12/3 Game: Spreads Like Crabs

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12/3 Game: Spreads Like Crabs

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Timeline: November 3rd.

Sooraya: This was more like it. "We should really find reasons to come down here, it's quite nice." Sooraya said, situating herself under her beach umbrella quite happily.

Tigra: Greer wrinkled her nose, "Sand in my fur... think I might have to change..."

Hope: Hope laughed at her roomie and and rolled over onto her stomach, adjusting her glasses. "It's still hot... but at least there's water."

Christopher: Chris laid back enjoying the warmth. "I'll help you get it out love." He grinned.

Clarice: A pink circle appeared over out to sea and an extatic Clarice dropped out of it, "CANNONBAAAAAAAAAAAALL!" She screamed in delight as she dropped into the crystal blue waters.

Tigra: She giggled, "I'll bet you will," she moved into some shade. Hooooooot.

Doug: The problem with outside... is it is outside. Doug was sticking close to shade. The sun was an evil thing that tended to burn him if it got the chance. "I cast sunscreen of protection." He muttered to himself, rubbing some on his face.

Sooraya: Sticking her tongue out at her roommate at the idea of this being hot, Sooraya simply chuckled. "Remind me that you might die if you were to ever accompany me home in the summer. I feel human again at this. It's far too cold at the school now."

Hope: "I would die. Unless I took Johnny. Then I could literally be on fire and that might make it ok? And COLD?! COLD?! It feels GREAT at school!"

Christopher: "You guys are wimps this weather is great!" He smiled and sat up.

Melati: Having claimed the cooler box as her throne, Mel leaned back against the palm tree and took a sip from the cold bottle. "So this is what what refugee camps look like these days," she asked, looking at the others. "Anyone else think we should let them stay at the mansion instead so we can trade places?"

Hope: "No way. Too hot here... though Sooraya may take you up on that offer."

Tigra: "I couldn't stay here full time..."

Sooraya: "It would be quite nice." Sooraya had to agree with the lizardesque girl. "Is there any water in the cooler?"

Doug: "Not unless we get internet, temperature controled rooms, and plenty of Monster, Red Bull, and Code Red." Doug said shaking his head. "But sad everywhere is bad for electronics really. Silica aside."

Christopher: "We just needs some good drinks now." Chris pulled out the sun screen. "Anyone need sun screen? Oooh! If we have red bull and some jager this will be an awesome beach party!"

Tigra: "Ugh I give up... no amount of panting is going to make this okay without a river to sit in...." she shook her hair out and shifted out of her fur.

Greer: "Ahhh instant relief." she lay back on a shady patch of sand. "Maybe I'll go swim in a bit..."

Melati: "You should come visit me at my mom's place in Malaysia some time then," Mel replied with a grin. "During the summer it turns into a city-shaped sauna." She sat up and opened the lid of the box. "Well, maybe I can excite you for a lot of ice cubes? Oh wait, there's the stuff for milk-drinkers."

Melati: She pulled out a bottle of water and tossed it in the direction of Sooraya. "Catch!"

Illyana: "You read my mind, Chris." Hope grinned and moved over to him, sitting down with a playful shove. "So this is the elusive long lost girlfriend?"

Greer: "Fiancee." Greer corrected holding up her hand and wiggling her finger.

Christopher: "Huh oh yeah. Not so much girlfriend anymore though."

Sooraya: Letting out a little eep in surpirse, Sooraya did manage to catch the bottle barely and opened it. "Thank you, and Malaysia sounds like a very good time."

Greer: "Oooh milk?" she was distracted again.

Illyana: "Oh damn!" Hope grabbed the hand to examine the ring.

Christopher: Chris gave Greer a kiss on the cheek. "Yup."

Clarice: Clarice doggy paddled passed the group on the beach and waved before diving under.

Greer: Greer eeped at the grabbing, "Who are you and why are you manhandling me?"

Sooraya: "I believe it would seem Clarice is quite fond of the ocean." Sooraya gave a wave back, laughing.

Christopher: "Hey is there anything alcoholic in there?" Chris called to the green girl.

Illyana: Hope eyerolled. "Get used to it if you show off bling. I'm Hope."

Greer: "I'm Greer... or Tigra," she shrugged, "I go by either..."

Christopher: Chris just laughed at Hope. "Hey hands off my woman." He shoved Hope playfully.

Melati: "If you hurry up, there just might be something left," Mel replied, smirking as she raised the bottle of beer to her lips for another sip. "Anything specific you like?"

Teagan: Teagan stretched and popped in a few more of her joints. She looked to Greer and Chris with a sneer. Love? Marriage? Commitment 'til death? No thanks... she thought to herself.

Illyana: "Awww afraid I'll steal her away with my dashing good looks and stellar personality?" Hope shoved back with a grin.

Sooraya: "You should be careful. My roommate is a wiley one." Sooraya jokingly warned, nudging Hope with her foot.

Christopher: "Is it cold and wet and mild altering?" He walked over to the cooler to take a look.

Clarice: Clarice surfaced, with something in her hand, "Look! The ocean has crabs!" She giggle snorted and waved a very confused looking crab.

Melati: "Maybe she's some kind of fish mutant," she wondered, following Sooraya's gaze towards the ocean, watching Clarice paddle about. "There are fish mutants, right? Seeing how we already got cat and lizard mutants."

Greer: Greer giggled, looking over at Melati, "There is a fish mutant at the school - we had cheesecake."

Teagan: "There's dead mutants, spider utants, and yes there has been fish utants. Don't be surprised if it's something gruesome too, like a piranha."

Doug: Doug looked at the crab in horror. "Oh god, it could eat us." Not really but it was a crab and it was scary looking to Doug. He wasn't a wildlife kind of guy. "Keep it away." He was glad to be farther away.

Christopher: "Damn no jager, guess we can't give doug a jager bomb." Chris laughed.

Greer: "Mmm crab... can we cook it?"

Melati: "Bring it over here," Mel called back at Clarice, while holding the box open for Chris. "Well, there are some girly cocktail mixes somewhere deep down. Might start him off with that."

Clarice: "No!" Clarice squeaked, "Crabby retreat!" She dived back under the water to save the crab.

Illyana: "Hmmm I am rather wiley, aren't I?" Hope lay back on her beach towel with a smile.

Doug: "I like my food like I like my drinks. Full of unnatural perservatives." Doug made a face.

Greer: "Boo you're no fun..." Greer pouted at the pink girl.... hey she was familiar. Why was she familiar?

Sooraya: "Aww, I was going to come out and see the crab, too." She chuckled to her roommate though. "Yes, you are. You get a warning label and all."

Christopher: "I'll get you something good when we get home Babe." He grabbed the strongest thing he could find and walked back to his towel with it.

Greer: "I like wiley." Greer put in, getting up to investigate the cooler.

Illyana: "Uh oh! Watch out Chris!" Hope teased him again.

Clarice: Clarice teleported back over, dragging a bit of the ocean with her as she did so, "Hehe, oopsie, is there any fruit juice?"

Illyana: "Unless it is in a Pina Colada, I am personally not interested in fruit juice on a beach."

Christopher: "Hey now. If this is going to happen I better be involved or there better be a damn good camera recording it."

Melati: "For sure there is," Mel said, reaching into the box to hand Clarice a bottle of fruity cocktail. "I totally should open a bar here."

Watcher: The pink one was loud and, if anyone asked her, rather excitable. If anything she would be enthusiastic once over to the cause and, considering her connections, was all ready well on her way. The person watching kept to the treeline, seemingly collecting flowers as she observed.

Greer: Greer found something with milk in it and pulled it out, "Yaaay! Treasure!" she looked over at Chris, "You could be involved for sure.

Clarice: Clarice pulled a face, "I don't drink, non-alcholic?" She asked hopefully.

Teagan: "So what's the specifics of this island again?" She asked openly, hoping someone could answer.

Doug: "Chilled coffee? Anyone bring that?" Hey they seemed able to produce everything else. "Um, I have water and Mountain Dew myself?" He held up his own little cooler.

Melati: She turned the bottle and looked at the label. "Only seven percent," Mel said. "That basically is non-alcoholic."

Illyana: "Course you told me hands off your woman, so I guess that shot your fantasy all to bits." Hope smirked at Chris. She looked to Clarice again. "You don't drink non-alcoholic? I like you."

Greer: "Something about refugees? I don't know... kinda been away for a while..." Greer shrugged at Teagan.

Sooraya: "This is why I stuck with water." Sooraya had assumed whoever had the duty of packing the cooler would have loaded it up with boozy drinks anyway.

Illyana: "You're no fun." Hope poked Sooraya.

Clarice: Clarice put it back very carefully and smiled at Mel so as not to cause any offense, "No, you're alright, I'll just have water then thank you," she gave Doug a thankful look.

Melati: "An island is a stretch of dry land rising above sea-level?" Melati gave the pale girl a curious look.

Clarice: "Soo is lots of fun, you don't need to drink to have fun!" Clarice protested, "Look at me, I'm awesome fun!"

Greer: "I wanna catch fishies." Greer announced suddenly, "I'm hungry."

Christopher: "You're loss Hope. She's great in bed." He smacked Greer's butt playfully.

Sooraya: "Well, this is their final stop anyway, it looks like a good home for them all." She gave a shrug. "Clarice's Uncle seems like a very kind man."

Teagan: "Part of that was helpful, the rest not so much. No offense, Komodo." She sassed. "Okay so the moochers have their own place to mooch now... and we're mooching their beach?" She hated water. And sand. It gets in everything.

Doug: Doug handed her one. "I don't really drink myself Only have had wine once." He admitted. "Have they looked for predators? Natural flora and fauna? What might be useful to the refugees when they come to stay?" He asked. "Are they ready to live here yet, or is that still in the planning stage?"

Greer: "I am great in bed!" Greer affirmed.

Illyana: Hope debated on if Clarice was on crack, in which case that hyperness would make sense.

Melati: "Pics or it didn't happen," Melati tossed in, raising her bottle towards the furry girl.

Christopher: "I have some of those if you wanna check um out later." He shot Melati a smirk.

Teagan: "It happened." Teagan chimed. "I was told about some really kinky stuff..." She nodded sagely.

Clarice: "Uncle En Sabah is awesome! He gave me a credt card," Clarice sipped her water, "Thanks Doug, drinking isn't all it's made out to be."

Greer: "I can do better than pictures - he didn't tell you to keep your hands off me." Greer grinned at Melati.

Sooraya: "I am plenty of fun." Sooraya prodded Hope back.

Watcher: The lizard girl and the corpes seemed rather interesting, a bit outside of things and that could possibly benefit talking with them eventually. That was filed away to report later as well.

Illyana: "Of course you are." Hope assured her roommate.

Melati: "Wealthy relatives with their own islands sure rock," Melati commented, showing the feline girl a toothy grin as she took anther swig of beer. "And sure can you have fun while sober, but since it makes anything better, why bother stopping halfway towards a fucking great time?"

Illyana: "...ok, Melati, you are my new friend."

Greer: She finished off her milky drink and set the empty bottle down with the others. "Fishies...." she headed of towards the water, shifting back into her fur.

Doug: Doug just kind of smiled, they probably didn't have the answers to his questions anyway. Aw well. He wondered if he could find a report on such somewhere.

Teagan: Teagan pulled out an eyeball, brushed some sand off of it, and popped it back in.

Christopher: "So now I'm hankering some Jager bombs. We get home I'm getting you all trashed my treat! You especially Doug, since you inspired the idea."

Illyana: "I've never tried on a feral power..." Hope watched Greer, thinking what that would be like.

Melati: Reaching into the cooler box, she pulled out another beer and chucked it towards the redhead. "Then I'd say we drink to new friends, neh?"

Doug: "Ohhh I dunno." He winced. "I didn't like the headache that came later. Seems kind of destructive to me."

Tigra: Greer ran into the water and dived below the surface.

Clarice: Clarice ... just stared at the eyeball thing ....

Christopher: "Aww come on dude. We're gonna get blitzed." Chris laughed.

Doug: "How about I just... watch?"

Tigra: Greer emerged from the water holding a fish triumphantly above her head, "I win!"

Sooraya: "Not to worry, I believe there are enough of us on team sober that we should be just fine.

Clarice: Clarice's attention was drawn to Greer, "Ohmygosh! What're you doing with that poor fishie!?"

Tigra: "Um... lunch?" Greer replied, walking back to the beach and sniffing at said fish. "Smells tasty."

Doug: Doug's eyes widened. She caught the fish with her hands? Eek. "Ew?"

Teagan: "So is there any chance we can have Christmas Vacation here too?" She wondered aloud.

Melati: Melati looked over the rim of her shades. "You're going to cook that, are you?"

Tigra: Greer looked over at Melati, "Why would I waste time doing that? I'm hungry now."

Clarice: "What!? You're gonna eat it!?" Clarice looked horrified at the poor thing wriggling in Tigra's grip.

Clarice: ... And she paled at what the cat woman said next.

Melati: "Sure sounds temping," she commented, glancing at Teagan. "Might even beat the trip to Tijuana I planned with JP."

Doug: "That's so not healthy." Doug cringed.

Sooraya: "...I am not certain she is." Sooraya felt her stomach squirm a bit. "You are not going home for the winter break?"

Tigra: Greer shrugged, "Never did me any harm." she sat down in the sand, curling her tail around her and inspecting the fish.

Christopher: "Yeah, you'll get used to it." He shrugged.

Doug: "I was just planning on staying in and writing code." Doug was still staring at the fish and the woman. "People get tapeworms like that." He'd seen it on House.

Clarice: "B-B-B-But ... it's still .... it's still alive! It's soffocating, you're just being cruel!" She squeaked.

Teagan: "You planned on Tijuana? Lemme tell ya, there's a few rules about Tijuana. Don't sell your organs, it's very hard to get 'em back. Also, don't sell other peoples organs, that's even more difficult to deal with. Also, bad tequila burns everything. Everything."

Tigra: She bit into the fish and looked up at Clarice again, "Not suffocating now."

Christopher: "Technically it's not suffocating."

Doug: "Can't we go back and get you a can of tuna? OH GROSS!" Doug threw his hands over his eyes.

Sooraya: "Well...now I think I'll be good on being hungry until next week."

Doug: "Immagonna puke." Doug whimpered into his hands.

Tigra: "Tasty." Greer nodded, "I know what I'm having if we stay for dinner time."

Christopher: "Oh stop being such sissies." Chris laughed. "Snakes eating is so much worse."

Teagan: "That's what she said!" Teagan shouted to Christopher. "Get it? 'Cause she eats his snake?" She snorted.

Melati: "Christmas with Major Dad and his Step-dragon sure sounds thrilling after the stunt I pulled at the scrapyard, with the liberated tank and all," Melati said and shrugged. "Maybe I'll go and see mom, unless she's busy with work. a new boyfriend, or some new age fad again."

Clarice: Clarice's mouth opened and shut like the poor fish's had been, before she quickly swallowed down half her bottle of water and looked away, trying not to hurl.

Sooraya: "Surely you are still welcome even after that 'stunt'. I mean, they are your family." Sooraya half-asked, brow furrowing as she looked to Melati.

Christopher: Chris frowned when he saw Hope walk off on the phone. "So different topic eh?"

Melati: She arched an eyebrow. "Well, some girls sure like their fish," Mel commented.

Tigra: Nom nom nom fishy. There wasn't a trace of it left when she was done. She purred loudly as she cleaned off her paws, flashing Melati a fangy grin.

Watcher: ...now the fish girl did seem to be able to operate under her own set of rules which might make her well suited for things but, on the other hand, feeding time would be a chore.

Christopher: Chris gave Tigra's back a little scratch. "Why don't we leave the poor squeamish people alone."

Doug: "Some family doesn't mean family. Sometimes, it is just shared blood." Doug muttered to himself, and took out the game in his pocket.

Melati: "Eh, I guess Dad will only give me one of his lectures about responsibilities and be done with it," she replied to Sooraya. "Not sure if I'll be able to resist getting into a shouting match with his wife, though." Mel smirked. "She's not my biggest fan."

Tigra: She purred even more at the scratching, "I was hungry... it's not my fault they're all new and weak-stomached...."

Teagan: "Are their coconuts or monkeys on this island? Or buried treasure? Or pirates? Or rum? Where's the rum?"

Christopher: "Yeah where is the rum? Teagan did you lose it again?"

Doug: "I tried to find out, no one answered me. I guess I needed to put it in new terms." Doug sighed and then grinned.

Doug: "Monkeys, treasure and rum... instead of predators, flora and fauna..." He pondered that he should just use simplicity from now on.

Melati: "Then again, sooner or later I need to show my pretty face there again," Mel said and shrugged. "After all, you guys dragged me to your school with only the shirt on my back, so there are a few things I'd like to pick up if I'm supposed to stay around."

Tigra: "Mmm rum... I like rum... Ooooh lets go look for treasure!!"

Christopher: "Okay so treasure and rum hunt! Lets go!"

Sooraya: "There is weak-stomached and then there are questionable table manners." Sooraya muttered under her breath but just shook her head, focusing instead on conversation on family. "Well, at least the lecture can be dealt with...the step-mother might be a problem however." She was quite lucky that was not going to be something she had to put up with. "I had assumed the island was pretty typical for the Carribean. Plus it seems that Clarice's Uncle has enough

Sooraya: A treasure hunt did sound interesting though and was enough to roust her up from her seat.

Clarice: Plus it seems that Clarice's Uncle has enough

Tigra: "My table manners are just fine, thankyouverymuch." she poked her tongue out at Sooraya and pointed at her sensitive ears.

Clarice: Clarice gave Tigra a 'what the hell' look at that statement, she just ate raw fish bones and all!

Sooraya: "I'm afraid we shall have to agree to disagree, then."

Tigra: "Or I can point out that there's no table."

Doug: "Table manners are generally a cultural issue. What is appropriate to one culture is not to another. Florida has many people living there and there are still aligators, as Australia and others have crocs." Doug shrugged. "Never know till you ask, is what I say."

Sooraya: "Fine, I'll take the table out of the equation and we shall stick with manners."

Teagan: "Finally!" Teagan shot forward and and prepared herself for a treasure hunt. "Okay so I don't know how dead people can help find treasure, but I'll do what I can."

Watcher: In her opinion the whole treasure hunt idea was a bit on the juvenile side but at least that would get her the chance to possibly see people in action. They needed the brighest and best from this lot, after all.

Christopher: "Girls stop bickering or I'm getting the pudding and selling tickets."

Tigra: "I have those too but I'm also a giant cat right now and I tend to reorder my priorities when I'm furry." she shrugged.

Sooraya: Sooraya turned her gaze to Christopher, not exactly looking kindly to him either but didn't say anything, instead walking on.

Tigra: The word treasure filtered through again, "Yes! Treasure! Shiny things must be found and hoarded!" She dashed off into the trees.

Doug: "The easiest way would be to use a metal detector to find any 'treasure'. Though I suspect that any 'treasure' to truly be found would be in the form of archeology and in the form of finding what amounts to be garbage left over from any early explorers. Which would be way interesting." Doug said excitedly.

Christopher: "Hey get back here! That's cheating going off before everyon else!" Chris took off too.

Melati: "Still a shame - I could have cooked you something nice and spicy with that fish." Melati got to her feet and stretched, then turned over her beer bottle, having to find out that it was indeed empty.

Teagan: "If we find a treasure, we're buying the Xavier Pirate ship!" She insisted.

Tigra: Greer scaled a tree and looked around. "If I were a shiny where would I be....?"

Sooraya: "...it would be quite fun to learn how to sail." Sooraya found herself agreeing with Teagan.

Christopher: "All over me." Chris called to Greer.

Tigra: She grinned down at him, her tail swinging to balance her weight, "But I already get to keep you and take you home."

Doug: "You know, if we did find something, however unlikely that is, we should mark it off in a grid. We'll need sticks and twine for that." He was grinning as he said it because he knew damn well that was now how they played. Though it was true that it was more scientific to do so. He really did not think they'd find anything, it was just a 'game'.

Melati: "Wait what, are we looking for anything specific or just poking around in the dirt at random," Melati asked, performing an involuntary swerve as she stepped after the others. Only then did she notice that sitting in the sun all day and drinking had its effects. "Hey, you think they have wrecks here? Like ships and planes?"

Tigra: "Treasure is what we're looking for," she clarified.

Teagan: "We're pirating it, young sir. That's the end of it. And we're dumping it into the booty gallows, or whatever they're called." She snorted as she realized she said booty.

Doug: "That actually would be an efficient way of looking as well. Find out if there was any prior wrecks and look for the general area. You okay?" Doug asked.

Christopher: "I could just blow shit away and see if we get lucky." Chris laughed.

Teagan: "What if we find some Muppets and Tim Curry hollaring and singing about treasure somewhere?"

Tigra: "But then the shiny might break," she looked terribly upset about this.

Sooraya: "...what is a muppet?" Sooraya's brow furrowed. She didn't recognize this Tim Curry fellow, either but his name was delicious.

Doug: "The ship's... hold?" Doug offered as an alternative. "Maybe we shouldn't blow up other people's islands. Kind of bad for relations... and muppets and Tim Curry would be awesome. I'd totally take them home!"

Doug: "That, would be treasure. Muppets and Tim Curry!" Doug was in fantasy land for a moment.

Watcher: Up ahead, she stepped out from the treeline in view of the group. Do you remember the deal? She asked her current host. You keep on path and let me back in after I've done some hopping around if we get the chance?

Christopher: "And then I can make something more awesome out of the broken shinies!"

Watcher: At the affirmative thought in her mind, she continued on towards the beach.

Tigra: "But I like non-broken shinies..."

Doug: "If it is a muppet, don't break it." Doug grinned. "Besides, they'll end up breaking you, hiiiiya!" He mimicked Miss Piggy.

Teagan: "I think a colonoscopy can be more entertaining than this treasure hunt. At least it has some twists and turns... Can we start hacking something with a machete?"

Tigra: "Do you have a machete?"

Teagan: "I have an arm." She offered.

Tigra: "... I have claws." she extended them.

Christopher: "I have a penis."

Sooraya: This whole muppet thing was an absolute mystery, one she was going ot have to solve when they got back from the school. It didn't stop her from giggling at Doug's hiya, however.

Doug: "Iiii have a game boy?" Doug was so not helpful in this endeavor and was mostly hanging around for the entertainment.

Tigra: Greer giggled at Chris.

Melati: "Believe me, putting it back together is so much better," Mel told Tigra. "There's nothing better than digging up heaps of rusted trash and kluding it back together to create something awesome, then polishing it up until you have a truly unique piece."

Watcher: "Is there a reason you are intending to hack your way through this place with arms, claws, phallus, and a game boy?" She asked as she was finally within proper earshot and out in the open.

Tigra: Greer eeped and fell out of the tree.

Teagan: Teagan looked around. "Fozzie?"

Doug: "I wasn't really going to use the game boy... that would break it." Doug said, curiously and surprised. "Hi?" He called out. "No true destruction of property is actually planned on my part."

Watcher: "Well, that's a relief." She laughed, waving to them all. "I am sorry I am late. The boss sent me out to be your tour guide if you need one."

Christopher: "Well my penis isn't for chopping... it's morely for poking."

Teagan: "I bet I could find other uses..." She said aside.

Doug: "I would have said flopping and wiggling myself." Doug commented to the side.

Teagan: "I'm wondering if you work that thing as hard as that belt-line." She slapped him in the gut and winked. "Kidding."

Tigra: Greer giggled again and used Chris to pull herself to her feet. "Tour guide?" she sniffed at the new person then looked at Teagan and raised an eyebrow.

Melati: "Neat!" Melati had somehow produced a new bottle of alcohol. "Thanks for the box of goodies, by the way. Hope there's more where that come from." She glanced at Chris and put on a slight frown. "No worries, I'm sure we can find you a nice tree hole to do some poking, regardless."

Watcher: "Yes, and yes, that came from us as well. I'm Becky, Becky Driscoll." She waved, smiling happily at her little labrats today. "Now, is there anything you're interested in doing here?"

Tigra: "Treasure!"

Doug: "Library? Computer lab Air conditioning?" He sighed. "We have different ideas of treasure obviously."

Teagan: "Lots of booty." She flatly replies.

Tigra: Greer snorted at 'booty'.

Watcher: "Well, all of that would be in town. We might as well do what's out here until we're ready to head back for the evening, yes?" And just like that there was one written off of the list. They had enough people to work the lab portions.

Doug: "I know lot of guys that think lots of booty is a treasure too." Doug said with a perfectly straight face.

Melati: "It would be mighty fine if the island had a surfboard somewhere," Melati replied, then paused. "And what she said." She thumbed at Teagan.

Tigra: "I would totally agree with those guys right there." Greer told Doug.

Watcher: No, she was much more interested in who could be used for the more exciting field work. "Treasure though, not certain we'll actually find something but there are a few things to poke around farther down. There are a few wreckages anyway."

Watcher: "Are we game?"

Doug: His face was finally cracking into the grin it had wanted to go into when Tigra said that.

Tigra: "Treasure!" she bounced excitedly.

Teagan: "Sounds doable. In."

Christopher: Chris laughed a little. "Tigra you're so cute."

Tigra: "I know!" she grinned at Chris.

Melati: "Oh, you meant that kind of booty," Mel said, sounding somewhat disappointed.

Tigra: "All kinds of booty!" Greer assured Melati.

Christopher: Chris gave Tigra's butt a squeeze. "We can't get both?"

Sooraya: "Well, old ships should be interesting." And something to focus on other than everyone's talk of booty. Sooraya was definitely in.

Watcher: "In that case, follow me." She happily slipped ahead, leading the way.

Melati: "Well, if you're offering that generously..." Melati smirked, her tail swinging about so the tip ended up smacking Chris' fiance on the other butt-cheek. "Wreck diving would be wicked."

Tigra: She jumped at little at the smack with the tail and grinned at Melati, "I like you."

Christopher: "I think we should just drag our new friend off to a nice secluded place and search for our own booty." Chris kissed Greer's cheek, his hand still on her butt.

Tigra: "I think you already found some." she smirked back at him..

Watcher: The lizard girl was moving up in her respects as well though she wasn't sure the rebellious history would be what they were looking for in the end. She made her way along, purposefully stumbling as she was snagged by some of the undergrowth as the treeline was encroaching on the beach.

Tigra: Greer reached to steady the woman leading them without thinking about it.

Malice: At the touch, Malice left her host for the sometimes fuzzy girl, doing her utmost to not announce her presence in any way. She had no interest in taking control, just observing and seeing if she was worthy.

Malice: The host pulled herself up with the help, gladly thanking her and walking on just according to plan.

Tigra: Greer smiled at her, "No problem," she looked up into the trees at the sound of a bird and paused, cocking her head. But the lure of shinies was stronger than birdies sinces she'd eaten so she was able to dissuade the feral from a game of chase in favour of treasure.

Christopher: Chris gave Tigra's butt another squeeze and then decided he should prolly move his hand.

Melati: "How long can we stay, anyway," Melati asked, jumping over a couple of taller roots and rocks. "Am in no rush to fly home again, to be honest. Less so since I've been threatened with classes." Frowning, she gave the others a look. "Here I had hoped that whole school thing was just a front."

Malice: Well, this was...a bit more primal than she was accustomed to. A bit more primal and a bit more crowded. Two is company but three is a crowd. Malice made sure to keep her distance as much as possible as she judged the mutant at hand.

Tigra: "School is good. Can't get no education otherwise with the mutant thingy." She hopped up into a tree and climbed up to see if she could see where they were going.

Malice: Effective, suited to obeying as the idea of a pack hierarchy was well established and that was quite handy to work with. There was a certain level of blood hunger in ferals that could be quite fun for certain roles...

Melati: "We don't need no education," she began to sing, then hummed to herself as she raised the bottle to her lips again. "Learning by doing is where it's at."

Sooraya: "The classes are quite nice. I had been worried that there wouldn't be enough focus given to them but the staff is really quite knowledgable."

Tigra: Oooh bug... stalky stalk stalk.... pounce. Dead bug.... Ewww nasty.... she spat it out.

Malice: Ugh Next, please! Malice shifted about, looking for her next exit and host.

Malice: She could appreciate the ferociousness of the feral...but not the bugs.

Teagan: She suddenly realized one of her other eyeballs was now getting sandy. She took it out and popped it in her mouth, swooshing it around and spitting it back out, hoping she got all the sand off. She did. She popped it in again and grinned, pleased at herself.

Tigra: She dropped down to the ground again, the trees were too dense to see properly, she scented the air instead. "... That is so icky and cool..." she eyed Teagan.

Christopher: "Teagan ya gotta let me study you. I could learn soooo much biology!"

Sooraya: "You know, I did not think I would hear you discuss biology and actually mean the subject..."

Melati: "I don't think he really meant it," Melati remarked with a chuckle.

Tigra: "Biology is awesome! I wanna work in genetics."

Christopher: "Biology is the degree I'm trying to finish."

Teagan: "You know there's probably a whole file on me somewhere, you wouldn't be the first to crack me open. Mind you, you have to work fast. I mend quickly." She looked to Tigra. "Trick to being icky and cool is to do it with no regard to anyone around you."

Sooraya: "Ah, that's quite nice. I imagine you study with Dr. Scott and Dr. McCoy a good deal then."

Tigra: "I did that with the fishy but they still said I was just icky... I'm not doing it right.... Teach me oh wise one."

Christopher: "When I'm not busy as hell with my internship."

Melati: "Believe it or not, I'm not too awful at biology myself," Melati said, gesturing at the others with her half-empty bottle. "Even though I mostly majored in the... symbiotic.... relationship... of the birds and the bees." She nodded. "Yeah, that's it. No, seriously. I actually went to school, you know?"

Tigra: She laughed at Melati and gave her a shove, "You're terrible! I love it!"

Christopher: "Yeah I've been focusing on mating lately. My next paper is going to be over a few new ways to mate endangered species."

Alibi: "I'm not too into squishy sciences." Doug said awkwardly. He hadn't been paying that much attention to things. He'd been paying more attention to the gameboy than the conversation.

Malice: With that shove came a new, scaley host as her original host finally led them to the wreckage along the smaller beach.

Tigra: "But they're fun and squishy! Though actually I like chemistry a lot too..."

Alibi: "Too unpredictable." Doug shook his head. "Medicine is so uncertain. Most of the squishy sciences are. With tech, you can make predictions that are more likely to come true. Like with medicine, you can give someone a standard treatment, and you have no guarantee that they will live. But I can look at say, a motherboard, and I can tell that it is a lost cause or if something can be salvaged and if nothing else, replace the stupid thing."

Christopher: "I'm so much better with the squishy stuff. Chem is okay but I'm not as good at it as Greer."

Sooraya: "It is all quite interesting...I think I am much more suited for words, however."

Melati: Melati stumbled a few steps sideways and tried not to spill her drink, wrapping her tail around a palm-tree to catch herself. "Hey, I'm pretty much unique," she replied, laughing. "Does that count as being endangered? And who do I get to mate with then?"

Alibi: "Linguistics or writing?" Doug asked.

Tigra: "Meeee!" Greer told Melati, "We're both totally endangered."

Christopher: "I'm so getting an A!" Chris laughed. "I'll get the camera and we can meet back at the beach in twenty?" He gave them a wink.

Sooraya: "Writing, I'm going into journalism." She answered Doug, picking her way into the water as they came up to one of the half beached ship skeletons.

Alibi: "That, is awesome." Doug grinned. "I have a real appreciation for writing and writers, as a result. Though I sometimes take issue with the bias of journalists on some websites." He admitted. "I'm more of a fan of neutral journalism. I want to know an even account and both sides of the story."

Malice: Malice couldn't help but find herself disappointed as she picked her way through her current host's brain. The girl was a bit softer on the inside than she would have guessed from the outside. This type of insecurity could be picked at but it also could be unpredictable. Damn, she had liked this one, too.

Melati: "If you believe you're getting an A for trying to save an endangered species by mating two females with each other, I might have bad news for you." Melati chuckled at Chris, before stepping back to the others, basically falling against Tigra as she wrapped an arm around her. "Don't let that stop you, though."

Alibi: "Don't let it stop you, and please film." Doug agreed.

Tigra: "Where there's a will there's a way. It requires hours and hours of research though. Up for it?" She purred and licked Melati's cheek.

Malice: Still, this was a very comfortable mind to visit. Maybe if she ever needed to hop a body at the mansion she'd make another stop here.

Malice: The ones that could get riled up were always the fun hosts to poke at, after all. The docile ones got so boring and this one had some fire to her. Plus she seemed to be getting licked which wasn't bad at all.

Christopher: "This is Mccoy we're talking about. He'd prolly pay to see that."

Melati: "I can do one better," Mel replied, showing off her reptilian tongue as she returned the licks. "Hey, weren't you getting married or something? Not that I'd really care, unless people get jealous enough to start throwing things at me."

Sooraya: "I was of the understanding that Dr. McCoy had a male significant other who partaked in twinkies with him." That had been before her time, however, so Sooraya wasn't sure about the validity of what she was reporting at the moment. "But that does not automatically withdraw his interests, however, so the point is moot."

Tigra: She giggled, "Aww he's not a dirty old man... well maybe a little... but I think maybe it'd traumtise him with us being his students and everything..." She smiled at Melati, "I think Chris already gave us permission so we're good."

Christopher: "I think Mccoy would watch anything once."

Christopher: "And if I say they're succesfully mating then boom. I'll have him hooked."

Alibi: "I used to think that. But you learn better once you've been to 4chan." Doug joked.

Sooraya: "What is 4chan?"

Malice: As she waited for another touch to jump to a new and unexplored host, Malice didn't even bother to resist the temptation to dig up some annoyances for Melati, mentally humming.

Malice: Eeeeeh Macarena!

Alibi: Doug opened his mouth and then closed it, squinted and then decided to just say, "It's a blackhole for the soul of the internet. Abandon all hope of taste ye who enter that place." He smiled.

Tigra: "And bring brain bleach." she nodded sagely, "Never hurts to be prepared."

Melati: "Sweet!" She looked back over her shoulder and grinned at Chris. "You guys make sure to invite me to your bachelor parties." Then she felt the sudden urge to twitch. "Gosh, no matter where you go, people play the same lame ass beach music," she muttered, glaring into the distance.

Sooraya: "...I shall do my best to avoid this dark place."

Alibi: "Urban Dictionary defines it as the sphincter of the internet where integrity goes to die." Doug nodded. "You should not go there, unless you ever feel like you've seen it all and nothing surprises you anymore thus have no more reason to live... it'll either kill you off and finish the job, or make you run like hell and decide you should live after all."

Tigra: "Huh?" Greer looked at her, her ears turning in the direction Melati was glaring.

Malice: Was it mature? No, was it one of her favourite things to do to hosts who didn't realize she was in there? Yes, oh yes it was.

Melati: Mel pinched the bridge of her nose and slightly shook her head. "Ugh, that last beer must have been a bad one." As she tried to banish the mental images of middle aged men performing a retarded dance, she stumbled forward, catching herself by wrapping her tail around the next best thing - which happened to be Doug.

Malice: There we go now! Malice rolled forward into her new host at the stumbling. Travelling by tail was a new one but she would live with that.

Doug: "Whoa, nooo touchie." He said impersonating a character off a Disney show. He flushed a little though.

Tigra: Greer worked to steady, Melati too, her enhanced strength once again proving useful. "Its okay. I can fix that maybe."

Malice: ...This guy had way too much time on his hands. Sure, having a language-based power was something of an excuse for the myriad of what Malice was going to term as 'hooplah' in here but surely there was a line.

Malice: Plus, unless they were going to go all Book of Enoch and whisper a race into war, Malice wasn't really sure of what use this one could be to them...but you never knew, did you?

Melati: "Wow, must be a stiff breeze going through that forest," Mel said, holding on to Doug And Tigra as she steadied herself. "Nearly took me off my feet." She frowned and shook her head. Strange, she didn't feel that drunk, actually.

Sooraya: "Everyone okay?" Sooraya asked, glancing back from the ships.

Tigra: "Well you're leaning on the right person - I have enhanced strength and excellent balance."

Melati: "A-ok, sister." Mel gave her the thumbs-up. "Just a little disagreement with the local underbrush."

Doug: "Breeze?" He shook his head. He was burning to death. He rubbed his head and winced. He didn't usually get headaches like this. He rubbed his neck and sighed, looking back at his game boy instead of the others. Drunk people played hell with his abilities at the best of times. And everyone here was really messing with his head today.

Malice: This one had his uses, creative uses. He might not be a good fit for one of the roles she had been sent out to cast but still, Malice found him quite interesting...although depressing in the fact he wasn't quite living up to his potential as far as she saw it. Too many people shied away from what they could really be.

Christopher: "You sure Melati?" He tried to look her over. "We can take a little rest if you need too."

Melati: She looked at Tigra. "Well, of course you do - you're a cat!" She sounded excited about that fact. "Wait, cats normally aren't super strong, are they? Okay, tigers maybe...."

Malice: When all things were said, however, she had to pay attention to the types that were most likely to see the wisdom in her employeer's cause and this one didn't really seem the type.

Tigra: She giggled, "I'm super special."

Christopher: "She is super special. It's one of the reasons I love her."

Malice: Plus, how on earth was he going to focus on one thing when he kept flitting about between conversations, his game boy, random questions to look up online later, and God knows what else? It was enough to make Malice dizzy.

Doug: He flicked a look up at her and smiled a bit. That was one way to put it he thought. He smothered a snicker of amusement. "Maybe we could sit down for a second." He said. He looked back down at the game. If someone looks up and to the right, they are generally visual people who are fabricating something. If they look to the left, they are remembering. Unless they are left-handed and then it is reversed.

Malice: No, linguistic tilt-a-whirl boy was not a good vehicle for her. It was like there was some sort of autodrive program installed that kept changing courses.

Melati: "Rest is for the weak and dead," Mel exclaimed, raising her bottle. "Though, finding a comfy spot in the shade wouldn't be too bad. You think I should maybe sober up a little before going wreck diving?"

Tigra: "Probably... not sure they'd be happy if we brought a drowned lizard home with us... and you're too big for me to dispose of the evidence all by myself." she giggled.

Doug: "Definitely." Doug said, looking for some shade. "I feel a bit dizzy from the sun." He told them. I wonder if I used the other string of code if it would help... Deadgirl is a bit creepy reminds me of that chick on corpse bride, I wonder what Darren would think of... I can't wait to see... wonder how Callie is doing...

Sooraya: Sooraya's brow furrowed, hoping Tigra wasn't joking about having Melati...sleep with the fish as it were.

Tigra: "Shade is good. Fur and sun don't mix that great... better in the trees..."

Malice: Oh, neurotic people. She had her fill of them ever since the Lorna incident. That had not been fun.

Melati: "You know, I'd be less concerned about you actually trying to eat me hadn't I seen you devour that fish earlier," Melati commented, squinting at Tigra. "Unless that's code for some strange kink. In that case I'm game, of course."

Malice: Now, only a few more people to flit through. The red haired girl that had went quiet was particularly interesting due to her power so Malice considered her shortlisted all ready. Pinky had the family connection, so that left Miss Sandy and Mr. I have a Penis.

Tigra: "I'm very kinky. Chris can vouch for that."

Christopher: "Mmm god yes she is." Chris kissed her.

Malice: It was a good start, anyway. Once she was abroad there would be many more mutants to comb through.

Doug: As he sat down he was thinking in French that the sandfleas were going to get up his buttcrack. He even put down his gameboy, rubbing his head. Need to look up the symptoms of heatstroke later. Wait, if I have heatstroke, then I won't be able to. "She's not going to eat you." Doug assured. "At least not like that." He rolled his eyes in amusement. "Can someone feel if I have a fever?" He asked.

Tigra: Greer looked at Doug, then at her furry hands, then at Doug again, "Nope."

Malice: Why hello again, jumping point, now for another. She waited in Tigra now, looking forward to finishing up here

Melati: "Sure thing, can do." Mel stepped up to Doug and reached out. Instead of placing a hand on his forehead, however, she promptly stuck a finger into his mouth. "Nope, feels fine to me," she said, thoughtful expression on her face.

Tigra: "Maybe just not used to being outside?" Greer suggested, cracking up at Melati's method.

Doug: "That was... unique. I mean I heard of people using their lips because it's more sensitive than their fingers, but... never taking it by finger in the mouth." He tried not to think about things that could be on her hand. Ew ew ew. "Very possible. Outside is so very... outside." He cringed. "Give me a computer lab with temperature control any day."

Tigra: "But that's boring, Dougie, you gotta live a little."

Doug: "I liiiiike boring. It's not as dramatic and dangerous and... the bugs don't bite your skin." He snickered.

Tigra: "Bedbugs do..."

Melati: "Really? You think I'm doing it wrong?" A mischievous smirk curled the edge of Mel's mouth. "Well, if you say I gotta use my lips..." She promptly leaned down and kissed Doug, whether he liked it or not.

Doug: "ACK Girlfriend Girlfriend I have one!" He flailed. "I meant on the forehead!"

Tigra: Greer fell over laughing again, "Melati I love you!"

Christopher: Chris laughed. "I think I'm falling for her too!"

Doug: Doug blushed so hard his ears were read. He was already figuring out what kind of flowers to get Callie. Not his fault, but he was still not used to this dating thing and well, he was sure this was on the list of things not to do.

Melati: Leaning back, Mel licked her lips and frowned. "Yep, definitely feels hotter that way," she said, flashing Doug a grin. "Anyone else feel sickly?" Standing back up, she spun around and raised her arms in excitement.

Tigra: "If you're gonna kiss me like that I'm certainly tempted to say yes."

Christopher: "I'd say yes but Greer would rip my face off."

Melati: Raising the bottle to her lips for another long swig, Mel shrugged. "Alright, can still use the old-school rectal method on you then," she said, forming a wry grin.

Tigra: Greer giggled harder and curled up on the sand.

Christopher: "Only if I get to use mine on you."

Tigra: "Awww now I can share... but I get to test the method first," she rolled onto her back and beckoned Chris over.

Christopher: "Which one is that? Cuz I'd rather somewhere more private if I'm taking my pants off." Chris walked over to her slowly.

Melati: She smirked. "Thinking about it, I have been feeling a little woozy lately." Mel found a comfy spot in the shade to sit down. "Better save than sorry, no?"

Christopher: "Come on Melati we need to figure out the good angles." He laughed.

Tigra: "Aww now you're chickening out too?"

Malice: The moment they made the slightest contact, Malice lost no time to hitch a new ride. Now this one had his mind filled with mostly one thing at the moment. Or rather two things, to be precise.

Doug: Doug disappeared to find brain bleach and repress all memories of today so far.

Melati: Mel huffed. "What? No way! I meant I might be need to have my own temperature checked." She laughed.

Tigra: "Oh well that can be arranged." Greer promptly walked over to her and kissed her.

Sooraya: Where was Doug going? No, she can't have been abandoned here now, surely.

Christopher: "Aww no fun for me?" Chris laughed a little and got comfortable against a tree.

Sooraya: "I'll just...go keep Doug company." She cleared her throat and quickly made her exit after him.

Christopher: "Aww looks like we're running everyone off."

Melati: She had no inhibitions to run her hand through Tigra's hair as she was kissed by the other girl, gladly returning the favour. "Hey, who says I don't want a second opinion?" She showed Chris a smirk, glancing over his fiance's shoulder.

Malice: "If you don't mind, I will make sure your friends stay safe and won't get lost," their guide announced. "The island can be more deceiving than people think." She casually touched the man's shoulder, soon feeling the familiar presence in her mind.

Christopher: "Ooof." Chris pulled himself up and made his way over to the girls. "Hi there."

Tigra: "Thanks!" Greer called after their guide, then pulled Chris down to their level.

Christopher: "Ack." He laughed as he was pulled ontop of them.

Malice: While continuing to observe those three certainly was an intriguing idea on itself, it wasn't crucial to her actual objective. On the other hands, the fact they split up should make her task that much easier.
"The secondary penis slides into view. And they all lived happily ever after."
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