5/19 Instance: Waterworks

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5/19 Instance: Waterworks

Post by Slarti » Wed May 20, 2015 4:56 am

Timelined at the same time as No Words

<Hope> The shower had been warm, soothing, relaxing... until Jess started talking to Shinobi. As he melted down... she had found herself unable to block it out entirely. She had managed not to give him a feedback loop, but that meant she was dealing with this on her own. She had melted down and cried in the shower for... she didn't know how long.

<Hope> As she dressed herself and towel dried her hair, her mind went back to the thoughts Shinobi was having. The weight of his depression and her guilt were too much. She sobbed into her hands... and water began spewing all over the room from the faucets.

<Hope> It took no time at all for Hydra agents to notice water leaking out from the bathroom door. Hope kept screaming and crying inside as she tried to turn off the water and her own tears AND shield the brunt of it from Shinobi!

<Shaw> The agent was insistent, and he tried to brush the man off at first, until he said the magic words -- Hope Stark.

<Hope> Hope's clean clothes were soaked through, her hair soaked. She felt like she had just showered in her clothes. And the water wouldn't stop. "Son of a bitch! Make it stop!" She screamed, wrapping herself up in the shower curtain.

<Shaw> Now outside the bathroom door, he attempted to sidestep the water, but it was impossible. "Hope!" he called, pounding on the door.

<Hope> "Go away!" She sat down on the shower floor, wrapping the shower curtain around her head and body, pressing her forehead to her knees. Apparently... Hydra needed a pool in this room.

<Shaw> "You know I'm not going to do that, love," he said more quietly, during the knob and edging the door open. Sebastian jumped back and swore, wiping water from his eyes. "Stark!"

<Hope> "I tried to warn you!" She shouted back at him, holding her shower curtain tighter. "Go yell at your wife!"

<Shaw> His wife? Dismissing it, he flung the door open and ducked the water, barging in and finally locating her wrapped inside the shower curtain. He almost wanted to join her. "Can you stop it?"

<Hope> "Do you think I would be hiding under a shower curtain if I could stop it?!" Goh! People could be such idiots!

<Shaw> "Shield!" he snapped, picking up her stray thoughts.

<Hope> "You shield!" It was hard enough to keep the brunt of that from Shinobi, let alone anything else. Too bad she didn't have anything to throw at him. As she thought that, the plunger came flying at her. She couldn't quite duck fast enough, and the handle whacked her across the head. "OW!!"

<Shaw> "You!" he bellowed at an agent. "Clean that up!"

<Shaw> "Hope!" He caught her, tangled with the curtain, and slammed his own shielding in place over her. Sliding on the slick wet floor, he almost fell during his hasty exit from the room.

<Hope> Hope cried on her Daddy as she held her head. "Where's Bobby?"

<Shaw> He gave her a dubious look. How hard had she been hit? "In New York."

<Hope> She whimpered, holding her head. Ice. Damnit she needed ice. And a heater.

<Shaw> Sebastian sat her down on the floor in the hall, kneeling before her. "Love, look at me." He took her chin in one hand, checking for a concussion. Then he saw the blood.

<Hope> Reluctantly, Hope looked over at Sebastian, still crying, still unable to stop.

<Shaw> "Christ." He searched for something to stop the blood and dashed back to the bathroom, snatching a mostly dry towel. Just as quickly he was back, pressing it to her temple. "Hope... I need you to focus on me. Take my abilities."

<Hope> "I don't want to!" she whined at him, wiping her face on her dripping hand. It did no good.

<Shaw> "You must! Would you rather I take you to a Hydra doctor?" He pressed the towel against the wound and shifted, gathering her into his lap. She was freezing!

<Hope> "You wouldn't dare!" she did lay her head against him though, most of the fight gone out of her.

<Shaw> "Take my abilities, love... just block the telepathy. I'm still shielding you..." In fact... closing his eyes to concentrate, he tightened those shields.

<Hope> Hope was somewhat okay... until she lost Shinobi. "NO!" Now she fought him, pushing back at his shields, grasping for that link.

<Shaw> "Hope! Calm!" He struggled with her, and though he was far stronger, he found it a losing battle since he didn't want to hurt her. "Stop!"

<Hope> "Let go of me!" She shouted at him, pushing harder against his shields, desperate to get Shinobi back.

<Shaw> "No! You're injured, and your abilities are out of control!" He caught one arm, then the other.

<Hope> "I said let me go!" She struggled against him, trying to get away from him now.

<Shaw> He flipped her to the floor and pressed her onto her back, pinning her to stop her from injuring herself.

<Hope> Hope screamed. No! No no no no no! She screamed loudly and stole Shinobi's power, rolling to get away from Sebastian.

<Shaw> Swearing again, he loosened his shielding, allowing their link to reform. "There! Is that better? Now calm down!"

<Shaw> Finding himself on the floor, he rolled and jumped to his feet. "Goddammit Hope! Calm down! My ability! Not his!" Then he realized what he'd done.

<Shaw> Swearing again, he loosened his shielding, allowing their link to reform. "There! Is that better? Now calm down!"

<Hope> Reforming, Hope leaned against the wall, immediately calmer once she felt Shinobi again. She eased herself down, slipping the last little bit and landing on her ass. Perfect. She ran her hands through her stringy, wet hair. She was a mess. This was a mess. She pulled her hand away and stared at where blood had smeared onto her palm.

<Shaw> He snatched the towel up and pressed it back in place for a moment, then dabbed and tried to move her hair aside to see if she needed stitches. The bleeding seemed to have mostly stopped, thankfully.

<Hope> Hope stared at the blood in her hand, trying to process that. Shinobi wanted to know if she was okay. She wasn't, but that wasn't what she was going to tell him. She ratted out Sebastian for cutting off their link, then leaned her head back against the wall. She wanted to go back to sleep, damnit.

<Shaw> Sebastian was quite finished with this, so after a moment of contemplation, he scooped up the soggy redhead. "Right, let's go."

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