9/4 Instance: Tactical Error

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9/4 Instance: Tactical Error

Post by Slarti » Sat Sep 05, 2015 5:04 am

Timelined right after Tickled Treachery

<Bobby> He started while Anna was just in the bathroom, and continued on the drive home from their (totally ruined) bff bonding day on Coney Island. [plz page where r u?] he texted.

<Bobby> [sorry autocorrect!]

<Paige> Paige was with Sebastian, of course. They'd done last minute shopping for the candy bar favors and were currently enjoying a delicious lunch at the cutest little cafe Paige had ever been to. She apologized to Sebastian and texted Bobby back. [What's up babycakes? I'm with Cookie having lunch.]

<Bobby> [D: why?!]

<Paige> [Because he's my friend? You're being weird!]

<Bobby> After dropping Anna off, he was finally able to respond. [promise i'm not... he's evil. where r u?? im coming. now]

<Paige> [Haven't we been through this?]

<Bobby> [plz... dont make me trace ur phone!!] Holy shit... she was with him, and she didn't get it! Bobby started driving, then stopped, since he didn't know where he was going.

<Paige> He just went there. He just went there! Her blue eyes looked up at Sebastian for help, passing him the phone.

<Shaw> Sebastian accepted the phone, curious, and read through the texts. Aside from Drake's appalling grammar, there was a theme... "Well..."

<Paige> "What am I supposed to do with that?" she asked, her fingers looping blonde hair around and around nervously.

<Shaw> "Perhaps he's been drinking? Didn't you say he was spending the day with... Rogue?" Sebastian scrolled back through the messages again. "Would you like me to call him?"

<Paige> "Is that going to help?" She questioned. "Maybe you should..."

<Shaw> "To be quite honest, I don't know, my dear." He frowned at the phone, then looked back up at Paige. Oh my, she was making doe eyes at him. "If you think it might help, or if you would just prefer not to speak to him right now, then of course."

<Paige> "He just threatened to track my phone. I do not want to talk to him," she admitted softly.

<Shaw> Sebastian sighed and reached across the table, resting his hand on hers. "I'll call him."

<Bobby> Why wasn't she answering? In his panic, he slowly realized something. Ripley. Paige had Ripley. Both of them were with him. [baby plz just tell me where u r? are u ok?]

<Shaw> The phone buzzed again and he frowned at it, attempting to ignore it for a moment longer.

<Paige> Paige took Sebastian's hand, nodding her thanks.

<Shaw> He simply held her hand for a while, then checked the phone. "He wants do know where you are."

<Paige> "Do I tell him?" She asked uneasily.

<Shaw> "That is your decision, love." He tried to run through scenarios that could have led Drake to this level of lunacy. "He is your fiance, and surely there is some sort of explanation for this." One came to him and he reached for his own phone.

<Paige> "I can't... I can't talk to him. Will you? Please? I can't..."

<Shaw> There was no new word on the Brood from his sources, but it was still a possibility. "Yes, of course. Should I tell him where we are?" He looked around the restaurant, and to Ripley, who was still eating, luckily.

<Paige> She shrugged uncertainly. "I don't know.."

<Shaw> "Well, we'll see how the conversation goes, yes?" He squeezed her hand once more and let go to return the call on Paige's phone.

<Bobby> Paige's ringtone sounded and he sighed in relief. "Babe! Hey, I'm sorry... I'm just... there's something really important I gotta tell you and it's about the shark and it's... holy shit it's - oh my God, sorry, I owe you a quarter. I better just give you like ten bucks because this... this is huge!"

<Shaw> Sebastian blinked. "Drake..."

<Bobby> That... was not Paige. Oh God!

<Shaw> There was a long silence. He thought he heard breathing. "Drake?"

<Paige> "Is he okay?" Paige finally asked, the tension getting to her. She dropped Sebastian's hand to scoop up her baby, snuggling her carefully.

<Shaw> At a loss, Sebastian shrugged one shoulder at her. "He's not speaking now. Perhaps he ran out of breath and passed out." After a beat, he smirked to let her know that was a joke.

<Paige> She smiled, relaxing a little. She stole a kiss to the top of Ripley's head, playing with her blonde curls a little. "He'll recover."

<Bobby> "Where's Paige? Let me talk to Paige..." Bobby could hardly breathe, but he heard her voice in the background and she didn't seem to be tied up in a basement or anything.

<Shaw> "She's a tad busy at the moment. May I help you?" He drummed his fingers on the table, watching their waiter across the room.

<Paige> Paige laughed as Ripley got her food all over her. "You are definitely your Daddy's daughter," she told her, cleaning her up a bit and looking at Sebastian warily.

<Bobby> "Is she okay?" His tone took on a begging quality and he didn't even care. The shark had him and had his family.

<Shaw> "Why wouldn't she be?" He was honestly confused. "Has there been any change in the situation with the Brood?"

<Paige> That word caught her attention, Paige looking up at Sebastian sharply. "Has there?" she asked nervously, kissing Ripley's head again.

<Bobby> "....no? Has there?" Bobby was confused now.

<Shaw> "Nothing of which I'm aware, but I don't work for SHIELD. Hence, I ask," he said, answering them both. Now he was in dire need of a coffee refill.

<Paige> Paige eased back in her chair, twirling Ripley's blonde hair nervously. Why was Bobby in such a dither? "What else could possible have set him off?"

<Bobby> "Oh..." He couldn't really make out what Paige was saying. Derailed for the moment, he was silent. He needed to talk to her! Not him!

<Shaw> "I have no idea. Yet." Sebastian raised a hand to hail the waiter. "Drake, are you quite alright?" The man didn't sound drunk. "Your texts alarmed your fiancee."

<Paige> That was Paige's cue to sink down in her chair a little, hiding partly behind her toddler. "Alarmed is a great word for it."

<Bobby> "Alarmed?" He was the definition of alarmed himself, but chewed his lip, trying to remember what he'd sent her. Oh. "I just... um.... n-need to talk to her..."

<Shaw> "Mmm. What is wrong, precisely?" He gave Paige a slight smile, then another, larger grin to Ripley when the girl waved at him.

<Paige> Perking up, Paige laughed at Ripley. "Awwww. Hi Uncle Sebastian!"

<Bobby> Now that he understood. Uncle Sebastian. He shuddered, leaning forward and resting his forehead against the steering wheel. "Where are you guys?" Casual. He could try for casual.

<Shaw> "Hello, little love." Sebastian returned the wave with a much less exuberant gesture, then frowned at the phone. "Perhaps you could tell me what's troubling you first?"

<Paige> The suspense was killing her. "Has he stopped freaking out?" she asked softly. Maybe she should stay at the hospital.

<Shaw> Sebastian gave her a dubious look.

<Bobby> "What's troubling me is you won't fucking let me talk to her!" Bobby sat up, at the end of his rope. Fuck casual. Casual sucked. He needed to know where they were, and get her away from him! Switching to speaker phone, he started writing a text to Darren.

<Paige> She heard that! Well, his tone. Paige shrank back behind Ripley, steadying herself. Nope!

<Shaw> His eyebrow rose. "I would suggest you not raise your voice, Drake."

<Bobby> "I suggest you don't lay a fucking finger on them, Shaw."

<Paige> She felt sick to her stomach, but she tried to pull it together for Ripley. "Just... maybe just hang up. I can''t..." she swallowed hard.

<Shaw> "Why would I? I believed we'd moved past this." He held up a hand, turning slightly away from her in his chair.

<Bobby> "Why wouldn't you? Never stopped you before. How many people you fucked over, huh? How many?! You and Essex!"

<Shaw> His phrasing made Sebastian pause. "I don't know what you're talking about."

<Paige> Paige's shaky hand picked up her water glass and took a sip, spilling a little water on herself. She set the glass down and used her napkin to clean herself up. She watched Sebastian, wondering if she should leave.

<Bobby> "That's convenient!" Bobby snarled it out, then his mouth snapped shut as his brain caught up. Shaw had Paige, and Ripley, and now he knew. This time his head connected with the back window of the truck's cab with a loud thud.

<Shaw> "Drake," he started with a sigh. "I believe you need to rest. Calm down. Sleep it off, if that is the problem. When you're more yourself, perhaps we can sort this all out, yes?" Sebastian looked over at Paige and made a decision. "Goodbye, for now."

<Shaw> He ended the call and turned off her phone, sliding it back across the table. "I'm sorry, love."

<Paige> Paige sighed heavily and took the phone, sliding it into her purse without looking at it twice. "What in the world got into him!?"

<Bobby> He heard the dead air and stared at the phone before putting it back to his ear, though he already knew. "Shaw? Shaw? Shaw! Oh my God, you fucker!" Swearing again, he threw the phone across the cab and punched the wheel, knuckles frosting over. How fucking stupid could he be?

<Shaw> "I don't know. He didn't sound inebriated." Sebastian wasn't sure if he should share that tidbit or not, but ah well. He mulled over the words. You and Essex. Of course, he knew Drake had been one of the students most affected by Essex, but... hmm. He shook his head.

<Paige> Piecing together the details was not something Paige could do very easily. "I thought he was over being jealous of you," she stated flatly.

<Shaw> "As did I." Since Ripley was wriggling, he took the girl, allowing Paige a moment to collect herself. "I'm certain he will calm down. Is there anything I can do?"

<Paige> "I don't know that there's anything you could do. Maybe we should get some ice cream though." Ice cream helped everything.

<Shaw> "Ice cream it is. I know a fantastic place around the corner." He again hailed the waiter for their check.

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