them. She then picked up the wriggling pillowcase and headed downstairs. It was late but parts of the building were still wide awake and hard at work. She avoided most of these areas and sneaked down to Broo's room, tapping on the window when she arrived, as usual.

<Broo> The little monster looked a bit confused as he only had two hands, each holding a mirror, and needed a third to open the door for Jess. He huffed and dropped both on his bed as he grabbed his little pick lock key and made the door click open. "Don't understand why they keep taking my keys I make, I'll just make new ones." he told her as he went back to his bed.

<Jessica> "I guess they're hoping you get bored of it... but it doesn't matter..." She chewed her lip, holding up her prepared piece of paper with a written message 'Time to leave'.

<Broo> Broo had to take a double glance at the paper before realizing what it meant. He had an excited look all over him as he dropped down underneath his bed and pulled out a plastic lunch box with homemade keys and gadgets he saved up, then went for his dresser, taking out a note there and showing it to Jess, 'How much underwear do I need?'

<Jessica> Jess managed not to laugh, giving a small shrug. She didn't think there'd be much opportunity to change clothes for a while.

<Broo> He turned the note around, 'So no underwear. We will be roughing it!' And with that he reached deep inside his dresser and pulled out a small handmade book made out of different pieces of paper he stuck together, filled to the brim with all his ideas and things Hydra had him work on. He gave Jess a thumbs up.

<Jessica> Jess gave him a smile, inclining her head towards the door and putting her finger to her lips befre turning towards the door.

<Broo> Broo gave a little salute and followed her, stopping right before he stepped out the door. He remembered something, and opened his lunchbox, taking out an audio recorder he repaired, being held together by sticky tape and paperclips. He pressed play, Jess and his voice started talking as he placed it on the side table before he left the room for good.

<Jessica> Jess led the way to the door Viper had taken her to some time before. Pausing every so often to let security patrols pass by or cameras turn the other way. She'd been watching them for weeks.

<Broo> Broo was behind her all the way, nearly tripping or bumping against her as she suddenly stopped or stepped back.

<Jessica> Finally she pushed the door open into the hot and humid air outside, taking a deep breath. Freedom.

<Broo> The outside gave a chill that ran up Broo's back. Strangely, it felt unusually new to Broo, which he knew must be wrong. But no matter, he had to stay focused and follow Jess.

<Jessica> Jess lead the way down to the docks, sticking to the shadows and listening to the conversations of the dockworkers. Selecting a boat that would take them far far away from Madripoor, she gestured him up the gangplank to a cargo ship while no one was looking.

<Broo> And that's when Broo discovered he had absolutely no sea legs what so ever. Every couple of steps from the gangplank to the other side of the boat, he would wobble and stumble. Unfortunately that's not why the locals were looking at him.

<Jessica> Jess, fortunately, had that under control. Approaching the locals, she loosed some pheromones and gave her pre-prepared sobstory earning them safe passage on the ship.

<Broo> Finding a spot for himself to sit down, Broo looked over to Jess. "Oh dear. I forgot to show you this when we first got out the compound." he said handing her a note from his pocket. It said, 'Are we there yet?'.

<Jessica> Jess giggled, nodding and showing him to the cabin she'd been given directions for. "They're going to let us travel with them all the way to their last destination. How nice is that?"

<Broo> "Oh that's very nice of them," Broo agreed. "But... can they make the boat not shake this much?" he asked, hands clinging to the side of the boat.

<Jessica> "I don't think so... do you want some help?" She offered her hand, "I won't lose my balance."

<Broo> Broo nodded, giving a fangy smile and reached out, grabbing Jess' hand, shifting closer to her and nearly clinging to her. "I do not think I have ever been on a boat before. This trip will be very informative."

<Jessica> She smiled, giving his hand a gentle squeeze, "Have you ever been to Japan before? Because that's where we're going."

<Broo> "Not that I can recall, but I am an avid fan of the art and culture." he said, a little more excited about the boat ride when learning where they were heading.

<Jessica> "Me too, I love everything about Japan. The food is lovely, I'll make sure you get to taste everything." She helped him down the hall, "I'm going to take care of you, I promise."

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Re: 8/6 Instance: Sort of Stowaways

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