10/29 Game: Mutants of the World

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10/29 Game: Mutants of the World

Post by puppygirl » Sat Oct 29, 2011 11:29 pm

Timeline - Wednesday, September 24th

Pietro propped his sketch book up between his lap and the table and doodled while he waited for the lesson to start.

Noriko was scribbling with her many coloured felt tips in her note pad, tongue sticking out alittle as she concentrated.

Clarice blinked into the room and took a chair next to her roomie, "Heya 'Riko!"

Noriko jumped alittle before settling, school electrics still intact. "Hey Clarice!"

Pietro heard the voice and sneaked a glance at the newbs before going back to his sketching.

Selene cast a quick sideways glance at the assembled students as she walked into the room, noticing several unfamiliar faces. She took the bag off her shoulder, dropped it off on top of the front desk, and looked up to watch the new people.

She frowned, but remained silent.

Ankka was on the other side of Noriko, currently twirling a pencil in his hands and staring at his notepad. So boooored.

Clarice sat up straighter when thier teacher arrived.

"Hello Professor .... erm ...."

Noriko quickly shoved both colours and scribble pad back in her bag as she noticed the teacher and smartened up alittle.

Pietro raised an eyebrow at Selene. Oh God no.

"Professor .... Black Widow?" She had no idea what her civillian name was.

"I'm not a professor," Selene replied, focusing on the pink girl. Oh, it was that one. "I don't believe so, anyway. I'm Selene. Apparently, I'm supposed to be here with you."

Ankka looked up at the pretty goth lady and smiled winningly. "Hello, ma'am. I do not believe ve have met...?"

"Not-professor Selene then?" She hazarded.

Pietro decided to go back to his drawing since he was trying to design halloween decorations for the party he'd promised Sophie.

"Just... Selene. Please." She suppressed a twitch. "And most of you seem to be new. Except for some of my old favourites, that is." She gave Pietro a devious smirk.

Pietro sank lower in his seat at that look and scribbled faster.

"Selene ..." Clarice nodded slowly, "But not a professor ..."

"Erm well morning Selene!" Giving a very enthusiastic look all the same to the non professer.

"Hello, Selene." Ankka smiled, before doodling something randomly. "So...vhy are ve here?"

"Not yet, anyway." Selene nodded. "However, I was told that interacting with students and gathering experience in the classroom is an actual necessity to qualify for that position, so here I am, eager to learn." She forced a smile, followed by a not all too enthusiastic "Yay."

"So, I hope you're just as thrilled as I am, no?"

"... You're trying to become a professor?"

Clarice's brow creased and she held up her hand, "But I though we would be learning from you ... isn't that the point of class ma'am?"

"OOOO kinda like teacher training only like on the job?" Smiling but slightly confused at the lack of actual teacher.

"Vell, I don't see a problem vith that - ve can learn together, mmm?" Tone down the flirting, Casanova - Noriko's right beside you. ""So...vhat are ve interacting about today?"

"Yes, somewhat like that," Selene replied. "Regard it as an opportunity to learn from each other."

Clarice held up her hand again, "I saw a video of you making a park bench come to life and riding it through central park like a pony, can we learn how to do that?"

Yes. Learn to avoid all future interraction with Selene. Pietro kept that to himself.

"I don't think that is on the schedule for today." Selene gave the pink girl a look. "Power lessons are usually held outside or inside the Danger Room, anyway." She paused. "But maybe there will be time for a demonstration later." The prospect of making furniture dance to keep them occupied seemed tempting.

"Yay!" Clarice glee clapped, playing at being a furniture jockey sounded like epic fun.

"Wow did you really do that?! thats so cool!" giving Selene a wide eyed look of awe. ZOMG pony like benches!

"Allow me to check the prepared material for today, and we can get started right away." Selene turned around to open her bag and peeked inside - greeted by emptiness aside from a half-eaten apple, a tangled ball of yarn, and what looked like the flier from a Chinese restaurant.

Pietro turned the page to sketch out the other side of the ballroom so he could draw in some more decorations.

Ankka gave Noriko a sideglance, before doodling something and sliding it over to her, being careful to then not look at her at all.

While Selene was looking in her back Clarice leaned over to her fellow noobs, "Did either of you guys see that vid on youtube? Of her and Warlock saving those kittens? It was a-maz-ing!"

Noriko took the doodle and held it under her desk to unfold and sneak a peek at while Selene was getting ready. Then she had to try very hard not to blush and side glance at him. "Err no Clarice I didn't sounds awesome though.... show me later?"

"That crazy report girl filmed them ... apparently she's going out with Eddie too, I totally have to show you guys later!"

"Looks like you have the makings of a fanclub, Sel..." Pietro smiled at her.

Clarice blushed fushia at that.

Quickly closing her bag again, she faced the class and clapped her hands together. "Right, today we shall discuss... current events! Right, that's it." She tried to look excited, and as if she knew what she was doing. "There's always going on somewhere, after all."

Clarice held up her hand again, "Umm ... what kind of current events, ma'am?"

Pietro finished adding a few spiders to a chandelier and closed his book to actually seem like he was paying some kind of attention.

Ankka tilted his head. "I am not sure in the ones for America..."

"'Cos I mean ... I know like currently at the school Hope and Sue hate each other," she continued.

"Not good time to mention I don't watch the news for this country right?" Wincing alittle, before looking down at the pretty doodle again.

Selene glanced from side to side, maintaining an unreadable expression as her mind raced in an attempt to salvage the lecture. "Now, you undoubtedly have noticed that life as a young mutant is an exciting one, haven't you?" She smiled at the students. "So many people wanting to be like us, so many trying to kill us. Isn't that thrilling?"

"Ooooor, I could talk about current stocks, I did that earlier today with Professor Man-Drake, I know what FTSE means now! Apart from ... you know ... the thing you do under the table with your boyfriend."

"Being a mutant is the most awesome thing ever, it's like being a comic book character!"

Ankka stole a glance at Noriko, blushed a little and concentrated on what people were saying. "Um. I got sent to var for being a mutant..>"

Noriko gave Clarice a confused look. "You can do FTSE under the table with a guy.... but how? and being a mutant sucks for now, and since when were peopel trying to kill me?" And back to the worried look.

"Selene has a tendancy to be a little blunt... don't worry about it..." Pietro attempted to reassure the new students.

"Yeah, it's like ... when you rub your feet together and it's all flirty, I saw it in a movie once, I mean ... personally I think it's a bad idea, what if you're wearing heel? You could stab him! And that would make the date suck."

"Ah yes, most of you have missed the really interesting times we've had last year," Selene told them, leaning back against the table. "Explosions, drugged up assassin squads, bank robberies, horrific murders, abductions, torture. Really, that year had it all." She nodded.

"Ooooo but why would you be rubbing feet? thats kinda weird and yeah ouchies......"

Pietro face-palmed.

Noriko just gave selene a look. Jay had lied this school was dangerous and insane.

"... Cooooooool!"

Ankka...stared. "...Vhat? But...this is meant to be a safe place! Ve're here to protect and..." He trailed off. "I do not understand. Please let me have got my English wrong again."

"No need to worry, though, for I'm not only tasked to teach you valuable life lessons, but also to keep you safe." Selene gave the new people an encouraging nod.

"Are we gonna start out super-hero training today then?" Clarice asked, bouncing in her seat, "Can I go into the advanced class since I'm already a viligante?"

"Yeah don't worry too much, we all look after each other here," Pietro put in.

"Yeah, after all no one's a match for the Astounding Blink!"

"Yet people still get tortured, abducted and murdered? That doesn't sound safe! I thought it was meant to be life safe here from people trying to hurt us!" Twitching alittle as the lights flickered in worry.

"Well what Selene failed to mention was that it wasn't students being murdered..."

Ankka looked at Noriko's worried face and rubbed her back reassuringly. "Shush, Noriko...I'm sure it's just...Selene having a joke, yes...?" He smiled worridly.

"Of course I wasn't being entirely serious," Selene agreed, putting on a smile. "None of our students got murdered. No, that was actually a mutant kid from another school. So, see? You obviously made the right choice coming to this place, and not going there. Especially since that school exploded."

Pietro sighed and shook his head. Why did he even try?

And watch the lights flicker as she tried to hold onto the reassured feeling from Ankka's calm and Clarice's take on the world.

"Jean-Paul told me about that, though he wasn't there at the time," Clarice nodded.

"I can assure you we all do our best to keep you from getting murdered and the school from exploding," Selene explained to the new students. "So far, we can say that we mostly succeed, with the possible exception of our kitchen. I believe that room is somewhat cursed, or has been built over a space-time rift, so don't panic when it starts crumbling around you."

Ankka swallowed. "It's okay, Noriko...she's right, it hasn't happened...here?" He bit his lip, both hands gently massaging Noriko's shoulders. "Um. Vell."

Noriko pulled out her paperclip chain and started fiddling with them, really wanting a run as she failed to hold up the nervousness under the huge massaging hands.

Clarice gave her two fellow noobs a look, "Awww come on, we're awesome, epic people, we don't need to worry about that," she put her hand over Noriko's.

"Anyway, that also mean you get to enjoy exciting training sessions to learn how to use your powers and defend yourselves." Selene looked at Clarice. "We even have fancy costumes. Just like superheroes, in case you're wondering."

Ankka looked at Noriko, frowning worridly. She seemed...really scared, and he knew if she got too scared...he looked up at the lights, before risking it and giving her a kiss on the cheek. ...Why did I do that...? to distract her. Right.

"I already have a costume, I already am a super-hero ma'am!" She said proudly, saluting for reasons no one was entierly sure off.

"I can imagine we need to learn how to defend ourselve while we're here...." She muttered fiddling again, the rest of the mutter coming out in hushed japanese. Then the kiss, and a light blew over the newbs out of shock as she squeaked.

...Well...it seemed to have worked...mmm. Tinny.

Pietro sped around and caught the glass shards in a trashcan before they hit anyone.

"Right." Selene gave Clarice a look, before giving the others a thoughtful look. "I take it you lived quite sheltered lives so far. Compared to all the things I previously mentioned, anyway."

"Um. I'm in the army and vent to var zones. Does that count as sheltered?"

"............ er sorrry........." trying to sound apologectic behind the surprise and giving Ankka a very blushing look before engaging in desktop study.

Ankka still had his hands on Noriko's shoulder, still...somewhat confused himself.

Curt stumbled in, nearly dropping a book through his one arm, his coffe in his hand. "Sorry!" He also apologized.

"It's alright, no harm done." Pietro smiled and set the trashcan down again, "Oh, hi Curt," he smiled at him.

"Sorry!, so sorry! I'm an ass."

"Don't worry 'Riko," Clarice patted her friend, she was used to it what with sharing a room, "Not really ma'am, been surviving on my wits since I was about fourteen!"

"I nearly killed my best mate about 2 months back, and I got mugged once...." Volunteering through the now university grade desk study.

Curt flashed a smile to Pietro and took a seat as close to him as possible.

"Compared to our kitchen? Probably." Selene gave the blond guy a nod. "In any case, I'm sure such experiences will prove helpful. I was insane for a while, and benefited greatly from it. After all, I'm going to be a professor and will be allowed to teach, so I'd say that's quite impressive."

Ankka ducked his head. "...Are you okay, Noriko? I...didn't...do anything wrong, did I?" He murmured worridly.

He was about to explain to Pietro that he had been busy with his work project and had completely forgotten about that crucial thing called CLASS. His head cocked at the conversation instead. "She's insane?" He whispered to Pietro.

"Who Selene? Of course she is."

"But you got better?"

"Erm yes..... " She muttered back and blushed some more fingers knotting up the paperclips. ".... its nothing." Blush,blush,blush,blush.

"Aside from that gentle subconscious urge to sprinkle you with skittles, I would say so," Selene told Clarice.

"Why skittles?"

"Don't believe a word of it."

Curt looked to his paper of proposed debate topic and then back up. He turned to Pietro. "Skittles?" He whispered.

"They would compliment your pinkishness." Selene gave Clarice a captivated glance for a moment, before clearing her throat. "Anyway, back on topic. Current events, and how we mutants are affected by them."

"...I...did...?" Ankka's face fell. "Oh...I-I'm sorry...I didn't mean-" Way to go, idiot. "I just..." He let go of her gently. "I didn't mean to upset you." He mustered up a smile.

Pietro shook his head at Curt, "I have no freaking idea...."

Noriko gave in and passed him a small piece of paper with some very careful writing on it in english, blushing some more.

Curt brightened at the topic change, now feeling like he might have an idea o what was going on, (finally). "Isn't it safe to say Mutants haven't really benefited from any of the events in the last year or so?" He offered.

"I mean... we hardly have our foot in the door in terms of society opening up and accepting us. We're like the persistant Vampires from 'True Blood' it seems. Always in their face, but we haven't offered anything relatively inviting yet."

"Mutants never benefit from anything that happens, they always find some way to twist it and make it our fault."

Curt nodded to Pietro. "True, but we have yet to demonstrate any active stances. As a unified group that is. We're always either terrorists or apathetic." He shrugged. "At least that's how they'll pigeon hole it."

"So we were apathetic terrorists when we were battling that giant goo thing in the park?"

Selene nodded. "That's an interesting position," she said. "I wonder if our new students are somewhat familiar with some of the developments in human-mutant relations that happened recently. Getting an outside perspective would be interesting."

He read the paper, then blushed himself, rubbing the back of his head. Never been kissed? That...well...no, it didn't make it worse, it just made it weird. "Oh." He gave her a proper smile back. "I...didn't know. I'm sorry." He said very quietly. "I didn't mean to be too forward..."

"We're not a representative of the entire mutant population." Curt insisted. "I'd like to say we are, but we're not."

Suddenly, they were talking to them. "Huh?"

"Well not officially but we're arguably high-profile..."

"We're leading by example by being awesome heroes."

"It's ok I just..." Scratching her head to before realising there was a class going on. "Erm no? I know how everyone felt about me personally back home but here not really sure on a general basis."

"So's the Mickey Mouse Club, and they don't create any social change." Curt pointed out. He nodded to Clarice. "We're definitely setting an example, but I'm worried it's not enough. It hasn't been big enough yet. We haven't ... and this is gonna sound cheap, we haven't 'saved enough people'."

He used his hand to make air-quotations.

"Vell...they like me vhere I'm from but Angeli is a small community, and Backstrom is tiny..." Ankka shrugged. "But the X-Men have made it over to Finland, yes? You are popular there. Ve like mutants."

"At home I was really popular at first then everyone just kinda realised I wasn't useful and just a weird annoyance because of my powers. Only ever saved my dog."

"Well what would you suggest, Curt? This is a school first..."

"Speak for yourself, I saved a city from a bomb! ... Though ... no one knew it was me ... us ..."

"I saved lives in Iraq. Does that count?"

"I like mutants, but I can tell ya right now, Australia freakin' hates 'em. And clearly the United States doesn't know where they stand, they won't budge on changing policies." He smiled to Pietro. "A national catastrophe." He said.

"Liking mutants, saving a dog, and a bomb, I'd say that's not too bad, after all." Selene tilted her head from side to side and shrugged.

"We've helped out in disaster zones before though and no one noticed or cared."

Ankka frowned. "Um...I know I am not so good at English, so bear vith me..."

"But...I thought the idea for the X-Men vas to save people, not come first in a popularity contest."

Curt nodde understandingly. "It's okay, I received what you meant. Yes, lives needed saving in Iraq, and that counted. But the reason I think it needs to be a popularity contest is pretty obvious. To a lot of people, we're just terrorists."

"Actually, it's a little of everything," Selene tossed in. "We help where we can, try to keep mutants and humans from harming each other, and build relations between the two groups. So far goes the theory, anyway."

"Except it doesn't really work that well...."

"So? I don't think popularity is vhat you need, it's more..." He searched for the words. "Acceptance? Relationships? I think? I'm sorry, I should practice more..."

"Doesn't mean we should stop trying, heroes never give up!"

"And we've done a good job of it, I just wish more people were aware of us rather than the Brotherhood mess." He rolled his eyes. "Actually, I think I'd rather politicians be very aware of the team, and grateful to them. Maybe some laws could change."

Noriko sat and floudered in the conversation, afew months as a mutant and the worlds opinion of you changed. "How come every one thinks of mutants as terrorists if their helping people?"

"Well this is the thing, bad news always travels faster in the media... and there's a lot of that."

"Because ve can do scary things, and people are negative." Ankka said soberly.

"Not everyone," Curt reassure Noriko. "But people are scared of things they dont' understand. That's always been how it is. They respond to confusion with fear or anger, sometimes hostility."

"Excactly. And some mutants have done scary and bad things. They're going to focus on that more, that's just how it is."

"So even if we save alot of people *they* will be more interested in one mutant kicking a puppy for example?"

Curt snapped his fingers and pointed to Pietro. "Decent point. However, after 9/11 the firemen pulling people out of the rubble are now time-honored images and people respect them. But how long did it take for them to get medical benefits because of the glass or other toxins they inhaled?"

He shrugged. "People raise villains above heroes, always have."

"So we just have to keep struggling on, even a small victory is a victory, you gotta start wth baby steps."

"And don't forget jealousy," Selene remarked. "It plays a big part, too. A lot of people are afraid of us because they consider our mutation to be an unfair advantage over them."

"I'm competely in favour of continuing to try I'm just saying that this won't be an overnight thing. There's no way."

Ankka snorted. "My comrades were more grateful I could take bullets to stop them from dying. I have never had fear or jealousy problems, yes?"

"Then you're very lucky."

"Not in a battle, I would think not." Curt commented. "If your soldiers and friends trust you, then that's completely different. And honestly, good for you."

"I had alot of people afraid of me... even family, though my one mate still thinks mutants are amazing even after I nearly killed her."

"I'm not afraid of you." He gave Noriko a small smile. "At all."

"But like Noriko said some people are at wonder, most are afraid. My parents are accepting of me but they were highly apprehensive to the whole idea. Just ask Johnny. We had to pin a scurge of missing sheep on a giant scorpion-man."

"Well I can't hurt you accidently can I?" giggling at him.

"I'm not going into how my family were about the mutant thing... it's a sore point."

"We're probably not gonna see major changes in our lifetime," Clarice shrugged, "and that's okay, it just means we can chill out in our next lives, you gotta work hard to earn a good rest and I don't have any problems with it."

"My family are good vith my mutation. I punched out a volf once that tried to take my throat out, so they're pretty grateful for it."

"But family is one thing... the world is another thing entirely."

"Maybe sometimes small opinions and changes can help the big ones?"

Selene nodded. "Yes, relatives can react quite differently to finding out their child is a mutant; some take it a lot better than others. Which is why 'replacement family' is another function the X-Men have adopted." She frowned. "Call me mommy, though, and I will be forced to pelt you."

"With skittles?"

"I promise you that will never happen, Selene."

"They certainly can, but we need a large volume of small opinions. We need a... a...." He thought for a moment of who he could use as an example. "Got it! We need an Oprah equivalent in the Mutant Community. Someone who is charming, likable, rich perhaps, grateful, an uses their skills (or in this case abilities) to benefit the society around themselves."

"Not it."

"But that's us anyways, except for the rich part."

Pietro decided to go back to drawing.

"Possibly." Selene gave Clarice a quick glance, before turning to Curt with a thoughtful expression on her face. "Professor Farouk strikes me as quite similar to Oprah in many ways."

"Apart from the bit where he's a psycho..."

"I vish on the rich part." The conversation was starting to leave the Finnish lad behind - his English was getting better, but...

"He possesses the needed wealth and girth, however."

Noriko leant over to Ankka and whispered. "Who's oprah?"

Ankka leant back, smiling. "I have no idea. Do you vant to go for coffee vhen this is done? I have no idea vhat they're talking about."

"I have already got two jobs, a new wife, a crazy sister and a huge house to take care of. I don't need to be a mutant ambassador on top of that but I promise to donate money to any volunteers."

Curt laughed at Pietro. "The problem is getting around the philosophy of it all. If we have someone who is just... generous and influencial because of it, that's different from being someone rich who writes a strongly worded letter to politicians."

"We need a pro-active world leader of Mutantkind." He said, finally.

"I think I get the sort of concept.... but I definetly understand coffee so sure..." smiling as she went back to trying to keep up with the others.

Pietro looked over to Noriko and Ankka, "If you need a translator just say the word..."

"I think they're talking about the New Vorld Order now."

"We were kinda just wondering what an Oprah is?"

"She's a talk-show host."

"Well, now that we're already on the topic of potential mutant world leaders, I would be interested to hear your thoughts about Genosha, or if it has been in the news outside of the US at all."

"...So...ve need talk-show hosts to help us?"

"Potentially... or something equivalent..."

"A flashy television star who turned her name into an empire." Curt said. "She is a philanthropist and a non-political world leader. In America she's so popular that when she said she wouldn't eat beef anymore because of cow treatment, women in America stopped eating beef and giving it to their families."

"Jean-Paul would make an awesome talk-show host," Clarice breathed.

"Why would we want to be a weirdo talk show host to help mutants and what Gen-osha?"

"Beef sales went down like 4% in less than three weeks."

"Good, eating meat is icky."

"Eating meat is a sensible plan with a mutation like mine."

"So...ve vant some voman to tell people to stop eating beef because of how ve're being treated?" Ankka was very confused now.

Curt shrugged. "Like it or hate it, she's an example of how people can get behind a single person. She has donated huge sums of money and property to children in Africa, hurricane relief efforts, and so on and so forth. But not without any controversy of course."

Pietro shook his head and summarised the conversation in Finnish for Ankka.

Ankka couldn't help snorting with laughter at the Finnish from the American.

"A small, privately owned island that currently serves as a refuge for mutants who are prosecuted in other parts of the world," Selene explained. "The woman running most things there is a former student. She's quite remarkable, and we organize regular trips to keep them supplied or transport migrants."

"I'm sorry, my friend, but...your accent really sucks, and I don't think they said anything about doing that to cows."

"Wow so like a whole new country for mutants? so why not go straight there to learn and adapt rather then coming to this school?"

"I don't have much opportunity to practise Finnish." Pietro replied, "The company I used to be in contact with there went out of business so I'm a little rusty."

Curt smiled at that mention. "I like that idea very much. She has a great opportunity to create something unique there."

"Vell...thank you for trying but I'm even more confused now." Ankka was still chuckling. "I voulc study more, if I vere you...because you just said that Opera...Ophera...vhatever is good for doing cows to make people sit up and tell their leaders to love mutants."

"Well then you can be my guinea pig," Pietro's eyebrow went up.

"...........Doing cows?" looking between the 2 and trying not to giggle.

"More than happy to be." He chuckled. "And apparently so, Noriko...seems America is even veirder - and more open minded - than I thought..."

"So long as they leave deer and goats alone I vill be fine."

"Guinea pigs?" Clarice only managed to catch half of that conversation, "I thought testing on animals was illegal anyway?"

"Yeah..... just a little bit....."

"My Japanese is better," Pietro assured Noriko, "I spend a lot of time there."

"I believe calling it a country might be a little generous at this point, seeing as the place consists mostly of a bar and temporary housing for now," Selene said with a chuckle. "Some parts of the media seem to treat it like one already, though. For better or worse."

"Right now, the fashionable topic appears to be what stance the US and other countries should take towards that island."

"My english is fine, I just don't watch american new .... or talk shows. Also I've only been a mutant about 3 maybe 4 months at the most so I'm not really with all the politics on it."

"I'm very anxious to see the island benefit from popular, postitive, mutants in the mainstream media. I just hope people don't use them as a scapegoat."

Pietro rolled his eyes a little. That was the last time he tried to be helpful.

Curt looked to Noriko and pushed the glasses up the brige of his nose. "Technically speaking, you've always been a mutant, you just manifested 3-4 months ago."

"Still, that means she's only been dealing vith it for that time, yes?"

"Oh.... no one explained it like that, I just got the shocked your kinda a mutant now lecture of a very nervous looking nurse." She started giggling. "Then it got funny."

Ankka tilted his head. "Vhereas...I have been like this for a couple of years. I am used to it."

"I fell out of a tree and then stopped falling. It vasn't impressive."

"I stopped a former student getting hit by a bus."

"Keep in mind some mutants adapt to their powers more easily than others," Selene remarked. "It also depends on how controllable their abilities happen to be."

"Hopefully they'll be a miraculus cure sometime soon though then I won't have to deal." She muttered to herself before joining back in. "Yeah not so good with my controlling." Pointing to the light.

Ankka heard the muttering and frowned worridly, looking at Noriko. "You vould rather lose this than learn control?" He asked very quietly.

Noriko glanced at him and gave a small nod, she wasn't kidding when she said she didn't like her powers.

"My control of my speed is fine, the rest not so much..."

Ankka didn't lose the worried look, simply rubbing her back again. "But...if you hadn't had this, then ve vould have not met, yes?" He murmured. "And maybe you vill learn control better?"

Selene gave the sparky Asian girl a thoughtful look. "I'm certain we will be able to find ways to help you," she encouraged her. "All it takes is some creativity. Like a faraday hamster ball."

"I know, I don't regret meeting everyone just having these powers..." Shrugging she pouted alittle before forcing a happy look. "Yes I suppose so thats what everyone keeps saying minus the hamster..."

"Professor Styger is the physics professor, I'm sure he'd be very helpful with your abilities, Noriko." Curt offered. "And if you ever wanted, I could help him run some tests and we can explore potential out-put levels and other things."

Now he was just fishing for a chance to play scientist, but he genuinely did mean it when he offered his talents.

Pietro frowned as the alarm on his watch went off. Speaking of screwy powers. He rummaged in his bag for the scheduled pill.

"Thanks." Managing a proper smile for Curt. "Might be worth a try I suppose."

He turned the alarm off and took the pill, frowning a little. He was probably going to have to up the dosage soon.

"You might also want to consult one of our resident technological life-forms, one of whom happens to be my husband," Selene said. "Naturally, they happen to be very knowledgeable concerning all things electric."

"Think they'd know how to stop it with out stopping me permenanrtly?" And look at that wide eyed hopeful look, how cute is that.

"As a last resort, I could try mapping your x-gene to find a more medical way of controling your powers. But I'd rather you exhausted other options first."

"I think she means helping you control it, little one." Ankka murmured. His hand hadn't actually come off Noriko's back...but he hasn't noticed, simply gently rubbing it.

"I'm sure they can!" Clarice said, with the confidence of someone who had know idea what they were talking about.

"Actually, that sounds like an exciting new science project," Selene exclaimed. "The more people prod a problem, the more likely a solution will be found."

"...oh." and hopeful face gone for a second. "What really? you can use medicine to like suppress it?" looking over at Pietro.

He nodded, "It's not that difficult, I'm doing the same with my own powers because I'm getting sick of buying glassware."

Ankka didn't understand why Noriko wanted to be so shot of her powers, his face saddening for a moment. Maybe something really bad had happened to her...well, all he could try was to be a good friend, if that was her decision...

It made her more happy then it really should of the idea of getting her powers suppress but it meant maybe going home, normal life not being dangerous anymore.

"Oh," Clarice's face fell, "but you should be able to control your powers without having to supress them, that's not a real solution anyway, just a bandaid over the problem."

"It's a work in progress. I'm trying to find the cause of the problem before I can tackle it. That's why I suggest suppression only as a last resort."

And now it felt like she was somehow failing her new friends because she didn't like blowing up light bulbs. Slumping she rested her head on the desk huffing at it all.

Clarice exchanged a worried look with Ankka, had they done something wrong?

Noticing the drop in mood, Selene began to worry that she might have to offer counsel to the new students any moment. Better to do something about that before it could get that far, she figured. "I think we reached the point where a short break might be in order," she said.

Ankka looked back, biting his lip, before smoothing over Noriko's back. "Noriko? Please don't...ve didn't mean to upset you...i-if that's really vhat you vant but...can't you give it a try first? See if they can help?" He looked down at the note still in his other hand, feeling...odd.

"Y-you guys haven't upset me I just.... I don't know.... I'm going to take the self pitying outside for 5 while I go kill another tree." Trying on another smile as she grabbed her bag. Must try and be happy, we can deal with this come on. And the smiled got alittle more effort into it as she headed for the door.

Clarice nodded emphatically, funny how the non-english speaker could handle this better.

"Watch out you don't fry any squirrels!"

"I will." Managing a half hearted giggle then at her roomie.

"Nice to meet you!" Pietro called after her.

Clarice chewed on a strand of her hair, "Think she's gonna be okay?" she asked Ankka.

"You to Pietro, thanks selene back in about 5 minute miss." Bowing to the class before disappearing.

"I don't know." Ankka looked at the paper. "...I'll be right back." He said quickly, standing and shoving everything into his bag. "Um. Sorry, Selene, I'll...get notes later?" He nodded, before hurrying out after Noriko. She looked like she could really do with some coffee.

"Well, that didn't go too bad," Selene remarked. "I should head to the kitchen and grab a cup of coffee." And run upstairs to grab her notes, so she would actually be prepared for the rest of the lecture.

"I'll just... stay here..." Pietro went back to his sketches.

"Well ... I guess it'll go do ... something then?" Clarice looked around the room, still chewing her hair before binking out.
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