10/10 Instance: Everyday I'm Shufflin'

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10/10 Instance: Everyday I'm Shufflin'

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Timeline - Current

Clarice eyed the rink nervously as she gripped the rail hard while trying to get used to balancing on her skates, "Noriko," she turned to her roomie and fellow club member, "I thought we were gonna try sewing first?"

Skating might not be skiing but that didn't mean that Jean-Paul didn't get to show off with it. He stopped short, sending a few ice shavings up at Clarice as he did so. "What's this? The Astonishing Blink questioning her prowess?"

"Well we need sewing stuff first and everyone thought the group was such a good idea why not dive right in?" Sitting on the benches tying her electric blue ice skates up she smiled over at the nervous clarice

Sue finished lacing her skates and stretched out to make sure she didn't pull anything, balancing easily. Once she was sufficiantly stretched, she moved onto the ice to warm up some.

All of a sudden! Green blur. It was giggling. A bit. There was angry chittering and a trailing 'RAWRAWRAWRAWR' as it shot past the group.

"...skating dinosaur?" Jean-Paul's eyebrow went up at the rawring and laughed. Well, that explains that.

From the other side of the ice rink was a mascot. A mascot which looked exactly like Wade's x-men uniform, including an oversized Deadpool mask head. He too showed a little off as he went aroudn the rink.

Clarice flushed a little at that, "No! It's just ... well, I've never done it before and ..." she eyed the ice, "I am gonna kick that ice in the face!" She declared, anxious to not show herself up infront of Jean-Paul.

Sue did a few easy moves on her skates, landing gracefully. She felt much better now that she was back on the ice.

Noriko smiled as she stood up and stretched alittle, feeling better now she'd found somewhere to skate and lots of people to skate with. Just needed her music now... and the head phones came up as she stepped onto the ice.

The mascot was a beautiful swan on the ice. a beautiful oversized red and black headed swan.

"You cut it. You cut it deep." Jean-Paul applauded Clarice, making room for her and catching sight of....that. "Is that...nooo." It was a Deadpool mascot. "I am so jealous now."

Sue slowed down and stopped near the others. "Now I feel better." she smiled.

"Jelous of what?" Clarice asked, pulling herself along the rail, "Umm ... that costume looks kinda familiar?"

'Yeah, you'll meet him He nodded absently, staring off and skating towards the elegant swan creation.

The mascot starting doing a spin, faster and faster. "I'm spinning!"

The green blur stopped suddenly by the group, solidifying in the bandaged form of Adam in his favourite green and black ensemble...and bouncing on his skates as he looked at the group with biiiig blue eyes. "...There's people here I don't know." He looked at the new kids suspiciously. "Ohai! I'm Adam. 'Cause you're with people I do know I assume you're with the school, because they are too, in which case hai and welcome and it's awesome. Now, if you'll excuse me..."

Noriko kicked at the ice alittle before stepping off, happily gliding along humming to her music and smiling at every one. Then in alittle fun skirted round the mascot afew times before aiding the spinning joining in.

With that, he shot off, but not before a tiny black rabbit 'RAWR'd from his head.

"Meet who?" Clarice called after him, still clinging to the side of the rink and watching everyone zip around ... it couldn't be that difficult?

Sue blinked after Adam and turned to the others, "Did that just happen?"

She could totally do this! Taking a deep breath she let go of the hand rail and eeped as she was forced to windmill her arms as she tried to stay balanced.

Sue glided over to Clarice and held out a hand, "Want some help?"

Noriko left the spinning mascot to join Sue and Clarice. "How bout we each take an arm and get her out there?" Smiling at her trying friend

Clarice tilted forwards and backwards, arms flailing, "Umm ... maybe?" She squeaked, she was getting a lot of stares.

"That sounds like a plan," she giggled, taking one of Clarice's hands to steady her.

The mascot suddenly had an awesome idea come into his oversized head. WIth much haste he went to the three female skaters, he himself skatign a little wobbly after all the spinning. Coming to a halt within their personal space bubble, he announced, "Who wants to try a Pamchenko? How about The Iron Lotus? Any takers?"

Sue blinked at Wade, "Uh... you're okay... we're... busy..." she looked at the other two, Say you're busy!

Clarice half hung between the other two girls, "Ummm ... what are those Mister Big-Head?"

Noriko quickly took Clarice's other arm and smiled politely at the giant mascot. "Maybe later we have to help our friend here first."..... does that guy over there have a rabbit on his head? cool!

Sue tried to haul Clarice to her feet. "Have you never even been on roller blades?"

"Nu-uh," Clarice shook her head.

Well that was going to be a problem, "Okay... well... what about shoes with high heels?" there had to be something.

"OOo ooo ooo ever slided room the kitchen in your slippers?" come on everyones done that.

Clarice shook her head, feeling a little embaressed now, "Umm ... no, I was homeless before comming to school," she muttered.

Hmmmmmm. "Right okay... well first... just relax. Let us get you upright."

The mascot went back to skating aroudnu the rink.

"Okay," Clarice tried to relax.

"Now just easily slide one foot out alittle then the other, sort of shuffling forward ok? don't worry we got you."

Shaking himself from the hypnotic pull of the mascot, Jean-Paul drifted back to the group. "So, how's kicking the ice going then?"

The mascot passed the girls, "...everyday I'm shuffling..." he hummed.

"Shuffle? Okay," Clarice gingerly started to shuffle like she was told, smiling at Jean-Paul, "I think it's kicking me at the moment."

Noriko just gave the Mascot a really confused look, as she carefully helped the shuffling. "Now just gently try and lenghthen the shuffles ok?"

Sue gave Clarice an encouraging smile as she skated slowly beside her.

the second time around, the mascot was busy doing the Macarena.

"And once you get the hang of that we can try and teach you the magical art of turning." He chuckled, skating in front of her. "I really begin to wonder about who they hire here, you know?"

"It's actually easier when you skate a bit faster," Sue told Clarice, "but we won't let go til you're more confident."

The blur came back, and then reversed to skate backwards. Adam watched the girls with interest, his cyber gear oddly out of place on the rink. Bit was perched in the fake dreads, muttering to himself, wearing a tiny hat. "They need a better DJ. This music's laaaaaaaaaaaame. Hey, I got Plankie in my bag, maybe I should break him out?"

"You brought Bit skating?" Jean-Paul arched an eyebrow. "Actually, nevermind. The fact we have blades on our feet probably evens the playing field a bit."

Noriko looked at the new guy looking him over before grinning, she could be back at her own raves with him looking like that. "Yeah the music is pretty boring, it would be better with some like old prodigy or something....... whats a plankie?" tilting her head at the new person... and his rabbit.

"Okay, bigger shuffles," she was still blushing but she was determined that she was going to manage this! "Oh ... heya, I remember you from the museam, and you still have your bunny?"

"... Why have you got a rabbit on your head?"

"Ours is not to question why. Ours is but to nod and slowly skate away."

"Is my decks! OH. Omigod JP. JP!! I got signed!! Signed! By a lable! They want my music!" Adam actually managed to bounce and skate backwards at the same time. "Bit goes everywhere with me. Even if you can't see him. He's there. Watching. Staaaaaring. With his eeeeyes." Adam had obviously been on the caffeine again.

"Hey! I am totally not that bad don't listen to him he's mean."

"Why would I wanna skate away when he may offer better music and hasa kawai usagi on his head?" the confused look turned on Jp as she slowly sped up alittle.

"Huh... I fit that description too..." she grinned and turned herself invisible briefly.

Adam blinked, his thoughts apparently resetting a little. "Also, I'm a DJ. Like. Rave DJ. Really good one. That's now professional omigod I can't believe he came to my club I can't believe I met him I'm going to go and fanboy now..."

Clarice's shuffles were steaddily getting longer and more confident, "So ... I guess he's always like that? He was crazy when I first met him," she smiled at Jean-Paul, "I'm glad the bunny is okay though!"

"Aw, the newbs, so cute. To think, I was once you." He smirked and nodded to Clarice. "Yes, welcome to Adam. You should see the things he can do with tin foil."

"...Oh. And my fingers are all fixed!" He held out his unbandaged fingers so everyone can see. "My ribs still hurt though and I totally am going to be scarred. I am not crazy! Okay. Maybe a little. But not stabby-crazy any more, because I'm taking my drugs now and not being weird like I was last semester which I am totally sorry and getting counselling for..."

A sweet materialised from somewhere and held up for the bunny on Toxic's head. "Your alittle weird and funny, but this is for the Kawaii usagi!"

"Tin foil is amazing."

The 'usagi' sniffed the treat, took it delicately and proceeded to nom. "Heeeeeeey. Are you Japanese?"


Sue turned her attention back to Clarice, "You're doing great," she smiled at her.

"Thanks!" She smiled back.

"Yes? .....are you always this all over the place?" Noriko smiled at the other girls "We're all doing great wanna go alittle faster now?"

"I think I can manage that," Clarice nodded after a moment's thought.

"Not always. This is one of the fun versions of Adam though, albeit exhausting to keep up with." He smirked to Clarice though, offering his arm. "Want to go faster?"

Sue gave another smile and gradually increased her speed so that Clarice had to too.

Clarice eeped and grabbed hold of Jean-Paul's arm as he and Sue started to speed up while Noriko was feeding treats to Bit, "Heheheheee!"

"Nope. Sometimes I'm stabby. Sometimes I'm really, really focused. TOday is a good day!" Adam turned so that he was skating the right way. "Pink girl! Ohai! I completed Portal 2 for like...the thirtieth time yesterday and thought of you..." He blinked at JP. "I'm always fun though. Depends on your definition. I still got holes in my blades though...McCoy says they might never heal."

Adam epically sadfaced at that as he tightened his gloves.

"You can put earrings through them." Jean-Paul was so, so very tempted to start running.

Sue decided not to ask about blades with holes in.

Noriko laughed at Clarice and called over to the trio. "Your doing great Clarice! guys teach her how to go backwards!" and another treat got handed to the usagi, worrying look at its owner. why was he scarred and what blades that healed with holes in?

"So. New people. What're your names?" Adam switched tracks. "And I can't put anything in them, or I can't retract them, dumbass, remember? I would figure no one would want my stabbing implements out aaaaall the time, right?"

"What are you on about?"

"I think she needs to master forwards before we over complicate it...." Sue replied to Nori.

"Put caps on them. It might be a new thing for you." Jean-Paul smirked though, starting to go a bit faster.

"I'm with Sue," Clarice agreed, noticing that they were speeding up again, "If you try and go super-sonic on me and Sue I'll kick you in the face," she playfully warned Jean-Paul.

Sue looked between Clarice and JP, "Super sonic? Oh God please don't..."

"No! No caps, no caps for my pointies ever. They don't grow back." Adam poked his tongue out at JP. "Aaaand...I'm on about these." With a flick of his wrists, two blades made of bone - both of which had holes in - snapping out with a 'snkt' sound. "Don't touch, razor sharp."

'awwwww sue don't be a spoil sport hehe."

"But it'll be fuuuuuun. I promise!" Jean-Paul teased. "Or are you scared?"

"... Fun or deadly?"

Noriko jumped backwards from the sudden blades and managed to sucessfully be the first on her ass in the group staring up at the blades, not to mention the spark she'd accidently let fly.

"I'm not scared!" She said defensivly, "But if I break my ankle in these it would reaaaaaally suck!"

"You've ran with me before...this time it's just on ice!"

"Ooh ooh ooh I can help!" The blades snapped away. "I can help - oh, shit, are you okay?" Adam slid gracefully to his knees and held out a hand, his face apologetic. "Sorry...I get a little much sometimes I guess...but really I'm nice!"

"I haven't ran with you before so I think I'll just... pass...." Sue loosened her grip on Clarice just in case.

"You carried me before," Clarice giggled, "I just don't ike the idea of my feet having blades on them while they're trailing after you ... Noriko, are you okay?"

"It's ok honest!" gingerly taking the hand and carefully getting back to her feet. "I just have a thing with blades sorry." giving him a reassuring smile back. Well he did seem nice enough.

"Yeah I'm good!"

As Sue half let go Clarice tilted a bit but was able to stay upright with Jean-Paul's help.

...Oh shit, and he totally had the thing in his bag for JP, talking about being nice. He had Plans. They were good Plans. And hopefully would make things better. Hopefully. Maybe.

"That's funny, Adam does too!" With that, Jean-Paul started to speed ahead, not quite going proper speeds because that level of friction with ice...not the best of ideas.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Clarice squealed, then started to laugh like a maniac, "Whooooooooooo!"

"Sorry. Most people are nervous about me and blades, so I'm glad you didn't see me in the past semester. I was a bit...well." He shrugged, dropping it - before eyetwitching at what JP said - no, no, he deservd it, karma, no getting irritated. He let out a breath.

Clarice slipped out of Sue's grasp as she sped off with JP so Sue decided to skate around ono her own a bit and do a few more elaborate turns and spins.

"Me and my dog got mugged before I came here, so I'm alittle twitchy around sharp stuff at the moment." patting her self off she applauded Clarice and sue and slowly joined in with the spins and such, just keeping it near the new guy Toxic so she could keep speaking to him.

Whooing right along with her, Jean-Paul eventually made the loop and slid to a stop back with the group. "See? Not scary in the least!"

"I don't do nasty things any more." Adam shook his head. "I...I had a nasty...well...something bad happened to me last term. I did some bad things too, though, so I deserved it..." He eyetwitched. "But enough about that." He span, perfectly balanced, skating on one foot for a bit. "...So...N'iko...whatcha dooooo?" The Irishman grinned.

Clarice giggled breathlessly, clinging to Jean-Paul's arm as she tried to steady herself again, "Heeee, that was AWESOME!"

"Any other takers?" Nasty things? Well, Jean-Paul wasn't going to argue about that.

Sue shook her head as she skated backwards past him, blushing transparent. "No thanks!"

Noriko landed another spin giggling before head tilting at Toxic, wondering what had happened but thinking better of asking. "What do you mean?"

...Maybe he should cook for JP? Ooh. He could totally do that! JP liked food. What else did he like? Not being stabbed. Well, that was a given. Though that comment about blades...that had been low...Adam was jerked out of his thoughts (thankfully) as he blinked at Noriko. "Like..." He flailed a little. "Superpowers. Awesome stuff. You know."

She blushed then hiding behind the bangs of dyed hair. "I errr ..... blow up light bulbs and accidently electrocute people."

"That hurts," Sue put in as she skated around them.

"It sounds like it would." He didn't want his ass electrocuted so there'd be no surprise running Noriko across the ice.

"Ooooh." Adam was doing his best to forget the comment and everything else. Shutupbrain. "That sounds...kinda fun, actually." He beamed. "Well, if it's not controlled or something, XU's really good for learning how." He nodded brightly.

"Noriko and I are roomies," Clarice said proudly, "The lightbulbs flickering is like being at a party all the time!"

Noriko just blushed harder. "The only time my powers are controlled is when I'm having to carefully ground my selt so I don't over store the rest of the time I end up hurting nice people like Sue."

"Ahha, so you're Blink's roommate then. Trust me, I'll probably be over a lot...I'll try not to get electrocuted."

Sue blushed transparent again at being dubbed nice.

And suddenly Noriko was trying to look smaller then normal. She hated her powers so much.

"You'll get the hang of things though, don't worry."

"Jean-Paul and I are best friends," Clarice said extra proudly, "We've known each other years, and I think your powers are cool Noriko," Clarice let go of Jean-Paul to try balancing on her own, she wasn't graceful but she managed it, "Yay!"

"Yeah I can zap people and help when ever someone says *someone get the lights* oh and I can magnetize paperclips.... Yay for me." Pouting as she cirled lazily about. "Least you guys can be actually useful with your powers."

"... Turning invisible isn't that great." Sue pointed out.

"Yeah but you can be all sneaky and ninja about the place!" hopping alittle on the ice. "Also best ever tricks for halloween come on!"

"Maybe... except I'm not really ninja material..."

"Not yet but come on, few more times sneaking in on people in the kitchen and you'll have it down." Giggling back to normal again.

Sue blushed again, "I wasn't sneaking..."

"I'm sure with pratice you'll be able to do awesome stuff!" Clarice said as she carefully started to shuffle by herself.

"I know you wasn't but I bet you could if you tried hehe."

"I can make other people and stuff invisible too... but I mostly just use that to embarrass Johnny..."

"I...don't think I can really call my powers...you know...useful...you know, I'm gonna go skate for five. I'll um...I'll...yeah..." Adam pushed off, skating slowly on the rink, hands in pockets and head down a little.

"Aaaand cue awkward moment." Jean-Paul let out half under his breath. "This sort of happens sometimes. Not to worry about it."

"Is he okay?" Clarice asked, always shufflin'.

Noriko gave in and put her headphones on properly, turning the volume up so everyone else could actually hear the drum and bass pounding from her lowriders and off she went, skating from naught to 30 in half an intro.

"Yeah...is she?" He looked after Noriko, a bit confused.

"I think she's a bit ... I dunno," Clarice flailed to a stop, "Discovering her powers wasn't fun for her, she had to drop out of school and stuff."

Sue shrugged helplessly, feeling a little awkward all of a sudden.

And everyone suddenly became a new fun obstacle for her, the small japanese blurr using her new friends as things to dart around, head bobbing frantically through the blarring baseline, grinning to herself.

"I had to drop out of Uni... had one year left...." Sue frowned.

Clarice watched her zip around, "Oh wait ... I think she's fine."

"Well, she seems happy enough, now." He shrugged, smiling.

Giggling happily she ducked and slid along on her hips for a second, poked Clarice and Toxic as she slid by giggled somemore and got back up to her zipping speed. Poking Sue as she went.

Sue eeped and jumped, turning invisible in her surprise.

Clarice flailed as she was poked but managed to stay upright, "So, I take it you're glad you chose to come back after all then?" She asked, since they seemed to be left mostly alone for the moment.

"Oh yeah, I am so glad." He grinned. "And now I get to take you under my wing and teach you the ways of the place, yeah?"

Clarice giggled, "Yeah, does this make me the side-kick now then, huh?"

Sue remained invisible, skating slowly around.

Adam finally approached the group after a few laps. He couldn't be broody, it wasn't fair on them. "Sorry about that...also, N'iko?" She got a superfast poke to the ribs as she went past, the boy twisting out of the way.

"Yes, you are the Pinky to my Brain." He nodded thoughtfully, looking around and waving at the others. "You have rejoined us!"

Noriko actually managed to speed up, stop super poke toxic afew times before squeaking and speeding off again.

"Heee! Literally in my case!" Clarice waved back, "You guys still having fun?"

"Yep!" Sue replied, invisibly and right behind Clarice.

"When I'm not being an emo. It happens." Adam smiled, before narrowing his eyes at Noriko. "Excuse me a moment." He blurred off, chasing the girl.

"ARRGH!" Clarice shrieked and flailed, and unable to keep her balance she fell forwards onto the ice, "... Oooooooowch ..."

Sue made herself visible again and hurried to help, "Oh my God! I'm so sorry!"

"Are you alive?"

"You ok clarice!?" Noriko shouted from afar still squeak giggling as she tried to speed up more to get away from the rawring usagi and its grinning owner.

"I'm good!" Clarice pushed herself up, "I'm tougher than I look," she rolled over so she was sitting and checked her nose, "Nope, not broken, still good," she winced slightly, "Might have a bruise though, it's okay Sue, you didn't mean to make me fall over, did you?"

She shook her head, "No! I'm so sorry!" She held a hand out to help her up.

Clarice took the hand and managed to slide to her feet, "Seriously, it's okay, I forgive you," she gave her a friendly smile.

Sue smiled awkwardly back, blushing transparent again, "I promise not to do that again..."

Noriko skidded to a hault next to the pair smiling. "All good? nothing broken?"

"Okay, yeah, we're all good!" Clarice nodded.

"Yeah... it was my bad... forgot I was invisible...." she blushed deeper and turned even more see-through.

"Awesome!" Hugging the pair of them quickly before zooming off away from the approaching adam.

Aaaaand invisible again.

Unfortunately Adam hadn't seen Noriko stop, and even with his reactions he couldn't help colliding with her. "Ah shit-" But his reactions did mean one thing - he flipped so that she didn't land on the ice. Good thing. However...she landed on him. Ow. He wheezed.

"Another calamity! Are you guys okay?" She shuffled urgently towards her roomie.

The very dazed Noriko lifted her head alittle before slumping back onto Toxic. "Owwies........." That kinda hurt. Rolling off him gently to sit on the ice she checked the important things. Her headphone,ipod and phone. nope all good. "Sorry Toxic!"

Sue slid to a stop beside them, "Need a hand?"

"No...my fault..." He curled onto his side, hugging his ribs as his already hoarse voice wheezed. "I'm okay! I'm okay..." he raised a gloved hand, still wheezing, pain from his healing ribs making his vision dance. "McCoy's gonna kill me...I'm okay..."

"Come on," Clarice said gently, trying to help Adam to his feet, "I think maybe we should go sit in the cafe for a while and have something to drink?" She suggested to Sue.

"Cafe sounds like a good plan. You've all fallen over enough today..."

Noriko smiled at the hand offered and carefully got back up, wow everything felt bruised. And the dizzy spell from the fall almost had her over again. "Sitting down good."

"But-but-ow-skatiiing..." Adam whined pathetically.

"You should take a break, we can skate later," Clarice said gently, lifting Adam up.

"Yeah lets all have a rest and a hot drink and check out the bruises...."

"Can we have something to eat to?" the small pathetic voice came from behind the now mop of hair.


"Food is good too," Clarice nodded as she started to shuffle in the direction of the cafe.

"....y-yay ow."

Sue helped the wobblers as best as she could over to the side so they could get off the ice.

"But I don't-ow-wanna!!"

"Just for a little while you can go back on the ice after?" she suggested.

"Come on, we'll get you some coffee or something, okay?" Clarice said before checking Adam's head, "... Where'd your bunny go?"

There was pouting. Oh, there was pouting. Much pouting and sulking and- "Coffee? Coffee? Really? More coffee? I can go for more coffee." He paused. "Bit? Bit?" He patted his head, but there was no bunny. "Biiiit!" He wailed.

Bit, meanwhile, was gnawing at the ice in apocalyptic rage because it wasn't letting him stand up.

"Nooo we can't leave the usagi behind! he was cu-ow." wincing as she got off the ice with alot of help, colliding hurt, lets not do it again. "Usagi! Treats!"

There was rage-pee.

"Um... do you want me to...?" Sue was the only uninnjured party after all.


"Little Bit, where the hell are you you black fuzzy bastard!"

Sue skated back out to go in search of the bunny.

"Don't worry, Sue'll find him," Clarice said, pouting a little, "and you shouldn't curse."

Noriko pulled out her packet of sweets and rattled them for the usagi.

Sue invisibled the legs of other skaters and spied the bunny. "There you are!"

"I can curse all I like, I'm Irish. Pog ma thoin and all that. Biiiiiiit..." Adam made pathetic little grabby-hands at the ice. Bit, meanwhile, had discovered if he kicked his back legs, he could propel himself an impressive distance across it. His upright ear caught the sound of the sweets. Treats. The ice got extra gnawings as he scrabbled madly in its direction.

Sue skated after the bunny, fielding the other skaters to make sure they didn't run over the rabbit.

"Sue! I can port him over if you show me where he is!" Clarice called over, "He's a biter!"

Swimming bunny was swimming. Adam bounced as he spotted him, then wheezed. "Bit! Ogoddon'trunhimover!"

"He's here!" she invisibled everything between them.

"On it," Clarice focused and a small, bright pink portal appeared underneath the bunny, and Bit fell into it.

Sue made the other things visible again before it caused a crash and skated back to them.

Another appeared just above Adam's lap, dropping the startled critter into it, "Thanks Sue!"

"No problem... and hey we found a use for my power. Finding stuff."

"Its a cool use! finding stuff ninjaring and party tricks!" Suddenly her face became thoughtful. "I wonder if I can charge phones....."

"I'd start with regular batteries first," Sue advised, sitting down to take off her skates, "Shall we eat here or go elsewhere?"

"lets eat here, no need to come all the way back then for more skating fun!" Giggling as she dropped afew treats infront of the rabbit. "Yeah regular batteries first, don't wanna kill my phone..."

"Okay, so coffee for all except me, I'm not allowed to have caffine."

"I wanna try a burger and fries and a choclate milkshake anna icecream anna sprinkles

"I'd prefer tea but I'm going to assume they won't have any here so coffee will do... or maybe hot chocolate...." she always had hot chocolate after skating it was deeply programed.

"Despite the odd accident I'd say so far this is going pretty well.... even if me and Toxic? need to sit down for awhile before we skate again." Smiling at them all face beaming. "Told you joining the club would be awesome."

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