5/14 Game: This... Is... Public Property!

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5/14 Game: This... Is... Public Property!

Post by Starfish » Sat May 14, 2011 11:42 pm

Timeline: Dec. 17th.

JP: Jean-Paul stepped out of the van, looking at the empty storefronts and the very few cars that were still going up the now far too wide streets. "This is absolutely creepy still, isn't it?"

Toxic: "...No. Totally not." Adam blurred out after him, all rainbows today and sockhat complete with resident black ball of furry hatred in the pocket. "It's awesome. Awesome I tell you."

JP: "Well, it is pretty awesome as well." He had to agree, wondering if he lost some gay-pride cred for being taken aback by that many rainbows.

Penny: Penny climbed on top of the van to get a better view of the almost-deserted city, turning around to watch the tall buildings and wide streets, seemingly devoid of life. It looked so different from how she had gotten to know this place.

JP: "Now...what to do first." The possibilities were practically endless.

Scott: "You would think there would be police around to stop...well, people like us, basically..." Scott looked around.

Toxic: "Steal all the things. All the things! All the shinies, precious, they belong to meeee..." Adam giggled slightly.

Penny: "When I first got here, all the many people scared me," she wrote on her chalkboard, holding it down so the others could read it. "I think this is even more creepy."

JP: Shinies...tempting. "Well, I guess if we see the FEMA van or something we just duck around the corner. I think most police went on the evac as it is anyway."

Toxic: "Shinies."

Greer: "I can't believe I'm saying this but... I agree with Adam. I want shinies too."

Scott: "Don't worry, girl." He reached out to pat Penny, but, failing to find a pattable spot, he then simply retracted it.

JP: "Well...I sure as hell am not going to tell." Jean-Paul stopped as he found himself in front of the art museum in the area. "Why am I so terribly tempted to go in and touch every single display in there?"

Penny: "I like shinies," Penny scribbled on her little black chalkboard, watching the others. Back then, the countless people, all the lights and noise, and the tight spaces had overwhelmed her. While seeing the place deserted like this might have been slightly unsettling, it also looked quite tempting.

Penny: "This is like a giant playground," she quickly added.

Toxic: Adam looked up with wide eyes at the museum. "...Oooooooh. I bet they have-" He stared at Greer. "...You're agreeing with me? You sure you're not sick or got into my pills? Or have you caught intelligence off Bit?"

JP: Hmm, playground. Jean-Paul got his camera out. "Scott, feel like getting on top of the traffic light? That'll make for a good shot."

Greer: "I like shiny things, it's a little known fact." She shrugged, "Cess can vouch for me, just ask."

Scott: He looked up at the traffic light. "How does this make for a good shot?" Nevertheless, he grew and reached out.

Penny: Leaping off the van, Penny bounded across the street and landed on top of another car, scrambling to a halt as her claws tore into the vehicle's roof. She turned around and grinned. This was fun!

JP: "Just because generally you aren't allowed to do such things." Jean-Paul backed up, taking the picture. He turned to catch Penny's leaping as well. "Oh this is great."

Scott: Scott struck an Elvis pose, careful to not fall of the slightly swinging construct.

Toxic: "...I can totally do that." There was a blur, and the rainbow streak bounced onto a car, a van, an abandoned bus and then there was a crunch as he dug a blade into a wall, crouching onto it like he'd seen Eddie do when the guy was webslinging. "Hey! Check me out, I'm totally a spider."

Greer: Greer went for a walk in search of something pretty that would hold her attention. Climbing on things was all well and good but you couldn't take it home with you.

JP: "Oh, I'm even getting poses! Come on, Scott, give us your best modeling now. I'll make you famous."

Penny: Penny jumped from car to car, trying to cross a wider distance with each jump. After a few times, she no longer worried too much about mirrors coming off or windshields cracking - until she miscalculated once and somehow ended inside a bus, amidst a loud noise and lots of broken glass and cut metal.

Scott: "As long as I don't have to have a go on the casting couch!," he shouted and balanced on one foot.

Greer: Greer peered into the bus to check on Penny, "You okay in there honey?"

JP: "...I need to buy a couch!" He looked up at the cracking glass. "Oh, we have our first smashing? She's pretty hard, I imagine she won against the bus." He shrugged, making his way over to check but getting distracted by climbing on top of the bus.

Toxic: He giggled madly as Bit clawed out of his sockhat and onto his head, flopping over him. "Hey, Bit - wanna see if I could do an Alex Mercer?" The rabbit stared at him upside down. "Come on, I totally could. Back in your pocket." The rabbit chittered at him but did as he was told as Adam dropped to the ground. He sidled up to JP. "Jeeeaaaaaan. You can fly, riiiight?"

Penny: Turning to lie on her back, Penny grinned and waved at the curious faces peeking in, giving them the thumbs-up to show she was alright.

JP: "Jeaaaaaaaaaaaan-Paul!" He liked to clear that one up in case people started to call him and his sister by the same name. "And yes, yes I can."

Penny: "Do you think they still wanted to use this bus," she asked via chalkboard, ending up in a crouching position after a tumble. Shaking herself caused a rain of glassy bits.

Scott: Scott stepped off the traffic light, literally, and didn't bother to shrink to normal size again. "I always wanted to do this!"

Greer: "I think that's kinda moot now, sweetie..." Greer gave her a kind smile.

Scott: He peered into the bus. "Fi fey fo fum?"

Toxic: "You see that building, right there...?" He pointed. "Imma run up it. I've always wanted to and now there's no people to tell me it's wrong. Buuut if gravity remembers I shouldn't be able to, I'm history. Wanna be my Superman?" He fluttered his eyelashes at him. "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaase?"

Penny: Penny gave Scott a wide-eyed, confused look, slowly tilting her head.

Greer: Greer eeped and nearly fell over, "Ack! ... Oh... forgot you could do that...."

JP: "We should drive out to Ellis island and you can mack on the Statue of Liberty or something." He laughed at the idea of him playing Superman though. "I'd be honoured!"

Scott: "People would only think the picture is photoshopped." Making his voice not ear-shatteringly loud for such a prolongued time of talking was kind of new to him. Really took a bit of concentration.

Penny: Climbing on top of the bus, Penny had a even better view. Her view was inevitably drawn to the tall buildings left and right, making her wonder how it would be to try and scale them. "I wonder if they still have food in the all the diner places," she wrote for the others.

Toxic: Adam clapped happily before grabbing JP's hand with the overlong sleeve and dragging him over. "Not high enough, and I'd only break it. People might be irritated at that. "Food later! Magic running thingy now!"

JP: "True, that is a bit disappointing. We could get a shot of you emerging from the ocean sometime if we could get you swam out far enough. That'd scare the hell out of any boaters out when we did it." He squeaked a bit as he found himself pulled away. "Right, magic running thingy is a go."

Scott: "Oh, food, good idea!" Growing always made him hungry. "Know a McDonald's around here?"

Greer: Greer giggled at JPs suggestion about the statue... but she doubted Scott would agree to it. "I know where there is one but they won't have any staff... we'd have to cook our own food...."

Toxic: Adam patted JP on the head. "Good JP, many roofies." He giggled. He looked up at the building. "...I'mma need a runup, that's really high."

JP: "I can do that too...no roofies needed, that's...that's okay."

Scott: "Damnit, I can't really cook." He kicked over a VW New Beetle at the side of the road.

Penny: "We could eat anywhere and anything we like," Penny reminded the others, a small smile on her lips.

Greer: "We can.... if we don't mind raw food.... which I don't actually."

Toxic: Adam simply grinned. "I haven't had my meds today." He stage-whispered to JP. "Not in the mood to take 'em." He nodded, before blurring back, eyeballing the building, and then dancing a little. "...Wait, if we can eat anything-" He pointed to a sweet shop. "Sugar."

JP: "...I would have never known." Jean-Paul lied well, shaking his head. "Oooh, sugar."

Scott: "your tastes are horrible, and that's coming from an Englishman." He grew a bit further and looked around. "Maybe we need a supermarket? They should have junkfood and a microwave to heat it up."

Greer: "If you're going to be all giant and stuff... can I hitch a ride?"

Penny: Penny slowly spun in circles, gazing skyward until she started to feel dizzy. "I want to climb the houses," she scribbled.

JP: "We could do a rooftop chase...this really shouldn't be as fun as it is, should it?"

Greer: "Climb away, Penny, no one's gonna stop you." She smiled at her.

Toxic: "Fuck food, give sugar." There was a rainbow blur, a shifty look and the sound of a window breaking, Adam disappearing into it. The door opened a couple of moments later. "Sugar!!"

Penny: "And then we can go exploring in the shopping places, and run through all the parks, and delve into the subway stations," she hastily added, her handwriting getting uneven.

Scott: "Sure, come up." He put his hand on the ground in front of Greer. "Want to come along, Penny? I could put you on the side of a house of your choice?"

Greer: Greer climbed into his hand and held onto his thumb. With no claws it was kind of daunting but she was fairly sure Scott wouldn't drop her.... mostly.

Penny: Smiling up at he giant man, Penny shook her head, before immediately taking off towards the nearest building. She leaped up against the wall, the claws of her hands and feet digging into the stone.

JP: Inside the sweet shop there was the sound of a gun cocking and one very stalwort owner. "You sons-a-bitches! You get outta my store. I'll put lead in your ass, I will!"

Scott: He shrugged and got up again. Greer in hand he walked through the streets, scaring a few pidgeons here and there. "I feel it would be best not to offer you to ride on my head?"

Toxic: Adam turned, blinking at the guy, a lollipop in his mouth. "...Oh. You're still here?" He tilted his head, looking at the gun and then at the guy with an unbalanced look. Then his hand went into his pocket and pulled out a wallet, waving it a little. "This bullet proof enough for you?"

Greer: Greer looked over to the candy store and clung a little tighter to Scott. Guns. "Um.... why?" she looked up at his face.

Penny: With the aid of her claws, Penny quickly scaled the wall. She had climbed houses before, but never such tall ones - and mountains and hills simply weren't the same. Soon she was halfway up, risking a look to the street far below.

JP: "I'll blast yer teeth into your lungs, I'll...you gonna pay with that wallet?"

Toxic: "No, I'm going to pay with the money inside of this wallet. Herpderp."

JP: "Then get to it, boy!"

Scott: He stepped over to the candy store and leaned down to get a peek. "As I understand it, normal people are supposed to ride on top of giant people's heads. It's what cartoons have told me." He blinked at the man with the gun out of an eye the size of small car.

JP: Jean-Paul was casting a worried look back. "I think when he gets out we should probably look into more abandoned abandoned city sprawl."

Toxic: Adam beamed, grabbing a basket and blurring around the shop, filling it with sweet things. He stopped, looking at it. "Um. I'd say that's about...fifty, sixty dollars of sweets, right?"

Greer: "Oh... well.... I can sit on your head if you want?"

Penny: When she reached the top, Penny took a moment to look around and take in the amazing view, before turning towards the place the others had gathered around. Balancing on the small ledge of the roof, she headed in that direction on all fours.

JP: He eyed it, tempted to ask for more but, not seeing customers lately, he went for it. "That sounds about right, fifty-five."

Scott: "I would take the money, friendo." Then Scott smiled at Greer and put her on top of his head, slowly getting back up again. "Fewdz now?"

Greer: "Yes! Onwards to stomach filling goodness!" Greer held on trying not to pull his hair too much.

Penny: Slowing down, a frown appeared on Penny's face as she realized that it would take a jump to cross the open space between two adjacent buildings if she wanted to catch up with the others. It looked somewhat far, but on the other hand... she had climbed up all that way and didn't want to go down the same way.

Toxic: "Excellent." The wallet went back in the pocket, and he grinned at the shop owner. "Hai, I'm Toxic, your friendly shithead for the day. Bai!" Before the guy could even lift the gun again, Adam had blurred out of the shop in a giggly, sweet-fueled rainbow mess, leaving nothing but the remains of a lollipop wrapper in his wake.


Scott: He walked towards some bright signs that seemed to indicate the existence of a Walmart. "Maybe we shoudl take pictures and put them on peopleofwalmart.com?"

JP: "I think we might ought to go." Jean-Paul winced at the swearing.

Toxic: Adam caught up with the others, giggling madly and emptying the basket into his bag. "I haz sugar!"

Greer: "Pictures of the lack of people?" Greer asked, "Or pictures of us dressing up as different people for shits and giggles?"

Penny: Getting a running start, Penny launched herself off the edge of the building, arms extended and aimed at the opposite ledge - until gravity decided to be mean to her and made her collide with the quite resistant wall instead. Flailing wildly, she tried to slow her fall by slicing into the concrete.

Scott: "Why, dressing up obviously! Onwards!" He pointed towards the building hosting the promised land. "I hope they have corndogs. They are astonishingly disgusting."

JP: "...are you okay?" Jean-Paul gave Penny a nudge.

JP: "Onwards! As long as you promise me we're going to a museum to grope the exhibits and move things around. This won't be a proper abandoned ransacking if we don't."

Penny: Many broken shingles and tiles later, Penny had finally stopped and hung off the side of the building. Turning her head, she found herself face to face with JP. She nodded, again giving him the thumbs-up... which almost made her fall some more.

Greer: Greer giggled, "Yay dressing up! And I bet they have them it's walmart, the land of disgusting."

Scott: "You should contact a psychiatrist about your sexual attraction towards art exhibits." They finally had reached the Walmart and Scott a put his head as close to the gorund as possible to let Gree step off.

JP: "What can I say, we can play like idiots in Walmart when people are around too...I think that's the only reason to go there."

Penny: Trying to return to the rooftops as fast as possible, Penny had to content with a group of aggressive pigeons, obviously displeased about getting disturbed in their home. The next few leaps turned out better, however, and she quickly caught up with the others.

Toxic: Adam gave everyone a shifty look before sidling up to JP. "Would you like a sweetie, little boy?" He waggled his eyebrow and offered the pilfered goodies.

JP: That...was so creepy. Jean-Paul took one anyway. "Thanks."

Greer: Greer slid down to the ground and smiled at Scott, "Thanks for the lift." she kissed his oversized cheek.

Toxic: "I promise we can go museum after they play dress-up." He patted JP on the head with a giggle before eyeballing the abandoned shop. "...Cannonball!!" He blurred and...suddenly there was a hole in a wall with a very surprised Adam on his back in the rubble on the other side. "...I did not know that would happen."

Scott: He smiled at her and shrunk down a little. Then he grabbed the shutters blocking entry into the building and simply ripped them off. "Make way for the eight feet man!"

Penny: Cocking her head, Penny concluded that getting down promised to become an interesting experience in itself, warily eying the street far below. She first tried to crawl down vertically with the aid of her claws, then went for cutting a long slice downward, before settling on loosing grip entirely and cleaving into a parked car.

Greer: Greer followed Scott inside, somewhat impressed with herself for not resorting to powers yet. "So... we need... dress up stuff.... and food.... which first?"

JP: "There's need to choose?" Jean-Paul asked, going to help Adam out of the...well, the remains of the wall. "We just grab something from the grocery side as we walk along."

Scott: "Lady Gaga has proven that we can do both at the same time! I propose a turkey hat for Jean-Paul."

Greer: Greer giggled, "I want to see that."

Penny: Emerging from the debris, Penny shook herself, while bits of concrete sliced off the building rained down around her. Glancing back at the mess she had causes, she quickly rushed into the supermarket to find the others.

JP: "I do not. I'm not putting a turkey on my head."

Greer: "Not even if we find a fez?"

Greer: "Oh oh! And over sized novelty sunglasses?"

Scott: "It suited Mister Bean quite well." He nodded.

Toxic: Adam shook himself off after JP helped him up, patting brick dust off him. "...Bet I could get the stuff for a new outfit..." He muttered. "Be right back!"

Toxic: With that, and an 'eep' from the ball of death in the hat, he blurred off.

Penny: Perching next to the others, Penny scribbled a note on her chalkboard. "The car outside was already broken," she informed the others, trying to look innocent. "As was the house."

Greer: Greer giggled and patted her, "Don't worry sweetie, we're not gonna yell at you."

JP: "I'm sure you could..." He shrugged, waving at Adam as he sped off. "Yeah, you're definitely kosher, Penny."

JP: "Actually," Jean-Paul cleared his throat as he had a look around down the asiles. "It looks like there's been quite a lot of looting and shenanigans going on." He stopped at a obscenely graffitied wall and smiled. "Are we goign to stock up on spray paint while we're here and be truly immature?"

Greer: "You can do what you like, I just want food and shinies.... and now dressing up."

Scott: Scott frowned. "I don't like graffiti, it looks ugly."

Penny: Penny smiled at them in response. "I could find a lot of duct tape in here," she wrote.

JP: "...yes, duct tape...let's take all the duct tape."

Penny: "And bubble wrap," Penny added, nodding at the others.

Greer: Greer raised an eyebrow at Penny, "If we want it to stay bubbly... you should probably keep your distance."

JP: Jean-Paul sped off, now on a mission for all sorts of things...and a shopping cart while they were at it. Those were always fun.

Toxic: There was a shriek and a giggle of pure joy as a shopping trolley full of colours and Adam suddenly shot past the group, a hand grabbing the end of an aisle and the trolley going up on two wheels as it turned a corner.

Scott: "Now, where is the section with the clothes?"

Greer: ".... I hope in the opposite direction to Adam..."

Penny: Penny gave a surprised hiss and hopped up the nearest aisle, just to be sure the scary shopping cart wouldn't get her, pulling down lots of goods on her way up.

Scott: He jumped over a few aisles...and landed in a pile of bras. "Found it!"

JP: In a bout of sillyness, another shopping cart was on it's way after Adam, Jean-Paul waving as he pelted past. "I took the liberty!" He tossed a selection of clothing their direction. "Found the mumus!"

Toxic: "You'll never catch me!!" Came the yell. "I have sugar!"

JP: "But I can crash you!"

Greer: Greer got burried under a mountain of clothes before she could move. "Eeep!"

Scott: He threw some bras into the general direction of the noise.

Penny: Looking down from her safe spot, Penny saw that her friend was in peril from getting buried under aggressive clothes, so she hopped down and flung them away with her claws.

JP: There was a pause from Jean-Paul's noise as he looked at what had found it's way into his cart. "...and I have a slingshot!"

Toxic: Adam laughed maniacally and tossed lollipops at JP. "Nooooo!!"

Greer: Greer gave Penny a grateful smile, "Thanks..."

Scott: The young man ran around the aisles back to the others. "Oh hey, you found nicer stuff than me!"

JP: Jean-Paul, feeling brilliant, veered off track until he found the spray cans of whipped topping, letting it fly as he tried to cut in front.

Penny: "Shall we look for tasty treats," Penny suggested with the help of her chalkboard, smiling at Greer and Scott.

Scott: "I say we find cake!"

JP: In the freezer aside, by the ice cream, a low hiss could be heard as what looked to be a hobo started shuffling towards the noise.

Greer: "Mmm cake... I like that plan. Let's do that."

Toxic: Adam found himself creamed in the literal sense of the word, flailing madly as he just managed to stop himself hitting some shelving. Ooooh...squirty cheese...he grabbed a few cans and used a mop to speed up again, going after JP.

Scott: "I like cherry pie. Let's get cherry pie." He looked around. "But where?"

JP: "Oooh no, don't you cheese me!"

Penny: Penny nodded and led the way, heading off into the direction where she believed the air to feel cooler - obviously the place to store your cake supply.

Greer: "Mmmmm cherries...." Greer was almost lost in her happy place.

JP: "Murrrrr." The noise was getting closer. He shuffled towards the end of the asile.

Scott: Scott followed Penny, dragging the nearly drooling Greer along.

Greer: Greer allowed herself to be dragged so she could continue daydreaming.

Toxic: "I'll cheese you good, cream-man!" Adam let loose with a double-string of cheese as he flew past JP. "Say cheese, bitch!" He cackled madly.

JP: There was a pointy girl. "Muuurrrr! Miiine, my place." He hissed, hunkering down, black tendrils dripping down from his fingers.

Penny: Lost in her task to scout for tasty treats, Penny failed to pay attention to other clues her senses picked up - running into a rag-clad stranger who suddenly stepped out into the aisle in front of her. Both of them tumbled to the ground.

JP: He hissed harder as he rolled, tendrils spreading for Penny and the others. "Miiine!"

Greer: Greer was dragged forcibly from her happy place. She screamed.

JP: Jean-Paul's head snapped up as he tried to get the cheese out of his eyes. "That was a scream...not good."

Scott: "Hey, hands off!" Scott stepped in, throwing packs of instant potato mash at the tendrils.

Toxic: The fun may or may have not continued with more dodgy culinary delights, if Adam's trolley hadn't suddenly hit something. Or rather, someone. It flipped, flinging him out, and his reflexes enabled him to flip and land in a crouch a little way away. "The hell...?" The girl he'd hit turned and hissed at him, jumping for him, black tendrils whipping for him. He jumped out of the way, kicking her in the face and landed. "JP!"

Penny: The red-skinned girl sat up and stared, too stunned by the surprise to do anything else at first. The touch of an inky black tentacle pulled her out of her daze, making her jump back.

Tigra: She shapeshifted out of instinct and backed the fuck up, climbing up the nearest shelving unit.

JP: He snapped his tentacles forward, trying to get at them.

JP: Jean-Paul crashed into the girl zombo. "GAH! Not kosher!"

Scott: The potato mash wasn't working, so Scott proceeded to throw aisles.

Tigra: Tigra hissed at the tendrils and backed up still further, knocking things off into the aisle behind her.

Penny: When more tentacles lunged her way, Penny instinctively lashed out with a clawed hand, severing the black things. As she jumped back again and hissed, she saw the cut off appendages wriggling across the floor, back to their owner.

Toxic: The tendrils whipped out for the pair of them, the girl apparently not paying attention to the kick to the face. "Really not. Uh. What do we do?!"

JP: Throwing asiles had a much more successful outcome but it made their zombie hobo that much more angry.

Tigra: Tigra jumped off the shelf and skittered down the aisle, her feet struggling to find purchase on the slippery floor strewn with packages of food. She slid to a stop and hid behind a display.

Penny: Wishing she had a voice to shout out a warning at the others, Penny slashed at the dark tendrils while retreating herself. Most of those she cut off crawled back to the cloaked figure, but some continued to follow her.

Scott: "I think...we should retreat, people." He kept on throwing whatever he could get his hands on.

Toxic: ...Oh. Hell. He could...no, not good, he was getting panicky, wasn't he? He hadn't taken his meds - well, he wasn't expecting to meet fucking insane chthulu monsters of zombie death and pain! Adam backed up, trying to find a happy place, a blade snapping out and slicing the tentacle that shot for him, two feet of squiggly length twitching a few feet away. "...Ohgodohgodohgod-"

JP: "I am all kinds of for this." Jean-Paul clapped his hands for Adam. "Stay with me."

Toxic: "I-I'm not going anywhere - she is though-" His eyes flared red and he threw out a shaking hand. "Sith powers are go-" She flew back into a shelving unit, and he then tossed her against the produce, apples and mushrooms and cucumbers flying everywhere. She staggered, then came for them again. "No! My mushrooms! Miiiine!" She hissed.

Scott: "Tigra, it's time to leave this mess behind, girl." He threw stuff at the tendrils following Penny. "You too!"

JP: Jean-Paul started shoving carts at the enemy quick enough to plow them back. "Retreat sounds perfect."

Penny: Penny waved at Tigra, gesturing towards the exit - until several of the tendrils wrapped around her arm. She flailed wildly and slashed with her claws, sending inky bits everywhere.

Tigra: Tigra didn't need telling twice - even the feral knew the black stuff was BAD. She hurried towards the door, using her claws to keep a grip on the floor and aid her turning abilities.

JP: Ducking a shot of inky bits, Jean-Paul motioned for Penny to go ahead of him. "We regroup on the street!"

Scott: Scott didn't even care about running around the aisles, he just smashed through them.

Penny: Frantically trying to get the wriggly black stuff off of her, Penny tore most of her clothing to bits and scrambled away from the screeching thing. Having learned her lesson, she kept her distance and tossed the first thing she could grab at the thing - which happened to be a can of paint, spraying its contents all over the creature after having been nicked by her claws.

Toxic: "Ah-ah-" Adam quickly danced back out of the way of a scything tendril, a blurring blade taking another length off. "I-I think th-that might be a good...good idea..." He swallowed hard, completely white and shaking. "Nonono leave me alone-" As a tendril whipped for him, the panic hit a peak, heat shot through him and he sobbed, the girl shrieking - and then gore rained everywhere as she literally exploded.

Tigra: Tigra's claws tore through the metal shutters between her and the street, diving out of the hole when it was wide enough and running a good way down the street, climbing half way up a building before she stopped to look back. City BAD. Horrible. She wanted the woods back.

JP: Jean-Paul made a squicked face at the black fountain that just erupted, grabbing for Adam. "Time to leave." He started hauling him out.

Penny: Seeing the thing momentarily distracted, Penny spun around and quickly scaled the nearest aisle, then made her way along its top and jumped over to the next. As she neared the exit, she caught glimpses of several tentacly masses moving through the market. They clearly were far from alone.

Tigra: She dropped down to the street again, creeping cautiously back towards the store to wait for the others to emerge.

Toxic: "Let go of me-!" Adam could feel every heartbeat in the building, every pint of blood, every single tiny vein - he staggered out of the building and went to his knees, pawing at his pockets and pulling out his precious happy box, his hands shaking so much he dropped it twice. Had to. Had to, it was getting hot, everyone was going to die if he didn't-

Scott: He leapt out through the storefront and simply continued to grow. Always a good idea to be bigger than everything else when stuff was hunting you.

Penny: Penny did not bother to look for the door, deciding to dice straight through the glass of the storefront. She rolled across the concrete in the form of a bundled up red ball, before coming to a halt and looking around for the others.

JP: "Well." Jean-Paul paused to think about how to describe what that was. "That was exciting."

Toxic: A shriek and another exploding mass of black heralded another zombie getting caught in his sphere as he found a syringe and emptied the lot into his arm, sobbing and rocking himself as he waited for it to kick in. "I-I wa-wanna go hoooome-"

JP: "Come on now, you're fine." He tried to lead Adam to the others.

Tigra: Tigra mewed pathetically and started climbing up Scott's leg. High. She wanted to be high up.

Scott: Scott picked up a few cars and threw them at the shop. "Dieeeeeee!"

Toxic: Adam flailed at JP, but the drugs kicked in hard and he half-slumped on him. A zombie tried to claw at them but he blew it backwards, the drugs at least making sure he was cut off enough that he couldn't blow it up. "Not fine...not fine..."

Tigra: Tigra climbed all the way up Scott, stopping once she was on his shoulder, looking down at the zombies.

JP: Jean-Paul just sighed, picking him up properly and running for the others. "There, see, away from the zombies and I suggest we go somewhere else...let them stay in their little Wal-hell trap."

Penny: Penny ducked for cover as the giant Scott attempted to kill the store.

JP: "Or pelting it with cars works as well. Everyone okay?"

Scott: He finally stopped when a series of small explosions set the store on fire. "All okay?"

Toxic: Adam actually snuggled into JP, wanting as much warmth as possible as he shook, closing his eyes, his hand buried in his shirt. Oh man, he was going to get it from JP later for this. "Mnn...blow u-up all the...the thiiings..."

Tigra: Tigra was completely unable to answer that question on account of the feral being mute. She continued to cling to Scott, her tail lashing furiously behind her.

JP: Yeah, Jean-Paul was going to have to remind Adam about this later. "So...museum? Or at least not a place with food that would make a good trap for zombos to spring from?"

Penny: Ducking behind a car when the explosion rocked the ground, Penny made sure that none of the black stuff still stuck to her somewhere, before poking out her head and nodding in the direction of the others.

Scott: "How about we go home, Jean-Paul? You know, with a zombie apocalypse basically going on here?"

Toxic: "No. Shinies. More shinies, all the shinies, came for shinies leave with shinies."

JP: "Like it wasn't going on before we left home?"

Penny: Penny nodded again - pictures sounded better than Walmart-zombies to her.

Tigra: Tigra just mewed pathetically again and nuzzled Scott a little.

Scott: He patted the girl on his shoulder. "I'll go if the majority goes, but only to have your guys' back..."

Toxic: "Shinies!

Penny: Even though her clothed had suffered, the chalkboard was fortunately still in place. "We can dash through the park to get there," she informed the others. "Perhaps we will see the swans."

JP: "Sounds like a plan." Jean-Paul started off, glad to leave wal-mart behind zombos or no zombos.

Tigra: Tigra purred a little in an attempt at calming herself down, kneading Scott's shoulder and curling up there.

Scott: Scott sighed and followed JP with huge steps. "You people are so unreasonable."

Toxic: Adam was still shaking in JP's arms, happy to be carried as the calming drugs did their magic, the red in his eyes still burning as he slowly relaxed, blinking slowly. Well...he'd only exploded zombies...right? "Di-did I do good?"

JP: "Yeah, you did fine, zombo go boom and all that." He assured Adam, stepping into the park and keeping a sharp eye out for swans because that just sounded dangerous.

Tigra: "Swans are good food..." Tigra murmured, the feral finally relinquishing control now that the danger had passed.

Scott: He looked around, always eager to identify black spots crawling at them as early as possible.

Penny: Penny led the way as they headed through the park, leaving the Walmart behind as it died a fiery death. She looked left and right and smelled the fresh air, watching out for animals to discover. Or more of the wriggly tentacle people...

JP: While not breaking out to a run, Jean-Paul was legging it pretty damned fast, the completely non-sensical fear of zombofied swans in the back of his head, glad to see a choice museum coming up. "There you go, Adam, shinies."

Scott: Just a few short steps and him and Tigra had reached the museum. "You feel like coming down, hun?"

JP: "Huh, the door's all ready jimmied open." He pushed it the rest of the way open, arching an eyebrow. "Guess someone else thought of a quick way to make some money for getting out."

Tigra: Tigra peered at the immediate area from her perch, nodding after careful consideration, "Okay.... I think I'm alright now...."

Toxic: "I want old shinies." Adam flailed out of JP's arms. "Steampunk an' swords and stuff." He wasn't going on his own though, no fucking way. He stumbled. "Take me to shinies?"

Penny: Looking at the tall statue in front of the museum, Penny felt tempted to scale it, but then decided against it, because the thing looked pretty and old and she didn't want to break it. Instead she quickly climbed the stairs and peeked into the spacious entrance hall.

Scott: He leaned down to make it possible for Greer to step down mor comfortably.

JP: "I'll take you to shinies." Jean-Paul promised, leading Adam on inside and towards a particuarly shiny area.

Tigra: Tigra climbed down and brushed her fur a little bit, uncomfortable under her layers of clothing but not able to shift back since she'd destroyed her shoes by shapeshifting in the first place.

Blink_: There was a god-aweful smashing and a hail of glass rained down upon the students as they made thier way across the foyer as a black, tendriled mass was hurled bodily through an upper window and landed with a disquieting 'splat' on the floor next to the entrance, where it lay still, and a young female voice shouted out, "And stay down, fiend!"

Scott: Scott shrunk down to a more manageable size and followed the others into the building. "This better be worth those zombos getting my brains..."

Tigra: Tigra shrieked and leapt up two stories, clinging to the wall of the building and staring at the black splatted mass on the floor.

JP: There was scuffling on in the museum as other people heard the surprise entrance and were hurriedly stuffing shiny things in their bags.

JP: "...is anyone else hearing that?"

Toxic: An unmanly shriek heralded Adam skittering behind JP and clinging to him, a shaking, pale face peering around him.

Penny: Penny spun around and crouched when the sudden shattering sound echoed through the hall, raising her claws as she warily checked for any more moving tentacle masses.

Blink_: A few moments later there was a cry of suprise and the voice rang out again, "What's this! Return those priceless artifacts at once, you villian!"

JP: "...I'll take that as a yes." He looked to Adam, trying to be comforting while amusement was hidden.

Toxic: "I didn't touch anything!"

JP: The scuffling became louder, and then was definitely out and out running as five human looters came running for the door.

Scott: "What the hell happened to this city? Where are the normal crazy weirdos? Like the nude ones that touch themselves?" Scott really started to feel pissed off.

JP: "Please, don't encourage nude zombies!"

Tigra: "I don't like the city anymore... I'm gonna go back to living in the woods....." Tigra whined a little, still clinging to the side of the building.

Penny: Penny hissed and looked from side to side as scared looking people ran past her left and right, almost tripping down the stairs.

Blink_: BLOOOONK! There was a flash of pink light and a pink and green figure somoursaulted down from above the door and landed infront of the students and between the looters, barring thier exit, "This is your last warning! I'll use brute force if needed, scoundrels!"

Toxic: Adam didn't even think - the first looter was picked up jerkily, hovering in mid-air. He stayed behind JP, whimpering.

Toxic: "...Who even uses that word any more..."

JP: "Outta our way!" "Shit, the crazy pink girl has helpers!" Another squealed as 'the crazy pink girl' appeared, going fo rthe window himself.

JP: "...son of a bitch." Jean-Paul dropped his voice. Huh, crazy pink girl.

Tigra: Tigra dropped down from the wall in sheer surprise, landing in front of the looter fleeing via the window, "Oh... hi..."

Penny: Cocking her head, the red-skinned girl was quite sure that she had indeed just watched a purple-skinned girl appear in a flash of light.

Scott: "Wha-...?" He just looked around, unsure about what to do. This were certainly not the damned masses, but there was a pink girl and some people afraid of her. Who to help now?

Blink_: The girl was obviously a mutant, her dark pink, her hair brght pink and she was wearing a Robin Hood type outfit with a quiver on her back, and in her hands she held two long, pink, sharp looking crystals like daggers. As one of them tried to flee she threw the crystal at the window, causing a bright pink circle to appear over it, the man yelled as he tumbled into it an vanished.

JP: "Outta my way!" The self-defenestration looter ran as hard as he could for the park.

Toxic: "...Portal!"

JP: "Um..." Yep, that was her. "That is definitely a homemade superhero costume."

Tigra: Tigra grabbed the looter and picked him up by the seat of his pants, "Put down all the shinies and I'll let you go."

Blink_: A few seconds later another circle appeared in mid-air and the man fell out of it, landing heavily and his loot spilling across the floor, "Anyone want to surrender now? Last chance reprobates."

JP: "I haven't gotten anything, the crazy pink thing put them through her hole-thingie, let me down!"

Toxic: "...wait...if this is Portal, where's GLADoS?"

Tigra: Tigra sniffed at the looter to pick up any signs of lying. Slightly stinky but truthful. She set him down again and patted him on the head, "Okay you can go."

Blink_: The girl half turned at the mention of portal, her face had some very strange markings, "This is a triumph ..."

Scott: The boy decided to not help either side and simply go against both. So he grew as much as seemed appropiate and grabbed the pink girl with his hand. He also placed a giant foot on top of one of the looters, just lightly enough to not crash him.

Penny: Penny decided to duck behind a heavy looking stone sarcophagus, warily peeking over the edge.

Toxic: "...I'm making a note here, huge success..." Adam beamed, moving out from behind JP.

JP: And go he did, running hard to get away.

Blink_: The girl shrieked as she was grabbed, "What the- a mutant gang member!?" Another circle appeared underneath her and she wriggled free of the giant fingers and dropped into it, vanishing.

JP: "...and there she goes."

Toxic: "...Awwwww..."

Tigra: "... I want one."

Blink_: Another circle appeared on the cealing far above them and the girl dropped down, she blew a cheeky kiss at Scott as she sailed past him, before dropping into another one in the floor and vanishing again.

JP: "...okay there she goes."

Scott: "...slippery..." He looked at his hand, dumbfounded. "I really need to start playing rugby again. Oh well." He let go of the looter too. He couldn't really be mad at him, since they had planned doing something similar anyway.

Scott: He blinked at the passing girl.

Penny: "She comes and goes," Penny scribbled on her chalkboard and held it over the sarcophagus.

Tigra: "That is so awesome..." she moved over to Scott to climb up him again so she culd get a better view of the area.

JP: Jean-Paul thought about it, then went up to the nearest roped off painting, and slapped it. "Okay, I'm good, I think that's probably going to be the highlight of the evening. Portal girl wins."

Toxic: "Eeee! Real Portal!" Adam happyclapped, though still white and shaking, before yawning hugely. "...I wonder if we'll see her again if we loot stuff?"

Blink_: Then, another circle appeared, right next to Scott's face and the girl came flying out of it, feet first and kicked Scott in the giant nose with all the momentum of her fall behind him, "Take that!" She yelled before vanishing again.

Toxic: "..."

JP: "...um...I think we might have a problem?"

Toxic: "Totally wins the internet."

JP: "Does she really think we're a mutant gang?"

Penny: "Only Scott does so far," Penny added with the aid of her board.

Toxic: "I don't know, are we all wearing the same colours?" Adam looked down at himself. "...Well, I'm wearing every colour..."

JP: "Um...hello? Porty?"

Blink_: She appeared again, flying out of the wall behind the looters and pulled some small pink crystals out of her quivers and threw them at the gang, each one hitting a bag of loot causing it to vanish in a flash of light, "Those are public property!"

Scott: "OW!" He held his nose. Not that it was broken, but it was still a nasty hit. "Sonovabitch! I'm going to spank her!" He grabbed at her when she appeared again.

Toxic: Adam turned. "Wedidn'ttouchthem! We're not a gang! we just came to look at things!"

Tigra: Tigra dug her claws in so she didn't fall off Scott.

JP: There was much muttering from the proper looters, one trying to chuck a bust towards their pink assailant.

Toxic: Adam spotted it, caught it and put it on the ground. "Bad looter." He kicked the guy. Just to be sure.

Penny: Penny jumped onto the nearest pillar and climbed up until she reached a shadowy spot, clinging to stone in the hope to stay hidden from the strange disappearing girl.

JP: "So...Robin Hood? Attacking looters? Doesn't match the theme much, does it?"

JP: The looters pelted for the door, not caring that their treasures for the night were gone but just wanting to get away. "Stay away, freaking muties!" They were out and running in all directions now to get away.

Toxic: Adam watched them go, then sat down on the floor, knees drawn up and head on them, arms wrapped around them. "Nrrr. Who's for going h-home?"

Blink_: Another pink circle appeared infront of them, and the girl leap out of it, landing gracefully, armed with another two crystals, "And now to deal with you, unless you're willing to do the sensible thing and retreat and leave these precious artifacts where they belong, otherwise you'll have Blink to deal with!"

JP: "...I think we're good, yeah."

Scott: Scott glared at the girl.

Toxic: Adam looked up. "Imma be nice, 'cause you know the song. We're. Not. Looters. Was just here to loooook." He sniffled. Aw crap, he was always wibbly when he started to come down. "...You're really meeeeaaan."

JP: "So, we're all kosher?" He smiled at the pink girl, hoping he was as charming as he could be for the occasion.

Penny: Sliding down the stone pillar, Penny ended up perching on the foundation, partly concealed as she peeked around to watch the strange girl. She cautiously waved at her.

Tigra: "I don't want to take anything... I wanted shinies but not from here...." Tigra did her best puss in boots impression.

Blink_: "Then why did the big one try and impeed my aprehension of the villians?" she glared back.

Toxic: Adam hiccuped and sniffled again, wiping his eyes. "Didn' know you were a good guy..."

JP: "Aaaalll a big misunderstanding, yeah?"

Scott: "Because you are weird and attacked people." He folded his arms. "Also, you punched me in the face, that makes me retroactively right."

Toxic: Bit came out and sat on Adam's knee, shouting at the pink girl for upsetting Adam, a tiny, adorable ball of black evil.

Tigra: Tigra was distracted by the rabbit. Food. Staaaaaaaare.

JP: "So we were just...going...yeah. Toodles?"

Blink_: "You grabbed me first, and they're filthy looters, a zombie apocolypse is no excuse for a break down in civilised behaviour, these things belong in this museam." She looked hard at them, still in her fighting stance.

Tigra: Tigra climbed down from her perch halfway up Scott's leg, eyes fixed on the rabbit.

Blink_: Then she looked down at the bunny ... awww bunny!

Toxic: "Well we did-didn't know that, w-we're not fucking psychics!" Adam sniffed hard, wiping his eyes quickly. Argh. Of all the times. Bit glared back, one ear up and the other flopped, before starting to shout again, an odd sort of 'Rawrawrawrawr!' coming out.

Scott: He really felt like giving her the mother of all flicks right now. Probably would make her orbital, though...

Tigra: Tigra dropped into a stalking crouch.

Penny: "We're sorry," Penny had written on her chalkboard, holding it up to show it to the pink girl.

JP: "...dooown Bit, it's okay. We're fiiine." Jean-Paul didn't want to go through any portals tonight.

Blink_: "... Rabbit's don't make that noise normally, usually they squeal when in pain or rarely you'll get one that hisses when angry," she remarked after a moment.

JP: "He's a ...very vocal rabbit."

Toxic: "Yeah well, he's special." Adam muttered, hiccuping again as Bit shut up to glare at her evilly. "A-an' you u-u-upset me."

Tigra: Tigra skirted the edge of the room, still watching the rabbit.

Blink_: Blink frowned slightly before looking back up at JP, studying him hard for a moment ... then, "... Jean-Paul?"

JP: "That's me...thought you had to be the same pink girl. Not too many around I'd assume."

Scott: "Oh great, you know the weirdo! Why am I not surprised?"

Penny: A frown appeared on Penny's face as she cocked her head and curiously glanced from JP to the pink girl and back again.

JP: "Because I know people like you?" He shot back to Scott, smiling. "We've met, anyway."

Toxic: The 'Rawrawrawrawrawrawr!' started up again, as Adam muttered into his knees, trying very hard not to actually cry. The side affects of having instant calmers...an emotional mess for hours afterwards.

Blink_: "... Ohmygawd!" She stuck the crystals back into her quiver, "I haven't seen you in ages! How's your sister, did you manage to save her from the nuns?"

Tigra: Rabbit and others were distracted. Tigra crouched low, doing the pre-pounce wiggle.

JP: "Yeah, she's in the city as well." He nodded. "Where are you staying now?"

Penny: Penny decided that things seemed safe enough for her to leave the hiding place behind the pillar, sitting next to Scott's leg as she continued to keep an eye on the strange girl - which didn't appear to be such a stranger to JP.

Blink_: "Oh ... I found this high rise that's all boarded up, I'm holing up there for the moment, I came when I heard there was a crisis in the city, and good thing I did too! Someone needs to protect the good citizens of New York and these valuables!" She said without a trace of irony.

JP: "And you're just the person to do it." He nodded. "If you're ever interested we might have a better place for you, you know."

Tigra: A few more glances either side of her and a adouble check of the distance.... then Tigra leapt over the things between her and the rabbit.

JP: "TIGRA! What the hell?"

Scott: "Could you people stop having your little tea party with small talk right here with all the valuables and zombos around?" He reached out quit casually and stopped Tigra from devouring the rabbit. "Shush, hon. I'm busy scolding the silly people."

Blink_: "I can't stay in just one place, I go where ever I'm needed!" She declared proudly, "The Amazing Blink will fight injustice where ever-" the sudden movement made her leap back, pulling out two crystals automatically.

Toxic: The reaction to the incoming threat to his bunny was instantaneous - a multicoloured blur moved, the rabbit pegged it shrieking for a shadowy corner were an infuriated 'RAWRAWRAWRAWR!' could be heard and a snarling, spitting, completely cracked Irishman went for Tigra, both blades out and going into her shoulders.

Tigra: Tigra growled and flailed, scratching and biting at the giant hand. So close! She dug claws and fangs in.

Tigra: She yowled louder at the blades in her shoulders.

Penny: Still keeping her head cocked sideways, Penny arched an eyebrow in response to the impressive posing.

Scott: "HEY!" He grabbed the crazy boy with his other hand and held him up at the neck. "Stop it!"

JP: "...are you sure? Could need you here." Jean-Paul went for Adam, trying to pull him away. "Okay, Adam, okay, I don't think she's going to try to eat people's pets for a while now. Shhhhh. Let's go get Bit."

Blink_: "Bunny!" She dropped through a portal on the floor and emerged next to Bit, trying to grab him before he vanished completly and was bitten hard on he hand for her troubles.

Toxic: Nothing but a stream of unintelligable Irish swearing could be heard from Adam, one blade being drawn out and the blood winding around him in ribbons. When he was taken away from his original target, the blades went into Scott's hand and then for JP until he mentioned Bit. "...Bit?"

Tigra: Tigra mewed pathetically and curled up. She was bleeding a lot and it huuuuuuuurt!

JP: Oh Merde "Bit, yeaaah, we're going to bit and then our nice pink friend is going to maybe make a portal to get us all back home and to the med lab...because of the stabbings."

Blink_: "Owwww .... sugar!" She managed to grab the rabit expertly and holding it by it's scruff and supporting it's butt she teleported back over to Adam.

Penny: Penny moved to Tigra's side and carefully put her arms around the injured girl.

JP: "How bad is it?" Jean-Paul looked over to the others, cringing.

Scott: "Yes, we will go to the med lab. We will fix her up. And then I will kick his ass." He pointed at Toxic.

Tigra: It hurt to move so she didn't. She just whimpered again and started sniffling.

Toxic: Adam held out his hands for his struggling rabbit, face blank, cuddling the tiny bunny to his chest. Bit sniffed him, nibbled a lock of hair and curled up, shaking badly, eyes wide and bulging.

JP: "Consider it a spray bottle." Jean-Paul's eyes rolled slightly at scott and he looked back to Blink. "Can we hitch a ride?"

Blink_: She let the bunny jump back to his owner and gently pushed JP out of the way, "Let me see a moment, I know a bit about injuries," she checked the fuzzy girl over and then nodded, "Eh, she'll be fine, nothing important has been punctured," she nodded at JP, "Of course, where are you headding first?"

Tigra: "F-fuck... y-you..." Tigra bit out at the pink girl.

Toxic: Adam didn't wait. Before anyone could stop him, he'd gone, blurring out of the museum, completely blank and covered in blood, Bit still shaking in his arms.

JP: "Westchester, Xavier University. There's a med lab set up in the first basement."

Blink_: "Is that any way to speak to the person who's giving you a ride home, miss?" She folded her arms, "You could walk through the zombie infested wasteland if you prefer?"

Tigra: "Bite me..." she curled up tighter. Nothing important, her fuzzy backside! What about her fucking shoulderblades?!

Penny: Penny watched Adam run out the door, a frown on her face, before turning back to look at the others. "What about our van," she wrote on her chalkboard.

JP: "Oh yeah, I'll run everyone not stabbed back to the van."

Blink_: Blink rolled her eyes, not that you could really see it through thier eerie green glow, "No manners, where would we be without manners ... appart from possibly bleeding out on the floor of a museam wiiiiith," she peerd out of the window, "more zombies comming."

Tigra: "Hate people..." Tigra muttered almost to herself. And she meant it. People were what was wrong with the world.

Blink_: She sighed, "But of course, leaving you here would be bad for my karma, yours has obviously caught up with you so I guess I'll have to go without an appology for your foul language towards me," she took a crystal, "Westchester, yes?" she asked, taking aim.

Tigra: "Don't hold your breath..." Tigra pushed herself up, the fleshwounds starting to heal over already. The bone would take a few days.

Penny: Penny's head spun around as she noticed the dark figures approaching the museum's stairs. They must have escaped from the burning supermarket and followed them through the park. "We should leave," she quickly scribbled, before helping Tigra up.

Blink_: "I won't then, just you remember that an unkind word yesterday is a stabbing today," she said as she threw the crystal, where it hit the wall a very large portal appeared, "Walk through it and you'll be back home, JP's travelled through my portals before, they're safe." The man in question nodded quickly before zooming through it, happy to be away from the zombies.

Blink_: Blink drew two more crystals and took up her fighting stance, "Go, quickly, I'll cove you while you esacpe."

Tigra: "Don't judge someone before you know them." Tigra warned 'Blink' before she headed into the portal. She hated people that didn't understand ferals the most.

Blink_: "Manner's cost nothing." Blink quipped back.

Penny: Hesitating for only a moment, Penny then bit her lip and closed her eyes, jumping forward to dive headfirst into the portal.

Blink_: She waved the last remaining through, "Quickly, quickly, it's an effort to sustain them."

Scott: Scott followed suit.

Blink_: The portal vanished as he stepped through and Blink sighed for a moment ... no one ever said that being a superhero was going to be easy, and you never got recognised for all your hard work ... oh well, she smiled, surely she was due some good karma soon right? Any day now!

Blink_: As the first zombie leap at her she let out a yell and threw herself into the fray!
"The secondary penis slides into view. And they all lived happily ever after."
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