2/19 Instance: Little Alienkicker

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2/19 Instance: Little Alienkicker

Post by Slarti » Tue Feb 19, 2013 11:37 pm

Backdated a bit to early Feb. 15

<Lorna> Lorna held the pen aloft, wriggling it carefully to make it bounce with a rubber-like appearance. "Bobby...Bobby, rubber pen trick. Lookit gooooo." She sat up enough to wriggle it in his face, chuckling before going back to the paper in her hand.

<Bobby> Bobby chuckled softly, trying to not wake the sleeping bundle in his arms. "Yep, it's going, all right." He kind of wished Lorna would share whatever Hank had given her. Looking down to the little scrunched face in the crook of his arm, he whispered, "Mommy's hiiiigh!"

<Lorna> "Yeeeeeah, Mommy's tripping balls!." Lorna laughed as she agreed, filling in the form as happily as can be. "I didn't get a chestburster!"

<Bobby> "Isn't now when we're supposed to stop the cussing in front of her?" He cuddled the baby closer as if to shield her ears from her mother.

<Lorna> "Balls isn't cussing. She's gonna play with balls, just not the fun kind. And if any come her way you freeze them and I'll slice them!"

<Rogue> Rogue flew into the medlab, not having been this excited in a long time. She landed a foot or two short of Lorna's door and took a moment to breathe slowly and deeply, making sure she was a bit calmer before going up to knock softly on the door frame. "Congratulations, y'all," she chirped, grinning from ear to ear.

<Lorna> Lorna looked at Rogue and then slowly looked to Bobby. "She's heeeeeeerrreeeeee." She found that hilarious.

<Bobby> "No, you're fine," he laughed. Rocking the bundle, he cooed to it. "Your auntie Roguey is here, kiddo."

<Lorna> "Yeah, you're great. I forked out a baby so you missed the gory bits!"

<Rogue> Rogue laughed at Lorna and shook her head, "No offense, sugah, but Ah'm glad Ah did... How ya feelin'?" She stepped in and side-hugged Bobby as she looked down at her new niece. "Hey there, darlin'..."

<Bobby> "You should be glad," he mock-whispered, leaning his head against Rogue's by way of returning the hug.

<Lorna> Lorna poked Bobby with her pen again. "Are you knocking the miracle of birth over there? We've all ready popped one ball today now...we should get Hank a new ball."

<Bobby> "She popped Hank's ball," he stage whispered to Rogue again, with a horrified look.

<Lorna> "You helped!"

<Rogue> Rogue looked between the two and stepped over to Lorna, "Ah'm gonna take her side in this'ne, Bugs..." She stage-whispered back, "She's still hormonal an' can kill me if Ah don't."

<Rogue> Then she leaned down and carefully kissed the top of Lorna's head that was covered with hair, "Ya look great, by tha way."

<Bobby> "That's okay. I'm still holding the baby." Bobby looked down at his new daughter's sleeping face and smiled.

<Lorna> "That's why I'm making our baby exist in the eyes of the government." Lorna nodded. showing Rogue the birth certificate. "And thanks, I like to think I make it look fabulous."

<Rogue> Rogue took the birth certificate from her and had to laugh at the handwriting. "Maybe ya should wait 'till ya got all tha drugs out ta fill it out properly?"

<Bobby> "And only committing minor fraud what with ducking the whole X-gene question. It's all good."

<Lorna> "I dodge that question like the most epic ninja." Lorna assured both of them. "I've got my skills."

<Rogue> Rogue read the birth certificate then looked at the baby, then back at the birth certificate. "Did ya mean ta write this, Lorna?"

<Lorna> "Write what?"

<Rogue> "Ripley? Ya tryin' ta pull a prank on Hank?"

<Bobby> "Nope, that's right." Bobby gave Lorna a grin.

<Rogue> She frowned, confused. "Ah thought her name was gonna be Maddie... After ya mama," she nodded towards Bobby.

<Bobby> "Well, it will be, but it'll be her middle name."

<Lorna> "Just because I'm high doesn't mean I don't know my child's name now...I mean, I might've wrote it on the spur of the moment but we gave it a talk."

<Rogue> "Well Ah like it, surely. Just didn't expect it. So where'd ya get tha name from?"

<Bobby> "When my mom got here we decided two Maddies was just too confusing." He grinned again, which turned to a cackle. "You so need to see Alien, Roguey."

<Lorna> "Our little chestburster." Lorna patted Ripley's head fondly.

<Rogue> "Nooo, what Ah need ta do is hold mah niece," she bounced a bit where she stood. "Ah cain't stand it anymore! Pass 'er over. Ah promise Ah won't kiss 'er... Even wore mah softest gloves..." She gave Lorna and Bobby each a dose of her puppy eyes. "Please?"

<Bobby> "Sure, babe," he shook his head at the puppy eyes. That was so his trick. Carefully, he passed the little blanket-wrapped bundle over to Anna.

<Lorna> "Well, you do that, I'm going to eat my twinkie and probably have a nap once I start to come down."

<Rogue> Rogue barely managed not to squeal when they both approved and carefully took the tiny miracle into her arms. She ran her finger delicately over the soft cheek, "She's beautiful." She grinned at both of them, "Y'all make pretty babies."

<Lorna> "You bet your sweet ass, bucko." Lorna made pistols from her fingers and pew pewed at them all.

<Rogue> "Now that was a curse word, Mama." She grinned at Lorna anyway. "Y'all, she's so tiny! Tha tribbles'd swallow'er whole!"

<Bobby> Bobby leaned over Anna and the baby, giving the little girl a kiss on top of her head. "Nah, she's Ripley. Her whole thing is making aliens her b-i-t-c-h. See, I can spell. I can totally do this parent thing."

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