9/7 Game: The End of All Things

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9/7 Game: The End of All Things

Post by Slarti » Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:05 am

Timelined Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2016

<Sue> Sue vented her frustration at a particularly retarded group of LFRers and ragequit before switching characters to go and nuke some things until she felt better. People were idiots. At least she could drink in her room.

<Toxic> Adam was, as was Adam's wont, making art. Rather than being the blur that occasionally creeped the hell out of - or straight-up terrified - the new students, he was in his black and green ensemble in the rec room and apparently making a tree out of cheese. All sorts of different cheese, in fact, and it was about three feet high. He was wearing one of his gasmasks to deal with the overwhelming (for him) scent, though. Couldn't be too careful.

<Calvin> Calvin was sitting on the shoulder of Hobbes out in the X-hangar, blowtorching an antenna to his big pink friends' shoulder. It would allow him to listen to Tokyo FM while fighting the forces of evil (TM).

<Jimmy> "I can't believe that asshole stomped on me! I mean I know I'm fuckin' short but that's just takin' the PISS mate!" Jimmy was still not letting it go that Scott had stomped him. not that you could blame him, he was stick in a wheelchair now which left him looking like Prof X Jr. it just wasn't sexy!

<Jessica> Jess was rather enjoying her time in the Danger Room. Sure, she'd mostly done this backwards having already performed the field test of the costume Viper had sent her but still. She could go all out on the simulations though so that was better.

<Toxic> Adam side-eyed the bald guy with epic eyebrows. "I don't know. It's made you slightly more tolerable." He picked up a tube of squeezy cheese and used it to glue another slice of brie onto the 'trunk'.

<DrSummers> Scott was in his office, catching up on some articles that might be useful on DNA. He flipped over a page. It was quiet here, and he was glad of it. He looked at the postcard on his desk, from Cecilia. She was in Morocco with Fabian. They'd deserved a good vacation. Having buggy people down here had been unnerving, and he was thankful to Broo for helping with a cure.

<Melati> "As much as I miss having some additional arms, it's good to be able to hold your own beer again," Melati remarked as she returned from the kitchen, popping open her bottle with the claw of her thumb. The cap clattered to the floor, going ignored for now, while she raised the bottle to take a sip of the cooled drink. "Aw yeah, I missed that the most."

<Johnathon> "To be fair, Jim, if the guy grows, everybody is basically short. I think he has got the most Freudian powers of us all." Said the man who stuck holes everywhere while painting the news on canvas. He had decided to go for the impressionist approach.

<Callie> Callie was upstairs in her room on her second bottle of wine. She'd given up on the glass and was drinking right from the bottle. She'd been turned into a bug. That wasn't something she could live through. Drowning it in good wine helped her forget the memories.

<Jonas> Jonas was laying in the rec room, a stack of old comics next to him, going through them all one by one. "Well you can always go to that teacher that can heal you, Anna... something." Jonas told Jimmy.

<Melati> "Or ask Danger and Calvin if they could fix you up with some nifty robot parts," Melati suggested, raising her bottle to Jimmy. "I'm sure they'd be eager to give you a legs up."

<Kevin> Kevin was hammering a piece of metal down into a shapeless mass. It was something to do to keep himself occupied.

<Mick> Mick was currently trying to work a mouse with his left arm, the right...well, missing below the elbow, thanks to the knife-shields or whatever they'd been. He finally swore and pushed himself up, heading for the rec room and a break, trying not to scratch the stump - or the heavy scar on his face.

<Jimmy> "Badum-tish," Jimmy deadpanned at Mel, before scratching his hairless chin, "Though ... I dunno, maybe I could get spider-bot legs? That would be fukkin' awesome."

<Calvin> "Don't worry, Hobbey, it won't interfere with your anime downloads. Though I just hope the FBI will neve rfind you, because I am not paying the fine then."

<Broo> Broo was down in the labs, the whole place looking more like a scrapyard than anything else with all the machines and gizmos he had gutted for parts. The bug boy hummed while he worked, typing on the computer hooked up to the gadget he was getting close to ready for testing.

<Toxic> Adam hummed happily as he smoothed the next layer of cheese. "Hai guys. Wow, lots of people today, and I even recognise some of you!" There was movement in the mass of dreads, a tiny black face poking out of the nest and staring before there was an unimpressed growl.

<Sue> Sue snorted at a comment on teamspeak then proceeded to choke on her drink. "Nooooo I'm dying and it's all your fault! Argh! Too many rabbits! Get off get off! Little bastards!" She hammered a few buttons and smiled as things exploded on her screen. "Ah. Better."

<Cassie> Sitting outside in the shade cast by the patio roof, Cassandra let her legs dangle off the railing as she enjoyed the last moments of faint sunlight before dusk. Looking up from the book resting in her lap, she gazed into the distance. Usually the onset of darkness was one of her favourite times of the day, but today she couldn't shake that eerie feeling in the back of her mind.

<ProfXavier> Charles had been working on paperwork in his office. Now, he dozed peacefully, his glasses perched on the tip of his nose, his hands folded on his desk.

<Viper> Viper completed the final checks and smiled to herself. Everything was in place. Taking up a seat in her chosen spot, she activated the comms. "When you are ready, Doctor, let the educating begin."

<Angelina> In her bedroom, Angel tried on a pair of new pair of Louis Vuittons. Springing up from the bed, she checked her reflection in the full-length mirror and gave her wings a slight buzz.

<Jonas> Closing the current comic book and dropping it on the 'done' pile, Jonas picked up another one from the 'to read' stack. "So.. why aren't there more vigilantes in the city?" he asked, paging through that comic. "I mean... there's how many mutants by now in the world, even in New York, you'd think some of them would start up their own superhero agenda."

<Toxic> Adam glanced at comic-boy, handing up a tiny bit of cheese to the ball of brooding evil in his dreads. "Maybe we're the only one stupid enough to try." He shrugged. "Fuck knows we take enough shit for it."

<Rott> The good doctor looked up from his machine, a chaotic mess of wires, pipes, and tubes, all crammed into the back of the large truck. The fiendish glee was plastered across his face, the spark of madness glimmering in his eyes behind the tinted shades. "Always ready for you, my dear," he replied, reaching for the big levers attached to the control panel. "School's out, my little piggies! Time to start the real lesson."

<Jessica> Jess put her hand through the head of a simulation and sighed at the irritating noise that reminded her killing people was bad. She rolled her eyes behind her mask and venomblasted a couple more, probably with too much power.

<Calvin> Johnathon> "Haven't you noticed all the crazies we have to deal with? Who would want to do that in their spare time?," Johnathon told Jonas.

<Dai> Dai was sat in her office, desperately trying to find some sort of resource she could use to help counsel the recently ... transformed. She'd knew being a counselor to mutant kids would be a challenge but she never though she'd be Googling 'hive bug mentality psychology'.

<Jack> While over on the other side of town, Jack was preparing the club to open in a couple hours' time.

<Rott> He yanked down the lever, and the insane invention came to life with an unpleasant hum, bubbling noises coming from the tubes filled with odd liquids. The wires stuck to the disembodied brains within starting cackling with power. Rott couldn't help but give a hysterical laugh.

<Mick> "Tell me 'bout it." His voice was slightly slurred still, though he'd been told the slight brain-damage from having his carapace broken open would heal itself with time. He sat down carefully, giving in and scratching the cover that protected his stump. It didn't help, but he could pretend, right? "Anyone got a pen?"

<ProfXavier> Charles snorted in his sleep, swatting at what may have been a buzzing insect.

<Kael> Kael was on his back on his bed, on the phone to his parents in Russia, when he winced, rubbing his eyes and a hand going to his stomach. He suddenly felt oddly sick.

<Jonas> "Think there should be a pen at the phone," Jonas said, thumbing over his head towards the old landline phone gathering dust.

<Melody> Melody on the other hand was having much better luck with her Google search, turned out you could get almost anything on the internet and that included chew toys for tigers, Harmony was napping in her (slightly mangled) cot.

<Cassie> It started as an unsettling shiver crawling up her spine, a sense of unease welling up in her mind. Moments later the serene surroundings began to spin in front of her eyes as her vision started to blur. The book she had been holding hit the ground, only moments before Cassandra tipped backwards and slammed onto the patio floor.

<Sue> Sue frowned at her computer screen. "Uh guys, I think that all-nighter was a mistake, imma go take a nap. Feel a bit funny. See you later..." she logged out and closed her laptop, getting up to crawl over to the bed.

<Jonas> Jonas blinked and squinted, trying to focus on the comic's speech bubbles, before he had to put the book down and rub his eyes.

<Toxic> Adam, on the other hand, headtilted at his cheese tree, frowning as his bright blue eyes went a little distant. His gloved fingers blurred for a moment, before the blur cut out. "Okay, who broke the world? Because I know I haven't missed a dose but my head's doing that weird thing it usually does when I don't take the drugs."

<Melody> The tiny demon baby frowned in her sleep and started to make pathetic little 'hup-hup' noises. Mel frowned, shutting down the laptop and going to stand up, "What's the matter ba-uuugh ...." suddenly not feeling so good, had Fabian's kitchen experiments finally given her food poisoning?

<Callie> Callie wondered when the clouds had gotten so thick. She went to the window, and looked at the flowerbed below. She smiled. They were so pretty. She made them grow bigger and bigger, their roots crawling up the wall carrying them toward her until she could smell them. Their scent made her feel ill and she made it to the bathroom before she vomited. "All that nice wine," she moaned then crawled back to her bed, hoping to sleep whatever it was off. It was some horrible aftermath of the hive mind thing, she was sure.

<Melati> "Either they made the beer stronger while I was out being some bug monster, or I just can't handle this stuff as I used to," Melati remarked, eying the bottle in her hand as she had to reach out with her free hand to grab something for support.

<Angelina> For the first time in her life, Angel lost her balance on her four-inch heels. She staggered forward and had to catch herself with a hand against the mirror.

<Jimmy> Jimmy stopped mid-sip then glared at his glass, "You and me bo-" he froze, staring at the unremarkable far wall, then started screaming at the top of his lungs.

<Johnathon> Johnathon just lost his balance, noticing a wrong line from his paintbrush Noooooooooooooooooooo! before keeling over.


<Mick> Mick reached for the pen and nearly fell off his seat. Ugh, he was looking forward to his balance not fucking up. He winced at the scream, glaring at Jimmy for a moment before blinking. "Huh...Peanut..."


<Calvin> Calvin just stopped the blowtorch and fell backwards. He was lucky that Hobbes, seemingly unimpressed by the going ons, caught him.

<Jessica> Jess yelped as one of her charges got conducted back to her. "Motherfucker!" It didn't hurt as much as it should have but something was off. That shouldn't have happened. "End program...." She shook her head, "Danger, are you there?"

<Danger> Deep down in the school's basement, Danger paused her current task when an unusual occurrence piqued her attention. One by one, the mansion's security systems reported failures and went offline. Had she been able to frown, she undoubtedly would have done so at this point.

<Kevin> Kevin looked up sharply. Had there been someone there? He put the heated iron in the forge and the hammer away before going to investigate. "Hello?" He opened door after door, finding he was alone. He turned to go back to what he'd been doing, but found he was lost. He staggered down the hall, trying to remember where the smithy was.

<Jimmy> He attempted to standup to run away from whatever it was she was seeing and fell flat on his face, half screaming, half sobbing into the carpet as he tried to crawl away from whatever it was he was seeing, "What the fuck are you people doing! It's right behind you! RUN!"

<Jonas> Jonas, being slightly confused and distracted thanks to Jimmy's screaming, also tried to push himself up from where he was laying, only to find that the couch was made out of some kind of sticky goop that was pulling him down. "Du--furk" he said, even having trouble speaking.

<Viper> After the tear gas was well and truly spread, Viper gave her next instruction, "My dear friends, now is the time to strike at our common enemy. We will support you, I assure you."

<ProfXavier> Charles came awake with a snort, immediately turning to look at the window. He screamed, hands clutching at his head.

<DrSummers> Scott sat back, rubbing his temples. His eyes hurt, a headache seeming to blossom. This hadn't happened in a while. He realized that he might actually blow his glasses, so he went to the locker room to fetch his visor. That helped somewhat, but it was still not good. He moaned as his headache spiked, and he went back to the medlab for some painkillers, collapsing on the floor in the hall.

<Melati> Even with the aid of her tail, Melati was unable to keep her balance, tipping over to fall into the coffee table. The shattering glass was the least of her concerns, however, and neither were the screaming students around her. "Fuck, my beer!" she yelled, flailing to catch the spilling bottle. But all hope was lost, and it just seeped into the carpet. "Nooooo!"

<Jessica> Jess headed for the door of the Danger Room with some difficulty. She could barely walk but her flight powers were acting up. Something was very wrong. "Hellooooo? Is anyone down here....?" she called along the hall.

<Angelina> Angel retched, the acid hitting the mirror and dissolving the surface. Her reflection bubbled and ran. "Dio..."

<Jonas> "Cawnt...muv...." Jonas struggled and felt like he was sinking. He saw chains snaking around him, getting tighter and tighter, squeezing him the deeper he sunk into the couch.

<Sue> Sue glanced out of the window, it was very foggy. She thought for a moment that she saw a shape moving down there and instinctively shielded herself.... and felt instantly better. "The hell...?" She lowered the shield and felt sick again so back up they went. "Sense this does not make... maybe I'm not using my powers enough..."

<Toxic> Adam blinked at the screaming/flailing students. "Huh..." Him seeing things and such was normal. Everyone else on the other hand, well, unless they'd been lying and he wasn't the only hallucinating nutcase...he stood up, hands out as his balance wavered a little, before things started going dark. "Ooooh. Okay. Badness...and for once I'm the one not seeing shit." He went to kick up into the air and ended up whimpering as he gave himself a nosebleed. "Aw

<Melody> Melody succeeded in reaching the cot just as Harmony woke up and started to cry properly, reaching for her mother, "Baby, you have a bad dream?" There was movement out of the corner of her eyes and she looked, the colour draining out of her face, ".... Nathan?"

<Danger> Weighing her options, Danger went with the most sensible choice and triggered the mansion-wide alarm, before engaging the intercom. "This is Danger, speaking to all students and staff, with a preliminary warning. You may be experiences some unexpected events. I'm still evaluating the data. Please remain calm and await further instructions."

<Jessica> Oh God, that sound! She put her hands over her ears. "Turn it off! For God's sake! Turn it off!"

<Jolen> Jolen was running through the struggling students and looking for Toxic. They had to get out of here, he'd hadn't felt so scared since that bear!

<Jimmy> There he was, face unshaven and still wearing that stupid cap, smiling at her, and she fell over backwards from the combination of sickness and shock, "bu' ... but you can't ... I saw ... they killed you! I saw them put you in the ground!"

<Mick> Mick heard the warning, smiling at Danger's voice. Just sit tight, they'd be fine.

<Calvin> Hobbes put Calvin into the pilot seat in his chest. He would be safe for now. It was time to kick some ass. He stepped out of the hangar.

<Cassie> Outside, Cassandra had managed to cling to consciousness, struggling to push herself up on her elbows with little success. Rolling over to lie on her stomach, she was able to raise her head, trying to focus her shaky vision long enough to figure out what was happening. The strange fog had gotten thicker, and it also seemed to draw closer to the mansion.

<Noriko> Noriko was still in the med lab going through the last of the physicals now she was changed back, because normal food was still making her throw up. The fear ramming through her had her running to a corner and hiding under a blanket cringing from Dangers warning.

<Cassie> She believed to spot figures moving through it.

<Jimmy> Dai frowned at Danger's warnings, looking around her, she felt a bit fluey but what was that robot on about?

<Toxic> Adam decided using his abilities when they were giving him nosebleeds wouldn't be a good idea - no internal bleeds for him, kay thanks. He kept the gasmask on though as there was a heavy, muffled sound of an explosion somewhere. "Was that real? Anyone else hear that?"

<Broo> Broo stumbled and half crawled out the lab's doors, looking down the corridor. He could have sworn he had heard Jess' voice, but what he saw was something entirely different. He started screaming.

<DrSummers> Callie had passed out, so the alarms didn't bother her, but they made Scott scream in agony. It was too much. He managed to crawl into the medbay and to his office. Kevin was running through the school, having taken off his bracelets when the siren went off. He had to protect himself. He ran blindly, holding out his arms in front of him.

<Ankka> Ankka was in the lab with Noriko - worrying over her, as usual - and he hid with the girl, pulling her into his lap. "Hush, sveetheart, it's fine."

<Jessica> Jess looked down the hall at the screaming, her eyes focusing on Broo as her vision swam around him, "Broo? Are you okay?!" She pulled herself together and hurried toward him.

<ProfXavier> Struggling through the pain in his mind, Charles clutched the edge of the desk. Prying his eyes open, he could see the fog on the grounds through the window. Stay calm, my students, he tried to send to them. He started to roll toward the door.

<Noriko> Noriko whimpered as Summers ran past, clinging to Ankka as she was pulled onto his lab, squeaking pathetically as words weren't quite available yet.

<Broo> The little mutant stumbled back, shuffling and crawling to get away from the thing coming towards him. He had never been so afraid in his life, and he couldn't figure out a way of getting away fast enough. Unless. Broo stumbled towards the device he was working on.

<Danger> The acoustic element of the alert died down after a while, leaving only the red light flashing incessantly. Danger was accessing all systems at once, trying to restart the security protocols, or least receive a camera feed from the outside.

<Jessica> "Broo! Come back!" She hurried to catch up with him, stumbling with the dizziness and catching herself on the wall. She had to stop for a moment to get her balance.

<Jimmy> Calm? There was a fucking Clive Barker thing coming for them all out the wall! YOU stay calm motherfucker!

<Calvin> Hobbes stepped in front of various humans, holding up what appeared to be weapons, aiming at him. He kicked one of then all the way to Massachusetts. Then they started firing the rockets.

<Viper> "Fire at will, friends." Viper smiled as she heard the sounds of grenades leaving barrels.

<Broo> He was having difficulty concentrating on the handheld device, trying to punch in numbers, before pulling the plugs out of from the computer, crawling under his desk, and hitting the thing to start working already. He leaned forward to see i the thing was still coming for him.

<Angelina> Regaining her balance, Angel hovered in the room. She glanced out the window on the way to the door and stopped. There were men on the lawn. Soldiers. Near the woods.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth came wandering out of her room JD bottle in hand and swigging it occasionally, every time her shields went down she felt like death itself was in her mind so she needed to take the edge off. Trying to hide the panic with white knuckles and alcohol as she walked calmly down the hall looking for Jimmy

<Melati> "Fucking hell, this is not a drill," Melati stated the obvious, getting back on her feet as soon as she noticed the dizzying effects lessen for some reason. "We're under attack!"

<Toxic> Adam shook his head at the students, eyes narrowed at the suddenly dark outside. Even through the malfunctioning powers, he could feel there were heartbeats there shouldn't be. Pretty sure I'm the only calm one here right now, Prof. And that's saying something. He kicked the tentacle that was - apparently - trying to hold his ankle with a snort. Too used to this shit.

<Toxic> "No shit, Mel. Dunno about you but my mutanty is borked, so I'm gonna go take a look outside. If you see my boyfriend, could you get his gorgeous betentacled ass in my direction, please?"

<Jessica> Jess rounded the doorway, her eyes sweeping the room as fast as they were able with the dizziness for her brother. "Broo! We have to le-" She cut off as he disappeared, "Noooo! Broo!" Where had he gone?!

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth spotted jimmy and ran for him the *monster* over him was wrenched off the ground and slammed backwards like a tennis ball. "You better be a-fucking-live Jimmy!"

<Jimmy> "My whole fuckin' life flashed in front of my eyes," he moaned, "it was really fuckin' boring!"

<Jessica> The sound of an explosion above drew Jess' attention next. "Oh hell... Is anyone else down here?" she called into the medlab.

<Calvin> Hobbes swatted the people firing him aside, not taking particular care that they survived. This was an all-out siege. A stupid siege, considering that he was a huge robot with lasers and the science-equivalent of molting lava being jettisoned from his mouth, but still a siege.

<Cassie> Something exploding not too far from her was all the motivation Cassandra needed to fight her way back into an upright position - just in time to see the men with gas masks advancing through the cover of smoke. She didn't even need to see the weapons they trained at her to know that they came with ill intent.

<Elizabeth> "I'm hardly surprised." She grinned dragging him off the floor and dusting him off. "Glad to see you de-bugged and- She was cut off as the wall next to the blew inwards and knocked her flying.

<Sue> Sue reinforced her shields and gathered up her laptop. Priorities. Her life was on that thing, it was not getting left behind. She stuffed it in a rucksack and pulled it onto her back before heading out into the corridor.

<Jimmy> "Elizabeth!"

<Cassie> Gunfire tore into the wood of the patio, showering her with splinters. The raven haired girl shielded her face, instinctively calling upon the darkness to protect her. The swirling shadows curled around her, more erratically than usual.

<Ankka> "Kyllä! I mean yes - me and Noriko are here. Is that you, Jess?"

<Jessica> "Yes! We need to get out of here!" She looked around the medlab again, "Did you see where Broo went?"

<Noriko> Noriko cringed at the next explosion and clung harder to Ankka, she could hear Jess but she wasn't getting over the fear to easily.

<Toxic> Adam went to open the back door, before the wall folded in on itself. "Okay, I'll use that one. Oh come on, piss off, I see worse when I miss a dose." He muttered at the hallucinations. "There's no burning trees with bodies on meathooks, for one. Ohey, they have grenade launchers! I want one!"

<Ankka> "No." He picked Noriko up, holding her close, frowning worridly at Jess. "And my powers aren't vorking right. Is he still down here?"

<Angelina> She reached the window in time for it to blow inwards, showering her with broken glass. Angel screamed, her wings ripped in a half dozen places as she fell to the floor.

<Jonas> The explosion rocked Jonas' hallucination away, freeing him to move, but also causing him to be covered in debris where he lay. He gasped for air as he rolled over to the floor to push himself up.

<Melati> "Less panicking, more ass-kicking!" Melati was well on her way to engage whoever was attacking them, diving through the rec room window the moment the bullets started ripping through the door. "You'll regret coming to this party uninvited, pals."

<Jimmy> The explosion rocked the building and Harmony started to scream. Mel forced herself onto her hands ad knees and when she looked up Nathan was gone, "Th-the shiii-ugar?" She corrected herself before getting to her feet, picking up her baby.

<Jessica> "I... I don't know... he disappeared...." And she was so worried. She cast her eyes around the room again, "I don't see him at all... I'll just have to hope he's somewhere safe..."

<Kevin> The explosion happened behind him - Kevin turned only to be gunned down by a machine gun. Callie never woke up, so she died where she lay, a bullet in her head.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth struggled to get up from under the rubble pinning her legs but a pissed off yell soon got the rubble flying out the window so she could stagger to her feet. "So I was thinking maybe we should get out of here Jimmy?”

<ProfXavier> Charles rolled into the hall, searching for his students and staff.

<Ankka> He nodded, kissing Noriko's forehead before looking up as he heard explosions. "Odin's eye. Ve're being attacked. Come on, you can both stay with me, ve need to find the others."

<Jimmy> ".... Y'know I'm thinking that's a good idea babes," Jimmy managed, rolling onto his back, "Are you okay?"

<Sue> Sue was pretty safe in her bubble and was glad for this. But she was still a visible target. She fixed that. And now... outside. She was a paladin dammit. Paladins were badass. And she was a fucking tank. Kill all the things! Well... knock them out.

<Jolen> One of the grenades smashed right through a window but rather exploding on the floor Jolen got to take it straight to the chest plant person exploding all over the walls.

<Jessica> Jess nodded at Ankka, "I... I need to find Sebastian... please..."

<Kael> The werewolf, at the first explosion, had done what he did best - hide, shaking and whimpering, under the bed. Oh hell no he wasn't doing this! Not this time! He forced himself out, staggering as the floor rocked under him from another explosion. Going onto all fours, he belted out of the room with a yelp.

<Dai> The wall in Dai's office imploded, burying her in rubble.

<DrSummers> Scott opened his visor and blew the rubble off him and the desk. It was easy, as his power seemed to have gone haywire, and he'd taken out a large chucking of the two floors above him. Hopefully there hadn't been students there.

<ProfXavier> The explosion slammed his chair into the far wall of the hallway, and Charles spilled out into the floor.

<Johnathon> Spot scrambled about. He had to ge tout of here...where was a good spot he had left lying around, as far from here as possible? Oh right, Vito's!

<Mayday> At the sound of alarm, Mayday had immediately headed below to the basement level of the mansion, suiting up and emerging again only to engage in combat with the attackers on ground level. Head still spinning, she slowly regained consciousness, eyes adjusting to the odd light and visage behind her armored mask.

<Viper> "I think it's time for some more entertainment...." Viper took aim and fired the special grenades right at the building. They exploded and showered the area, friend and x-man alike. "Open the crates. Release the broodlings."

<Toxic> Adam blurred out of the way of another grenade, catching it and throwing it back. Oh wait, he shouldn't be...oh well. He shrugged as a crater was blown in the grounds. People wanted them dead, well, he knew how to answer that one.

<Cassie> Staggering under the relentless fire, Cassandra followed her natural instinct and attempted to teleport someplace save - except that she didn't seem to be able to summon the portal. Through the smoke, she saw a familiar lizard-like shake tearing through the front line of the attackers.

<Mayday> The armor suit had kept Mayday alive when the entire rec-room had been destroyed, wall cascading atop her and three of the rioting attackers she was facing. Judging by the lack of noise coming from the rest of the debris, she assumed only she'd survived it.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth brushed herself off and nodded looking at the now broken JD bottle in her hand. "Pissed off now actually." Kneeling down she opened her arms to him. "Come on I don't need my hands for anything so I can carry you shortarse."

<Angelina> Her wings were nearly useless, but she dragged herself to her feet and kicked off the beautiful shoes. Angel ran for the hall.

<Melody> What the fuck was going on? She went to the window and ducked down as soon as she saw the figures swarming across the lawn. They were being attacked!?

<Jimmy> "I ain't never gonna live this down," Jimmy slurred, but let Elizabeth pick him up, "Spider-bot looking pretty good right about now.”

<Mayday> Panic was not what Mayday felt. Her chest felt...almost depression and fear, and her head was still spinning as she forced herself up, using as much of her strength as she could to remove rock and rubble from her body and crawling away to compose herself. She sighed, trying not to cry.

<Rott> Back at their mobile base, Rott hurried to yank another lever. There was some screaming coming from outside the truck as some of the starved Brood decided there was enough time to snack on their handlers, before buzzing off towards their target as an enraged swarm of vicious claws and teeth. "Fly, my pretties! Fly!" The doctor cleared his throat. "I always wanted to say that..."

<Mick> Mick had managed to teleport out of the way of rubble, but he couldn't come back out of the wires properly, a barely-there shape outlined by blue lines. "Fuck!" He swore as his shape glitched. "Not good, this is not good-" A grenade hit the mass of line and stuck in the centre, and as it exploded, Mick glitched into white noise with an electronic shriek.

<Elizabeth> Taking a good grip on her friend she pushed herself to her feet and seeing none students running towards them screamed into their minds so hard their faces started bleeding and they ran face first into the floor, and stopped.

<Hisako> Ichiki Hisako had taken longer than the others to wake up. She recalled a haze of shouting, a terrifying sight of men entering her room and opening fire on the bed, and the instinctive flash of amber she'd released to protect herself.

<Melody> Melody looked down at her daughter, she was the only thing that mattered right now, they had to get out! She quickly grabbed the framed picture of Nate off her bedstand and held it close before grabbing a blanket to wrap it and her baby in, "Shush sweetie, momma's gonna keep you safe." A teleporter, she needed a teleporter!

<ProfXavier> Charles dragged himself to the wall and braced his back against it, grabbing his useless legs and tucking them close. He pulled the chair over him as a meager shell of protection. Then, he closed his eyes and focused on the enemy minds.

<Hisako> Hisako recalled lifting the Samidare. She recalled drawing it and she recalled shouts, protests and panic as she swung the blade. She recalled the warmth of blood and the horrific fear she'd felt as more and more of it spattered the walls.

<Johnathon> He grabbed his art supplies and went through one of his spots. There was too much shooting and exploding and...screeching here for an artist. Better to sit this out at Vito's, with a nice glass of absynthe. Maybe he'd also call the police.

<Melati> Melati soon was splattered in blood - some of it her own, but most of it came from her unlucky opponents. She couldn't care less about the source of either, pushing on even when bullet after bullet tore into her scaly hide. The pain only fueled her rage.

<Jessica> "Oh shit, wait!" Jess hurried back down the hall to the locker room, going to pick up her trophy from Japan. She wasn't about to leave that behind when she hadn't even played with it properly. "Okay, I'm good!"

<DrSummers> Scott got up and ran out to defend the school. Scott happened to look out of a gaping hole in the wall and saw a swarm of this insect-things. He tried to blast them out of the sky, and a couple of them dodged, changing their course to get him. They attacked, bursting through the opening.

<Jonas> Jonas had long ago pulled himself up and had joined Melati in kicking ass and chewing bubblegum, and he was all out of gum.

<Jolen> Jolen had been exploded into a wide range of bits and after a minute of mental confusion realise he could sense the rest of himself all over the place, pissed off at people attacking his home he encouraged a huge growth spurt.

<Hisako> However, Hisako didn't stop swinging the blade. She swung it when she saw someone get shot, she swung it when someone hurled a hatchet at her. She stabbed with it before an explosion removed two human figures from existence. And after she lost her left eye, she continued swinging until she couldn't for the pain.

<Toxic> Adam lifted his hands, testing his abilities. His eyes flared red and he smiled beautifically. "Everybody...hands up for DJ Toxic." He murmured. With that, there was a sudden, wonderful explosion that was definitely not from a grenade. And another. He had no problem killing, and the blood started whirling around him in ribbons.

<Dai> One of the goons stepped through the hole in Dai's office and heard her soft moan from under the rubble. Grinning to himself he went to pull the remains of her desk off her to finish the job, and he was still grinning as the jet of flame shot out as soon as she was uncovered, killing him instantly.

<Jolen> In the large hallway where he'd been hit a gigantic and angry plant monster was being built grabbing and ripping apart anything that didn't smell like his home until they found other bits and joined up, increasing size and speed as they went.

<Hisako> Having bandaged it to the best of her ability, Hisako staggered the halls, sword drawn and armor up around her, bloodstained white night gown dripping as she held her hand hard against her face, muttering prayers that the blood would stop pouring from her face as she looked for help.

<Cassie> Shrouded in unnatural darkness, Cassandra hovered slightly above ground, as she lashed out with several shadowy arms, toppling some of the attackers or lifting them off the ground - but they just kept coming. She had to defend this breach in the wall. Her friends were on the other side.

<Angelina> Angel ran down the hall, screaming when another blast brought down the upper floor, and the staircase.

<Jolen> As a majority of Jolen's body found itself and formed up he created a large face amidst the tentacles, eyes enough to really distinguish the enemy and using his form to defend this area of the hall, preventing people getting in via the hole in the wall.

<Ankka> He nodded to Jess. "Do you know vhere Shaw vould be?" He led them out of the room, immediately turning and shielding both the girls from a sudden spat of gunfire, the bullets pinging off him. The owner got a sudden electrical charge that blew him against the wall. "Too strong. They're messing with our abilities."

<Jessica> Jess secured the katana to her back then climbed up the wall, crawling along it to the stairs to find a way up for Annka and Nori. "Everything's collapsed, Ankka, we're stuck down here..."

<Dai> Dai couldn't remember being this furious, the tiny center of calm in her brain marveling at the carnage. The rest of her however was caught up in primal, feral rage. These people dare attack her home and her kids!? She struggled to wriggle free of the wreckage, her form growing in size, skin changing to a bright green and growing scaly as she squeezed out of the hole in the wall, another jet of flame from her growing snout immolating the bugs that attacked.

<Jessica> "He was teaching I think so in the classrooms somewhere... I don't know...." She venom blasted another FoH guy before he had a chance to aim.

<DrSummers> The last thought that Scott had was that he should have gone to visit his parents when they had asked him to. The bug things continued on their massacre down the hall, leaving Scott's body on the ground, his visor knocked off and his eyes open, staring at the ceiling.

<Hisako> It had taken her a while - a while to get over the fear of every shadow, every running person, thinking they were foe - but Hisako finally came upon Cassandra St. Commons, watching her defend the wall as best she could. She stepped forward, still limping as her depth perception betrayed the distance of her feet and the floor.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth staggered down the hall clutching Jimmy, her leg seriously hurting and her mind going over the fact she'd forgotten two days worth of meds and apparently she deserved the pain. No not today she needed to stop this.

<Danger> Deeming it a lost cause, Danger gave up her attempts to activate the school's defenses. Clearly, a more hands on approach was called for. Leaving the automated systems in charge of the control room, she checked the power status of her robotic body and stepped through the door.

<Elizabeth> And the next idiot running at them was thrown so hard against the wall by Liz's powers he went through it and flew in a ragdoll arch to splatter on the drive.

<Melody> Melody peered outside her door into the smoking hallway, she heard the sound of feet running up through the smoke and gunshots. The attackers! think fast girl!

<Ankka> The huge Finn snorted, putting Noriko down beside Jess for a moment as he stared at the rubble. What he wouldn't give for Fabian... "Give me a moment." He concentrated, trying to find the power he'd touched on his last boost - and found it far, far too easily. Setting his hands against the rubble, he pushed, muscles bunching and the rubble simply breaking apart.

<Sue> Sue appeared beside Cassie, throwing up forcefields to confuse their enemies as they were unable to see them and ran right into them. "What the fuck is happening?!"

<Jimmy> "Look! Look! Cars! can you hotwire!" Jimmy flail pointed over Liz's shoulder at the garage.

<ProfXavier> Charles attacked the invading minds, recognizing one of them from his brief visits to the school. He'd had hopes for that one. Now, he struck him on the psychic plane.

<Calvin> Hobbes just stomped out hordes of creepy crawlies. Too bad he couldn't fit inside the mansion in order to help the students.

<Jessica> Jess put her arm around Nori for comfort, "We're going to be okay. The duck's got it."

<Cassie> An explosion detonated right in front of her, and even though her shadowy constructs took most of the hit, the force was enough to throw Cassandra's petite frame backwards. She crashed through some windows and doors, before her involuntary flight was stopped by a solid wall.

<Elizabeth> "No I can't drive for shit! Oh fuck it." Running at the whole in the wall she jumped out and prayed her powers let her down the drop gently. It didn't go so gently as her leg gave way when they landed.

<Hisako> Hisako blinked with her working eye, spotting Susan Storm past the blood and opening her dry mouth to say something, managing nothing. She stopped against a wall, taking a few deep breaths; her head felt light. She focused a force field as best she could inside her eye to stop what bleeding she could, standing as the explosion cast Cassandra aside.

<Melody> Melody grabbed a bedside lamp, wriggling the plug out of the wall and smashing the head off her desk to make an improvised shiv, hiding behind her door as the footsteps grew closer. They had one chance.

<Noriko> Noriko looked up at Jess and her eyes glowed between tiny squeaks. She wanted to help desperately but she was too scared.

<Toxic> Adam drifted off the ground, his orbiting blood snapping out and cutting through weapons, bugs and people alike, not particularly caring as he flicked a hand and slammed people away from him and other students. This was better.

<Hisako> Blade raised to one side, she made for the breach, her armor frame burning a hot scarlet as she leapt out of the gap.

<Jimmy> "Fuckin' useless woman! Get me to the cars! I can get them started but you'll have to drive or something!"

<Sue> "Cassie! Fuck!" Sue's eyes narrowed. Her forcefields broke apart and hundreds of razor sharp invisible fields flew at the enemies on the lawn.

<Calvin> A barrage of grenades hit Hobbes in teh chest, blowing a huge hole through him. Luckily they had missed Calvin by centimetres. Hobbes decide to leg it in order to protect his friend. He took off like a rocket.

<ProfXavier> Blood started to trickle from Charles' nose, and he trembled, though for no visible reason. These minds... were strong. But he was stronger, and his children were threatened.

<Mayday> Sliding along the floor, Mayday barely managed to dodge a table sent flying as two Brood entered the house. She leaned back, casting webbing to catch the table, slipping up and sending the table back their way, crushing them both before making her way down an adjacent corridor.

<Melody> The man kicked down the door and ran into the room, and with a growl Melody stabbed the lamp into the back of his neck and he dropped with a scream, her eyes grew white as she started to drain a wispy, white energy from his body.

<Mayday> It was there the armored Spider-Girl saw Charles Xavier. She rushed to him, removing her mask and watching him with great panic, "P-Professor!" she called out, seeing his pain all over his face.

<Jolen> Jolen had found his element in this corner of the house a lot of the brood trying through the big hole in the wall, every one that ran over his tentacles was crushed and dragged into his stomach for fast digestion not wasting a single ounce of energy protecting his home.

<Viper> Viper's eyes were distracted from the mayhem on the lawn by a figure in the sky. Ah. That one was going to be a problem for her broodlings. She picked up another of her weapons and fired a couple of special rounds at the fiery humanoid. The CO2 foam coated it in moments and he dropped straight into the frozen lake. Oh dear. Perhaps he could swim? She smirked.

<Jonas> Jonas had trouble controlling his strength. Unable to pull his punches, the boy discovered that he was able to hit so hard he nearly hit a man's head off his shoulders. With each hit he gave, he could swear he felt the other person's bones breaking.

<ProfXavier> Charles was unaware of the outside world. His eyes opened wide with a gasp, his head knocking backward into the paneled wall. Blood exploded from his nose, his tear ducts, his ears.

<Ankka> By the time he was done, the rubble was gone, simply...disintegrated. He stepped back, eyes a solid white-blue and glowing as he blinked, energy snapping over him. "...I had no idea I could do that. Come on."

<Hisako> For a few minutes as she cut and tore through swathes of humans with her sword and force-fields - watching some of them simply be torn apart by what she assumed were Susan Storm's own - Hisako honestly believed she couldn't have become shocked by anything else that night.

<Melati> One of the Brood came crashing into the kitchen, landing hard on the ground, after the ferocious lizard female riding on its back had torn out the silvery wings. "I'm no longer one of you, creeps!" Melati snarled, finishing off the buzzing and flailing creature by stomping its head.

<Hisako> Not until a colossal, green-skinned, muscular humanoid tore through the ground floor wall and leapt over Hisako's head, making a blind, destructive charge against the enemy numbers.

<Jessica> "Good job!" Jess smiled at Ankka and hurried up the stairs, "Sebastian!?" she called as loudly as she could, "Sebastian?! Answer me!"

<Melody> The man's body fell limp, twitching and Mel concentrated, forcing some of the energy she'd collected back into the corpse, reanimating it, "Protect me and Harmony," she ordered her new minion, "kill anything that tries to hurt us," the zombie nodded and lumbered down the corridor, his mistress following him closely.

<Sue> Sue fortunately didn't look up and was therefore oblivious to the destruction of Johnny, her focus on defending the remains of the building.

<Angelina> The fall alone should have killed her, but Angel was still alive - and on the ground floor. She dragged herself back to her feet. A giant insect monster zoomed by a gaping hole in the outer wall near the rec room. "Dio... no..."

<Ankka> He picked Noriko up and carried her after Jess, automatically catching another blast of rubble with a crackling shield, Mjolnir forming in his free hand.

<Mayday> Mayday held Xavier, heart beating hard in her ears; was he dead? Had Professor Charles Xavier died!? In front of her!? She took deep breaths, checking his heartbeat and not feeling anything past her glove. She held her ear hard against his chest, sure she was making out a heartbeat past her own.

<Rott> Something broke audibly, following by the hiss of steam being violently ejected from the torn pipe. "This was not supposed to happen," Rott remarked, looking up from his control panel. Lots of bright lights had begun to flash aggressively all over the chaotic machine. "Oh no no no, you're not going to do this."

<Mayday> In a fit of panic, Mayday took her professor into her arms, looking around before making a sprint to the nearest exit: she needed to protect him. She didn't know how, but she had to.

<Viper> "Doctor... would you mind terribly introducing them to our other friend while I go and wake my darlings?" Viper got up from her seat, "This is getting rather boring."

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth pulled her self off the ground a second time staring at Johnny screaming at her. Her head hurt so much she could barely hear Jimmy over the screaming in her mind staring at him blankly with such fear in her eyes.

<Jimmy> "Liz! Get us to the cars! Go on girl!" Jimmy flailed at her as the gunfire passed over thier heads.

<Rott> One by one, the tanks containing the floating brains went dark, the wires jammed into the organic tissue giving off one final buzz before falling silent. "Uhm, we may have a little problem here," the doctor said into the intercom.

<Noriko> Noriko meanwhile had found her powers worked better then her voice so as they ran down the hall she pull extra lights on for them of exploded them over the bugs.

<Viper> "What little problem? Don't tell me you left him at home? I told you to make a list."

<ProfXavier> Something like a smile flickered over Charles Xavier's face. He'd failed his students in so many ways over the years, but he did what he could. And in this, he'd given his children a fighting chance.

<Hisako> In her mind - having detached from the situation as her body carried out the coup de grace on everything that came towards her - Hisako thanked Ryu Ogun for her new blade. Samidare's edge sang as it was guided through the air, effortlessly cleaving her enemies in twain.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth felt the pressure in her head lift, the voice quietened and she didn't feel so shit. Getting up she could see Hisako defending the hole in the wall she needed to create a way to get Jimmy out of here.

<Mayday> "You're not dying," Mayday told the bleeding, limp man in her arms. "Alright? P-Professor? Xavier!" She shook him, looking up and spotting a group of armed soldiers - who had spotted her. She ducked, jumping to one side and into the other music room, "Damnit, Xavier, please don't die..."

<Toxic> Adam had been working on trying to stay airborne without tearing himself apart, but suddenly the abilities switched back on properly, to the tune of being able to blow up five people that time. He grinned, looking demonic behind the mask. "Playtime."

<Jimmy> "Liz? Lizbeth!? You back with me chick? Now ain't a good time to space out!"

<Rott> "No worries, your little pets are all accounted for and hungry for the flesh of innocents, just as you wished," Rott hastily appeased his superior, scrambling to flip switches and lever. "We just may have a teeny tiny problem with our, uhm, psychic back up here." He let out a scream when something exploded, showering the inside of the truck with burning debris.

<Elizabeth> Leg dragging horribly now she picked him up once more ignoring the pain as she always did and carried him over to one of the jeeps.

<Mayday> The redhead sniffled to herself, placing him down next to Rachel's bass guitar, trying not to think of its owner and her fate, "Wait here, Professor. Please don't die, because I can't...we can't do this without you."

<Viper> "I warned you they needed better shielding. You should not have left it behind in Madripoor but you insisted on saving that ridiculous pink hair instead." She rolled her eyes, turning a few dials so that she could give orders to her silver babies.

<Mayday> In a beat, Mayday had left the room, leaping into the gunfire: her senses sharpened again after their unexplained blurring earlier, she dodged bullets in motion, striking back with everything she had.

<Jessica> "Sebastian?!" Jess called again, getting more and more frantic, a blast took out another wall and she curled up with her hands over her ears and then she screamed, Kevin's lifeless body staring back at her.

<Angelina> She was forced to hide from another of the brood, then disarmed a scruffy man with a beaten-up automatic weapon. Angel grabbed it, breaking from cover to fire on the brood.

<Elizabeth> Mind dragging, the door open Jimmy got dropped into the driver's seat while she stumbled to the boot for the first aid kit.

<Hisako> Her armor growing larger, Hisako stopped her relentless cutting, raising her katana horizontally to display the scarlet liquid dripping off of the shear white silver edge. Dead eye seeming to look into the hearts of the rabvle of men around her she spoke the word "Korosu..."

<Jimmy> Jimmy landed ... on something soft .... and angrywithclawsargh! Friday the cat jumped into the passenger seat and hissed at him, then a small voice piped up from the well, "What happened to your legs!?"

<Hisako> A moment later, her armor bought its huge blade across, red gore spattering the green grass, dying the area crimson.

<Jimmy> He looked down and saw that weird green kid from the attic ... wait, this was good! "Nevermind that! You wanna get out of here alive your gonna have to help me drive, okay?" he told the kid, who smiled suddenly, "I get to drive!?"

<Cassie> A gasp signaled Cassandra's return to consciousness, her violet eyes flaring with eerie light as the the revitalising energy rushed through her body, draining away the debilitating weakness she had felt just before. The shadows drew close around her, lifting her back up into the air, ready to guard her and her friends from anyone foolish enough to get in her way.

<Jimmy> "Yeah, yeah sure, I need you to press the pedals, LIZ!? you coming babe!?"

<Sue> Sue looked around at the movement, smiling happily, "Cassie! You're okay!" That was a relief.

<Mayday> Mayday returned to Charles' side in the music room, her hands bloody from the faces she'd punched. She'd kept herself from killing, so there was victory in that. She lifted him again, stepping out into the hall and doubling back, looking for an exit where there were allies to cover them.

<Elizabeth> Leg bandaged as best she could she got back to the drivers seat and realised she hadn't opened the door but ripped it clean off. "Jimmy, I'm going to create a hole in the wall, you and... these guys... are going to drive for it. There's a ton of money in my locker at work get yourself somewhere safe ok?"

<Jimmy> "I'll head for Jack's club, meet us there," he hesitated for a moment then grabbed the front of Liz's shirt and dragged her in for a kiss, "One for luck?"

<Hisako> Turning all the way around to look up at the mansion, Hisako spotted the gathering shadows and let out a soft sigh; Cassandra was alright, that was good. She turned back, more raging men and women armed with makeshift weapons coming towards her. She fell to her knees, shoulders slumping. She couldn't keep fighting.

<Jonas> Jonas had moments of full strength and moments of being a punching bag. Half hte time he was bleeding and trying to crawl away, the other half he was kicking and punching people. It was only after something had changed in the air that he stopped feeling weakened that he was able to kick ass properly. He wrestled giant bugs!

<Angelina> Angel saw them - one of the younger students carrying Xavier's limp body. "Get to the basement levels, bella! There are tunnels!" She worked toward them, spraying the hall with bullets.

<Melati> Healing any wound almost as quickly as she received it, Melati resembled the ferocious predators that she was fighting, her claws tearing through the Brood as they swarmed her. Any human opponent had long learned his lesson to stay clear of rampaging lizard girl.

<Mayday> Mayday blinked at the voice, nodding in the vague direction of the shadowy female, not quite registering who it was, "O-ok! I will!!" she called over, taking a minute to recall how to get to the basement before darting down another hall.

<Elizabeth> Grabbing Jimmy's shirt back he got the snog of his life. "I'll meet you there and you better have a bottle of whiskey waiting for me." Rubbing his head for luck before moving as fast as she could towards the wall a shield going around the Jeep.

<Hisako> Hisako's armor shrank down, appearing as a crouched samurai, arms up and deflecting the blows from the rioting group assaulting her. She looked up at them weakly behind the glowing psionic frame, sighing again.

<Toxic> Adam was tearing apart any who came within his eyeline, and cackling with it. He'd been lucky so far, but there was only so lucky he could stay, being a flying target and easily picked out with the blood around him. He heard the shot hit before he felt it, a sharp, intense agony that blossomed over the side of his face and splattered his blood across the ground beneath him before he automatically caught the bleeding and stopped it.

<Jimmy> "I'll hold you to that, that's a date. Stay safe!" He called back to her as Leech 'ewwwwww'd' in the drivers well, "Peddle to the metal kid! Let's see if we can't run some of these bastards over on the way out!" The Jeep screamed out of the garage, sending a group of brood flying into the air as it sped across the lawn and smashed through the gates, and the two boys and cat were gone.

<Toxic> That didn't save his sight, though, left eye cutting out and leaving him half-blind, the left side of his face a gory mess as he drifted to the ground and curled up in silent agony.

<Danger> "I register more hostile forces incoming," Danger reported, her senors sweeping the area around the mansion as she picked off enemy soldiers with pin-point accuracy, her built in weaponry firing discharging repeatedly. "I strongly advise a tactical retreat." Even now, she put great care to only target non-vital areas.

<Ankka> He got them out of the lower levels, somehow losing Jess in the process and as soon as he was able got up into the air and shielded as his armour began to form over him.

<Mayday> Mayday gasped, falling against a wall on the way to the basement as she caught her breath; she'd forgotten she was wearing an earpiece. She crouched, using her shoulder - since her hands were full of Xavier - to switch hers on, ["Danger! It's Mayday, can you secure the basement level!?"]

<Dai> A line of flame shot across the lawn and into the woods, the trees exploding into flame and charred bugs everywhere as the thirty-foot flying lizard swooped past, the bullets bouncing harmlessly off her armored skin.

<Angelina> The bullets to the face had the intended effect on the brood, but it collided with the already unstable ceiling of the hall and blocked her escape. Swearing in rapid Italian, Angel picked her way to the opening in the wall, her bare feet already cut and bleeding. Her wings felt like fire.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth forced herself onwards smashing the brood with bits of masonry hands glowing sas she directed the stuff and went on got to close got slashed with a beam of purple in her hand. Slowly but surely she got to Hisako's side, shield around the Jeep dropping as it got to far away.

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Re: 9/7 Game: The End of All Things

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<Hulk> The huge, hulking green titan had returned to the wreckage of the mansion, crushing anything that screamed, shouted or attacked it. It had made its way upstairs with some difficulty, and approached Jessica Drew.

<Toxic> Adam shuddered, a man that came too close to try and finish him off suddenly becoming desiccated as the boy pulled all his blood out and coated another in it, reducing the other to mush. No. No more. No more- his boneblades snapped out and he threw himself into the fray, hoarse voice roaring incomprehensible Irish. They did not attack his home! Or his friends! He'd killed to protect them! NO MORE!

<Jessica> Jess was vaguely aware of something approaching her as she sat slumped against the wall and crying over Kevin's body. She charged up a blast just in case.

<Hisako> Looking up again, Hisako noted her assistance appearing, slowly stepping up to her feet. She took laboured breaths, her head paining her a little - it was a choice between the shield stopping her eye bleeding out or the one stopping the rioting crowd from converging on her...

<Melody> A stream of bullets shot past the group holding the door, taking out the line of brood that had survived the inferno, it seemed that some of the Friends had a change of heart once they'd stopped beating, Melody pushed her way through her zombie minions, clutching her screaming baby, "Cassie! Cassie!?" she screamed in terror.

<Cassie: Black spikes impaled an entire group of Brood as they attempted to swarm Cassandra, torn to gooey shreds as she simply pushed her powers to the limit. She had long gone past the ability to make any rational decisions, having given in to what her instincts told her.

<Elizabeth> "You look a bit of a mess Jet Li, need a hand?" A shield coming up around them both while Elizabeth swayed on her feet.

<Hulk> The colossal titan stopped, noting Jessica's caution. It grunted - loud enough to be heard over all the noise - and stopped before her, looming over her crouched form.

<Sue> Sue threw more shields up to protect Melody and the baby, "You're okay, I've got you!" She called over to them.

<Jonas> While Jonas ripped another bug's carapace into pieces and getting splattered with goop, he started feeling a slight burning sensation. The guy was being lit up like a Christmas tree as several trucks had sun-lights mounted and pointed at him. He hissed, escaping towards the safety of the mansion's broken innards.

<Hisako> Hisako finally let her shield fall, her breath coming out in a large sigh as she smiled weakly at Elizabeth, "Arigatou," she managed, stumbling a little as she approached the other girl.

<Cassie> A familiar voice pulled her out of her trance, piercing the shroud of fear and anger that kept driving her. "Melody!" she replied, swatting away the remains of the torn creatures.

<Jessica> Looking up into the face of the green skinned humanoid, Jess realised it wasn't threatening and the charge faded out of her hands, she tugged her mask down and sniffled a little.

<Melody> "We need to get out of here!" People were dead! She'd gone past one of the professors and he was dead in the corridor, "I need to get her out of here! Please!? Please save her!" She held out Harmony to Cassie, Cassie could teleport! Cassie could make them safe!

<Toxic> The thin, insane cybergoth had completely lost it, letting himself go, no longer caring about how much pain he was in as he went completely berserk. Blades tore through flesh, armour, weapons, Brood, bone...anything that made the mistake of getting in his way.

<Jolen> Jolen meanwhile had managed to deter the bugs from using this entrance but it didn't stop people throwing grenades in, he was ready this time and reforming into his human form vines whipped out and threw the grenades right back at the cars bringing the bad guys in.

<Hulk> The green-skinned beast couldn't speak. It....thought. It knew it was thinking for the first time it had ever been aware of such a process. It grunted again - frustration? It didn't know. - and offered its hand, the gesture feeling familiar.

<Sue> "There are escape tunnels in the basement, I heard Danger say something. Can you teleport them down there, Cassie? I've got this." She created a bracing shape against the building to reinforce their defended area while sending more invisible blades at the brood.

<Hulk> "JJJ...", it started, "JJJ...EES," it tried again. growling like a lion and grinding its teeth, jaw clamping shut when it seemingly realized words didn't come easily.

<Cassie> Her glowing eyes returned to their normal violent hue when she looked down at the monstrous little creature in Melody's arms, strangely adorable despite its vicious appearance - or because of it. "I'll take her somewhere safe," she assured the other girl, cradling the strange baby in her shadows to keep it secure.

<Jessica> Jess gave the hulking creature a smile, lifting her hand to take his, "I'm okay... thank you..." She refused to look at Kevin again.

<Cassie> "I promise." She offered Melody a strained smile, then swiftly gathered her shadows to open a portal.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth shook her head to try and reduce the swaying as as more men ran towards them she swiped a hand and launched their bodies against the trees before turning to smile at Hisako. "So she we continue?" Holding out a partially blood bandage for the girl.

<Toxic> A ball of green and black buzzed past Cassie, Sue and Melody as Adam barreled into a flock of Brood heading for them, nothing but bits of chitin and ichor left as he blurred off.

<Melody> Melody nodded, her face hardened as she turned to her small undead army, "Get out there and kill anything that moves!" She ordered.

<Mayday> Having fought her way underground, Mayday made her way to the hangar with Xavier's body. Hell if she knew what she'd do when she was in there, but.....she was sure she'd think of something. She....wasn't. She hoped she was.

<Sue> "Oh fuck! Guys! Predators incoming!" Sue's fields shifted shapes again to become stronger rather than more lethal.

<Hulk> The large beast lifted her hand with two fingers, turning and gazing down the hallway, "GGGOO," it tried, growling again and slamming a fist into a nearby wall with a basstone shout that seemed impossibly loud, even for a monster of its stature. It turned to Jessica again, offering its hand, lowering it, and pointing away again.

<Cassie> Cassandra nodded, pushing the thought of abandoning her friends to the back of her mind. "I'll be back to get the rest of you," she promised, before disappearing in a swirl of shadows.

<Ankka> He'd been trying to raise someone on the com for a few minutes now, but there'd been a jamming signal. He hissed in frustration, Mjolnir going through more Brood and the men apparently confused by the crackling barrier. "Odin's wrinkly fucking balls is anyone out there? Vhat do ve do? The school's half-blown up!"

<Angelina> She found the body half buried in rubble, his visor knocked aside. His blue eyes stared up and the rifle dropped from her hands. "Mi tesoro..." She sank down beside him, already blinded by tears. Angel never saw the silver creature that was her end.

<Hisako> Starting to move, Hisako fell against Elizabeth - standing up becoming difficult as she focused all her effort on the shell behind her bandaged eye. She pointed her sword to the distance, "W-we have t'....we need to run..."

<Jolen> With most of the people deep inside or outside he decided to go outwards, he could keep himself going out there and if Adam was inside he could protect his love. the moment he stepped onto the grass he dragged it into himself and pulled the energy together. There were those Jeeps, the ones bringing the men to attack his home...

<Melody> The zombie horde rushed forwards and Mel took a deep breath to steady herself. So much death it was ... invigorating ... Giving a savage grin she fired a bold a burning plasma straight at the giant silver monster head for him, sending it shooting backwards about ten feet from the sheer force.

<Jessica> Jess nodded, stepping close up to the green skinned creature and lifting into the air enough to kiss his cheek before heading off down the hallway. "Sebastian Shaw! If you don't answer me this second I'm going to throw all of your scotch out of the window!" she yelled as loud as she could over the noise as she picked up her pace.

<Jolen> Roaring Jolen burst once more into his plant form and became a wave of life, vines thorns and clawed bark all tearing it's way to the jeeps and through them.

<Cessily> "Angel!" The silver girl screamed in terror - but it was too late. Her fellow teacher was gone. With tears of liquid silver in her eyes, she charged forward through the collapsed hallway, sprouting blades and spikes as she tore into the side of the terrifying creature.

<Hulk> Blinking in what it hadn't realized was confusion just yet, the giant watched Jessica make her way away for a moment, looking down on the corpse that had held her focus before it had, and turning away. It thought it was feeling something. It hadn't felt anything but one thing before.

<Toxic> Adam hesitated as he felt the new heartbeat, the realisation his love was out here with him breaking through his insanity. He switched directions, blurring back to Jolen, prepared to kill and to die to keep him safe. He found him in the midst of the wave - and heading for him, a huge silver beast. Adam didn't even hesitate, heading for it blades-first.

<Hulk> As it made its way onto the landing, it spotted a group of rioters, and it felt that one thing again. 'Anger', it seemed to be. And it made it smile. It fell down atop them, roaring before it let itself do what it felt it had to.

<Sue> Sue braced herself for the impact on her shields of one of the larger predators, the field exploding with spikes and searching for weak points. None on the outside. Fine. She created a spiky field on the inside and expanded it outwards.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth caught Hisako and let her down onto the floor, her shields holding back the brood racing towards them for the moment. "Need to create a path first girl can't just race out there." Forming another blade made up of her anger, the thing twisting in her hand. Turning she raised a hand and a scream, mental and physic force ripping a path through the brood.

<Toxic> He could feel hearts stopping, his vision shifting and changing as people died, as heat went and...and not all the deaths were where they should have been. His friends were dying his friends were hurt and Adam lost it completely, falling into the red, the silver thing bearing the full brunt of the Irishman.

<Dai> A fireball caught the creature and it shrieked in pain as Dai made another pass, yellow eyes narrowing, that would have to be the last of the fire, it was starting to blaze out of control. Closing her wings she dove and landed on the lawn, letting out a terrible roar and sending a pack of the smaller predators flying with a sweep of her tail.

<Mayday> Having reached the hangar, Mayday cursed herself; the jet was gone. She hadn't even remembered. In another breath she headed to the control room of the DR, entering and locking all the doors behind herself. She rested Xavier on a chair, breaking off the medical box from the wall.

<Ankka> He didn't need to be a soldier to realise things were getting desperate. Swearing in Finnish, he made sure Noriko was holding tightly and raised Mjolnir to the sky. A crash of thunder so violent it rattled the remains of the school bellowed out of the sky as black clouds suddenly whirled across it. Wind strong enough to bring trees down slammed over the ground, and the next were pillars of white-blue lightning blowing craters in the ground.

<Hisako> Making her way along with Elizabeth, Hisako slipped her katana's saya off of her back, sliding it away, "Please....I-I can't stay awake and if I sleep my eye will bleed out..."

<Dai> Danger had told them to evacuate the building, Dai could at least carry a lot of the student body to safety. She lumbered closer to the school as a few of the other students and staff ran towards her, obviously having the same idea.

<Mayday> Having bandaged Xavier as best she could, Mayday approached the control room console, logging in and switching her radio on, ["Danger..."], she managed over the radio, voice shaking, ["C-can you....patch me through the intercom, please? Give me...something, I need to make sure everyone got the message."]

<Elizabeth> "You'll have to excuse me aim though I'm not exactly sober right now." Wincing as she tried not to look at Hisako's eye. Ceasing the mind blasts she grabbed the girl and proper her up against some rubble. "Stay with me, we haven't even had a drink together yet."

<Cessily> The mighty creature fought viciously, but not nearly as much as the frenzied mutant. Having turned into the veritable embodiment of bladed death, Cessily sliced, cut, and tore relentless into the predator. "You keep stealing everything I love!" she screamed, her body absorbing the liquid skin covering the hideous creature. "Give it back!" With its flesh exposed, she drove her arm through its skull, the life draining from the abomination.

<Ankka> Concentrating - and trying not to think about how easy this was coming - he pulled his control over the weather. A thick, choking fog wrapped around the attackers, leaving the students free to break and run if they could.

<Hisako> "All you western people...always partying, huh?" Hisako smiled weakly, the crude bandage around her eye soaked red, her shield faltering a little as a drop of blood slipped out and down her cheek like a crimson tear.

<Sue> Slamming more of her fields into the remaining predators, Sue worked on keeping them back from the school and Dai so that the others could get away. She'd be fine, after all.

<Toxic> Adam was working on reducing the huge beast to nothing but a pile of metal, a frenzied gnat in comparison but there was blood under that skin and it only took one stab for him to get to it and then it...well...it made a pretty metallic statue. He wasn't having the one person that meant anything to him killed.

<Shaw> Sebastian came to in a very dark, cramped place. Immediately striking out, he hit only hard surfaces - then soft. Too soft. His hands shaking, he reached for the other body. "Monet..."

<Noriko> Noriko lying in Ankka's arms found something slightly more useful to do all the cars around the school holding the bad guys was full of electronic equipment weren't they? If she had to leave her home she'd do it with a bang.

<Jessica> "Sebastian?" Jess tried again, her shouts becoming more and more desperate. She couldn't lose him too! She ducked as another explosion took out a wall and coughed as she waited for the dust to settle. "Please say something! I'll leave the scotch alone, just answer me!"

<Noriko> "An-ankka" Nori managed choking. "High -uuuuppup.... n-n-n-need t-t-tooooo aim."

<Melati> Walls came crashing down around them as Melati wrestled with the giant silver beasts, slashing relentlessly at its metal hide to tear into the flesh beneath. A swipe took out one its eyes, before it retaliated by impaling the lizard mutant through the chest with its barbed tail. Letting out a deafening roar, it slammed the girl into the wall behind her.

<Mayday> ["Members of Xavier's, X-ers, staff....everyone: this is....Mayday..."], the redhead sank down into a chair, glancing back over at Xavier, sitting motionlessly in a chair behind her. She swallowed, taking deep breaths as she tried to figure out what to say.

<Ankka> The huge Finn, now armoured and crackling with energy and looking like the Norse god he was named for, nodded and pushed up higher, getting her to eye line of the cars and happily letting her take charge from him if she needed it.

<Melody> The great serpentine head turned to look around, it looked like everyone who was coming was coming, she just hoped that those who'd chosen to hold the line would be okay, but she was a big target and she had to get her charges to safety. With a flap of her great wings she lept into the air and flew as high and a s fast as she could away from the carnage.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth concentrated taking a deep breath and pushing out the shield as the fog hit it so they didn't get to many surprises. "I can't aim in this fog and you're fucked.... I'm ... I'm going to try and carry us out okay so please don't die." Struggling to pick the tall girl up.

<Mayday> Could anyone even hear the broadcast? Was anyone wearing earpieces? Had Danger patched it through? Mayday took another deep breath, closing her eyes and speaking into the mouthpiece as she activated the mansion panic protocols manually.

<Shaw> He didn't hear her, but his abilities had returned - he felt her. Jessica! You're all right? He was alive. And so was Monet. Sebastian checked her as best he could, and only by feel and with his telepathy. She was unresponsive.

<Clarice> "Oh my gosh!" There was a flash of pink light next to Melody and Sue and Clarice appeared, "What're you guys doing here!? We need to evacuate!"

<Jessica> Oh thank God! What the hell took you so long?! Where are you?! She crouched where she was while she waited.

<Melati> An ugly, cracking noise came from within the partly collapsed wall, followed by the predator's huge body beginning to twitch. It stumbled backwards a few steps, revealing the reptilian mutant stuck in its maw, with her fist driving up through the roof of its mouth.

<Sue> "I'm working!" Sue narrowed her eyes and exploded another predator. "Look! Fireworks!"

<Mayday> ["We've been attacked by the Brood, soldiers and....other people. I think it's HYDRA. And....I think we're done."], Mayday spoke, voice shaking still, ["Danger has ordered a mass evacuation: all students are to band together, fight to survive and get the hell out of here ASAP."]

<Shaw> I don't know. I'm trapped, with Monet. He braced his legs and pushed with his back, feeling the rubble shift.

<Clarice> "Most of the people are gone though! I've looked in all the rooms and I even was able to save all the pets! Have any of you seen Jean-Paul?"

<Melati> With a ferocious snarl, Melati pushed her body to the extreme, closing her clawed hand around the beast's brain stem to tear it to blood shreds. The mighty creature gave one final gargling sound before it expired, dropping to the ground along with the bloodied mutant.

<Jessica> "Working on it, Mayday..." Jess replied, Where were you before? I need a location... I'll come to you.

<Ankka> He paused as he finally got a voice through the static. Full evacuation. "...Understood, Mayday. I vill stay behind and vork to get everyone out. Take care. Thor out." It was over, they were...they'd lost.

<Mayday> Mayday took another deep breath, ["Everyone, please: you need to get out of here. While you still draw breath you all need to get out of here right now. Don't play the hero, do not risk it all to save 'that one guy', just....please. Run while you still can."]

<Sue> She shook her head to Clarice's question, chewing her lip, "Has anyone seen Johnny?"

<Melody> Mel scoffed at the other girl, "Worry about your own ass, he can fly he'll be fine, and we've got it covered here," she aimed another plasma blast across the lawn.

<Noriko> One hand on Ankka's chest she started drawing, she wanted to leave this school but she wasn't about to let Hydra forget easily. This wasn't home, it wasn't safe but these were her friends. Eyes glowing fiercely she found the cars with her powers and the weapons they had brought besides the brood.

<Ankka> "Hurry up, my love." He said quietly. "Ve need to leave."

<Clarice> Clarice shook her head, "No I haven't, I don't care what Mayday says I'm not leaving without him!"

<Mayday> ["Repeat: ...we've....already lost. Get into groups and evacuate as soon as possible. Take who you've got and go."], Mayday sighed, ["I ah.....I guess I'll see you all around. I'm sorry."]

<Melody> Melody shook her head at the mad girls, Cassie needed to come back so the rest of them could evacuate.

<Shaw> Lehnsherr's office. The floor collapsed. He was injured, that much was certain, but with his strength returned he was able to force his way through. In his current state, he was unable to shield Jessica from sharing his pain, however.

<Noriko> Nori ignored the broadcast, she hated killing, she'd never wanted to take lives before but today... today she was going to mean it. If it was electrical and far enough outside the school building she charged it anything bigger then a phone, to fast to melt and one after another she causes explosions within the enemy.

<Sue> "Damn it.... I hope he had the sense to go already...." Sue shielded them all as best as she could.

<Toxic> Adam heard the announcement, but he wasn't going anywhere until everyone was safe. Especially Jolen. He'd made himself a weapon for these people, he'd had a home here that had cared no matter what, he was not leaving until everyone was out. "Jolen!"

<Mayday> Setting the message to loop, Mayday turned to look at Xavier, standing and approaching him to check his vitals. She closed her eyes, feeling fear well up in her chest; she was now trapped down here with him. Locked in the perfect panic room with no escape.

<Melati> It took all of her strength to push the huge carcass aside, before Melati got back on her feet. Hunched over and taking deep breaths, she realized her ability to heal was at its limit, barely able to stop the bleeding from the gaping hole through her chest. Looking up with tired eyes, she let her gaze wander across the school - or what remained of it. Now it was only a field of battle.

<Jessica> I'm on my way. She tried to block out the pain that passed over their link. It didn't take much to reach their location, most of the walls were no longer obstacles. "Sebastian?" She called when she was closer.

<Mayday> "...hell of a plan, right?" she whispered, looking at Xavier with fear in her eyes, "...maybe the storm'll pass?" she sniffled, resting her head on his lap and letting the tears come.

<Clarice> "Do you guys want me to make you a portal before I go back to look for people?" Clarice asked, teleporting some of the bad guys far away.

<Koto> Jolen was half done from exhaustion form dropping down to his human one to save energy, smiling as he turned to see his love. "I think it's time to leave Adam, the world has better places then this."

<Ankka: He watched blankly as Noriko caused the explosions, and then the moment she was done he turned and headed for the evacuation area.

<Melody> "I'm only going where my baby is," Melody said firmly.

<Sue> "I'll wait with Melody. Don't worry about us, Clarice. I can turn us invisible and shield us pretty well. Go and look for the ones that need more help."

<Toxic> Adam dropped beside Jolen, clothing torn and covered in wounds. None of them were bleeding, but the way he was cradling his arm showed it was broken, limping badly and the left side of his face was...well...gone, honestly. He was in so much pain he was numb, barely registering it. "I-I need to make sure they're all safe..." He said quietly, voice shaking and barely above a whisper.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth was having trouble standing on the damaged leg while holding Hisako a girl she barely knew in her arms. "Hold on girl." This time her shield and remaining powers fell inwards wrapping around their bodies and starting to lift them carefully through the fog.

<Clarice> "Roger," Clarice gave a salute and teleported away, touching her earpiece, "Danger? Where's Mayday?" that message had sounded pretty fatalistic.

<Shaw> "Here!" Sebastian reached for the light he was able to see and was barely able to fit an arm through. Keeping Monet shielded from the debris while he tried to move it was difficult.

<Hisako> Hisako blinked, looking down, ".....w-we can fly?" she snorted, laughing weakly, "I hate you dumb, rich Americans...."

<Jolen> Jolen's vines came out and changed their format and ripping a few off with bitten down yelps he started trying to use them to bandage his lover. "They'll be fine Adam. We need to worry about us first." Flinching as more and more things exploded around them his body shielding Adam from it.

<Jessica> "I've got you, hold on..." Jess started moving things off of them. Where was that big green guy now? He'd probably clear this faster than her. "We're evacuating... everything's gone..."

<Danger> Guarding the entrance to the mansion's sub-level with Professor Kincaid, Danger kept firing away, even though her supply of ammunition and energy were quickly depleting. "Proceed to the evacuation hatch," she instructed the students. "I will guard the rear for as long as its necessary - or possible."

<Clarice> Danger relayed the information and Clarice teleported into the DR, "... Professor!" She ran over and knelt next to May and Xavier, "Are you okay? Mayday?"

<Hulk> As if summoned by the thought, the hulking emerald beast had discovered Jessica's whereabouts and torn a hole in the debris around her. It stared at her with confusion for a moment, turning and crushing the head of a protesting Broodling.

<Toxic> "I ca-can't just...leave them, need to get..." Adam swayed and ended up leaning against Jolen, remaining eye staring at the school - or what was left of it. "...I lived there..."

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth tried to smile but she was having to focus to hard, blood pouring from her nose as this flying turned out to be harder then blasting stuff apart. "Don't make me laugh Hisako, I've never flown before and it hurts."

<Jessica> "Help me!" Jess paused in her task to focus on him, "There are people under here."

<Mayday> Mayday looked up in shock, gasping at the sight of Clarice, ".....well, thank fuck for Parker Luck.", she laughed, sniffling and standing, "I-I thought we were stuck, I just....Xavier is....he's unconcious, I-I don;t..."

<Clarice> "I'll get you guys out of here, where do you want to go? Where's safe?" She hugged the other girl.

<Hulk> Nodding and grunting, the creature effortlessly lifted the debris before Jessica, holding it high and simply waiting for those beneath to be free.

<Shaw> "Monet is alive, but I'm unsure how badly she's..." The sudden daylight forced Sebastian to blink, but no more so than the giant green creature. Banner? Oh my.

<Cassie> A swirling orb of darkness materialised in the school's basement, before it assumed the vague shape of a shadowy female. "Melody?" Cassandra asked, her eyes quickly scanning the chaos around her. "Where are you? Anyone?"

<Jolen> Jolen saw more brood coming and whisked Adam off the floor and ran for the woods rather then the building. Trees were closer and there was monster between them and the building. "I can't just leave the one person that matters to me bleeding out either!"

<Mick> There was a burst of static from Danger's headpiece, a fuzzy, glitching human form trying to take form in front of her and collapsing in on itself. A static-y voice finally broke through. "...Danger? Not leavin' without you, can't - c-can't pull myself out - something's wrong-" A faint, blue-lined hand managed to grip her shoulder. "-Need to leave. C'mon."

<Jessica> "Thank you," Jess smiled at him, lowering herself down, "It's okay, the others are escaping through some underground tunnels, we can get there, Ankka already cleared the way."

<Toxic> Adam couldn't help the laugh. "Don't bleed out, remember? I can't. My blood, no one elses, keepin' it is mine."

<Shaw> Reaching for Monet, he paused to grip Jessica's arm and exchange a meaningful glance with her.

<Jessica> Jess smiled at him, "Time for that later." She moved a few pieces of debris to aid their climb back up to floor level.

<Hulk> Staring between Jessica and Shaw, the broad, veridian skinned titan simply blinked, unsure of what the glance had meant. It waited for them to be free before launching the debris aside and pointing out again, gurgling something incoherent and subhuman.

<Danger> The last round left the weapon built into her arm. Unfortunately, the enemy to fall by it was not the last. Unsheathing the blade from her wrist, Danger prepared to engage in close combat - only to be held back by the hand on her shoulder. "Mick?" She turned her head. "I instructed everyone to leave. You should not be here."

<Jessica> Jess looked along the hall the way he'd pointed, "Thank you... are you coming?" She chewed her lip, "Please come with us..."

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth had to land them a minute later, decently behind the lines of the bad guys but not far enough away to stop the sounds reaching them. Putting Hisako down carefully she dropped to the floor dizzy and panting.

<Shaw> "Quite right." He winced and lifted Monet up, handing her carefully to Jess until he could join them, then taking her back. Her head lolled against his shoulder.

<Hulk> Snorting, the creature...smirked. The expression felt strange to attempt, but it seemed to believe it had gotten its point across. It stepped forward, leading the group out and crushing a woman's head violently as she crawled for a weapon on the ground.

<Mick> "Still in the wires, can't leave 'em-" The white noise glitched again and for a moment Mick went silent before he came back. "You ne-need to leave too, love-" His image snapped off.

<Jessica> "Thanks, big guy!" Jess smiled again, following him quickly and making sure Sebastian and Monet were keeping up.

<Shaw> That was even a tad much for Sebastian, who staggered and sidestepped the carnage.

<Clarice> "Mayday?" Clarice shook the other girl, "Stay with me, where do you want me to take you both?"

<Hisako> Tired as she was, Hisako held Elizabeth, the two on their knees, as she caught her breath, "Thank you for not killing us both,” she grinned, "Now if I can just not bleed out from my head everything is perfect."

<Melati> The shot hit her right in the stomach, but would not stop Melati as she staggered forward to slash the soldier's weapon in two, the claws of her other hand cutting into the man's black body armour. With an animalistic snarl, she tossed him back into the wall. She didn't check if he was down for good, forcing herself onward instead.

<Jolen> Jolen smiled and kept on running into the woods, brood falling behind as he found an easy gait heading towards a folly for a bit of cover.

<Mayday> Mayday snapped to; panic was not a good idea. She shrugged instinctively, "T-the....a-aah....", she swallowed dryly; where the hell was safe? She snapped her fingers a few times, clapping her hands suddenly, "C-C-Cassandra Nova's school!!!" she blurted

<Ankka> Ankka, even as he took Noriko to safety, was making sure that other students had a clear path, blasting people and Brood out of the way.

<Melati> The staircase was filled with rubble, but there still was space to slip through. Taking one step, Melati lost her balance and fell forward, fortunately escaping the shot aimed at her back as she tumbled down the stairs into the basement.

<Clarice> Clarice opened the portal and started to help Mayday through with the Professor, "... Have you seen Jean-Paul?"

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth laughed then shaking her head. "Come on then hippo, I have a bottle of whiskey waiting for me and we both need a drink before out brains melt out our heads." Patting the girls shoulder before turning round. "Get on my back would you, can't stop evil bugs behind us."

<Mayday> "....a-aah...I...", Mayday frowned - did she say 'no'? Or 'I don't know'? Both were true, it felt. She shook her head, "I-I don't remember but....t-the whole boys' floor was...." she stopped herself from talking, half thinking her account was false anyway, "I really don't know, I'm so sorry."

<Clarice> Clarice bit her lip and nodded, "Okay," the other side of the portal was an empty room, she helped may lay Xavier down in the recovery position, "I'm going back to help get the rest out, you stay safe okay?" She gave the girl another quick hug.

<Danger> "I had not intended to turn this into a noble sacrifice, if that's what you're worried about," Danger replied to the disembodied voice. Still she hesitated, and instead of charging the attackers pushing into the ruins of the mansion, she reached out to grab hold of one of the metal struts in the ceiling, left exposed by the damage.

<Mayday> Mayday hugged her back, "Clarice, please; get EVERYONE out. Don't play hero, don't be stupid just....get people away, please.", she begged, "Please...I-I'm scared for Janet too, but please, just get them out."

<Mayday> She held Clarice by the shoulders, "Tell them to RUN. Just RUN."

<Clarice> "I'll save everyone," Clarice affirmed, "I'm the astounding Blink after all!" She gave the girl a smile that was more confident then she felt and vanished into another portal, landing on top of one of the remaining human attackers and knocking him out, "Jean-Paul!?"

<Cessily> Realising what the robot was attempting to do, Cessily stepped up to help, her hands shaping metal hooks that she slammed into the concrete. "If we get buried down here, at least we have each other's company, right?" She said, grim humor in her voice. Then they pulled with unified strength, bringing down the ceiling to seal off the only access between the fleeing students and their attackers.

<Clarice> Clarice rapidly teleported between the rooms, looking for those last stragglers, before coming across Jessica's group.

<Shaw> Catching up to Jessica, he took in her battered uniform, then the carnage all around them. This... was beyond anything he'd ever seen. Beyond Nur, beyond Grey-Foley at the Hellfire Clubs. "This is insanity..."

<Hulk> The giant paused at the sight of Clarice, one hand halting its group, the other reaching down for a boulder to bludgeon the pink girl with should she attack. It roared at her, stepping forth and raising the rock.

<Jessica> "Try not to think about it..." Jess slid to a stop when she saw Clarice. "Clarice! Oh thank God! Um..." she had no name for the thing... "Hey, big guy, come back, we have a taxi!" She was relieved when he stopped and turned.

<Melody> Melody glanced at Sue, the other girl was starting to look tired, she didn't find the slaughter as invigorating obviously, "Anytime now Cass!" She muttered.

<Melody> "EEEEEE!" Clarice squealed, "No-no! I'm friendly!" She waved her hands at the Hulk to try and placate him.

<Jessica> "It's okay, she's a friend," Jess hurried to stand between the hulk and Clarice. "I promise."

<Clarice> "Are you guys all okay?"

<Hulk> The monster growled again, lowering the rock and casting it aside lazily, taking deep, menacing breaths as it looked back at Shaw and then towards Clarice.

<Sue> "Seconded...." Sue backed more into the ruins of the building, "I'm going to have to resort to invisibility in a moment..."

<Cassie> "Miss me?" Cassandra asked, her shadowy form appearing out of the darkness behind Melody. "I'm sorry, but I got sidetracked when your baby decided to chew on me - but she's safe now."

<Jessica> "We're not sure about Monet but the rest of us are okay... thanks to this guy." She patted the green guy's arm.

<Shaw> Sebastian raised an eyebrow at the beast, shifting his weight when Monet moaned in his arms. "She's injured."

<Melody> "Cass! I'd kiss you if I weren't horribly straight! I think everyone's gone we need to get out of here!" And back to her baby, she had to know her baby was safe.

<Sue> "Always, Cassie, always." Sue gave the girl a smile.

<Elizabeth> Elizabeth used a bit of her power to try and hold the pressure on Hisako's eye getting the girl on her back and kicking her £100 dollar heels off before started to walk through the forest, teeth gritted through the pain in her leg. For once she wasn't going to fail people.

<Melody> "I'll take you guys to a hospital," Clarice said, opening a portal for them.

<Jessica> "Thank you..." Jess gave Clarice a smile, "Don't stay too long though, I think most people got downstairs to the tunnels."

<Kael> Elizabeth was joined by a huge, slinking werewolf when she got deep enough into the forest. Kael was on all fours and panting heavily, gashes showing that for once, he hadn't been a coward, something he was proud of even if he wasn't thinking too clear right now.

<Melody> "I promised I'd get everyone-" she spotted movement down the end of the hallway, "Get through the portal! Now!"

<Sue> "Ready when you are, Cass. Getting kind of tired now....."

<Hulk> Having little to no idea what to do since it was so far out of its element - though not entirely conscious of what that element was - the titan stepped forward to the portal, pausing and turning, shaking its head and roaring fiercely down the corridor.

<Hulk> It wasn't going to leave. Everything about its muscular visage seemed stout and fixed. It was staying.

<Jessica> Jess took the green guy's hand and gave it tug, "Please come too..." she didn't want to leave her protector behind.

<Jolen> Jolen put Adam down in the folly pulling his satchel round to show the swaying Adam. "I've been saving all my money, I was going to ask you to get a flat with me today but I think maybe we aught to just go, get you stitched up and find somewhere really safe. I want us alive long enough to get married my love."

<Cassie> "Then let's be on our way," Cassandra replied, her grim smile leaving no trace of the usually cheerful mutant girl. "This is one show where I can't wait to leave the stage." Conjuring enough darkness to engulf all of them, she pulled the other two along with her through the portal.

<Shaw> Already through the portal, Sebastian stopped. "Jessica, we don't have time for this. He clearly is better suited to this than we at the moment."

<Clarice> "Gogogo!" Clarice screamed as the two humans opened fire on them in the corridor, automatically shoving Shaw and Monet through.

<Viper> "Send in the cleanup crews," Viper spoke into her comms. "Leave nothing left. I want this place leveled so they have nothing to come back to. They need to learn what it means to attack Hydra."

<Hulk> With another penetrating roar the giant looked back at Jessica, grinding its huge teeth together, "GGOO. CAN....SAVE YOU..." it tried, unsure if its message had made sense as it turned back to the approaching enemies, slamming its fist into its other hand in a threatening motion.

<Melody> Clarice let out a gurgle and fell forwards into the portal, as it started to flicker out of existence.

<Jessica> Jess bit her lip, looking between him and Sebastian, "You better be okay..." She let go of his hand and followed Sebastian and Monet through the portal.

<Mick> There was another flicker, and this time the white noise had vague features. "Still here...not leavin' you. Power's goin' out, Danger...they cut power." If he had been capable of it, the glitching figure would be terrified. He'd never been in the wires with no power...he didn't know what was going to happen to him.

<Toxic> Adam looked up at Jolen, remaining eye half-lidded as he managed half a smile. Reaching up, he pulled him down for a kiss. "Let's...let's go on...tour, yeah? New album just...went out...you and me, need to...to play it..."

<Melody> The other side of the portal people in the ER screamed and backed away as Clarice fell forwards out of the air and landed on her front, blood already started to pool beneath her.

<Cessily> Seeping through the cracks in the rubble, Cessily reformed and looked around frantically. There was no sign of Danger in the wreckage. Had she gotten away? The silver teacher hoped so, as something she spotted made her stop worrying for the robot.

<Jessica> Jess slipped on the pooled blood, barely making it through the portal in time. Her hands went up to cover her mouth as she realised what had happened.

<Shaw> He couldn't help Clarice, not with Monet in his arms, but he roared fit to bring the entire staff to their location.

<Clarice> Clarice twitched and tried to get to her feet, her hands slipping on her own blood, "Oh ... oh gosh ..." she whispered.

<Cessily> Wrapping her arms around girl on the floor, Cessily helped the gravely injured Melati back to her feet. "Oh god, you made it!" On the verge of tears, she held the student tight as she led them both down towards the tunnels, as an explosion shook the foundation of the mansion. "Come, we've got to get out of here."

<Jessica> "Clarice! Don't move!" The girl's voice had brought her back to herself, "The doctors are coming..." She crouched beside her, "Just hold on..."

<Hulk> Bullets couldn't hurt the muscular behemoth, and knives, batons, hatchets and planks couldn't break its stride. Every living thing - brood and man - was torn apart by the hulking monster's charge, the screaming and chittering broken only by grunts and roars of rage and thundering footsteps.

<Clarice> Soft sobs started to come from the pink girl, "I-it h-hurts ... Jean-Paul?"

<Jolen> "Just you and me.... Away from this mess." Patting his satchel he picked Adam up again and started running now he'd had a breather, running for the future they wanted and the safety they needed so very desperately.

<Clarice> "I-i'm sorry ...."

<Toxic> Adam smiled. "Mmhmm...you'n...me."

<Jessica> Jess gathered Clarice up in her arms and held her close, "It's okay... you did your best... that's all anyone can ever do, right? You saved a lot of people today..."

<Hulk> Stalking the halls, the mighty beast searched for anything living, quickly ending its breathing as it made its way around the blasted mansion. It paused at a doorway, stepping through and finding a blonde girl's body, lying with an iron spike embedded in her chest.

<Hulk> It knew that girl, and said her name: "So...ffiiiie..." it recalled somehow, unsure of why. She was significant. She was dead.

<Clarice> Tears were running down her face as it grew pale from blood loss, "... Frogs ... at r-rescue vets. Y-you'll look after them?" She whispered.

<Shaw> He laid Monet on one of the stretchers quickly wheeled to them, waving away the doctor's insistence that they check him as well. Instead he went to Jess and Clarice. A doctor followed, trying to triage Clarice's injuries.

<Jessica> Jess nodded, "I will... I promise..." she bit down hard on her lip, glancing up at Sebastian.

<Mick> Mick flickered again, and this time his figure was weak, struggling. He was drawing the last of the charge out, desperately trying to find the yellow glow that was his love. "D-D-Danger?" Even his voice was glitching now. "Danger...please w-whe-where are you?" His hand went through the rock. "D-Danger!"

<Danger> "I'm here," the machine replied, even though no one else would have been able to hear her. Severely damaged by the falling debris, her robotic body lay trapped underneath tons of rubble.

<Clarice> Clarice smiled a little wobbly, "... I ... it's okay ..." her voice lost it's wobble, "it's okay ... Jean-Paul and ... and Remy're 'kay ... here. I see ...." her voice died off and the glow in her eyes faded, her body going limp in Jess's arms.

<Mick> Mick laughed thickly, the sound glitching. He disappeared back into the wires, searching until he found her, 'sitting' in her glow, almost. This way he didn't take up much power at all, though he could feel himself dissipating slowly. Hey. Want some company?

<Jessica> "Clarice...?" Jess voice was barely above a whisper but her hearing, even with the surrounding noises of the hospital, had already registered the slowing and stopping of the heartbeat in her friend's chest. She choked on a sob and buried her face in the girl's purple hair.

<Shaw> There was nothing he could do but hold Jessica, closing his own eyes to the dead, bloodied girl.

<Danger> I would like that, yes. Danger could sense Mick's digitalized consciousness withing her own circuits. I told you to run.

<Mick> Hard to run when you ain't got legs, sweetheart. Can't get out of the wire, and they jammed all the outgoing communications...I'm as stuck as you are right now. Mick chuckled quietly. ...I'm...breaking up. There isn't enough power f' me, is there? At least he wasn't alone. That was better than the alternative. Maybe he should have phoned home that morning...

<Danger> I still have some left in my emergency batteries. Danger scanned her body and the surrounding rocks, attempting to find another solution. She was hoping Mick could not sense her desperation. It should last the both of us until we're rescued. She paused. For the first time, I wish you wouldn't be here.

<Mick> There was a long moment of quiet from Mick. Yeah...I wish you weren't too, love. He said quietly. ...I ain' gonna say no to the idea of survival but...if I start drawing too much please just...I mean... There was more silence. I don't want you to die. Just shut me off. A couple more moments. I love you.

<Danger> I love you, too.

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Re: 9/7 Game: The End of All Things

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:09 am

Timelined concurrent to The End of All Things

Idie wandered down to Professor O'Keeffe's classroom in search of help on the project they'd been set for the holidays. She wasn't really sure where to start, though she liked the idea a lot. She knocked on the door to announce herself before poking her head inside, Professor...?"

"Oh! Hi!" Anna grinned and waved from her seat, a bottle of her favourite whiskey in clear view on her desk. "Am I supposed to teach today? I was pretty sure I was done for the semester..."

"Oh no, this isn't for a class I, er, I have some questions..." Idie chewed her lip, "If you're busy though, I can come back tomorrow - my flight doesn't leave til late..."

"Tomorrow I will be hungover and no good to anyone unless they want someone to swear at them and throw books at their head." She gave Idie a smile and dragged a chair over for the girl with her teke. "I'm only this drunk anyway." She showed Idie the line of the top of the alcohol which was only just to the top of the label. "So, how can I help you?"

"Uh..." Idie took the seat and eyed the contents of the bottle. That, in her opinion, was pretty damn drunk. "It's with this project thing, I'm not really sure where to start..."

"Ohhh!" Anna laughed, "That's easy. You start with your goal. I know it's slightly backwards sounding but that's the best way to work. If you don't know where you're going you'll get all lost in the details and hopelessly confused. So. What is your goal, Miss Davis?"

Idie frowned a little, "Okay... but don't laugh... I want there to be a place like this but... on the West Coast. So people don't have to go so far for help with their powers..."

Anna stared at her for a long moment, "Oh my God! I'm going to hug you now, is that okay?" She didn't wait for an answer before getting up and hurrying around her desk to hug the girl. "I think that is a great idea!"

"I don't want to do like all of it!" Idie hastily tacked on, "Like with the whole college thing. I just want to get some, I don't know, volunteers to help out when people discover their powers so they can learn how to control them, you know?"

"I do know!" She beamed, "That sounds like a fantastic idea. So first you'd need a venue and advertising and volunteers so what you need to look at is where's best to advertise to your audience. It's very simple." She frowned a little, looking out the window, "Was it foggy when you came in?"

"Uh... what?" Idie followed her gaze, "Not like that..."

"... Weird." She reached for her bottle again but frowned when her hand went through it rather than picking it up. "Well that's annoying... wait. That's not good." She vaguely remembered doing that when she'd been at the school as a student and was learning how to shield her mind from telepathy. It had been an innate defensive response. "Wait right here." She went to one of her windows, using her teke to open it and sticking her head out, coughing instantly and retreating back inside to close the window again. "That's not fog!" she choked out.

"Not fog? Then what the hell is it?!" Idie got to her feet as the Professor hurried back towards her.

"Tear gas." Anna frowned at her bottle, "Can you pick that up for me?"

"There's tear gas outside and you want to protect your whiskey!?"

"Priorities." Anna nodded sagely. Mostly it was just a distraction until she worked out what she was supposed to do about the tear gas. But there wasn't much time for thinking before the explosions started. Her windows blew in and she threw up a telekinetic shield around herself and Idie. "Holy shit! Are you alright?!"

"What the fuck is happening?!" Idie now clung to the bottle of whiskey like it would somehow save her life.

"Best guess? We're under attack." Anna herded her towards the hallway, "We need to be further in away from the windows."

"But... the way out's that way!" Idie resisted Anna's attempts to move her until another explosion knocked them both off their feet and into the hallway. "Okay! We'll go this way!"

"That's a good girl." Anna shielded them again as part of the ceiling came down, "Idie, I read your file. I need you not to freak out right now, okay? I'm going to help you, I promise." She fixed her eyes on Idie's, which were now glowing brightly; one orange, one blue. "I need to leave for just a second to see how much stuff is on us but I'll be right back. Okay? Have some whiskey."

"But... I'm underage..." Idie was shaking, she didn't like enclosed spaces.

"Not where I'm from." Anna gave her shoulder a gentle pat, "And I won't tell anyone. I'll be right back, okay? Sit tight." Anna drifted into her gaseous form, her clothes unfortunately did not. Pushing herself through the small cracks in the rubble, she looked for some way to clear it and spied another teacher who was unfortunately immune to telepathy. Good thing I don't currently have an ass to kick.... Without any warning, she possessed the other woman. "Rogue! I need your help! ... My voice sounds funny."

"What tha' hell?!"

"It's Anna! I'm borrowing your body because I have no clothes! Also I need some heavy lifting done." She borrowed Rogue's control of her own legs to run her back to the section of hallway in question, "Idie! I'm back! I know I sound funny!" She tossed bits of the floor from upstairs over her shoulder. "Do you you want to do this?"

"Might be nice."

"Yeah okay, have at it." Girl is claustrophobic and she has my very flammable whiskey.

Idie curled up when some of the rubble shifted alarmingly, still hugging the bottle of whiskey to her chest. When a hand appeared reaching down for her, she was extremely relieved and grabbed it, "Thank God!"

"You okay?" Anna and Rogue had attempted to ask that at the same time which resulted in a very bizzare mix of accents.

Idie stared at the Professor for a long moment. "I'll ask later..."

"There's escape tunnels, I think now is the time to be using them." Anna started Rogue walking again, "Good thing I found you, you can open the door if it jams again."

Idie followed the two Professors quickly, there were fires burning all over but she couldn't do anything about them without making it worse somewhere else. She was a terrible superhero.

Once the tunnels were open, a nearby stock cupboard opened and and X-men uniform carried itself out of it. Anna left Rogue's body and reformed inside the clothes, "Okay. I'm going to go back out and see if I can help anywhere and get people to come down here. Rogue can you go with Idie? Because tunnels..."

Rogue nodded, giving the student a reassuring smile, "Be careful."

"Pfft, I'll be fine!" Anna waved a hand dismissively. "You be careful. And authoritative because they'll need that at the other end later." A very odd screech and chitter cut through the air, "Cue to laeve!" Anna waved them down the tunnel, "Good luck!"

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Re: 9/7 Game: The End of All Things

Post by Slarti » Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:12 am

Timelined concurrent to The End of All Things

<Jamie> Jamie leaned down to kiss at her neck as his hands ran down her bare sides. Why hadn't he thought of this sooner? No roommates, no disturbances... This. Was. Awesome. He kissed his way down her collarbone. "You're so beautiful. Jeannie. So sexy. My Jeannie."

<Jean> Her head tilted back, Jean closed her eyes so she couldn't see the old spiderweb in the corner of the treehouse ceiling. It was too cold for spiders, right? "Oh, Goooood, that feels sooo good." Her hands tangled in his hair, legs wrapped tightly around his waist.

<Jamie> Jamie flexed his hips slowly, using complete control as he grinned against her skin. He loved making her squirm beneath him. He nipped at the top mound of her breast and let his eyes close so he could let himself focus on how she felt around him.

<Jean> Jean whimpered, her hips rising up to meet him. He'd gotten way too good at this, and she was close. She wasn't aware of anything beyond this little treehouse and Jamie above her, but somewhere outside there was the sound of thunder.

<Jamie> Jamie lost a tiny bit of focus at the thunder, hoping they weren't under the leaky part of the roof. He didn't want her to get rained on. He sat up and pulled her to sit on his lap instead, knowing that would be a better angle for both of them and get them under a smaller portion of the roof. Win win. The thunder happened again. Louder this time...

<Jean> The angle was fantastic and Jean buried her face in the crook of his neck, moaning out his name. Just a little... Jean clutched at his back, then stiffened at a very familiar feeling and an unfamiliar one. "Wow.... oh my God, what?"

<Jamie> Jamie shook beneath her as he groaned his pleasure through his teeth. Wait... He didn't shake. The treehouse shook. "Um... Babe?" He frowned up at the ceiling, then looked out the window, "Oh my God!"

<Jean> "I think..." She cut off at his loud exclamation, right by her ear. "Ow..." Jean looked though, and .... "Is that fire?"

<Jamie> "Sorry," he mumbled softly and absently kissed her ear as he stared straight at the mansion. "Yeah. We need to see if we can go help people get out." And then he tried to detangle himself from her and fell backwards. "You need to try and reach people telepathically. Try to keep them calm."

<Jean> Jamie seemed entirely too calm himself. She pulled back to try to see his face and then fell on top of him in a heap. She opened her mouth to speak. Her eyes widened and then she screamed, clapping both hands over her ears though it would do no good.

<Jamie> Jamie flailed under her when she fell, trying to catch her, but flailed harder when she screamed. "Jean?!" He panicked suddenly, trying to wiggle out of her so he could pick her up and cradle her. And failing miserably. "Jean... Jeannie?" He let out a girlish shriek as an explosion happened a bit closer to them. "That's not thunder!"

<Jean> She knew the touch of that mind, and it made her flail all the harder, screaming still and fighting back against Jamie. "Nonononono! No! You're dead!"

<Jamie> "Jean!" He shook her shoulders a bit, then scrambled to grab her clothes. "Jean, we have to go!" He tried to shuffle her into her top then paused. "...Who's dead?"

<Jean> Jean was lost inside of her own head and memories, and what was worse - he seemed to know he had touched her mind. "Get away from me!"

<Jamie> "No! Jean!" He scrambled for her again, forgetting about the shirt and grabbing her by the arms harshly. "Jeannie. Snap out of it! I need you, Jeannie!" The fire was too close to him now. "Jeannie!" Bubble. He needed his bubble.

<Jean> She felt another mind then, and she gasped. Jean shook her head, her hair wild and falling into her eyes. Finally reason returned to her and she looked up. "J-J-Jamie?!" She flung herself into his arms and looked out the window. The woods were filling with smoke and the fire was spreading. She could hear more concussions in the distance. "S-s-something really bad is happening," she cried.

<Jamie> "I can see that! Can we get out of here now?! Before I die in a fire?! Again?!" He clung to her with one arm, while throwing the rest of her clothes at her.

<Jean> She nodded and tried to fumble into her clothes. "T-t-there's a telepath... Professor Xavier's trying to s-s-stop him... the school is burning." Jean sniffed, pushing her hands through her hair and wiping away her tears.

<Jamie> "A telepath? Him?" He threw on his own clothes and shoes and slipped her shoes on her for her. "Is this the person who's dead?" Calm. Deep breaths. Focus on something besides the fire.

<Jean> "It's Quire!" Jean sniffed loudly, struggling into her shirt - a bra seemed pointless, considering. "I thought he was dead!" She looked out the window again and swore, trying to reach out with her teke to stop the fire.

<Jamie> Jamie dropped her other shoe at the name and felt like his heart seized up. "No. Nononono." He looked around him frantically like Quentin was up in the treehouse with them. "We have to go. Now."

<Jean> "I'm trying!" She dove for her shoe. Jean was trying her best to get the boot zipped up, but failing, and she made a short frustrated screeching sound and dove for the window. Leaning out, she flung out a hand to help her focus and the flames stopped as if they hit a wall.

<Jamie> Jamie's eyes went as round as saucers at the wall of fire. "Jeaaannnn...." Firebadbubblegood He dove for her boot and zipped it up in one quick movement.

<Jean> "Something's fucking with my powers!" The wall wavered and fell, the flames surging closer before she could stop it again. "Uuuugh!" There were more explosions in the distance and she stopped, and scrambled for the door.

<Jamie> Jamie jumped in front of her and threw the door open. "Goodbye, Dick Tracy comics. I'll buy you again someday." He looked down the hatch and saw flames flickering into view. "You need to go first and head in the opposite direction of the flames. They're coming faster." He was flipping out, but he knew from experience that he would survive the fire. She would not. "Go!"

<Jean> Jean gave him a look, but went ahead of him. Her teke failed again and she landed in a tangle of limbs punctuated by a boom from the direction of the mansion. Back up in an instant, she looked up at him and reached out to the fire with her abilities.

<Jamie> Jamie made sure she made it safely before starting down himself. "Jean! Go!" He had to hold onto the tree when a blast shook it again, then jumped the rest of the way to the ground. ...Why didn't he duplicate? "Um... "

<Jean> "Like I'm going without you!" The fire wasn't listening to her, so she tried harder.

<Jamie> He scrambled to his feet and wrapped an arm quickly around her waist, starting to run. "I love you, Jeannie, but you really should've gone already!"

<Jean> Giving up, she tangled her fingers in his shirt and ran with him, quickly they put distance between themselves and the flames, but she could sense... something. Gasping, she stopped short and pulled him behind a tree.

<Jamie> Jamie made a surprised noise at being tugged away from running, but trusted Jean. He held his breath as he heard the footfalls coming closer, holding Jean tighter against the tree as there seemed to be more of them. After a moment, he peeked his head out and saw a rather large handful of some kind of soldiers. Who?

<Jean> Their uniforms are hideous! Jean shuddered despite herself and the situation.

<Jamie> Not the time, Jeannie, he frowned down at her head. Can we get past them?

<Jean> I know! I know! She felt the eyes and looked up at them, then closed her own in concentration. At the heavy thumps of the soldiers' bodies against the forest floor she opened them and grinned. "I'm awesome!" she whispered.

<Jamie> "Gah! Go then!" He peeked around the tree again and pulled her out to push them past the soldiers. Another explosion shook the ground and he stumbled. "Can you fly?"

<Jean> Jean wrapped her arms tightly around him and tried, rising into the air, but faltering a bit like a car with a bad transmission. The higher she rose, however, the easier it became.

<Jamie> Jamie clenched his eyes shut as Jean rose them higher until he felt her level out a bit. He peeked with one cracked eye at the trees then looked towards the mansion and his jaw dropped. Jamie was in disbelief at what he saw. "Jeannie. Don't look. Just keep going." What now?

<Jean> She wasn't in any danger of looking - she was working hard enough to keep them airborne. As it was, in the back of her mind, she could feel something happening. "I know... I know... it's bad."

<Jamie> "Worse than that..." He felt sick. All of their friends. Heck, Jean's family members even... "Jean," he murmured, "Are we the only ones left?" He wouldn't be surprised. Some people were having class...

<Jean> "No... I can feel... but I c-c-can't tell..." She lost altitude again, yelping in fright.

<Jamie> "Jean... Focus, baby. You gotta get us out of here." He kissed her on the cheek and closed his eyes against the sight fading slowly behind them.

<Jean> She'd never felt death before, not really, but she felt it now. Terror became rage, and it burned. The fire flared around her, within her. Power wasn't an issue anymore - whatever held her back broke away and her control returned.

<Jamie> And then Jean erupted into flames. "Aaaahhhh!!!" Jamie let go of his girlfriend to flail. Firebad! Fire. Bad. He flailed a lot more when he realized he couldn't put her out. Badbadbadbadbad!

<Jean> "Noooo!" Jean flailed too. She had to catch him! While she failed, the raptor did not, its claws closing around him.

<Jamie> Jamie's flails became much more animated at being caught by fiery claws. "Fire bad! Aaaaahhhh!" He beat fists on the clawed flamed thing holding him, hoping it would do something, anything to deter it from holding him. "I'm not a dupe! Fire kills me for good!"

<Jean> "Jamie, Jamie! It's me!" She reached for him again. "It doesn't burn... it's just... me..."

<Jamie> "No! Noit'snotyouit'sfireandfireisbadfirekillsmeallthetime!"

<Jean> "I promise!" They were attracting attention, she could feel it. Someone was targeting, and she reached out and struck the mind behind the weapon. "I wouldn't hurt you and it's really really me! And we gotta, like, get the fuck out of here!!!"

<Jamie> Jamie flailed more before covering his face with his hands so he couldn't see. He wasn't burning yet, but that didn't mean he wouldn't soon. But for the moment, he wasn't. Which was good for the sake of running (or flying) away from the attacks. "I can't see yooouuu," he singsonged to himself, "You're not on fiiiireee.... You're just Jeaaaannniiiieee..."

<Jean> Once again, Jean gave him a look, but decided it didn't matter. They needed to get away. Now. She reached for him with her own hands and made sure she had him, then she sped up. The flaming bird was bright against the sky.

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Re: 9/7 Game: The End of All Things

Post by Slarti » Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:13 am

Timelined concurrent to The End of All Things

<Shaw> Flicking through the messages on his phone, Sebastian pocketed it again. All these issues could be dealt with later, for now, he needed his wits about him. He ran a hand through his hair and stopped outside her office door, knowing she already knew he was there.

<Monet> Monet was grading papers at her desk, bored out of her skull at how stupid some of her students were and glad that she felt someone interesting in the corridor. Stop lurking or else I might start to think you're stalking me because you miss me.

<Shaw> Perish the very thought. Sebastian smirked and opened the door. "Hello, Monet."

<Monet> "Sebastian." She gave him a half-smirk and set down her pen. "To what do I owe the pleasure? Unless you're here for pleasure."

<Shaw> "No, I'm still quite satisfied, but I do appreciate your concern." He did let his eyes wander, however. "You are looking lovely as ever, my dear."

<Monet> "I wasn't concerned. Hence my use of the word 'unless'. Thus invoking the thought that I would not be pleased with your presence if that was the case." She grinned at him and stood to go kiss him hello on the cheek. "Merci. Now really, Sebastian, why are you here during my work hours?"

<Shaw> "And as charming," he snorted, receiving the greeting kiss with a grin of his own. "Well, we still need to discuss the matter of your elevation to royalty."

<Monet> "I've always been royalty, amant. It's just taken you a while to understand that." She smirked at him, "And how is your pet arachnid taking the matter of my being your queen?"

<Shaw> Sebastian placed a hand on his chest, giving her a mocking smile. "She is the true queen of my heart, my dear. She knows this." At least, he was fairly sure he'd made that clear.

<Monet> Monet pulled a face at that. "You are disgusting." He made her nauseous with his dribble about Jessica.

<Shaw> This just made his smile grow broader.

<Monet> Monet put her hand on top of his on his chest and curled her fingers around his. "You need to make up for being this terrible to me."

<Shaw> "I believe I've done more than enough by the elevation of your status." He looked down at her hand and raised an eyebrow.

<Monet> "And here I thought that you just knew I would be the best person for the job." She dropped her hand, agitated with him all over again.

<Shaw> Opening his mouth to retort, he heard a sound, like distant thunder. He turned his head to listen. It was December. Thunder would be... "Did you hear something?"

<Monet> Monet was rubbing her ear from the sound ringing in her ear. "Oui. Of course I did, imbecile. My hearing is better than a dogs." She frowned and went to her classroom door to look out the window at the end of the hall. "It doesn't look like it should rain."

<Shaw> "It shouldn't rain at all, as it's nearly Christmas. How long have you lived in this country?" He joined her at the window, however. The sky was clear.

<Shaw> Then, he saw - a thin streak of smoke.

<Monet> "It happens occasionally, you know." Monet frowned at the smoke and zoomed in on it and her eyes widened. "Get down!" She shoved him back into her classroom and slammed the door just as the missile hit the building, throwing her off her feet and into Sebastian.

<Shaw> He caught her through reflex, and rolled her beneath him. Debris exploded all around and from above, bringing down what seemed like much of the floor above them.

<Monet> Monet's eyes squeezed shut as the debris fell all around them and she clung to his suit, trying to wrap her mind around what was going on. She heard the fires in the hall from the projectile's explosion and her eyes opened wide. "Jason. We have to get him out."

<Shaw> Sebastian raised his head enough to look at her, wincing and swearing when a beam from the ceiling broke free and slammed into his back. Bracing himself to heave it off, instead he found himself assaulted again - this time in his mind.

<Monet> Monet moved her arms out from between them and tried to shift the beam from him, able to bring it off of him as high as her arms could reach before she let out a pained scream, hands flying to her head.

<Shaw> The secondary impact of the beam was enough to knock him back against her. It was hard even to breathe and he knew it must be worse for Monet.

<Monet> Monet was pinned to the spot with the pain in her head. She had no idea what was going on and couldn't hear beyond the ringing in her own ears. The only thought she could fully form was one of foreign expletives. Her teeth were clenched and she squirmed beneath Sebastian's weight, wanting to claw through her own skull.

<Shaw> Pushing himself up again, he growled and threw the beam off with a curse. They needed to escape, assess – most of all he needed to find Jessica. Was Hope here today? He'd seen her imbecilic fiance.

<Monet> Monet curled into a ball as soon as she was able to move, pulling her hair out of its clip and throwing it against the wall. Up. Up. She had to move. Jason. "Merde," she hoarsely whispered as her hands groped for something to cling to to help her stand. She had to fight through this.

<Shaw> Sebastian staggered to his feet and reached for her, a moment before another blast threw him against the wall.

<Monet> Monet felt his hand start to grasp hers as he was wrenched away again and she was thrown the opposite direction, into her desk. She slumped onto the floor and shook her head, trying to clear it. "Sebastian?!" She couldn't hear over the ringing in her ears. "Enfer!"

<Shaw> He could hear, all too well. They were under attack, seemingly from multiple fronts. Telepathy wasn't working, and he had to vault debris to get to her, landing in a crouch beside her. Grasping her arms to pull her upright, he mouthed to her. "We need to get out!"

<Monet> All possibilities of snarky comments had left her. "Jason first!" She grabbed hold of his arms to steady herself as the floor shook from a blast on the complete opposite end of the mansion. Flight. That was their best option. She grabbed him and lifted him with a grunt and a frown. He was heavier than he should have been.

<Shaw> Swearing, all he could do was hold on. "I need to find Jessica!"

<Monet> "Do you really want to be alone in this mess?!"

<Shaw> "We find them both." He ducked his head at another blast, glass exploding around them.

<Monet> Monet closed her eyes as the glass shattered, opening them as she felt a sting on her cheek. "Merde." Why couldn't she fly faster? Why was he so heavy?! She tried to reach out with her mind to anyone, trying to figure out where his precious Jessica was so they could make the shortest time of it, but all she got back was pain. Nothing concrete. "Nothing's working right!"

<Shaw> He reached for her cheek, his hand coming away bloody. "I see." Since the initial psychic attack had faded, he'd been trying to reach Jessica. The silence was making him panic.

<Monet> Monet's eyes went wide at the sight of her own blood. "That's not good." She set him down, finally not able to carry him anymore. "You're too heavy!" Monet was beyond frustrated at this point and wanted to just punch something, but refused to stop moving. She had to get Jason and get out.

<Shaw> "Something is interfering with our abilities," he said, rather obviously, but there was nothing else to say. Blasts still shook the mansion, and they were floors above the medlab. "Jessica was going to the Danger Room. If she's still in that area, it's not far from Jason."

<Shaw> He moved down the hallway with her, dodging debris, ahead of them, part of the hall collapsed in on itself.

<Monet> Monet jerked away from the avalanche of debris and turned around to try for a way around it. "Sebastian, you have a knack for stating the obvious. Do you not have some sort of link with your precious pet that you can have her meet us halfway with Jason in tow?" Another collapse happened in the new path she had decided to take, "Merde!"

<Shaw> "She's not a pet! And if I could reach her, I most assuredly would have by now!" He was trying, and getting angrier by the moment. Pushing past her, he threw his shoulder against the beam and shoved - it didn't move. He screamed in rage and punched it.

<Monet> "That won't do any good!" She grabbed his arm and violently pulled at him, trying to get him to face her. "If my abilities are messed up, so are yours! You're just going to wind up breaking your hand!" Monet shoved him in her own frustration, completely unsure of what to do.

<Shaw> That warning was too late - his right hand already throbbed. The shove just angered him more and he grabbed her arm with bruising force with his remaining hand. "Don't try me, Monet!"

<Monet> Monet slapped him hard against the side of his face. "Unless you plan on getting us out of here or fucking me before we die, you have no right to lay your hands on me." She tried to wrench out of his grip but couldn't. Merde she hated being weak!

<Shaw> He rocked back from the slap and snarled at her. But he did let her go. Looking past her, he spotted another door. It was Lehnsherr's office. Sebastian moved to it and kicked it hard at the knob. The door popped open and he glanced over his shoulder to Monet. "Window."

<Monet> "We're three stories up, Sebastian! Neither one of us would survive the jump right now!" She growled under her breath. That was their best option. "You get to go first."

<Shaw> Sebastian didn't get as far as the desk. From beneath them, he felt the floor shake and took a step back, throwing out an arm for Monet. The window, already shattered, seemed to fold in on itself as another blast sucked the air from the room.

<Monet> Monet grabbed his arm and pulled herself in close to him, wrapping her arms around both of their heads as best as she could as she felt the floor give way beneath them. She clung tight to him and clenched her jaw, refusing to have her last moments be full of screams of pain.

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Re: 9/7 Game: The End of All Things

Post by Slarti » Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:13 am

Timelined concurrent to The End of All Things

<Bobby> "...but why are there spiders in the TARDIS?" Bobby rolled off the tribble sofa, cracking his head on the coffee table, and only then did he wake at eye level with Han Solo. "Uuuuugh. You," he pointed to the figure in carbonite. "Shut it. You shot first."

<Bobby> He shook his head, but it did nothing to clear the ringing in his ears. He hadn't been drinking, had he? No... no, there had been no booze. Only nap. Pushing himself up from the floor with a groan, he looked at the clock, then out the window. Was it snowing?

<Paige> What had happened to the bright sunny day forecasted? Paige wondered to herself as she pulled up the drive to the mansion through the fog. "...round and round! The wheels on the bus..." she sang with the music, moreso to keep Ripley happy in her car seat in the backseat. She was too young to notice much, but Paige knew her uneasiness would rub off.

<Paige> She parked the car on the driveway and stared at the weird fog for a moment. Was it fog? "Open and shut... open and shut...."

<Bobby> Moving to the window, Bobby realized it was fog, drifting in from the woods. It was coming across the water, and in some places it had already reached the lawn surrounding the mansion and grounds. "Weird." He turned and went to the front door, pulling his phone from his pocket to check his messages.

<Paige> Paige shrugged and hopped out of the car, going to the backseat to get Ripley out. She cooed when she noticed the baby was asleep. Thinking fast, she pulled out her phone and snapped a picture before sending it to Lorna and Bobby.

<Bobby> Right on cue, his phone beeped with an incoming text from Paige. He grinned at the pic, bringing up the keyboard to reply. That was when he heard it - a rumbling and then a pop. At first he thought it was thunder.

<Paige> Paige heard it too and whimpered a little. Storms were stupid. "Shhhh," Paige told Ripley as she carefully moved to get her out of the car. "It's okay sweetie."

<Bobby> Bobby stepped out on the porch, looking up at the sky... no clouds. Yoda skittered past his feet, brushing by his ankle before he hopped down the steps. There was another pop, and this time he saw On the other side of the mansion, there was a crash, a flash, debris. "Oh... fuck." He shifted to ice.

<Bobby> Another muffled pop, and this time there were several points of impact. Behind and above him, the windows blew out of the master bedroom of the boathouse.

<Paige> Paige reacted just in time to scream and shield the baby, dropping down to the ground and covering Ripley with her body. She was unaware that her back had shifted to a very strong metal, the top layer of skin flaking off as the debris hit her.

<Bobby> "Oh, fuck!" They were coming faster now - a rain of explosives. Concussion grenades maybe? Another hit the dirt to the left of the boathouse porch and he had a split second to stare at it before the blast.

<Paige> It was raining debris! Paige glanced up, then ducked her head back down, trying to send Rachel a text. Was she alright?!

<Bobby> He reformed on the lawn, halfway to the mansion - it was always easier to see in his more human form. He tried to see where the attack was coming from and it seemed they were surrounded. The impact were sending up a steady stream of explosions now. To the west, the corner of the garage disintegrated. Beyond the garage, he saw something in the driveway.

<Bobby> It was Paige's car. "Oh... shit..."

<Paige> No reply. No mental reply. Nothing. Paige bit her lip and glanced up again. Plan... plan... she needed a plan. And she had a baby. What was she supposed to do?! She needed to get to her trunk, there was a first aid kit. However... if she moved, the baby would be exposed to debris. She was stuck! She glanced up, hoping to get help.

<Bobby> Bobby was already on his way to the car, sprinting, dodging debris, reforming when he didn't dodge well enough. The kitchen door blew from its hinges, the result of an impact that tore through the floors above it. Gas. There was gas in the kitchen. He didn't have time to react.

<Paige> Paige had looked up just in time to see Bobby come around from the kitchen. She was about to call out to him when she saw him explode in front of her. "BOBBY!!!!" She screamed over the crying of Ripley.

<Bobby> He reformed right in front of her, having crossed the distance in the blink of an eye. "Oh my God, Paige! Rip!" He couldn't shift back from ice - not yet - so he couldn't touch Ripley to reassure her, but he put an arm around Paige - she had half changed herself. Another explosion made him look up at the mansion.

<Bobby> From the direction of the boathouse, a small brown streak tore across the lawn and rocketed under the car, barking and whining.

<Paige> "There's a first aid kit in the trunk of my car... Ripley isn't hurt, she's just scared," Paige told him calmly, focusing on the task at hand instead of her emotions. She smiled a little at the dog, then looked back at Bobby. "I need to get in there."

<Bobby> Yoda had startled him, but it was the mansion that held his attention. Lorna was in there. He'd lost his phone - he couldn't even try to. Bobby grabbed for Paige's phone, but dropped it during the next blast. "This is beyond a first aid kit."

<Paige> "What are we supposed to do then? We can't just leave... not both of us... one of us needs to get Ripley and Yoda out of here." With him to help shield, Paige could get to her feet. Her face reflected her inner horror as her phone fell. Rachel...

<Bobby> "Shit, sorry-" He fumbled for the phone, but it was no use, he looked back to the mansion and jerked the car door open. Yoda didn't need a second invitation, though he was cough-barking now. "Go. You go, babe. Just get out - we gotta get word to SHIELD. This is-"

<Bobby> His words were cut off by a blast that rocked the car, raining gravel and dirt down on their heads as the baby screamed.

<Paige> Paige screamed right along with Ripley, getting back down on the ground and shielding her with her body again. "Bobby! What do we do?!"

<Bobby> Resting his head against the door of the car, he tried to think, but he couldn't. He could hear screaming - or thought he could - above the sound of the explosions. But he couldn't leave Ripley. It just wasn't possible. He could try to - no, it was too dangerous.

<Bobby> He looked toward the garage. "We'll get another car. You get the hell out - I'll cover - I'll come back. Kosher?"

<Paige> "I... okay... are there even any cars left!? The garage was hit." Paige got to her feet again, swearing at the lack of car seat and diaper bag.

<Bobby> "Just one end, so far. Better hurry." He formed an ice shield over them. "I'll cover."

<Paige> "Stay close... We don't have phones anymore," and she didn't know where anyone else was. She couldn't lose him too. She shifted the baby and looked at Yoda. "Come on boy!" She took off running.

<Bobby> It was a tense dash, every moment filled with the fear that they'd be destroyed. At first, he didn't even register the buzzing over the din. Bobby reached the garage and flash-froze the metal of a door, kicking it inward after throwing up another shield over Paige and her two charges.

<Bobby> One side of the long garage was open, the roof gone. The twisted remains of Teagan's van were still burning. The truck was still there.

<Paige> Paige didn't even need to be told: she ran for Bobby's truck. "Keys?!" They'd just have to make do with no car seat. Nobody was going to pull them over anyway. They'd be more concerned with the exploding mansion.

<Bobby> "Keys, keys, keys... spare!" He found them in the Corvette... which was sporting a beam across the hood, smashing the fiberglass into the engine.

<Paige> Paige took one glance around, noticing the classic corvette that belonged to Johnny was smashed all to pieces. If he was here, surely Hope was too... Bobby didn't need to know. He needed to get his kid out of there. "I can't hold her and drive!"

<Bobby> "Shit...." Bobby hit the deck during a close explosion that rattled the entire building and shook down dust from the roof beams and sundries from the workbenches. He grabbed a milk crate and dumped the contents to the floor. "We'll put her in here. There are blankets behind the seat." He put his plan into motion once he reached the truck.

<Bobby> What was that buzzing?

<Paige> "Bobby..." Paige paused as she heard the buzzing too. "I think we need to go. Together. Now. I... I'm.... we need to get her out of here."

<Bobby> They stopped their frantic movements, just staring at each other for a moment. It sounded like a war zone outside.

<Paige> Paige bit her lip looking up at Bobby. The baby was her top concern. Rachel always made it out okay, as did Lorna. But the baby... they had to get her out of there. "What do we do?"

<Bobby> He let out an unsteady breath. "You're right." Yoda's frantic barking made him tear his eyes away from Paige's. There was something outside the hole he'd ripped in the door. "Oh, fuck. Now! We gotta go NOW!

<Paige> Paige was lucky her feet responded faster than her brain. She ran for the truck, sliding into the passenger seat and leaving the door open long enough for Yoda to jump in.

<Bobby> Bobby handed her the crate of screaming baby and jumped into the driver's side, just as the brood pushed its way into the garage. Its chitinous, spidery legs scrabbled on the concrete and it crashed into a black SUV. Its alarm promptly started and the giant insect screamed.

<Paige> "Go go go!!!" Paige shrieked, trying to hold onto the crate and keep the baby still.

<Bobby> The truck started right up, attracting the insect's attention, but Bobby was fast enough to hit the gas. Eyes narrowed, he froze the door in front of them and the truck slammed through the brittle metal.

<Paige> Paige screamed right along with Ripley as they went through the wall and into what could only be described as the war zone outside the garage. She turned her head to look behind them at... whatever that was. "Floor it!"

<Bobby> He had to swerve to avoid another brood insect, and then cut the wheel again around the remains of Paige's car. "It's okay!" he tried to reassure, but there was no guarantee that they would make it to the drive.

<Paige> She tried to shush Ripley, who was still screaming. "It's okay baby... it's okay...." She looked over to Bobby. It was so not okay. They weren't going to make it out of this. She glanced back at the mansion, tears already threatening to fall. "Yeah... yeah it's okay."

<Bobby> Glancing in the rear view mirror, he could see the brood monsters swarming over the school. There were still explosions - regular explosions and more of those projectiles. He thought he saw other movement, but it was too hard to tell through the smoke and debris and horror.

<Bobby> What he should have been doing was looking forward, as what looked like soldiers in green and yellow emerged from the woods.

<Paige> What were they doing? They should go back and help. Paige looked forward just in time to scream Bobby's name as she did see the soldiers, "BOBBY!"

<Bobby> There was some sort of weapon leveled at them - he didn't get a chance to get a good look though, since he roared at Paige to duck before he shattered the glass of the windshield and sent a volley of razor-sharp ice at the men.

<Paige> Paige had to move the crate to the floorboard quickly so she could duck and shield the baby and Yoda. She picked up Ripley and held her close, finding it easier to soothe her when she could hold her. "Are you okay!?" She asked, looking over at Bobby.

<Bobby> "I'm fine." The tone was flat and he glanced back in the side mirror as he rolled right over one of the soldiers.

<Paige> She was so glad she had the baby in her arms for that one. She started to look back, but stopped herself. She didn't want to see. "Do... do you think Hope's place will be safe enough? If we can get there?"

<Bobby> He shifted back to flesh, running a hand over his face and dragging one of the spare blankets across his lap. "I don't... no. No, we go to SHIELD." There were more soldiers, but he dispatched them just as quickly.

<Paige> "Right.. right SHIELD..." Paige ran a shaky hand through her hair. She prayed that Rachel and Lorna made it out alright.

<Bobby> Now, he could smell the smoke in the air, and something that made his eyes burn. Soon enough they were down the drive and he barely slowed to squeal around the corner and onto the highway. Once they were straightened out, Bobby reached over and took Paige's hand. "They'll be okay..."

<Paige> The touch brought her back to reality from her thoughts. She started crying as she squeezed his hand. This was too much. This was exactly why Eve had hidden her in the damn woods.

<Bobby> "It'll be okay... it has to be." He sighed, returning the squeeze as Yoda squirmed to lick their faces.

<Paige> "What... what if... what if something happened to them?" Paige kept his hand for support, nuzzling Yoda first, then the baby who was finally quieting down.

<Bobby> "Can you feel her?" He spared a glance over before putting his eyes back on the road.

<Paige> She wished he hadn't asked that. Paige looked away quickly, staring out the window as she continued to shield Ripley. No. No she couldn't. Rachel usually kept tabs on her. She could often feel her just touching her mind, but not anymore. Nothing.

<Bobby> Bobby glanced again, then realized what her response meant. He swore softly under his breath and held tight to her hand. The miles went by.

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Re: 9/7 Game: The End of All Things

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Re: 9/7 Game: The End of All Things

Post by Starfish » Sun Sep 08, 2013 11:04 am

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Re: 9/7 Game: The End of All Things

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Re: 9/7 Game: The End of All Things

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Sun Sep 08, 2013 2:50 pm


I posted last night and (was the first person to comment) I used a really funny animated gif and now it's GOOOOONE! GRAH! This is like the 4th time this has happened to me on this site lately!


My original post was

1) It took me two-three hours to read this

2) I realize I've used this GIF before but... being there's no words:

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Re: 9/7 Game: The End of All Things

Post by steyn » Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:05 pm

Dude, you did not lose the post, you posted it on the aftermath instance here.. viewtopic.php?f=116&t=17757

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Re: 9/7 Game: The End of All Things

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Mon Sep 09, 2013 2:59 pm

LMAO and that's what I get for posting so late at night/having multiple tabs open.

Thank you, Steyn. It applies to both. :shrug

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