8/7 Instance: What Doesn't Kill You

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8/7 Instance: What Doesn't Kill You

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Wed Aug 07, 2013 5:59 pm

timeline: after In Repair

Cecilia: The transfer from the ICU of Our Mother of Mercy Hospital all the way back to the medlab in Westchester had taken its toll on Fabian, who'd fallen asleep almost as soon as they arrived, peaceful under the steady drip of morphine.

Cecilia: Cecilia, on the other hand, had taken the time to shower properly and change her clothes while he didn't need her and was now loitering around the medlab. Rocking back and forth in the swivel chair behind McCoy's desk and staring at the two patients in here. She sighed, she was beginning to develop a whole new level of appreciation for what Monet lived with everyday. She didn't know Jason personally, but she couldn't imagine how it must've felt to be told your lover would never wake again. She had barely made through the time Fabian was in surgery.

Rachel: Having heard about Fabian, Rachel made her way down the medlab as soon as she had some time to spare. Coming through the doors, she spotted Cecilia and followed her line of sight, which came to rest on Jason's prone form. She bit down on her lip as she looked down to the floor, blowing a breath out before moving to take a seat on the surface of McCoy's desk. "How is he?"

Cecilia: "Which one?" Cecilia asked wryly, raising an eyebrow.

Rachel: Rachel's nose wrinkled as she pushed a hand through her hair, glancing over to the other girl, "Fabian. There's never much change in Jason's condition…"

Cecilia: Cecilia was quiet for awhile, her eyes averted from the older woman's gaze. "For someone who took a bullet to the stomach and nearly died on the table? Not too bad," she said, barely managing to get that out past her tightening throat.

Rachel: She slowly nodded as she turned her gaze to Fabian. "I'm guessing you're as well as can be expected then?"

Cecilia: "Mm, I think I'm doing better than most, actually. I've not gone completely batshit and I'm not taking out my bad mood on anyone unless they actually cross me. That's pretty good for someone who's had to re-live a very personal hell again," she said, her expression troubled. "It's funny how the people I'm close to get hurt a lot...in the same ways, even."

Cecilia: "It's funny also...how I never seem to be able to protect them - despite my powers - every single fucking time."

Rachel: "Yeah, I'd say that is pretty good," Rachel commented, keeping her sight trained on Fabian. She was more than positive she would be a wreck right now if it was Paige. "I also know that feeling… You think you'd be able to do a whole lot more with powers, except…" she trailed off, shaking her head.

Cecilia: Cecilia bit down hard on her tongue. She was tempted to voice that it was her fault for leaving, but she knew that was stupid. Fabian was capable of handling himself, and if she hadn't taken on Scrambler there was no guarantee he wouldn't have made off with Shinobi before Lukas and Bob had recovered, and there was no way she could've known Anna-Maria would shoot her own brother...but still.

Cecilia: "I didn't...know what I was gonna do if he...died," she said, inhaling sharply and trying to hold back threatening tears. "I knew I wasn't gonna survive this time...I barely made it the first time."

Rachel: Rachel's gaze cut back to her as she considered the words, debating what exactly she should do or say. Cecilia wasn't exactly the type to hug it out, and neither was she. Comforting also wasn't exactly her forte, even though she'd been in a similar position. After a moment, she replied, "At least you don't have to find out what you would've done."

Cecilia: Cecilia looked a bit surprised. "What? You think I'd kill the person who killed him?" she laughed. "His own sister shot him. What would I gain by destroying her? She likely has no concept of what she's doing, how is she responsible?"

Cecilia: She shook her head. "No, I wouldn't kill her. I might cut her face a little, but I wouldn't kill her. I'd go after those who set her loose...and I wouldn't kill them even...but when I finished with them they might wish I had."

Rachel: "Pfft, no. I highly doubt most people would pull a me, but remind me not to fuck with Fabian or anyone else you care about," she shook her head with a small grin, pausing as she processed the fact his sister shot him. She was sure her surprise was evident by her expression. After recovering from that shock, she continued, "I more meant all the shit you deal with after all that."

Cecilia: "Surprised?" Cecilia asked, taking in Rachel's expression. "Point blank, right in the stomach. If he hadn't been wearing his uniform, if Bob hadn't iced up the entry wound, if we had decided to try and leg it back here after the evac abandoned us he'd have bled out before help ever arrived."

Cecilia: She was quiet for awhile. "...one inch lower and the bullet would've torn through his intestines and he'd have died of septic shock, two inches to the left and his spinal cord would be severed… That's paralysis from the navel down - he'd be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. A few inches deeper, it would've embedded in his kidney and that'd have to be removed... It's horrible isn't it?"

Rachel: "Damn…" Rachel breathed as she nodded. Fabian was a lucky bastard. "It's crazy that it was that close." She raked her fingers through her hair once more, "So, his father's been hanging around, right?"

Cecilia: "It's not hard to die," Cecilia said simply. "We risk our lives every time we go out on a mission. All it takes is one fuck-up and then..." She trailed off. "Yeah, his step-mother's here, too, but you might not notice her since his father's the one who's taking the spotlight and not in a good way." Her eyes narrowed. "He was monumentally unhappy that we failed to capture Anna-Maria."

Rachel: She pulled her gaze from Fabian once more to incredulously blink over at Cecilia, "Seriously? He was more concerned over the fact that she wasn't captured compared to the fact she, like, fatally shot her brother? …What the fuck?"

Cecilia: "I know, right?" Cecilia said angrily. "He didn't care at all, he's never really had much affection for Fabian though from what I've been told. It didn't used to be all about his sister though, that's a recent thing." She sighed irritably. "I'm sorry, I don't know how much more I can tell you though. It's sorta something Fabian doesn't want to be common knowledge. Let's just say it's been a long two weeks."

Rachel: "It's fine. I get it," Rachel sighed, "Josh and Paige are… Well, was, in Josh's case…? Whatever. They're both like that about their families. But, like… Fuck, at least she's definitely alive and shit."

Cecilia: "I suppose," Cecilia said, "but I guess Esteban is willing to sacrifice his son in exchange for his daughter." She shook her head. "I can't imagine that. Not loving your own kids, I mean. Or favouring one over the other. I think there's something really wrong with people who are like that. I couldn't do that."

Rachel: "I mean, as hard as I find it to imagine myself as a parent, I'd have to agree with you," she replied, pulling a slight face. Considering everything, Fabian at least seemed to handle everything fairly well.

Cecilia: "Really? I can," she replied, smiling wistfully. "I always wanted to be a parent...I thought Paige was that sorta person too. Am I right?"

Rachel: "Really?" Rachel echoed, eyebrow going up as she nodded, "And, Paige has been that kinda person the entire time I've known her."

Cecilia: Cecilia chuckled slightly. "Yeah, is that so surprising?"

Rachel: "Um, a little, yeah," she admitted, adding, "I don't… I don't really see myself as that kinda person…"

Cecilia: "I value family, I want my own someday." Cecilia shrugged. "It's not for everyone though."

Rachel: She nodded. "I've been trying to decide if it's for me, but I don't know…"

Cecilia: "Hm," Cecilia said. "I suppose Paige is bringing this on... well, I guess it comes down to what you can live with. Would you regret it more if you did or didn't?"

Rachel: "I can't say we haven't discussed it, or that it hadn't crossed my mind before we did. Hell, I told Josh I'd think about it while we were engaged," Rachel replied as she considered the question, not entirely sure she even had an answer right now.

Cecilia: She laughed. "Well, you don't have to decide right this instant. You're both, what, twenty-six? You got awhile yet. Besides, it's not like you have the same potential for an unplanned pregnancy as I do."

Rachel: "I'd hope not, otherwise one of us has some explaining to do," she snorted, "Plus, you'd think after sitting on the issue for, like… Four years? I'd have an answer, but I don't. I mean, I'm more open to the idea than I was, and I find Ripley far more tolerable than other babies. Though, that might have more to do with the fact she's Bobby and Lorna's, not some kid in the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese…"

Rachel: "Anyway, I just…" she bit down on her lip, "Whether I'd regret it or not has to be the best thing someone's asked when it comes to the subject."

Cecilia: Cecilia smiled slightly. "Glad I ask the right questions."

Rachel: Rachel managed a slight smile in return and nodded toward Fabian, "Any idea when he'll come around, or is he totally not really with it?"

Cecilia: "The drugs make him a bit slower to catch on at times, and he has trouble gripping things but he's talking just fine when he's awake...maybe he says a little less than usual, but I think he'll be his usual chatty self once he's less foggy," she said. "We could wake him up now if we really wanted to. He's not comatose or anything. Just tired from being transferred."

Rachel: "Nah," Rachel shook her head, "Your company is good enough, he needs the rest, and I have some time to kill."

Cecilia: Cecilia nodded, drawing her legs up and sitting Indian-style. "It's nice to know I'm everybody's silver medal," she joked. "I don't think you need to worry about him being out for long. After a few days of this you know he'll just get sick of lying in bed all day and take some of O'Keeffe's healing whammy."

Rachel: Rachel snorted at the joke before commenting, "I can only imagine how unbearable he'll be after a while, and I can't say I'd blame him. I spent a while down here before Anna was around, and it's boring as fuck."

Cecilia: "I don't find him too difficult to handle most of the time," Cecilia admitted. "I don't know if I'm used to it or I'm just crazy, but I find him easy to live with most of the time. He's not hard to understand once you get to know him, though he often surprises me." She smiled. "You didn't have me coming down every free moment of the day to play board games and read with you."

Rachel: "I more meant with being cooped up. He seems laid back enough, though I guess I do too, and I imagine I'm a pain in the ass to live with," Rachel replied, grinning a bit, "I didn't, and now I feel like I've missed out. However, I think Cess decorated the room I was in with photos and such."

Cecilia: Cecilia raised an eyebrow. "Cess has a talent for making things cozy. She's...very maternal, I guess. Which is odd considering her lifestyle."

Rachel: "Cess is pretty great, probably one of the nicest people I know, and I'd have to give her props for her lifestyle… I'm far too jealous for anything like that. I would punch so many people in the face."

Cecilia: "Amen, sister." Cecilia sighed and eyed the twinkie jar again. "Do you think McCoy would mind if we helped ourselves? I sorta need a pick-me-up."

Rachel: "Pfft, no," Rachel shook her head, "I'm pretty sure he keeps them there to hand them out anyway and has his own secret stash somewhere else. …Plus, you totally deserve one for dealing with all of this."

Cecilia: "Start getting into what people deserve and you'll leave feeling very short-changed," Cecilia said wryly, reaching in and taking a twinkie and handing one to Rachel. "Thank you though...it's been really hard."

Rachel: "True…" she said as she took the snack cake, pulling the plastic packaging open, "And, it'll get better." For a little bit anyway because nothing around the school could be completely okay.

Cecilia: "I've found not much gets to me since Galactus," she admitted, chewing absently. "This is the one of the few things that's actually bothered me...I watched people explode from the inside earlier this semester and barely batted an eyelid...I'm becoming harder."

Rachel: "The bodies… I've seen so many dead bodies. Ones that I wasn't responsible for, even. With Galactus, none of them really bothered me until Cassie because it's a bit different when it's someone, y'know?" she shrugged, breaking off a piece of the twinkie to pop in her mouth, thoughtfully chewing the bit before continuing, "I know it's not exactly the same, but… Being a surgeon would harden you a bit anyway, right? I guess if you wanted a bright side, you'll have that covered?"

Cecilia: Cecilia shrugged. "I'd only seen body before Galactus, which was my father's after he died. It wasn't the damage to the corpses I wasn't prepared for, I've always had a strong stomach, it was the personal investment I had in the case and the emotional problems it caused for me that gave me the most trouble...it pushed me to my breaking point."

Rachel: "You probably haven't heard anything about it, but I was there when all the Fringes were found massacred in the sewers…" she pulled a face at the memory and nodded, moving on, "I think it pushed a lot of people, myself included. I just had to find Jamie because I'd promised Jean. It was such a stupid promise to make, and I got lucky it worked out."

Cecilia: "I've heard there were a group of mutants living in the sewers, but I didn't know the X-Men dealt with that. Was it the Mauraders that did that?" How many times would the they have to deal with this sorta thing? She had an awful feeling it'd just keep happening. "I think you made a better decision than I did. I shouldn't have told people the truth. Even though I was nearly right...it was the wrong call. People can't keep going if there's no hope, even if there's only a little bit. It's still better than nothing.

Rachel: "Yeah, the Mauraders," Rachel nodded, blowing out a sigh. She was somewhat relieved most of them were dead. Finishing off her twinkie, she balled up the wrapper and hopped off the desk to throw it in the trashcan as she insisted, "There's nothing wrong with telling the truth… I've found it's mostly in how you present it to people."

Cecilia: "Why?" Cecilia asked. "I mean, what purpose did any of that serve?"

Cecilia: "I think the truth is the truth and people just take it however they wanna take it. It's got nothing to do with how you say things, it's just fact. I think there's a time for the truth and a time to withhold it," she said. "It's just a matter of which is the lesser evil at the time."

Rachel: "I don't know… None," she answered as she considered the rest of what Cecilia had said. Pulling herself back up to sit, she commented with a shrug, "People take anything you say however they want, not just the truth, but there's a difference between sugar coating and being brutally honest. Though, I guess you could call sugar coating lying by omission or withholding. Anyway, I wasn't completely a saint through all of that… I mean, I went brutally honest on Sue on a patrol because my patience was shot."

Cecilia: "All of us were having a hard time then," Cecilia said, folding her arms over her stomach. "Things were insane at the time and we all began to crack up a little as a result. Some more than others."

Cecilia: "I've come close to breaking a few times," she said, motioning to Fabian. "This is one."

Rachel: "I can get why. I'd be a massive wreck if it was Paige," Rachel said as she looked over to Fabian and back to Cecilia, eventually asking, "You need anything? Like something to eat besides twinkies. …I mean, I promise I won't cook, but I'm awesome at getting take out or ordering a pizza and could hang out for a while."

Cecilia: Cecilia threaded her fingers through her hair. "I just need some time and for people not say dumb shit to me about this and for Fabian's goddamn sister to be here so his father get's the hell outta both our faces...think that'll happen?"

Rachel: She shrugged, "Well, it's not out of the realm of possibility yet…"

Cecilia: Cecilia nodded. "You wanna get outta here for a minute? I could use some fresh air, I've been stuck inside for ages with nothing but Fabian and medical equipment for company. I need to be somewhere that doesn't smell like lysol."

Rachel: "I'm never opposed to getting out of here," Rachel answered as she hopped up once again.

Cecilia: Cecilia stood up and lead the way towards the doors. "You're not gonna whip out a pack of cigarettes as soon as we get outside, right?"

Rachel: She laughed as she trailed after her, "I think I can refrain, so you can actually get fresh air."

Cecilia: "Good," Cecilia laughed. "'Cause that shit kills you."

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