11/30 Instance: The Pink Plan

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11/30 Instance: The Pink Plan

Post by puppygirl » Wed Nov 30, 2011 12:14 am

Timeline - Any point after 'Etherzone of Bliss and Blink'

Clarice banged the rubber mallet she'd located under the kitchen sink against the little wooden block on her desk, "I hereby call this meeting of the right honourable Eletric Pink Club to order," she said authoritivly, "First the role call, Clarice Ferguson aka the Astounding Blink? - Here!"

"Ashida Noriko aka the Uncanny Surge?"

Noriko bounced in her seat waving her one arm like her life depended on it. "Oooo oooo oooo Here! Definetely here, with snackage and drinks!"

"And that concludes the role call," Clarice banged her improvised gravel against the block of wood again, but lost her grip and the mallet bounced backwards over her shoulder and out of the open window, "... Erm ... oops," and listened for a cry of pain, settling back when there was none.

"Now, to recap the last meeting of the right honourable Eletric Pink Club, it was decided that we should give up on boating, or else just call it swimming in the lake with a big wooden float, are there any other hobbies we might suggest to try out ... ooh and pass me some of the popcorn please."

Dutifully passing the popcorn she giggled at the fun attempted even if she had nearly ended up in the water because of it. "Well if we stay away from water activities for awhile.... I was maybe thinking we find a dance club to join? take up something fun and bouncy?"

Clarice nodded, "All in favour of Noriko's motion raise your hand," she held up her arm.

Noriko bounced alittle more stretching to make sure her hand got almost, not quite as high as Clarice's hand, but that effort was concentrated and deadly.

"Motion passed, write that down Ms. Secertary," Clarice nodded at Noriko.

Nodding she fished a brightly coloured pen out of the pot on the desk and added Try dancing onto the big *TO TRY* tick off list on the wall of their room. "All writen down and recorded in 2 languages Ms Blink!"

"Excellent, so with the major part of out meeting concluded-" Clarice took a moment to shove some popcorn into her mouth and wash it down with some orange juice, "is there any Other Buisness?"

Quickly munching through afew biscuits she managed a thoughtful look through the sugar coated mind. "Ooooooooo Yes! You need to tell me about your parents and Uncle! I only got to meet them for a little while!"

"Riiiikkkoooooooooo ..." Clarice whined, "Can it wait till after the offical meeting? Otherwise I gotta write down what I say in the minutes!" She held up her own note book, "And then we'll be here all day!"

Noriko huffed and pouted before nodding. "OOO ooo ooo!" Running to her desk she grabbed a handful of very fluorescent things out of it and ran back to the meeting desk. "Well under meeting businessy stuff I made more armbands!"

"Awesome! Well done Riko!" Clarice scribbled that down in her minutes, "Any more Other Buisness?" She looked around the room.

"Erm, Erm, Erm, Erm......... Well I meet this one girl Marrina while in the medlab, she looks like she could use some friends so maybe out our next outing we can drag her along with everyone? otherwise I can't think of anything else...." Screwing her face up as she thought.

Clarice nodded and carefully noted that down as well in the offical minutes before coughing, "Well, if there's no further Other Buisness I declare this meeting of the right honorable Eletric Pink Club closed, thank you all for attending. Metting adjourned!" Since she'd lost the mallet she slapped her notebook on the bit of wood.

"Yay!" She stuffed more popcorn into her mouth, "So whaddaya wanna know then Riko?"

Grabbing more noms she crossed her legs up on the chair and focused her brain back down out of pinball land. "Where have they been all these years? How did they find you? How come your nice uncles loaded?"

"They've been homeless and looking for me and they found me 'cos my uncle found them," another mouthful of juice, "He's not really my uncle, he's my momma's cousin, aparently one side of her family is like ... loaded! He's the CEO of a big oil company."

"Oooooo that sounds really important! Its really nice of him to help your parents out though. So do they have a home yet? You going to move in with them if they do?" nibbling at another biscuit.

"They have a house nearby in the city, but I'm still gonna live here for school and stuff, I don't think I could really live back with them anyways, I'm too used to going where I want, when I want you know?"

"Yeah I suppose so, sudden curb of freedom is not good, but still atleast they're close by now right? you can catch up and do family thing together... ooo you can do christmas with your family!" grabbing some orange juice forherself. "See I got alot more freedom when I moved here away from parents, but I still want to live with them while being here."

"I haven't lived with my parents since I was nine though, but I'll totally be seeing them all the time! I can lterally go see them whenever I want 'cos of my powers," she looked thoughtful for a moment, "Hey ... Riko? Do you still miss Japan?"

"Hehe like surprise Blink all of a sudden! but it means it's nearly impossible for you to be late for them I guess..." Studying Clarices face a moment she nodded. "Yeah I miss it alot, and my family and Masuki why?"

"Punctuality is the politness of kings they say," Clarice smiled, "I was just ... you know, wondering, you're not gonna like ... be jelous or anything of me, now that they're living so close to me while yours are really far away?"

"What?! No how could I? I'll get to se them maybe at christmas or next summer if I stay here, but I've been living with mine my *whole life* you've barely know yours." Totally there with the speed hugs. "Of course I'm not going to get jealous!"

"Promise? 'Cos I'd hate for you to resent me for it," Clarice worried.

"I promise! Look don't worry, I miss my parents but I'm not going to be all silly bout it because you see yours more, besides if I really miss them I could fly over for a weekend and just like skip monday morning lectures hehe.....ooo. reminds me I had an idea earlier!"

"Ooh, what kinda idea?"

"Well you haven't seen you parents in years and then thanks to your uncle we have a place for the refugees maybe and you see you parents again and they have a home now, so maybe we should like organise a thank you gift or something?"

Clarice clapped and rocked on her seat, "Ooooh! That's such an awesome idea!" She gleed, "... but what?"

"I'm not sure..... he's like really rich right? so not much we can buy him..... maybe we could like make him a present? on behalf of everyone?" Scratching her head as she thought.

"Yeah, I mean he probably already has everything he ants that money can buy," Clarice rubbed her chin as she pondered, "I'm not really suer what he likes though, you know?"

"Well er........ why don't we make him something pretty and useful?.... like maybe a vase? could also count it in out art project to then hehe."

"Yeah ... a vase could work," Clarice nodded, "it would have to be the prettiest, most epic vase ever though!"

"Well we can work together on it and make sure it is! Maybe even as afew of the plant specilist mutants to grow an exotic plant for it?" nodding back happily.

"You're so clever!" Clarice cheered, "That's exactly what we're gonna do!"

"Awww thanks" Blushing heavily before joining in the cheering. "That way he can have something personal and unique, something he defientely can't buy so it makes a good thank you gift."

"Let's head up to the art room and get started on it right away!"

"Sure thing!" Running over to her desk and grabbing some of her art stuff. "Ok Got what I need!"

Clarice conjured up a portal next to them, "Eletric Pink Club, away!" And leapt through.

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