5/13 Instance: Elmer and Bugs

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5/13 Instance: Elmer and Bugs

Post by steyn » Sun May 13, 2012 1:42 pm

Timeline - The morning after 'Damnit, Janet!'

<Jimmy> One thing the US did have going for it, bacon! So much bacon! So many different kinds of bacon! Sweet, delicious bacon! Jim had located the largest frying pan in the kitchen and was frying up every sample of bacon that he could find.

<Jimmy> "Aaaaaaaah, oh my god, smells soooooo good."

<@Jack> The familiar rich salty smell of bacon had woekn Jack from the couch he had fallen asleep on. He was pretty sure he had gone to his bedroom to sleep, but then again, he was drunk, and it might have been someone else' room. Either way, he was now in the rec room, and that smell... that heavenly smell was already soothing his throbbing head.

<@Jack> He started pulling himself up, shuffling like a zombie towards the kitchen with the sizzling sound coming from it.

<Jimmy> You know what went well with bacon? Fried bread! Jimmy went to hunt for some bread, and brown sauce, did they have brown sauce in the US? He would be full of diaspointment if they didn't.

<@Jack> "Baaaacoooonnnnn..." the zombie bunny mumbled as he pushed the door open. "Baaaaacooooonnnnn." he said once more as he shuffled along. "God that smells good."

<Jimmy> "Gah! Don't sneak up on a guy like that!" Jimmy jumped, nearly dropping his bread, "Yeah, I knooooow, you guys make good bacon."

<@Jack> "Anyone makes good bacon." Jack said before yawning. He grabbed a kitchen chair and pulled it to the kitchen counter, sitting down and putting his face on the cold slab counter. "What did I drink last night?" he asked.

<Jimmy> "Everything?" Jimmy suggested, shoving some bacon to the side so he could drop the bread into the pan, "I take it you want some of my breakfast then??"

<@Jack> "Yes, God yes. I'll trade you, I think I have a Romex watch somewhere. One Romex watch for a plate of that food of angels."

<Jimmy> "Not being funny mate, but can you even eat meat? I mean, you look like a rabbit and rabbits are vegetarians, right?" Jimmy let out a yawn, "Where'd you get a Romex watch from anyways?"]

<@Jack> Jack lifted his head with a look of confusion, "Of course I'm a vegetarian, meat makes me sick. But bacon isn't meat... it's bacon. It's part of the food pyramid, between dairy and vegetables." Jack said. "And you can find any well made fake watches in Vegas."

<Jimmy> Jimmy thought about this for a second, "... Yeah, I see yer point," he grabbed some more bacon from the fridge, "So you're from Vegas?" He yawned again.

<@Jack> Jack yawned in response to Jimmy's yawn, "Yaaww....mmm... yeah, Las Vegas, city of sun, sin and slot machines." The smell of bacon reminded him why he was in the kitchen in the first place, and his ears perked over towards the sizzling pan, his eyes concentrating on it, willing it to go faster.

<Jimmy> "Is it as insane as it looks in the movies and stuff?" Bread nearly done Jim went plate hunting, "That musta been rough, living in a big city like that looking how you do."

<@Jack> "Meh, was mostly out and about only in the middle of the night. Desert, fur, bad combo. People tend to ignore the weird when it's in the middle of the night." Jack scratched hte back of his head, making an ear flop over his face, then pushed it aside as he eyed Jimmy, "How's it growing up looking like a cancer patient?"

<Jimmy> "Pretty sweet actually, my mates got a wheelchair and I used to sit in it when we went to theme parks to get into the priority ques," Jimmy smirked, plating up the bacon and passing it over, "but I did used to get the mick taken out at school ya know? You get used to it."

<@Jack> "Yup, I know what you mean. Roger Rabbit, Bugs Bunny, Easter Bunny, and those are just hte obvious ones, then you get hte creative ones when people find out my name is Jack, ala jackrabbit, then it also doesn't help that my actual surname is O'Hare. What's this?" he asked, looking a little confused at the plate of food. "Oh, right...mmm, bacon." Jack yawned again.

<Jimmy> "... O'Hare .... seriously?" Jim snorted, "Ah, just more proof that there is a god and he's a bastard," Jimmy started to load more bacon into the pan, "'Cos you'd think with my name I'd have a really badass power if I was gonna be a mutant, right?"

<@Jack> "Jimmy is a badass name for a badass power?" Jack asked, forking a bacon piece and eating it like a carnival treat on a stick.

<Jimmy> "James Killer," Jimmy tossed some more bread into the pan and rubbed at his eyes with the back of his hand, "This still ... doesn't feel real you know?"

<@Jack> "Can say that again, I thought I was just gonna be given like a free education at a college full of college students in the prime of their lives. I didn't even know I was signing up to the X-men HQ."

<Jimmy> "Few days ago I was just a normal guy ... a hairless one but normal all the same, now I'm a mutant, at a school for mutants, cooking bacon for a hungover anthro-rabbit ... and even after doing my ... thing at the bar I still don't feel like I'm a mutant you know?"

<@Jack> "Think there we kind of go our seperate paths. I see myself a mutant, no question about that, what I don't see myself as is some kind of superhero. But if it makes you feel nay better, think how a normal human looks like, now think of how much hair you have on your body. That it is a mutation." Jack said, waving his bacon on a fork.

<@Jack> "Unless if it's just the hair on your head that's missing, then you're just bald with a gift of the gab."

<Jimmy> "Well see, apparently I had a traumatic birth so the docs always figured that maybe I'd suffered some nerve damage or something and that's why I never grew any hair, but I guess you're right, it is down to my mutation ... my mutation. Still feels so wierd to say that." His own bacon finished he simply turned the heat off and started to eat it out of the pan.

<Jimmy> "Oh yeah .... that's the stuff!"

<@Jack> "Speaking of your birth," Jack said before biting into another piece of bacon, "How old are you?"

<Jimmy> "Seventeen, why, how old're you?" Jim asked, bringing the pan over to the table and taking a seat now that the base had cooled off some.

<@Jack> Jack slapped the counter, "Damn. I put you down at sixteen. I just lost thirty dollars. Eighteen, I'm eighteen." He was now licking the piece of bacon.

<Jimmy> Jimmy laughed, "Seriously? You guys were taking bets on how old I am?" Crunchy, delicious fried bread!

<@Jack> "Yeah, think Melati actually had you at fifteen. Can't remember if anyone said seventeen though. Even when bald you look younger than what you are. Now that's good genes." Jack said with a mouthful of his last strip of bacon.

<Jimmy> "Nah, it's the fact i'm a shortarse and can't grow a beard to save my life," Jimmy stroked his smooth chin, "I guess people have a hard time guessing how old you are too, 'cos of ... you know, the whole rabbit thing?"

<@Jack> "Yeah, people guessed me from fourteen to even once forty. But that guy was drunk, the forty guesser. I need something to drink, you want coffee?" Jack asked, standing up with fried bread in hand.

<Jimmy> "Not really one for coffee, got any tea mate?" Jimmy speared some of the fried bread and used it to mop up all the delicious grease from the pan.

<@Jack> "Pretty sure there's tea around here," Jack said opening up a cupboard, to find boxes and tins of different teas and coffees. "I think I found the tea... there's one two.. eight different kinds. Want anything particular?" he asked, pulling out some instant coffee. He couldn't bother waiting for the machine to start brewing.

<Jimmy> "Eeeeerrrrrmmmm .... PGTips? Nothing that has 'essense' or chinese in the name, yeah?" The bacon was all gone, sadness ...

<@Jack> Jack nibbled on the bread while pulling out a box with the name PG Tips, "Heh, always thought it said 'Parental Guidance, Tits' on here." he mused while putting the kettle on and getting cups.

<Jimmy> Jimmy snorted, "Ha! If only, if only, ain't got a fuckin' clue what it stands for mate, so don't bother askin', milk two sugars, ta."

<@Jack> Jack finished the fried bread and licked off his fingers, wiping them on his fuzzy chest. Atleast he wore a pair of underwear before falling asleep in a public place. He couldn't have been that drunk then. Or maybe someone else put it on him.

<@Jack> He looked down at himself... yeah, that wasn't his underwear. He didn't wear briefs. The whistle of the kettle reminded him of what he was doing in the first place. "Right, tea, milk, two sugars, gotcha."

<Jimmy> "Don't you get sticky doing that?" Jimmy frowned at Jack and while the guy's back was turned looked to see if he could spot a rabbit tail.

<@Jack> "Huh? Oh, yeah, but... I gotta shower later on anyways. Easier than washing the hands and trying to dry the water out of the fur." he said, holding up to show the back of his hands.

<Jimmy> Holy shit, there was a tail! A fluffy bunny tail that was gently twitching. Jimmy had to concentrate in order not to laugh out loud, "Heh-ye-yeah," he coughed slightly and hid his grin.

<@Jack> Jack kept his back towards Jimmy, his ears flicking from time to time at noises that he could hear in the area, all the while he concentrated on making a nice cup of tea and coffee. Can't start the day on a bad cup.

<Jimmy> "So how long h-have you been here then, Jack?" His impluse to snicker under control once again.

<@Jack> When Jack bent over in seach of the milk in the fridge, his tail moved and twitched according to his searching and finally finding milk, far in the back of the fridge, hidden away behind juice. "Not that long actually," he said, "Over a week I guess."

<Jimmy> Too ... funny! "Yeah? You just seem like you've been here longer ... or do you just adjust really quickly to crazy places like this then?"

<@Jack> Jack's ears flipped up as he looked at Jimmy, "Are you kidding me? I still can't get past the robot roaming the hallways, and that computer room of theirs that's like a hologram thing. Hell," he thumbed over his shoulder, "even yesterday morning I got lost in this place. Took me almost ten minutes to figure out where I was."

<Jimmy> "And where were you?" Robot? Computer hologram room?

<@Jack> "East wing, or I'm guessing it was the east wing. THere's a hallway to that side, if you take a left on the second door, that hallway slants up a little, so I could have been on the second floor east wing. Or first and a half floor. All I could find were rooms full of covered furniture."

<Jimmy> "You should have checked for secret doors or something, everyone knows that rooms in big mansions that are just full of furniture covered in sheets have secret passages in them."

<@Jack> "...knowing this place, I'm pretty sure you're right." Jack said, bringing the cups to the table and sitting down. "Well, I don't think I have anything planned for for the rest of the day, think I might as well see how far... this... rabbit... hole... goes... wow, I actually used that." he sipped his coffee. Mmm, caffeine

<Jimmy> Jimmy snorted, "It must be hard for people to resist the power of pun around you."

<Jimmy> "Or should that be ... the power of BUN! Ohyeah!" Jimmy laughed like a bastard.

<@Jack> "Oh the puns, yeah, every other hare brained person comes around, tells me one, then I have to try and hop on to a good reply before they bound off leaving me standing there with a mouth full of teeth."

<@Jack> "That teeth one I didn't understand before a dutch tourist had to explain it to me, apparently means not knowing what to say, you know, like flabberghasted... or fluffyghasted in my case."

<Jimmy> "... Mouth full of teeth means you don't know what to say?" Jimmy pondered this, "But most people have a mouth full of teeth ..."

<@Jack> "Don't ask me, it's probably a dutch thing." Jack selfconsciously licked his tongue over his two larger front teeth. "Anyway, if you can think of any rabbit puns, throw them my way." The headache was starting to subside somewhere.

<Jimmy> "If I think of anymore I'll let you know," Jim smiled, taking a sip of his tea, "Cheers."

<@Jack> "Cheers," Jack smiled back.

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Re: 5/13 Instance: Elmer and Bugs

Post by Ferguson » Sun May 13, 2012 5:13 pm

This must be an epic bromance, I demand it so.

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