10/23 Instance: Wii, Tea, and Candii

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10/23 Instance: Wii, Tea, and Candii

Post by Ferguson » Sun Oct 23, 2011 10:44 pm

Current Timeline

The multicoloured glowstick-vomit blur hit the rec room, bounced and landed on the couch in front of the TV. "X-Box is mine bitches! I will bite you, I will bite and maim and maul and give you rabies if you do not let me complete Portal in one go is this understood?"

Clarice squealed and threw the controller at ... whatever it was that suddenly! next to her, "Eeeee!"

Sue had no desire to be bitten and quickly vacated her spot on the sofa.

"Yeah right I claimed dibs first!" Running in after the excitable Adam and boucning next to him on the sofa grinning, sugar is awesome!

"No, no you didn't, is mine, is miiiine." The controller was being gnawed as the overly-energetic blur bounced excitedly. "All mine! Unless you can think of something more awesome than Portal. Can you?"

"No because I was gonna play portal!" trying to bounce and snatch the controller off him giggling.

Clarice blinked her big green eyes at Adam, "But ... I was here first ... I was playing .. umm ... " she looked at the box, "Final Fantasy?"

Sue rendered herself invisible and backed right into the kitchen. Safer there.

"Um, the Danger Room?" Jean-Paul took a seat though, chuckling. "Though, I suppose the point of video games is the ability to sit while playing, yes?"

"Mine!" Adam hissed at her. "Mine. Minemineminemine!" He stopped blurring long enough to blink slowly at Jean-Paul. "...Portal. Portal in the Danger Room. Omigodthat'sthebestideaever." He giggled.

Mayday held her laptop tight against her chest and pulled the hood a little further down on her Mass Effect hoodie. "Ok...just breathe and be nice: people like nice! Making friends isn't that hard...", she muttered to herself, taking a deep breath and grinning nervously at the door.

"...hi!", Mayday waved, just a little too high-pitched to carry across confidence.

"Of course it is, are you doubting how brilliant I am?" Jean-Paul chuckled, looking back as he heard a new voice. "Hey there, are you the cave girl?"

Noriko just stopped and stared between Jean-Paul and Adam. "Adam..... we can settle our difference and play co-op portal in the danger room..... Oh hi!" Waving happily. "I'm Noriko!"

"C-cave?", Mayday stammered, "Oh! N-no, I'm...new, but not THAT new person...I mean..."

"Cave girl?" Clarice looked curiously at the new arrival, "but she's not wearing a leopard skin bikini ... which isa good thing, poor leopards."

Sue put the kettle on for an excuse to be in the kitchen.

"I promise if I ever wear a leopard skin bikini it will be fake." He slid over, making room for the newly arrived. "Well, hello non-cave-girl, I'm JP."

Adam licked Noriko's cheek before perching like a skinny neon Buddha on the couch and blinking owlishly at the new girl, controller still being gnawed on. "...Ohaaaaaaaithar."

"Cave girl?" Suddenly confused look and more sweet got consumed from an indefinite pocket.

"Eeeek" furiously rubbing her face and squeak giggling.

"Good, 'cos then I'd have to kick your butt," Clarice said approvingly, holding out a very pink hand, "Hiya, I'm Clarice!"

Realizing standing at the door only served to make her look more awkward and out of place, Mayday found a seat and occupied it. "Um...I'm Mayday Parker. Nice to meet you all.", she was sure she knew a couple from the news already.

"You'd never kick my butt! You love my butt!"

"So...that's...", Mayday counted off everyone with a finger, "Noriko, JP, Clarice and...?", her finger lingered on the cybergoth with the electric shock running through his everything.

Grabbing Adam from behind she licked his cheek and dived off the sofa giggling, the lights giving and excited flicker. "Nice to meet you mayday!" Giving a cursory bow smiling.

"Adam Kilduff, also known as Toxic, also known as the school's pet freak, I live in the basement (sorta, it's not really the basement, but it's sub-level) and I am not a psychopath at all, in fact I'm really nice!" He finally took a breath. "Also resident expert in bleeding. Wait. That sounded better in my head."

Noriko couldn't stop the snort giggle at that then.

"If I loved your butt, you'd be terrified and run away," a sad but true little lie there.

"N'iko I will end you! I will end you in pain and suffering!" The tiny Japanese girl was levitated - albiet a lot gentler than any one else. Being electrocuted hurt.

Jean-Paul glanced over to Adam. "Sweetie, we're going to have to revoke your talking-to-people privileges one of these days." He smirked to Clarice though. "Everyone loves it. I'm okay with that."

"He has a bunny, it's evil," Clarice clarified in Adam's case.

"But I like talking to people! Beats stabbing."


Sue edged back into the room with her tea and sidled over to the window seat.

Noriko was shocked by the levitation then it just got funny, giggling even more as she hung off the floor wondering if she could fly like this. "Bits a nice usagi!"

Mayday giggled at everything, it seemed so much 'not what she thought it would be' here. "So, um....what's everyone doing?"

"Just Hanging out."

Adam muttered "Stabbystabbystabby." under his breath, making stabbing motions and giggling. Insanely. "Bunny! Bit's awesome. He's not evil, he just...pees."

"I think there's talk of portal and the like." Jean-Paul shrugged, rolling his eyes at the talk of stabbity.

"I was playing a game, but apparently not now."

"We can wait till Clarice has finished playing at least?" Giving Adam the huge anime blinky eyes from behind black and blue bangs.

"Oh, Portal, huh? Does anyone here play Half-Life? Or...like, Team Fortress?", Mayday asked, could she really be amongst kindred spirits? She pondered it as she opened her laptop.

Adam stared at the floaty Noriko with huge burny red eyes like she'd suggested he go make out with Tigra. "...I'm sorry, I only speak English, I think you slipped into Japanese there."

"I'm afraid I'm not much on video games...I'm murder on the controls."

"...Well, that's a lie, English isn't my first language, but you get what I mean."

Sue quietly sipped her tea and curled up on her seat, trying to stay visible.

She winced at the look, she did eventually want down. "Sorry meant bits and nice rabbit."

Mayday took notice of the solemn blonde and for a second was reminded of her first memories of the Youth Hostel. "E-excuse me?", she waved at Sue, "Hey there, you...seem quiet?"

"OOO oooo oooo I play half life!!" waving her arms happily at the new girl.

Sue looked up and managed small smile, "Um... yeah... My name's Sue..."

There was a sniffle. Then a sneeze. Adam looked startled suddenly, eyes wide before he looked around, sniffling again.

"My powers are like in Portal," Clarice offered, "I'm only just trying out games now though."

"It's pretty awesome, actually." Jean-Paul admitted about Clarice's powers.

"Hey!", Mayday waved, glad that she smiled, even just a little. She averted her attention to her laptop to log-in. "Wow, really?", she perked up as she caught wind of Clarice, "Mine are...well, my current one's kinda lame..."

"What do you do?" Sue asked, trying to get over her shyness.

Noriko was lowered gently to the floor before he dropped her - just in time for another sneeze. "Erk. Damnit, I knew I shouldn't have left my room yet..." He sniffled again.

"I can shot web. Apparently.", Mayday sighed, not feeling very 'cool'. Not that she did often.

"...I swear to god, if you turn out to be like Eddie..."

Clarice giggled, "That sounds rude."

"That sounds better than what I do..."

"It's not that cool...", Mayday frowned at Adam, "He does that whole tentacle-arms thing, like in 'The Darkness': I can only spray webs.", she looked at the scar from her spider-bite. "And not even accurately, either: it just sprays in a big blast that covers everything..."

"Hey hey hey no one here can complain, I still can't control mine haha." looking embarrassed but amused at the same time.

"No complaints from me, I'm awesome."

Mayday nodded as she clicked the desktop icon for 'Blue Shift', "Well, I hope it gets better. If this is the extent of my powers the coma was totally not worth it...."

"To be fair, I don't even think I'm a mutant?"

"You were in a coma?"

"Well don't tell anyone else and we'll let you stay here anyway with all the awesome people!"

"I am like...jack-of-all-trades. I do things. Creepy things. Involving blood." Adam grinned maniacally, though he sounded a little bunged. "Also senses, and strength and shit like that. Can't touch things." He waggled his gloved fingers at her. "Seeeeee. And cool! I went catatonic. It was fun."

Mayday looked up at Adam with a little fear in her eyes. "...um...to answer you, Sue? Yeah.", she showed the scar on her left forearm, "I-it was like, I was bitten by a spider. And now I have web powers."

She pulled a bag of sweets out of her pocket and offered them to the new girl and Sue. "How you doing Sue? and here you both wanna try some? Adams gone alittle hyper of them apparently..."

"Um.... I'm okay...." she eyed the sweets, "What flavour are they?"

"Not for me, thanks.", Mayday smiled at Noriko.

"Do I get candies?" Jean-Paul looked hopeful.

"Wait ... was it like ... a magic spider?" Clarice pondered, "Or like ... had it been exposed to gamma rays?" She made woobly fingers at Mayday.

"I had like...half of one because of the taste! I'm always like this, remember?"

"Calpis... its kinda yoghurt and white chocolate." She smiled back over her shoulder. "Sure everyone can have some."

"That sounds nice..." she reached and took one, "Thank you." She smiled.

"Great, now I'm going to be checking my shower drain for magic spiders. Thank you for that nightmare, Pinky." He nudged Clarice, reaching over for one of the chocolatey thingers.

"Pft, 'Gamma Rays'? That's such a cliche, I mean, nowadays if someone said 'and his powers came from Radiation', fans'd be all over, bitching about lack of realism!", Mayday waffled, blushing as she stopped.

"...sorry. I mean, no. It was a new breed of spider at the zoo: 'Black Arrow'. It's Amazonian....or something."

"Woooow magic spiders........ i want a pet magic snake.... or a chicken, one of the pom pom headed ones..."

"Well maybe your powers manifested afterwards to save you? That can happen, I've heard..."

Adam sneezed again, groaning a little and digging a tissue out of a pocket. "I swear I'm allergic to Eddie. Ergh."

"Maybe we should conduct a field test to be sure, and I nominate Twinkle here!" Clarice slapped JP on the back, "Just think of all the extra puns you could make if you could shoot webs."

Mayday just shrugged, "Maybe. Just wish it was, I dunno, 'better'.", she looked up at Adam again, "It's nothing like that: he even shoots black, mine's just...web-couloured!"

Noriko gave Adam a friendly pat on the shoulder as he wasn't a touchy person. "Would you like some tea?"

"I can by Flying Sticky Bondage Man. Yaaaaay." He deadpanned. "They'll make a late-night HBO show on me."

"Wasn't comparing you to Eddie. I don't have the urge to stab you yet, that already means you and I will get on juuuuust fine." He sniffled and nodded pathetically. "'Es pls." Aaaand another sneeze.

"Do you cocoon your dinner in the web and then suck all the juicy good stuff out?"

Mayday shuddered, he wasn't serious about that. For sure. "...as surely as Firefly has a second season...", she muttered to herself, frowning as she went back to fleeing Black Mesa on her laptop.

Nodding she sprinted out of the room, slightly faster then most normal people manage out into the kitchen.

Sue sipped her tea quietly and stared out of the window.

Adam curled up and blinked at Mayday over the back of the sofa, snapping out a boneblade and gnawing on the tip to make himself feel better. He still hadn't worked out how to fix the hole in it yet, the cracks that spidered from where it had been nailed into the wall pinned to stop it from shattering.

"...you're not feeling too stabby right now, right?"

"...", Mayday still kept looking up at Adam, trying not to be nervous. He had a really odd vibe to him.

"Did I say something wrong?" Clarice looked at Jean-Paul for advice.

"Nooo. Just twitchy. And I have a cold. I literally am not capable of the energy to stab right now. That and stabby for now would shatter my blades, and no one is worth that. They won't grow back."

"You're always good, you know that." He patted his pink friend on the head. "Though please, when we're eating next with Spidy here please don't bring up the juicy good stuff sucking."

Noriko returned with not only tea for Adam but a pot of ginger and lemon tea and many cups for everyone. "Here you go Adam, everyone help yourself if you want some."

"...You'd know all about that, JP. Aaaaaall about it."

"Oh yeah ... you're the person to ask about that, right?" she gigglesnorted.

"I' am a professional."

"Oooh, thanks.", Mayday smiled at Noriko, wincing a little as the faint sound of gunfire came from her laptop.

"Oooh, what is it roomie?" Clarice poked the teacup.

Adam curled around his tea. Ugh. Okay, so blurring just made him sicker. Who knew? "Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh."

"Ginger and lemon tea, mother always said it was good for colds and keeping you active."

"You bring treats, you're now moving up my list of favourites." Jean-Paul gladly took the tea.

"Ooo theres a favourites least here? but I always bring sweets and snacks... like everywhere, saves eating real meals."

Adam gave Jean-Paul the most pathetic, sniffly look ever before sneezing again. "Mam said that too...'cept I can't drink it now..."

Sue continued to just listen as she drank her tea.

Clarice took a cup and sniffed it, "You know Noriko, if you replace me as his faghag, roomie or no I will have to kill you," she teased, sipping it ... niiice.

"Whats a faghag?" Looking rather confused at Clarice and then Adam. "Er how come Adam?"

"You're always my favourite faghag and nap buddy." Jean-Paul assured Clarice. "She can be Reed's."


Mayday stopped with her game, putting the laptop to one side and helping herself to some of Noriko's tea, "So, there's a lot of gay guys here?"

Adam tilted his head at Noriko. "Senses thing. I have really, really enhanced senses...and that includes taste. It's kinda why I don't eat much and what I do eat's plain as hell. Too much flavour hurts and...well...does weird things to me sometimes."

"S-sorry, I'm not judging...", Mayday added.

"Yes! I'm gay, thanks to Jean-Paul there. Well. Mostly I'm asexual, I guess, but if I have to, it's with guys."

"What can I say, I'm hard to resist." He smiled proudly, preening more than was necessary.

"Would adding milk like help it a little? don't really want you staying ill." Pouting a little before looking into the other conversation and trying toe decide whether to join in or not.

Sue coughed, choking on her tea at the sudden shift in the conversation.

"Faghag is a word for girls who like to hang out with gay guys," Clarice explained, "Awwww ... maybe we can go on a napping double date if she and Reed hit it off!"

"You guys are both gay? Cool.", Mayday commented, sipping some tea and liking the taste. She almost choked on a laugh as she fit together 'milk' and 'gay'. "Bahahaha!"

Adam shook his head. "Still too strong. Can just about manage normal tea..." He looked in the cup. "Like...to you this is sweet, to me it's really bitter, and I can tell exactly how much sugar's in it, the fact this cup was washed half an hour ago, the kettle needs de-scaling again aaaand the teabags've got damp at some point."

Welcome to the confused blinky eyed look. "Ok that explains that now who's Reed?"

There was an unpleasant growl at the mention of Reed's name from Adam.

"My boyfriend." Jean-Paul offered. "He...doesn't come out too often. Mainly because we're worried Adam will make that noise again."

"Your not the only one." Giving her new sort of friend a hesitant look.

Mayday noticed Adam's sudden distaste. It worried her. Then again, Adam worried her. "...huh."

"I still haven't met him yet," Clarice accused, poking Jean-Paul lightly in the ribs, "You need to drag him out one of these days."

Adam had to bite his tongue. Hard. He couldn't do that to Jean-Paul. Instead, his tea got an intense glare and he tuned out of the conversation.

"Soooo maybe rather then we fight for rights to Tv and consoles how about we play a group game? there's got to be something we can all play together?" Making a hopeful cheer everyone up look.

"I shall tell him he has to meet your approval." He promised Clarice, finishing off his tea.

"...touchy subject.", Mayday assured herself as Adam disengaged from conversation. "...so...uhm....the tea's really nice."

"Oooh, does anyone here like 'Tales of Esperia' or 'Halo'?", Mayday asked Clarice, thanking the Gods for the light topic.

"I'm okay.... I don't want to play...."

"Ummm ... I never really had a chance to play games before I came here ... are those games fun? I think I've heard of Halo."

"...Haaaaloooooo." Jean-Paul rubbed his hands together. "But will warn again, I am murder on any and all controls."

"Heard of Halo not played it though... I know all the Wii games are like fun group games." Shrugging offhandedly.


"Mmmkay, how about Timesplitters? Or...oh, my God, is there an N64 here?", Mayday glowed, suddenly aware again of Goldeneye being the most fun ever.

"Er I think there's a N64 not sure...." giving the consoles a critical look.

"I have one. No. You can't use it. It's mine."

"There's pretty much everything here."

Clarice just blinked her luminous eyes at Mayday, "... Ummm?"

Sue could still see a problem here... there were five of them.

Noriko shuffled through the wii games hopefully. "OOOOOO! there's tennis and bowling on here! And the Wii golf and sports!"


"The Wii is evil.", Mayday looked over at the innocent white console. "Just look at it, and it's 'next gen controls'.", she mocked.

"Yes but everyone can play and look silly and laugh on it!"

"I suppose the suggestion we go and play all the sports listed on the wii in a real life setting will be met with haughty derision?"

"Well that sounds like-" she glanced at the clock, "Oh darn! I gotta get to my remedial math class!"

"Nuuuuuu clarice don't do it!!!" she called giggling at her roomie and favourite friend.

Adam sneezed. "Make me go outside and I will hurt you."

"You guys have fun, I'll play another time, laters!" She gave JP and Noriko a quick hug before dropping into a bright pool of pink light that sealed up behind her.

That's right, they had classes! Mayday waved at Clarice, "Ok, I guess I'll see you later."

"Awww." Jean-Paul pulled a face. "We're getting you tested out of that class as soon as we can. And you Mr. Sniffles, had best not."

"Wow...that power...", Mayday awed.

"Real sports sounds more fun than virtual sports..." Sue replied to JP's suggestion.

"It's Eddie's fault. I swear I'm allergic to him."

"You really hate him, huh?", Mayday asked Adam.

"He can be a bit of an ass." Jean-Paul admitted about Eddie. "But Adam's loathing has noticeably went up of late." He looked over to him curiously.

"Not so much 'hate' as 'heartily despise'. He has a habit of saying the wrong thing and pissing me off." There was a stormy cloud of bleh at the mention of Eddie's name. He hadn't forgiven him for the 'joke'.

"He made a joke about guessing about...last semester and wondered why I got angry and wasn't laughing. Torture, in my opinion, isn't something that's really good to make fun of."

"Yeah Eddie didn't seem all that polite when I meet him, but I wasn't having a good evening." Pointing at the lights blushing.

"Oh, that was you? I wondered what the deal with that was...that was pretty impressive."

"Well, his girlfriend seems nice enough; haven't met him myself...", Mayday shrugged, "I-I mean, how bad can a super-hero be?"

"He made inappropriate jokes about me and my brother too...." Sue mumbled.

"Sorrry...." small voice and shufflely feet ago!.

Adam dropped his gaze. "Yes...it was..." He rubbed his shoulder. "Can we...you know, not ever mention it again? Ever? I mean...ever? Because...I...this...isn't the time and place and...well..." The more he talked, the further down he sank.

"Don't worry, we can gossip later." He assured Mayday with a promising grin.

Gay people, gossip - they just seemed to go hand-in-hand. Mayday nodded, "Uh...ok, sure."

Noriko sat down next to Adam and patted his arm a little. "Come on bet you can't beat me on the Wii tennis?" hopeful look as she smiled encouragingly at him.

Adam gave her an instantly grateful - and oddly sane, for him - smile back. "Bet I can. I might break the controller, but bet I can." He finished his tea.

"Hehe good! and maybe later I can find a tea recipe that you can drink yeah? So anyone up for doubles?" smiling round the room ruffling her already messy hair.

"Sure, I'm game.", Mayday chimed.

"Lets do this, then."

"Cool!" punching the air and slotting the game in, humming one of her anime theme tunes to herself grinning.

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