12/10 Game: Call Yourselves Heroes

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12/10 Game: Call Yourselves Heroes

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sun Dec 11, 2011 12:48 am

timeline: Tuesday, November 11th

Melati: "Hey, Mister change-driver, I think you forgot to hand me back my taxi..." Melati looked over her shoulder and saw that the others were already walking up the driveway. "You know what, keep it." She waved at the man behind the wheel and swerved a little as she stepped away from the car, hurrying to catch up.

Jean-Paul: "Taxi drivers never give the right change here, I'm convinced." Jean-Paul declared, stopping on his journey up to the school and raising his drink to that statement. "I think they make beds and roll in it at the end of the week."

Toxic: Adam was...doing what Adam was doing best, which was best left as unknown and not asked too many questions about. Currently, he was bouncing - literally - up the outside of the school, then back down again. Then back up. Muttering to himself the whole time, occasionally hanging off the brickwork by his blades.

Noriko: Noriko was yawning as she trudged down the stairs to the front door, paper clips in hand and hair on end. She'd like control of her powers properly now kthanks it'd mean a full nights sleep. Muttermuttermutter.

Melati: "So that's where all my spare change is going." She squinted, trying to focus her eyes on Jean-Paul, while rummaging through the pockets of her jacket until she produced something to drink. "I was also pretty sure we drove past the same pizza shack three times."

Danny: Danny tried balancing the round wooden ball on his knuckles and sighed as he walked down the hall, his glass of water in his other hand.

Scott: Scott was lying in his bed, reading the latest Flavia de Luce crime novel. From time to time a giggle escaped from his lips.

Toxic: He was blurring around the edges, an eye twitching gently, occasionally squeaking to himself in amidst the mutters. Nonononono, nono. That couldn't be right. Damnit!

Melati: A frown furrowed Melati's brow when they slowly made their way up towards the school and caught sight of the shadowy figure bouncing up and down the side of the building. "The hell? Tell me you see that too."

Noriko: Noriko met the front door face first and fumbled at keys and handle, after awhile the door was opened and the cold air met the very well wrapped up girl defending against it. "Haha defeated I will stay warm!" stepping out she breathed slowly and started unravelling her paperclips.

Danny: He turned a corner and knocked on Johnny's bedroom door.

Sue: Sue swore quietly, trying not to wake Marrina up as she defended her flag.

Johnny: Johnny heard the knock and ignored it, rolling over and placing his pillow over his head.

Scott: "Oh Falvia, you screwy-headed little oddball." He took a sip from his hot chocolate.

Melati: "Place sure is busy around this time," Melati commented, watching the front door opening. "Kinda awesome... can't wake up many people that way..." She waved, causing another swerve as she briefly lost balance. "Oi! Nooorikooo!"

Doug: Doug was sleeping, his face planted on his keyboard. The little character he had was long since dead and looted, as he snored into the keys.

Marrina: Marrina groaned and sat up . "What are you doing, Sue?" She asked groggily.

Danny: Danny waited patiently. With a sigh, he used the ball to knock harder on the door.

Sue: Sue bit her lip and glanced over, "Sorry Marrina... was trying not to wake you..."

Johnny: "Go away!" he called, voice partially muffled.

Danny: "Please, open." He insisted.

Toxic: And said shadowy figure floated serenely from the school, spotting figures weaving up to it. Drunk people! Oooooh...dropping suddenly in front of them, he grinned. Manically. "HAAAAI."

Clarice: Clarice rolled over in her bed, Kermit clutched to her chest as she snored, ".... Gnaaaaaaaaaaark, gnoc, gnoc, gnoc ...... Gnaaaaaaaaaaaark ....."

Marrina: Marrina rubbed her eyes and got up to see what she was doing.

Noriko: Noriko jumped through the sleep drugged brained, figured out who it was and waved. "Hey Melati!.... you ok?" ruffling her her back down and about to sort her paperclips out when "Ahh!" Jumped and sparking as Toxic scarred the static out of her.

Danny: "Johnny... I really need to speak with you."

Sue: "Haha! Take that you tiny bastard!" the Gnome made a pathetic groan sound and promptly died. "Steal our flag will you..." she went back to patrolling.

Johnny: "Ugh..." Johnny had an epic battle with the sheets, attempting to untangle himself as he rolled out of bed, about falling over. Yawning, he moved to the door, opening it as he raked a hand through his hair, "What do you want?"

Carol: Of course, this meant that the other shadowy figure was going completely unnoticed. Once sure it was going ignored, it allowed itself a smirk of contempt and edged around the corner.

Danny: "I need to explain to you what is happening." He said firmly.

Johnny: He blinked, scrubbing at his face, "What the hell are you going on about?"

Marrina: Marrina just stared at the screen. "Uhmm... what is that?"

Danny: "Can I come in?" He asked, noticing a scrutinizing tone.

Melati: "Hey, Nori! I'm gre... whaoholyshit!" Melati stumbled backwards when the spazzy dude appeared in front of her, nearly causing her to drop the bottle. Much fumbling prevented the worst, and she got away with only a stained top. "Geez, dude! Don't you know it's dangerous to scare drunk people? We know drunken boxing... and shit."

Sue: "Warcraft." the opposing team had more people as they made another attempt but she had a healer with her so she wasn't worried.

Noriko: "No worries Melati it's Toxic he's a friend... and sudden." eyeing Tox up.

Johnny: He just stared, blinking. "I... guess..."

Scott: Scott just had finished his cup and with a sigh he rose from the bed to make another cup. He slipped into his comfortable dinosaur feet slippers and went downstairs.

Toxic: "I know where you live." The grin, it was all in the grin, and it was unhinged as all hell tonight. Adam was not having a good night. Seeing people hanging from meathooks tended to ruin a mood. "I am a niiiinjaaaaa. Of blood. And death. And bunnies." Twitch the meds weren't heeeeelpiiiiing...

Marrina: "What are you trying to do?" She squinted trying to see.

Melati: "You alright, mate," she asked Jean-Paul, turning around to look for him. "Hey, where are... oh..." Obviously he had decided that it was too much hassle to climb all the stairs to his room, and so lay curled up against one of the marble statues on Xavier's front lawn. "Ah, he's okay..."

Danny: He stepped in and shut the door behind him. "Where's your roommate?" Danny asked curiously.

Noriko: Noriko edged round Toxic, as much as she liked him he could be alittle scary looking........ "You have fun out tonight Melati?"

Johnny: Johnny shrugged, "I don't know... What do you want?"

Carol: God, these...children...were useless. She didn't even have to try, as she easily avoided the cameras and snuck closer to the front door, a good distance away from the group talking in the cold.

Sue: "Defend the flag." Sue pointed at the red flag on the screen, "While the rest of the team is going to steal there nice pretty blue flag.... oh her they are. Yay! We win!"

Danny: "It's just strange that your roommate isn't here. He's the Lizardy one right?"

Marrina: "Woo?" She pulled a chair next to Sue.

Johnny: "Not really..." he shook his head, "But, yeah..."

Clarice: ".... Gnaaaaaaaark, gnoc, gnoc, gnoc ...."

Sue: "Yes. Woo indeed... oh I can have new shinies!" she hopped on her mount and headed off to a gear peddler.

Melati: "Bunnies of bloody death?" Melati squinted at Adam. "You sure you didn't fall asleep to the wrong movie?" She turned to look at Noriko, a wry smile curling the edge of her lips. "You can count on that, girl. Not having fun isn't an option when I go out."

Scott: He heard voices here and there as he was walking through the corridors. Oh well, not his problem. Did they still have marshmallows? Marshmallows would be good now...

Melati: She held up her bottle. "Drink?"

Toxic: "I keep seeing things. Are you seeing things? I keep telling myself they're not real but my mind thinks they are and it's really freaking me the fuck out and the meds aren't working and - did you hear that? I'm sure I heard something. Someone's sneaking up on us. The school's being attacked!! 'Bout bloody time!" The paranoid wreck muttered to himself again.

Danny: "How are your other students?"

Toxic: "Drink bad."

Marrina: "I'll never understand video games..."

Johnny: "Um? Sleeping? Like I want to be..."

Noriko: Noriko head tilted at the alcohol bottle and shook her head. "Not at the moment powers are acting up....... Toxic I can't hear or see anything else out here besides us..... you want I should take you to Dr McCoy?"

Danny: "And... how is your sister?" He asked, looking down at his feet.

Johnny: So that's what this was about... He sighed, "Perfectly fine."

Toxic: "Nononono no doctors, I'm fine, I just hear things sometimes and see them too and I know there's no fire but everything's burning sometimes and then there's the bodies." Adam paused for a moment. "...Oh, I have meds. They're just...not...working...sorry, you're new and haven't seen me have a bad turn. Say hai to a bad turn!"

Sue: "Games are easy... you can start a character if you want."

Noriko: "Hai?" Backing off a little more *just in case*.

Marrina: "Uhmm... yeah? You gonna help me?"

Melati: "Should take him to a bar instead," Melati remarked, before raising the bottle to her mouth to have another swig. "No better meds than a stiff drink, if you ask me."

Danny: "I apologize for inconveniencing you and having to discuss this... I just feel like I owe you an apology for letting her down."

Sue: "Sure," she smiled, "How about we get some tea or something first? I could use some."

Toxic: "Drinkmakesmeworseandverysick." He took a deep breath.

Melati: She leaned closer to Noriko and frowned. "Is he like that often?"

Johnny: "Trust me... It's fine."

Marrina: "Sure." Marrina yawned a little. "I need something to wake me up."

Noriko: "I'd suggest sweets but he's twitchy enough as it is....." raising an eyebrow at him, and hair raising with it as the static crackled again.

Scott: Scott burrowed through the cupboards, trying to remember where the chocolate mix was again. From time to time he could hear Calvin's latest invention skitter through the dark. Now really, where did he get the idea of a steam-powered knife sharpener from?

Noriko: "Not often but often enough..." She whispered back.

Sue: Sue logged off and shut her laptop, reaching for her robe, "Okay, tea and lessons." she grinned.

Toxic: "No. Promise." Adam scrubbed his dreads and smoothed his gloves down his coat, trying to get his thoughts in order. "It's just my mind. Being a fuck. Um. I-I..." He stared at something past Melati's shoulder. "Somebody please tell me that there's...uuuuh...nevermind..." Stop. Staring. They'll think you're CRAZY.

Danny: "Do I need to apologize to her as well?" He inquired.

Noriko: "Toxic? you want to go inside for tea or something? get you away from all these shadows they can't be helping...."

Johnny: Johnny shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose, "No, you should totally leave her alone."

Toxic: "No shadows when everything's burning."

Marrina: "Lessons?" Marrina adjusted her tank top.

Danny: "Should I be apologizing to anybody? Who else should I talk to?"

Scott: "Ah, there we go!" Chocolatey goodness was finally in his reach. Now, where was the milk?

Johnny: "No one at this ridiculous hour."

Noriko: She looked at him, she liked him but hells he was weird sometimes, muttering something in japanese she shrugged. "Well I need to go ground... want to get away from the burny building Toxic?"

Melati: "I would suggest kitchen, but I'm not sure if he should be around sharp things," Melati said, taking another swallow from the bottle, then gesturing towards the front door. "Then again, kitchen would be most awesome."

Sue: "Yeah on how to play the game... leaving the laptop here though we can bring the tea up. Cold in the kitchen." she put her slippers on.

Toxic: "I has sharp things already!" He gave her a cracked grin and flicked out both blades. "Seeeeeeeeeeeeee."

Marrina: "Cold doesn't bother me." She waited for Sue to be ready and opened the door.

Danny: "Well... I've been dwelling on it a lot lately... You may have heard." I really want to avoid the details.

Noriko: Noriko jumped backwards with a squeak away from the blades, scrabbling onto the stair rail staring at him.

Johnny: Sighing, Johnny moved to sit down at his desk chair since Danny apparently wasn't taking the hint, trying really hard not to glare at the interruption. Who would want to be awake right now to talk with their sister's ex about their sister? "Well, I'm sorry?"

Melati: "Neat." She arched an eyebrow. "Spazzy paranoia and emo knives in one package. Can't see anything that could go wrong here."

Toxic: "I stab people."

Toxic: "Uuuh." Adam blinked. "...Only I don't. Sorry."

Noriko: Noriko paled at this point, one leg already over the rail just in case of emergencies and stabbing. "Errrr............"

Danny: "I feel like I need to make it up to people... specifically you and your sister."

Toxic: Adam realised he'd possibly gone too far, snapping them away. "Um. Okay, I have stabbed two students. But both had good reason. One punched me and the other tried to kill my bunny...I won't stab you, promise." See that grin? That cracked but hopeful one?

Johnny: "You don't." Ugh, he was so weird.

Sue: "Well it bothers me and it's my laptop so ner," she poked her tongue out at Marrina and opened the door to step into the hall.

Marrina: "Wimp." She bumped her hip into Sue as she walked by.

Sue: She laughed and bumped back.

Noriko: Ok that earned a slightly less fleeing look on the tiny girls features as she sat on the rail, boots dangling far from the floor. "Well thats better I suppose?"

Danny: "Well... if I could ... help you? In some way? Clean my conscience..."

Marrina: Marrina giggled. "So what are you even supposed to do in that game?"

Sue: "Level up, get shinies, go to dungeons to get more shinies..."

Melati: "Guess that's fair enough." Melati cocked her head and gave the seemingly unstable dude a dubious look. "For a moment I thought we were getting mugged here. Shame, really... some fun would have been neat around now."

Carol: The door was nearly in reach. She reached up to get the handle and...and...and suddenly everything was loud. Oh for - who alarmed their front door that securely? Really? She froze as every conceivable noise went off. What sick fuck used a strangled chicken for an alarm?!

Danny: Danny heard the sound and froze, looking to the door behind him.

Clarice: Clarice awoke with a start, clutching Kermit to her chest, what the ever-loving eff was that!?

Sue: Sue shrieked and vanished from view, "What the fuck is that?!"

Toxic: As soon as the alarm hit, however...Adam was instantly up in the air, a long, violent stream of Irish swears turning the air around him blue as his eyes suddenly flared red. "I toooooold you! Listen to the paranoid little Irish fuck next time!"

Johnny: "Well, you could go away," Johnny answered, hopping up at the alarm and pushing past Danny.

Noriko: Noriko freaked at that point, all that built up charged getting flung outwards in every viable directions as a *Get it away from me now* even sparking it off the railings.

Scott: Scott looked up surprisedly from his steaming cup of hot coco. "Oh crap it..." He put it down and ran towards the front door.

Danny: Danny held onto Johnny's arm. "Not so fast, we're not done."

Marrina: "What the hell!" She hid behind Sue until she noticed Sue was gone. "Sue!"

Johnny: He shrugged Danny off, "Obviously we are because I'm going to find out what's going on."

Sue: Sue reappeared, covering her ears, "Sorry! Reflex!"

Danny: "No you're not." He reached for the metal folding chair. "Hey, Johnny."

Melati: "Hey! Someone listened to me!" Melati stared up at the building to watch the flashing lights and listen to the blaring noise. "Where are you going? It wasn't me, promised!"

Clarice: For a few confused seconds she peered around the room, utterly confused, looking for the chicken in distress, before throwing the covers off and dropping Kermit onto her pillow, porting down to the rec room.

Marrina: "It's okay." She grabbed onto her arm.

Clarice: "Hello? What the heck is that?"

Carol: Oh look, the noise woke up the kiddies. The electric charge that was suddenly flung randomly was simply shrugged off, and she stood, dusting her hands. "...Oh dear, dear me...looks like the jig is up." She smiled happily, spreading her arms wide. "Come to take me away, ha ha?"

Johnny: Johnny turned around and raised an eyebrow, "I don't ha--"

Danny: Danny swung the chair down onto Johnny's head and smiled as he watched him drop to the floor. he dropped the chair, and hurried out of the room, shutting the door behind him.

Sue: Sue made the both of them invisible, "Come on, let's go and see what's going on..."

Scott: Scott looked wide-eyed at the intruder. "Who are you, lady?"

Noriko: Noriko starred at the Lady standing there for a second and went for it she didn't recognise her and she'd just set off the alarms. The static powers got discharged right at the strange intruder, Noriko's eyes glowing eerily in the dark.

Marrina: "Yeah." Marrina held onto her tightly and followed where she led.

Clarice: She heard the now familiar sound of electricity discharging and ran towards the sound, at the front door, "Riko!?"

Carol: "Awww. Zappy. Cute." She laughed, the crackles snapping over her and not even making her twitch. "Can AI make a speech? I have one all prepared, I do, let me just...try to find it..." She started patting down the tight black leather outfit she was wearing - built to sneak in.

Sue: At the top of the stairs she could see the front door was open and hurried down them to see what the problem was, keeping both her and Marrina completely invisible.

Melati: Melati had another drink and watched. Things didn't make much sense at the moment, but the lights sure were pretty.

Scott: "You have no pockets, woman..." He stepped closer to the intruder.

Noriko: Noriko backed off a little ready to run or charge. "My static isn't working apparently Scott......"

Carol: The next thing that happened, unfortunately for Scott, was a kick that could have felled a horse heading straight for his stomach.

Clarice: Clarice skidded to a stop and blinked (her eyes that is), "What's going on, who's that lady?"

Melati: "Hey, wait a second... is she supposed to be here?" Raising her hand, Melati pointed at the stranger in the tight black clothes. "I haven't seen her before, have I? Nooo...."

Carol: "Y' know, Ah think y'all might just be right there." She grinned, and it was a bright, happy grin. "Wanna help me remember it?

Melati: Her eyes narrowed. "Why the hell is everyone fighting?"

Scott: "Mother..." Mid-kick his instincts kicked in and he grew exponentially. Sure, he was still thrown back a bit, but at least he didn't rupture anything. Except a painting hanging on the wall he hit.

Toxic: "Attacky lady of death!" Adam decided right now was probably a good time to gibber. "Omigod we're going to die!!"

Melati: Then her frown deepened. "And why the hell am I not?"

Marrina: "What the hell is going on." She bit her lip and slipped her hand into Sue's.

Clarice: "Oh dear," Clarice said, before vanishing in a flash of pink light.

Sue: Sue gave Marrina's hand a squeeze, "We'll just stay invisible. Can't hit what you can't see, right?"

Carol: "'Cause y're drinkin', sweetheart." With barely a blur, the bottle was knocked out of Melati's hands. "...Oh yeah! Ah'm the femme fatale y'all don't wanna meet, the Southern Belle of y' nightmares! How's that sound?" She looked so happy. She'd remembered the speech!

Scott: He stumbled back up, still twice as tall as a normal human. And he grew a bit more, reaching out towards the woman. "We should talk, lady."

Marrina: "Yeah." She tried to keep her eyes open to see something.

Noriko: Noriko saw what happened to Scott and went for the charge approach, full super speed into the lady's side using her shoulder rather then powers.

Carol: "Naw, Ah don' think so." The blue-haired chick barreled into the hand as Carol kicked up into the air, kicking the...well, wasn't that a strange child...out of the air while she was there. "Hey, Ah'd hate y'all not t' have a decent shot at me...how 'bout Ah light things up a li'l?"

Carol: And suddenly, she became retina-burningly bright.

Melati: "Oi! The fuck!?" Melati blinked and stared after her bottle, watching in despair at it shattered against the stairs. Glaring at the stranger, her eyes narrowed. "Okay, girl, I have no idea who you are, and I'm not sure what's going on, but I know you're going to get your ass kicked." She slipped out of her jacket.

Noriko: Noriko squeeled in pain and rolled as she hit the floor dazed and out of it slightly, feeling the burning brightness through closed eyelids.

Toxic: Adam hit the ground hard, but bounced right up, the coat sliding off to reveal his uniform. "HAH. My paranoia wins again! Fuck you burning death wench!"

Scott: "Ouch! Oh for..." He closed his eyelids and simply jumped into the general direction of where the woman had been before she had started her light show. He was done trying to talk.

Sue: Sue put up a forcefield to protect her and Marrina, trying to expand it to cover the others too but she'd never really focused them before.

Melati: Quickly averting her eyes, Melati grimaced and held her hands up as a shield against the bright light. "Ow crap!"

Clarice: Clarice appeared from a portal behind the woman as the flash died away and grabbed her long blonde hair in both hands, using her momentum to jank her forwards by it, "You sure don't know how to act like a nice houseguest ma'am!"

Carol: Which meant Mr Tall and...Tall got a passenger. "Well, hello there, sweet thing...y'all kiss a girl on the first date?" She grinned. Then head-butted him in the jaw.

Noriko: Getting up and steadying herself, she made a mental note not to get into fights with Ankka from now on.

Carol: "OW! You bitch!" Little Miss Pink got one hell of a slap for that.

Clarice: The slap addled her brains for a few seconds as she flew back, then she came to her senses and a portal appeared behind her.

Toxic: Adam tried to use her blood to knock her out of the air - but there was no response. "...What the hell?" He tried again, but nothing. "...Oh hell..."

Noriko: "Guys I can't zap her! It's not working!"

Clarice: Another portal appeared and Clarice came flying backwards out of it to crash into the woman again.

Melati: Squinting into the dark, Melati tried to tell the actual people from dancing lights on her aching retinas. Eventually she was more or less sure to be aiming for the right person and tried to charge forward in a somewhat straight line. "Smile, bitch!" She swung a fist at the stranger.

Sue: "Maybe someone should get a teacher?" Sue offered, sounding a little wobbly.

Marrina: "Sue... we should go!" She squeezed her hand tightly.

Carol: "Oof-" Carol caught the pink chick...and grinned. "Well hello there. Ain't you a pretty one? Hey, lizardy chick! Have a bedwarmer!" And Melati suddenly had a pink girl thrown at her.

Toxic: "I can't move her! She's got blood but she's not moving!"

Noriko: Noriko blurred forward again, using a rail as a run up to jump, and in theory clothesline the annoying Baka.

Clarice: Clarice yelped, that was like hitting a brick wall! She landed ungraciously into Mel.

Melati: Something heavy smacked against her chest and Melati was thrown off her feet. "Oof!" They tumbled to the ground. "Really? Throwing with pink girls?" She sat up and shook her head. "Tell you what, sister, two can play at that game!" Wrapping her tail around Clarice's waist, she whipped it around to hurl her right back at the intruder.

Carol: "Well, Ah seem t' be gettin' girls thrown at me left right an' centre here!" Carol grinned maliciously as Noriko was caught next. No deaths? Hmph. Didn't mean she couldn't break people still, right? There was another flash of light and - and suddenly she was swiped out of the air by a...flying...pink girl...? "Oh sister, Ah ain' even begun here!"

Carol: So saying, both Clarice and Noriko were tossed back. Hard.

Noriko: Ow.

Melati: Scrambling back to her feet, Melati launched herself right after Clarice, jumping on their opponent's back. Wrapping her legs and her tail around the woman, she proceeded to close her arms around her foe's neck and squeezed as hard as possible.

Sue: Sue dropped her field and pulled Marrina away, trying to stay on her feet and keep them invisible, "Teacher..." she mumbled, dragging her around to the other side of the school.

Noriko: Noriko wriggled her way from under Clarice *carefully* and got up, figuring to hell with it she screamed in japanese and launched herself with Melati at the foe.

Carol: "Awwww. Choke hold? Well ain't that cute." Carol grinned viciously as her throat refused to be squeezed. "So. Read any good books lately? Or am Ah assumin' too much that you can read, scaley? Bet all th' boys love your brand of freaky fun."

Carol: She reached behind her with one hand, grabbing the back of Melati's shirt, pulling her over her shoulder and onto the ground with one hand hard before being florred herself by the tiny Japanese chick. "...Well...hello there..."

Clarice: "Uggghhh ..." Clarice groaned and rolled back up to her feet, "... I think she might be invulnerable guys ..." she hazarded, taking up a battle stance.

Noriko: Struggling up she drew back a fist and punched the woman, shoving her charged into it as well for good measure with the speed.

Toxic: "I can't do anything except blow her up or stab her-" Adam pulled out a taped tube, considering, crushing it and pulling the blood into a ribbon. "...Or this..."

Carol: She grinned as Noriko's fist actually bounced, a nasty crack coming from her knuckles. "Did that hurt, sugah?" She pulled Noriko down for a nice big kiss before shoving her off hard and pushing herself up. "Next!"

Clarice: "Look, why are you here? What do you want?" Clarice asked, circling closer.

Carol: "Mmmm..." Carol made a show of dusting herself down. "Well...y' see...a mommy and a daddy, when they love each other very, very much..."

Melati: "Oof!" Everything was spinning when Melati suddenly found herself on her back. "Hey, what the hell just happened. I didn't say playtime was over." She shook her head and sat up. "The hell? You ruined my shirt!"

Noriko: Noriko screeched as her knuckles broke, and yelping as she landed into something, dazed and slightly horrified by the kiss on top of the pain. "C-Clarice d-drop her in the lake!"

Clarice: Clarice smiled and a crystal javelin formed in her hands, "Good plan Riko," she threw it at the woman.

Noriko: Everything hurt right now and getting up was more problem then being able to fight right now, pushing her self up carefully avoiding the broken knuckles she tried to make her head stop spinning.

Carol: Carol did indeed disappear - she wasn't immune to teleportation, unfortunately - but accompanying a distant horrified shriek was a fast-approaching - in fact, supersonic - streak of very, very annoyed light. The grass was bursting into flames under her. "You brats! You fucking - you do not get Carol Danvers wet, y'all hear?"

Clarice: "You should answer plain questions then!" Clarice threw out a hand and pointed, a portal appearing right in front of of the speeding woman.

Melati: Back on her feet, Melati had raised her hands and taken on a fighting stance... when her opponent disappearing in a flash of light. "Hey! Where did she go! I wasn't done giving her a threshing yet."

Toxic: Adam stared at the flames. Just...stared. For a long moment. A considering look crossed his face as the blood wound round him, and he thought for a couple of moments. Then he screamed. It was high-pitched and terrified.

Noriko: "Some one get her in the fucking lake!" she screamed pushing herself running to Clarice's side, trying to see if she could run and catch up the women, no chance all sparked out for running at least.

Carol: The portal was avoided with millimetres to spare as the enraged human comet roared closer, hitting the middle of the three with something akin to a sonic boom.

Clarice_: Clarice screamed as she was sent flying into a wall with an audible crack.

Melati: Melati ducked and shielded her head with her arms when the impact sent her flying right into one of the large statues. She winced when several bones broke with an audible crack, then dropped to the ground.

Noriko: Noriko slammed into a statue, the scream cut off midway through as she met the stone, and a very pounded Noriko hit the floor in a small none glowy pile.

Carol: Carol winked out, standing in the crater, dusting her hands off. "Now that, children, is how y'all school people." She chuckled darkly. "You ain' really got a clue, have y'? You're all here playin' superhero 'til you can look in a mirror an' believe it, but when th' real thing arrives? You ain't got a leg to stand on, eh?"

Clarice_: Clarice crumpled at the bottom of the wall and let out a hiss, "You ... a hero?" She ground out before pulling herself up against the wall ... oh she'd broken a few ribs, "We're ... not finished yet, ma'am."

Toxic: The screaming stopped when he ran out of breath. About the same time as he flailed and the blood he was controlling splatted wetly over Carol's face. And then scabbed.

Melati: "Can you do anything except talk big," Melati asked, struggling to drag herself back on her feet, wiping some blood from her lips with the back of her hand.

Carol: "Yeah, actually, now y'all menti-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!" Carol flailed as the blood scabbed in her mouth, trying to claw it off.

Clarice_: ".... Told you," Clarice allowed herself a smirk.

Noriko: Noriko whimpered as she came round, somethings must be broken aside from her hand because dear gods it hurt, even with the pain she pushed up and spotted at the of the crater powerlines and a water later. Surge put her name to good use and the last of her power super charged the junction box beneath the southern bitch.

Carol: She pulled the giant scab off - in time to hear the crackle of electricity. She looked down to see the box shudder and that she was in about half a foot of water. "Awwww heeeell you kids are way too much effort..." She complained. Then the entire thing exploded into a rather pretty fireball.

Clarice_: Clarice raised an arm with a wince to try and shield her face from the fireball.

Noriko: Noriko was awake long enough to see her pretty fireball engulf the woman. "Fuck you lady." First english swearwords uttered she dropped back down onto the floor exhausted in every way, luckily only getting a little singed by the fireball. Mmmm burning hair.

Melati: Deciding that her attack could wait another moment, Melati stopped her charge and ducked away from the fireball instead. She peered into the smoke and dust, ready to leap into action at the first sign of movement.

Carol: And look at that, Carol was standing there, casually brushing dirt from the (now deeper) crater off her shoulders. "Well, Ah do say a nice mudbath does wonders f' the complexion, but sweethearts..." She looked at Melati and Clarice with pity. "Ah think you freaks are beyond help, eh? So uh...anythin' else?"

Clarice_: Clarice resisted the urge to sigh and pulled herself up straighter, not saying anything and making herself ready for whatever came.

Toxic: Adam just kinda...sunk to the ground, snuck behind a statue, wrapped his arms around his knees and rocked.

Noriko: Noriko finding a not so comfy patch on the floor amongst her broken bones and rubble, she decided to remain unconscious there instead.

Carol: "Aw now, c'mon, y're givin' up? Already? An' here Ah was told the X-Men were the best of th' mutants, mightier than Homo Superior!" Carol raised her hands. "Please, darlin's, tell me y' got somethin' to entertain me!"

Clarice_: "... Afraid ... You've seen my best tricks ... ma'am ..." Clarice ground out ... she wished Jean-Paul was here.

Melati: "I only just started, sister," Melati said, not even thinking of backing down, even though she had little means to actually contribute to the fight. With her overconfidence fueled by the alcohol and adrenaline in her blood, she surged forward and planted her boot in the woman's stomach with a well-aimed kick.

Carol: "Tch. Some hero you are-" THe foot was caught, twisted and the girl dumped into the mud. "Ooooh. Ah almost felt that."

Clarice_: ... And while she was distracted Clarice formed another crystal and threw it, trying to send the horrible woman as far away as she could.

Toxic: That scab she picked off earlier? It wound up around the woman's wrists and snapped closed, Adam gibbering from behind the statue. "Buuuurny burn, she's on fire, I can't burn her any more but I can hold her doooown so she burns more..."

Melati: Landing face first in the mud, Melati's cry was muffled by the water. She looked back over her shoulder and bared her teeth, then pushed herself up with her arms and aimed her other leg at the woman's face.

Carol: And once again Carol was 'ported...about half a mile down the road. And came right back.

Clarice_: ".... Oh sugar," Clarice muttered as she watched the woman flying back.

Carol: The blond woman landed serenely into the crater again, smiling beatifically as she broke the blood-bonds around her wrists. "Y' know, kiddos..." She dusted herself again. "It's totally been fun. We should catch a facial together sometime - Ah'll drop my number sometime." She grinned.

Carol: "But...Ah'm bored, t' be honest. You ain' as big or as tough as y'all claim. So Ah'm gonna go get me some wine an' spend some quality time in a hot tub while y'all wallow in failure, eh?" She giggled and winked. "Oh...say hi t' Rogue, will y'? Tell her Carol sends her love." With a giggle and a wave, she shot up into the sky, a reverse shooting star.

Melati: Pushing herself up, Melati managed to roll over in the mud, breathing heavily as she shot the woman an angry stare. "Yeah, that's right," she called after her. "Run like a scared little girl before I get you!"

Clarice_: Clarice wrapped a hand around her ribs, "Yeah .... 'cos that's totally what she's doing."

Toxic: Adam peered out from behind the statue, shaking like a leaf and whimpering in a high-pitched, keening kind of way. "I-is s-she gone? Please say she's gone, o-or I'm going to f-freak..."

Noriko: Noriko came round for a moment, realised her arm was at a funny angle giggled nervously and slightly out of pain and gave back up on the scary painfilled world.

Clarice_: "She's ... gone," Clarice let herself slide back down the wall, "Okay ... what the heck was that all about?"

Melati: "Hey, I know, but I still prefer my version," Melati replied, slowly working her way out of the muddy pit. She stretched carefully, setting all bones back in their original positions.

Melati: She turned to look at Clarice. "Maybe we weren't the only ones out tonight looking for some fun," Melati suggested.

Clarice_: "Speak for ... yourself ... I was asleep ..." she carefully poked bits of her body, "Yeah, broken ribs ... nothin' I haven't .... haven't had before ... Adam, Riko?"

Toxic: Adam crept out. "Anyone bleeding? I-I can help with blood..." He found Noyoki, checking her over and stopping the bruising, using her unconsciousness to set her arm (hey, he knew basic first aid, enough to know it should not bend that way) and then pulling all the blood out of the ground. "Damnit...why couldn't I get her to bleed?! I-I'm fine, I was a coward the entire time."

Clarice_: "Guessing she has ... invulnerability or something ... was like ... like hittin' a wall ... is Riko okay?"

Noriko: Coming back round from the pain to whimper a little more she gave Toxic one hell of a confused look through unfocused eyes then passed out *again*. lets face it unconscious hurts less.

Toxic: "Broken." Adam laughed nervously. "I'll say, she was on fire the entire time!"

Melati: "Would you look at that? She ripped my vintage Lard Attack shirt! Do you have any idea how hard those are to get once they broke up?" Melati tugged at her torn and mud-stained shirt. "Anyway, don't you want to take her down to the med-lab or something?"

Clarice_: "Crud," Clarice closed her eyes, "I don't think I can ... port anyone anywhere right now ..."

Toxic: "Look...I-I can fly and...carry...people..." Adam waved a hand over Noriko and levitated her, doing the same gently with Clarice. "I'll take you guys down...um. New girl? Do you want a hand...?"

Clarice_: "Eeeep!" Clarice squeaked, ooooh that was wierd .... "Um ... thank you Adam."

Melati: "Eh, I'm good, but thanks for the offer anyway." Melati waved, looking suspicious at the whole levitation business. "All I need is a shower and a good snack, then I'll be as good as new again."

Clarice_: "Lucky you," Clarice smiled at Mel.

Toxic: "A-alright...I'm...going to take my anti-stab meds...I-I don't feel so good..." Adam scooped up his coat and swung it on, still shaking, the two injured students following him. Some X-Man he was. "I'll...I'll come check on you later..."

Melati: "Maybe even hit the bunk and get some sleep." Melati paused. "That reminds me..." She turned and leaned around one of the marble statues. "Hey, will you look at that now..." Jean-Paul still lay curled up against his stony shelter, snoring blissfully despite all the commotion around him.

Toxic: Adam stopped, staring at him. Then he reached out, very, very gently lifting JP up and into his arms so that he could carry him to bed. "...He might get sick." He said needlessly to no one in particular. "Um. Come on then...guess...as I've been here longer...I should you know...be in charge..."

Clarice_: ".... Jean-Paul, is he okay?" She asked anxiously.

Toxic: "He, um. He's just. Very drunk. I think." Adam led the way inside, followed by his floaty charges.

Melati: After some curious poking with the tip of her tail, to which he only reacted with some annoyed noises and shifting, Melati concluded that Jean-Paul was as fine as he could possibly be. "Oh, he's just peachy."

Clarice_: "Oh ... that's okay then ..."

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