8/13 Instance: The Dragon's Den

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8/13 Instance: The Dragon's Den

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Tue Aug 13, 2013 9:19 pm

Timeline: After 'Bug Out' and 'Inferno'

Facade: Cecilia wandered through the various labs on the way to Rott's brain room, sending shield planes into various desks, electronics and anything that looked even remotely breakable. "So this little excursion hasn't even been half as bad as reported," she said to Scott. "The way Drew described it I thought we'd be walking into some godforsaken medieval dungeon but it looks like most labs I've seen...despite the huge metal doors."

Cyclops: "Just wait. It can only get worse." He suppressed a shiver, resolutely not looking into the labs. "So, why the need to go after this brain?"

Facade: She hesitated for a moment. "You weren't heavily involved in the Galactus thing last semester were you?" Cecilia asked. "You heard of Quentin Quire, the guy that infiltrated the school and kidnapped John and Jamie, right?"

Cyclops: "Yeah, I have."

Facade: "You ever wonder how he managed to come into contact with our people?" she said, rubbing the back of her neck where her tattoo was, eyes averted. "It's 'cause I invited him there."

Facade: "Obviously I didn't know he was cannibal at the time, but knowing that now doesn't make me feel much better. I still feel a lotto guilt for being the person that 'lead the snake into the den', even though I've tried to bury it and move on, that whole thing just...rattled me. It scares the shit outta me that I related so well to such a monster."

Facade: "I don't really know what I want, to be honest. I don't think seeing his brain in a jar is gonna help with much, I just...I dunno. I need some sorta...closure." She shrugged lamely.

Cyclops: "Ah." He wondered if he'd been too hard on Jessica, but then Cecilia had stayed trying to make amends while Jessica had run off. "We all have a dark side and most evil people are very good at hiding it." He patted her shoulder.

Facade: "You're not wrong, if every bad person wore a little black hat things would be a lot easier, but the world doesn't really work that way, does it?" Cecilia swallowed hard. "I don't like having loose ends...the knowledge that Rott isn't actually in jail doesn't sit well with me. I'm not gonna leave another one out there if I can help it."

Cyclops: "Sounds good to me." Even if Xavier won't do it, I'm sure one of our more tech-savvy students can. We are going to have to monitor all threats better from here on out. "Closure is good, but it can also lead to more..." He trailed off as they passed a room that had a table with built-in restraints. He swallowed hard and pushed Cecilia further. "Sometimes it can still haunt you, no matter what," he said quietly, no longer talking about putting things to bed.

Facade: Cecilia grit her teeth and squeezed her eyes shut as Scott pushed her past a room with what looked like a dentist chair with straps on it. "Yeah, believe me, I know. When I went to see Officer Knight to try and get in contact with Rott I ended up leaving with more questions than answers."

Facade: She sighed as they came to a heavily enforced door. "End of the line," she said, taking in the imposing steel. "I don't suppose you wanna get this one, do you? I can cut through metal but I wanna save some energy in case shit happens."

Cyclops: "Of course. Step back." He flipped his visor just a bit, and the doors blew inward, still on their hinges, the edges of the twisted metal hot. "No alarms going off, that's nice." He peered in, stepping over the threshold. It was eerily silent. The room looked was directly out of one of those slasher horror films. He swallowed against rising bile. "It's bad in here," he warned.

Facade: Cecilia didn't heed the warning and charged right in. "Fuck," she muttered, covering her nose and mouth. The room was lit with an eerie green light and there was glass all over the floor from smashed jars among bits of pink jelly all over the place that she could only assume were stomped brains. There was no sign of a jar with a pink mohawk attached to it. "They must've grabbed a few of the brains and smashed the rest."

Facade: She laughed a bit hysterically. "What the fuck is wrong with these people?They abandon thousands of dollars of equipment but they take the time to collect a few a brains? Are they sentimental or something?"

Cyclops: "I'm so sorry." He stepped in further, looking into the refrigerators. There were only half-mushed gelatinous puddles. "They're insane, there's no making sense of it but probably they took the ones that had the most information for them." He went back over to her. "We should go."

Facade: Cecilia ran her fingers through her hair, trying hard not to cry. "Yeah," she said thickly. "You're right, we should go before-"

Facade: The room suddenly went from glowing sickly green to a submarine red as an alarm began to sound and a computerized voice intoned: ["Self-destruct sequence engaged."]

Cyclops: " - something like that happens." Scott pulled her out of the room and began to run.

Facade: [Self-destruct sequence engaged. Time to detonation: five minutes and counting.]

Facade: "Shitshitshit!" Cecilia exclaimed, making a run for the doors. {"JP, I-"} Oh yeah, there was a Faraday cage around this part of the complex, she'd forgotten that in her panic. "We have to get to the upper floors and tell Northstar to get the hell outta here!"

Facade: [Self-destruct sequence engaged. Time to detonation: three minutes and counting.]

Cyclops: "I know!" He pushed open a door he'd seen on the schematics that led to a stairwell. Those bastards must have taken the same route to escape. He charged up the stairs, gasping as they reached the top. He blasted the doors open, there was no time. {"JP, go - the countdown's almost done. We're not making it,"} he gasped, looking for a place to bunker down. "Shit, shit, shit."

Facade: Cecilia's heart was pounding so hard she was sure it was gonna tear apart from the sheer force. "Like fuck we won't make it!" She grabbed Scott's arm and dragged him into one of the workshops, slamming the heavy metal door behind them and shoving one of the tables against it.

Facade: "Here," she said, crawling under a desk with filing cabinets lining the bottom. "I'm...I'm gonna make a shield to cover us both and...well, we''ll just have to hope it works!"

Cyclops: "Okay!" Scott huddled down next to her, tucking himself around his bag. If they didn't survive, hopefully it would to help others. "It's been nice being your doctor," he said.

Facade: [Self-destruct sequence engaged. Time to detonation: one minute and counting.]

Facade: "Oh God, don't tell me that!" Cecilia exclaimed, turning red as she threw up a dome to protect them from any flames or shrapnel. "If we die I just want you to know I'm sorry we never got to be colleagues and that the shades are really pimp!"

Facade: [Self-destruct sequence engaged. Time to detonation: thirty seconds and counting.]

Cyclops: "We're so gonna make it - but just in case - I'm sorry, too. We make a good team." He closed his eyes as the world around them seemed to explode into noise and flames.

((Time Passes))

Cyclops: When he opened them again it was to pitch black, though the place still seemed to be exploding. Or was that just his ears ringing? He wasn't sure, nor did he quite remember what had happened. "Cecilia?" he croaked, gasping for air.

Facade: Cecilia raised a hand in the darkness, shaking terribly from fear and pain. "Ow," she squeaked, tears beginning to run down her face. "Oh my God, it hurts...it hurts so bad! I think I'm gonna...pass out." Her shields were down now and the desk seemed to groan with the weight of debris on top of it.

Cyclops: The fire must have eaten most of the oxygen. He pushed some gravel out of the way until he could feel her arm. He hoped nobody was directly on top of them, as he had no way of knowing how long they'd been out. He took off his visor and opened his eyes, punching the desk and all debris directly over them up and out, until he broke through to the surface. Hot sticky air rushed in, and he closed his eyes, breathing deeply.

Facade: Cecilia's head was leaning against the inside of the desk and her eyes were closed, apparently having been right in her assessment that she was going to lose consciousness, but for the most part she appeared unharmed.

Cyclops: "We're alive. Well done. You get a vacation to heal up," he yelled, trying to hear his own voice over the noise. He laughed, "Hell, I'll take a vacation!" They were alive!

Facade: "Oww," she moaned, regaining some consciousness. "Fabian...I don't wanna go to Morocco now 'm tired."

Cyclops: He put on the visor and sat down, waiting to be rescued, going in and out of consciousness

Facade: "Did we make it, Scott?" Cecilia rasped, slumping from a seated position onto the ground. "Are we still alive?"

Cyclops: "Yeah!" He managed to say. "You did it!"

Facade: "Oh...good," she said, her vision fading fast. "That's great. I really like…living."

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Re: 8/13 Instance: The Dragon's Den

Post by Slarti » Tue Aug 13, 2013 10:13 pm

"We all have a dark side and most evil people are very good at hiding it."
*Sebastian just smiles*

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Re: 8/13 Instance: The Dragon's Den

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:50 am

Slarti wrote:
"We all have a dark side and most evil people are very good at hiding it."
*Sebastian just smiles*
*Jessica points at Viper.*
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