11/26 Game: An Offer you can't Refuse

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11/26 Game: An Offer you can't Refuse

Post by Starfish » Sat Nov 26, 2011 11:10 pm

Timeline: October 26th

Curt: Curt revealed his brown lunch bag from under his coat and began searching for the right tree. None of them, the few that were in the yard, seemed suitable. He needed a large tree, high enough, but not lackign in limbs so that it would blow around in the wind.

Noriko: Noriko was out with sweets and bag, having found a comfortable tree already to sit under and scribble down some more lyrics. Thank the gods for best friends and the mail.

Curt: He stepped slowl around the yard, inspecting the trees and acknowleging the few refugees who had joined them with a brief nod to their direction.

Sue: Sue leaned against the wall on the patio, hands wrapped around a fresh mug of tea. She was glad she'd taken to keeping her stash in her room and that her parents kept sending care packages.

Selene: "This lawn definitely was not made with a whole campsite in mind," Selene said, the strings and hooks of the large tent moving around by her telekinesis as she tried to get them to stick to the ground.

Doug: Doug looked up at the sky and felt the wind. "Whoa... so this is outside." He'd been off in his own little world for a while, writing code, writing papers, doing homework, working on proposals, studying both for school and for his own interest. It was almost an accident he was outside. "Nifty."

Sue: Sue looked over at the voice, "... What?" she gave the guy a confused look.

Curt: Curt found the right tree and smiled. He took the small jar out of the brown paper bag and unscrewed the top. Reaching in, he picked up a small leaf which had a tiny yellow caterpillar on it. He put the jar down and reached into his pocket to get his voice recorder.

Doug: Doug pointed. "New person!" Wow, he was out of it. What was her name again? Susie? Susan? Suzy... Q? Wow he could use a Suzy Q... "Hi! Look, a sun..." He should get out more, obviously.

Curt: (His spare hand was attached, he had known fully he would need his faux hand today.) He clicked record and said: "Specimen 014 is ready for re-introduction. The likelihood that he will destroy the tree was probably about .4%, he would need his buddies which were in the lab to do more damage than that.

Sue: "Uh yeah... new... kind of... I'm Susan Storm - Johnny's older sister." she removed one hand from her mug and held it out to shake.

Selene: Selene let out a muttered curse and yanked on the string of the tent, nearly getting the whole thing to tip over. "I'm that close to paying the hotel bill for the whole lot of them."

Doug: He shook it. "I'm Doug... Ramsey. Yeah I did not just totally almost forget my own last name." Yeah he did. Should totally associate more with people! Totally! "OHhhhhHhhh Flameboy! Yeah I've met him!" Thank goodness he had a point of reference! "He's associated with bendyguy right?"

Noriko: Noriko looked up and noticed people, ooooo people she knew. "Hey Sue! hey Curt!" Giving a friendly wave as she scribbled some more stuff.

Curt: "Specimen is also ready for coccoon stage, stage 3 to be exact. The pupa will be an incredibly hard shell, or should be if my hypothesis is correct. This is going to be the first chrysalis for this species in the wild in over 20 years." He paused then said, "should it work." He put the leaf to the tree,

Curt: and the caterpillar crawled off and onto the bark. "Tah-dah!" He watched it wiggle its way up, out of sight, and into the leaves.

Sue: "Bendy guy? Um... no idea....."

Curt: He felt a chill from the wind and tightened his hoody. "Jeez... I should've really had those little guys ready for two weeks ago." He turned to Noriko and waved. "Hey!" He walked towards her and smiled as he put his one hand-glove on.

Doug: "That's okay, I can't even begin to remember what bendy guy's name is right now. So might have just been that day." He shrugged. "I'm still reconnecting to the world. I've been in lalaland for a while. Computer stuff. I think the chair almost got attached to my butt... bum. You would probably say bum. It was almost attached. I should remember the real world once in a while!"

Sue: "The real world is nice. It has tea." she held up her mug as an example.

Selene: "I'm surprised you didn't notice the sharp decline in Internet bandwidth since we've got this refugee influx," Selene commented, leaving the tent alone for now to join the others around Doug. "It feels like every single one of them brought their laptop to leech off our line."

Noriko: "And sweets" Vaguely offering her bag to everyone. "How you doing curt? you releasing that little bug then?" curiously tilting her head at him.

Curt: "Yeah, that's Number 3, or Mushishi. He's the only one to have any zest for survival outside of captivity." He shrugged. "We'll see."

Doug: "I don't need bandwidth." he shrugged. "I only need my computer and time." He smiled.

Sue: Sue sipped her tea and turned back to look out over the lawn again.

Noriko: "Mushishi, interesting name, well hopefully he shall survive and then you can have a pretty butterfly!" Encouraging smile over her notes.

Curt: Curt waved to one of the refugees who he had met a few weeks ago. She was about his age, cute with pink glasses, and a mutant ability to memorize, catalogue, and instantly recall any information ever set before her. She was, in essence, a massive encyclopedia.

Curt: Curt was turned on from the moment he met her, and Johnny (despite his best efforts) hadn't gotten Curt to say more than two words to her.

Clarice: Clarice held her parents hands tightly as they walked through the corridor, grinning at her new 'Uncle' "So that's like the rec-room where we like ... like to hand out and stuff and out here is the yard and all the poor homeless people we're looking after ... and some of my friends! You can meet my friends!"

Clarice: She dropped her parents hands and ran to the door pushing it open, "HIGUYSTHEBESTHINGEVERHASHAPPENED!!"

Doug: "Cool! What happened?" Doug asked. He smiled, all for good things happening.

TheFergusons: Clarice's father chuckled as they trailed after her, "Slooooooow down there girl, breath."

Sue: Sue vanished and dropped her tea at the sudden yelling.

En-Sabah: "I would be delighted to meet them, Clarice." If she isn't careful she will pop a vein... The dark-skinned man in the expensive suit gave the girl's parents an appologetic smile, as if he felt responsible for her behaviour.

Clarice: "GUYSGUYSGUYS!" She bounced up and down and held the door open, "Meet ... my FAMILY!"

Doug: "Whoa, where'd you go?" Doug moved an arm around cautiously. "Sue?"

Selene: Selene's eyebrows arched upwards when Clarice came bolting from the door, way to excited for her taste. "Oh dear..."

Sue: "Ow!" Sue protested when Doug hit her on the nose.

Doug: "Ooops! Invisiblegirl person!" He winced. "Sorry bout that!"

Selene: "That's not your way of saying we're getting more homeless mutants, is it?" Selene cocked her head.

TheFergusons: Clarice's mother looked around, "Woooah, der be a lotta folks ou' here chil', yer ain't kiddin'."

Noriko: Noriko bounced up in a flurry of paper and over. "OMGitssonicetomeetyou!" Bouncing on the spot gently. "Heeee can't beleive you found them!"

Sue: She frowned and concentrated on making herself visible again, rubbing her nose tenderly and wincing. At least it wasn't bleeding this time.

Clarice: "Oh no, they arn't homeless anymore!" Clarice pointed, "Guys, this is my momma and daddy, and this," she pointed at En Sabah, "is my uncle!"

Sue: "Hi... nice to meet you...." she waved.

En-Sabah: The bright smile on En-Sabah's face betrayed his impulse to force-strangulate Clarice's mother for her horrible, horrible accent.

Noriko: Noriko bowed at the trio following her bast friend. "Pleased to meet you, I'm Noriko Clarice's roomate.

TheFergusons: "Pleased to meet you all," Clarice's father, a tall red-haired man said, "I'm Gerald and this is Naliah," he put his arm around the dark-skinned woman's shoulders.

Selene: Selene let her gaze drift across the small group, then stepped forward. "Nice to meet you," she said, offering an extended hand. "Welcome to Xavier's school. My name is Selene. I'm one of the teachers here."

Clarice: "Yeah, Riko and I share a room," Clarice confirmed.

En-Sabah: "Why, you must be exceptionally skilled to be a teacher at such a young age, Miss Selene." He shook her hand and made a mental tick.

TheFergusons: "Ah hope mah chil' conducters herself wit' good manners an' hygine, Miss Noriko," Nailah asked, smiling.

Selene: "Either that, or our education system has really low expectations," Selene replied with a smirk on her lips. "I prefer your interpretation, however."

Clarice: "Miss Selene is really clever, and her power is really cool, Uncle En Sabah," Clarice confirmed, rolling her eyes at her momma.

Sue: "I'm gonna... just..." Sue motioned to the kitchen and scurried off.

Selene: "While you're underway, fetch our guests some tea please, dear," Selene called after Sue.

En-Sabah: His eyes folloed the shy girl out of the room before returning to the discussion at hand. "I am absolutely sure my interpretation is accurate. They have a habit of being so."

Sue: Sue sighed, sure she was making tea anyway but now she'd been reduced to maid... and it was her tea dammit!

Noriko: "Of course she is! Clarice has been a wonder friend and roomate even putting up with my weird night habits hehe." grinning at he mate.

En-Sabah: "And who are all of these bright young ladies and gentlemen?" En-Sabah made a swiping motion that was intended to include the whole room.

Clarice: "Riko has some ... power problems sometimes," Clarice said carefully, holding her parents hands.

Curt: Curt's attention snapped away from the young woman to Clarice's guest. "Oh, hi!"

Noriko: Noriko blushed and rubbed the side of her head. "Sort of getting better with that now though."

Doug: Doug just kind of smiled and waved. Lots of new people that he'd not really had a chance to meet one on one yet. On the other hand he'd made a lot of headway of the computer programs he'd been writing. Oh CRAP did his girlfriend want to kill him yet? Eek. Suck up mode, engaged! He'd totally have to grovel at this point.

Clarice: "Oh, I'm sorry Uncle, that's rude of me," Clarice quickly appologised before pointed, "Well the girl making tea is Sue, she's nice ... he's Curt like he said and you ... who the heck are you, I've never seen you before," Clarice gave Doug a confused look.

Sue: Sue took out a tray and managed to find a pot and a jug and a sugar bowl. She added teabags to the pot and poured the water in when the kettle boiled. She brought the tray out and set it neatly on a table before vanishing inside again for a dustpan and brush to sweep up the bits of broken mug.

Doug: "I'm Doug. Ramsey. I'm a very bad computer geek who is probably in deep with my girlfriend and will shortly be smacked." He explained.

Selene: "Oh, I hope you don't mind the commotion," Selene said, looking over her shoulder at the crowd in the background. "One of the school's missions is to extend a helping hand to all mutants who might need it. As you can clearly see, we have no shortage of those."

Clarice: "... Right, he's Doug then, Uncle En Sabah, sorry, all the other people here are the poor people from Genosha that I told you about."

TheFergusons: "Well ... err, pratice makes perfect, right?" Gerald said to the tiny girl ... he wasn't too sure about mutant powers and how they worked.

Clarice: "Why will your girlfriend smack you? Who is your girlfriend? Is she prone to violence?"

En-Sabah: "Yes, yes, very tragic that." HE made an adequately upset face, quickly, maybe a tad too quickly replacing it with another smile. "It's a pleasure meeting you all."

Noriko: "Yes lots and lots of practice." nodding. "My powers can be alittle sporadic sometimes."

Sue: Once mug was swept up and she'd made her own tea in the kitchen, Sue returned to the patio and went back to leaning against the wall..

Curt: Curt nodded politely to 'Uncle En Sabah'.

Doug: "No, she's sweet. But I deserve it. Gah. I just lose track of time so much." He admitted. "I get started on projects and lose all track of time. She's the sweetest girl in the world." He sighed.

Clarice: "But if she really wanted to see you she would have come and seen you?" Clarice hazarded.

En-Sabah: Listening carefully he made a few notes on a mental list right behind a small number of names that had recently become really important to him...

Doug: "Probably. I just want to be a better person to her. Iiiii suck." He blew a raspberry.

Clarice: Clarice giggled at the raspberry, "Flowers and chocolate, and go and see her first and appologise," she suggested.

Sue: "I'm sure she'll understand." Sue told him, "Help yourselves to tea by the way..."

TheFergusons: "Oh, sporadic how, if you don't mind my asking ... oh thank you miss Sue," he leaned over and plucked up a mug.

Doug: "Great ideas!" He'd definitely make note of all that. "OH I should get her some seedlings!" He sat down, mentally making a list.

Selene: "Thank you very much," Selene told Sue and gave her a smile, then proceeded to grab one of the mugs on the tray.

Sue: "Um... just Sue is fine...."

TheFergusons: "Alright then just Sue," Gerald grinned, sipping his tea.

Noriko: "I'm based on static electricity, so I can't always control my energy levels ...... means I can be alittle all over the place." giggling abit to herself.

En-Sabah: "Thank you, young lady." He reached out and took a cup. "Do I recognize a British accent in your voice, perhaps?"

Sue: Sue nodded, "Yeah... from the Midlands..."

En-Sabah: "Ah yes, salt of the Earth." He took a sip.

TheFergusons: "So you need to stay away from balloons and shag carpets?" Gerald asked.

Sue: Sue gave Clarice's uncle a small smile and sipped her own tea after blowing on it a little.

Noriko: "Haha I haven't tested that yet though it could be funny to try."

Selene: Selene made a mental note to fill Noriko's room to the top with balloons at some point. She blew the steam off her tea and took a sip.

En-Sabah: Finishing his cup, En-Sabah took a deep breath. "Anyway, you seem to be in a very uncomfortable position right now, don't you?2 He gestured towards the window.

Clarice: "Oh, it's a bit of a tight squeeze Uncle, but we're managing, we gotta help these people after all," Clarice said sincerly.

TheFergusons: Nailah nodded in approval that she'd reared her daughter right ... even if she had ... converted ...

TheFergusons: And had stopped eating fish, a cardinal sin in her books.

Selene: "We try to be creative, but it's obvious the school wasn't designed with that many residents in mind," Selene commented, turning towards the window. "Right now, Mr. Xavier is looking into the possibilities of a more permanent solution."

En-Sabah: "Maybe I should be talking to him then. I believe I may have a suitable solution." He folded his arms in front of his chest. "I may admit that this was actually one of the reasons I wanted to come along for the visit."

Sue: "I'm just glad I'm getting care packages or I'd be so cranky with no tea...."

Clarice: "Really Uncle?" Clarice frowned, he had sounded very interested when she'd told him about the refugees.

Noriko: "That would be really cool if we could find them a better place to stay!" Smiling happily at the tall man.

Selene: Selene crossed her arms and arched an eyebrow. "Really now?" She gave Clarice's uncle a curious look. "That are surprising news. Not unpleasant in the least, though. I'm sure Professor Xavier would be open to any suggestion."

En-Sabah: "Absolutely, dear Clarice. It depends though." He looked back at Selene. "Do you think the refugees would be impartial to moving back onto yet another island?"

Selene: "Well, I can't speak for them, of course, but I can imagine after several weeks of such cramped conditions, they would be more than eager to move anywhere but here."

Clarice: "Really Uncle? That would be the most amazing thing ever!"

En-Sabah: "Excellent. You see, recently I acquired a charming little island in the West Pacific. The name is Krakoa, but I doubt you would have heard of it."

Selene: "I had no idea Clarice's family is that well off," Selene commented, a small smile playing across her lips. "That's certainly a very generous offer, I'd say."

Curt: Curt snuck up behind Sue and poked her in between each of her ribs. "Ba-boo!" He said startlingly.

Sue: Sue went for a wander along the patio with her cup f tea.

Sue: She shrieked and dropped her second cup, vanishing again. "SHIT!"

Doug: "Okay, seriously, that's kind of cool. The... disappearing thing. Not the scaring her and making her drop things. But very cool power!" He opined.

Noriko: Noriko watched the shriek and burst out laughing at the surprise poke. "Nice one curt!.... you ok Sue?" Trying oh so hard not to laugh.

Clarice: "That's am amazing offer Uncle!" Clarice clapped.

En-Sabah: He rose an eyebrow at the commotion. "Yes. And, you see, the island is considerably close to the Chinese coast. Not so close that it is Chinese soil, but close enough that the American military will not dare repeat their little foolishness."

Curt: Curt snickered. "I'm sorry, I didn't intend for that, my bad, Sue."

Sue: "I just want to finish one cup of tea, is that too much to ask!?" she reappeared, glaring at Curt.

Clarice: "Oh that's so clever!" Clarce clapped, "But you don't think the Chinese would do you?" She frowned worridly.

Selene: Selene tapped a finger against her chin. "That's certainly a good point, yes," she remarked.

En-Sabah: "Don't worry about them. I have...connections." Directly into the brain stems of quite a few high-ranking cadres.

Clarice: "Oh, well that's alright then," she nodded, "this really is the best day ever!" She did a happy dance.

Noriko: "Wow that would be a really good idea, far away and nice and safe! We should go tell Mr.Xavier?"

Sue: Sue headed for the kitchen again, muttering under her breath.

Selene: "Yes, I'm sure Professor Xavier would be very interested in hearing more about that offer," Selene added with a nod.

En-Sabah: "We should talk over the particularities then. Just point me in his direction, I will leave you to your friends, Clarice." He gave her a friendly nod.

Curt: Curt's alarm whent off on his watch and he realized it was feeding time for the scorpion. He hustled away, waving good-bye to everyone.

Doug: Doug smiled and bid them all goodbye. "It was nice meeting all of you, I'mmm going out to find stuff for my girl. A pleasure to meet you all." He waved good bye once more.

Clarice: "Thank you, Uncle, for everything, would you like me to make you a portal to just outside his office?"

En-Sabah: "That would be splendind, dear." I can't wait to test out his head...

Selene: "Yes, I can give him a quick telepathic message to let him know you're on the way," Selene offered.

Clarice: Clarice opened up a portal for him, "See you later, Uncle."

Noriko: "Bye!" giving him an enthusuastic wave.

En-Sabah: He waved back and vanished.

Clarice: "He's like, the most awesome person EVER!" Clarice gleed.

Selene: "Now, I have to say, you have very intriguing relatives," Selene told Clarice, casting a glance at her parents, who remained with them.

Noriko: "He does seem really nice and helpful doesn't he?"

TheFergusons: Nailah grinned, "Oh yeah, he be my cousin, he found us an' got us back on our feet an helped us fin' our baby again," she hugged her daughter and Clarice squeezed back.

Selene: "Well, I'm sure she'll be delighted to finish showing you around the school." Selene smiled and gestured towards the door. "How about we accompany you? We could exchange some stories."

Noriko: "Oooooooo clarice how about we show your parents what I can do with a car battery?!"

TheFergusons: "I think that sounds like fun," Gerald nodded, "we'd love too."

Clarice: Clarice frowned at her little friend, "Okay ... but what can you do with a car battery?"

Noriko: Noriko just smirked.
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