1/27 Instance: Baby, What a Mess!

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1/27 Instance: Baby, What a Mess!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Jan 27, 2015 10:48 pm

Timelined concurrent to [Instance]Surprise Lap Ninja.

<Bobby> Bobby dropped Hope's bags inside her bedroom door and went back to greet Jessie and... her shark. "Well, Lucy! We're home!"

<Jessica> "Bobby!" Jess hurried to the sound of his voice and threw her arms around him for a hug, "How was your trip?"

<Bobby> "Jessie!" Bobby enthusiastically returned the hug and leaned back, picking her up a little to spin in a circle. "Boring! How's mommy life?"

<Shaw> Sebastian looked up from his tablet at Drake's entrance and watched with a slightly sour face at the fuss he made over his wife. If it were anyone else, he likely would have found himself laid flat on the floor wondering what had happened.

<Jessica> "Boring!" She laughed, pressing a kiss to his cheek, "I have started talking to myself."

<Shaw> "Good afternoon, Mr. Drake," he drawled from the sofa. "I do trust you kept our Stark out of trouble?"

<Bobby> "Yeah, that's a full time occupation, as usual." Bobby put Jess down and gave her a loud kiss on the cheek too, since Shark was watching. "Well, as long as you don't answer yourself, yeah? How's baby?"

<Jessica> "Oh she's fine," Jess giggled, "Shinobi thinks she's bigger already but I can't tell... wanna check?"

<Bobby> "Sure! Of course! That's what uncle Bobby's are for, yeah?" He grinned at both Shaws in the room until Sebastian got up muttering about his coffee and left. "Something I said?" His face was the picture of innocence.

<Jessica> Jess laughed and gave him a shove, leading the way to the nursery then. "Was your trip really that boring?"

<Bobby> "Well, I got to listen to her babble and gush and otherwise go all atwitter over your junior Shark, and I don't mean the baby."

<Jessica> Jess wrinkled her nose, "Yeeeeeah that was nearly a whole thing here... there were some pictures and no texting so I had to defuse that potential explosion. Fixed it though, because I'm awesome at this mum thing."

<Bobby> "She chucked her phone at the press secretary and sulked while we were stuck." Bobby had the sense to check for a surprise Stark behind him while he talked about her.

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "I thought she'd probably thrown it at something when I saw those pictures. Is it bad I know her that well?"

<Bobby> Bobby laughed, shaking his head. "I'm impressed. So he threw a hissy fit too, huh?"

<Jessica> "Well less of a hissy fit... more like he was... hurt." She pulled a face, remembering what that had felt like.

<Bobby> Bobby pulled a face too. "That's not gonna end well..." But now they were at the nursery, and woo, baby!

<Jessica> "I don't want to think about it..." She shook her head, going to her daughter - who was already awake - and lifting her up. "Bigger? Not bigger?"

<Bobby> "She's huge!" He laughed and reached for the baby, delighted when she grabbed onto his fingers when he wriggled them in front of her face. "I dunno, babe, she looks about the same, but maybe she fluffed up more after a few days out of the oven?"

<Jessica> "Maybe... I don't know." She shrugged, "Who cares? She's cute! Even if I'm biased."

<Bobby> "We're all biased! Right baby girl?" Bobby leaned in and made faces at the baby, wrinkling his nose and babbling while the baby stared. "She still looks like daddy, pooooor, poor girl!"

<Jessica> "She's beautiful, don't give her body image issues! She's not even a month old!" Jess smacked his shoulder.

<Bobby> He laughed and shook his head, another shark joke - or maybe one about the nose - at the tip of his tongue. Then he heard Hope's voice - angry, loud... upset? "Oh... shiiiinikes," he corrected himself, remembering tiny ears, and looked at Jess with wide eyes.

<Jessica> Jess looked down as though she could see through the floor, "Uh..."

<Bobby> Sebastian's voice carried as he called after Hope. "Maybe I better check..."

<Jessica> The raised voices jarred Miriam somewhat and she started wailing at the top of her tiny lungs. Jess cringed - for someone so small Miriam sure did make a lot of noise and it was horrible when she was right next to your ear and you had super enhanced hearing. Giving Bobby a nod, Jess shushed Miriam and tried to calm her down as fast as possible... before she went deaf..

<Shaw> Sebastian passed Drake on his way to check on the baby, stopping to catch the man's arm. "She's headed for the roof," he warned. For once, Drake just nodded and started up the stairs.

<Shaw> In the nursery, Miriam was in rare form and he winced. "It's fine, love," he said, not sure if he was comforting the baby or Jess.

<Jessica> Jess hurried to him and pushed Miriam at him so that she could cover her ears for some brief respite. Why oh why had she given that inhibitor cuff back?!

<Shaw> Sebastian took his daughter, trying his best to calm her and moving to the far end of the nursery, although the angle of the corner amplified the sound for his own ears.

<Jessica> Jess covered her ears and shut her eyes, trying to block out the sound and the anxiety that rose with it and focus instead on calming down. She was gradually figuring out that she could influence Miriam's emotional state with her own through her empathy and it seemed to work on others too. After a moment or two, she went over to Sebastian and wrapped her arms around them both.

<Shaw> Bouncing in place with the girl hadn't been helping, and Jess' sudden reappearance almost made him jump in earnest. He felt his heart rate slow as she held him, and he shifted to slide his free arm around her. That's a handy talent, love. Miriam's cry cut off, though she was still squirmy and protesting.

<Jessica> I'm only just begining to realise how handy, she nuzzled him and pressed a kiss to his cheek before reaching up to run a hand over Miriam's head and back. Mostly I hate it. It tells me things I really wish I didn't know... but, for this... for this it's perfect.

<Shaw> Such as whatever the hell is going on now? He hadn't investigated and was fairly certain he didn't want to know. Sebastian rubbed her arm soothingly and kissed her forehead.

<Jessica> Yes that... among other things that I will spare your sanity for. She rested against him, offering wordlessly to take Miriam back now that the wailing had ceased.

<Shaw> After kissing his daughter's fuzzy head, he passed her back and wrapped both arms around her. I wonder which one I need to throttle...

<Jessica> Neither of the ones you're thinking of.... She sighed heavily, cuddling her daughter and rocking them all slightly.

<Shaw> Sebastian hummed, doubtful, and buried his nose in Jess' hair to enjoy the moments of calm.

<Jessica> She knew he didn't believe her but she had heard the other voice in the basement. Maybe if I feed her she'll fall asleep again and we can investigate....

<Shaw> He nodded and let go of her, focusing his own senses toward the roof. However, all he heard was Drake's return. "Is she all right?" he asked.

<Bobby> "Yeah, she's... upset. Problems with your other kid." Bobby scrubbed his hand through his short hair. "It's okay though. She said she'd handle him, and he looked about ready to fall over anyway, so she won't have any problems..."

<Jessica> Jess grumbled a little but decided not to start a quieter fight in the nursery even if it might be the first time in the history of ever that Sebastian and Bobby were on the same side.

<Shaw> He picked up on Jessica's discomfort and glanced back to her. "Perhaps I should go check on them..."

<Jessica> "Give them a few minutes to sort it out..." Jess adjusted the weight of the baby in her arms, "They'll come down in their own time."

<Shaw> Sebastian scowled, clearly not a fan of this idea.

<Bobby> Ooooo, that expression could melt the paint off the walls. Bobby went back over to Jess and the baby. "Awww, all better, little girl?"

<Jessica> "New power is useful power." Jess nodded sagely and gave Bobby a smile, ignoring the scowl from her husband. This mess was partly his fault after all.

<Bobby> "I see! Where were you when Ripley was this age?" Bobby laughed and went back to making faces at the baby, who was now staring and blowing spit bubbles at him.

<Jessica> "Hiding out in hotel rooms," Jess gave him a slightly awkward smile, her eyes flicking to Sebastian, "It's not just good for babies though."

<Bobby> Bobby grinned, looking back over at sourpuss. "Babies of all sizes," he agreed.

<Shaw> Busy listening in on the conversation above them, he managed to miss this one in the same room.

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "Apparently so." She'd been trying it on everyone lately, that was true. She should probably stop that.

<Bobby> "That's right! Right baby girl?" He fussed over the girl again, petting her hair with one finger. "Mommy's got a good talent!"

<Shaw> Sebastian looked over at this display, frowning slightly, and met Jess' eyes. I'll leave you to.... whatever that is...

<Jessica> I believe it's called 'gushing', she offered him a smirk, Try to be civil... Turning back to Bobby, she laughed, "Want to hold her?"

<Shaw> Of course. Sebastian passed back by and gave Jess a quick kiss, then kissed his daughter's head as well, pleased that Drake backed up a couple steps.

<Bobby> "Sure! There's nothing better than baby cuddles, right Sharky?"

<Jessica> "Baby cuddles are magical," Jess gave him a quiet glare to try and get him to stop baiting Sebastian.

<Shaw> Sebastian didn't really care at the moment, and just smirked at Drake, drawing himself up to his full height to look down on the man before he left. "I'll be upstairs."

<Bobby> Bobby's innocent look was epic, and he blinked at Jessie and her Shark, then snickered quietly when the man swept out of the room.

<Jessica> Jess gave Bobby a shove, "You're such an ass."

<Bobby> "Me? Noooo." He cackled and picked up a rubber ducky, squeaking it at the baby. "Gimme! Before she poops or something!"

<Jessica> "If she poops and you're holding her, you're it." Jess offered her out, "It's the rules."

<Bobby> "I'll just freeze my nose if that happens then." He carefully took the baby and cuddled her against his chest. "Hiiii pretty girl..."

<Jessica> Jess giggled, "Whatever works." While she was in there and baby free, she tidied around some of Miriam's things, folding up clothes that she'd pulled out and decided not to put on her and had yet to put away.

<Bobby> Bobby launched into a rendition of Frosty the Snowman for the baby, and decided to follow Jess around to taunt her too while he was at it.

<Jessica> Jess threw a tiny hat at his face. "Frosty's going to get a carrot shoved somewhere uncomfortable if he doesn't get out of mummy's way, yes he is," she cooed at Miriam.

<Bobby> "Well, that'll replace my nose!" He sing-songed it at the girl and peeled away to walk toward the window and show her the snow outside. "At least I won't melt away..."

<Jessica> "No danger of that in this weather," she would be eternally grateful to Viper for fixing her problem with the cold.

<Bobby> "Your mommy is silly! The weather is awesome! It's almost balmy out there!" He hummed Olaf's song from Frozen, swaying from side to side with the girl.

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "Your uncle Bobby's internal thermostat is broken."

<Bobby> "My thermostat is fiiiiine." He looked over his shoulder at Jess. "So... Hope and assassin boy? What do you think?"

<Jessica> She wrinkled her nose, "I don't know... they're both so... I just don't want them to get hurt..."

<Bobby> "It's all kinds of asking for trouble..." There wasn't any screaming going on that he could hear, so either she'd already killed him or they were kissing and making up. That thought made him shudder.

<Jessica> "Yeah... I'm just worried about them both, they've both been through hell and it's hard for either of them to trust... I don't want it to get all complicated and messy...."

<Bobby> "Which it totally will, because it always does." He shook his head.

<Jessica> "I know... like this latest thing with the photos... I don't know how many of these things I can catch before they get blown out of all proportion. It's kind of exhausting... and an emotional rollercoaster."

<Bobby> "She said he was jealous last time, which kind of seems like a big blinking warning sign to me..."

<Jessica> "Well what do you want us to do? It's not up to us who they date... we can tell them we don't want to see them get hurt but both of them are more than capable of making up their own minds to ignore everything we say..." she gave a helpless shrug, "I've tried, believe me."

<Bobby> "Yeah, yeah, I know..." He snuggled into the baby and pitched his voice up again. "Just wait until this one starts dating. Right? Right?"

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "Oh Goooood, can you imagine?"

<Bobby> "Ripley isn't dating until she's at least thirty, and then I will follow. In uniform. And... lurk." Bobby put on his serious face. "Just like this."

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "Now you look like Sebastian."

<Bobby> Bobby immediately stopped that bullshit. "Nooooo. I do not. Take it back!" He turned away and whispered to Miriam. "Your mommy said something terrible... hurtful!"

<Jessica> Jess laughed harder, "Your loathing for each other is a constant source of amusement for me... except when it's annoying the hell out of me."

<Bobby> "He loathes me? Miriam! I have an arch-nemisis! This is great!"

<Jessica> Giggling, she gave him a playful shove, "The both of you are so childish."

<Bobby> Bobby turned to protect the baby. "Well of course she is... mean, mean mommy," he whispered to the baby.

<Jessica> "Hey! I'm not mean! Stop trying to turn my baby against me!" She swatted him.

<Bobby> He kept giggling and cradled the little girl, rocking in place with her.

<Jessica> Jess considered zapping him but he was holding her daughter so she settled for throwing a tiny sock at the back of his head.

<Bobby> "Oi!" The sock bounced and he poked out his tongue, then grinned.

<Jessica> Jess poked her tongue out at him in return then eyed the ceiling. Someone was not being civil. She shook it off and went to retrieve the thrown hat and sock from the floor.

<Bobby> He looked warily at the ceiling and then back to Jess. "So... your baby is inspiring, y'know?"

<Jessica> Jess raised an eyebrow at him, "How's that?" She wondered if she should maybe go upstairs.

<Bobby> "Paigey's got baby fever." He grinned.

<Jessica> "Ooooh... do I need to apologise for that or is it a good thing?" She glanced at the ceiling again, suspicions confirmed. Now she had a ninja to throttle.

<Bobby> "It's an awesome thing!" Bobby nuzzled the baby, who seemed to be going back to sleep now. "I miss this... and having this to look forward to with Paige..." He smiled to himself, rubbing tiny circles on the little girl's back.

<Jessica> Jess smiled at him though her expression soured a little at the turn in conversation upstairs. Her eyes were drawn to the ceiling again.

<Bobby> "What's going on up there, super ears?"

<Jessica> "Nothing good... everyone's angry..." She wrinkled her nose.

<Bobby> "I'm not! You're not! Let's hug it out." Bobby shuffled closer to her, mock whispering so he wouldn't wake Miriam.

<Jessica> Jess shook her head, backing up a little, "Better not... might accidentally pass it on...."

<Bobby> "Pass it... on?" He gave her side eye.

<Jessica> "I haven't really got a handle on the empathy thing yet... I can pass my own emotions on... don't really want to channel theirs at you or Miriam..."

<Bobby> "Ahhh. So... Hope has shit taste in guys, yeah?" He looked up at the ceiling himself as if he could hear them.

<Jessica> "This isn't her fault... Sebastian went up there angry... And she's right, he always assumes the worst of Shinobi with no evidence whatsoever..." She sighed.

<Bobby> Bobby barely contained his eye roll. "Yeah, still with Sharky on this one."

<Jessica> "Because you don't know him. But Sebastian does. At least as much as he's willing to..." which, judging by the conversation, was not enough. "I'm starting to wonder if it was wise letting him stay here after all... maybe Viper should have kept him..."

<Bobby> "Viper?!" His voice was loud and the baby wriggled. "Shhhhhh.... sorry!" he said, tempering his tone. "Um, no. I know she's your buddy and all, but he's a freaking assassin with a history of working for fuuuuudging bad guys! Like she needs him on a silver platter! He could just go back to SHIELD."

<Jessica> "SHIELD were no good for him and you know it. Would you wish SHIELD prison on anyone that didn't deserve it? He was there because they didn't know what else to do with him and at least with Viper he'd be in a stable environment without having to worry all the time about someone blaming him for something he didn't do because they're prejudiced and paranoid." She had to watch her temper, half of it wasn't hers.

<Jessica> Turning her back to Bobby, she tried to calm down. "I'm only one person... I'm so exhausted from having to defend everyone else all the time."

<Bobby> "Sorry, babe," Bobby said with a sigh.

<Jessica> "It's not your fault... I just don't understand why they can't see how much damage they're doing to each other... it's so obvious..."

<Bobby> "Well, I can watch baby shark if you need a breather," he said, afraid to approach now.

<Jessica> She pushed her hands through her hair and nodded, "That would be great..." of course, her usual spot for chilling out was occupied by angry people right now. She decided to deal with that first. "Thanks..." she offered him a small smile before heading to the door.

<Bobby> "No problem. It'll all work out," he offered, though he assumed it would work out after a giant blowup of one kind or the other. With Jess gone, Bobby sat down in the rocking chair to start the serious business of baby cuddling.
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Re: 1/27 Instance: Baby, What a Mess!

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Super cute!
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