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For all fiction that occurs outside the game timeline, either before or after the characters initiation into the game.
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White Hat/Black Hat

Post by Ferguson » Sun Jun 05, 2011 12:44 am

Part one: Not a Girlscout

Silhouetted against the full moon a lonely figure crouched on top of the high rise, dark cape flapping in the wind as she scanned the streets. The amazing Blink was on the prowl for ner-do-wells who would dare disturb the city's slumbering peace and menace her good citizens. She rose to her feet, almost sniffing the night's air before leaping off the building and vanishing in a pink circle of light that blinked in and out of existence.

A few seconds later she reappeared, landing with uncanny grace on an balcony overseeing a back alley.

A back alley that was home to a hooded individual, muttering about the cold as he took a long draw from his cigarette, pulling his coat tighter around him and the package he was just about to pass off to their package runner. He sniffed the air, glancing towards the street in search for signs of cops or any idiot that would interrupt a drop like this.

Suddenly though, he wasn't alone. "Jesus! They sent you, kid? You know, being a mutie and all you shouldn't be a sneaky mutant as well. If you weren't so fast it'd get you stabbed."

"Well, luckily I am that fast, aren't I?" Jean-Paul held his hand out expectantly. "I believe I get half up front and the rest of my money once it's delivered, yes?"

The astounding Blink cocked her head as she observed the exchange from on high, what was this? An illicit exchange under suspicious circumstances? Likely perhaps illegal substances or stolen goods? Well, it was her responsibility to break up this little party, silent as a shadow she moved into position.

"Do I get to know what I'm carrying tonight?" Jean-Paul took the package, tucking it away under his coat and doing the same to the money the second he had it.

"Now why'd you want to know? You going to try to get a cut for yourself or something? That'll just get you in for a world of hurt you know. You best get that to boss and maybe I won't tell him you asked."

She watched the boy tucking the package away with her hawk-like vision ... or should that be owl like since it was night? ... Anyways she watched the money being exchanged, and that was all the proof she needed, nodding to herself she blinked down in front of the young man and held out a hand imperiously, "Stop right there, villain!"

The man had to stop and stare. "What the shit? Do you have a girlfriend now, kid? Because I didn't think you seemed the type for that at all."

Jean-Paul blinked owlishly himself, not sure what the hell was going on. "...are you trying to replace me with this or something?" He turned to ask the other man as the man seemed to decide it was time to get the hell out of Dodge.

Blink looked a bit confused for a moment, normally they were supposed to either attack or ru-oh look, the ugly one was running away, that was okay then! She held out her hand imperiously, "I'll take that then, sir."

"I think not, I'm a professional." Jean-Paul made a break for it, turning and running for the alleyway opening.

That gave Blink pause, the lad was obviously a fellow mutant, and he was using his powers for evil ... super-villain! She blinked after him.

Hahaa, nobody could stop him no-oh shit she was in front of him! Jean-Paul corrected but was knocked out of speed, half tripping over the trashcans near the entrance to the alleyway.

"Your speed is not match for my powers, villain!" She proclaimed. She stalked closer to him, like a panther homing in on it's prey, "Now are you going to come quietly or shall I be forced to make a citizen's arrest?"

"...are you narrating yourself?" Jean-Paul gave her the hairy eyeball, sure that she had just said 'she proclaimed. She stalked closer to him, like a panther homing in on it's prey.' "Who on earth are...oh shit." He looked out, hearing sirens.

Blink looked a little shifty, "No ... maybe ... yes." She grinned when she heard the sirens, "Aha! The jig is up, soon you will be in the custody of the proper authorities and once again the stupendous Blink will have made the night a little safer for- hey! Don't run away during my hero speech!"

No, no no, this wasn't happening. This was not happening at all. He barely heard his pink assailant as he bolted, not processing much else beyond run and hide, even bolting over the second police car as it rounded the other corner.

Blink made a whining noise and stamped her foot in irritation, why couldn't it be like the tv shows, yelling 'wham' when you hit someone didn't make a difference either. She blinked after him, waving to the cops as she went past, "Don't worry officers! I'll apprehend the miscreant!"

Assuming he was well enough ahead, Jean-Paul slowed down as he got nearer to his usual neighbourhood, keeping his head low as he slid between people out late or walking on home. He tried to catch his breath, also trying to convince himself that he was safe from being found out here.

Blink popped out of a bright pink circle that appeared in front of him, a little out of breath herself, "Darn ... you ... run fast …"

"Gaaaah!" From there, Jean-Paul launched into unintelligible swearing, swapping languages back and forth completely out of his element. "How did you know where I was?"

"Naughty words are a sign of a small mind ... and wouldn't you like to know the seacrets of the amaz-" wait ... no, she'd used that one already tonight, "the incredible Blink!?"

He reached into his coat, pulling the package and the money out and shoving it at her. "Take it! Will that be enough for you to leave me alone? I'm not going back with you. I can't be taken in!" He grabbed onto her hands, trying to get her to take the things away from him.

Blink yelped as the items were thrown at her, the money spilling onto the ground, "Wait-huh?" He was actually giving her the stuff ... but that had never happened before, she must be doing something right! "Oh wow! I gotta take these back to the cops-oops!" The box slipped from between her fingers and fell to the ground, falling open as it did so ...

"..." Jean-Paul stared at a box of cookies in disbelief, completely ignoring the people who were now staring at the little outburst that was going on, then kicked the offending box as hard as he could, crying out another swear no matter how small minded it was.

Blink just ... blinked, "... Um ... girl scout cookie smuggling ring?" she asked hopefully.

"I've been set up as the distraction." Either that or these were some very special cookies. Jean-Paul opened the box, finding only thin mints.

"Distraction?" She frowned, "... You mean the real heist was happening somewhere else ... and I missed it!?" She covered her face in her hands, and things had been going to well .. she was never gonna be a proper super hero at this rate, what would Batman think of her?

He nodded, bonelessly leaning against the wall until he realized that the money was trying to blow away, tapping into his speed to lunge and catch it. "I'm new, they probably didn't trust me...I about got arrested for cookies."

Blink was now gnawing on her hand nervously, if anyone ever heard of this she'd be a laughing stock before she'd even had a chance to establish herself, "You won't tell anyone will you?" She asked quickly, "It's to silly to get out, right? For both of us, I mean ... no one'd take you seriously as a super-villain if they heard you'd been tricked into smuggling cookies ..."

Oh God, nobody was going to hire him once this got out. "Not a word from me, swear." He said quickly, gathering the rest of the money up and standing back up properly, biting slightly at his lip. "I'm not going to tell a soul."

"Oh good, me either .. this never happened then, right?" She gnawed some more on her hand, glowing green eyes wide.

"Are you going to be...doing that again?" His own eyes narrowed, drawing his nerve back around him after that initial shock.

"Doing what?" Gnawgnawgnaw.

"Swooping down from above to apprehend me?"

"Depends on if you've involved in any more illegal activities ... I am a super hero after all!" She managed to stop nervous gnawing long enough to strike a heroic pose.

"Yeah, well superheroing doesn't pay and I've all ready ate my aunt and uncle out of one house. I'm in no hurry for it to happen again anytime soon."

She came out of the pose and wriggled her fingers awkwardly, "Oh ... umm ... well maybe you could find a legal way to make money then, so I don't have to apprehend you?"

"You know vigilantism is illegal as well, yes? I take it finding legal employment's not working out too well for you as well." He decided to motion her over off of the streets, walking into the mouth of another alleyway to avoid some of the cold.

"Only if you hurt people, I don't hurt people I just bring them to the cops, it's a public service, I can just 'port them into the cells!" She said, following him into the alley.

"Well, I suppose if you do get me arrested I could get away easy enough...It's coming home after that that would be the pain. It'd probably be the last straw as far as my aunt and uncle are concerned.

"Then maybe you shouldn't do illegal stuff then if it'll upset them?" Blink suggested hopefully, maybe she could make this young rogue see the Error of His Ways, that'd totally be a her thing to do, right?

"Um...are you asking me or are you just saying your thoughts out loud again? Because I'm not sure if that's something you generally ask out loud."

She flushed a darker pink, "Umm ... it's a umm ... it's a superhero thing ..."

"Ah, there you are. I wouldn't understand then." He had a bit of a laugh at that, grinning back at her. "So, do you have a superhero name yet?"

She sighed huffily, like the teenager she was, "Haven't you been paying attention, I'm the ... the ... Uncanny Blink!" She looked around a little shiftily, "You know, it's hard coming up with different ... what you call it? Verbs? Every time I say it …"

"Maybe you should start a list...Be Prepared and all that." He looked around shiftily as well though. "Don't worry, I'll not tell anyone...just as long as nobody ever finds out I was almost arrested for holding cookies."

She made a zipping motion across her mouth, "My lips are sealed!"

"I'd never done anything like that before these people, you know." He looked down, feeling ashamed just talking about it.

"Smuggling cookies or just generally smuggling?" She asked, with her hand so close to her mouth she found herself starting sucking her thumb automatically and without realizing.

"Generally. Met a few of them at a protest at Bois-de-Coulonge and started working with them a few months ago." He was trying to ignore the thumb sucking, not sure what that was about but unable to not look at her quizzically as she did it.

She blinked at him in a 'What?' kind of way, and then her eyes rolled down and she quickly yanked her thumb out of her mouth and wiped it on her leggings, "Protest? What were you protesting?"

"That one was for logging, I believe." It took him a moment to actually recall. "It was such insanely easy money."

"My parents used to say that there's an easy way and a hard way to do thing, but the problem is that the easy way eventually turns out to not be so easy," she nodded.

"Well, good while it lasted but if I'm going to be playing bait I don't think I approve too much."

"You could probably find a proper job, you don't look too mutant-y so it shouldn't be that hard," she said encouragingly.

"Yeah, just little hints." He scratched behind the tip of one ear out of habit for just thinking about them. "Just need a place that won't catch wise, yeah?"

"So, where are you staying?"

"Oh, I found a shed on top of a high-rise," she smiled happily, "and there's lots of cats in that neighbourhood so there's not to many rats or birds in it, I really lucked out!"

He pulled a face, a few memories of some very uncomfortable nights surfacing. "You know, if you'd rather, you can come on home with me. I mean, we don't have much space but it's a proper apartment."

Blink brought her finger to her mouth, pondering, "How do I know it's not part of an evil villainous scheme to capture me in an evil mastermind's lair?"

"...I nearly got caught over cookies."

"... Good point, and anyways even if you tried I could just blink out," she smiled the happy smile of someone who could escape any sort situation, "... but why're you offering me a place to stay? I nearly got you caught cookie smuggling and won't your aunt and uncle mind?"

"Well, getting upgrades for places to sleep is generally a good thing, yeah?" he shrugged, offering that up as his reason for offering. "They shouldn't have a problem with you sleeping there, no. It's not like you're hurting anything."

"Well ... okay, do you have running water?" She wasn't entierly sure when she'd last been able to have a wash of some description, "I'll just need to blink back home and grab my stuff first ..."

"As of two days ago." He grinned as he answered. "A beautiful thing, not to mention heat."

"Heat? Wait right there!" A pink circle appeared under Blink's feet and she dropped through it. A few moments later she reappeared through another circle set into the wall across from JP, in one arm she was holding a tattered and patched Kermit the Frog doll and was carrying a trash-bag in the other, a slightly dirty and tattered blanket draped over her shoulders, "Okay, done!"

Yeah, heat won people over all the time and Jean-Paul knew it despite this being the first time he had ever invited someone home like this. "Shall we?"

"Sure, where do you live, I can teleport us there!" She bounced up and down on her heels.

He considered it, hoping that there wasn't some interesting side effects, and pointed up. "Third window in."

She looked up at the window, frowning in concentration, before nodding, a pink circle appearing on the wall behind her, "Okay, we just need to walk through and we're there, it's like stepping through a door so don't be worried!" And with that she spun around and walked through.

"...right, a door. Nothing uncomfortable about the idea at all." He shrugged, squaring his shoulders and following behind.

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White Hat/Black Hat

Post by Ferguson » Sun Jun 05, 2011 6:43 pm

Part two: Slumber Party Of Sorts

The Astounding Blink (it was a new day, she could totally get away with using that one again) was curled up on her blanket on the floor, underneath a loaned blanked and curled up tightly around her kermit doll, sucking her thumb and muttering and twitching like a small dog in her sleep.

If she were to open her eyes right now she would find a very confused Blanche Martin, looking down at the small pink person on her floor. "Louis?...Louis come in here." Once her husband was handy she pointed at the girl on the floor. "Jean-Paul's brought a girl home."

Confusion ran rampant.

In her own mind she awoke as soon as another person entered the room, instinct honed from a life-time of vigilance, but in reality she half opened her eyes and blinked sleepily at the people in the room, her vision still fuzzy with sleep and dreamily she asked in her thicker accent "Mmmm ... five more minutes, nurse ..."

Confusion ran even faster as Jean-Paul had picked up a girl they couldn't quite understand. "Um...hello there?"

Blinked wiped her eyes and peered up at them blearily, oh, English, right, "... Hi?" She yawned and half sat up, her kermit doll on her lap, "Umm ... are you Jean-Paul's aunt and uncle?"

Blanche decided to stick with the all ready known common language. "Yes, yes we are...who are you, sweetie?"

"Oh ... I'm Blink, your nephew was really nice and let me sleep her last night since you've got warmth and I think he felt bad that I was sleeping in a shed, he's really nice and I have two-dollars in my show so you don't need to worry abut feeding me I can buy noodles," she said quickly, figuring maybe she should turn down the super-hero stuff since they were in a civilian situation and it wouldn't do to alarm them as to the fact that her enemies might come after her here.

... And that it probably be a good idea not to tell them that Jean-Paul was part of a cookie smuggling ring, that might be bad, "Umm ... that's okay right?"

Nice? Their Jean-Paul? Well, there was still some confusion there. "Well, hello there, welcome to our home and you just keep your two-dollars, we've got breakfast enough for one more." Even if they didn't Blanche would insist that they did and feed her anyway. That just did not hold at all. "Have you been in Quebec City long?"

Jean-Paul's head poked out of his room quickly. "Oh, good, you found each other. Is everything good then?"

"Glad to hear it." He smiled back at her. "So you've met each other now, guess I don't really need to do introductions but Blink, these are my aunt and uncle and so forth." He motioned to each in turn, hoping to God she hadn't said anything about what he had been doing. They looked awfully confused.

"Pleased to meet you, you have a nice house, you don't have any broken windows or anything," Blink said, clearly meaning is as a compliment of the highest caliber.

"...yes, yes, we consider ourselves lucky." Blanche said honestly, smiling. "Well, we'll get started on breakfast then, do you have anything you'd particularly like to have...Blink?" That was a strange, strange name.

"Nu-uh," she shook her head, smiling, "Thank you very much ma'am." She climbed to her feet and started to pack her improvised bed away all tidily.

Both Blanche and Louis retreated for the kitchen, not exactly far away but dropping their voices to question each other on what to think of this.

Jean-Paul took a seat nearby Blink. "It was okay for the night?"

She nodded, putting kermit on top of the small pile, "It was warm and comfy without the down side of people putting worms and nasty things in my sheets," she sat back down on the floor, cross-legged like a tiny florescent Buddha, "your aunt and uncle are really nice people."

"Yeah, the worm thing is never a good thing." He gave her a smile. "And they're great. You'll be welcome to stay any time you're in the city, you know?"

"Really?" She beamed at him, "That's so nice of them, and you," she produced a well used hair brush from her trash bag and started to try and order her hair, "and they didn't seem at all put out by my pinkness, normally even the nice people stare a bit."

"Well, they're pretty pro-mutant so they're good about things like that. They got used to me, after all." He gave her a laugh, shrugging. "They've had me since I was pretty young so they've had time."

"Yeah, but you at least look humanish ... apart from the ears," she said chirpily, "so ... umm ... how long you been living with them then?"

"Since I was five." He answered simply. "And yeah, I got off pretty easy when it comes to looks."

"Wow, long time," she smiled, "you're lucky that you have people who can look after you."

He nodded, going serious. "yeah, I definitely am, especially considering how strapped I have to make them."

"Is that why ... the whole ..." she tunneled her mouth with both hands and whispered loudly, "the cookie thing?"

"Yeah, that's why. We only recently were able to get the apartment as it is. I'm a bit expensive to feed." he admitted sheepishly

"Reeeeeeeally?" She tipped her head to one side and studied him, "But you're as thin as a rake!"

"Once I manifested I have been anyway. I run it all away."

"Ooooh, the speedy thing? I guess that makes sense," she nodded, "boy, I'm lucky I don't have speed then huh, I'd probably starve to death."

"Though I'd imagine popping in and out like you do uses it's share of energy, yeah?"

She nodded, "Yeeeeah, it was to begin with, but I've built up some stamina over the years, and I also know lots of places I can get free food," it was damn useful being able to teleport between all the various shelters and societies sometimes.

"Always good to know." He nodded. "I can give you directions to the good places around here if you like."

"That'd be awesome, sometimes it can be a bit tricky to find places that let mutants in," she said, finally taming her mane and putting her brush back in the bag.

"That's far too true, unfortunately." He dropped his voice. "Have I mentioned how glad I am you didn't end up bringing me in?â€

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White Hat/Black Hat

Post by steyn » Sun Jun 05, 2011 7:00 pm

Oh man please let it be a doomsday machine!

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White Hat/Black Hat

Post by Ferguson » Mon Jun 06, 2011 12:50 pm

Oh you just never know, do you?

Well, considering it's backfic you have a pretty good idea the world doesn't end.

But still! :shifty

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White Hat/Black Hat

Post by Ferguson » Tue Jun 07, 2011 9:26 pm

On The Topics of Stalking

"So...you spend a lot of time on rooftops?" Jean-Paul muttered as he looked down at the alleyway below, resisting the urge to nudge a rock over the edge.

"Uh-huh!" Blink nodded, exclaiming loudly, before remembering they were meant to be undercover and covering her mouth again, "Oops, sorry, but yeah, lots of heroes do, so you can spot a Crime in Progress, it's how I spotted you."

"You're going to make me the kind of person who always has to look up when walking around outside...or anywhere." He shrugged though, trying to concentrate on watching for any familiar people.

"You should only be paranoid if you're a criminal," Blink said with a nod, "the Innocent have Nothing to Fear ... except rapists and muggers and ... crazy people ... and cars, cars are pretty dangerous ... and bent cops, since you can get them, and the child protection service .... so actually thinking about it .... you have a lot to Fear ... except people watching you from rooftops ... unless you have a stalker ..."

"...I could get a stalker." Jean-Paul was going to have to keep an eye out. "Sort of hard to recognize people from up here though...but should be able to manage."

"Why would anyone want to stalk you?" She asked, brushing her hair back from her face and peering over again ... that lady had a nice hat, "You get used to it, having to squint." Ooooh this was so exciting! Her first real proper investigation!

"...I'm sure I give people reasons." Not that he wanted a stalker or anything but...still. "Right, squinting it is." He narrowed his eyes, watching the people below.

"Well ... um ... I mean you are kinda ... cute? In a gay way." She said quickly, trying not to insult her new friend, "I mean ... if you weren't ... I would ... well I wouldn't stalk you but I might may ... cow eyes at you?"

"I'll take that. Cow eyes are better than nothing." He nodded approvingly. "It takes a special sort to stalk, I'd imagine. Would have to have a more criminal bend than you do."

She smiled in relief, "Yeah, stalking is illegal," she said, laying down next to him on the rooftop and putting her chin in her hands as they watched the streets below, "Sooo ... how come you're living with your aunt and uncle then?"

"My parents were killed in a car accident." Stake outs just didn't move as fast as they did in the movies, did they? "They couldn't afford my sister and I both so she's attending a catholic school in Montreal on scholarship. Haven't seen her in a long time."

"Oh ... I'm sorry, that really sucks," Blink said sadly, "My parents couldn't afford to look after me either ... so is your sister special like us? What can she do?"

"I actually don't know, she never mentions it...but we're twins with the same ears and hair so I would risk the guess that she can do something."

Blink half turned and studied his ears carefully for a second, "... Yeeeeah, those aren't normal person ears, maybe 'cos your twins she'd have the same ... or maybe she hasn't discovered them yet?"

"Never know until I actually get to see her or she tells me more than likely. Maybe you should pop in on her sometime. I imagine she could use company."

"Really? Oooh if you tell me where she is I could totally take you for a visit, or even just drop her a message from you," Blink suggested with a smile before going back to scrutinizing the streets.

"The Sacred Heart School of Montreal. We had to petition for them to take her early but she's been down there since we were five. A message would definitely be appreciated." He looked down, recognizing a coat. "Him, two o'clock."

"Is it? We haven't been up here-oooooh I getcha," she turned to look, "Someone you know then? Who? Is it the boss?"

"No but he's another courier. He could lead us to the boss." He moved back from the edge, keeping an eye as he moved to follow.

Blink crept after him, "Should we jump him or just stalky-stalk?"

"Well, if we want the boss I say stalking...oh god, I'm a stalker...I think I'm having an identity crisis."

"Oh, I don't mean stalker! Um ... we're ... trailing him, like gumshoes, right, right?" She tried to pacify him, "We can be like Dick Tracy!" They reached the end of the building as she portaled them to the next one as discreetly as she could manage.

"I can live with that." He dropped his voice lower, peering out of the window and catching sight of their quarry.

"Which way's he going now?" She whispered, peering around him.

"...coming at us."

"Eeek! What should we do?"

"I don't know." Jean-Paul went a bit flaily but just bit his lip and tried his best to be quiet.

Blink shoved her hands over her mouth to stay quiet and ducked down, figuring her pinkness might draw unwanted attention.

Jean-Paul pointed down as the door opened and shut below, trying to trail where he was under them.

"This is where being able to track things would be useful," she whispered loudly, trying to trail him as well.

"Yeah, that it would be. Can you hear anyone else in there?"

Clarice put her own slightly pointed ear to the floor and tried to listed, "Umm ... it's a man?"

"Just the one we were watching?"

She shook her head, "No ... two, two men, one guy sounds fat."

"I think we're in business then."


"We should have planned this out better, shouldn't we have?"

"Real heroes don't need plans, just a catchy theme tune ... don't suppose you can sing can you?" She whispered, laying down properly on the floor so she could try and pick out what was being said.

Jean-Paul was sure that was a sign she was crazy right there. "...a little bit?"

"Then we're golden then," she flailed a hand, "now shush, I'm trying to listen."

"Yes, Captain Blink."

She grinned at him and the concentrated on what was being said ... the fat voice was giving the other voice some kind of instructions, there were mentions of an upcoming 'event' and she suddenly gasped, green eyes going wide, "Ohmygosh!" She breathed.

"...yes?" He looked expectantly at her, standing up properly and offering her his hand to do the same.

"They said something about an explosion! It was totally a bomb!" She hissed, taking his hand and yanking herself back up, "Ohmygosh this is big!" Save the city from an explosion? TICKET PARADE!

"...you're joking." He stated, then he wasn't sure. "Please say you're joking? I would really like it if you were."

She shook her head, "Nu-uh, I'm deadly serious! They're totally planning to blow something up, who are these people?"

There was a panic attack right on the brink of happening. As they were right downstairs however, he tried to reel it in. "What will we do then?"

"... I-I-I ..." Okay Blink, this is your moment! You keep on saying you're a super hero, now's your chance to prove it! "We need to find out when and where this is happening and we need to stop it!"

"...oh God, you're serious." He swallowed hard. "Okay...but how do we figure out when and were it is?" he thought about it, then pulled a face. "I could intercept it."

She nodded, "Maybe we could inter-no that'd take to long," she cupped her chin in her hands, trying to think, "Okay ... we could come back when no one's here and ransack the office for intel?"

He nodded. "It can help, certainly. And if I get called up for another drop that might be our chance as well."

"Okay, so that's our plan, we gotta watch this place till everyone's gone and then I'll get us in to search, and you try and get back in contact with them," she said decisively, "we've probably got at least a few days grace."

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Post by Ferguson » Fri Jun 10, 2011 5:09 pm

Need Stinking Badges

Jean-Paul took the package from his drop person without a word, running away quickly down the way he was expected to go, detouring immediately once he was out of sight to the roof of his apartment building. "Special delivery."

A pink circle appeared in the wall next to JP with a bloooonk and Blink stepped nimbly out of it, "Let's hope it's not cookies again, huh?"

"Well, this one is a bit thin to be cookies." He held up the slightly padded manila envelope for her to see. "Though I admit I wouldn't say no to a snack right about now, you know?"

Blink started patting her jeans pocket, "Ummm I think I still have a cheese-string somewhere," she said, "but yeah, maybe it's like .... a pen bomb or something and we could take it to the cops!"

He nodded, setting the envelope down and sitting down by it. "Well, only one way to figure out, yeah. If you don't have any string we could steam it open."

"Oh, well I deffo have normal string ... just not ... cheese-string, must have eaten it ..." she pulled a small spool of slightly dirty white string out of her pocket and handed it too him, "Momma always said you'll never know when you might need some string," she said with a firm nod.

"I'll keep that in mind." He gave a little chuckle, taking the string and working it in place to open the envelope. "Sounds like your mother was pretty wise then."

Blink nodded, "She is, and when I find her again I'll bet she'll have loads more, she's had five years to learn it," she watched what JP was doing with interest, "Sooo how're you gonna open it without it exploding?"

"Well...hopefully it's not a bomb?" Jean-Paul had no idea at all.

"Get prepared to blink right on out...maybe we should do this somewhere else?"

She frowned, "I could try making a portal and we could reach through it to pull the string?" She suggested.

"That sounds like a good idea." He nodded, passing the envelope carefully over to her.

Blink sat down very carefully and concentrated, a small portal appearing in front of her, she then gingerly placed the package though, "I just yank the string, yeah?" she asked, at his nod she did so and quickly pulled her hand back.

Jean-Paul braced for some sort of boom but, luckily, nothing came. "...I think it's safe?" He half-asked, looking up at his partner in vigilantism.

".... Yeah, I think we're good," she reached through and pulled the envelope back, completely whole and unexploded, "Guess it's not a pen-bomb then," she said, sounding a little disappointed.

Hearing the disappointment in her voice, Jean-Paul was reminded of the fact that he was working with a madwoman. "Lets see what we do have then?"

She took out some sheets of paper and peered at them for a second before passing them over with a slight blush, "Umm ... I can't read french," she confessed.

"If we have time I'll teach you." He took the paper, giving it a quick glance...then a swear that more than likely woke up his upstairs neighbours.

Blink fidgeted nervously, "Umm ... bad words mean something bad written down, right?"

"Oh yes, yes it does." He showed her the paper even though she couldn't read it. "We're...I mean they're bombing the industrial alliance building. Goes on to talk about their mission manifest and other bullshit."

Blink's eyes went wide, "OhmiGawd!" She squawked, "We gotta stop them! ... What is the industrial alliance building?"

"Oh they do stuff with insurance, pensions and the like." He waved a hand as he tucked the letter back in, sealing the envelope back up carefully.

Blink frowned ... nothing like that had ever been covered in Batman ... the closest they'd gotten to finance was back heists, "Well, we gotta stop them right, there'll be innocent people who'll get hurt!" She figured to stick with what she knew, explosions bad, kill people.

"I'm not sure this is something we can really handle on our own any longer." Jean-Paul looked worried just saying that, however, his mind jumping to the worst conclusion which involved shit hitting the fan for him as well as the people they were going to get for this.

"Should we just take it to the cops then?" Blink said, nervously sucking her thumb again.

"Yeah, I think we should." He pulled himself up properly. "they can set themselves up at the location ahead of time...we'll need to make a copy of this and give it to them. The person I'm supposed to drop this with will get suspicious if he doesn't get it."

"Quick! To the library!" Blink opened a portal.

"Never thought a library copier would be pivitol to vigilantism, did you?" He put on a smile, trying to sound like this was going to turn out better than he suspected, and stepped through the portal.

Blink followed him and they appeared in an alleyway next to the library, and she smiled at him as the portal vanished, "Actually I think it's kind of poetic, public ameneties being used to save people," she said, doing up her tattered long coat and taking a beanie out of the pocket. Se tucked her hair down the back of her coat and pulled the hat on, as low as it could go.

"It is at that." He smiled back at her, keeping the envelope tucked close as they rounded the corner and stepped on into the library.

Blink followed him, keeping her head down and her body relaxed, even with the coat and hat she still had people stopping and staring at her, she'd gotten pretty good at ignoring it though. She came to a stop at the library front entrance and tugged on the back of JP's shirt lightly, "Umm ... we should probably check that they're gonna let me in, sometimes they don't."

"If they have a problem they'll have to take the time to ask us to leave. We can be in, done, and out before anyone shuffles over, hopefully." He did eye the library staff, wondering if they looked too attentive. "Or you could stay out and be watch-out while I do it?"

Bink glanced around, some of the looks she was getting were pretty unfriendly, "Umm ... I think I'll come in with you," she said, following him in and trying not to look too mutanty.

Jean-Paul nodded, sliding up to the copier at a brisk pace and popping the coins in to use it. "At least there's no line, yes?" He forced a smile on and put the paper in, starting the machine up.

She nodded, "Uh-huh," she said, rocking on her heels, "Ummm ... do you think we could make it so that the envelope doesn't look like it's been tampered with?" she whispered.

He looked down to the envelope. "I think so...really hope so." These were people he really, really didn't want to be suspicious.

"It should be okay," she tried to reassure him, "it's not like they know where you live, right?"

"No, I don't think so anyway...and we will be telling the police so maybe I can get some help with that as well."

"Yeah, maybe they'll put you in the witness protection thingy and you'll get your own body guard, it'll be cool!" Blink clapped.

Mmm, body guard. Now that sounded promising. No, no, bad Jean-Paul, must focus! He snatched the copy from the tray and slid the original back in. "Do you think it looks too tampered with?"

She gave it a considering look, "Umm ... maybe a little, but the police might be able to help with it right? Make it look all normal and stuff?"

He nodded. "I hope so...guess that's the next stop, isn't it?" And not a moment too soon as the head librarian seemed to be giving them an eye out from under overly bushy eyebrows.

She nodded, "We should go outside though, people might panic if I blink inside here," she tried giving the librarian a friendly smile but that just earned an even stonier stare, "... Oh ... yeah okay, let's go."

"Oh, definitely time." Jean-Paul cleared his throat, dipping his head to the librarian and smirking as he hurried out, grabbing Blink's arm just in case.

Blink blushed a little as her arm was taken and allowed herself to be lead along, "Oh ... umm ... any station in particular then?" she asked as they made thier way outside.

He gave it a moment of thought. "Arrondissement de Sainte-Foy–Sillery–Cap-Rouge is closest to all of the places we know that these people have been around in. They might be our best bet."

"... Ambassador de saint-fo-siccily-..." she gave up, "Where abouts is it?" she asked with a shrug as they made their way back into the alley and she pulled the hated, grimy beanie off her head.

"Close enough." Jean-Paul gave her a smile at that before pointing the way. "Closer to the river. Shall I give the ride this time?"

Blink blushed again, "Can't speak french either," she muttered before nodding, "and sure, that's be ... nice."

Thinking absolutely nothing of the hesitation, Jean-Paul pulled her up and took off, at the station the next moment almost. "This is going to really suck, isn't it?"

Blink barely had time to yelp before they were there, ".... WOW! That was amazing!" She clapped in delight, "I think I might be a little almost jelous ..." she looked up at the front of the station and hesitated, "Umm ... do you want me to come in with you again?"

"I don't know, being able to pop right through the floor is pretty fun." He bit at his lip as he thought about it. "I'm worried that if we're two mutants going in they might think something is off with us."

"Yeah ... especially since ... umm ... well," she twiddled her thumbs nervously, "I'm pretty recognizable right, I don't want them putting my description into their little computer-base thingie."

He nodded. He had a suspicion that might be a problem. "Well...you could listen in? Just in case I have any trouble or anything?"

She gave the station another look, "... Yeah, they probably have cupboards and stuff in there right? I could port into one and be your back-up!" The idea made her happy, "And it means that they won't try and send me back to the home either!" That made her extra happy.

Jean-Paul really hoped he didn't need back-up. He could feel his stomach start to twist all ready at the idea of going in there and explaining himself. Swallowing his nerves, Jean-Paul forced a nod out. "That sounds like a plan. Let's do this." He clutched the envelope a bit tighter as he started into the station, hoping it was at least a slow day so he wouldn't have to wait to sell himself up the river.

Blink watched him go in, sucking her thumb automatically, once she was sure that he was inside she opened a portal and walked through, appearing with a small, twinkling bliiink inside a dark cupboard (since she was trying to go for subtly here. The only light was coming from the keyhole so she knelt down to peer through it, still sucking her thumb.

What did a person even do to report anything? Jean-Paul looked around, hoping for someone official-looking to flag him down as he walked up to the main desk, talking himself out of any desires to turn tail and run back home. "Um, pardon me? I have an...er...'tip' about, well, an upcoming attack?"

A tired looking middle-aged woman peered over the desk at him, "Oh?" she asked dryly, glancing down to the papers in the boy's hand.

Oh? How was oh helpful? He tried to keep himself patient, though. "Yes, someone intends to blow up the I.A. building. Is there anyone I could talk with?" He hoped that would at least get her moving.

She stared at him for a few more moments before shouting, "Pierre!" and a worryingly keen looking young cop materialized, "The kid say's he's got some info on a possible terrorist attack, go question him," she said, with a dismissive wave of her hand.

Eying Pierre did not help calm any sort of nerves as Jean-Paul shuffled off after the officer in question. He just looked like someone dangerously by the books and that was someone Jean-Paul didn't really need right now. he forced himself to stick with it though, hoping that Blink had managed to stay close by to where he was going. "So....been a cop long?"

The cupboard that had been housing Blink was now empty, and with another quiet as she could manage teleport a pair of glowing green eyes peered over the top of an empty desk in the corner, watching to see where JP was being taken. Pierre didn't say anything, just eyeballed the kid some, his eyes lingering at the ears.

That alone made him glad that Blink had went for the spying. As it was Jean-Paul was beginning to wonder if he was going to have to be sick from nerves. He found himself led to a seat at one of the back desks, away from most everything. He thrust the envelope and the copy at the only slightly older man. "This explains it."

Blink crept along the desk and ducked down, she could hear what was going on at least, she just hoped no one came nearby. Pierre took the papers and studied the for a moment before looking back at the boy, "And how did you come by this information?"

There it was, what he had really hoped to avoid as long as he could was the first damned question that was asked. "I was a runner for them, delivered messages and packages for money."

Clarice just had to faceplam, "D'oh!" Pierre raised his eyebrows at JP but didn't look too shocked (sadly), "Really? And what's your name?"

"Jean-Paul Martin." He admitted, fidgeting slightly in his chair as he did, not seeing any way that this could end too well for him. "I...intend to cooperate though, any way you need me to."

"Hmmm ...." Pierre sucked his teeth for a moment before climbing to his feet, "Alright, this is obviously serious here, I'm going to have to ask you to come with me to one of the interview rooms and we'll see what we can work out, okay Jean-Paul?"

He nodded, inwardly cringing. The word cooperate had all ready fallen out of his mouth, though, and Jean-Paul would be damned if he managed to make a liar out of himself the same day he made himself a known criminal.

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Skip the Phone Call

This...well this sucked The only decent thing about this was that he was at least not in the general holding cell so at least he wasn't sharing a toilet with the fifteen other miscreants that had been hauled in today.

Jean-Paul took a seat at the edge of his cot, clamping his hands down on his knees to keep them from vibrating from nerves. This sucked but he didn't know how to help without it so he would just have to live with it for a little while at least.

There was a stealthy blink behind the officer in charge of the cells desk and in a brief flash of pink light an equally pink head peered into the book that held the list of names and what cells they were being kept in before vanishing again.

The duty officer caught it out of the corner of his eye as he stood at the coffee machine ... and figured he should make it a double.

A few moments later there was another small flash of pink, blinking light, this time around the camera mounted in the corner of the cell, and with an electronic fizzle the little red light died away.

He looked up at the fizzle sound, brows furrowing together curiously as he looked up from his grousing and wondered exactly what fresh Hell was about to join the one he had all ready gotten himself into. He blinked and narrowed his eyes as he realized the little red light wasn't exactly lit up and red anymore.

"Great, I get to be kept awake by the maintenance man next."

The small flash was followed by a much bigger one and Blink appeared in the room, the skin around her eyes seemed pinker than usual, "Ohmigawd Jean-Paul!" She flailed (quietly) "I'm so, so, so sorry! I didn't think this would happen!" she sniffed, her voice sounding a little thick.

"Blink! What are you doing here, not a good place for you to be right now." Jean-Paul looked quickly out to make sure that nobody was hearing them or coming, glad to see that it seemed to remain clear of anyone else. "It's not your fault, you've not done anything." Oh God, had she been crying? What do you do with crying people?

"Well when I saw them taking you to the cells I thought maybe they were gonna give you more questions but then you didn't come out and I waited and waited and then I figured something was wrong and then I overheard some cops saying you'd been arrested and I didn't know what to do so and-and-and-" she sniffled some more and wiped her nose on the back of her arm.

"It's not fair, they shouldn't have arrested you!" More quiet flailing-wailing, "You brought them the thing and saved all those people from being bombed, you were good, good people shouldn't be put in jail!"

"Well, that's just it, I'm not that good considering how I know about everything we gave them." He cringed to say it but it was true. God, crying people! They were a mystery to Jean-Paul! He tried to get her to sit down on the bunk though, sitting back down himself.

"It isn't fair, no, but I can cooperate and plead against the others and get out. It's really more of a formality...that'll still be on my records years to come but anyway."

Blink flopped down onto the bed and wiped at her face, "Y-you mean your not angry at me? she asked, a tiny note of hope in her voice, "A-and you're not r-really in trouble then?" She hiccuped.

"Well...I'm sort of in trouble. I sure as hell won't be getting government clearance for any jobs, that's for sure." He gave her a smile. "But no, not angry at you. Me, sure, but I've no reason to be angry with you."

"Y-you really mean that?" All of a sudden she flung herself at him. wrapping her arms around him in a biiiiiiig hug, "Thank you! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! I was so scared that you'd be blaming me and not like me anymore Jean-Paul, I don't have many friends," she started sounding a little thick again, but happier with it.

"Yeah, I re-ooof!" Women flinging themselves at him, now that was new and unexpected. He gave into the hug though, patting her back and nodded. "We're friends, you don't have to worry about any of that. I just...get to sleep here for a little while."

He paled. "My aunt and uncle are going to kill me."

Yay! Pattings! She looked up at him with her big green eyes, "Umm ... maybe you could ... just not tell them?"

"They're going to wonder where I am." He cringed. "Cover for me?"

Blink bit her lip, "Umm ... do they check on you here?"

He sighed. "Don't worry about it, I'll just have to deal with it. They might notice when I'm involved in court cases I'd think." he gave her a laugh, sighing and slumping against the cot railing.

She shook her head, "Nooo ... I mean that if they don't check on you I can get you out of here, you can see your aunt and uncle and then they don;t need to know you were arrested! I mean ... so long as you're back before they come for you in the morning it should be okay, right?"

He was tempted, sorely tempted but he shook his head. "No, they'll come back to eventually check probably. I don't really know how it works." Probably once whoever was supposed to be watching the cameras woke up and realized one was out. "Just tell them not to worry?"

"Are you sure? Really?" Blink fidgeted, "Umm ... okay then, I will," she nodded, "So what's gonna happen now then? They did believe you about the bomb right, and it's gonna be stopped and stuff?"

He nodded. "Yeah, they took me seriously and let me deliver the letter and had me flag who I took it to so they can track them better."

"Oh, well that's something at least right? And they didn't realise it'd been tampered with?" The last thing she wanted was JP getting in trouble with the gang people as well.

He gave her another nod. "The person I dropped it off with didn't even think anything of it and tore right into the envelope...guess he's excited about what he thinks he gets to do."

"Oh ... yay then!" She gave a small clap, "And we saved all those people from being blown up ... well, you did," she gave him a small smile, "maybe you should be a super-hero too?"

"By fucking up." He pointed out. "I don't really think I want to fuck up as a career."

"You really shouldn't swear," Blink scolded mildly, "And you didn't ... mess up, you did the right thing-oh though I guess you could say you messed up by getting involved in the first place ... but if you hadn't then they would have got away with it ... so ... umm ... you mess up in good ways?" She said, sounding like she was starting to confuse herself.

Jean-Paul shrugged, sitting back up. "Well, I can live with that. Still, I think I'll probably avoid it in the future if at all possible."

She nodded, "Yeah ... that's probably the smart idea," she played with her hair, "so when're they going to let you out then, tomorrow morning?"

"Yeah, though I might have to come back if they think anyone's going to catch on I was the snitch. Other than that I'll be out tomorrow morning and they'll be in contact."

"Okay, I'll think of something to tell your aunt and uncle ..." she blushed a little, "Maybe I'll tell them you found a nice boy to go home with tonight?" She giggled.

"Nah, you don't have to cover for me, I'll explain it to them." He did smirk at the cover story though. "Not that I would mind that at all."

"Well, if you're sure ... oh, I nearly forgot, you're hungry right?" She asked, perking right back up.

Jean-Paul perked up at that as well. "You have food? Oh, there is no way we will ever not be friends."

"Well ... not on my right now, hold on a second," she stood up and dropped down into a pink circle, a few moments later she stepped out of another circle in the wall holding a tray that had been piled haphazardly with food, "I wasn't sure what you liked so I got you some of everything."

"...If I was straight I would love you." Jean-Paul went straight for the carb heavy foods, definitely hungry. "Oh yeah, we're friends for life."

Blink blushed a little sadly at that, just typical that the only boy who'd ever been nice to her and hadn't cut her hair while she wasn't looking was gay, but on the other hand, yay friends for life! "If It's not enough I can always go and ... borrow you some more?" She blushed again, it was a bit like stealing after all ...

"I think that I'll be good for a while." He managed to say between bites. It wasn't the best of food but it was food and it was going to be eaten. "Thank you, a lot, I owe you."

"You don't owe me anything, just think of it as my way for repaying you for taking me in and stuff ... I can't even remember the last time someone's been so nice to me," she said, sitting back down on the bed next to him.

"You've been plenty nice to me as well. If you hadn't've been I would be in here for a much longer time."

"Only if they'd caught you," she rocked slightly, glad he was enjoying his food, "so what're you going to do now?"

"Well, now probably eat and crash." He gave a laugh. "Get the official reports or whatever done in the morning and then I'm out. Maybe we'll even get to watch the bust happening."

"Really? Yeah, actually, that'd be really cool, I can 'port us to some good hiding spots to watch, and we can see the fruit of our labours," she nodded, "okay, when your done eating I'll take the tray back and then go back to your house."

"Mm," He swallowed quickly so he could talk again. "enjoying some of it would be nice. Suppose it's not exactly your heroes' celebration, is it?"

She shuffled a little on the bed, "Yeeeeeah ... I think I'm sorta learning that it's not quite like it is on the tv ... but the heart of it's still the same, even if people don't know you saved them, the fact that you did is enough ... at least that's how I see it," she shrugged, smiling softly.

He offered her one of the bottles of water that had come up with the meal. "Hear, hear."

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Post by steyn » Sat Jun 18, 2011 6:38 am

hee, the more I read about her, the more I like her.

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"I've not missed it, have I?" Jean-Paul zipped up to the roof, well, he had zipped up to many of them until he found Blink but that was a quick matter. "Getting things all cornered away at the station took longer than I thought." He didn't sound all that pleased about that but came over, sitting down and putting what food he had brought down as well.

Blink waved frantically as JP zoomed over, "Hiya! No you haven't missed it al all, i've been here since 5am watching them get into position, it's way better then anything I ever saw on the TV," she moved over, making space for JP on the blanket, "I think they're staking out the place now," she took a bite out of her tuna burrito and offered JP a carton of juice.

"Good, I would have not been happy if I had missed it all after everything." He looked to her breakfast and then his poutine. "I feel like such a stereotype right now." He ate it still, grabbing and thanking her for the juice.

"A hot breakfast is always good," Blink said, since she didn't get to eat them very often, she slurped her own juice, "so everything was okay at the station then?"

"The details have been worked out...it's staying on my history though." He pulled a face at that. "I think they assume I'm seedy enough as it is and want me well in the system or something."

Blink had a sad face, "Awwwww ... well, it's better than blowing people up or going to real jail, right?" More tuna! "Oh, ummm, I told your aunt and uncle about what happened, I don't think they were too mad when I said that you'd stopped a bomb and stuff."

"Well...good to have a nice spin on things." He raised his juice to that. "Thanks, Blink, I really do appreciate that and yeah, it sure beats going to jail or blowing people up. I'll just...make sure nobody ever puts me with that in the future."

"Yes, crime doesn't pay, it just gets crazy pink girls chasing after you," she clinked her juice against his, "and really, I think you could get a job if you maybe grew your hair out a little to hide the tops of your ears?" she suggested. She peered over the top of the roof again, "Awwww ... come ooooooooon!"

"The police are two slow, as usual." Jean-Paul moved closer to the roof's edge so he could see a bit better. "Yeah, I can get away with it easy on that front. And I suppose your chasing me wasn't terrible."

"I suppose everyone's too slow compared to you," Blink lay down on her front, finishing her burrito so she could peer over the roof edge in comfort, "just don't get a job where you have to wear a hair net ... and ... well," she blushed happily, "I don't think it was either, I got to meet you and we got to do something actually heroic, so apart from that blip on your record it's been all good, huh?"

"I learned pretty quickly to develop patience and some sort of zen waiting skills." He joked at his own expense, deciding that Blink had the right idea and joining her in the better vantage point. "Oh God, hair nets are a bad thing for everyone." He gave a shudder at the idea of it. "Yes, I'd call it all good as well."

Blink giggled at that, her ponytail slipping over her shoulder and dangling down past her head, "I dunno, if they stop food from getting into people's food it's good, but they are silly ... and blue, blue looks silly on me," she nodded, the flail pointed, "Oooh! Look! They're doing something!"

"Really?" He perked up, eyes latching onto people moving into the area. "Yeah, they've got teams moving, won't be long now. This is sort of surreal, isn't it?"

Another nod, "Uh-huh, I never through I'd get to really watch one of these things, something for the grandkids huh ... not that either of us are likely to have grandkids ..." she pillowed her chin on her arms as she watched the cops scurry around.

"Yeah, adoption would be hard enough without being a mutant as well so the likelihood of that isn't exactly high." Food managed to go by the wayside as people could be seen trying to run away.

Blink frowned in concentration and flicked out one hand, and one of the running men who was in danger of getting away suddenly found his foot sinking into a pink

*pink, glowing pothole and he fell over, the girl smiled innocently.

"Oh that makes everything even better." Jean-Paul laughed, quite happy at that site. "Hell, you could take them right to jail if you wanted to, yes?"

She nodded, "I tried that the first few times, but the cops got confused as to how and why they were there so they'd normally just let them go," she sighed, "I think in real life it's a lot harder then it is in Batman ... for one thing the police like him and two he's a billionaire."

"Still, it'd be a great way to ruin someone's day and I suppose the prison drop would only work for very well with very well known criminals...and even then it still runs the risk of having them released. It'd be funny to see the cop's faces though."

"Well, they always looked very angry, and then I'd have to skip town 'cos they'd be coming after me with guns and big sticks and it's very hard to look dramatic against the skyline when you're having to dodge bullets ... I mean ... I can just portal them away, but then I get worried about where I'm porting them, if it's just like ... a panic port I'm not sure where they end up," she fidgeted slightly, "oooh ... I think they're having a stand-off with someone!â€

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Post by steyn » Fri Jun 24, 2011 5:27 pm

is this the end of the story?

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Post by Ferguson » Fri Jun 24, 2011 5:29 pm

Yep, the end!

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Post by puppygirl » Fri Jun 24, 2011 5:29 pm

Afraid so, till Clarice joins us next semester. Hope you enjoyed it though Steyn :)
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Post by steyn » Fri Jun 24, 2011 5:31 pm

I definitely did! Can't wait to meet Clarice :D

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"... Pirates just kidnapped the bride and everyone is laughing. God I wish I spoke Finnish."
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