11/28 Instance: Etherzone of Bliss and Blink

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11/28 Instance: Etherzone of Bliss and Blink

Post by puppygirl » Mon Nov 28, 2011 5:34 pm

Timeline - Shortly after 'An Offer You Can't Refuse'

"Jeeeeeeeeeeean-Paaaaaaaaaaaaaul!" A happy pink blur zoomed through the corridors, despite not being a speedster, joy was a pretty good fuel after all, "Jeeeeeeeeean-Paaaaaaaaaaul!!! Where areeeeeeee yooooooooooooooooooou!?"

Jean-Paul had been asleep. Keyword in that sentence was had. He could hear his name being called up and down the corridors and he knew that voice too. With that he groggily stumbled from bed, pulling his blanet with him as he went to the door. "In here!"

The pink blur skidded to a stop halfway down the corridor, briefly condensing into Clarice for a few seconds before she resumed her speeding towards Jean-Paul, blasting through the door with the force of a sonic boom, crashing into him, "Happy, happy day! Unbrindled joy singing unto the etherzone of bliss and wonderment!!"

Air wasn't needed, right? It seemed to all escape Jean-Paul as Clarice launched at him. "Oooof! Okay, okay, happy. I got that much but you're going to have to go back and retrace some of these finer points for me."

"Karma! Parents! Rich Uncle! No more refugeeeeeeeeees!" Clarice rolled off him and bounced to her feet, and continued to bouce, overwhelmed with glee.

"...now in complete sentences."

Clarice took a deep breath and tried to stop vibrating, "I ... I got a letter, from my parents! Karma paid off! I have a loaded uncle! He's letting the Genoshans move to a new island! Life is FANTASTIC!!" She pounced on him for a bonecrushing hug.

"...Ahhaaaa!" He hugged back properly at that, laughing. "Really? Who is this? Are they around now? I've got to see this."

"Uncle En Sabah. Yes, downstairs. And YES!" She rocked back and forth with happiness, "You were right! I'm so glad I listened to you!" She couldn't help it and planted a kiss on his cheek, "You wonderful genius of a friutcake!"

Now that confused him, both being declared right and being called a genius fruitcake. "I have something to do with this even? I take thanks in sugary treats, drinks, and, of course, just thanks from you...though I will have to ingratiate myself if he's really loaded."

"He's CEO of an oil company," she released him, "Yes you do! You were the one that said that by comming here I might be able to have a better chance of finding my parents, and you were right! Uncle En Sabah was able to track me down once I had a fixed address!"

His brow furrowed for a moment before laughing. "So I did!" He straightened up a little bit, looking quite proud of himself. "Well, I'm glad that I was right after all."

"Me too! I met all of them at a resurant today and then brought them back here, they've already met some of the others but I wanted to come and tell you about it first 'cos you helped!" She beamed at him with pride.

"And because I'm favourite, right?" He asked, obviously pulling for the compliment.

"Duh!" Clarice nodded, not needing to be pulled very hard, "So do you wanna go meet my folks?"

How was that even a question. "Of course I do! They'll like me, yes?"

"Totally, momma will probably say you're too skinny though and try and feed you ... which is a good thing in your books right?" A portal appeared next to them, "Come on then!" She bounded through.

"Of course! I adore people who try to make me fat. They'll never succeed and I get food." He bounced right after her, now awake.

Clarice's parents both jumped at the sudden apperence of a hole in the universe that contained thier daughter, they hadn't really gotten used to thier daughter's ability just yet, "Momma, Daddy! This is Jean-Paul! The guy i've been telling you about!"

"Awww, you tell your parents about me?" Jean-Paul looked quite pleased at that as well, grinning ear to ear as he waved to Clarice's parents. "Hello! Yeah, I'm Jean-Paul. It's very good to meet you both."

"He be the queer boy?" Nailah asked, scrutinising him while Gerald facepalmed, "Good, means he keep his hands hi'self," she nodded in approval and stood up to shake his hand, "I'm Nailah and this be my husban' Gerald, Clarice has told us alotta bout ya."

That question earned a bark of a laugh as Jean-Paul shook the offered hands coming at him. "Yes, that would be me and I'll definitely be keeping my hands to myself, the queer boy and the gentleman."

Gerald rose to his feet as well, "Her Pinkness said something similar," he grinned at his daughter who was too pleased to have her family back to mind the old nickname, "Clarice has said a lot about you, then again, she says a lot about everything," he chuckled, "pleased to meet you anyway."

"Jean-Paul's family sorta took me in recently," Clarice said, you need to meet his aunt and uncle, they're like ... the nicest people ever!"

"She's helped me with a number of things in the past. It's good that she still talks positively about me." He joked, though really considering their meeting Jean-Paul still counts himself lucky. "And my Aunt and Uncle adore her so I'm going to have to tell them she's saying that as well."

He looked over to Clarice though, smirking. "Her Pinkness, eh? Oh that's going to stick."

Clarice did blush a little as Jean-Paul said it, smiling awkwardly as her dad (who still managed to have a few inches on his beansprout daughter) ruffled her hair, "Maybe if you ever decide to take a crack at parenting yourself Jean-Paul you'll learn that every little girl is a princess." "Though she ain't so little now huh?" Nailah chuckled.

"You been stickin' your feet inna fertiliser, young miss," she teased her daughter, who flailed good naturedly at her parents, "But we shall hafta meet your folks and t'ank them for takin' her in ... so Clarice says you be one of these crazy super heroes eh?"

"We're not crazy momma, we're AWESOME!"

"No, not really all that little but none the worse for wear I'm sure you'll find." He laughed at the ruffling, then looking more than a bit sheepish at the mention of being one of those crazy superhero types. "Well, I suppose I do fall under that category. I do try not to be crazy though. Luckily your daughter and I are pretty fast about getting out of trouble."

"Jean-Paul's special talent is that he can fly really, really fast," Clarice explained, "we're both master runaway artists," she tried to soothe her parents somewhat, leaving out the fact that they generally fell more into the category of 'master runaway-from-safty-into-danger artists' and in Jean-Paul's case 'master runaway-from-safty-into-danger-wondering-loudly-why-he-was-doing-it artists' ... when he wasn't on an adrenalin kick.

"Ahhh flying ... flying always sounded fun," Gerald mused, "I don't care what you say about your deli llama saying animal reincarnation is a type of hell, I wanna come back as a bird if reincarnation happens," "... It's Dalai Lama, daddy."

"I hope your sensible about it at least," Nailah interjected, "You look like a sensible boy ... bit scrawny though."

"I would like to think that I am sensible." He laughed at the idea of being a master runaway artist, sure that a few months ago there would be some very snide remarks made by people on that comment. Either way the into danger was definitely implied. "Flying is wonderful. You shall have to join me sometime."

"Well, run fast enough, it makes it hard to keep weight on." He smirked and shrugged, looking forward to letting the feeding begin.

Nailah rubber her chain, "Cousin En Sabah has set us up wit' a small place in the city, not too far from here, I think i'll hafta cook you up somethin' one of these days," Clarice gave Jean-Paul a smug, told you so grin over her mother's shoulders before piping up, "Northstar airlines has pretty reasonable fares daddy, and comfy seats."

"If by reasonable fairs and comfy seets that it's free and basically a piggyback ride then she's selling me accurately." Then at what her father daid Jean-Paul just had to laugh. "I promise I'll practice as much restraint as I can, Mr. Ferguson."

"Just call me Gerry," "But tryn' call me 'Nail' an' I'll be forced to let ya starve, boy," Nailah put in quickly.

Gerald made a snorting noise at that, "No you won't, so Jean-Paul, you might be able to tell us a bit more about this school then? Clarice is insisting on staying here but all she'd told us that they don't make her feel stupid, the people are nice and once her roomate exploded," Clarice nodded, as far as she was concerned that about covered it.

"We take it it's not all just running around stopping bank robberies and ... rescuing cats?"

He just laugned again and nodded at the name instructions. "Well, I'd say it's a pretty great place too, actually." It was an honest answer. "The people are nice...though some are a bit strange but we do what we can to watch out for one another."

Unless, of course, you thought the enemy was in the nest so to speak, then the school didn't do too great. "But yeah, we do have proper classes and the like, not just running around in silly get-ups saving babies from fiery apartment complexes."

"Ooh! Did you do that?" Clarice piped up, while her parents nodded, "Good ... we'd hoped that by ... by giving Clarice away she'd be able to have a chance at a decent education and life," Gerald sighed, "didn't exactly work out."

"Don't feel bad Daddy," Clarice said, "You did what you thought was best, and I turned out okay!"

"Actually no I never have." He gave a shrug. "I just figured that went along the superhero cliche list well enough. I'm surprised we never have had that one crop up...though I think Eddie and Lorna did one time."

"She turned out better than most, even." Jean-Paul assured them, patting the top of her head.

"I'm sure it'll pop up eventually," Clarice giggled, then bounced up and down clapping as she had an idea, "Oh! Oh! I know! Uncle En Sabah gave me some money, let's all go get something to eat! So I can sorta pay you back for all the times you've fed me!"

"Dinner sounds like a good plan to me," Gerald agreed.

He turned to Clarice in mock seriousness. "Now you know, feeding me is quite the undertaking. are you sure you're prepared for such a thing?"

"I have a credit card."

"...that'll do it."

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