Instance 10/17: "Croikey, looka da soize A 'dat one!"

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Instance 10/17: "Croikey, looka da soize A 'dat one!"

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Mon Oct 18, 2010 9:35 pm

[[ Timeline: Current {Though Ferg, if you got a specific place you can think/want it, feel free to change this tag. Pup, sorry about using "current", I hate to but I honestly don't know where to place this, it has no real place...} ]]

Lorna: "Thank you for flying Air Lorna, please be sure to secure your luggage and put your tray tables into an upright and locked position. We expect to land, well, right now folks." Lorna swiveled in her seat, putting the landing gear down as she talked and pulled back, smiling as she looked out at the new scenery. "This is new at least, huh?"

Tigra: Tigra peered out of the window, "I don't like it... looks hot...."

Illyana: Illyana nodded. She was overly dressed for a desert. "Looks too 'ot."

Cessily: "Therefore I advice against hugging me out there," Cessily chimed in, leaning over to look out of the jet's window. "You know how hot metal can get when it's left out in the sun for too long."

Tigra: Tigra wondered if hotpants and a halter top was going to be too much on top of her fur in this weather. "Hotter than my fur even...." Tigra wrinkled her nose.

Illyana: Illyana eyed the metal girl. She had thought the cat lady was weird. She couldn't imagine how awful it would be to be made of metal.

Lorna: "Oh come on, deserts are pretty awesome. See if I take you guys to Vegas next time I go home." She stuck her tongue out at them, which was tricky to do landing...thankfully Lorna cheated. "Right, now, are we all briefed on what we're looking for?"

Curt: The bushes and dry shrubs shifted and shook, though there was no wind. The Lizard watched with one eye open from the shadows beneath the twiggy shrub and waited for the large metal bird to turn its attention away from him. Lizard just wanted a bite...

Tigra: "Giant liizard-man, right?" Tigra asked.

Cessily: "When we're back at the school, we should drop a note suggesting that we should get uniforms with built-in air conditioning," Cessily said, before looking at Lorna with a smirk on her lips. "Oh, there are much more interesting things in Vegas than the desert."

Illyana: Illyana was beginning to think she should have stayed in bed today. "Vegas... isn't that place with all the 'otels and gambling?"

Tigra: "I don't like the uniforms... maybe I should just request a bikini..."

Cessily: "Right, we copied the most useful pictures we have of him, her, or it on these PDA thingies... so if you're unsure whether the thing that's trying to eat you is what we're looking for or just a regular crocodile, you can look it up."

Lorna: "Giant lizard man." Lorna nodded. "I wouldn't be opposed to air conditioning suits...and bikinis are notably suseptible to bullets." She stood up, opening the exit. "And yes, hotels and gambling."

Tigra: "I'm sure my nose will tell me one way or another," Tigra replied then looked over to Lorna, "I don't worry about bullets - I heal."

Curt: Lizard hissed quietly to himself as the metal bird opened up its rear.

Illyana: "...bullets?! Nobody mentioned bullets!" Illyana was in a panic now.

Cessily: "It's also where all the aging musicians go to die," Cessily tossed in, following Lorna.

Tigra: "Don't worry," Tigra told Illyana, "I'm sure giant lizard-men don't carry guns."

Cessily: "Don't worry, Illyana," Cessily told the new girl, giving her a kind smile. "I doubt this giant lizard will shoot at us. Now, I'd be more worried about bitemarks."

Illyana: "Right... bitemarks..." Illyana gulped, thinking she really might should have stayed in bed.

Tigra: Tigra stepped down the ramp and looked around, her tail curling and uncurling as she scented the air. Ick. Dry.

Lorna: "A bullet in the right place isn't going to be helped too much by healing...and we totally get a discount on concerts." She led the way out. "There won't be bullets, it's a...hopefully...recruiting run."

Curt: Like a bullet from a gun, the Lizard shot out from the bushes and scurried across the dry flatlands. He hissed loudly as he ran into another batch of bushes, diving in and disappearing with low rumble.

Illyana: Illyana took a moment to say a quick prayer before cautiously following the others.

Tigra: Tigra's sharp ears picked up the sound and she stopped, becoming perfectly still.

Cessily: "Maybe we should have packed some bacon then," Cessily said, peering into the landscape. "It might have helped for recruitment purposes."

Illyana: "Helped us get eaten..." Illyana didn't like this at all.

Lorna: "...that was odd?" Lorna tilted her head. "I would have ate the bacon on the way over, that was one hell of a flight."

Tigra: Tigra's ears moved trying to pick up the sound again, she moved towards where she'd heard it go in hunting mode.

Curt: There was a low grumble from the shrubs, directed towards the Cat. "Hurrrrrrr..."

Tigra: Tigra kept low to the ground, approaching the sound. Her own movements, perfectly silent.

Cessily: "If I stay much longer out here in that heat, you could have fried that bacon on my skin," Cessily remarked, trying to stay in the shade - of which there wasn't too much around. "...alright, what was that?"

Lorna: "Well, it wasn't Priscilla, I'll tell you that."

Curt: "Ks, ks, ks!" The Lizard sounded off, making warning sounds of his territory.

Illyana: "Maybe we should 'ave sent an astral form out to investigate first... it's like a bad 'ologram... cannot be bitten!"

Tigra: Tigra paused and crouched low to the ground, peering into the bushes. She let out a curious mew.

Cessily: "Which basically means I'll go first," Cessily remarked. "I'm pretty chew-resistant."

Curt: The Lizard stopped at teh 'mew'. It promptly stood up out of the bushes and cocked its head to the side, staring at Tigra.

Curt: The Lizard's tongue flicked out, licked his eyeball, and then he said. "Ssssssssupper."

Cessily: Cessily quickly followed Tigra towards the bushes. "Wait on us, please," she called. "You don't know what we'll... oh, you already did..."

Tigra: Tigra watched it rise, still crouched fairly submissively on the ground. And then she heard what it said and went on the defensive. A low growl emerged from deep in her throat.

Illyana: Illyana froze when she saw the lizard man thing. She was growing more certain that bed had been a better idea!

Lorna: "Successful hunting trip all ready, hmm? That's saving us time." Lorna closed ground quickly, floating over to the scene.

Cessily: Wishing she had some bacon to toss, Cessily stopped dead in her tracks, staring over Tigra's shoulder at the giant lizard. "Get behind me," she whispered, advancing slowly. "Don't scare it."

Tigra: "Him." Tigra ammended Cessily's words, "Not it." She watched the lizard man carefully, prepared to spring out of the way if need be.

Cessily: "Fine, him," Cessily corrected herself. "He still looks not amused, though. And a bit hungry."

Cessily: Carefully, Cessily raised her arm to wave, keeping her gaze on the giant lizard. "Hi," she said, an uneven smile on her lips.

Illyana: I want to go home, I want to go home, I want to go home! Illyana tried to be a statue. Maybe HE couldn't see her if she was still!

Lorna: "I'd say this is probably the second strangest recruitment mission I've been on. So,-"

Curt: The Lizard finished investigating Tigra and moved its line of sight to the rest of the team. "Mine?" With no warning, and great reflex, the Lizard sprang from his place and landed behind Tigra but before the rest of the group.

Lorna: "-Oh! Hello there! You sure can jump, can't you?"

Tigra: Tigra turned quickly to keep the lizard in her sights. Oh boy.

Cessily: "I think it likes you," Cessily remarked, instinctively taking a step back when the lizard jumped towards them. "But Tigra belongs to us, you know. You can't keep her."

Curt: Inside Connors screamed. "Run! Run now! Go! He's gonna eat'cha!' But it was no use, he had lost control long ago.

Curt: The Lizard turned to Cessily and winked at her.

Tigra: "Tigra doesn't belong to anyone." She stood up, extending her claws. Just in case.

Lorna: "...did you seriously just talk about yourself in the third person?"

Tigra: Tigra raised an eyebrow. They were talking to a giant lizard that had just proclaimed her his property and Lorna was worried about grammar?

Cessily: "Oh my, Steve Irwin left us way too soon," Cessily remarked, warily eying the giant lizard thing. "We certainly could have used him here."

Illyana: Illyana wondered if she could telelport to Tigra and teleport the two of them out... she had never tried that before. Too risky.

Curt: The Lizard sniffed the air and then looked to Lorna. Sticking its snout closer into her face, its tongue shot out and flickered against her cheek. It sniffed her and used a claw hand to scratch at her shoulder.

Tigra: "Hey!" Tigra yelled, "Keep your appendages to yourself, mister!" She swiped at his shoulder with her own claws.

Lorna: Right, that meant it was time for shields. "Oh, molestation. If the bar for weird recruitments hadn't been set so high he'd be coming close."

Curt: The Lizard turned quickly to Tigra, whipping around fast as its tail came 'round towards Lorna. The Lizard growled loudly and then made some sort of reptilian bark, gnashing its teeth. It stomped towards Tigra with intent.

Cessily: "He's not the only one how can molest, you know," Cessily commented, stretching her arms into long tentacles to try and separate Tigra from the lizard.

Tigra: Tigra waved Cessily's arms away. She was fine. For now.

Illyana: What about this was supposed to be a better life again? Illyana began to slowly move toward the group. She wasn't sure what her plan was, but she couldn't help where she was.

Cessily: Cessily frowned and moved into a ready stance, shaping an additional pair of arms, each ending in heavy mace. "Fine, can we all start to behave ourselves now," she said, her eyes narrowing. "I have no intention of letting things get out of hand here."

Tigra: Tigra crouched again, all claws extended as she prepared to defend herself. Another low growl escaping, "I know we're in your territory but we're not trying to take it from you."

Curt: The Lizard would have reacted to that, but in the distance, a kangaroo began to hop across the open plains. The Lizard looked to Tigra.... then to the Kangaroo... and decided for the 'roo.

Lorna: "Wow, watch out for his tail for the record." Lorna warned, righting herself. "...oh you're fucking kidding me." Lorna sighed as she watched him scurrying away.

Curt: "Hssssssss eat!" It shouted as it bolted from the group.

Tigra: Tigra blinked. "Wow he's as easily distracted as me..."

Tigra: She frowned a little, "Maybe.... hmm... I could let the feral try?" she looked at the others, "Maybe it can get some sense out of lizard boy?"

Curt: It leaped into the air with a screech, and landed on the poor 'roo (who whined mornfully as his fangs clamped down on it's neck and broke it.)

Illyana: "'e's 'ungry it seems." Illyana had caught up to the group finally.

Cessily: "Well, if it goes wrong, we might want to keep a ball of yarn ready to distract the both of you," Cessily commented.

Illyana: Illyana laughed at that and relaxed a bit. "So 'ow do we get 'im to listen?"

Tigra: "Nah I think I have her under control now..." She shrugged, walking off towards the lizard. "I'll be fine." Wakey wakey, Tigra...

Lorna: "We'll keep an eye out just in case." Lorna nodded to Tigra, keeping a close watch on the kangaroo and their Lizard-Boy

Tigra: She dropped to allfours, covering the ground quickly but carefully between her and the lizard. She kept back a bit - she wasn't interested in the prey. She paused off to one side and mewed at the lizard.

Cessily: "Well, at least she speaks feral, too," Cessily commented, joining the others as they watched Tigra follow the lizard.

Curt: Lizard grumbled and continued to tear apart the Kangaroo. The bones snapping were like music to The Lizard's ears.

Cessily: "Still, I don't even want to start thinking about all the ways this could possibly go wrong," she added.

Tigra: Skirting a little closer to the lizard and its kill, Tigra tried a little more submissive approach. Her claws retracted and she started purring. Not danger. Friend.

Lorna: "If it goes all to hell we have some really nice restraints on that jet."

Curt: The Lizard shook what was left of the roo, tossed it aside, and stared at Tigra. The Lizard eyed the hilly incline that was to his right.

Tigra: Tigra cocked her head curiously at the sudden shift in behavior. She mewed again.

Curt: The Lizard stood up slowly turned its head to the side... and smiled. With that, his tail whipped from his left and knocking into Tigra with great force.

Curt: With a shriek and chomp, it leapt onto Tigra, attempting to hold her down and push her down the hill, away from the others.

Tigra: Crap! Tigra went flying and hit the ground hard, crapcrapcrap! She wriggled and pushed and tried to get free. Not again!

Cessily: "...does that constitute 'going to hell' already," Cessily asked, taking off towards the hill to not let them get out of sigh.

Illyana: "Uh uh uh!" Illyana concentrated and teleported ahead of their path. She opened her eyes to the tumble coming toward her. Now what?

Tigra: She growled and dug her claws into the lizard's scales, "Let me go!"

Lorna: "It's pretty damned close." Lorna responded, moving in to get a closer look and see if she could manage to seperate the two of them.

Curt: "Hssss, no!" The Lizard used its claws to try to rip at her belly, but Tigra's arms got in the way. They tumbled down and collided with poor Illyana.

Illyana: Illyana fell, cursing her power for not saving her that time. "AHH! Knock it off! We're not 'ere to 'urt you!"

Tigra: "I'm not yours!" Tigra twisted free, crouching defensively. Her ears were back and her tail lashed behind her on the ground. "You can't have me that way!" Her eyes narrowed. "I'll kill you first."

Curt: Lizard looked confused, and tried to press Tigra down. His teeth kept biting towards her face, but she was fast. And strong.

Illyana: Illyana grabbed onto the lizard and concentrated hard on teleporting him to the jet.

Tigra: She pushed at the lizard and bit at anything she could reach, "We want to help you!"

Cessily: "Where a cattle prod when you need one," Cessily said to herself, ready to leap at the lizard's back.

Curt: Suddenly the Lizard was whipped away from the Cat and found himself falling to the earth, or more precisely, right onto the Jet.

Curt: With a loud thud (the kind from a 300 pound lizard hitting the metal of the jet) the Lizard flailed and flopped to the dirt, unconscious.

Tigra: Tigra was surprised by the sudden ammount of air where her the lizard once was. She rolled to her feet and looked around, "What the-? Where did he go?!"

Lorna: "...what the flipping hell?'

Illyana: Illyana landed not far from him on her rear. "AHHH OW!!!"

Tigra: Tigra's ears picked up Illyana's shout and she bolted back to the jet, "I was handling it!"

Illyana: "Don't look at me! Tell my powers! And my rear... oowwww..."

Curt: The Lizard shook and tried to stand. It coughed, trembled, and then flopped back onto the dirt. But he was shrinking. Something was happening to it.

Cessily: Cessily jumped, but only managed to pounce a rotten tree trunk. "Now that's unexpected," she remarked, looking up to see Tigra nearby, but no sign of the lizard. "This is definitely one of the weirdest recruitments ever."

Tigra: Tigra went over to the Lizard, croucihng beside it and sniffing curiously. "I think you broke him..." she said to Illyana.

Lorna: "Don't question gifts like this one." Lorna shrugged. "I'll hold him..though...huh." Lorna hovered, putting up a shield around their violent not so little friend.

Illyana: "I 'ope 'e is broken! Maniac!"

Lorna: "Are you not remembering the amazing Deadgirl, Cess?"

Tigra: "He's not a maniac!" Tigra hissed at Illyana, "He's afraid and we're in his territory! You don't understand what it's like!"

Curt: The Lizard began to shrink and shrink, his tail sucking back in. There was a sound of bones crunching and organs rearranging. Within moments, the unconscious body of the large reptile was now a naked, scrawny, boy.

Illyana: "I understand 'e tried to kill you!"

Cessily: To get back to the jet at a faster pace, Cessily curled up into a big silver wheel and rolled across the desert. "Okay, everyone calm down now," she exclaimed, unrolling herself again.

Tigra: "He wasn't trying to kill me until people intervened." She crouched to check him over, "Poor guy..."

Cessily: Cessily made a face when she was just in time to watch the eerie transformation. "Oh my," she stated. "At least we can be pretty sure that we got the right one."

Lorna: "...I am seriously underwhelmed here."

Illyana: "'e still tried to kill you. We need to get 'ome before 'e wakes up!"

Curt: The boy shivered and pushed himself up. He opened his eyes, then shrieked. Girls! He covered himself. "Jeez, wot in da 'ell happened?!"

Illyana: "You tried to kill us, that's what in the 'ell 'appened!"

Tigra: "Hi there." She gave him a smile, "I'm Tigra." she glared at Illyana, "Shh!" she turned back to the boy, "What's your name?"

Curt: "I.... I...." He was having flashes. Blood. People screaming. Cars being torn apart... sheep being tossed great distances.

Curt: "I.... oh God.... I don't remember... I'm trying but.... Oh man.... I don't feel good..."

Tigra: "Focus." Tigra said sofly, "Your name... don't worry about the other stuff. Focus on your name... we're gonna help you, okay?" She put a hand on his shoulder.

Lorna: "Yeah...success!" Lorna declared. "Get the restraints...just in case."

Cessily: "Hello," Cessily told the boy, a kind smile on her lips, and crouched down next to him. "No need to feel scared. We won't hurt you. We're here to help you."

Curt: "You won't hurt me? I'll hurt you! Cripes, don't let it out!" He nearly sobbed.

Illyana: Illyana couldn't believe them. He had tried to kill Tigra and they were so nicey nice to him.

Cessily: "Shh, calm down," Cessily tried to assure him, holding up her hands. "It's going to be alright."

Tigra: "We don't want to hurt you." She put her arm around his shoulders, purr starting up again to try and calm him. "We'll help. It's okay. You can trust us."

Curt: His chest began to heave and his eyes began to scan the group wildly. "Do it.... kill me. Kill me.... I dunno wot it is... but kill me. It's a monstah! I can't stop it!" His teeth suddenly hurt, a lot, and he used his hand to cover his mouth and whine in pain.

Cessily: Cessily bit her lip and glanced at the others. "I don't think we're making any progress here."

Tigra: "Oh god... he can't control the shift..." Tigra could smell the fear, "Calm down please. You have to get control back. Don't let it win...."

Lorna: "Nobody's going to kill anyone." Lorna said quietly. She still motioned for the restraints to be brought out just in case. "We're not going to let you hurt anyone even if you do change again, okay?"

Illyana: "I can drop 'im again..." Illyana offered.

Curt: "Who are ya?" He asked, trying to keep the monster down. "Where ya takin' me?"

Tigra: "We're friends... mutants." She gave him a smile, "Gonna get you some help."

Lorna: "We're part of a school, for people with mutations, like you. I'm Lorna, so hello there."

Cessily: "My name's Cessily," she told the boy, putting on a smile again. "And we only want to help you. We're just like you."

Curt: Curt looked around and tried to smile. ".... I'm Curt. Connors. An' I'm sorta naked, ain't no way to possbly change 'this?" He felt the urges subsiding. Jeez, these people were nice.

Tigra: "I'm sure there is in the jet... but don't worry on my account." She gave him another smile, still keeping up the purr, "Nice to meet you, Curt."

Illyana: "You can 'ave my sweater until you get into the jet."

Cessily: "Nice meeting you, Curt," Cessily said, maintaining the smile on her lips as she gave the boy a friendly nod. "And I'm sure we can find some blankets for you in the jet."

Lorna: "I'm sure we've got something on the get for you."

Curt: He wasn't sure if girls understood the whole, more worried about our bottoms than our tops thing, when it came to guys, but he nodded and sucked in air slowly. "Okay...." He looked up to Cess and then over to Tigra and smiled. "Okay...." He shrugged. "Me an' a bunch of sheila's while I'm naked? Ma would not be 'appy."

Curt: [["Okay...." He looked up to Cess and then over to Tigra and smiled. "Okay...." He shrugged. "Me an' a bunch of sheila's while I'm naked? Ma would not be 'appy."]]

Tigra: Tigra giggled, "She doesn't have to know."

Illyana: Illyana handed him the sweater to wrap around his man bits.

Curt: He smiled at her and took it, using it as he had seen the aborigines. "Wildly effective." He decided.

Illyana: "You can keep it."

Cessily: "And perfectly adequate for any college fraternity," Cessily added with a nod. "Seems like you're good to go."

Lorna: Oh sweater violation. "I'd say it's practically a mandatory outfit." She straightened up. "So, what do you say to a really long flight, Curt?"

Cessily: "Sadly, we have no stewardesses on board," Cessily added. "We'll have to change that in the future."

Tigra: "Oooh I can be a stewardess!" Tigra grinned.

Curt: He looked out, not even knowing where in the Outback he was anymore. There was no finding home, and the stress of talking ot his parents.... if it set him off...

Cessily: "Awesome," Cessily exclaimed, standing back up again as she grinned at the others. "And I'll take your requests to join the mile high club." She turned to lead the others back to the jet.

Curt: "Absolutely. We should probably do so befo' 'da dingoes get wind of that kangaroo kill 'dey left over there." He pointed to it.

Tigra: Tigra nodded, "Yeah, good idea.... though I'm sure I can take a dingo."

Curt: He looked to Cessily with surprise, and his entire face and ears turned beet red. He muttered something about not being ready and looked to the dirt.

Illyana: "I'm finished with fights today. I am ready to go 'ome!"

Lorna: "Can always count on Cess to make people feel extra welcome." Lorna called back, climbing into the jet.

Illyana: Illyana went to take her former seat again before naked lizard boy sat on it.

Curt: Curt looked at the seats, and chose one not very near the others. "Ain't neva been on a plane before..."

Illyana: "'ope you don't get airsick..."

Illyana: Illyana glanced back at him. At least he wasn't an ugly lizard boy.

Tigra: Tigra hopped up into a seat and tried to arrange herself neatly then she turned her seat to face the new guy. "We're gonna have to get you some clothes when we get back...."

Illyana: Illyana wondered if that could be optional. She decided not to say anything about that and just faced forward, pulling out her book to read.

Lorna: "Seatbelts please, ladies and gentleman." She called back, settling back into the pilot's seat. "Swear one day I'll actually get to go places I can stay for a while."

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