Christmas 2015: Eddie

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Christmas 2015: Eddie

Post by Chaos » Sun Dec 02, 2012 10:51 pm


<@Eddie> A cold draught of wind flowed past Eddie's armored body as he swung his way through the city skyline. Within his organic 'costume', it wasn't uncomfortable, more comforting - a reminder that beneath the ink-like blackness, he was still him.

<@Eddie> A whiplash of black webbing slingshot him around a building as his mind ran over everything it could manage from his life. The great battles; the victories over Johnny Dee, Doctor Essex, the Symbiote Crisis. The defeats in the disappearance of Kraven, the death of the child, Sammy, the loss of Kevin McTaggart, the X-Force schism....

<@Eddie> 'It hurts us.....doesn't it...?, Eddie landed on a rooftop, dropping to his knees and taking deep breaths: something had changed about his Symbiotic 'partner' - it was getting louder, more possessive. It scared him, but he couldn't run anymore. Running was all he ever did. 'We cannot love in fear....

<Jace> "As I already said, I really can't let you have my wallet," Jace said, standing slightly hunched over as he used the back of his hand to wipe the blood from his lip. He tried to ignore the pain from the recent punch in the guts, standing up to face the three men surrounding him.

<Jace> "You don't look as if you had a couple grand in your pocket," the one with the lead pipe in his hand replied, pointing the improvised club at the young man. "Come on, do you wanna be the next guy in the paper who's been killed over a few bucks?"

<Jace> "I'm afraid... it's not that simple," Jace insisted, forcing an uneven grin and using the moment to catch his breath. "It's a matter of principle."

<@Eddie> Eddie paced the rooftop above, "D-did you say 'love'? You mean 'live' surely?", his mask receeded as he thoug-... 'We refer to Liza.... - he suddenly punched a nearby wall, fracturing the concrete violently, "You do not get to talk about her! Y-you're just....a concept! A psychological mistake!"

<@Eddie> 'We sense danger.

<@Eddie> Standing up straight, he glanced off of the rooftop, spotting the group in the alley below. "...danger.", he muttered, his mask re-forming, "We can discuss this later...", jumping off, he landed behind the group, "Gentlemen."

<Jace> As the trio of muggers spun around and jumped back, raising their arms defensively, the young man they had been bothering until that point just froze up, his eyes widening in what may have been shock or surprise. He stared at the black-clad figure, his open mouth forming a soundless "Whoa."

<@Eddie> Flexing his arms, Eddie clicked his neck to and fro, "Oh, sorry; I'm Venom, this is the city I protect, blah, blah.....", he gestured with his hand, "Look, I'm really not in the mood right now, so if you guys could just....I don't know, assume the position and wait for the police(?)", he glanced at the victim, masked eyes seeming to narrow slightly in confusion.

<Jace> "I can't believe it," Jace said under his breath, already looking more excited than surprised. The muggers exchange brief looks. "Come on, he's unarmed," one said. "Kid must believe he's some kind of superhero," the other added, prompting their leader to take a step forward. "If it's trouble you want, you came to the right place."

<Jace> "Oh, you have no idea," Jace whispered, a smile forming at the edge of his mouth.

<@Eddie> Eddie scoffed, "He's right...", he shook a finger at the victim, smirking under his mask, " really don't.", stepping into the middle of the group, he sized up the attackers, suddenly pointing at the one with the weapon, "You first."

<Jace> "Damn, I must be dreaming," Jace commented, not even moving to take a step away from the impending fight, instead watching on with unabashed thrill. The other two muggers looked at each other, while the one being pointed at obviously debated what to do.

<Jace> Turning and running started to look like the smarter choice, but he did not want to lose face in front of his friends. His expression hardened with resolve, before he took a quick step forward to aim a swing at the costumed guy.

<@Eddie> With a fluid movement, Eddie's left hand caught the lead pipe, yanking the wielder forwads and slamming a fist into his jaw. As the pipe came free from the criminal's grasp, Eddie threw it upwards, caught it in his other hand and swept it into the criminal's leg with a violent strike.

<@Eddie> As he went down, Eddie turned to the others, shaking his head and tossing the pipe to their feet. Taunting them, he beckoned them forth with his hand, "Next?"

<Jace> It took them only another silent look at each other to come to an understanding, before both muggers turned on their heels and darted off down the alleyway, desperate to get away from the tall black figure that had just mopped the floor with their friend.

<@Eddie> "No...", Eddie's hands went up as lashes of jet-black webbing hissed from his wrists, snagging the backs of both the retreating thugs and dragging them back into his hands. With a jump, he slammed both of them against the ground, kicking one of them onto his back and lifting him by the neck, "Why leave? Hm? Why now? It was SUCH a good idea to beat up an innocent person, wasn't it?"

<@Eddie> He thrust the man into a wall, grip around his neck increasing, "ANSWER US!", he roared, looking over at the wounded men, "Are you frightened? Hm? Scared nobody will save you from the big, bad bully?",

<Jace> The caught man stared back at the masked face, too close to his own, his eyes full of fear and his expression straining from the pain around his neck. "Ye... yes," he forced out, shaking. "Yes, I'm scared. Please..."

<@Eddie> Eddie winced as he felt the urge to just break the man's neck manifest in his mind. 'All these years playing the 'HERO', pretending we can make a difference: this is what we have to show? Cessily, the Horsemen, the Brotherhood....KILL HIM. WE WILL KILL HIM.', with another scream of fury, Eddie cast the man aside, "Get the HELL away from me! I'll fucking DESTROY YOU if I EVER see you again!",

<Jace> "You. It's really you." Jace walked up behind the man in the dark costume, a grin on his face despite the bloody gash his lip had received. He looked after the muggers, who fled so fast they were stumbling. "For a moment I was worried they'd just run away, but I'm so glad they took tried their luck. That was so impressive!"

<@Eddie> Ignoring his voice, Eddie shook his head, still hearing the screaming in his mind. He stumbled to the wall, reaching into his back and drawing out a tranquilizer hypo, sticking it into his arm with a sigh. He slumped down, mask receeding and revealing his face as he looked up at the man he'd saved, "....g-guess this kills the whole 'secret identity' thing.", he smirked wryly.

<Jace> Stunned by the sight for a second, Jace blinked at costumed man sitting in front of him. "You're Venom," he said, eyes lighting up with excitement. "I've seen you with the X-Men." The cold air clouded his breath as he laughed briefly. "I never expected to ever meet you in person, much less getting saved by you."

<Jace> "Or that you'd show me your face." He paused, holding up his hands the next moment. "Don't worry. Your secret is save with me."

<@Eddie> "Thanks.", Eddie stood, shaking his head: there was another problem the Symbiote had bought him. His armor slid away, revealing his long coat and casual attire. "Not that anyone'd believe you, hm?", he smirked.

<Jace> "Most likely they wouldn't, no," Jace agreed, tilting his head in a quick nod. He blinked, a sudden thought crossing his mind. "Oh, here I am, being a nosy nuisance, and I didn't even think about thanking you." He removed his glove and held out a hand. "Please, it would be an honour to shake your hand."

<@Eddie> Eddie raised an eyebrow, a bemused smirk appearing on his face, "Erm....sure?", he took the offered hand, "And you are...?"

<Jace> "Jason," he replied, revealing a smile. "Jason Macendale. Most people who know me call me Jace, however." There was a brief pause between them. "I assume I'm just going continue calling you Venom, right? I wouldn't mind if you were concerned about protecting your identity."

<@Eddie> For a moment, Eddie weighed it up, shrugging finally, "Hell, why not: Eddie, Eddie Brock.", he smiled back, "You're very......polite."

<Jace> "Who wouldn't be when they had the fortune of meeting one of their greatest idols," Jace replied. "I still can barely believe this really happened, or that you'd reveal your true identity to me." He put a hand on his own chest. "Rest assured you won't regret this."

<@Eddie> "Idols?", Eddie smirked, "Honestly, any day now I'm expecting collectable action figures...", he looked at the wound on Jace's face, "Hey, is that alright? I can take you to the Hospital if you need it."

<Jace> "Hm? Oh, this! No, it's really nothing." His hand went up to his bruised lip. "Don't worry about it. You probably still have much more important superheroing to do tonight. It would irresponsible from me to keep you from your duties now, wouldn't it?"

<@Eddie> Eddie frowned, "You sure?", he asked, scratching his head, "Because it's literally a couple of minutes out of the way.", he smiled, trying to be charitable - and more than a little desperate not to use his powers too much, given the circumstances.

<Jace> Jace seemed to change his mind almost instantly at the prospect of spending more time with the superhero. "Of course, if you insist, it'd be foolish of me to decline," he said, holding up his hands.

<@Eddie> With a little laugh, Eddie nodded, "Ahm....ok! Sure.", he spread his arms as tendrils wrapped around his frame again. Clad in his hero attire, he turned around, "Just grab on and, you know, keep arms and legs firmly attatched...", he joked.

<Jace> His eyes widened, revealing equal parts amazement and disbelief. "You're... really going to take me along for a ride? Wow, who would have thought the day I get mugged would be the luckiest day of my life." He stepped around the costumed hero. "Am I doing this right," Jace asked as he held on to Eddie's shoulders.

<@Eddie> "Yeah...I guess so?", Eddie wasn't sure there was protocol for it, laughing at the idea there might be, "I'll latch you on, too, so forgive the webbing, eh?"

<Jace> "Forgive? I might have to insist to keep it as a souvenir." Jace clasped his hands, holding on tightly. "Right, I'm ready. As much as I'll ever be, I guess."

<@Eddie> Eddie grinned behind his mask as it re-formed, "Alright, hold on tight, kid.", he released a lash of webbing and pulled them both up with a jump into the night sky. For all the awkwardnedd, he couldn't help but feel just a little smug about the attention.

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Re: Christmas 2015: Eddie

Post by Chaos » Sun Dec 02, 2012 10:52 pm

<@Hope> Hope headed down the hall with the square jewellery box from her room. She had spent several hours debating on what to do with it, and she finally realized something. Eddie was the perfect person to have it! She knocked on his door.

<Eddie> There was a sniffing sound from inside his room, followed slowly by a shuffling and finally, the door opening. Eddie smiled at his guest, a pair of Night Vision goggles on his head, "H-hey, you.", he smiled, eyes a little sore from rubbing them.

<@Hope> "Do I want to know why you have those on?" Hope eyed him a bit. He was so odd, but that was part of his charm.

<Eddie> "O-oh...", Eddie opened the door, stepping back to her in, "Yeah...long time ago I had a fight with this guy. Saved the girl, got these as a kind of trophy.", he sighed, looking on his half-packed affects, "...God I'm gonna miss this place..."

<@Hope> "Hero gig has perks. Where are you going!? You aren't leaving school are you?" Hope stepped on into the room, concerned.

<Eddie> Eddie nodded, slouching down onto his bed, "Yeah.....yeah, my time here's over."

<@Hope> "Well that just... really freaking sucks." Hope sat down too.

<Eddie> "Yeah.", Eddie smirked, looking to her, "W-why? You have Johnny here, right? A-and I'll still be here from time to time!"

<@Hope> "Yeah but I can't spend all my time with Johnny... we'd smother each other. You're my buddy! We dominate the paintball field, remember?"

<Eddie> Eddie smiled, "I know. We'll still be able to hang out, Hope, know....", he looked away, "I've...actually got a kinda surprise of my own.", he grinned.

<@Hope> "Oh yeah? Well spill!" She smiled again and got more comfortable for story time.

<Eddie> "Well, I was working on getting a place on the Police Force, right?", Eddie explained, turning around and going through his things, withdrawing a paper, "This is a letter: they're considering me for a place."

<@Hope> "That's great, Eddie!" Hope gave him a happy hug. "Congratulations! I'm sure they will find a place for you in no time."

<Eddie> Eddie laughed, hugging her back with another sigh, "God, I can't believe it....the last few years have just slipped right by...", he leaned on Hope, "...I mean, where am I gonna go? Back to England?"

<@Hope> "You are going to stay here where we can hang out, obviously. You are considered for a job here even."

<Eddie> "Well.....yeah, but I don't know how I'm gonna find someplace to stay.", Eddie shrugged, "I'll ask my Dad. He'll know what to do.", he nodded, looking back through his things, "God, I'm gonna miss this place...", he put his head in his hands.

<@Hope> "It won't be the same without you." Hope pouted a bit, sitting back down. "Which reminds me... do you know anyone who might like this?" She handed the box up to him. Inside the black box was a white gold and diamond spider on a black bracelet.

<Eddie> Eddie blinked at the object, ".....the fuck is...?", he looked up at her, "Hope, where the hell d'you get that!? It looks like its worth more than....everything I've ever owned!"

<@Hope> "Uh jewellery store and Tony's credit card... I got it for Jess... but well she is stuck in bitch mode so I don't think she should get it now."

<Eddie> "Oh, so this is a 'I've got it spare'?", Eddie smirked, "Well, charming as it is, I always thought silver was my thing. That and it's a bit...fabulous for a man of my gender.", he shrugged, "....a-although, if....Liza..."

<@Hope> "And there you go then! I't so not your style." She laughed and shook her head. "I don't think Jess and I will ever be friends again." She sighed.

<Eddie> Eddie winced, "Ouch....why not? It get that bad?",

<@Hope> "She's just... she plays the victim card so well. And any confrontation, she goes and tells Bobby about, so it fucks up stuff with my body guard. And I'm sick of it. She has her head so far up his butt, it's amazing she doesn't follow us when we leave campus. I mean, she lives with him. And she is so good at playing the victim that he buys it hook, line, and sinker. I should just request

<@Hope> a different guard or something..."

<Eddie> "", Eddie scratched his head, ", that sucks. Er....I honestly don't know what to suggest. I-I mean as for Bobby....well....", he shook his head, "Known murderer? Shit choice of bodyguard. Frankly, I can't believe Darren recruited him to S.W.O.R.D, but whatever....", with a sigh, he went back to his things, "...could've employed me."

<@Hope> "Ha! There you go officer Eddie... You could have been Agent Eddie and assigned to babysitting duty." She laughed then grinned. "But seriously. He has openly admitted that he doesn't like me. He claims that won't have an impact on his job, but I guess we'll see."

<Eddie> Eddie smirked at Hope, "Could always ask Daddy if he'll hire me, eh?", he scoffed, "Well, yeah....I hope it turns out ok for you.", he put a hand on her shoulder, "And if you want help staging the murder? I'm your guy."

<@Hope> Hope laughed and grinned up at him. "I'll keep that in mind. I have the money to pay off people now too. Will come in handy."

<Eddie> "Hehehe, careful: don't wanna have to arrest you.", Eddie tapped his nose, "Then again, Hope in the possibilities.", he grinned cheekily.

<@Hope> "Johnny been sharing secrets again?" She gave Eddie a look, but she couldn't do it without laughing.

<Eddie> Eddie shook his head, "Wish he would, sometimes.", he winked at her, laughing as well, "Shame I never got in there myself, eh?", he nudged Hope.

<@Hope> "Awwww so cute how you think you'd have a chance!" She ruffled his hair, grinning.

<Eddie> "Yeah: with standards as low as yours I'm sure you were plenty busy with the bottom feeders like Curt and Fabian.", he dismissed her hand nonchalantly, sniggering at her hair-ruffling.

<@Hope> "Oh my gosh I never!" She laughed and whipped him with his pillow. Well, not Curt at least.

<Eddie> Eddie took the blow, in stitches himself, "I think the lady doth protest too much!", he grinned, still laughing as he pushed the pillow back into her.

<@Hope> "You are just terrible, you know that?" She hit him again. "I mean come on! I date Johnny! I have high standards."

<Eddie> "'High'? 'Johnny'?", he shook his head, sitting up on the bed and pushing Hope down, "Bitch, please: we both know Sparky's second best to the Webslinger.",

<@Hope> "Pfft you wish!" She shoved him back.

<Eddie> "Sometimes! Sometimes in my dreeeeams!", he rolled onto his back, pretending to be in 'heart wrenching pain', but still laughing, "Why you no love me, Hope?", he creased.

<@Hope> "Awwwww!!!" Hope fell into a fit of laughter at him. "What can I say? Johnny is hotter." She grinned at her own joke and got comfortable again.

<Eddie> Eddie looked up at her, "That's the funniest thing you've said all day, and I'm out of laughs!", he sniggered, coughing as he sat up, breathless from laughter, "Haaa...screw X-er buisness: let's get you to the comedy club."

<@Hope> "I always thought I had a fabulous sense of humour myself. Glad you confirmed it."

<Eddie> "I aim to please...", he assured her, stretching, "...'course we may never know how pleased you could be. Alas!", Eddie shuffled off his bed, starting for his wardrobe and opening it, inspecting all of his clothes and withdrawing his old leather jacket, running a hand over the silver spider on the back.

<@Hope> "Oh ho!! I see what you did!" Hope laughed again. "Though I guess we'll never know who should be more disappointed."

<Eddie> Eddie just stared at the emblem on the jacket, shaking his head and casting it aside onto his bed before turning to her, " ever look back and wonder if you really did al l you could do? D'you ever regret things?"

<@Hope> "There's no point in regretting things. You can't change them... though I do wonder like, if Tony regrets not marrying my mom. But it still doesn't change anything."

<Eddie> "Mmn.....maybe.", he shrugged, turning around and going through his things again, "Guess I'm just gonna miss being here."

<@Hope> "Yeah, I understand that. I am not sure I'll want to leave this place in a couple of years either. This is the only home I've ever really had."

<Eddie> For a moment, Eddie remained silent, laughing a little dryly as he found an old shirt, badly damaged from bleach, "Heh.....good times."

<@Hope> "What happened to that shirt?" Hope asked as she glanced over at it.

<Eddie> " time, Adam and I were mortal enemies - he sabotaged my clothes after I socked him one.", Eddie grinned, looking back at the shirt, "I kept it and the cyber-goth mask over there?", he pointed at his bedside table, where the mouth-mask lay, "After our fight."

<@Hope> "Ouch... at least Jess and I just yell at each other." Hope took in the scene of the mask and the shirt. "Not sure what I'd do if she ruined something."

<Eddie> Eddie shrugged, "Well, we made up in the end. Kind of....I-I mean, you know, I still think he's a jerk because....well...h-he murdered countless people.", he gestured with his hand, "Kiiiinda has a detrimental effect on a friendship."

<@Hope> Hope winced a bit at that. "Yeah.... glad you two made up for the most part though.

<Eddie> "Best result, I suppose.", he shrugged, sitting back down on his bed, "Hope? You wouldn't lie to me, right? Like, no matter what?"

<@Hope> "I have no reason to lie to you, so yeah sure."

<Eddie> Eddie turned to her, "We'll always be friends, yeah? No matter what?", his grip on the end of his bed tightened, "....I have a really bad track record with good friends is all...and...."

<@Hope> "That depends. You try to sleep with Johnny and I'm totally kicking your ass." She grinned at him, trying to lighten the mood.

<Eddie> "Heh, you don't have to worry about that.", he assured her, "Now, him on the other hand with you....", he smirked jokingly.

<@Hope> Hope laughed again and patted his shoulder. "Nothing for you to worry about then. We're friends and always will be."

<Eddie> Biting back tears, Eddie smiled, clasping her hand and squeezing it a little, "Y-yeah....thanks, Hope.", he breathed out, shaking himself up, "Right: this is gay as hell - can we do something manly? Like....I don't know, go skiing?"

<@Hope> "Well... I'm always up for a game of hockey..."

<Eddie> "Bitchin'; Hockey it is.", Eddie nodded, "Shall we?"

<@Hope> "Absolutely!" Hope jumped to her feet. "Hope you are ready to lose."

<Eddie> Shaking his head, Eddie stood also, "I never lose.", he smiled.

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Re: Christmas 2015: Eddie

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Mon Dec 03, 2012 2:35 am

Johnny: Taking a glance up and down the bar, Johnny reached for his drink, downed it, and signaled for another for both him and Eddie. Glancing over to the other guy, he eyed him for a few moments before speaking, "So..."

Eddie: "I don't wanna leeeeeeeeave!", Eddie moaned, finishing his eighth shot of vodka, "Why can't I just stay and......and....I-I don't know, live in the boathouse like....what's-her-face....the irritating brat....", he waved his finger around, hiccuping in a drunken stupor, "S-she lives with....Professor 'Hawtness-Dane-Drake' and 'Captain Serial Killer'..."

Johnny: Johnny snorted as he downed the new shot that'd been set in front of him, suggesting with a grin, "You could, like, battle her. Winner gets to live with the Drakes."

Eddie: Eddie picked up his glass, downing another shot, "I'd kiiiilll the bitch! I fucking love Xavier's!!!", he cried out, hands in the air as if cheering on a football team, "X-Men! HOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Johnny: Being a few shots behind Eddie and not quite as far gone, Johnny debated whether he should cut him off as he laughed. Then, he motioned for another round of shots. "Oh! You could lurk in the attic!"

Eddie: "Whoa: no fucking way - that Leech kid freaks me out....", Eddie sniggered, "Goddamnit, Sparky...", he wrapped an arm around Johnny, "...dude, you are're just fucking awesome.", he leaned on his 'bestie'; "You majestic eagle..."

Johnny: "Damn... I always forget about that kid..." he snorted as he wrapped an arm around Eddie in return, leaning back, "Majestic eagle, eh? I could get behind being that awesome..."

Eddie: Eddie raised a hand, "Bring me Jager for my majestic eagle!", he commanded the bar staff, who seemed utterly game with laughing along with his rapidly increasing bar tab. He turned to Johnny, "You bagged Hope, son. That's some Level Twenty-six, ordinance-grade badass.", he held out his hand, "Manly handshake of manliness."

Johnny: Johnny clasped Eddie's hand with a smug grin as their drinks were set in front of them, "It wasn't fucking easy, but yeah... I did." He reached for the drink and paused, putting on a serious expression, "Y'know, I went Christmas shopping with Curt? He said I should get a ring, but I dunno, mate..."

Eddie: "W-whoa. Whooooooah....", Eddie blinked, "Dude, are you gonna be that guy?", he reached for the half-finished beer beside his shot glasses and kicked some back, "Wow. D-d'you like it?"

Johnny: "Should I be that guy? I mean, man, I dunno that I could... or that she'd say yeah or whatever..." he shook his head, pausing to take a sip of his own beer, "...Like what?"

Eddie: Eddie gave him a scrutinizing look, "Hope, man. Do you like it?"

Johnny: "Oh. Well, yeah, duh..." Johnny rolled his eyes, taking another drink.

Eddie: "THEN YOU SHOULD PUT A RING ON IT!", Eddie announced, with all the bravado of an operatic singer, "Do it!"

Eddie: Seizing the bottle of Jaegermeister placed at his side, Eddie raised it to Johnny, "You do it, and I will call Lorna right now and totally ask her for sex.", he nodded, "I will do that. For you and Hope. Because I fucking love you."

Johnny: Laughing, Johnny raised his beer to clink against the bottle of jager, "I fucking love you, too... and now I'm horribly tempted." He shook his head, "But I don't have a ring..."

Eddie: "I would LITERALLY buy it for you.", Eddie nodded enthusiastically, before popping the lid off of the bottle and taking a large gulp, cringing at the raw taste, "You need a ring, 'brah-brah'."

Johnny: He set his beer aside and reached to take the bottle of jager for a drink, pulling a face and cringing as well. "We should go get one!"

Eddie: Standing, Eddie nodded, "LE'DUIT!", he downed another swig of ink-like poison and slammed two fifty dollar bills onto the bar, "Gentlemen! I must now leave you! For I must hitch my amazing friend with the f-HIT-est biatch in the known world! Save, of course, for my girlfriend and Bo Derek!"

Eddie: He looked at Johnny, "Come, Sparkles!"

Johnny: Still grinning from ear to ear, Johnny chugged what was left of his beer and moved to follow Eddie out of Vito's, swaying a bit and definitely favoring one side as he walked. After a moment, he caught up with Eddie and slung an arm over the other guy's shoulders, puzzled expression replacing the grin, "...Girlfriend? I thought you... and, uh... whatsherface... y'know..."

Eddie: ", dude, do not be that guy.", Eddie shook his head, "Man, we'll make it work! Like....yeah, she never talks to me anymore, and is probably with someone else right now but....Jay....Jay-Storm....Jo-Stormwind...Johnny Essss...", he turned to Johnny, offering him the bottle, "I love her. It's destiny."

Johnny: "...Stormwind is totally as cool as Storm. In fact, I may like it more," he stated as he accepted the bottle, not exactly sure if they could be carrying an open container out. He decided he didn't care as he gave Eddie a skeptical look while taking a sip, "Man, how could she resist you? You're, like... totally awesome..."

Eddie: Eddie nodded, looking completely bemused, "I know! I'm amazed I don't lactate 'epicocity'! Or....whatever kind of liquid awesomeness....that would come from....a .....breast. I-if I had....a breast...", he trailed off, "Erm....w-which way are we...?"

Johnny: Johnny switched the bottle to the hand of the arm that was around Eddie and reached to pat Eddie's chest, slowly shaking his head, "No, I suppose you don't.... Um..." he looked around, "I don't know...?"

Eddie: Stopping a random passer by, Eddie lifted his finger, "You!", he smiled at the girl, who looked completely aghast, "Do you know where my friend and I can find a ring - the ONE ring - that will engage him on the conquest of marriage?", he giggled a little, "Lord of the Rings: zzzziiiing!", he held up his hand.

Eddie: She was not about to high-five a random stranger, "Erm....t-the jewelry store up there? O-on the main street?", she said timidly, pointing up the road, and looking at Johnny.

Johnny: At the bewildered look, Johnny offered his fist, "Woo! One ring to rule my precious!" He hadn't been sure the girl looked more terrified, but she'd hurried away at the announcement.

Eddie: "Psh: we almost killed her with our awesome.", Eddie shuddered, "For, Johnny; WITH great power! Cometh GREAT responsibility!", he raised his bottle high,. "Come! To the Forge of Romance!"

Eddie: --- Time Passes ---

Johnny: After much wandering to find the jewelry store, finishing the bottle of jager on their journey, and many strange looks from the salespeople in the store, Johnny had finally found a ring that appeared to be acceptable, "Dude! Duuuude, I must get this one!"

Eddie: Eddie glued his eyes to it, "Gold band, Cubic Zirconia? Or the Garnet?", he looked to Johnny, "A-are you even pointing at that one?"

Johnny: Johnny blinked and looked to where he was pointing, considering the rings and squinting down at the case, "Shit, I lost which one in the sea of gooooold..."

Eddie: "Hehehe: Golden shower!", Eddie shook his head, flagging over the stern looking man behind the counter, "GARCON!", he called, beckoning him forth.

Eddie: The gentleman approached the two, "Yes?", he asked plainly, as Eddie pointed at Johnny accusatively, "....sir?", the man looked at the blonde.

Johnny: He snorted and eyed Garcon, suddenly speechless, "I, uh... I need a ring... maybe not in gold..."

Eddie: The man raised an eyebrow, "....perhaps silver?", he looked between the two, sneering at the smell of alcohol.

Eddie: Eddie nodded, "Yes! Silver! The guy's a GOD!", he laughed, patting Johnny's back, "Show my good friend the silver!"

Johnny: "Silver would be brilliant," he nodded along, completely oblivious to the fact Garcon was most displeased at the state of them. Once they'd been led to the case, Johnny stared down at the vast selection, "Woooow... There's sooo many..."

Eddie: "So shiny...." Eddie gasped, trying not to stumble over as he drunkenly blinked over them, "D-does anything shout out to you, broseph?"

Johnny: Johnny placed his hands on the glass case to steady himself, leaning down until his face was almost pressed to it as well, "Oh! ...What about that one?"

Eddie: Eddie leaned closer, the glaring light playing up with his eyes until he saw it.

Eddie: It was perfect. Eddie had no words, merely opening his mouth and having nothing come out.

Eddie: He looked at Johnny slowly, nodding enthusiastically, "Yes.", he said simply, "Yes."

Johnny: He grinned widely, bouncing a bit before tackling Eddie in a hug, "Yes! I found one!"

Eddie: "Dude....this is the ultimate token of love.", Eddie reminded him, holding him close like a child, "Johnny....have you dropped the word?"

Johnny: Johnny paused at that, "Shiiiit..."

Eddie: Eddie shook his head, " haven't said it?", he looked at the clerk, "Garcon! He hasn't said it!?"

Eddie: The stern looking man shrugged, "Well, if he's going to buy her a ring...."

Eddie: "Do you love Hope, Stormwind!?", Eddie shook Johnny.

Johnny: Johnny looked down to the ring and back to Eddie, a stupid grin spreading across his face, "Totally."

Eddie: Eddie nodded, smirking, "Fuckin' bueno; then you gotta tell her, man. You have to take this epic ring of epicness? And give it to her. And tell her.", he nodded sagely, looking at 'Garcon', who nodded back, "See? Garcon knows the shit...."

Johnny: He put on a determined expression and gave a nod, "Garcon! I must purchase this ring!"

Eddie: The clerk smiled wryly, "M-my name is Lawrence....", he added, looking between them.

Eddie: "Damnit, Garcon! This is a mission of LOVE!", Eddie cried out, looking like an anime character on an epic quest, "Stormwind!? Credit Card!"

Johnny: After a few moments of patting his pockets for his wallet and attempting to hand Eddie various gift cards, Johnny finally produced the right card, holding it up in victory as he proclaimed, "Credit card!"

Eddie: "Ah, wonderful.", 'Lawrence' smiled awkwardly, "This way then, please?", he gestured towards the counter.

Eddie: Eddie gestured also, "Go forth, you mighty, mighty eagle....", he nodded, stumbling on the spot a little, "Make me proud, Jimbob!"

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Re: Christmas 2015: Eddie

Post by TechPrincess » Mon Dec 03, 2012 2:43 am

That was far too much awesome for one instance. Well done!
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Re: Christmas 2015: Eddie

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Mon Dec 03, 2012 4:38 am

Oh so he takes a drunken suggestion from Eddie but not from his main-man-Curt?

I can see this blowing up in his face. :3 I can't wait.
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Re: Christmas 2015: Eddie

Post by Ferguson » Tue Dec 04, 2012 2:31 am

<Lorna> Lorna smield as she stood up from her desk, now freshly cleared to prepare for her 'trip'. She had packed a few things away but mostly squared everything up so she wouldn't have to wade through a bunch of work once they were through with their plans. She also had a chance to play a bit with a certain voicemail she had recieved.

<@Eddie> There was a knock at her door suddenly; not a friendly 'are you busy' knock. This was distinctly a panicked one. A panicked, 'I need to speak with you right away' knock.

<@Eddie> "Lorna! I-I mean, Professor D-....damnit, Lorna!", came the voice of Eddie Brock, sounding both nausiated and fearful.

<Lorna> "Come on in." Lorna scrambled to get to her computer, putting her creation to the start and on pause. "You know you can call me Lorna anyway, what's the matter?"

<@Eddie> Eddie burst in, "Lorna: I can explain that voicemail, ok? Just....please don't flay me with your brain!", he blurted, gripping his head, "Goddamn, how am I hungover?!"

<Lorna> "You remember huh?" Lorna couldn't hide her smirk as she just listened to the panic in his voice. "I didn't know hou felt that way now."

<@Eddie> "O-oh, come on....", he blushed, covering his face with the hand previously on his forhead, "...w-well, at one point I thought you...I-I mean, you are kinda attractive and...", Eddie groaned, "Oh, Christ, I suck..."

<Lorna> "Heeey, there's nothing that sucks about finding me attractive other than I'm all ready married." Lorna put on a fake hurt voice. She was eating this up far too much.

<@Eddie> With another groan, Eddie leaned back on the door, "N-no, I think you ARE attractive, I j-....aaaaah, damnit!"

<Lorna> "So, how was your night of drinking fun? Did you get to call anyone else?"

<@Eddie> " was good. You know, got emotional, got Johnny to propose, I think....cried over Liza...", Eddie shrugged, "E-except for embarrasment, I'm good.", he winced, rubbing his head, "And, you know, the first hangover headache in two years..."

<@Eddie> 'And that will teach us not to drink...',

<@Eddie> "...jerk...", he muttered to himself.

<Lorna> "Hey, sometimes it's necessary when you're as stressed as we can get. I guess you and Liza aren't doing too well then?...and Johnny's going to propose?"

<@Eddie> Eddie nodded, "Yeah...after Circle Pines I told her I was with.....other people. know, lied to her about my real issues.", he tapped his head, "Symbiote. A-as for Johnny...well, yeah, hopefully he's gonna make a lady outta Hope.", he smiled a little, "'Least one of us is.....", he sighed, looking away.

<Lorna> "Well, what have you said to her since then?" Lorna asked, quirking an eyebrow up. "I like Hope and all but good luck on that. I'm sure they'll be great though. There's apparently a lot of her father in her at times." She grinned at the idea of that.

<@Eddie> "Heh....well, I left her voicemails, told her that....", Eddie shrugged, "I-I told her that I'd wait for her to decide what she wanted to do.....I just....want her to talk to me.", he felt like a black hole had opened in his chest and sucked all the happiness and light from his world, "God, I just want her back so bad....."

<Lorna> "Then go to her." Lorna answered simply, shrugging.

<@Eddie> Eddie looked up, "Y-you think I could just...walk up there and....?"

<Lorna> "I don't know how else you would do it but I suppose you can get creative."

<@Eddie> Squirming awkwardly, Eddie looked away, "I-I'm....kinda scared.", he confessed, "Hell, I can have rockets shot at me, get minced, but this is the real fear."

<Lorna> "Well, same thing applies here as it would in those situations. You, my friend, have shit to do." She gave him an affirmative nod.

<@Eddie> Eddie nodded, "A-also....well, now that I'm here, I wanted to say goodbye...", he frowned, a trying grin on his face, "I....w-well, I'm leaving soon."

<Lorna> "At the middle of the year?" Lorna asked, a bit confused.

<@Eddie> "I got offered a job and....well, I don't know, I guess Philosophy, whereas I enjoy it....", Eddie sighed, "To be honest, I'm just killing time here...I enjoyed living here but...."

<Lorna> "What's the job?" Lorna asked, "and what were you thinking of doing for Philosophy?"

<@Eddie> With a little smirk, Eddie shrugged, "I....don't really know. I enjoy it but....well, I feel like I'm wasting time...", he took a breath, "The er...the job's with the Police. I've been considered for a position with them, so....", he nodded, "I guess I'll do that, ah?"

<Lorna> "So you're going into the academy then?"

<@Eddie> "Yeah. S-still don't know where I'll live, but...", he laughed dryly, "...I think this is for the best...", Eddie tightened his fist, looking away.

<Lorna> "You could always keep on doing Criminal Justice here while you do that then slide on once you do have a job and paycheque so you can set yourself up."

<@Eddie> Eddie bit his lip, "....I-I suppose....I could.", he shyed a little more.

<Lorna> "Something to think about anyway. Hard enough to get started out. But, you know what, I have something for you."

<@Eddie> "....w-what?", he looked up, "Really? For me?"

<Lorna> Lorna just smirked and pushed play, a musical remix of Eddie's voicemail now playing.

<@Eddie> For a moment, Eddie just listened, before he cottoned on to what he was listening to, "Aw, God, seriously!?", he couldn't help but laugh at the sound of his humiliation in the form of a hilarious, electronic mix.

<Lorna> "Since you still need to square things away with Liza I won't be slipping this up anywhere. Our little joke."

<@Eddie> "I-I'd appreciate it.", Eddie nodded, scratching his head, "Erm...for the record? If we were both single...", he shifted about on the spot, grinning, "...y'know, if it was cool with you..."

<Lorna> "Who knows, maybe it would have been." Lorna shrugged. "But neither of us are." She smiled, sort of dancing along to her little mix. "And you've got one to get back now so I'd suggest you drunk dial her more often."

<@Eddie> Laughing a little, Eddie nodded, "Yeah...will do, boss.", he assured her, turning to leave and stopping at the cool feel of the door handle, " more thing?"

<Lorna> "Yeah?" She looked up, "What else can I do for you?"

<@Eddie> "Just....", he turned, "'ve been through hell here. W-what....what makes you stay?"

<Lorna> "I love this place." She answered simply. "It's not been hell, it's made me who I am."

<@Eddie> Eddie frowned slightly, "....I feel the same.", he tried to smile a little, "...I should go, anyway. Thanks."

<Lorna> "Take care, Eddie." She chuckled, standing up as well. "I've got to go finish packing up anyway. Will see you soon enough though."

<@Eddie> "Yeah, have fun.", he nodded, leaving the room and pausing for thought in the hall. 'We're running away again...', Eddie cringed, shaking his head and realizing all over again that, as ever, his life plan wasn't exactly airtight.

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Re: Christmas 2015: Eddie

Post by Chaos » Tue Dec 04, 2012 8:06 pm

<@Eddie> Eddie stared into the mirror at his bedside, gazing into his own eyes accusingly. He breathed slowly as he took in his face, and for a moment, swearing blind he hadn't aged a day since he'd first come to the school.

<@Eddie> 'Why do we always run away?', he shook his head, 'W-what? I don't always run...I fight.', looking back at his reflection confused him; he looked sadder than he was feeling. 'We are always running away from anything we can't attack.'

<Cessily> Cessily gently knocked on the door to Eddie's room. "Eddie," she asked, leaning in. "Are you in? Here's Cessily."

<@Eddie> With a jump, Eddie shook his head, looking to the door, "Y-yeah, I'm here. H-hey, Cess.", he waved, smiling awkwardly and glancing once back at the mirror as if not at his reflection, but towards another person, "You er...c-can I help you?"

<Cessily> "Oh, I still haven't thanked you enough for helping me the last time," she said, closing the door behind her and leaning against it. "I wondered if you had a couple minutes to talk, or is it a bad time right now?"

<@Eddie> "N-nah, no way. For you?", Eddie stretched, "All the time in the world. Wanna sit?", he patted the bed beside himself, "Tell me what's up."

<Cessily> "Sure. Thank you." Cessily smiled, crossing the room so she could sit down on the bed. "So, I couldn't help but hear some rumours making the rounds in the school." She ran a hand through her hair.

<@Eddie> Eddie smirked a little, "Well, you know what they say about rumors....", he tapped his nose with a finger, "...anything that's bothering you?"

<Cessily> "So, you're really thinking about leaving then," Cessily asked, sitting with her hands on her knees. "If you really are, I was just wondering why."

<@Eddie> "W-wh....", he shyed away, cupping his hands together, "...I...should be honest. At least with you.", he frowned, looking back at her, "....Cess, I don't know if I can do this anymore..."

<Cessily> Cessily blinked, not having expected to hear that reason at all. "What do you mean," she asked, giving Eddie a puzzled look. "Are you talking about being an X-Men? Because, I always thought you loved doing this."

<@Eddie> Eddie shook his head, looking away, "I don't expect you to understand. It''s just difficult. I mean...I'm not a superhero, this is real life! I can't even have anything normal like a relationship without something coming up and...", he sighed, leaning forward and burying his head in his hands, "...I-I just think this"

<@Eddie> 'Easiest.....coward....always running away, always cowering from difficulty...'

<Cessily> Watching Eddie, her lips were pressed into a thin line. "I understand that," she told him a moment later. "Believe me, I do. This place... it just seems to make even the simplest things so difficult. I couldn't blame you for not wanting to put up with it anymore."

<@Eddie> He remained silent after Cessily had spoken, trembling a little, "....I-I'm....afraid.", he confessed, sighing the final word, "...I just...being in this place, I feel were right: this kind of impossible crap just follows us."

<@Eddie> Eddie turned to her, "I just want to have a life, you know? It''s too much! The screaming in my head, the constant need for me to fight! Why even keep doing this? T-there are others, other people who can do this. Others better fitted to!"

<Cessily> She nodded slowly. "You may be right about the first part, but I feel you're being dishonest about the rest," she said, a small smile on her lips. "You're one of the best we have. I think we both know this. People have always been able to count on you."

<@Eddie> "I'm not, ok? I am NOT that person.", he stated back, standing and pacing the room, "Cess, you may think I am, but I.....I can't..."

<Cessily> Cessily bit her lip, silently looking at Eddie, before she gave another nod. "You're a better person than you give yourself credit for, but I won't talk you out of this if this is what you want," she said. "We've both been here long enough to know what we're dealing with, and whether we're still willing to put up with what it's asking of us."

<Cessily> Turning her head, she smiled at Eddie. "I'd by lying if I said I've never thought about quitting."

<@Eddie> At that, he froze, staring out of the window, ".....but you wouldn't.", he half whispered over his shoulder.

<Cessily> At first she simply smiled. "No, I wouldn't," Cessily confirmed. "I've invested too much to leave it all behind, you know? This place demanded much of us, but I'm convinced it gave us more than it cost. Besides, I believe it what we're doing here. And... I'd feel as if I'd let the bad people win if I let them dishearten me."

<@Eddie> Turning around, Eddie slid down the wall and sat, arms on his knees as he his his face from hers, "'s just really hard, all of this is.", he managed, taking a few deep breaths to air out the emptiness in his chest, "....I d-....don't want to leave, I just....find it hard to stay!"

<Cessily> Cessily got up and slowly stepped over to him, crouching down by Eddie's side. She put a hand on his shoulder "Before you and the others saved me from those people who experimented on me, I was so close to just giving up." she said with a calm voice, "I was sure I simply couldn't take it anymore."

<Cessily> "But then, after you brought me back, I made a promise to myself," she continued. "I swore that no matter what they did to me, I'd never let it change me or drag me down. They're not going to change who I am. I'm not going to let them win."

<@Eddie> Eddie looked up at her, frown darkening his eyes, "...I...guess I'm kind of a hypocrite, huh?"

<Cessily> Her smile grew a little bigger. "No, you're not," she said. "You're just a normal guy, as I am but a normal girl. And while we might like to act like the superheroes from the big movie, it's easy to forget we're real people underneath. We wouldn't be if we never had any doubts or second thoughts."

<@Eddie> With a sigh, a few tears rolled from Eddie's eyes. He rested his hand on Cessily's, "I guess sometimes I just....can't get the balance right. Am I Venom, am I me?"

<Cessily> "I guess that must be hard," she said, taking his hand in hers and giving it a firm squeeze. "However, keep in mind that you're not the only one here who feels this way. You're not alone, and never will be."

<@Eddie> "Yeah....", he nodded, sniffing and wiping his face with his other hand, "I-I'm know I wouldn't....wouldn't have gone through with it. I wouldn't leave you after everything....I don't think I really had the guts to do that.", he laughed dryly, sniffing again.

<Cessily> Cessily leaned in to wrap her arms around Eddie and pulled him into a hug. "It's okay," she assured him. "And while the time to move on might come for all of us sooner or later, I just don't want you to make a badly thought through decision."

<@Eddie> Leaning into her, Eddie sighed, gripping her gently, "'re right. Imagine moving back to rainy old England after....well, after all this, eh?", he rested his head against her shoulder, breathing her in, "Thank you, Cessily."

<Cessily> "That's what I'm here for, after all," Cessily replied, a grin on her lips. She leaned back and patted Eddie's back. "So, how about I drag you out of here and force some nice iced coffee down your throat?"

<@Eddie> "You know what, I'd love that.", Eddie nodded, finally smiling, "I really, really would."

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Re: Christmas 2015: Eddie

Post by Chaos » Tue Dec 11, 2012 9:52 pm

<Eddie> Eddie studied the cover of his comic's penultimate issue with a frown. 'Antihero: The Final Choice'. The title made him smirk; always a flair for the dramatic, but there was something awful about the parallel between his life and his creation.

<Eddie> His eyes fell to the bottom of the cover, quoted from his father he'd printed it with his old saying: 'With Great Power comes Great Responsibility'. Eddie sighed, sliding the film-bagged comic book back with the rest of them, and turned to leave the comic book store.

<Jace> "So, you're really going through with it, aren't you," the young man asked, stepping out from behind the shelf, one of Eddie's comics already in hand. He held it up, a small smile on his lips. "Wrapping up this series, I mean."

<Eddie> Stopping at the voice, Eddie sighed, " It's er...well...", he looked over his shoulder, "I-I've not really made up my mind; a-and it could go one of two ways! You saw the issue where he chose between saving Exaccus and killing him to joining the Helions, right?", he raised an eyebrow, "...w-wait, do I know you?"

<Jace> "Oh, certainly you do," he replied, stepping up to Eddie, revealing a grin. "However, I won't blame you for forgetting about me. You probably save too many people in dark alleys to remember all their faces."

<Eddie> "Jason Macendale, who likes to be called 'Jace'.", Eddie smirked back, "I thought as alright after...?", he gestured his hand a little bit, "I see we're keeping this on the 'down-low', eh(?)"

<Jace> "The one and only" Jace replied, before his voice dropped in volume as he looked around to see if anyone else was nearby. "And don't worry, your privacy will be safe with me. After all, what's a proper superhero without his secret identity?"

<Eddie> Eddie grinned a little bit, "Yeah....them and life issues.", he sighed, shaking his head - now was hardly the time to think about them - he looked back at Jace, "You've been alright then?"

<Jace> "Hm? Oh, yes, absolutely. Couldn't have been better. Thanks again for everything." He nodded, smiling again. Then he cocked his head, fixing Eddie with a questioning look. "How about you, though?"

<Eddie> "W-well.....kinda....not so great.", Eddie sighed, trying his best to stay smiling, "The er....the comic's loosely based on my actual life, so..."

<Jace> A smirk crept on Jace's expression, as he raised the comic book in his hand and waved it slowly at Eddie. "So I was right," he stated, almost sounding triumphant.. "I never could shake the feeling you've had a lot in common with the hero in here, and I was almost certain since the day I've met you in person."

<Eddie> At that, Eddie frowned, "Yeah....hardly my best day. Erm....the internal battle between the 'Chaos Stigma' and Kron is the same thing as I.....", he stopped, "...i-it's not something I should speak about."

<Jace> "You're... talking about your angry side, aren't you?" Jave gave him a curious look. "Yes, of course you are. When you looked like you'd love nothing more than killing that guy."

<Eddie> "Nothing I'm proud of.", Eddie frowned, "I feel like...I don't know, like I'm fighting myself moreso than crime.", he looked away, "Christ....I really shouldn't tell you all this."

<Jace> "I don't know. Maybe you really shouldn't." Jace held up his arms and shrugged. "On the other hand, if you feel conflicted, someone with a view from the outside - a more direct, simplified view, if you'd like to call it that - might actually be what you need?"

<Eddie> Eddie looked back at him, "....maybe you're right.", he nodded, "D'you....have a moment? Maybe we can talk it over lunch?"

<Jace> "For you? Always." Jace showed a grin, holding up the book again. "Just let me pay for this, and we can be on our way."

<Eddie> "Awesome.", Eddie nodded, smiling a little more. Well, perspective was important.....

<Jace> ----- a little while later -----

<Jace> Jace took off his gloves and placed them by his side, before he reached for his chopsticks to stir the noodles in front of him. "You will like it here," he told Eddie, glancing up at him. "I come here regularly."

<Eddie> "I already do.", Eddie assured him, picking up his own chopsticks and trying to grip them properly, glancing around at the neo-modernist interior of the noodle bar, "Weird: I'm sure I've passed this place so many times, but I simply cannot recall it..."

<Jace> "I guess this is why it's still considered an inside tip." Jace helped himself to a mouthful of noodles, leading to a moment of silence. "So, what is it that's bothering you?"

<Eddie> Poking at his food awkwardly, Eddie's brow knotted, "Well....basically, this whole hero-skit is getting to me...", he half mumbled, "I-I mean, I'll keep going at it, but...well, it's done damage to my relationship's just hard."

<Jace> Jace nodded. "I see," he replied. "That doesn't surprise me, to be honest. It's not such a rare thing, one would believe. Again and again you hear of people carrying a lot of responsibility to find it hard to maintain other, more trivial aspects of their lives. It's all a matter or priorities, I guess."

<Eddie> "I'm still human, you know...", Eddie sighed, chewing his noodles as a few trailed between his mouth and the bowl, "...w-well, not literally, but....come on, I still have emotions. I still want to have someone."

<Jace> "Well, not all of us are meant for that simple family life, no?" He added some soy sauce to his noodles and stirred again. "Some are clearly meant for greater things. Wouldn't it be a shame to give all of that up, something truly unique, just for something that everyone else already has?"

<Eddie> Eddie shook his head, "No, see, you miss the point: the grass is always greener, for starters. Secondly, I....what, I have to give up who I am? I can either be me, or him?", he groaned, prodding his noodles, "That isn't fair."

<Jace> "You're right about one thing." He pointed his chopsticks at Eddie. "I guarantee you, countless of people would give up anything to have a shot at the life you lead. So who says you'll be happier as a Joe Everybody? And for how long?"

<Jace> Jace shrugged. "And have you ever considered that this other side of you might be just as an important part of you? It's more than a costume, isn't it?"

<Eddie> "As if I wouldn't be happier without a voice in my head constantly fighting me...", Eddie rolled his eyes, "...yeah. Yeah, it is. It's another thing living in me. A Symbiote,'s hard to explain...", he took another mouthful of noodles, frowning again, "Sorry, I know you're trying to help..."

<Jace> "No need to be sorry," Jace replied, smiling. "I find this honesty refreshing. Too many people keep beating around the bush with their nonsense all the time." He shook his head, poking around in his bowl of food. "You know, this might sounds crazy, but instead of fighting that voice, have you ever considered listening more to what it has to say?"

<Eddie> Choking on his mouthful, Eddie looked up, "W-what? What?", he swallowed, "I-I, actually. I never have. I-I just assumed....", his shoulders sank a little bit, "I-it never occurred to me."

<Jace> "I'm just saying," Jace commented. "This... Symbiote, you say, obviously served you quite well so far. Why reject it so easily?"

<Eddie> "No, you're right...", Eddie nodded, " might not be that easy. It's all anger and's hard to argue with something that wants to kill so badly."

<Jace> "Good point." He wore a small smile and enjoyed another heap of noodles. "Then you should just steer it towards the kind of people no one would cry over, anyway." He laughed ambiguously.

<Eddie> Eddie laughed dryly, "Y-yeah....that''re not serious, right?", he smiled, a little nervously - awkward.

<Jace> "Come on, don't tell me you've never thought about it yourself." The edge of his mouth arched upwards in a half-smile. "We both know there are some pretty awful people out there. I can only imagine the kind of scum you're dealing with on a daily basis."

<Eddie> 'We've often thought about that, yes....

<Eddie> "A-ah...well...", Eddie shrugged, trying to hide the wince, "So what? People think all kinds of things, but I would never kill someone.", he affirmed.

<Jace> "Of course not," Jace replied, putting on a smile again. "Not as long as it can be helped and there are other solutions, no? And it's not like I could speak from experience. It just, I imagine it sometimes has to be really hard, no? Holding yourself back, especially when you know what some of these people you fight have done. Or will do."

<Eddie> Eddie nodded, "Well....yeah. Yeah, it is. It's....difficult to maintain emotional distance in those situations.", he thought back to discovering the X-Force all those months ago, "...but I guess it's the ultimate test, right?", he smirked wryly.

<Jace> "Oh yes, certainly so." Jace nodded. "It's what separates the true heroes from those just doing their duty, don't you think? That moment of doubt, to see your ideals tested, and persisting - that's the stuff that makes a hero."

<Eddie> "Kinda.....ominous.", Eddie couldn't help but chuckle a little, finishing another scoop of noodles, "You really love the idea of this, don't you? Ever think of giving it a try yourself?", he laughed.

<Jace> "Oh, you wouldn't believe how much things in the real world sometimes have in common with these colourful stories," Jace said, before eyeing the issue of Eddie's bock he had bought earlier. "Then again, maybe you do."

<Jace> Then he shrugged awkwardly. "Me, though? I don't know if I'd make a terribly good superhero. I figure I should leave that to the ones with the proper calling."

<Eddie> "Shame, think you'd look good in a red and yellow leotard.", Eddie grinned, shuffling at is noodles and taking another mouthful.

<Jace> Jace laughed. "Oh, now I just might have to think about it."

<Eddie> Eddie smirked, "Maybe you should.", he said past a mouthful, snorting a little at the notion, "Be my sidekick, eh?"

<Jace> Still chuckled, Jace watched Eddie with arched eyebrows. "A truly tempting thought, but I figure I'd rather try to help you in other ways."

<Eddie> "Oh?", Eddie finished his mouthful, "You have something in mind? Sounds like you do..."

<Jace> "Ah, nothing really," Jace replied, waving dismissively. "I'm just enjoying this honest exchange. And who knows, maybe some of it will help you with your dilemma."

<Eddie> Eddie nodded, "Yeah. Yeah, maybe it will.", he smiled, "I appreciate it, Jace. Thanks.", he went back to his food, still beaming - what a nice guy!

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Re: Christmas 2015: Eddie

Post by Chaos » Wed Dec 19, 2012 11:18 pm

<@Jonathan> Jonathan sighed, moving the Black Devil cigarette from his lips to his fingers as he frowned at the suitcase, still empty on the bed. He looked over at the few sets of clothing he was going to bring, and then at his backpack, "...we could turn up to a Hotel with backpacks, right? That wouldn't be weird...", he muttered to himself.

<Mary> "For you, maybe, Jonathan." Mary folded a pair of trousers into her small suitcase with a smile. "Not all of us are designed to travel like that. For one, I need somewhere to put my shoes." She winked at him. "Just use the suitcase this time, it won't hurt you."

<@Jonathan> "Might...", Jonathan grumbled back, smirking a little bit as he took another draw on his cigarette, "...I hate all those self-important types at hotels. Always judging the colour of your tie, and other stupid things.", he started folding his things away into the case, "One comment about the Christmas tie and I might have to consider bringing a scalpel..."

<Mary> "Oh please, I love your tie." Mary gave him a winning smile. "And not everyone at a hotel is judging you, sugar, that's your British paranoia playin' there." She shook her head. "Smile, Jonathan, you'll have fun."

<@Jonathan> He smiled back at her, "I'm....also concerned about seeing Eddie again. Tried to keep my distance per his request but...something's really hurting him. He mentioned wanting to come home.", Jonathan sat down on the bed, " you think he wants to quit school?"

<Mary> She looked at him and then came and sat beside him. "Honestly...I don't know." She said finally. "You know him better than I do. But what I do know...if he really wanted to, he would have done by now, mmm?" She smiled. "Your son's as independent as you are - trust me, Joshua's the same."

<@Jonathan> "Maybe...", Jonathan frowned down at his cigarette, glancing at Mary, "I'm worried is all. I've never heard of something shaking him like this is all...", he rested a hand on hers, "I wish you were there when he was young...I wish I was there for both of them more myself..."

<Mary> She held his hand , fingers wrapping around his warm ones and her other hand going over the top. "You weren't to know, Jonathan." She said quietly. "By th' time they were born, you were long gone and in love." She put her head on his shoulder. "Well, we'll just have to go see what's shaken your boy up, mmm?"

<@Jonathan> Jonathan laughed a little bit, brushing a cheek against Mary's hair, "'re right. I'm sorry, I'm just a little bit nervous...", he looked to the suitcases, "Still, in less than a few hours we'll be over there, and we can sort this out."

<Mary> "That soon? You have all the travel sorted?" She giggled, knowing how quickly Jonathan could move. He got a kiss on the cheek then. "Don't worry, Jonathan, it's probably a girl. Or boy." She squeezed his hand. "Besides, it'll be good to see the boys again. I want a picture of Joshua in his uniform, if he's allowed."

<@Jonathan> "Shame Eddie didn't become an agent of 'SHELF', or whatever top secret thing or other it is...", Jonathan laughed, poking Mary's nose gently, "And yeah, I was....well, I always visit via....", he gestured with his head, " know..."

<Mary> "SWORD, Jonathan, it's SWORD." Mary laughed, then tilted her head at him. "Your...oh. Have you...ever actually told Eddie that your passport's empty?" She asked quietly.

<@Jonathan> Jonathan shook his head, not looking at her this time, "Nope. And I don't want to.", he said shortly.

<Mary> Mary looked at him seriously, before turning his head to face her. "Why not? Surely he should know."

<@Jonathan> "You don't get to decide that.", Jonathan stood, finishing his cigarette and casting the butt into an ashtray.

<Mary> Mary actually gave him a slightly hurt look for a moment before going back to her own packing. "No, I don't suppose I do, do I." She said calmly. "So I won't tell your other son where he and his sister got it from either." She shook her head. "Doesn't he deserve to know, Jonathan? What are you afraid of?"

<@Jonathan> Jonathan's back remained turned, "I'm not afraid....", he lied, taking a deep breath.

<Mary> "You're lying, and you're doin' it badly." She sighed, standing up and coming over to him. "Oh, come here, Jonathan." She wrapped her arms around him, holding him tightly. "Listen, it's the boy's right to know, y'all know that, but it's your decision. Whatever you decide, mmkay? Either way, ain't like I'm not going to be there for you."

<@Jonathan> "You don't understand, you couldn't!", he insisted, struggling away, "I killed her, Mary! I knew! I knew the risks and I did it anyway! I murdered my own wife!"

<Mary> Mary let him go, staring at him while she tried to absorb that. "Hey, hey..." She followed him, hands on his arms. "Jonathan, calm down." It was easy to see where Eddie got it from, sometimes. "Here, sit. Now, what do you mean, sweetheart? I know you, you ain't a murderer, so take a deep breath and tell me what happened. Ain't gonna judge, y'all know that."

<@Jonathan> Jonathan bit back tears as he recalled his actions, breathing harshly as he tried his best to stay calm, "I used my power. I-I used it to get her inside the hospital, but it went wrong!", he covered his face with his hands, "I don't know how, but it was too much for her; something went wrong with Eddie in her womb....m-maybe it was trauma from the speed, I don't know..."

<Mary> "Oh, Jonathan..." Mary held him tightly then, hand going to the back of his head and petting his hair. "Jonathan, that's not murder. It's horrible, but it's not murder, you wanted her cared for quickly." She closed her eyes. "So you're afraid to tell Edward because of that?"

<@Jonathan> "I just couldn't!", he sobbed into her arms, gripping her tightly, "I couldn't tell that to my son! It wasn't his fault, it was mine!"

<Mary> See, that made more sense...and Jonathan had lived with this all this time? "No, Jonathan, look at me." She pulled back a little. "It wasn't your fault. It was an accident, a horrible one but still an accident. No one's to blame, not you, not y' boy, not the doctors - oh sweetheart." She pulled him in again, holding him tightly. "No wonder you're so scared."

<@Jonathan> Unable to control it, Jonathan simply cried. All the tension, the pain, the fear of years in every dry-mouthed sob. He held on to Mary tightly, as if she too were close to slipping away as tears dripped from his chin.

<Mary> She took it, just like she'd taken Jay's crying over Jill and all the self-blame the boy had done for that. Gently she rocked him, cheek pressed against his, eyes closed, hand in his hair. "Ain't goin' nowhere, sweetheart, promise." She murmured quietly. "Just you let it out now. I'm here."

<@Jonathan> Jonathan lost track of time while he held onto her, his mind a blur of memories and pain for minutes, maybe even an hour, as he just held on to whatever he could. Head aching and mouth dry from the tears, he sniffed, wiping his face on his sleeve as he moved away timidly, unable to look at Mary.

<Mary> "Nuh-uh, don't you let your guilt push me away, sweetheart." She said gently, not pulling him back but not letting go of him either. "You haven't got anythin' to be ashamed of. And if you think I'm gonna abandon you after that, no, I'm not." She touched his cheek and then wiped the tears away.

<@Jonathan> "I should have been responsible...", Jonathan sighed, rubbing his cheek on her finger gently, "...I thought....I was some kind of 'beyonder', like I was so important and special...", he admitted, gulping, "I was so reckless..."

<Mary> She thought back to when she'd first met Jonathan, smiling a little. "I think everyone is when they're young, Jon." She said quietly. "And one of the first mutants? I'm not surprised you did. But you cain't keep kicking yourself, love, it wasn't your fault. You wanted the best and it went wrong in a horrible way." She kissed his cheek. "You weren't to know what would happen."

<@Jonathan> Reluctantly, Jonathan nodded, "....I didn't. I...didn't think...", he sighed, looking down at his hand where his wedding ring used to be, and then to Mary, " were always so understanding. Even....back then...", he smiled a little.

<Mary> "Well, I've grown up some more now." She smiled. "Children do that, mmm?" She took his hand, hers going over it. "Of course I'm not going to think you were a murderer, Jonathan, you loved her. I could see that, even back then." She sighed. "If you think it's better, sweetheart, don't tell him - Lord knows I won't breathe a word to Jay. But he should know the truth some day, mmm?"

<@Jonathan> " No, you were right before. I....I should.", Jonathan affirmed, looking into her eyes, " always know exactly what to say.",

<Mary> Mary blushed a little then, smiling shyly and dropping her gaze onto their joined hands. "No, I've said the completely wrong things in the past, Jonathan." She shrugged a little. "But if you can find the strength to, I think you should. And you are a strong man, Jonathan Brock, your children prove that."

<@Jonathan> He nodded, "And so are you.", he gave her hand a squeeze, ducking his head a little to catch her eye, "Do you think.....I just want to make up for past mistakes, lost time, and....I know we've been together for a little while..."

<Mary> She looked up at him then, blinking, chewing her lip a little. "Do I think what, Jonathan?" Was he...going to ask what she thought - hoped - wanted him to?

<@Jonathan> "...I...want to...I-I think we should official.", Jonathan stammered out, taking a sharp breath, "I think it'd be for the best and....and I feel like...well...", he smiled coyly, "....I want that."

<Mary> She smiled, blushing. "I' that, Jonathan. Truly I would. I...I want it too." She pulled him in for a kiss then, unable to stop smiling.

<@Jonathan> Kissing her back, Jonathan grinned at her reaction, only moving away after a couple of moments, "T-then....we should probably make it official-official...I was....I was going to wait, but....", he raised a finger, standing and going to his coat, thrown over his computer chair. He withdrew a small black box, "I-it's nothing fancy, but...."

<@Jonathan> He sighed, "Our children deserve a family. A-and....and once upon a time I robbed them of that.", he approached her again, kneeling in front of her, "...would you help an idiot rectify a mistake?", he opened the box, revealing the gold band within, dotted with a single ruby.

<Mary> Her hands went to her mouth - she'd hoped for a proper relationship, but this...this was- "Oh...oh my..." She swallowed, just staring at him stupidly for a moment. Answer him, you stupid girl! "Yes! Yes, God yes, I-I would - oh Jonathan!" She dropped beside him and threw her arms around his neck, kissing him solidly.

<@Jonathan> Jonathan held her, unable to contain his laughter as the kiss broke. He held her tightly, "I didn't think you'd be this happy, honestly!", he confessed, moving back to look at her, "Y-you're sure? I know it's asking a lot, especially with...well, everything...."

<Mary> "Jonathan, if you'd asked me to marry you way back, I'd've told you where you could put that ring." She gave him a mock-stern look. "But we've both grown up since then, we've both had the corners knocked off us and learnt to slow down and...and I cain't think of a man in this world I'd love to be married to more."

<@Jonathan> Beaming, Jonathan took her hand, placing the ring gently around her finger and kissing it, "Nor myself.", he assured her, "I'm glad we've both grown up so much....never would have imagined us both here all those years ago..."

<Mary> "No...but we're here now." She smiled at him, before pulling him in tightly. "I love you, Jonathan Brock." She said quietly, looking down at the new ring.

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Re: Christmas 2015: Eddie

Post by Chaos » Thu Jan 03, 2013 1:09 am

<@Eddie> Eddie hesitated outside the door, looking at Illyana, "'re SURE this is a good idea?", he pleaded, "B-because we could leave! Right now! She'd not even realize we'd come in; we can just....go back to Xavier's, have a cup of tea, wait for this to blow over(!)", he half-joked.

<Illyana> Illyana just glared at Eddie. "Man up, dude. This is your chance to explain. Take it."

<@Eddie> "I-I know, but....I'm...", he froze at her glare, "O-ok, ok. I-I'll....yeah..", he sucked it up and knocked the door.

<Illyana> Illyana smiled at him and patted his back. "It'll be fine," She assured him.

<Liza> OhGodohGodohGodohGodohGodohGodohGodohGodohGodohGodohGod! Liza flailed in the bathroom as she adjusted her hair a final time as the knock came at the door. OhGodohGodohGodohGodohGodWhatdoIdo? She flailed out of the bathroom, getting the heel of her shoe caught in the hem of her baggy jeans and ending up slamming against the door, "Oh fucknuggets!"

<@Eddie> Jumping back, Eddie's hand went to his chest, "Aw, Jesus, d-did she throw something?", he groaned, "Spider-Sense, man! What the hell!?"

<@Eddie> '.....'

<Illyana> Illyana jumped at the thud. "Ummmm I hope not?" She had agreed to this right? Maybe she'd end up rescuing Eddie instead.

<Liza> "Ugh! Sorry! Sorry!" The door opened and a bedraggled Liza stood there, rubbing her forehead sheepishly, "Um ... I ... I kinda ... fell over?"

<@Eddie> Eddie snorted a little bit at that; awkwardness aside, he still found her cute when she was clumsy, "Er...hey...", he managed with a weak smile, "It's fiiiine, really. I er....yeah, it's....hi."

<Liza> "Hey ... umm ... so yeah, i'm a tard um ... you like ... you guys wanna come in or anything? Like ... to sit and ... things?" Could this be anymore awkward?

<@Eddie> "", Eddie glanced at Illyana for a moment, "Erm....sure.", he made a move to enter the house, hesitating slightly near Liza's 'personal space' circle.

<Illyana> Illyana went on into the room, making herself scarce in a corner.

<Liza> "Um ... can I like ... get you guys anything? Like ... tea, coffee?" She stalled.

<@Eddie> Watching Illyana retreat to her 'referee' position, Eddie sighed, "I-it's fine. I'm alright if...", he gestured to Illyana, "...I assume you're fine so...", he looked back at Liza, "...we're....", he nodded.

<Liza> "Right, right," with nothing further to delay the inevitable she took a seat, tapping her foot nervously, "So ... umm ... yeeeeeah ...."

<@Eddie> Eddie sat in silence for a few moments, trying not to look at her before sighing again, "Liza...I-I'm sorry.", he tried to look her in the eye - good start so far; "I'm just....i-it's hard to explain."

<Liza> "I ... I guess i'm sorry too, for freaking out like that ..." she muttered, shifting awkwardly in her chair and feeling like she was five. Feelings man, they fucking sucked.

<@Eddie> "You shouldn't be. I-it's my fault.", he sighed, "I...I wasn't joking before when I said I lost control about that guy with my ex; I literally lost control of my body. In my head, I have, Symbiotic....thing. I-it's some kind of conscious representation of my instincts when I go all 'amoeba-blargh'...", he waved his hands a little bit.

<Liza> "You mean like ... an alternative personality ... thing? Like those feral mutants say they have?"

<Illyana> Illyana sighed quietly in the corner. He was an idiot.

<@Eddie> Eddie scratched behind his ear, "...p-pretty much. know, not as cuddly.", he tried to make light of it, smiling slightly, "I-I didn't say anything because....well, I was scared you'd know...", he motioned his hand between them, "....suffice to say it backfired(?)"

<Liza> "... Yeah, you could say that," Liza sighed, "You ... you really should have told me, I ... I dunno what to say ..."

<@Eddie> "I'm sorry. I really, really am!", he sat forward, "I-I just....I love you! I couldn't risk losing you to my idiot self, not again. All I do is push people away with it and I was scared!"

<Liza> "So you ... what, thought you could just ignore it like it wasn't an issue and hope I never find out?" Liza sighed deeply and put her head in her hands, "Damnit Eddie ..."

<@Eddie> Eddie frowned, eyes falling to the floor, "...I was just so worried I'd lose you. I-I'm sorry, I really am...", he put a hand over his eyes, "...I didn't mean to do any of this."

<Liza> "I ... I know, you're an idiot, really," she managed a small smile though, "So .. umm ... this thing in your head ... how do you like ... controll it?"

<@Eddie> "I was using tranquillizers when it got bad.", Eddie told her, smiling a little at her smile, "Recently I'm taking the advice of....o-of a friend; I'm gonna try just...letting it out to talk to me."

<Illyana> Illyana blinked at that suggestion. That would be interesting.. to say the least.

<Liza> Liza frowned, "Wait ... have you like ... not been to see a shrink or anything?"

<@Eddie> "", he shrugged, "Once or twice, I-I've been dealing with it better with the medication though, they seemed confident it was working. Hell, I was...."

<Liza> "But then ... was it 'cos you stopped taking it when you were all mind wiped? It's not as effective anymore?"

<@Eddie> Eddie shrugged again, "I have no idea....maybe it's more powerful now, or maybe it's just relapse.", he sat up, "I-it hardly matters now; for the meantime, I'm in control. And moreover, I'm....I'm gonna try and control it now."

<Liza> "By ... talking to it?" Liza asked, still soundiing a little skeptical.

<@Eddie> "Well....yeah. Pretty much. I-I'd do it by speaking to one of the psykers; Xavier or someone, maybe see if they can establish a bridge between me and it.", he frowned at her, "Er....t-this is just words from bad Sci-Fi to you, isn't it?"

<Liza> Liza ... just nodded, "I'm expecting a vulcan mind meld any second or ... something."

<@Eddie> "I-it....kind of is...?", Eddie squirmed a little bit, "Look, that's all just a bunch of other crap I'll deal with later; I came to....w-well I....came to get you back.", he looked up at her, "...if...if you still...."

<Liza> Liza sat in quiet thought for a moment, "This ... thing, in your head? Will it ... does it want to hurt me?"

<@Eddie> 'W-we would never...!

<@Eddie> "No! No, wouldn't.", he assured her, hand going up as if to stop her running, "I promise! It'd never let me hurt you, it only cares about protecting you!"

<Liza> "Then why did it try and like ... attack me when you were in the cell and stuff?"

<@Eddie> Eddie sat back in his chair a little bit, trying to recall the containment cell conversation, "N-no, we..."

<@Eddie> 'Trask...'

<@Eddie> "...didn't mean to; the...we just hit the wall, we were....afraid. A-and angry..."

<@Eddie> 'TRASK....'

<@Eddie> Wincing a little bit, he shook his head, "...I should have controlled myself. I-I'm sorry."

<Liza> Liza went quiet again, "Is it ... do you think it'll happen again?"

<@Eddie> Looking up at her, Eddie blinked out a tear, "I....I don't know. I want to say 'no', but I don't know if....", he wiped the tear away, shaking his head, "N-no, I won't lose control again. I can promise you that."

<@Eddie> 'Can we really?'

<@Eddie> 'Yes, I can. Shut up.'

<Liza> "Well ... I do trust you ... so, I guess we could ... see what happens?"

<@Eddie> "Y-you...mean it!?", Eddie shot upright, "You really mean that?"

<Liza> Liza jumped a little at the sudden movement, "Well ... yeah, I ... never stopped loving you it's just ... I was scared of what had happened ..."

<Illyana> Illyana quietly tried to move to the door without being seen or heard. She wasn't needed anymore and they could use the time to... make up.

<@Eddie> "I-I never stoped loving you either...", Eddie finally smiled, shuffling to his feet and approaching her, kneeling before Liza, "I...I was so scared I'd lost you forever...", he couldn't stop a few more tears escaping, completely oblivious to Illyana's movement.

<Liza> "Oh Eddie," she reached out to gently touch his cheek, "you're such a moron, but you're my moron."

<@Eddie> His hand met hers, stroking it gently as he closed his eyes at the warmth of her fingers against his face, "I love you so, so much....", Eddie exhaled, kissing her wrist and looking up at her, wiping his eyes with his other hand, "...I'm so sorry."

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Re: Christmas 2015: Eddie

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Jan 05, 2013 3:31 am

<@Eddie> Eddie smirked to himself, eyes half closed as he bopped his way down the coridoors of Xavier's mansion with his headphones in, blasting 2NE1's 'I am the Best' into his ears as loud as his iPod would allow him to. He looked at it in his hands, smiling at the fact it was part of a new range of cases based on his 'super hero costume'. He considered the white spider logo in his mind - it was a stroke of pure genius.

<@Eddie> As he traversed the mansion, he was suddenly savvy to something out of place: one of the classrooms had a sign in some language that completely eluded his grasp. Eddie blinked, stopping and inspecting it as he pulled the headphones down: it had to be some dialect of Latin or....Russian. Or something else impossibly sub-English.

<@Eddie> Once the white noise from his headphones had subsided in his ears, he swore blind he, he was hearing singing. He switched his iPod to pause, trying to place the voice as he knocked the classroom door, "Clarice?" he guessed, "Or....I don't know, Cecilia? Hope?" he giggled to himself, "Darren?"

<Anna> Anna twirled on her desk, accidentally tangling herself up in her strings that she was trying to hang. "Eeep!" She tumbled off the desk and out of sight. "Ow... hmm...." There was a wooshing sound followed by a clatter from the supply closet.

<@Eddie> The door opened. revealing the tall, dark haired man on the other side. He stepped into the room and looked around spotting the pile of clothes beside the desk, "Riiiiight...." Eddie raised an eyebrow, approaching them and kneeling down.

<@Eddie> They still felt warm, so whatever nudist or....whomsoever it was, was probably still around. Eddie stood again, glancing around the room, eyes finding the supply closet, "Erm....ok, if this is some kind of attempt to weird me out, it is so working..."

<Anna> "Ack!" there was a distinct crash from the supply closet now, "Ow! Bugger!" She managed to extract herself and her coat floated itself from the window ledge and over to the closet. Moments later she was stepping into view, holding the coat closed. "Well hi!" she grinned to cover up the embarrassment.

<@Eddie> Eddie did a double take: one, the lady was Irish. Two, she was naked. And three, she looked so familiar....

<@Eddie> "...w-wait, Anna!?" he suddenly blurted in complete disbelief, "Christ, it really IS you!"

<Anna> "Last time I checked!" She giggled, "Nice to see you again! Sorry about the lack of clothing - I had a clumsy moment and this was just faster and less destructive to all my hard work." She gestured at the web of strings across her ceiling that the ends of which were tangled around her empty clothes. "Speaking of... I'll just..." she sidestepped towards her clothes and tried to liberate them.

<@Eddie> Blushing a little, Eddie laughed awkwardly, "Yeeeah, I'ma just..." he shuffled away and turned around, "You just g'ahead...I-I can wait outside?" he made for the door before he got an answer - after the last semester here, he thought it best to avoid contact with naked women other than his girlfriend.

<Anna> Anna pulled her clothes on once they were free of the string and put her coat on her desk, "Okay! I'm decent!" She paused, frowned and shook her head, "As decent as I get!" She corrected herself.

<@Eddie> "That's more than a little disconcerting." Eddie confessed, slipping back into the room and feeling much more comfortable with Anna back in her clothes, "But I suppose it's less awkward: how've you been! It's been....l-like three years?"

<Anna> "Yeah something like that," She smiled, running a hand through her hair and moving to try and untangle the strings, "I've been keeping busy. Got myself a job with those Doctors Without Borders." Noooo! She was going to need the scissors! Why, God?! Why?!

<@Eddie> Eddie nodded, "Huh, I remember you being quite in to medical stuff." he approached her desk, "Do you need help with that?"

<Anna> "I'm a surgeon now." She flailed at the strings one more time then decided she needed to do something else, "Nah they can wait." Whiskey would make it better! She opened the drawer that was level with her head at the moment and produced a bottle. "What about you? Still in school?"

<@Eddie> "Well, amongst other things I'm the artist and writer of a successful comic book, I'm studying post-grad criminal law..." Eddie listed off on his fingers, "I'm a trainee police officer and aj internet-famous vigilantee..." he smirked finally.

<Anna> "Nice! Keeping busy then?" she giggled, digging out a glass from the back of the drawer and rooting around for the second one. "I'm back here to teach... I know, mad right?"

<@Eddie> Eddie shrugged, "We must both be insane to be here..." he tapped his nose, "But a little insanity never hurt now and again, hm?" he smiled at her as she looked around, "None for me, thanks: I have to be at my first trial patrol later."

<Anna> "Now and again? Why not all the time?" Anna sat down on her desk, "No drinking on the job, huh? Sadness... oh hey they won't let me do that here either, will they? It's not like I'm cutting people open!" Damn. She was going to have to get sneaky. That sounded like effort.

<@Eddie> "You didn't seriously drink before midday while working for the DWB team, did you?" Eddie asked, half expecting a 'yes'.

<Anna> She giggled, waving a hand dismissively, "Noooo you can't have a drunk surgeon operating on people. That'd be bad... mind you I could totally get away with it with my magic hands." She wiggled her fingers at him.

<@Eddie> With a sigh, Eddie nodded, "Glad to hear it: 'course you have those cheat codes too, hm?" he smirked, "A lot's happened since you've been away....kinda wish you were there with those 'cheats'....."

<Anna> "Yeah, they filled me in on some stuff. Not that the news didn't do that too. Things really went to hell." She shook her head.

<@Eddie> "Yep....It's been kinda difficult." Eddie admitted, "Still! Not like it can get any worse, right? Not worse than the 'end of the world', anyway." he grinned, "Keeping civil unrest to a minimum during that was a total bitch, I'll tell you!"

<Anna> "I can imagine!" She poured herself a drink and looked around her classroom, "I know, you can help me. What decorations shall I hang?"

<@Eddie> Scratching his head, Eddie shrugged, "Er....well, you missed Christmas, so that's off the menu." he looked around, "Erm....I don't know, leprechauns?"

<Anna> "I was going to save them for March," she grinned, "Maybe something wintery?"

<@Eddie> "You could go mainstream?" Eddie waved his iPod at her, "Check it out: Apple have endorsed merchandise!"

<Anna> Anna followed the waving ipod with her eyes, "You want me to hang ipods?"

<@Eddie> Eddie shook his head, "Nah, not that: like....posters of me! And other stuff I'm all over!"

<Anna> "You want me to make my classroom into a shrine?" Anna raised an eyebrow, an amused look on her face.

<@Eddie> "Well, I am pretty worship-worthy: you should see my fanclub." Eddie laughed, scratching his nose cocky as you like.

<Anna> "But this isn't supposed to be somewhere people want to be in because your face is papering the walls. They're supposed to want to be in here because I'm teaching awesome stuff."

<@Eddie> With a shrug, Eddie laughed, "You could always do that naked trick - at least half the school body'd love that!"

<Anna> Anna groaned and put her face in her hands, "It's an unfortunate side effect of turning into gas. Can't take my clothes with me."

<@Eddie> "There are those who'd argue 'unfortunate'." Eddie grinned, "But not me: you know I have a girlfriend now?"

<Anna> Anna blinked at him, "Really? And it's still not unfortunate you nearly saw me naked? Your girlfriend must be very understanding."

<@Eddie> "I-I didn't mean me, Anna!" he replied hastilly, "W-we've er....we've had a rough patch but we're back together. She's the 'queen' of my little fan club actually. Maybe you've seen her online or....oh, on the MOJO network?"

<Anna> "On the what now?" Anna blinked at him, "What is this fuckery?"

<@Eddie> Eddie frowned, "I-it's like E! Entertainment News, only....well, it covers just about everything. Her tag on Youtube's 'Screwball'? Come on, you must have heard of her..."

<Anna> Anna shook her head, "Nope. Don't really watch a lot of telly. Signal's a bit squiffy where I live." She shrugged, "I'll look her up though."

<@Eddie> "Heh....awesome. You should - she's got some pretty great footage." Eddie blushed a little bit, "That's...actually how we met."

<Anna> "Awww! That's cute!" She poured another drink.

<@Eddie> Laughing, Eddie nodded, "'s all been pretty crazy. I never believed life'd turn out like this, but hey: here we are, right?" he shrugged, "Crazy, crazy times, eh?"

<Anna> She nodded, "Hey, life's no fun if you can predict every twist and turn. If I hadn't been crashed into by a crazy Scot on a bike I wouldn't be here. Funny how things work out."

<@Eddie> "Yeah, and if I hadn't have kicked the crap out of my ex-girlfriend's fling we'd have never met." Eddie added, laughing at the very idea, "Life's awesome, huh?"

<Anna> "It is! You know what else is awesome? Jameson's." She downed her current glass.

<@Eddie> Eddie snorted at that, "Well, I'll have to take your word for it. Anyway..." he glanced to the door, "I'm probably gonna have to split: no rest for the wicked, after all." he smirked, "If you like, we could go out for drinks sometime? You, me, few of the guys here. Hey, you could even meet my girlfriend face to face!"

<Anna> "Yeah! That'd be awesome... gotta find Bobby and Rachel and bring them too. I know they're still kicking about somewhere."

<@Eddie> At Bobby's name, Eddie stiffened, " seriously want that backstabbing sonofabitch there?"

<Anna> Anna blinked, "Huh?"

<@Eddie> "Oh....of course, you can't have heard." Eddie sighed, "During the Apocalypse incident Bobby founded and led a little band of merry-makers he called the 'X-Force'." his eyes darkened at the thought of them, "He decided to go full 'Judge Dredd' and simply kill anyone he considered a threat: not that I particularly miss the Marauders, but...." he shook his head, a disgusted look on his face, "Killing them....what a fucking asshole."

<Anna> "Oh... no, I know about that... but it seems like he had his reasons... and my religion preeches forgiveness. Besides... Bobby's like one of my bestest buddies." she gave a shrug.

<@Eddie> Eddie shook his head, "Jesus fucking Christ....I swear I'm the only person who even cares about the fact he turned a bunch of kids into serial killers...." he sighed loudly, "AND got away with it. AND got a job for it." he shrugged, "I am so done with this..." finally, he turned to leave.

<Anna> "Hey hey, they all chose to be involved, Eddie. Don't cheapen their choices. Yes it was probably wrong to ask them in the first place but that's in the past, Eddie. And they're sorry for what they did and they've all been punished. It's not doing you good to bear that grudge. Grudges take up a lot of energy... I can fix that if you want?"

<@Eddie> "I don't need anyone's help." he said over his shoulder, frustration rife in every word, "I think every member of that group is just as guilty and if it were up to me? All this 'forgive and forget' would not apply." Eddie turned a little to look back at Anna properly, "If I lost control and killed someone, you think I'd be forgiven? Hm? You think for a second I'd be given the 'BOTD'?"

<@Eddie> He shook his head again, "I wouldn't. Nobody should be. All I've learned is that people like me, the naive morons who hold so close the lesson of 'Power bearing Responsibility' are the real fools..." Eddie sighed, taking a breath, "I just can't believe people can even still accept them. After....if you were there..."

<Anna> "Of course you would, Eddie." Anna was completely confident of this, "You'd be sorry. Sorry is what matters. You'd be sorry and you'd want to make it right again. If they can say that then they deserve the chance to try and you should let them. Everyone makes mistakes, Eddie. The more power they have the bigger the mistakes usually are. And forgiveness doesn't mean you forget."

<Anna> She gave a slightly lopsided smile, "If you forget the mistakes you don't learn from them, after all. Let them learn from their mistakes. If you don't put your hand in the fire you don't learn that it burns. But they know that now. If they do it again then they're stupid and should, by all means, be kept somewhere they can't do it again. But they should be given the chance to choose for themselves. Does that make sense?"

<@Eddie> "Makes sense, but I don't know if I agree." Eddie replied simply, "Adam, for example; he's done this twice." he shuddered at that, "It actually scares me to think that we're just overlooking that - 'cause that's what this is in the end, Anna; it's us overlooking it. But not this guy." he patted his chest, "Fuuuck that: they made their choice."

<@Eddie> He stood up straight, adjusting his jacket, "The punishment should fit the crime. And I do not believe this one did."

<Anna> "Okay, this Adam, if he's done it more than once. Then yes, there's a deeper issue there that they're obviously ignoring and that should be fixed. But the rest? Most times people have a three strike rule... you at least owe them one. They were friends, Eddie, and they obviously had a good reason for it whether you can understand that reason or not."

<Anna> She gave a small shrug, "I don't know. I don't want to fight about this... I like being back here."

<@Eddie> Eddie nodded, "Well, you enjoy your stay." he opened the door, stepping out, "But you might wanna double-check you know who people really are first." with that, he was gone.
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