11/8 Instance: Don't Ask About the Dolphins

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11/8 Instance: Don't Ask About the Dolphins

Post by puppygirl » Tue Nov 08, 2011 4:54 pm

Timeline - The evening after '99 Luftballons'

Terry, a salvaged bottle of rum sitting by her, was glaring up at the night's sky as she sat in the middle of the yard at Xavier's. There seemed to be a little tent community building in the back yard, the school crowded with Genoshan refugees unsure where to go to next.

Terry was just pissed her bar burnt down.

A circle of pink light opened up just above Terry and with a cry of "Aiiiiiieeeee!" A very dirty, very soggy Clarice dropped out of it, landing right on top of the other mutant.

"SONUVABITCHWAAAAA!" There was a pink girl in her cleavage. "Heeey, early Christmas? Ugh, you smell like the sea...did Sea World send you?"

Clarice coughed and brushed some of the seaweed out of her face, "Umm ..." BOOBS! EPIC BOOBS! "Ohmygosh!" She tried to reverse and tripped over, falling on her ass, stunned by the sheer amount of boobage Image how far one of her bras would ping! "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to land on you ... in you ... yeah ... umm ... where am I?" This looked like some kind of gypsy camp?

"Xavier's. If yer from Sea World you tell them I dinn't do nothing to their dolphins. Nothing." She waggled her finger, looking disappointed as the girl scurried away. "And hey, no harm, no foul. That's what they're there for."

"Xaiver's?" She punched the air, half sitting up, "Whooo! Victory is mine-wait," she flopped back down again, "what month and year is it?"

"October 2014. On a bender then? I've been there...I wish I fell into someone's tits though." She pouted slightly. Where were all the boobs that were supposed to catch her, damnit!

She sat back up, "Victory is definetly mine!" She cheered, "Now ... what were you saying about seaworld? And I don't go on bender's, i'm buddist."

"Nevermind about seaworld. Always just wondered if they'd finally find me." Terry waved that concern away. "No benders at allll? Not even a little one?" She held out her rum. "But rum is good! You're wet, you can be like a pirate!"

"I'm a sober pirate, and I don't think I'll ever need to take a drink ever again!" Clarice coughed up some sea water and then started to try and de-ocean herself, "Sooo ... tents mean that the evacuation worked?"

"Yup, back here again." She shrugged, leaning back. "'m Terry, by the by, an' you?" She took a drink from the bottle. "Guess I'll drink me stock then, yeah?"

"Oh, umm ... Clarice," she didn't really feel like the Amazing Blink right now, "I was part of the team that ... you know ... only I got a bit carried away and they flew off," she pulled a starfish out of her hair and shuddered slightly, "Umm .... and then I had to try and find my way home, only I got a bt lost, and sperm whales arn't very good at directions."

"...heee, sperm whales."

"..." Clarice blushed, "Ohmigosh! I didn't ... I mean ..." she started to wring out her clothes, "You're a pervert!"

"You fell into my tits!"

Clarice blushed harder, "I didn't mean too ... they were just ... there, I couldn't see where my portal was going!" She sneezed.

"Hey, not complaining, just pointing out you might not be all innocence there, Pinky." She waggled a finger. "If you wanted to flal into them again I wouldn't stop you none."

Clarice looked at the boobs, then back at Terry, "... Even if I swung that way ... I think I'd nearly drown ... again."

She patted her chest. "Girls, you're just too much for anyone to handle right."

Clarice stared at the boobs again and bumshuffled backwards a bit, "... Are they sentient? Is that your mutation?"

"...dude, if my tits could talk that'd be awesome!" She shook her head though. "Nope, I'm just loud as all fuck."

Clarice spared the magnificent bosom another suspicious glance, empowered or not they were still intimidating, "Right ... so, did I miss anything?" She stuck her finger in her ear to try and work some water out and sneezed again.

"Don't think so, no. We're just crashing here until we've got a place it seems." She shrugged absently. "Thinking of opening up a bar to replace my old one while I wait."

"You had a bar?" Clarice frowned, "I'm sorry those super-mean solider's ruined your buisness ... and your ho-OHMIGOSHCRABEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Clarice squealed and flailed as her hand went to her hair again and came out with an angry looking crab.

"SPIDEROFTHESEA!" Terry had a moment of flailing as well, grabbing her pillowcase and holding it out for Clarice. "Put it in here, we'll take it to the lake!"

Clarice tossed the crab at the bag, still flailing, "The Little Mermaid lied! It LIED!"

Terry was off and running, disturbing many a camper as she charged through the yard and flung the pillowcase wide, sending the crab to the waters.

"That's what you get when you listen to girls who make deals with tentacle monsters!"

"Under the sea it's just dark and smelly and everything has big eyes that look at yoooou!" She sneezed again, "And then I got lost trying to find my way home and I think I ended up in Albania at one point! Everyone wore headscarfs and made the evil eye thingy at meeeee!" Clarice whined.

"...where the hell is Albania?"

"In europe I think, they sounded like it," she wurbled.

"Now, ya see, if you were me I'd say you'd need a drink." She came back, plopping down and finishing her rum.

"I'll be fine," another sneeze, "I just need a nap and I'll be good," she wiped her face and took a couple of deep breaths.

"Well, mi tent es su tent...whatever the word for tent is in Spanish, like hell I passed that class." She shrugged off the question of the word tent. "So, you playing the whole x-men game, eh?"

Clarce nodded, "Yeah ... well ... sorta, I was doing it before I came here though," she shivered and rubbed her arms, it was colder here than the subtropics after all."

She gave Clarice a bit of a funny look at that. "Screw loose or s'mthin? Runnin' round playing superhero and no drinks? That's definitely not fer me."

"It's ... it's um, a religious thing?" Clarice hazarded.

"Ya, I make a bad 'nough Catholic." She snorted. "And we have booze as a part of the service."

"Well ... the universe has given me these powers to make the world a better place ... so that's what I'm gonna do," she shuddered, "Umm ... have you got a blanket?" She sneezed again.

"Sure thing." She rummaged through the tent, tossing out one of the blankets that had been provided. "Knock yourself out."

Clarice wrapped herself up in the blanket and snuggled down, yawning again, "Umm ... if I just ... if I have a nap you won't ... won't like molest me or anything?" She shot Terry a wary look.

"Hell no! I've got too many people I don't hafta molest to ever get on the list of people I'd like to. I am a busy woman, Pinky!"

Clarice gave a small smile as she watch Terry lounging back with her wine bottle, "Yeah, I can see that ... I'll try not to fish out the whole camp while I nap," she sneezed again, "Nighty night."

"Eh, they'll pro'lly think it's me, no worries." She waved the question of fishy smells away. "Night, Pinky."
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