11/5 Game: 99 Luftballons

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11/5 Game: 99 Luftballons

Post by Starfish » Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:11 pm

Timeline: October 2nd.

Sooraya: Sooraya passed the remote on, giving up on finding anything worthwhile as she thumbed through her homework, chewing at the end of her pen as she read.

Pietro: *Poof*"Damn it." *Poof* "Damn it." *Poof* "Oh for crying out loud! I just want a glass of water!" Pietro glared at the powdered glass now littering the surfaces in the kitchen. Stupid powers.

Rose: Rose eyed Pietro as she munched on her snack. "Problems?"

Calvin: Calvin worked on what looked like an unholy mess of cables and wires on the rec room table. Every now and then sparks would fly, followed by either a satisfied smile when they were green, or a puzzled espression when they were pink.

Sooraya: "Is that...safe?" Sooraya couldn't help but look up at a new spark flying off of Calvin's work.

Pietro: "Apparently." Pietro went to get a dustpan and brush.

Clarice: Clarice watched Calvin work with big green eyes.

Rose: Rose shook her head a bit. "Well when you get that under control, you should go do soemthing useful... like steal the remote."

Selene: "I would be surprised if it were," Selene commented, standing with crossed arms while she kept an eye on whatever Calvin was doing.

Calvin: He looked up. "Oh yes, absolutely safe. It's not like the sparks are blue." At that moment blue sparks started to emanate from the gizmo. "Oh...excuse me, I have to go to the toilet," he said, while taking the thing with him, holding it as far from himself as possible.

Sooraya: "...I should not be curious about what will happen now, should I?" Sooraya jerked her thumb back as Calvin made his exit, pulling a face.

Pietro: "The remote will be fine. Glass is just on an easier frequency for me to destroy..." he sighed.

Clarice: "But what's it dooooooo?" Clarice whined as Calvin left.

Selene: Selene arched her eyebrows. "Something tells me someone is just going to take an impressive dump," she said. "We should call the janitor. Hey, do we even have a janitor?"

Rose: "Yes but last I saw it was in the hands of the newbies. Totally unsafe."

Toxic: Adam was petting the bastard bunny, dressed more normally - for him - and minus most of the bandages now. Though that just meant most of the scars were visible. His memory was still fuzzy, but he at least had some sort of sense of self now.

Sooraya: "I do not believe so, no." Sooraya shook her head. "It might be advisable in the future to hire someone, would it not?"

Calvin: After a few minutes a *FWOOOP* sound could be heard from the general direction of the toilet, then Calvin came back, rubbing his hands as if he had just washed them. "Our toilet is in France now, I believe. Geography isn't my strongest subject, but the building you can see from the window looks very much like the Eifel tower." He sat down on the sofa as if nothing had happened.

Pietro: "I'll get it in a minute. I'm determined to get a drink without resorting to pills."

Rose: "What do you normally do to chill out, man?"

Selene: Looking at the new student, Selene nodded in agreement. "That's a good idea, actually," she said. "Maybe we should advertise in the newspaper."

Clarice: "Woooooooooooah!" Clarice clapped, "How did you do that?"

Selene: "Wait, are we crapping on France now," Selene asked. "I thought the days of rampant patriotism were behind us."

Noriko: Noriko wondered in the direction of the wreck room, bandages finally off but skin still alittle raw. "hey guys"

Pietro: "Normally I spend time with my wife," Pietro replied with a smirk.

Rose: Rose smirked back at him. "Well, can't help you there. Try a plastic cup?"

Calvin: "Oh no, no. We are using the toilet in France. Paris, to be exact. We share it with a very nice elderly couple. They were a bit surprised when they first saw me, but they invited me to sausage and red wine very fast. Too bad I don't drink. Or speak French..." He scartched his nose.

Toxic: Adam twitched gently as the rabbit shifted, opening a malevolent eye at the room in general and gnawing lovingly on Adam's hand. The guy eyed the bunny warily before looking up. "Ohai."

Sooraya: "Hello, Noriko...Um, which toilet is that? I think perhaps we should lable the door that leads to France."

Clarice: "... But how do you know they invted you if they don't speak french?" Clarice wondered.

Pietro: "Yeah..." he sighed, tipping the powdered glass into the trashcan.

Noriko: "One of our toliets leads to france? does that me really fast holidays for us?" perking up as she flopped down on a chair.

Rose: "Has to be a tough mutation to get control of." Rose shugged, understanding how tricky her own could be. It sucked to melt things accidentally.

Calvin: "Well, they had wine and sausages in their hands when I opened the door. And were sitting in the bath tub...maybe I also interrupted their special time?"

Toxic: "Not to France. France sucks."

Sean: There was a soft thump and then a little girly yelp. Quiet and then the door fell open to reveal Sean with boxers on his head.

Selene: "Apparently," Selene told Noriko, giving her a quick wave. "Couldn't you have opened a door to a French kitchen instead, so they could cook food for us?"

Toxic: "...Please tell me everyone else is seeing that."

Sooraya: "Um...hello?" Sooraya closed her book ,sure that any homework she managed to finish would be no good now. "I do not think that is where those go, Sean."

Clarice: Clarice giggled.

Selene: Selene frowned. "Weren't there rumors of an underwear thief circulating?"

Pietro: "It's a pain in the ass." he got a plastic cup and filled that with water to take a drink.

Noriko: Noriko waved and pulled a paperclip chain out to fiddle with. "Yeah there was, some guy called jamie in league with Sean.

Rose: Rose laughed at Pietro then glanced out into the hall. "Sounds like we're missing a party in the rec room. You coming to check it out?"

Sean: "No....no I know it's not where they go.....but it's where they are," and to him that was the end of the conversation, the boxers stayed on his head.

Toxic: Adam giggled suddenly, the sound oddly demented and a little high-pitched. "I don't know, it suits him!"

Calvin: "Hmmm..." Calvin scratched his chin, wondering about the new arrival. So did Hobbes, having gotten curious about the commotion and peering in through the windows.

Sooraya: "Jamie? I do not believe I have met this Jamie." But she was keeping her undergarmets securely in her possession.

Toxic: "Holy shitcakes, there's a fuckin' robot at the window!!"

Pietro: "Sure..." he sighed and set the cup down before moving to follow her to the rec room.

Noriko: "He was some guy trying to sneak into the grounds, thought we were cultists." Giggling at the idea before staring at the robot. "What the hell is that?!"

Calvin: Hobbes waved at Adam with a giant robotic hand.

Rose: Rose popped into the Rec room, blinking at the sheer number of people. "Hola everyone."

Sooraya: "You haven't met Hobbes yet?" Sooraya looked at the others, confused. "I've been wondering how he stays hidden from the neighbours, myself."

Pietro: "Oh new people. Hello." Pietro waved.

Toxic: Adam hesitantly raised a hand and waved back. "I...think...I have."

Noriko: "Hey pietro!" waving at the newcomers. "So hobbes is our resident robot?"

Sean: Sean wandered to the window and pressed his face to it ", soooooooooooo coooooooooooooool."

Selene: "That's the advantage of not having any immediate neighbours," Selene told Sooraya with a wry smile. "If you ignore the gang of badgers prowling the woods, that is."

Pietro: "Yes and apparently he makes an excellent taxi."

Rose: Rose eyed Sean. "Er... you ok?"

Sooraya: "...there are gangs of badgers?"

Calvin: "Hobbes doesn't like camouflage, so when I wanted to put a camouflage device on him, I had to compromise. Now he looks like the Marshmallow Man when he switches it on. I am obviously not very good at negotiating." He sighed.

Sooraya: "I suppose if anyone ever does see him then they will assume he is a blimp?"

Pietro: "People see him, he's been on tv."

Calvin: "Or they think they're seeing a remake of Ghostbusters. I actually put up a fake website and handed out fake fliers, so everybody in Westchester thinks this is happening."

Calvin: Having heard Pietro's words, Haobbes posed in front of the building."

Toxic: Adam stared at the...President? Streaking. Through the rec room. Yeeeeaaaah, he was gonna say that was a hallucination. He sank lower in the chair.

Sooraya: "Aw, I think he wants us to take his picture now." Sooraya grinned up at the robot through the window.

Rose: "Brilliant, Calvin." Rose grinned widely.

PresKelly: The current program on TV turned white from one moment to the next, to be replaced by the channel's newsroom a few seconds later. Agitated people were shuffling notes, until the newscaster turned to address the camera. "We ask you to excuse this interruption of our program for these breaking news."

Pietro: Pietro raised an eyebrow and turned to the tv.

Toxic: "They're bringing Lennon from the dead and reforming the Beatles!"

Noriko: "Elvis isn't dead!" staring hopefully at the tv.

Toxic: "...And they'll give him laser eyes and he'll eat eeeeeverybody..."

Sooraya: "They can't reform the Beatles without George Harrison as well, though."

Toxic: "Raise him too!"

Toxic: "Wait...he's dead? Why wasn't I informed of this?"

Noriko: "Raise the dead zombie apocalpse!" giggling excitedly.

PresKelly: "Minutes ago, reports of a firefight on the mutant island of Genosha has reached channel, quickly followed by the announcement that President Kelly is going to appear at an unscheduled press conference this very moment. Please stand by while we transfer you to our contact in the White House."

Sooraya: "...oh dear...we have an island?"

Clarice: Clarice blinked back into the recroom, "Did I miss anything?"

Toxic: Adam tilted his head at the TV. "...What's Genosha...? I get the feeling I should know but..."

Pietro: "Not yet." Pietro nodded to the tv.

Noriko: "Genosha?" Head tilting at the tv.

Rose: Rose glanced around to the other older students, then put her eyes back on th TV.

Clarice: "Genosha's on the news?" Clarice frowned, that wa sthe place that JeanPaul had been sneaking people out too.

PresKelly: After some buzzing and stuttering, the picture stabilized to show President Kelly already on stage, while hectic reporters swarmed the room, fighting over the best seats. An incomprehensible wave of question drowned out everything, but was silenced when Kelly raised his hands.

Sean: As Sean kept his face pressed to the window, he listened to the broadcast. The door to the rec room opened again and Reed stepped in and moved to the television.

Toxic: Adam pointed at the screen. "Hey! I saved your ass! I can remember! Where's my free smoothie, bitch?"

Rose: Rose rolled her eyes at Adam. How had he ever been in the brotherhood?

Sooraya: Sooraya looked around so very confused by all of what was being said. "So...they're all mutants? Why are they being attacked?"

Clarice: Clarice brought a lock of hair to her mouth and started to chew, she had a baaaaaaaad feeling about this, "Guess we're about to find out,, Soo."

PresKelly: "Ladies and gentlemen, I convened this press conference to address the reports concerning the island of Genosha," Kelly said, scanning the room packed with journalists. "Apparently there have been news about firefights nearby the mutant settlement and refugee camp. Unfortunately, I have to confirm these reports."

Toxic: "Oooh. Hold the smoothie, that's not good."

Pietro: Pietro moved behind the sofa to get a better view of the television.

Calvin: "Hmmm." Calvin rested his head on a hand, his jaw tensily clenched.

Clarice: "Oh no!" Clarice exclaimed.

Rose: Rose glared at the TV. They would attack mutants, wouldn't they?

Noriko: "OOO not good at all!" looking rather shocked at the idea of random firefights on amutant island.

Sooraya: "So the mutants are refugees? Where are they from?" Sooraya's frown deepened, leaning in despite that being sort of a silly thing to do.

Clarice: "They're from the US," Clarice murmured.

PresKelly: Kelly silenced the next wave of questions with a gesture. "As you are undoubtedly aware, earlier this week, we dispatched a contingent of the US Navy to provide humanitarian aid for the refugees on the island."

Toxic: "God knows. All over. I heard a lot got moved out when the zombies happened." Adam shrugged, Bit hopping to the arm of the chair to watch better, chittering evilly at Rose.

Pietro: "All over, some of them are from the registration act others are from the zombie flu thing..." Pietro still focused on the tv.

Pietro: "Bullshit were they dispensing humanitarian aid."

Sean: Looking back at the screen, Sean frowned. "Did I just move from the green country to the center of chaos?"

PresKelly: "However, mutant terrorist element regarded our peaceful mission as a hostile action, and attacked our men and women as they distributed food and medicine to those in need." Kelly paused. "Faced with lethal violence, our troops were forced to defend themselves, and are currently trying to bring the situation under control."

Rose: Rose had to look away for a moment so she didn't set the TV on fire.

Rose: Rose's hands flared up and she forced it back down quickly, hoping nobody noticed. "Grrrr...."

Noriko: "What? that sounds silly! why would they randomly hurt people bringing help?"

Pietro: "They're lying. That's why."

Sooraya: "Someone should absolutely do something."

Toxic: "Whyyyy, oh darling presidente mine, does that sound like first-class, grade a, mutant-hating bullshit?" Adam frowned - he'd heard that before...where? As he tried to think of where, he winced as a sudden, mind-numbing pain shot through his head. "Argh!"

Clarice: Clarice chewed on her hair and watched the screen silently.

Noriko: "Toxic! are you ok?" quickly moving to her friends side. "Whats wrong? and why is the president lying?" looking back at everyone

PresKelly: This times the questions came louder, many journalists rising from their seats. "Mr. President, isn't it true that members from your own party have called this humanitarian mission as a guise to get a military presence on the island and take control?"

Rose: "I would LOVE to do soemthing. Because the president is a mother fucking mutant hater and a murderer."

Toxic: "Yeah, yeah...fine...suddenly headache..." Adam rubbed his temples as Bit 'rawrawrawr'd at Rose. "He can't be that bad, I mean...I saved him once..." And why, why didn't he like Rose suddenly? Argh, confusing. He laughed nervously. "He is a bit of a twat though...and yeah, he doesn't like mutants..."

PresKelly: "Excuse me, but the President will not be answering questions at this conference," one of the aides spoke up, before Kelly continued, ignoring any remarks from the audience. "I am shocked and saddened about the events, but I assure you that we will do anything in our power to resolve the situation as quickly as possible, and restore peace and order to Genosha."

Rose: "Course he won't be answering questions!" Rose got up to pace so she wouldn't flare up again.

Clarice: Clarice stood up suddenly, "This is poop! We need to do something! We're heroes arn't we!?" She looked around the group.

Rose: "YES! Let's do something!" Rose grinned happily.

Toxic: "...are we? Where's my cape?"

Selene: "I suggest we suit up," Selene said, turning away from the TV. "There will be enough time to watch the news on the jet."

Clarice: "We need to go help those people! Let's go!" Clarice blinked out.

Rose: Rose was gone before Selene could finish.

Clarice: .... And then blinked back, "Umm ... where's the jet again?"

Pietro: "We need to do something before this gets out of hand. If it hasn't already." Pietro was gone one second before he was back in uniform. "I'll show you."

Toxic: "Is she for real? Please tell me she's for real. I'd love it if she's for real. Wait. We really are heroes, aren't we? Oh god, we're going to diiiiie..."

Calvin: Hobbes was already on his way to the jet, Calvin slowly followed with the others.

Noriko: Noriko was up and gone in a excited squeaking blurr. Time to try and be a hero!

Toxic: Adam was up, green and black dreads in, goggles on and mask good to go. A blur laterr and he was in uniform and headed for the jet. Bit hung on for dear life, shouting furiously as the black and green-clad cybergoth flipped himself into the jet. "Let's...uh...get our X-Men on!"

Clarice: "Oh, this is horrible!" Clarice gasped, covering her mouth as she peered out of the window.

Rose: Rose was having a hard tme not setting things on fire. She shook a bit as she watched out the window.

Noriko: Noriko swore abit n japanese as she looked out of the window horrified.

Pietro: Pietro was thinking he should have run there, it would have been faster.

Fergie: Sooraya tugged at her uniform abaya, hoping that this unstable molecule business lived up to how it had done in training so far. "this is a mess."

Sean: "Jesus.....this looks terrible," he made a face, pulling at his collar.

Selene: "I had no idea bullets and grenades constitute humanitarian aid now," Selene muttered, leaning up to look out of the window.

Toxic: Adam stared out, fingering the hole in one of his blades as he did, hissing between fake fangs behind his gasmask. "...Oh hell." He twitched gently, unnaturally blue eyes wide. "And somehow...we have to sort this out?" Hey, he'd done worse. "Alright...we're gonna have to be real careful." A gloved finger traced his wrist. He'd been practicing. He could do this.

Pietro: "Apparently they have a different dictionary to us."

Calvin: Calvin looked to the right of the plane, where Hobbes was flying along on his feet and hand thrusters. "Should Hobbes clear a landing strip for us?"

Selene: "I believe that might be a good idea," Selene replied, trying to see anything through the layer of black smoke that obscured the previously serene beach.

Sooraya: "It seems a good deal safer to do so."

Calvin: "Where?"

Pietro: "I can try to clear some of the smoke if you want?" Pietro offered.

Selene: A red light began to blink frantically and demanded attention with a grating sound. "Something is trying to get a target lock on us," Selene called. "So much for being invited lend a helping hand..."

Noriko: "Target lock?..... as in like a missile?"

Toxic: "...Pleasdon'tletthejetblowupagain..>"

Toxic: "Wait. I can fly. Fuck the jet!!"

Rose: "Who is it!? I'll set them on fucking fire!" Rose glared out the window.

Calvin: "Have you got any direction where it is? Hobbes doesn't have a target system."

Sooraya: "Oh...oh dear...wait, again? How many times has this happened?" She looked up nervously from fiddling with the hem of her uniform sleeve.

Clarice: Clarice squeaked, "I don't think I can port away a whole plane!"

Selene: "Either that, or weaponized ducks," Selene muttered in response to Noriko. "Neither option strikes me as particularly pleasant."

Pietro: "Selene, just land us somewhere!"

Toxic: "Uuuuh...at least once? I think? Last time it was an angry lecturer..."

Calvin: To do: Install a target system in Hobbes...also, maybe a blender?

Selene: "Stealth or not, we need to land fast! As long as our engines are spewing out hot air, we make excellent missile fodder."

Noriko: "I dunno I could probably shock ducks out of the air...." Giving the window another worried look.

Calvin: Hobbes had decided to take initiative and simply swept down toward the beach, releasing two really huge balls of sizzling electricity from his hand-cannons, blowing away humans, mutants, smoke, and trees alike.

Selene: Everyone became a whole lot lighter all of a sudden as Selene forced the jet into a steep descent. "No worries, I planned to do that!"

Toxic: Adam looked out along a wing, spotting a couple of silos aimed up at them. "Selene, dip the plane and let me out, I can take care of them!" He pulled a couple of duct-tape wrapped cylinders that looked like glowsticks in his hands, and indeed, a bright white-red glow began to eminate from them as he spun them.

Clarice: Clarice bit her lip and gripped her seat, "Have we been fired on!?"

Pietro: "Looks like it." Pietro prepared to phase himself and took stock of who else might need it.

Clarice: "Where's the missiles? I might be able to port them out to sea!"

Selene: Selene took a hand from the controls for a second to hit another button. A strong wind suddenly blew through the jet when the ramp opened, a red warning lamp accompanying the roaring noise.

Calvin: "Don't worry about me! I have my backpack with me!" He looked around. "...somewhere!"

Noriko: "here!" throwing the back pack over to calvin that had slid at her feet with the descent.

HannaH: "I am not going to die without killing bastards first!"

Selene: "Unidentified aircraft, retreat immediately or you will be destroyed," a voice came over radio. "This is a secured no-fly zone. I repeat..."

Toxic: Adam got up and undid the belt, letting himself be blown out. Catching himself midair, he blurred to the silos, one tube going into each of them. Pushing away, he detonated them, the two anti-aircraft cannons going up with a 'whumph' and a plume of black smoke. "FUCK yes!!"

Clarice: "... Oh heck," Clarice whimpered, "... Wait! Rose, throw a fireball out there! Throw them off!" She screamed over the roar of air.

Selene: "So I guess we're not going to heed that advice, yes," Selene asked, the jet already close to the ground.

Pietro: "You don't own the airspace over this island! Fuck off!" Pietro yelled at the radio.

HannaH: Rose sent a fireball toward the far side of the island.

Selene: "Good idea! That should confuse their thermal sensors a bit."

Toxic: Adam was already being aimed at. Another tube was tossed and detonated, the heat-radar machine gun fire aiming for that instead. "Yeah, shoot my blood bitches." He followed the jet, more tubes taking care of unfriendly fire as he went.

Calvin: "Oh, thanks! All my tools are in there, you see?" He strapped on the backpack and made his slow way towards the open ramp. In the distance he could see Hobbes taking hits from assault rifles, though shrugging them off. Then he would release the lightning spheres again, creating a new clearing in the jungle, uncovering hidden soldiers.

HannaH: "This is hostile takeover! Anyone got a camera to report it to the news?!"

Toxic: Adam tapped his com. "Black Widow, what's the plan? Take down all the idiots shooting and evac or what?"

Noriko: "You get me near the soldiers and I can start blowing their radios, cut of their communication?" Giving all the soldiers a considering look.

Clarice: "All those firearms are tarnishing my karma," Clarice muttered, unbuckling her seat belt, they were low enough that she could make out the shoulders, "I'll be right back!" She yelled before blinking away.

Pietro: "Oh screw this." Pietro unhooked his seatbelt, "See you on the ground." he moved to the ramp and promptly jumped out of the jet minus a parachute.

Selene: A moment later, the jet was below the treeline. "Thanks to our black box, none of that will be missed, believe me." She tapped her radio. "Before we can do anything, we need to make sure the jet will be safe. It's our only way out of here."

Sean: Having spent the past few minutes gripping the arms of the seat, Sean turned his head and looked at Sooraya ", wanna get out of here and try to help the others on the ground?"

Sooraya: "Oh please. I am feeling most useless here." Sooraya frowned though. "You promise you can fly well enough?"

Toxic: "Sure thing." Adam hit the ground running, skidding to a blurring stop beside the jet. "I've taken out anti-aircraft on this side anyway. They'll need more than repairs, I've blown them apart and I can mislead any heat-seekers too."

Clarice: Clarice appeared in a flash of pink light and shoulder slammed a marine, yanking his missile launcher out of his hand, as his fellows opened fire on her, she vanished again.

Selene: The moment the jet touched down, Selene was out of her seat, pausing to tap her radio again. "Remember, no matter what, try to use non-lethal force," she instructed the others. "I know this is a huge and ugly mess, but we don't need to make it worse. And we definitely don't need to give them more reasons to shoot at us."

Pietro: Pietro landed easily and dashed around the island to see what was what beneath the cloud of smoke. "This is a mess guyes."

Toxic: He rolled a shoulder, jumping into the jet. Hey N'iko, need a lift?" He grinned a little madly behind the mask.

Clarice: She ported behind one of the marines and smacking him over the head with the launcher before blinking away again.

Calvin: "I'll be seeing you, have to help Hobbes!" Calvin waved at the others and just jumped out of the jet. He pulled a string on his backpack, and the well-known huge rubber ball engulfed him. This time there were dozens of antennas sticking out of it thou-...and now it started rotating with an incredible speed, creating a blue-shimmering forcefield and clearing a path through the woods. "Sonic tech is go!"

Sean: "Oh I can fly well enough," he nods and unstraps, taking her hand.

Sooraya: With that assurance, Sooraya clung into him with a death grip. "Then lets go."

HannaH: Rose was off the plane and trying to make her way toward where the other mutants would be.

Noriko: "Thanks Toxic! I sure could! I heard you Black widow lets go mess up their fun!" sprinting over to Toxic smiling at the excitement to hide the fear.

Pietro: Pietro slid to a stop beside Rose, kicking up a load of sand and gouging deep trough in the land, "Defence?"

Toxic: Adam's eyes flared red as he pulled off the goggles and replaced them with green wraparounds - hey, they helped the infrared his sight became like this - and flicked out a hand, levitating her. "Bear with me, this takes concentration..." The Irishman pulled them into the air. "First mission, huh? Want me to stick with you? What codename they give you?"

HannaH: "Just stay close. I can keep you off fire, but not much else." Rose nodded to Pietro. "We have to get to the people they are attacking."

Calvin: By now Calvin had made his way towards the beach where Hobbes had drawn heavy fire. "Hobbes, Calvinball!" The sphere didn't stop until the giant pink robot grabbed it with two hands of steel. An electric connection seemed to form between his right hand and the ball. And then he started to swing it on a tether made from electricity, flattening everybody and everything nearby. Calvin was SO glad he had come up with a way for his body

Clarice: Clarice had found a system that worked, appear out of a portal, hit someone, jump into another portal before they could react.

Selene: Stepping off the plane, Selene did a quick scan with her psychic senses, and promptly concluded that there were way too many fearful and agitated minds all around the island.

Noriko: "Its Surge! and wow this feels weird as hell! Can if you want just not to close or risk getting hit! My aiming isn't so good!" Watching as teh ground fell away and trying to ignore the sudden impending death thoughts.

Pietro: Pietro held his hand out to Rose, "Taxi?"

HannaH: Rose nodded and took his hand.

Sean: He pulled her close and jumped out, directing his shriek to the ground.

Pietro: He picked her up carefully and dashed off to where there were clusters of mutants.

Sooraya: There was a very surprised scream at that as Sooraya now was like a lichen on Sean's back.

Clarice: "You've been hit by"-BONK!-"you've been"-CLANG!-"struck by"-CRASH!-"a su-perhero!" She sang.

HannaH: Rose held on tightly, feeling sick by the quick movement.

Selene: "It's no use trying to pinpoint all the mutants or soldiers, and we don't have to numbers to take care of all of them, anyway," Selene told the others over radio. "So I suggest we try to deal with the soldiers and make them fall back. No doubt they have reinforcements coming, but that should give us enough time to round up all the mutants."

Toxic: "Think I might." Adam grinned. "Hope you aren't squeamish though..." So saying, a blade flicked out and went over his bare arm - making it obvious where most of those scars came from - and with a flick of his hand he pulled out a ribbon of blood, winding it around him like a liquid ribbon before sealing the wound. "Theeeere we go. Just need a donor now..."

Pietro: Pietro set her down. "And now we just have to stop them from getting arrested."

Toxic: "Sure, Widow. I got Surge here, we can take care of marines - just point us and let us go, promise I've had my meds and am only vaguely hallucinating!"

Noriko: And suddenly her mind wasn't on the fight anymore it was on the creepy floaty ribbon of red stuff around Adam. "Right.... er drop me down near soldiers and see how this goes?"

Clarice: "Dealing with it, Widow!" CRUNCH!

HannaH: "Easier said than done...." Rose looked around to see if she could see Jason.

Sean: As he screamed and kept them aloft, he watched the ground below and started trying to find the refugees.

Sooraya: It took a moment for Sooraya to unclench herself from Sean. "I...I do not think I enjoy flying." She admitted, quickly going down the streets with him and listening for signs of people. "I hear people ahead, I believe."

Selene: Selene pushed a few buttons on her wristband, having hooked up her communicator with the jet's sensors to warn them of any incoming threat. "Next time Darren is on a mission I'll drag Danger along, whether she likes it or not," she muttered, annoyed at their lack of a decent area scanner.

Quicksilver: "I'm going to try and round up some more people, can you take care of these, Rose?"

Toxic: "No problem." He grinned at Noriko, gently lowering her - before whipping the blood around three guns and detonating it. The men holding them screamed, but it was ony cuts and shrapnel, they'd be fine...alright, not the one he vampired blood from to replace his own and took another ribbon from buuuuut he'd be fine...ish...

Terry_Jason: In the center of the city, Jason was attempting to organize, clustering people together away from what was going on and looking for his portal opening student, not seeing a sign of him.

Terry_Jason: Terry, meanwhile was very, very angry.

Terry_Jason: Someone...had tried to wreck her bar.

Terry_Jason: There would be hell to pay.

Noriko: Noriko sprinted forward again found cover, and tried to calm her thoughts before ducking back out of cover eyes glowing and hads raised as everything electrical attached to the Marines started to overload and explode.

Selene: Selene tapped into her reserves to trigger a burst of superhuman speed, zapping towards the contested housings along the waterfront. "Direct any refugees towards the jet," she yelled into her commlink. "We'll worry about how to fit them all into the jet later."

Sean: "Good, we can start getting them to the jet," he headed in the direction she pointed, landing and running with her.

Toxic: "Yes ma'am - if not-" He blurred and dodged gunfire, hitting the ground and straight-punching the owner of the gun. "-I can always levitate them!" He giggled and flicked out a blade, neatly ham-stringing and driving a knee into the groin of another.

Quicksilver: Pietro gathered the mutants near where he'd left Rose together, nodding to Selene's message even though she couldn't see him. He led them back to Rose, diverting any military personnel by running them to the other side of the island when they got too close.

Noriko: Noriko started a tactic up of keeping moving ducking out of cover exploding radios and the like before legging it to fast for people to shoot at, adrenaline pushing down the fear.

Sooraya: Sooraya nodded, running beside him and most definitely not liking flying.

Calvin: Hobbes with his Calvinball now proceeded to take down the armored vehicles that the military had shipped onto the beaches.

HannaH: Rose started moving her cluster of refugees to the jet, setting things on fire around if soldiers got too close to her.

Terry_Jason: What they heard was Terry, swearing up into the night about her pulverized bar. "MOTHERFUCKERS! No drinks for you you damned bastards!"

Toxic: He was a hand-to-hand fighter, and the hours he'd spent over the summer training with Danger were really starting to show, the tall, thin, pale Irishman easily taking down armed gunmen - after all, he had a pair of knives attached to him.

Quicksilver: Pietro dashed back to the centre of the town to look for more mutants.

Terry_Jason: Hard at work in the city center, Jason couldn't help but notice a familiar blur through the crowd. "Well now, that's something handy."

Surge: Noriko then managed to get herself trapped by 3 marines. Swearing in Japanese she went for the stupid/brave move she ran forward at the guns, moving alot faster then she normally could at the arches of sparks came of her and threw herself at them and grounded through the Baka's.

Toxic: He reached a house, shouldering the door open to reveal terrified mutants. "Toxic, X-Men, c'mon people. This is your big day, I'm your ticket out of here." He pulled down the mask, grinning, fake fangs on show. "Follow me, I gotcha." The feeling he got when the relief shone through the dirt and terror, as he led them to the jet, made Adam almost...float. He really was a hero.

Quicksilver: "Jason!" Pietro slid to a stop and hurried over to him, "We're getting people to the jet so we're all together."

Selene: Bullets impacted around Selene, and she turned to see a group of soldiers firing on her from inflatable dingies, speeding up from the water and onto the beach. "Get down on your knees and hands on your head," one of them yelled.

HannaH: Once Rose had her cluster to safety, she went back to find more.

Selene: "Don't you ask that before shooting on people," Selene muttered in response, throwing up a telekinetic field to protect her.

Selene: As the soldiers stepped up onto the beach, she extended her hand to make the field surge forward, sending them right back into the water.

Surge: The marines left groaning in alot of pain on the floor Noriko made a leg for it, fear leaking through enough so her sparks were pouring off her onto her attackers luckily not at lethal force and still killing their radios.

Calvin: Calvin broadcasted at Selene. "Should we try to damage their ships to stop them from shipping in reinforcements?"

Toxic: Adam handed a kid up to one of the mutants in the jet. "Just find seats while there are some, don't touch anything...I'll be back, promise." He smiled, before pulling the mask back up and kicking into the air. He glanced around, looking for more X-Men, easily making two sneaking up on Noriko suddenly develope migraines and vomiting all over themselves. "Yeah, fuck you guys.!

Terry_Jason: "There's a little Australian kid who can do portals a hell of a long ways away. If you find him use him!" Jason called out to Pietro. "I've got staff clearing out the school buildings."

Surge: And their radios went out with the stomachs as she turned round sparks flying and eyes glowing. "Haha nice one Toxic!" Throwing a spark at another charging pair.

Selene: "I suggest you head back where you come from," Selene said. "And don't forget your boat." Stepping up to their boat, she animated the rubber vehicle with a touch and made it wrap itself around the soldiers, pulling them together into a tight package. The trapped men protested loudly when she gave their floating island a nudge and made it slowly float back onto the sea.

Quicksilver: "Okay the jet's that way," Pietro pointed, "We alredy have a few there so I'll ask if they've seen him."

HannaH: "Hey Jason." Rose nodded to im, relieved once she found him. "Where are the kids?"

Toxic: Another three were homing in on Blink, two more on Pietro. Adam growled, blades coming out. The ones over Blink looked up in confusion as bloodspatter hit them, the ones after Pietro knocked unconscious, bleeds from their noses. "Hey, fucktards, I'm a mutant. I can blow up that blood covering you. You want that? No? Didn't think so. That's right, guns on the ground, on your knees.!"

Terry_Jason: "People are supposed to gather here if they can get out other than that. Good to know." He waved to Rose and motioned to all of the students gathered out so far. "That's most of them left after last time."

Toxic: He reached into their pockets and tied their hands behind them with zipties, before breaking up their guns with his bare hands. "Fuckin' marines. You're no better'n the IRA right now." He spat, before going again.

Selene: With that out of the way, Selene tapped her radio to respond to Calvin. "The jet's radar says they have bigger ships out at sea. I'm inclined to say we don't provoke into shelling us for now."

Toxic: "Chewy, sea-to-land missiles. We probably don't want to fly over them."

Surge: Getting near an abandoned vehicle she found a little portable dish and laptop transmitting signals out, tapping into her come she called for selene. "Black widow I think I found a communications device for them should I kill it?"

Quicksilver: Pietro moved around the island, disarming the marines he passed and vaporising their weapons along the way.

Calvin: Calvin really wanted to help with the evacuation process, but really, the best a huge pink robot could do in a battlefield was being a target. "Okay, I will concentrate on drawing fire then." With that, Hobbes kicked a tank out of his way.

Selene: Her commlink beeped. "We have helicopters incoming," Selene announced after a look at the small screen.

Toxic: Adam blurred through the air into the centre of town, feeling something damp running from an ear. Wiping it, he found blood. Oooh. Okay, he needed to pay more attention or he was going to cause internal bleeding again...landing, he found another knot of eagerly-waiting mutants next to a guy that was vaguely familiar giving out orders. "Uh. Hey. You in charge here?"

Quicksilver: Pietro picked up a couple of kids that had gotten cut off and carried them back to town, they were clearly pleased to see Jason's familiar face.

Toxic: "Kill it, Surge, kill it dead." Adam said through the comm.

Sean: Sean was doing his best to help anyone that was near that looked like they needed the help.

Selene: "Sounds like a plan," Selene told Noriko. "Just make sure to keep your distance when it blows."

Sooraya: Sooraya crouched down low enough to see into a collapsed building. "Se, um...Banshee, I think there are people in here. I am going to go in, okay?"

Surge: "I hear that!" Hand going onto the computer system and dish she blew the harddrives and burned through the wires. "Now...." Running some way away she directed a bigger bolts and destroyed the dish.... and the generator .... and the electronics in the abandoned vehicle.

Sean: Sean turned and looked at Sooraya and nodded ", I'll cover you."

Surge: She hadn't run far enough getting knocked off her feet by the blast.

Sooraya: Unstable molecules, please work Sooraya dissolved, thankfully with her uniform, and blew into the cracks, looking for survivors.

Selene: Selene saw the blast in the distance, dark smoke rising up behind the crumbled huts. "Surge, are you okay," she asked via radio, turning a corner to head into her direction.

Quicksilver: Pietro phased a tank into the ground and carried on running, rounding up some more mutants.

Sean: Running towards the building, Sean did his best to find a way out and direct them towards it.

Toxic: Adam grabbed the knot. "Thiiiiis way, this way, come on, toooo the nice safe jet..."

HannaH: Rose stayed with Jason to keep the kiddos safe.

Surge: "Ow....." Pushing herself off the floor she staggered to her feet and back into some cover. "I'll live.... its dead now though........ owie."

Toxic: "You need a hand, Surgicals?" Adam murmured through the comm. "Plasters, maybe? Burn cream?"

Calvin: Hobbes came running through the woods, holding th ebig glwoing Calvinball over his head, in order to check on Surge. "She looks in one piece. Hey!" Calvin waved from inside the ball, his figure only flickering through as a scheme.

Surge: "Surgicals? we speaking to me?" Confused and slurring down the comn as she found better cover. "Ow.... I think I'm starting to run out of charge now...."Feeling fairly drained after that blast.

Selene: Selene smiled and patted the other girl on the shoulder when she reached her cover. "Well done," she told Noriko. "Student life is pretty exciting, isn't it?"

Quicksilver: Pietro paused by the jet to ask if any of them had seen the Australian kid that Jason had mentioned.

Toxic: "Quick! Someone get her a balloon!"

Sooraya: Sooraya reformed somewhere in the center of the building after finding someone. "It is okay, I will not hurt you." She started pulling the rubble away, hoisting the person up and picking her way back to Sean.

Calvin: "I can help you with that power problem."

Surge: "Yeah exciting and painful haha...... Yeah I'm good guys....." Dizziness hitting her she leant against the wall. "I wanna go sleep now...." Slumping alittle more as she felt vaguely sick smiling in thanks at Calvin.

Sean: Sean was digging through rubble to make an opening ", through here, Dust."

Calvin: "Okay, Hobbes, power up!" The robot put the ball aside and started to form one big lightning sphere between his hands. "...the Kame-hame-ha stance is not really necessary...How I know? I built your blasters!"

Sooraya: "Thank you, take her first." Sooraya tried to wedge the person through in front of her.

Rose: Rose made sure any soldiers that got close enough to her or the kids or Jason regretted it.

Toxic: "Remind me to bring out some balloons next time..." Adam shoved more people onto the jet, giving it a critical look before touching his comm. "Uuuuh...Widow, we're pretty full here..." He saw something out of the corner of his eyes, but he didn't react fast enough. There was a pained yell, then his comm went dead.

Selene: The already wrecked hut not far from them suddenly got cut in two halves, wooden splinters and dust flying everywhere. Only then did the sound catch up the bullets, the buzzing roar of a high-speed machine-cannon cutting through the air. "Take cover, everyone! That must be one of the choppers!"

Surge: "Toxic! Toxic?!" hearing the yell on the radio her head shot up. "Toxic are you ok?!"

Sean: Pulling the girl through, Sean directed her towards the others ", they'll help you."

Calvin: After powering up, Hobbes gave Surge one hell of a jolt. "Go help him!"

Quicksilver: Pietro dodged the machinegun fire with ease, hurrying to collect the boy he'd been directed to, scooping him up and outrunning the bullets.

Sooraya: "I did not see or hear anyone else. Do you?" Sooraya asked, catching her breath.

Surge: Surge made one hell of a undescribable noise before loooking like 20 cans of relentless had hit her at once. Bruises and scrapes getting ignored she bolted out of cover, fast enough to outstrip the bullets as she blurred her way to her friend determined to go *faster*.

Toxic: Adam was on his knees, coughing up blood, ears ringing and nearly blind. He thanked God for his uniform as he pushed himself up, dust still raining around him from the grenade. The blood was from him trying to use his ability to push away - and failing. Blearily he turned to the marines, eyes burning red.

Toxic: "Oh, you fuckers." He couldn't hear his voice, but he could hear their heartbeats. Staggering to the left, holding his bruised chest, he raised an arm. There was a nasty crack as one went into a tree and slid down it out cold, another was raised and dropped, screaming as his legs shattered and yet another suddenly lost feeling - painfully - to all his extremities.

Selene: Selene threw up another protective barrier and stepped out of cover, peering out towards the sea and trying to spot their attacker. "I can't see them," she informed the others. "They must be keeping their distance." Another salvo took off the roof of another building.

Quicksilver: Pietro deposited the kid beside Jason, "If you've got some cover to hide under I'd do it."

Toxic: The last few dived for cover and opened fire, but there was enough blood for Adam to create a shield for himself, and he trusted that if his uniform protected him from shrapnel, it'd protect him from bullets too. Those bastards were going down.

Surge: Noriko found adam actually having to skid to a halt kicking up dirt as she did. "Toxicyouok?whathappened?" Eyes still glowing as teh world seemed to slow down for her.

Surge: Then the lightining hit the marines, Noriko screaming in Japanese at them as she blasted them back with the force of the surge.

Toxic: Wordlessly Adam shook his head, tapping a pointed ear, blurring and 'hrk'ing as he caught a bullet on his uniform. Ooooh motherfuck was he going to feel that. As Noriko worked, he reeled away and went back to curling in a ball.

Rose: Rose glared at the coptor when it came into view. She focused for a moment, then fired a fireball as hard as she could at it.

Surge: The surges hitting people were getting dangerously high, nearly faultering afew hearts before she stopped and decided to speed tackle the idiots to give them smaller jolts to drop their weapons.

Selene: "Either seek good cover or stay close to the soldiers," Selene advised the others via commlink. "I know it sounds crazy, but believe me when I say that for once I know what I'm doing. They won't use their big guns while we're near their own troops. I hope so, anyway."

Toxic: "Fuckfuckfuck...can't feel my chest...can't feel my chest..." He wheezed. Looking up, the closest unconscious marine got stabbed, a roll of blood drawn out and pulled into his wounds to help seal them and make the dizziness go away. "Whee...I'm a vampire...go meeeee..."

Quicksilver: Ow hot! Pietro vaporised the bullets the pilots fired at them before Rose's fireball hit them.

Surge: Noriko blurr glomped another fast enough to knock him out. -this is fun and working!- so then it happened to afew more of them, still killing radios phones and some poor gits ipod as she went.

Quicksilver: "Holy hell that hurt," Pietro let out a string of curses in fifteen different languages as he shook his hand out.

Selene: The helicopter dodged sideways, but the fireball still managed to connect with its rear rotor, sending it into an uncontrolled spin. "Ah, dammit, I'm just too nice," Selene muttered, straining her powers as she reached out to soften the vehicle's impact with her telekinesis. assuring it wouldn't explode on the water.

Terry_Jason: "You remember Xavier's?" Jason asked the boy once Pietro deposited him. At the nod he smiled, straightening up. "Make a portal to Xavier's we'll sort all this out there." He sighed, looking up at the firefight as the portal was opened and people started going through.

Rose: "That's right bitch! Don't mess with me!" Rose flounced her hair a bit.

Toxic: Adam glared up at a helicopter as it went over. Fuck you. He concentrated, the 'copter suddenly veering as all its crew went unconscious and headed for the ground. The impact was close enough that it shook the ground as he pushed himself out. "Ooooow..."

Quicksilver: More bullets got vaporised as Pietro defended the evacuees. He was going to hurt later.

Selene: Catching movement near the waterfront, Selene turned to see more dingies pulling up at the beach and puking up soldiers. "Things are getting a little tight here," she called out. "Keep the refugees out of the line of fire and make sure we wrap this up quickly."

Surge: As the ground shook Noriko's tackle glomp got alittle bit off target and the marine's gun past her and she yelped down the com as the bullets grazed across her ribs blood spilling from it and catching one right in a rib. The Marine got a nasty shock as a thankyou present as Noriko rolled away.

Selene: Lifting a pile of debris with her powers, she sent it flying towards the enemy and forced them to take cover. A row of large parasols nearby made excellent objects for animation, the spindly umbrellas staggering towards their victims in an eerie procession.

Toxic_: "N'iko!" Adam staggered a little, seeing Noriko drop. He managed to get to her, everything aching, gloved hand over the wound. He could feel the bullet but...he forced his aching head to concentrate, closing his eyes. Stopping the bloodflow, he used the excess blood to...push out the bullet, picking it up with gloved fingers before sealing it. "Um...sorry...are you alright?"

Selene: The front row of soldiers started panicking as Selene invaded their mind. "Why are you hitting yourself," she asked with a chuckle when they started doing just that. And still there were more than she could hold back at once, the threat of getting outflanked growing with each passing minute

Selene: "Everyone alright," she asked via radio, retreating towards the last row of housings.

Surge: Noriko was trying to curl up crying in pain, but she managed to nod up at her friend, face screwed up in pain. -Notsofunnotsofunowie- " *sniffle* it hurts......"

Quicksilver: Pietro ran up beside Selene, "Time to go I think." he pulled her at speed away from the closing lines of marines.

Toxic_: Adam tapped his comm as it breathed static before Selene's voice came up. "Surge is injured." He wheezed, hoping it worked. "So am I. THey found the jet. Suggest we pack up and go, Widow?"

Selene: "Crap," Selene muttered, ducking into cover when the bullets started flying again. "Tell me got everyone." She let out a squeak when Pietro grabbed her.

Quicksilver: "Found a kid that opens portals - he's on it."

Sooraya: Sooraya decided next time she was just going to go to sand and float out of the jet rather than hitch a ride with Sean. Nevertheless both were back on the jet now. "Yes, someone said the child had opened a portal in the city center to Xavier's."

Selene: "Affirmative!" Selene had to yell over the sound of the wind as they ran at high speed. "Everyone retreat to the jet!"

Surge: Noriko squeaked a question through the pain in japanese up at adam clutched her ribs.

Toxic_: Adam scooped up Noriko easily and limped into the jet, putting her in a seat carefully. He collapsed in the co-pilot's seat, as there weren't any others, hand on his ribs as he checked his own bleeds. "...Oooow..."

Selene: "Anyone else know how to start the thing," Selene asked, sounding vaguely hopeful. "I would prefer to shield us until we're airborne."

Toxic_: "I can't speak japanese, N'iko." Adam muttered, looking around at the people they'd saved. He...really was a goddamned hero, wasn't he? He pulled off his mask and sunglasses and smiled tiredly. Go him, but being a hero hurt.

Toxic_: "Uh...the on button? At a guess..."

Quicksilver: "I can." Pietro moved to the pilot seat.

Surge: Noriko shook her head in answer and slumped back in her seat clinging to her chest and whimpering pathetically through the pain and sickness. Getting shot apparently hurts.

Selene: Looking between Adam and Pietro, Selene bit her lip. "I think we let Quicksilver handle that, okay? Not that I don't trust you with shiny buttons, but yeah... I don't trust you with shiny buttons."

Calvin: "Okay guys, I'll catch you back home." Calvin climbed into Hobes' chest and the giant robot took off into the direction of Westchester.

Quicksilver: Pietro started up the jet, "Everyone on?" he glanced behind him as he reached for the controls to close the ramp.

Toxic: "I love you too, Selene." Adam chuckled. "You know, I might just go get a pilot's licence just to spite you. I might."

Sooraya: "I really do not like flying anymore." Sooraya found herself saying again.

Quicksilver: Pietro took the silence as a yes and closed the ramp before taking off.

Surge: Noriko made a vague agreedment with Sooraya in japanese though it probably had something to do with sweets and getting shot.

Selene: Selene sat down in a chair and strapped herself in, then closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Trying to focus entirely on that one task, she channeled all her reserves into a telekinetic bubble, extending them around the plane. Hopefully that would be enough to protect them from some of the lighter fire.

Selene: "Make it quick," she muttered. "I won't be able to keep that up for long."

Quicksilver: Turning the jet in the direction of the school, Pietro focused on getting away from the island as fast as possible. "Do you know who you're talking to?"

Toxic: Adam watched as the ground dropped away, more marines piling into where the jet had been, tracer fire sliding over the greenery until the smoke began to shield it. "Island closest to heaven became island closest to hell; all that's left is what the fires tell..."

Selene: Selene chuckled, wincing slightly when she felt the bubble strained by smaller projectiles impacting, but then they were already out of reach. "Well done, everyone." She fell back in her chair and exhaled. "Keep it at full thrust, and they won't be able to catch up with us."

Quicksilver: "Not a problem," Pietro told her, "I got bored one evening and read up."

Selene: Slipping out of her seatbelt, she turned around to look at her team. "Anyone seriously injured or traumatized?"

Surge: ".....Hai?" folding over, her ribs hurt way to much considering Adam had got the bullets out and ergh sicky feeling.

Toxic: Adam tilted his head back in the co-pilot's seat, before reaching up and flicking the button that brought up the secondary thrusters, the plane gaining speed. "Not seriously." He helped control the plane, but didn't touch any buttons. "Bruised. Really bruised. Grenades are a bitch. But totally bringing more balloons next time."

Selene: "Hey, can't be too bad if you're still conscious," Selene remarked, pulled the first aid pack off the shelf to take it over to Nori and Adam. "Admit it, you only want me to nurse you guys."

Toxic: "...And have Darren kick my ass. Yes. I'm that much of a masochist." Adam laughed, despite the pain. He felt damn fucking good as he helped set the nav to the school.

Surge: Noriko just smiled over at adam, face pale before her head hit the back of the seat and she passed out from the pain and exhaustion of todays exciting lesson of how to be a hero.

Clarice: There was a flash of pink light and Clarice appeared, blunt instrument at the ready ... but the immediate area seemed to be devoid of foe ... and friend. She looked around, peering through the smoke, "Umm ... hello? Where'd everybody go ...?"
"The secondary penis slides into view. And they all lived happily ever after."
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