11/23 Instance: The Parent Trap?

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11/23 Instance: The Parent Trap?

Post by puppygirl » Wed Nov 23, 2011 10:01 pm

Timeline - Current

Clarice peered into her trash can and pulled a face, seriously ... how many tissues? "Hey 'Riko?" she called over to her roomie, "I'm gonna take the trash down, you want me to take yours?"

Noriko looked up from her studying, homework done se was trying not to draw hearts on her notebook and get some work done. "I'll bring mine with yours, can't concentrate anyway..."

Oh ... well she'd been planning on blinking down but hey, company is always good! "Okay, trash day tomorrow anyways," Clarice tied up the bag in the can and picked it up, "So's how come you can't concentrate? I haven't given you my cold have I?" Clarice worried.

Books closed she shoved the remenants of her last few sweet packets into the bin and tied it up. "Thinking about Ankka..." Blushing as she grabbed the bag and went to get the door for them.

"Awwwww," Clarice teased, "what you been thinking about him?" Clarice asked as she started to make her way down the hall.

Skipping alittle to keep up with her long legged friend she giggled. "He took me on a date the other day to a nice restuarant, we aren't going out yet but... " Trailing off into a very happy look.

"How can you be going out but not dating? That sounds kinda like a date to me, huh?" Clarice poked her tounge out at Noriko before they reached the stairs. She did a quick check too see if any teachers were in the vercinity before swinging her leg over the banister and sliding down, "Wheeeeeeeeeee!"

Giggling Noriko followed suit sqeeiling happily as she slid down after Blink clutching the bag. "We aren't going out *yet* just dating!"

"But arn't they the same thing?" Clarice pondered as she lead the way to the school dumpster.

"Well no." Looking alittle confused. "We're going out on dates to like make sure we want to take it a step further to being boyfriend and girlfriend, Ankka's being very understanding about all this." Starting to goose step along after her.

... That sounded needlessly complicated to Clarice, after all, agreeing to date a guy wasn't like ... entering and binding contract or anything was it? It didn't work out, you dumped him ... maybe it was just some weird Japanese thing, like the toilets. She tossed her bag into the dumpster, "Oookay, well whatever works for you, can you manage here?"

Hefting the bag she swung it into the dumpster. "Yep I got it! Well I want to make this work properly so I'm being careful this time after the damn apocalpse that was my last boyfriend, I could've save much more time if I'd got to know him properly first."

"Ahhhh ... I guess that's a fair enough point," Clarice nodded, "okay, let's go wash our hands in the kitchen."

"Ok then, hey after that shall we get back to making somemore of the arm bands and finding more fun club stuff to do? We need to adventure more!" She could get used to it here, with alittle more time, but she had best friends like Clarice to help.

"I think we should try dancing next," Clarice nodded, "all the different kinds of dancing! See if there's any we like," she shouldered open the kitchen door and went over to the sink, "Oh hey, post has arrived, have your parents sent anything more for you?" She indicated the pile of letters and packages that had been left on the table.

"Don't know I'll check in a second." Washing and drying her hands first she fished through the letters and packages. "Oooo a package from AMsuki! and yep letters from my and dad awesome! Though why they just can't learn to write emails is beyond me."

Spotting another familiar name amongst the post she picked it up and gave it a check over. "Hey Clarice? this ones for you?"

Clarice paused and frowned as she dryed her hands on a towel, turning to look at her friend over her shoulder, "Huh? But ... I don't have anyone who'd be sending me letters ..." she moved over to the table and picked up the enverlope and studied it, plain white with a typed name and address, and it was indeed to her.

"... Gosh, I hope it isn't the fostering system still after me ..." she couldn't help but grin a little, "But this is exciting ... I never got a letter before!"

"Well open it then! maybe you like randomly won something...oooo what if its like a fan or something!? openitopenit!" Bouncing alittle as she checked the letter from her parents smiling happily at the good news.

Clarice tore open the letter and pulled out the single sheet of paper, opening it she very carefully read it, her lips moving as she did so and as she did so the energy seemed to drain of of her and she just stared at it once she was done.

Noriko put the letter from her parents away and looked up to her friend. "So who's it fr- Clarice are you ok? Whats wrong bad news?"

"It's ... I think it's from someone ... they say they reprisent my parents ..." Clarice said, sounding a little stunned.

"Wait I thought you lost your parents like years and years ago? Have they found you again then?" Face going between concerned and happy for her friend.

"I haven't heard from them since I was like ... nine, after I transfered out of state ... it says they wanna ... they wanna meet with me at this resturant ..."

"What just meet up randomly?" Nose screwing up she hummed to herself. "You want me to come with just incase? When my friend Masuki met her parents for the first time there was lots of letters first not just a meet up."

"Yeah ... there's like a date and a ... a time and stuff and ..." Clarice hugged the letter to her chest and closed her eyes, after so long had it finally paid off, had karma paid her back, "I ... I dunno, maybe ... I ... I gotta think about this it's just ... a shock you know?"

"Yeah I bet...." Not seeing someone for *years* then suddenly a meet up? definetely a shock. "Shall we go back to the room so you can think? and if you do wanna go I'll follow incase you need someone else there yeah?" Full of concern now for her pink friend.

"Yeah ... yeah I need to think I think, that's a good idea ..." Claice nodded, looking a little stunned, though doubtlessly once the shock had worn off the squee would set in.

Grabbing her own stuff, she nabbed some chocolate biscuits from the cupboard and gently led her friend back upstairs. "Well seeing your parents again, even with the shock is a good thing right?"

Clarice smiled a little and squeezed her arms around the letter she was hugging, yeah, it definetly was!
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