11/4 Instance: BraMaster

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11/4 Instance: BraMaster

Post by puppygirl » Fri Nov 04, 2011 11:59 pm

Timeline - Some point after 'Kalimah the Leafy Panty Thief!'

Jean-Paul strolled down the asile, looking about at the wall to wall over the shoulder boulder holders and wondered how many people here thought he was going to buy one and stuff it.

"So, what size and are we going exciting or practical?"

Clarice worried her lip as she looked around the rails, suddenly she wasn't so sure bra shopping with the object of her affection was such a good idea, "Well, acording to the chart on the internet I'm a ... thirty-six C and ... ummm," she looked around, the temptation wa sto say pratical but something inside her rebeled, "Exciting," she said firmly.

"Excellent." Jean-Paul rubbed his hands together, glancing around at the offerings this particular store had set out for them. "Anything absolutely out then? I don't really know the preferences here...though this hook thinger here looks like it'd slip out with each jiggle." He frowned, picking up the odd front hook bra and playing with it.

Clarice stiffled a giggle, "I guess it's more one for taking off then wearing, to get around the whole ... you know, guys not being able to work out how to unhook it from the back?" She inspected it, feeling the blush start, "I'm not sure what my thing is ... but this probably isn't it," she told him, itching at a bit of burnt skin at her wrist.

"Aw, you don't want an easy access bra?" With a quick flinging Jean-Paul had it on himself, snorting. "Are bras really that hard to operate? I mean...it's hooks, how hard is that?"

Clarice sqeaked, "Ohmigosh! What're you doing!?" She tried to contain her giggling behind a hand, "I don't have anyone to appreciate an easy access bra anyways and it's just what I heard-" and wonderfully wicked idea crossed her mind, "bet you couldn't take mine off without having to look at the clasp first," she dared him.

"Whaaat? Don't tell me you brought me along with you for this to not be embarassing." He took it off, shaking his head. "Well, don't you want to be prepared for when you do have someone ready for easy access?" A challenge? Hmm. "I could totally make your clasps my bitch."

Clarice giggled again and turned around, checking that there was no one watching them, "Go on then, just put your hand up the back of my shirt and see if you can open it, and if you can I'll buy you a drink, it might even be alcoholic," she regarded the easy access bras thoughtfully, "I dunno though, would they make me look ... I dunno ... cheap?"

"I can't take your bra off here!" He protested, but did look around at the promise of drinks. "I think I might need a promise. After all, I'm possibly going up against boobs."

"Well, you don't get the extra skanky looking ones...but at that point I don't think anyone's really judging cheapness."

"Coward," she teased, giggling again when she realised his protest had caused a few interested stares, "and you won't be up against boobs, the worst you might see will be my back, the boobs will be up against the inside of my shirt and facing the other way!" She picked up another bra, black and silky looking, and she frowned.

"This is heavy," she said, then gave it a poke, "... it's squishy! It's got that liquid padding stuff," she squished the cup, "That feel wierd, here, poke it!" She held it out to him.

"I am not a coward!" He whined, pulling a face and reaching around and grabbing a handful of squishy bra. "Oh that is just not normal...is it?" Jean-Paul's face twisted. "I mean...it's sort of sick." He rubbed some of it between his fingers, making an exaggerated wretching sound.

"Apparently it's meant to feel 'more realistic'," she checked the isles and then quickly gave her own boob a squeeze before squeezing the padding again, "... my boob does not feel like that, is this a good or a bad thing?"

Jean-Paul squished the bra, then he reached over and squished Clarice thoughtfully. "You feel fleshy. I imagine that's more natural. This feels like toothpaste in fabric."

"... You're groping my boob," she didn't know whether to be excited or mortified here.

"You mean I can't tune in Tokyo? You've all ready dared me to let them free as it is." He snorted, letting both boob and bra go. "I think you need to try it on, then we can feel it on and see if that makes any difference."

Clarice found herself laughing again, "You wanna be careful, or I'll tell Reed about our public fondeling," she grabbed one of the padded bras that was in her size anyway, "speaking of which, when am I going to meet this mysterious boyfriend of yours?"

"Not to worry, I think he knows to trust me where tits are concerned." Jean-Paul chuckled again, just imagining his face. "Anytime you like, really. We should pop into his room sometime, distract him from his work."

"I can be very distracting," Clarice nodded, "we really should," she perused some more rails, "So do you thinkg we're gonna see that Jamie guy again?"

"I don't know. Why? Were you hoping he would stick around so you could show him squishy bras?"

She blushed hard at that, "NO!" She fidgited with a hanger, "he might still be out to steal our underwear ... at least when Sean isn't," she frowned then sighed, "I don't really think there's anyone at the school who I could show squishy bras too, at least, no one availible."

"No one available? Is there someone taken who you want to show squishy undies to?" Jean-Paul couldn't resist nosing, chuckling at that. "You'll tell meee, right?"

"Well you must have noticed that there's a lot of cute guys there, huh?" The cutest being you, "But ... well, like Ankka and Noriko seem to have this thing going on, I figured Eddie was kinda cute, but he's a jerk too plus already has a girlfriend and then there's Johnny but I haven't really spoken to him and I get the feeling he's not looking for relationships anyways."

Jean-Paul smirked slowly and wickedly. "Johnny is really quite attractive. I mean, he's obviously third in the school for the guys but still." He shrugged. "I could feel him out for you if you're interested, you know."

"Third? I get that number one is you but-" she trailed off at his suggestion, "Really?" She flushed as pink as her markings, "You'd do that? You think he's be like ... interested?"

"I have to rate Reed over Johnny. It's a loyalty thing...plus I find him adorable." He laughed at the flushing. "Why wouldn't he be interested? You're a delight."

"Plus you have a squishy bra now."

"I haven't even bought it yet!" She protested, giving him a shy smile and playing with her fingers, "Is he ... like ... okay, not too much of a jerk? I can take jerk in small amounts but too much ... yeah," she babbled slightly.

"He's a fun kind of jerk." He assured her. "And he's fun. We've always got along pretty well. I would approve of him if you so chose."

"Weeeeeell, it wouldn't hurt to find out," it wasn't like she was commiting to anything, and what's the worst that could happen, he'd say no, "Thanks Jean-Paul."

"You're really quite welcome." Jean-Paul assured her, grinning wider. "Does this mean I get to butter him up for you?"

"Litterally or figurativly? I'm good with either," she giggled behind her hand, "so long as there's pictures of the latter."

"...oh I'm going to try for both in that case."

Clarice let out a small cheer at that, "Awesome," she looked at the racks and an evil little smile went across her face, "Back on task, there's one very important thing we need to tests the bras out for before I buy them," she took the bra off it's hanger and snapped the elastic at the back, "and that's how much air we cen get outta them, don't you agree?"

"I agree!" Jean-Paul grabbed his weapons. "What are we aiming for?"

"Bargin basket, end of the aisle!" She pointed, taking aim, "On the count of three, one, two, three!" PING!

PING! Bras flew into the air and Jena-Paul quickly reloaded, sending one of the squishy ones out just to see what would happen.

Clarice giggled at all the flying underwear, "No fair, yur using your speed to get all the good ones," though apparently squishy bras did not have good aero-dynamics, as it flopped to a pathetic stop halfway down the isle.

Clarice, being the mature, responcible adult that she was, decided that it was of scientific interest to see what Speedius Canadius' responce was to having a bra thrown at his face, so she aimed the next one for the top of his head. PING!

The response was a high pitched yep and flailing. "Oh, that is it!" The bet on getting her bra off? It was on now! He went for the hooks.

And suddenly he was sticking his hand up the back of her shirt! She half shrieked, half giggled and attempted to run away, pulling bras off the rails to toss at him to try and slow him down.

"You're cheating, I want my drink!"

Jean-Paul worked one of the hooks off, staggering after her to keep his balance and laughing all the way.

"What happened to not de-braing me in public?" She attempted a half turn, rib tickle manuver to get him off, snorting with laughter.

"I changed my mind! I can do that, you cheater!" He nearly succomed to the wicked rib tickle manuver, though, hip checking her to get another hook off. "I am the bra master! I shall gather all straight men to me and teach them."

"Eeeee!" She squealed as the bra flopped free under her shirt, "Ohmigosh! You actually did it!" She stumbed out of the aisle and into the main part of the shop ... where she could see a very annoyed sale assistant headding thier way, "... Uh-oh."

"...I think we should go. You know, before I'm arrested for accosting your bra."

"To the bra-I mean bar! For your victory drink!" She grabbed opened a portal beneath them and grabbed Jean-Paul's hand as they dropped in.

"... But first I need to find a bathroom so I can do my bra up again," came her voice as the portal blinked out of excistence.
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