11/12 Game: Dwibblin Bwains

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11/12 Game: Dwibblin Bwains

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sat Nov 12, 2011 11:58 pm

timeline: Friday, October 10th

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul frowned as the occupants of the room started to rustle around as Professor Xavier made his way outside. "Well...I guess that all isn't any different than what we were guessing, huh?"

Sue: "It's some how worse now that it's official... because that says they have no idea what to do with them."

Max: "Sorry," Max said as a mutant mumbled something angry because Max's quills poked him. Wasn't his fault, the stupid guy didn't look where he was going, max thought. "Sorry," he repeated and joined the rest of the Xavier students.

Jay: Jay had his arms folded over the back of the chair, his wings slumped and head on a forearm. "Ah cain't believe dis..." He muttered after yet another dirty look was sent his way. Didn't matter that he wasn't psychic, that he couldn't see the future, he'd sent them there.

Melati: Melati dug her hands into the pockets of her pants and turned to face the other assembled mutants, most of which she didn't know at all. "Well, all I wanted to know whether I'm included in that amnesty from unjust prosecution, so I won't complain for now."

Melati: She paused, a frown showing on her face. "Crap! I meant to ask him about that room!"

Max: Max looked up at the yelling green girl. "Room?" he asked.

Noriko: Noriko had been wandering about the place half listening to the speech but otherwise more interested in *all* the other mutants before spotting jay and squirming her way over to him. "Hey Jay!"

Melati: "Yeah, secluded space consisting of four walls and a roof. Mostly." Melati returned the look of the human porcupine.

Sue: "You don't have a room yet?" Sue asked Melati.

Marrina: Marrina spotted Sue and was quickly next to her. "H..hey."

Jay: Jay looked up at the Japanese accent. "Hey Noriko." He smiled tiredly. "Y'all okay dere?"

Melati: "Nope," Melati replied, looking at Sue. "Apparently the place is kinda booked at the moment."

Max: "Oh, you mean dorm room...thought you were talking about another room." Max said, trying not to make eye contact. This chick looked dangerous.

Noriko: "Yeah in pain and alittle jumpy from crowds but other wise good.... what about you?" Rubbing her still healing ribs.

Sue: "Aww that's not good... Hey Marrina," she smiled at her roomie. "Think we can find room for Melati if Xavier can't?"

Jean-Paul: "...do you have anything against a bed that has been stabbed because I know where you can get one." Jean-Paul offered. "I don't know what happened to the bedding though, I think it was scavenged. We can just slide the bed on into another room anyway."

Melati: "Eh, could be worse." Melati shrugged. "The couch is pretty comfy. Really close to the fridge, too. And usually I'm first in line to hog the TV set. Just sucks to have people wandering through your bedroom."

Marrina: "Uhmm yeah sure. I don't mind. You gotta help put up more decorations then for your own flair." She smiled.

Jay: "Eh..." Jay shrugged, stretching his back and his wings flaring out once he had the room, the metal 'feathers' hissing as the false wing stretched. "...Ah've been better, if Ah'm honest, an' Ah need a smoke." He let his eyes wander around the room for a moment, guilt flashing over his features.

Sue: "Yeah I can imagine... but you're welcome to share with us if that all gets tedious, we're pretty well behaved."

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul glanced over to Jay, trying to catch his eye. This whole Genosha event was definitely going to have to be something they talked about soon but he didn't really want to breech the conversation here.

Melati: She gave Jean-Paul a thoughtful look, then nodded. "Sure, sounds good to me," she replied. "Believe me, I've slept on worse."

Max: "Are you a student or a refugee?" Max asked Melati. Oh god, why did I open my mouth, she's going to look at me with those eyes.... those almost reptile eyes.

Marrina: "Student aren't you?" Marrina asked as well.

Noriko: "I just wish there wasn't so many people, I keep getting my ribs knocked, its by accident obviously but still owie." Scratching through the needing to be dyed again hair.

Jay: Jay spotted JP, giving him a half-shrug and an apologetic almost-smile. "Hey ami...y'all good dere?"

Sue: Sue nodded at Marrina, "Mmhmm, she's a student, remember the tank?"

Jean-Paul: "Yeah, yeah I'm good." He nodded. "How about you?"

Marrina: "Tank?!?" She looked over at Melati.

Melati: "As far as I know, both and neither." Melati took a hand from her pocket to scratch the side of her head. "Technically a refugee from the law, even though not related to those island dwellers. And there are some things that need to be settled at home before I get to sign up as a student."

Sue: Sue giggled, "I'm sure I told you about that."

Melati: "So, right now I'm just kinda here and improve the value of the place through my sheer awesomeness." Melati smirked and nodded affirmatively.

Jean-Paul: "I am so, so pissed I didn't get to go on the tank mission. Seriously, where was I for the tank?"

Max: Max glanced over to the other girl he didn't know. Marrina something. Black eyes. Like....like DOLL'S EYES.

Sue: Sue laughed at Melati, "I can believe that."

Melati: "Ah, don't feel bad about it," Mel assured Jean-Paul. "I can steal another one just for you."

Marrina: Marrina giggled a little. "That's what Johnny thinks he's here for so don't tell him."

Jean-Paul: "Aww, you'd do that?" He snorted, grinning. "I'll help you probably if it's anything like last time."

Jay: Jay tucked his remaining wing around Noriko to protect her from the crowd and listened for a couple of moments. "...Tank. Damnit! Ah need t' mope less."

Jean-Paul: "Moping helps nobody." He assured Jay, reaching up and ruffling what feathers he could reach.

Noriko: Noriko turned from her crowd starring to notice 2 of her other freshman friends and gave a small wave before rubbing her ribs once again from the ache, doc said she shouldn't have been out of bed that fast. "Hey Marrina!, Hey Sue!"

Sue: "Hey Noriko," Sue gave her a smile, "Nice to see you up and about."

Noriko: "It's good to be up and about, doctor seems to think I may have developed like healing mutation which would be epic, because of how fast I keep healing! how awesome is that?!"

Jay: That earned him a stuck out tongue. "Ah like mopin'. Fits d' whole angel image. Y' know, sorrow for d' state of Man, contemplatin' fallin', dat kinda emo wankshit."

Marrina: "Hi Noriko! How are you feelin?"

Max: "Okay, this is way too crowded for my taste," Max said as he walked away. Why were there so many people in just the lecture hall?!

Melati: "It's no big deal, really." Melati told Jean-Paul and the others. "Taking things you're not supposed to have isn't that hard once you've got the hang of it. The secret is not giving a shit."

Sue: "That's great, Noriko," she smiled at her again.

Jean-Paul: "Yeaaaah, you're no angel, Jay. I lived with you. I know." He laughed at Melati's statement though. "Well, I'm not one for stealing, actually. I've had enough of that and it's all ready bit me in the ass."

Noriko: "I'm good Marrina still a little sore though what about you?" Finding a chair arm to perch on.

Max: A few minutes later Max shuffled back into the lecture hall, rejoining the group. "Rec room is twice as packed. Everyone's watching CSI:Miami in there."

Jay: "Dunno, depends what kinda angel y're talkin' about. Ah got a tiny Japanese pen pal who's convinced Ah'm a higher bein'." Jay chuckled a little, glad for the distraction. "Y' know what she calls me? 'Tenshi Jay'. 'Cause dey have dere las' names firs' an' den first names, and she t'inks Ah'm Jay Angel. Ain't dat adorable?"

Noriko: "Awwwww that is really cute! where's your pen pal live?" doing d'awww face at the idea of teeny pen pal.

Marrina: "I'm okay... but this is a little off putting." She looked around at the crowds and moved closer to Sue.

Melati: She turned to give the newcomers a curious look. "Holy peacock, those are some awesome wings." Melati watched them over the rim of her shades, arching her eyebrows at the couple. "They even come with their own cute Asian girl. Hey there, you two." She put on a wry smile.

Sue: Sue glanced at Marrina and gave her a reassuring smile.

Jean-Paul: "Jay, Jay, you shouldn't puff your feathers to trick the gullible." He teased his friend, snorting at the d'awing and the holy peacock. "...I think we have a new codename for you, Jay."

Jay: "Roun' Tokyo way, Ah think. She was dere for d'...Sakura festival? Can never remember d' name, but a lot of people figured me for some kinda spirit..." Jay looked at his metal wing. "Ah had two red ones den." He heard the lizard chick and grinned easily. He could guilt later. "Bonjou fii. Name's Jay. Merci for d' compliment, though y'll hafta thank Darren an' Selene for d' metal one."

Jay: "...No. Ah am no peacock."

Jean-Paul: "But you're so pretty and it has 'cock' in it."

Max: Max snickered at the cock joke.

Noriko: Noriko giggled at Melati. "Nah I come with the school, sooooo not to be rube but are you like sorta... half reptile?" Looking weirdly hopeful at the strange girl with the intimidating eyes, before smiling at Jay. "Cool so she might live near me."

Sue: Sue giggled at JP.

Marrina: Marrina smiled back at Sue and bit her lip. "Th..there's really a lot of them."

Jay: Jay gave JP a steady look. "Ami, Darren gets t' call me cockatiel. Dat's as far as it goes. And Ah ain' pretty, Ah'm a southern boy wit' a hick accent an' too many scars."

Jay: As if for emphasis, he scratched his scarred chest absently.

Sue: She nodded to Marrina, "Yeah... but lucky for you, your roommate can turn you invisible if you get shy."

Jean-Paul: "Well if you're going to compare yourself to me, yeah, you'll lose." He gave Jay a chuckle. "But hey, some people have that kink, rock it."

Jay: "Waaaaay ahead of y'all dere, JP. Way ahead of it."

Marrina: Marrina smiled a little more. "You're awesome Sue."

Melati: "Name's Melati, or just Mel when you're in a hurry." She gave Jay and his wings an appraising look and cracked a grin. "That metal one is pretty ripper. Hey, I remember that Darren dude. He's the one who stopped Lizze. Makes for a pretty good roadblock, too."

Sue: "Awww why can't you ever say these things when Johnny's around so I can rub it in his face?"

Jean-Paul: "Lizzie?"

Melati: "My tank," Mel clarified. "Her name is Lizzie. Or Big Liz."

Jay: He glanced at JP then. "Did y' know wing roots make for epic handles, ami?" With a dirty grin, his gold eyes flicked back to the lizard and he laughed. "Yeah...he's pretty awesome like dat. Kinda...solid."

Noriko: "Melati? interesting name, I'm Noriko." Smiling back at the girl. "Jay Jay has totally awesome wings... You have your own tank?! Thats so cool!!"

Sue: "Tanks are loud." Sue contributed to the conversation.

Melati: "Not legally, anyway," Melati admitted and bit her lip.

Jean-Paul: "You named the tank!" Jean-Paul approved of this very much. "And I can imagine they're great handles. Though I'd imagine that could end messy, too."

Jay: "If dey grip too hard or Ah forget myself an' drop d' metal wing out, oui..."

Noriko: "Yeah but tank!" squeaking slightly between exclamations in japanese of a reptile girl *with a tank!*

Melati: "Nice to meet you, Noriko." She smiled at the Asian girl. "You're from Japan?" Melati laughed. "Yeah, I know she's being taken good care of while I'm not home, and maybe one day I can actually buy her."

Marrina: "Remind me next time he's around." She bumped Sue playfully.

Sue: Sue laughed, "Oh I will I promise."

Noriko: "Yep all the way from Tokyo, oooooo if you do buy her can I have a ride? please please?!" bouncing a little at Melati.

Jean-Paul: "We all demand tank rides and possibly standing in front of it defiantly."

Max: Max was way out of his league between the bunch of people around him. A sudden thought occurred and he started wondering what Penny was up to.

Melati: Melati flashed them all a toothy grin. "Why not? Free tank rides for everyone!" She laughed. "Though please note I would accept donations in alcohol and other payments in kind."

Jean-Paul: "...not during the tank ride, right?"

Sue: "I'd offer to pay you alcohol but I can't legally buy any here til April."

Melati: "No, I don't drink and drive," she assured Jean-Paul. "Only before and after."

Marrina: "I...uhmm can't get it for a while..."

Jean-Paul: That earned a good laugh. "Don't want to spill it, eh?"

Max: Max shuffled back out of the lecture hall. bumping into a couple of refugees by accident at the door. "'Scuse me." he said before slipping out of the place.

Sue: Sue laughed at Melati, "You're awful!"

Jay: "Ah dunno, drinkin' and drivin' in a tank would be kinda awesome...wait a sec. Sorry, dat was Darren speakin'."

Jay: Jay watched as Noriko winced badly and muttered about 'getting healy kisses' before going bright red and shuffling out. Heh. Cute.

Marrina: "I can uhmm... well I can't do much that's helpful." She frowned.

Danny: Danny stumbled into the room and looked around for Sue. He needed to not go running for so long. When you run a great distance, you tend to forget you also have to run back to where you started. Thankfully he showered.

Clarice: "-CHOOOOOOOOOOO!" A portal opened and Clarice tumbled backwards out of it, in her pjs, fluffy slippers, dressing gown and her kermit doll in her arms, as well as a box of tissues, ".... Huh?" She peered around the group blearily.

Sue: "You can do plenty." Sue assured Marrina.

Jean-Paul: "Hey!" Jean-Paul greeted his best friend, taking in her current appearance and chuckling. "A bit surprised to be here?"

Melati: "Yeah, spillage and dropped cans can get annoying. That's why Lizzie got that keg-mount installed." Melati nodded knowingly, turning to Sue and Marrina. "And don't worry about getting booze. As I've said, any kind of donation is more than welcome."

Marrina: Marrina jumped behind Sue quickly at the sound.

Clarice: "... I bas gobing to be bathwoom ..." she sniffled.

Danny: Danny slid to Sue's side and smiled. "Hello, hello." He winked.

Jean-Paul: "I think you missed."

Sue: "Would british chocolate be a suitable substitute for boo- Heeeey!" she hugged Danny.

Jay: That made Jay jump, his flaring wings knocking a couple of people back as he half-stood. "...Clarice?" He hazarded. God, so many new kids, and he'd been trying to help Lorna with them as well. "Y'all got a cold, ami?"

Marrina: Marrina eeped at his appearance too and moved away slowly.

Clarice: Clarice blew her nose and wiped her eyes, "I baught a bold," she nodded, "Sowwy, biddn't bean to startle benyone ..."

Rubin: A foreboding shadow appeared at the doorway. The shadow ducked slightly as he came through said doorway. The foreboding clung like a hangover. Rubin was wearing his darkest pair of Lennon glasses. He didn't even need to say sorry or excuse me, people just parted to make way for him to pass.

Rubin: Rubin stopped next to Melati, "My lighter." he asked, "Have you seen it?"

Melati: "Eh, is anyone else seeing pink pixie girls, or should I worry about that one box of cookies I nicked from the fridge earlier." Melati gave the teleporting germ factory a wide eyed look.

Sue: "Oh that's just Clarice." Sue assured Melati.

Jean-Paul: "Yes, yes, we're certain you're bery bery thorry." He patted the seat beshide him. "You might as well have a seat before you try to port or walk back upstairs."

Danny: Danny looked around. "What's going on again?" He asked, unsure of who to listen to first. "Oh! The Elephant Man is here!"

Sue: "Apparently the refugees are going to be here for a while," Sue filled Danny in, "So it's going to be crowded..."

Rubin: Rubin winced, then looked down at the white kid who spoke with a chinese accent. "Big ears, big hangover, speak softer."

Clarice_: Clarice waved at Rubin as he appeared and covered he mouth with a tissue as she sneezed.

Danny: "Oh... well how hospitable of Xavier Academy to take them in... will they be here long?" He looked at some of the mutants in the immediate area, a few of them looked like rogues, if he were to be honest.

Jean-Paul: "Yeah, Xavier was just saying they're here until we find a home for them."

Sue: "So yes... they will be here long."

Jean-Paul: "So there's not exactly some kind of timeline for it."

Danny: "My apologies." He said to the Elephant-Man and bowed a precise 30 degree angel towards him.

Melati: "Ah, okay then. Hi, Clarice." Melati gave the pink girl in the gown and slippers a casual salute, leaning towards Rubin. "Hey there, Dumbo. And yes, I've seen it."

Marrina: Marrina was starting to panic a little with all the new people. Especially the really big guy.

Sue: Sue glanced around for Marrina and slipped away from Danny to go and check if she was alright. "You okay?"

Rubin: Rubin looked back towards Melati, "Let me try again. Have you seen it lately? No, rephrase. Do you know where it is?"

Clarice_: "Good bight last bight then?" Clarice asked Rubin, then waved back, "Bi, bare you Bel then?"

Jean-Paul: "I don't know about you all but I heard her say bare. Is that some kind of invitation?" No, he couldn't pass up teasing his friend.

Rubin: "Too good, according to the throbbing in my head." Rubin answered the sickly Clarice.

Marrina: "N...no." She backed away from everyone, trying to hid from them all.

Sue: Sue took Marrina's hand and gave it aa squeeze, "Want me to make you invisible for a little while?"

Clarice_: "Boooooooooh!" Clarice whined and threw her tissue at him, "Bake pity bon me, bi bas left behind bin a barezone."

Melati: "Let me think..." A frown furrowed her brow, before she raised a hand to waggle a finger. "The last time I saw it.... was when you had it to light that blunt."

Rubin: Rubin almost didn't hear Melati's answer. He just stared at the sickly one. "What did you just call my mother?"

Clarice_: "Bot?" Clarice blinked her big green eyes, that seemed a little duller than usual.

Danny: Danny found a yo-yo in his pocket and immediately began to play with it. A younger mutant with a third eye on her forehead was immediately entranced. Danny smiled and showed her some of his fancy tricks.

Marrina: "I... I dunno." She looked around at everyone suspecting the worse from any of them.

Danny: He created a tangle of web and had the yo-yo still spinning speedily at the end, swinging between his two thumbs. "Cat's cradle... sort of." Then he twisted his right hand and it all zipped back.

Sue: Sue gave Marrina a hug instead, "Come on, you're fine I promise."

Danny: She clapped gleefully and he gave her the yo-yo, patting her on the head (but being sure to not touch that creepy third eye.)

Rubin: "Clarice, right? Clarice, find a mutant that heals people, there's gotta be one somewhere in this mansion, especially now, because I can not understand a word you're saying."

Marrina: Marrina shook her hand trying to get to the back corner where no one was.

Clarice_: "Bits bust a bold boght," she insisted, "Bi'll be bine bin a beek bor boh."

Rubin: Rubin went back to trying to remember where exactly he lit his joint. "Mel, when I lit the joint, was it under the tree or on the patio, or near the garage. Or in the kitchen? Tv room? Dining room? Gym room? Give me a clue?"

Melati: Melati looked Clarice up and down with a curious expression on her face. "So, she's pink, can teleport, and is oozing snot at the moment, and we're not trying to see how many epidemics we can start before she gets better again?" She folded her arms. "Come on, I can't think of everything here, can I?"

Sue: "Marrina... no one's going to hurt you..." Sue said gently, "Do you want to go outside or something?" She let her out of the hug but took her hand again.

Marrina: Marrina shook her head yes and hugged Sue tightly.

Jean-Paul: "As much as I'm sure Clarice being germ warfare would be fun I don't really think she'd appreciate it too much, would you little buddy?" He asked, reaching up and ruffling his friend's hair.

Danny: "Sir, may I bother you with a small request?" He asked the large elephant-resembling mutant. "I have a exorbitant amount of healing spices and potentially dubious herbs. I brought them with me, and I expected to need them. I don't. Would you by any chance care to take them of my hands?"

Clarice_: "Boooooh! Bat bould be mean, bet lotsa bad kawma bor be," she sneezed, nodding at Jean-Paul.

Melati: She turned to the large elephant mutant and looked up at him with a frown. "We were... someplace with pillows," she said. "I remember a lava lamp."

Rubin: "Rubin looked over to the Whitanese dude, "Wouldn't she need it more?" he asked him, thumbing towards Clarice.

Sue: Sue made Marrina invisible and headed back through the crowds with her, "Let me just tell Danny I'm taking you out so he knows where I am."

Clarice_: "Bi bon't bake gweenewy brom stwangews," she piped up quickly.

Marrina: Marrina squeezed her hand tighter.

Danny: "I was in fact wondering if she would be the one in need of them, but I get the... impression that you are more fit to handle the ingredients." He looked to the Clarice. "I have them in my room if you need them. I am assured of the quality."

Clarice_: "Bi wiligion fowbids ber use of nawcotics," she managed a haughty sniffle.

Sue: Sue put a hand on Danny's shoulder to get his attention, "I need to take Marrina outside for a while so if you need me that's where I am."

Melati: "We can test the quality of them, if there are any doubts," Melati spoke up, stuffing her hands back into her pockets.

Rubin: "Mel, that narrows it down to that geek lair place, or... that other place. Thanks."

Melati: "And I thought you were the guy with the elephant brain here," she commented, shaking her head. "You're welcome, anyway."

Clarice_: Clarice blew her nose again and stuffed the tissue into her pocket, "... Bi beel bike my bwain is dwibblin bout bove my eaws ..." she whimpered.

Jean-Paul: "Other place?" He couldn't help but be a bit curious as to why it was being said in that way. "Which place is that?"

Rubin: "I remember tons of stuff... it just gets a little jumbled when I have to remember stuff when I used... ahem... my medicinal herbs."

Rubin: "No place, no other place." Rubin quickly said, trying to cover his tracks.

Danny: Danny nodded. "You do what you have to." He said with a nod and kissed her on the cheek good-bye.

Jean-Paul: "..okay then." That waas a bit weird. "So who else is half tempted to start a stockpile of food in their rooms just in case?"

Melati: "I believe she's saying something about missing her brains," Melati told the others and leaned forward to take a closer look at Clarice. "Nah, no leakage to be seen. I think she just needs a strong grog. With extra rum."

Danny: At that, he turned back to the younger mutant with the third eye and pulled out a second yo-yo. "Want to learn how to do some o the tricks?" He asked, noticing she had the string tied around three of her fingers (on two different hands).

Danny: She nodded quietly and he smiled brightly to her and bent down to show her how he did the tricks.

Sue: Sue smiled at Danny and turned to leave with Marrina, "Okay, fresh air here we come." she gave Marrina's hand another gentle squeeze.

Melati: "In fact, I should have one, too," Mel added, sniffing as she rubbed a finger underneath her nose. "Just in case I caught something from her."

Clarice_: "Bi bon't dwink!" She blew her nose, "Bi bo be beed bo stockbile fwood?"

Rubin: "Why are you sniffing your finger?" Rubin asked Mel.

Jean-Paul: "Because the place is overrun and we have to feed everyone." He looked over to Clarice sadly. "Someone stole my pie. It was a tragedy."

Rubin: "That's so sad." Rubin said with sincere emotion.

Melati: "Yep, it's as I feared," Mel announced, leaning back after inspecting Clarice. "She's turning into a robot."

Clarice_: "Be bould be billin' bo give bothers- ... bot?" She gave Mel a worried look.

Danny: "Which pie was that, again?" Danny asked innocently.

Jean-Paul: "It wasn't you." He waved his hand dismissively. "Not to worry. I saw who did it...at least she seemed to enjoy it."

Jean-Paul: "And I'm perfectly willing to share...but I need to keep up a pretty high intake, too. I think it's definitely time I have a stockpile under my bed."

Rubin: "Hmm...same here." Rubin thought out loud.

Danny: He nodded with a sigh of relief. "I know Susan and I split a pumpkin pie the other day, I was concerned for a moment we had stolen it from you. I am no thief, and trust me, if I had indeed accidentally taken it you would be immediately compensated for your loss."

Clarice_: "Bawiy nuff," she conceded.

Melati: "I'm afraid I don't understand beeping and booping," Melait told Clarice. "Maybe we can get that robot lady in the basement to translate for you."

Jean-Paul: "I think she said she has had enough brains. I guess they quit leaking."

Rubin: "What we need is a mutant with language powers."

Jean-Paul: "We have one. He stays in his room all the time and plays video games."

Clarice_: "... Boh ... bowwy," Clarice appologised, she blew her nose and looked down at her fluffy slippers, "Umm ... I bink ... bi'll bust go bwack bo bed ...." she sniffled again.

Melati: "Fair enough," Mel remarked, giving a casual shrug before turning to Jean-Paul. "So I'm not the only one with a ravenous appetite here? Good to know."

Jean-Paul: "You don't have to go back to bed, we're just teasing you some...though you probably do need your rest."

Rubin: "Yup, there's a lot of people with a healthy appetite." Rubin said patting his big belly.

Jean-Paul: "Oh no, there's a lot of us. If my sister ever growls at you when you're trying to get bread I apologize...sometimes she just does that."

Clarice__: Clarice nodded, "Bi bon't beel bo good," she confessed, "bi'll bee boo bater ..." she started to shuffle off back towards the girls wing.

Jean-Paul: He frowned after her. "Aw, now that's just sad."

Melati: "Well, at least she isn't teleporting this time," Melati remarked, watching Clarice leave. "She does seem to lack a bit of aim with that."

Jean-Paul: "Yeah, I guess if you sneeze hard enough you pop different pieces. I've surged forward a bit too far when I've done it."

Melati: Now I want to snort some pepper and see if I end up in Narnia," Melati replied.

Jean-Paul: "I think you have to snort something else if you want to see a bunch of talking animals."

Rubin: "Hello, I'm an elephant and she's a lizard." Rubin told Jean-Paul

Jean-Paul: "But you're not actually animals." He pointed out. "Either that or the circus is getting way more interactive."

Rubin: "You leave my clown daddy out of this."

Melati: Melati looked around the room and at the people lounging about. "You're right, this place is way more out there than Narnia could ever be."

Rubin: "Yeah... well, I'm off to... um, do something that's not illegal. Mel, you know where to find me if you need me." Rubin said as he already started to walk.

Melati: She swayed back and forth on the soles of her boots, hand in her pockets, and looked from one person to the next. "So, are we supposed to do anything about all these squatters," she asked. "I remember the bossman mentioning something about pitching tents and soup kitchens."

Melati: "Hey, don't just run off like that," Melati called after Rubin. "I'm pretty sure that trunk of yours has already been scheduled for shower duty. And if not, I say we must do that anyway."

Rubin: Rubin turned, "Want to shower under me?" he asked.

Melati: "Eh, let me get back at you about that," she replied and thumbed over her shoulder. "Think I'll go find that fabled mattress with Jean-Paul first."

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