4/15 Instance: Pryde and Prejudice

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4/15 Instance: Pryde and Prejudice

Post by Slarti » Wed Apr 15, 2015 9:53 pm

Current timeline

<Kat> Kat sat at her work station in the robotics lab, whispering obscenities at herself and her project. The circuit board she was working on was askew on the desk next to her laptop and soldering iron. She pushed everything back and started banging her head on the table. "Fuck!" She yelled out in frustration.

<Hope> Holding onto Shinobi's hand, Hope led him to the robotics lab, laughing at something as they made their way through the door and toward her usual work station. "I shouldn't have too much more to do on this. Few weeks really. Hoping to turn it in early and have some time off." She paused in her walk when her eyes landed on Kat. "Pryde."

<Shinobi> "I'm sure you could just bribe him with another bottle of scotch," he said, looking around at the school with interest as they walked. He was brought up short by Hope's sudden halt, but failed to see the other occupant of the room. "Hmm. Doesn't look like anything to be particularly proud of to me."

<Kat> Kat looked up from her incessant head banging to notice Hope walk in with who Kat assumed was her Asian boytoy. Great.. and now this, she thought. She grimaced a half smile and returned the greeting. "Stark."

<Hope> Hope nodded her head barely, briefly, in recognition. No. Kat Pryde. She continued on to her work station, her mind catching up with Shinobi's joke. "Yeah I could cheat, but why cheat when you're clearly amazing and have the best project ever?"

<Shinobi> "Best project ever, huh?" He smirked. "Someone is confident." Deciding he should acknowledge the other person in the room, he turned the smirk to her and nodded. "Good afternoon." Pryde, not pride. Oops.

<Kat> Rolling her eyes at Hope's apparent narcissism, she responded back to him. "Hi." She kept it short, and tried to focus on back on her project. Of course this would be the day that she left her headphones in her room, so she would be either forced to stay and work and listen to the couple or pack up and leave.

<Kat> Sighing, she knew she was behind on her project and had to stay. Focus Kat!

<Shinobi> Raising an eyebrow at the frosty reception, he shrugged and moved past Hope to jump up on a clear portion of her workbench. So that's the one who took a swing at you?

<Hope> "Of course. This is in my blood." She gave him a smile as she pulled out her tools. Yeeep. That's the one. Nord asked me to stay away from her too and to keep out of his business. Clearly I won't be doing that.

<Kat> Kat was happy for the silence. Maybe they would just stare at each other and not do a whole of talking. She took another look at the plans for the board she had drawn up in AutoCad. She murmured to herself about which wires to solder together.

<Kat> Forgetting to put her magnifying glasses on, Kat grabbed the soldering iron and used her fingers to hold the wires. Distracted by her thoughts, she burnt her finger and dropped the tool to the floor with a loud clatter. "Damn it." She was seething.

<Shinobi> The noise made him look up. "You okay there?" Noticing her inspecting her hand he slid off the table and quickly closed the distance to her table, dropping into a crouch to pick up the tool by the handle. He took the opportunity to inspect her.

<Hope> Hope gave Shinobi a bit of a look, then rolled her eyes and went back to her own project. How is it she was always surrounded by these damsels?

<Kat> "I'm fine. Thanks." She took the tool back from him and looked at it make sure the fall hadn't damaged it. At least half of the pair is seemingly polite and has manners.

<Shinobi> "Good." He smirked a bit and looked over the mess of parts on her workstation. "So," he started, deciding to fish for a while. "What are you working on?"

<Hope> Having to bite her lip to keep from laughing out loud at Kat's thoughts, Hope smirked and continued on her own project. Perhaps if people didn't jump others, they would find that people were polite to them.

<Kat> "Uh. Well. Its supposed to be a circuit board programmed with certain tasks to replace the one in the Roomba that I have. I'm trying to get the Roomba to follow a predesigned path in a room according the layout, instead of just randomly bumping and going wherever it feels like."

<Kat> She explained the project. It wasn't her best idea ever, but it was a stepping stone in the direction she was hoping to go.

<Hope> "Not a terrible project," Just boring, Hope decided.

<Shinobi> "Roomba - that's one of those little robot vacuum cleaners, right?" He nodded, feigning interest. "First robotics class?"

<Kat> "Yeah. Its one of those little vacuums." She picked up the circuit board to inspect it. "This is by far not my first robotics class. I'm sure that it appears that I am a novice at this, but I'm just not myself today. Having trouble concentrating."

<Shinobi> He looked over her head to Hope. I wonder why...

<Hope> Hope just turned to Shinobi and grinned.

<Shinobi> "Well, I'll quit hovering over you then." He surveyed the table again and slid his hands into his pockets, circling her workspace before he strolled away. "Good luck."

<Kat> She sat the board down. "Thanks." His hovering had sent her nerves into overdrive. She reached behind her computer and grabbed the cup of ice cold coffee and took a swig.

<Hope> Smiling at Shinobi, Hope turned her attention back to her project. "So, Kat. How are yooooou?"

<Shinobi> He smirked at Hope's tone and rejoined her, jumping up on the work table to watch the show.

<Kat> Kat grimaced when she heard Stark talking to her. The sting of their last meeting had just faded. Seriously? she thought. Sighing. She turned and nodded to Hope. "Fine thanks. You?"

<Hope> "Wonderful," Hope leaned up and stole a kiss from Shinobi before reclaiming her seat. "I don't know that I can get this fully the way I want before May. I may have to continue it after graduation."

<Shinobi> "Isn't that the point of a graduation project? To finish before graduation?" He laughed and caught her hand before she sat back down, pulling her up to kiss first her hand and then to steal one back.

<Kat> Kat vomited a little in her mouth and was thankful she turned away before she saw the second kiss.

<Hope> Hope lingered, extra satisfied by Kat's disgust. "The point of a graduation project is to get a grade good enough to pass."

<Kat> Kat scooted things out of the way on her lab table and laid her head down. Maybe she could just take a minute and ignore everything and everyone around her so she could focus.

<Shinobi> His eyes slid sideways toward the other girl and he gave Hope a wicked grin. "But it's always best to finish, yeah?" Kat Pryde's next move made him blink. Did we give her a stroke?

<Hope> She smirked, stealing another kiss. No telling. The girl was dating her ex, which was weird... but oddly okay. Which reminded her. "Sooo, you make Chris take you somewhere nice yet?" She turned, leaning back against Shinobi where she could watch Kat.

<Kat> Kat lifted her head up and looked back at Hope. "Where Chris and I go or what Chris and I do is frankly none of your business. WE don't go parading public displays of affection." She sat her head back down and waited. Waited for whatever Hope was going to throw at her.

<Shinobi> Shinobi lifted a brow and smirked at Hope once more.

<Hope> "So that's a nooooo," Hope smirked. "Shame. It's not like he can't afford it," she pointed out, just lounging on Shinobi.

<Kat> Instead of responding, Kat went to hit her head against her desk. She failed. Instead, her head phased through the table causing her to fall through the table, off her chair and onto the floor under the lab table. "FUCK!" She yelled.

<Kat> Not again. Not here. And why was I awake for that one? She thought. Once again her abilities betrayed her.

<Hope> It was difficult not to laugh. So very difficult. Hope crossed over to Kat, peeking under the table to check on her. "You alright there?"

<Shinobi> He jumped down and followed, pulling out her chair to give her space. "Be careful. Phasing can be tricky."

<Kat> "Thanks for moving the chair." She crawled out from under the table, cheeks red with embarrassment. "I'll be okay. Just been having a few new experiences with the phasing. I'll have it under control soon. Although, the phasing spontaneously when awake thing was new."

<Hope> Hope looked to Shinobi, deferring to his expertise on the power.

<Shinobi> "Yeah, I used to have problems with that too." He debated with himself for a moment, then offered her his hand to get up.

<Hope> "Phasing through three levels of the house is awful too. Be glad it was just a table."

<Kat> Kat begrudgingly took his hand. "Thanks." She sighed. "Luckily I haven't had that experience. I usually just phase through my bed and on to the floor."

<Shinobi> "I always worried more about doing it asleep than awake. You can't remember to hold your breath asleep." He helped her up and smiled a little.

<Kat> Kat nodded her head and gave a little smile. Maybe he isn't so bad... can't say the same for his girlfriend.

<Shinobi> He tilted his head. "Sorry, where are my manners." Since he already had her hand, he gave it a brief shake and dipped in a slight bow. "I'm Shinobi Shaw."

<Hope> Oops... I should have done that. Sorry. She apologized to him, stretching a bit. "You know we can help with your powers, right?"

<Kat> Taken off guard from the introduction, she introduced herself, "I'm Katherine Pryde. " She turned to Hope. "I've got it under control, but thanks for the offer." Why was Hope being nice to her and trying to help? What was she after?

<Shinobi> No problem, I got it. He inclined his head. "Nice to meet you," he said, letting go of her and watching the exchange with Hope. "It's... my power too, or a part of it. So," he tilted his head and smiled. "It's the least I can do."

<Hope> Hope shrugged and went back to her table. "Just offering. It's nice to have someone with the same power to help you work through it."

<Kat> "Like I said, I've got it." She went back to her table and started packing up her stuff. When she picked up the circuit board she sighed. She didn't know what she was going to do with that, but she knew that it was probably time to leave the lab.

<Kat> That was something she probably should've done when the couple first entered the lab. Better late than never.

<Shinobi> Amused, he took the hint and went with Hope. "Too bad about the circuit board," he tossed in on his way past Kat.

<Kat> Kat looked at the board one more time and shoved it into her bag. She'd deal with it later. After she had got some sleep... or vodka.

<Hope> Hope watched Kat's retreating form, turning her attention to Shinobi. "Was it something I said?"

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