1/12 Game: The Dead do Detroit

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1/12 Game: The Dead do Detroit

Post by Starfish » Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:22 am

Timeline: January 13th

Northstar_: Detroit was...bleurgh. Jean-Paul couldn't quite get behind this place and the last thing it needed was apparently what it was getting today. "So...they seriously said zombies?"

Firebird: "That's, like, crazy. There's no such thing as zombies. It's... basement dweller video game shit." Jean didn't like these uniform things, but she said she'd give this X-Men thing a try. Stupid try.

Surge: "Your telling me we actually get to do a real Zom poc mission? This isn't just like an early birthday present for me or anything is it?" Noriko was back in suit, paperclips and into her bouncy attitude.

Obscure: Sue was having second thoughts about her decision to come. She shuddered at the mention of what they were going up against. "You say that but you haven't seen it before, Jean... we have...."

Toxic: Adam was playing cat's cradles with string as they travelled. "Better than people eating each other." He sniffed. Then thought about it. "...Actually, I don't know, what's worse, live people nomming your brains or dead people nomming your brains?"

Facade: Cecilia looked around the city...and for once actually didn't feel out of place. This was a lot like her old neighbourhood. "Apparently so," she said absently, fiddling with the straps on her uniform. Shit. It was getting tight! What the hell did she do to deserve this! And of course none of the weight went on top where she needed it. Life was unfair.

Komodo: "Is it just me, or does the place look even more... dead than it usually does," Melati asked, looking around as she scanned the immediate area around the jet. "And yep, 'fraid they did." She turned to look at Jean-Paul. "Believe me, I read that briefing a couple times, too. And I never read things twice if I can help it."

Obscure: Sue flickered out of view. Zombies. Ugh.

Firebird: Jean gave Sue a disbelieving look. These people were all crazy.

Spider-Girl: Mayday shook her head, adjusting her shot-bracelets, "It doesn't make sense: Tegan died, right?", she recalled, looking to the rest of the group, "So...how come zombies? She's the only thing bar the Venom thing....", she turned to Sue, "Aww, come on, it'll be fine!"

Northstar_: "Birthday present?" He gave Noriko a bit of a hairy eyeball. "Considering what I've heard about the last mission like this I don't think this'll be any kind of treat." He shook his head, not wanting to think about anything to do with that. "I doubt it's just you. You wouldn't want to be out during this either...or would you?"

Obscure: Sue didn't really need reminding that Teagan had died either, having seen that happen herself. She wrapped her arms around herself, "Zombies are scary..."

Surge: Noriko bounced alittle more in her seat fiddling with her paperclips. "Dude zombies! Why would I not want to be out in this?! have none of you heard of Galvanic experiments making dead bodies dance?!"

Toxic: Adam giggled. "Best. Experiment. Ever."

Facade: "So how do we wanna play this?" Said Cecilia. "Am I allowed to pursue a more...ahem, lethal solution?" She asked. "Because I don't think hitting any of these things with my shield is gonna do fuck all." Then again, it wasn't gonna look good if she left bits of zombie everywhere...but they needed to get rid of them. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Komodo: "As far as we know, anyway," Melati commented. "From what I've heard of that living dead girl, coming back to life kinda has been her thing. So one can never be sure, eh?"

Firebird: "There can't be zombies. It's, like, impossible." Jean looked around the jet at the team of people with impossible abilities. Well...

Spider-Girl: "It occours to me we've an awkward team spirit...", Mayday sighed, "Half of us are too serious, the other half too joking...", she cut an eye at Adam, still uncomfortable he was there, "Also, as for 'impossible' Jean? Well...we're in a stealth plane with a team of super heroes."

Facade: "You'll get used to it," Cecilia remarked to Jean. "I did."

Surge: "Zombies happened before, mutated people happened before, they can happen and I'm not joking I'm just psyched to be kicking ass again."

Toxic: "Hey, Jean? I'd keep a hold on the impossible thing. Because if we say we've seen dead people, we really have seen dead people." Adam's giggle was a little unhinged. "Had inky zombies once. That was fun."

Spot: Spot sat in the back of the plane. He had to wear the team uniform, but he had managed to get some concessions in regards to wearing black sunglasses and a black hat. That would do to honour the greatest piece in cineastic history.

Komodo: "I'd say first we check if these really are dead people before we chop them up too good," she suggested, looking back at the others. "Wouldn't want to just have someone get a bit too dramatic over an incursion of hobos."

Firebird: "Yeah but there's impossible and then there's impossible like no fucking way!" Oh yeah... she remembered the news about the inky crazy people... "Those weren't zombies."

Toxic: "Also, teeeechnically I'm still not an X-Man, am I? I mean I haven't got the full go-ahead yet. You really don't mind that I'm tagging along?"

Spider-Girl: "I sure as hell do...", Mayday muttered bitterly, looking out of the window.

Toxic: "Were too. Also, we had this girl who was actually dead. Seriously. She had bits dropping off and everything."

Obscure: Sue leaned to hug May, though if she was honest that was more for her than May's sake.

Facade: Cecilia nodded to Mel. "Fair enough." Before turning to Jean, "No but the one's in New Orleans were. If you don't believe it look at the footage, there's plenty floating around on Youtube...as for impossible...well, at this point there's very little I wouldn't believe."

Spot: "Illinois Nazis...I hate Illinois Nazis..." he muttered while looking out of the window.

Komodo: She gave Adam a look and chuckled. "As far as I'm concerned, you can see this as your reinitiation," Mel told him. "Don't screw this up, and you're good to go, I say."

Northstar_: "Do you really want to do the clean-up for this?" He asked Surge since she was still excited. "Knock door to door and get people to id the formerly animated bodies so we can get them back into the right graves? It's...it's just someone with Teagan's power or something. We have repeat powers all the time, this can't be any different."

Spider-Girl: Mayday's arm curled around Sue, "Hey...", she smiled at her affectionately, "Don't worry, I'll take care of you.", she kissed Sue's forehead, looking up at Melati and hoping she wasn't serious.

Firebird: Jean huffed and rolled her eyes, sitting back in the seat and adjusting the restraints with her teke. Crossing her legs, she flipped her foot and tuned out to play with her hair.

Toxic: Adam gave her a slightly deranged look and a grin. "Aye aye, ma'am, not gonna, took my meds before I came out."

Komodo: "Good boy," she commented, patting Adam on the shoulder. "So, shall we see what all this hubbub is about then?"

Surge: Noriko kicked her feet twitching slightly. "How are people going to be able to recognise decade dead bodies surely the atrophy would have made that impossible?"

Obscure: "I feel sick...." Sue mumbled.

Facade: Cecilia sighed. People either got used to it or they didn't. She had, it had just taken awhile, and she'd raged pretty much every step way against reality. "What choice do we have, JP? We can't just leave them here."

Surge: Noriko pulled a pack of tablets out of her bag for Sue. "Travel tablets they might help?"

Toxic: "...Oh god, I forgot about the rotting part...good job I bought the mask..." Adam groaned, before batting playfully at Mel's hand. He was in a good mood, had been since that first kiss from Jolen. "Remember, guys - double-tap, don't let any fluids get on you and shoot them in the head." He giggled again.

Northstar_: "I'm not saying we shouldn't." Jean-Paul shook his head to Cecilia. "I'm just saying being excited about it is a bit sick."

Spot: He looked back towards the others. "Hey, yo! Question: what do we do if one of us gets bitten?"

Toxic: "Not excited. Always like this."

Komodo: "Come on, people, 'tis not the time or place to go about being all squeamish," Melati told the whole team, turning around with her fists planted on her hips. "As a wise man once said in a similar situation, time to nut up or shut up." She thumbed over her back.

Obscure: "They won't help if you all keep talking about dead things. Isn't it bad enough that we're going to see them without speculating on it before hand?"

Facade: Cecilia nodded at JP. "I agree...I don't especially like this either, it's really just a job to me, I do it and go home."

Spider-Girl: "Isn't it kinda morbid everyone here's so desperate to kill things, zombies or not?", Mayday added slyly, half impressed that she'd done so, half disgusted she'd been so rude in one sentence.

Firebird: "How does anybody even know that they're dead? It could be mind control." Jean shook her head and went back to checking for split ends.

Spider-Girl: "Boom: headshot.", Mayday snapped her fingers at Jean's comment.

Surge: "If they aren't dead then thats bad we have to be really careful during round up..."

Toxic: "Can't kill something already dead, and who said anything about killing, chicka?" Adam poked his tongue out at May and grinned happily. "Joke, take it. This is how I deal with nerves."

Facade: Cecilia eyed one of the walkers. "I'd say the rotting flesh is a dead giveaway," she said dryly.

Northstar_: "So...where are they supposed to be?" Jean-Paul asked, looking around the place.

Spider-Girl: Mayday smiled sarcastically at Adam, "It's frickin' hilarious(!)",

Obscure: Sue whimpered, "I want to go home now..."

Spot: "So, we drag one of ours back home if they get bitten? And spread the virus, or whatever? A mansion full of super-powered zombies? Not that I'm complaining, just curious."

Facade: Cecilia gave Mayday a look, raising an eyebrow, what the hell was up with her and Adam? Now that was something she had to ask about later. "Then wait in the jet, Sue. I can cover for you."

Toxic: "I know! I should be a stand-up or something, totally." Adam fitted his mask on, sighing easily. "Lighten up. I've got myself sorted, okay? I'm not going to go crazy this time, I'm on better meds and I'm really happy. No killings. Promise."

Spider-Girl: "Why'd you come in the first place?", Mayday asked Sue, "I mean, it's awesome you're here but....well, come on, we were given the brief - if I'd have thought you'd be like this, you'd be at home in bed until I got home."

Spider-Girl: Mayday didn't even look at Adam - the question to sue a deliberate attempt to cut communication.

Melody: There was the sicky aroma of rotting flesh as the wind picked up.

Obscure: "I was trying to get over my fear of zombies but I thought people wouldn't talk about it so much and just get on with it and... oh God!" Sue shielded herself to block that smell.

Komodo: Melati wrinkled her nose as she stepped down the ramp. "I'd say we just need to follow our noses, guys," she commented. "And the sound of moaning..."

Facade: Cecilia looked around the ground for a stick or something. Once she found one she then walked over to one of the zombies and began poking at it's arm lightly. "No response....yet. No movement from the eyes...smells awful...I'd say they're expired."

Toxic: Adam knew this. It hurt a little, if he was honest, but hell, she obviously wasn't worth the friendship. He bounced away, still cat-cradling, wrinkling his nose even under the mask. "Sticky..."

Spider-Girl: Coughing, Mayday threw on her mask, "Woah, that tastes like ass!", she commented, "Or....how I imagine ass would taste...."

Firebird: Jean stopped on the ramp. No way.

Komodo: "Well, to be fair, I don't think many people would consider overcoming a phobia of zombies to ever become important. Not in a normal world, anyway. Alas, the one we live in is obviously seriously screwed up, so..."

Surge: Noriko nose wrinkled then. "Damn.... that smell so fuckingnastydeargod."

Melody: The zombie's clouded over eyes rolled towards Cecilia and it let out a "Huuuuuuuurgnnnnnnn!"

Spot: "Urgh..." The sweet-rotting aroma of the risen dead actually made his eyes water a bit.

Facade: Cecilia yelped in surprise and let loose a shield knife, slicing the zombie right in half.

Northstar_: "Yeaaah, I think this might be why they're pretty sure it's the dead." Jean-Paul covered his nose as they walked along. "Please say we have some kind of -uuugh- plan?"

Facade: "Oh shit..." she breathed, clutching her chest. "Fuck! I'm sorry! I just- It was a reflexsive reaction....fuck..."

Surge: "Facades one up on the rest of us, So kill count or round up?" Covering her nose and twitching again, fingers on her one hand spasming.

Spider-Girl: "Aw, gross!", Mayday cringed, "Zombies left!", she planted a tracer into her right shot-bracelet just in case she needed it later, "We're having the kill talk again....", she shook her head, "...well...looking at that they're dead. For sure. So er...I guess that sticks and imagination may be the right way to ho."

Firebird: Jean started backing back up the ramp at the whole shiska zombie. "Oh... hell no."

Melody: Seeming attracted to the noise, more of the risen dead emerged from the alleys, shuffling and crawling, those that could make noise groaning. The corpse that Cecilia had sliced in two fell to the ground and the torso started to crawl across the pavement while the legs sorta flailed and flopped out helplessly.

Spot: Spot put one of his spots into the air, and when another zombie stumbled at him, he dodged and slipped a second spot of its head. The result was a stationary floating zombie head and a headless zombie body stumbling about.

Northstar_: "You can't just tear them apart, these are people's families!" Jean-Paul protested though the smell may get his resolve on that.

Toxic: Adam was glad his masks were never just for show as he blurred gently. He felt out, eyes going red - though the blood would have long seperated, maybe even dried to dust, he could still make use of it. It took a little effort to get it to bend to him, but he picked up a zombie and moved it away from the group, where it looked mildly confused.

Spot: "I'm going to keep you..." He grabbed the bodiless head and stuck it on the plane. Then he had to start dodging the other zombied. "AAAAaaaaAAAAaaaahhhh!"

Obscure: Sue pushed her shield out to surround them all. "Can we decide what we're doing before they swamp my field?"

Surge: "Take a deep breath metaphorically Jean, if you don't want to kill disable them ok?" She loved being short ducking under one zombies arms she tripped it up watching it crash into a few others.

Spider-Girl: Mayday sighed, "Where's that katana-wielding chick when you need her, eh?", her arms were raised, releasing blasts of webbing into the heads of the rotting corpses approaching with the intensity to take their skulls off their shoulders.

Spider-Girl: "You know, it scares me how routine this kind of thing has become...", she joked, casting a web into the air and pulling herself upwards.

Spot: Finding relief behind Sue's force field for a moment, he stuck a spot on Northstar's back. "If it gets too much, leg it. You are my way outta here!"

Firebird: And the weird spotty guy was taking one for a pet?! Jean screeched and bolted back off the jet. There was nowhere to go but up, so she used her teke to lift herself to the wing.

Facade: "I got the afro!" Said Cecilia, putting a sheild knife into the remains of her zombie's head. "Just find me a katana!"

Obscure: "So we're not going to put them back in their graves after? We're just going to destroy them? Just like that? What about their families?" Sue boosted herself up on a platform so she was out of arm's reach for now.

Surge: So far Noriko was keeping her hands up and pulling the zombies past herself at the others, not carrying any lethal weapons meant she had to use hand to hand.

Toxic: Adam flicked out a hand, sending several of them flying back and knocking over several more. "Well...zombie-bowling can keep them back. Really, we need to find the source, huh."

Facade: "I'm sorry, JP!" She said, slicing them in half. "But I'm a bit more concerned with living people than I am with the dead! I didn't want this, but this is how it has to be!"

Firebird: Up above the fight, it smelled better, but it looked no less ridiculous. "UUUUGH!"

Komodo: "Well, I believe we can consider the question if these are really the walking dead as officially settled," Melati announced, punching and kicked her way through a thickening mob of the undead shamblers. "As for a plan... yeah, I know people plan for the Zombie uprising as a hobby, but I'm afraid I'm not one of these people."

Spider-Girl: Mayday landed atop a lamp-post, "I somehow doubt many of them have graves: imagine all the people who's graves the city might even be built over!", she called to Sue.

Spot: He threw some spots into the air, where they just kept hanging a few feet above ground. Then he put one more on the ground and jumped into it, coming out from one of the floating spots, sitting on its edge and dangling his feet.

Toxic: There was enough of Traskland Adam residual left that he didn't feel entirely comfortable with the idea of using his blades. Not yet. And causing them to bleed wouldn't do anything. Mmm.

Komodo: "So I suggest contain as best as possible, then we try to find some kind of source," she added, swiping her tail to send several of the shamblers to the ground.

Facade: Cecilia looked at Jean on top of the wing. "Ah Christ..." And began wading her way to her through the zombie, climbing up a shield ramp to get to the wing. "Are you alright?" She asked her.

Spot: "We got a flier? If yes, I can make a connection between here and a garbage incinerator to get rid of them!"

Obscure: "Containment I can do...." Sue started to section off the zombies, cramming them together under a shield.

Toxic: He kicked into the air, narrowing his eyes, looking around as he tried to think. A sweeping gesture threw a load back from the group to save them being overwhelmed. "You have two, Spotty."

Komodo: "Dammit, why aren't baseball bats and golf clubs part of the basic mission equipment," Mel muttered, trying to shake some rotten gunk off her hands.

Northstar_: "What are they going to do to you? They're dead." Ugh, people. "They're not real zombies and we've got two people who do forcefields, I think we can manage a cage instead of slicind and dicing." He gave Mel a salute and, though sighing at Spot, took to the air ready to herd the deceased.

Toxic: "...Three. Sorry, JP."

Surge: Noriko got into stance took a deep and started her kata's disabling the ones near her and ducking under the grips, breathing quite she realised the bastards were attrached to noise.

Facade: Cecilia sighed from her place on the wing. Well, so much for not throwing the new girl into the deep end.

Komodo: "That's a great idea, Spot!" Mel pushed some zombies away that got a little too friendly and started gnawing on her. "Make a containment zone and toss them in. Any way works really."

Spider-Girl: Mayday watched the zombies from above the group, confident they were alright, "....ok erm....hey: let's wrangle them into the main road here maybe?"

Surge: She stopped then and stood still not making a sound the zombies ignored her to get to those talking, so she waved an arm for attention.

Spot: "Just fyi, I am not coming down from here until you guys have taken care of them. Maybe they're not infectious like normal zombies, but I bet you can get a horrible infection of something scratches you that has spent a decade in the soil..."

Komodo: "Aw, come on, no tongue on th first date," she called, pushing one away that started drooling on her. "Well, that's not true, but you gotta do more than moan at me."

Obscure: Sue counted the people in the air. "What am I? Chopped liver? I know I'm invisible but Jesus."

Firebird: Jean was rather far from all right, and when a zombie noticed her and Cecilia on the wing and reached for them, she screamed and popped its head like a zit.

Surge: She waved her arms alittle more and made cutting motions through the air.

Obscure: She decided just to ignore what everyone else was doing and worked to cram as many into her forcefield prison as possible. It was like a tin of zombie sardines.

Facade: Cecilia yelped as decayed flesh splattered all over her. Bloodsplattersonthebrickwall. "Jean! Just relax! It's alright!" She said, putting up shields to bolster their defence. She remembered what it was like to be the new girl. It wasn't so long ago. He'snotgoingtomakeit.

Northstar_: "And that's why you make sure your suit's in damned good condition, Spot." Jean-Paul chuckled, switching to the comm as he took off, running down the main street to herd as many as he could for the fircefields.

Komodo: "I think I've got maggots crawling in my suit," she announced to anyone who didn't want to hear it. "This mission officially lost some coolness points now."

Toxic: Adam spotted what Noriko was doing, frowning. "What's up?" He pushed back one that was trying to jump for him. Bless it.

Surge: She tried jumping up and down waving her arms figuring they were missing her because she was short.

Firebird: The spray of gore did nothing to relax her and she screamed again, scrambling backward and nearly sliding off the wing.

Spider-Girl: Releasing dozens of strands of webbing, Mayday caught the torsos of maybe six or seven corpses, Mayday reigned them up wards and cast them into the middle of the road, "Anyone have any idea where they're coming from?", she asked, "I mean....well, it's just...a little weird that they're glomping us and ignoring....well, everything else."

Surge: Making more cutting motions through the air she pointed to her ears and pressed a finger to her lips. The zombies were ignoring the silent japanese girl.

Facade: Cecilia grabbed Jean's arm just in the nick of time and steadied her. "Look at me," she said. "LOOK at me!"

Obscure: "I think maybe because we're noisy and interesting?" Sue reappeared so the others could see her and caught up May's zombies to add to her collection.

Spot: Spot decided to be helpful for a change and started throwing some of his spots at the feet of the shambling dead, causing them to fall out of a particularly highly placed spot. What arrived back on ground level was certainly no longer able to walk about.

Firebird: "I see you! You're not the problem! The dead people are!" Jean's voice was getting higher. "Fucking up walking around dead people!"

Spider-Girl: "Not that I claim to be an expert....", Mayday jumped down, still casting webs and wrangling herds of shambling undead and spotting Noriko, "But yeah, I think you're right, Susie."

Obscure: "Told yoooou!" Sue sang in Jean's direction.

Surge: Noriko rolled her eyes. "OI ZOMBIES THIS WAY COME ON I'M HERE< IT'S HENTAI WAITING TO HAPPEN!" Shouting she started walking backwards away from the group and the poor new girl and the zombies were following her noise instead now while she shouted.

Toxic: Adam immediately got it. "...Hey guys? Surge is onto something." He pointed to the silent tiny girl who - oh.

Spider-Girl: "My point is...", Mayday continued, "Why don't we just make a lot of noise in one place, draw them in and force-field htrem off?", she snapped her fingers in Noriko's direction, "That!"

Surge: "COME ON THIS WAY!" The zombies were to slow for her but they were following her right towards Sue's containment shields.

Facade: Cecilia frowned. "I know, and I know you weren't prepared for this at all, believe me I was in the same position as you a few months ago!" She laughed weakly. "But panicking and screaming is only gonna make things worse. You wanna get out of this alive? We need your help. Use your TK. Herd the zombies. I'll back you up with forcefields."

Northstar_: "Mayday, if I chase a bunch down sidestreets can you web the other side closed so they'll get stuck?" Jean-Paul slowed down though as he got to City Hall, not quite sure what he was witnessing.

Obscure: "Surge, when you get to the edge of the field I'll make a ramp so you can run up, okay? They should follow you underneath...."

Spider-Girl: Mayday nodded, webbing herself into the air, "Right behind you, JP."

Facade: "You can do it," reassured Cecilia to Jean. "Just focus on the task at hand and don't think about it too hard. Does that sound fair?"

Surge: Nodding Noriko kept up the shouting smiling at Sue, that girl always had good ideas.

Firebird: Jean pointed a shaky hand at the zombies following the screeching Japanese girl. "Looks like they're already doing that..."

Obscure: Sue set herself down on top of the jet so she could focus all her attention on the containment rather than keeping herself suspended.

Melody: Almost as if obeying a silent order, the zombies all at once lost interest in the X-Men and ceased any struggling or lurching, and those that had been in persuit of the students stopped and after a moment wandered off in an aimless sort of way.

Toxic: Adam began using his HK to carefully guide the zombies, sometimes by literally picking them up and dropping them into the crowd to be carried along. "Got to admit, this is easier than the stampede with Famine..."

Firebird: "...they stopped," she noticed.

Facade: "It never hurts to have back up," shrugged Cecilia. Bloodsplattersonthebrickwall. "But if this is too much...maybe you should wait in the jet..." He'snotgoingtomakeitGodpleasedon'tlethimdie.

Toxic: "Hey - wait - where're you going?" The Irishman looked put out as he drifted in the air.

Northstar_: Jean-Paul wished now he wasn't on the other side of the zombies as they went still. "Okay, this is...really frigging weird."

Komodo: "Whoa, what's that!?" Melati perked up and frowned. "Are they fleeing? Dude, that's never been in any of the movies..."

Obscure: "What happened? They got bored...."

Firebird: "Are you kidding me?! There's one in the jet too!" Her head whipped back to look at Cecilia with wide green eyes.

Spider-Girl: Mayday finished up webbing the last alley in the vicinity before realizing the zombies were trying to retreat, "...erm?", she asked nobody in particular, returning to the junction with her team, "Hey, is anyone else noticing this?"

Spot: He stopped letting the zombies fall and crash into the ground. "Hey, folks, what'd you do? They've all just...stopped..."

Surge: Noriko stopped shouting coughing from her now sore throat kicking the nearest zombie with a good bit of zest.

Facade: ...So they did. "Huh," she said. "Well...that's...actually not making me feel much better." Bloodsplattersonthebrickwall. "Well...I guess you're stuck here, then." She frowned. "You have TK, y'know. If you wanted none of these zombies could come five feet from you. Why aren't you using it?"

Melody: After a few moments the corpse of an elderly gentleman in a tweed jacket staggered out of a Dunkin' Donuts and lurched towards them, in one hand he held a broom stick with a white paper table cloth tied to it and was waving it gently, while the other held what looked like a waitresses notepad.

Firebird: "...I forgot?"

Obscure: "..... What the hell is this?" Sue blinked at the sight of the zombie surrender. "Anyone? Have I lost my mind?"

Facade: Cecilia sighed heavily. "Well, now you know, and knowing's half the battle," she said dryly. "Now you wanna be useful or what? Cause I'm needed down there and I'm not here to play Prince Charming to your damsel."

Spider-Girl: Mayday spun around, spotting the man, ".....er....I erm...I have nothing clever to add."

Komodo: "Watch out, folks," Melati warned the others, falling back into a ready stance. "Looks like not all of them got the memo."

Spider-Girl: "If he's here to discuss the terms of their surrender, it might be possible with him drooling like that...", Mayday cringed.

Firebird: Jean gave the girl a dangerous glare. "Nobody asked you to anyway," she snapped.

Melody: "Mmmmmmmnnaaaaahhaaaaaaa?" The zombie stopped a little way from them and held out the notepad, waving the flag hopefully.

Spider-Girl: Mayday, against her better judgement, took a step closer to the zombie, "Er....I think it wants us to read that?"

Northstar_: Jean-Paul figured he could get away from the zombie quick as anyone would need to so he approached the notepad waving zombie. "Are you done then?"

Komodo: "I think it has a... message for us?" Melati warily stepped closer to the lone zombie with Jean-Paul.

Melody: "Nnnnnnnggghhhhhhh."

Facade: "No," said Cecilia. "But I look out for my teammates, that's what we do here." That and you're reminding me of...well me when I first got here all of a sudden, she thought to herself.

Toxic: Adam landed near the zombie, leaning closer curiously. "...Anyone getting a Warm Bodies vibe?"

Surge: Noriko finished coughing and followed Northstar and Komodo if they needed to run she could do some damage sort of. If she could control it.

Spot: He crawled through his spot back to street-level. "Be careful, maybe it's the zombie version of the Watchtower and it wants to talk about Jesus with us!"

Obscure: "Anyone want to read that notepad?"

Facade: "That and it's time I stopped being a burden and began being an adult," she admitted. "I figure if I can help you not make the same mistakes I did, then I'll be well on my way to getting there."

Obscure: Sue was quite happy standing atop the jet. Queen of the castle! Bwahahaha!

Komodo: "Zombie Jesus," she asked, sounding somewhat hopeful actually.

Spider-Girl: Noticing the other members of her team, Mayday decided not to get any closer to the zombie, "Yeah, what does it say?"

Firebird: Jean wasn't sure how to respond, so she just gave Cecilia a confused look. "...thanks." Noticing something going on, Jean used her teke to lower herself down to the ramp again. "....ew, ew, ew, ew, ew..."

Melody: ((The pad reads in easy to understand caps; IF YOU WANT TO DISCUSS TERMS, I'M IN THE DUNKIN' DONUTS. DON'T FUCK WITH ME THOU OR THEY'LL BE BACK))

Facade: "There we go!" Said Cecilia, encouraged. "Remember to direct your TK and you'll be fine!" She said, sliding off the wing on the ground once again on a shield slide.

Northstar_: "I guess we're going for doughnuts." Jean-Paul observed as he, very carefully, plucked the note from the zombie's hand. "Um...thank you?"

Facade: Cecilia wandered up to Jean-Paul. "...Are you passing notes to the zombies???" She said, giving him the hairy eyeball.

Surge: "Wow Zombie surrender? I'm almost sad I didn't get to electricute even one."

Spot: "That's some horrible handwriting..." He peeked over JP's shoulder. "And who in their right mind writes 'though' as thou?"

Melody: "Hnnnnnnggghheeeee," the old zombie nodded, before wanding off, still waving his flag.

Spider-Girl: Mayday looked over Jean-Paul's shoulder at the note, "...'if you want to discuss terms'?", she looked over at the doughnut shop, "Ok, couple of us wanna wander in and drag 'em out?"

Facade: Oh..."Wow, whoever wrote this has really ghetto spelling," said Cecilia. "Reminds me of home."

Firebird: Jean crossed her arms, peeved at the pep talk, but she was curious about the notes... and the dead people weren't moving so that was tolerable. She glanced over her shoulder into the jet. That head better not be going home with them.

Obscure: Sue wandered over, on the same level as the top of the jet because forcefields were her friend. She decided to release the contained zombies before she got a headache as they were mostly harmless right now.

Northstar_: "Special people. I figure the dead would have had all the time in the world to write it out." He shrugged though. "So boss, what do you think, should we go?"

Surge: "Thanks for that Sue. Appreciated the way out as I actually don't like the idea of Zombie Hentai." Nervous giggle escaping her.

Toxic: Adam wrinkled his nose, pulling off the mask. "...Why don't we just go in and talk? Like they asked?"

Facade: Cecilia raised a hand. "I volunteer. I have shields, if they have weapons or anything they won't be able to hurt me. I can also cover a few other people."

Obscure: "No problem. If I can't use my forcefields to help out my teammates what good are they?"

Obscure: "We can all go, I can just invisible most of us..."

Surge: "Dancing Zombies people thats all I need to say."

Facade: "We can't discuss terms if we're invisible," said Cecilia, raising an eyebrow. "The note says not to fuck with whoever this is. I think that counts as fucking with them. Best to be upfront."

Northstar_: "Plus I imagine they see us all well enough in there."

Obscure: "Well then we may as well all go in there."

Komodo: "Well, to me anyway, some of them still looked pretty fresh," Melati remarked towards Noriko, before she turned to proceed towards the store, cautiously.

Spider-Girl: "If we prep the jet and tell them we have missiles on board, that'll shake 'em up.", Mayday nodded, "But yeah, go for straight talking - I can monitor the area from outside?"

Komodo: "Let me take point," she said, moving towards the front.

Facade: Cecilia followed Mel up to the store, shield armour up. "Hello?" She called out. "Look, we're not here to hurt you. We just wanna talk. Alright?"

Toxic: Adam sidled up to Noriko. "Okay, I know my memory's still not great, but do we seriously overthink things this much every time?"

Northstar_: Jean-Paul fell into stey behind Cecilia, keeping an eye on their back in case the zombies started to move again.

Komodo: "Yo, anyone home," she shouted into the donut store. "I promise not to bite if you do the same!"

Spot: "We can hurt them a bit, can't we?" He poked his head into the shop. "I mean, whoever it is, they DID attack us with the living dead."

Obscure: Sue shielded herself instinctively as she followed behind, lowering herself to the ground. At least her fields were completely invisible, unlike Cee's.

Melody: "Talking's what I got you here to do," a young woman's voice replied.

Surge: "I don't see the problem we go in we dicuss terms, if they attack we walk out under a shield."

Komodo: Turning her head, Melati exchange a look with the others. "Whoever that is, she doesn't sound too dead to me."

Spot: "What she does sound like is rude...," he added to Melati's remark, frowning.

Facade: Cecilia turned, now that sounded like a voice from her home. "Well, good," she said, her voice dropping into her Bronx-Puerto Rican accent. "Can I see who I'm talkin' to?" She asked. "Or are you shy?"

Komodo: "I don't know about you, but I'll take rude over trying to get us eaten by the living dead any day," she remarked, trying to peer into the store.

Melody: There was a teenaged girl sat behind one of the tables, wearing a cheap but well cared for suit that hung off her skeletal form, she had her chin in her hands and eyed up the students critically, "You looked more impresive on the TV," she remarked.

Surge: "We always do, up close not so much till dancing zombies happen."

Northstar_: "...so you attacked a city with zombies to have a talk? Maybe it's time we considered some sort of hotline number."

Toxic: "Everyone says that. So. You wanted our attention, you got it. Now what?" Adam folded his arms.

Facade: Cecilia quirked an eyebrow at the other girl. Wow, another black girl. This was a surprise and a welcome sight. "Nice to know someone's watching us," she said. "I'm Facade...what's your name and why're you sending these...things... around here?"

Melody: The corner of her mouth twitched up in a smile that didn't reach her hard eyes, "Never tried making them dance, and to be honest, I was kinda hoping those government people would turn up, not a bunch of vigilanties."

Firebird: Jean wandered down the ramp, carefully picking her way around the bits of gore. Reinforcing her teke shield, she moved a little closer to one of the still, upright corpses.

Komodo: "That's just because you haven't seen me go all in yet," Mel remarked, stepping into the store to fixate he young woman with her stare. "Can still change that, though."

Komodo: "What can we say, guess a full blown zombiepocalypse is strange enough to warrant the strange people show up to deal with it."

Northstar_: "Most people donn't want to come down." Jean-Paul nodded in agreement with Mel.

Obscure: Sue glanced out of the window behind her then sat down on a field and crossed her legs. "I think someone might have a false sense of entitlement."

Facade: "Well, you got us," said Cecilia, approaching the girl, wondering if it was alright to sit down. "Mind if I sit? And why are you wanting the gov't? Don't most mutants wanna avoid that?"

Melody: She sat back in her chair, "I'm Melody, you can call me Mel for short I guess, ain't got a fancy mutant name after all, but maybe you guys can help me out?" She mused, "I didn't want things to end up this way, but I got no other choice."

Northstar_: Jean-Paul wasn't aware that 'causing a faux-zombie outbreak' was ever a good choice.

Spot: "I say we burn the witch." It was dislike on the first glance.

Komodo: "Huh, another Mel," she remarked, actually blinking in astonishment. "Though, this one here would fill out that suit much more nicely, for sure."

Facade: "That depends," said Cecilia, taking that as an okay to sit nearby. "What do you mean you've got no choice?"

Firebird: Jean poked it with a tendril of teke. It swayed.

Surge: "Chill people lets just hear what she has to say."

Northstar_: "Who isn't 'chilled'?" He asked, looking over to Surge.

Surge: "Sorry it just feels to.... tense in here...." hand spasming again before she shook it off.

Northstar_: "Of course it's tense, it's a zombie standoff. So, Melody, what brought things to this?"

Obscure: "Well there are all the zombie statues outside ruining the friendly atmosphere a little bit..."

Melody: Melody took a deep breath, getting into a fight with the middle class white kids wouldn't help her case, "Well, I tried lawyers, social workers, even court, they don't give a shit, i'm a black girl from downtown who also happens to be a mutant," her face spazmed slightly as she clenched her jaw.

Firebird: "You had nice shoes," Jean told the female corpse.

Toxic: Adam stepped close to Noriko. "Hey, it's okay." He smiled at her. They might not have anything, so to speak, but...well...they had kissed. "Think she wants help. That's all. She doesn't smell dangerous."

Melody: "The problem is, someone stole my baby and no one is doing jack shit to help me get her back!"

Surge: "No I don't mean... " Shaking her head again she twitched. "Ignore me... I don't feel so well, talking nonsense."

Northstar_: "Okay then, who stole your baby?"

Facade: Cecilia nodded sympathetically, she was more aware than most how being both black and a mutant affected one's prospects. She also often felt very alone at the school. She felt she could relate to this girl. "Your baby? You mean social services?" She asked, concerned.

Facade: Yes, she'd known many girls with babies back home. Such was a fact of life in the South Central Bronx.

Komodo: "And so you get those deadheads out there to be shuffling about and try to have the whole city eaten," Melati asked, nodding towards the glass window. "Yeah, no one ever call me overreacting again, please."

Northstar_: "You stole a tank, didn't you?" Jean-Paul asked, smirking over to Mel.

Spot: "Just saying, if you're talking about social services, we're not going to raid a foster home."

Northstar_: "...I'm still jealous of that, by the way."

Komodo: "Hey, that's a whole different story, okay," she defended herself. "It wasn't even armed. Well, unless you count all the booze I had on it."

Melody: Melody reached into her purse and pulled out a wallet, opening it up to show them a picture of a tiny baby in a pink onesie with black hair ... and grey skin, completly black eyes, fangs and claws, "They said she's special needs, that they can 'fix' her! My baby don't need fixing, she's perfect just the way she is! And the social don't got her, her father's family do."

Obscure: "She did steal a tank and it was epic." Sue nodded with a grin. "Best mission ever."

Firebird: This was kind of fascinating, especially since she'd blocked most of the smell with her teke. Jean circled the zombie, nearly tripping over an arm on the ground. She shrieked and flailed.

Facade: Cecilia glared at Spot. "I'm sorry do you mind? Sometimes social services fucks us over," she said, gesturing to herself. "I was nearly shoved in foster care as a kid for no reason other than I was 'difficult' and they thought my parents couldn't handle shit! So reserve judgement, please."

Facade: Cecilia looked at the photo. Shit...so that's why it was taken. "Fuck...when did this happen? Do you have a caseworker's name?"

Melody: "They don't care about her! They think she's a fucking freak of nature, they only want her to get back at me for what happened to Nate! It never would have happened if they didn't kick him out for doing the right thing and standing by me!"

Komodo: Melati leaned closer to take a look at the picture. "Err, cute?" She frowned a little. "You can see the relation, I guess..."

Spot: "What judgement, I am not waging a war on the US government is all I'm saying." He peeked at the picture. "The father got sole custody?"

Northstar_: "Spot's point was that we can't be seen taking a baby from the government." Jean-Paul explained to Cecilia. Okay, that was better than dealing with social services then. "Okay, so you're having custody problems then? It's not been settled or anything?"

Toxic: Spot was getting stink-eye from Adam. "Having been fucked up and over by the foster system because of being a mutant..." He said quietly. Freak of nature...he'd been called that, when he was first taken in. His parents...they'd been excited to have a mutant son...no, not here, Adam, later. In Jolen's arms.

Melody: "He's dead," she said bluntly, "Was shot before she was even born."

Komodo: "Do you breastfeed her," Melati asked, still eying the vicious little bundle on the photo, as appropriately as ever.

Obscure: The shriek from outside caught Sue's attention and she looked out the window again. Oh. Just the crazy. Nothing important. Phew.

Facade: Cecilia softened a little. "Sorry..." she said to Spot. "...This is a sensitive subject with me..."

Northstar_: Breastfeed? Ow. "Should someone go check on Firebird out there?"

Firebird: She looked around, but everyone was dealing with the donut zombie lady. She regained her composure and checked her hair.

Obscure: "I can I guess..." Sue got to her feet, "It's not like I have anything to contribute in here..."

Spot: "Oh well, then I guess we can get her. What say you, boss?" He poked JP.

Northstar_: "I'm hardly boss, that's her job." He jerked his thumb over to Komodo.

Facade: Cecilia sighed. "I get that you want your baby back...but this isn't the way to do it. You're just gonna end up in jail for 'causing a disturbance' and then you'll never see your kid then..."

Melody: Melody shook herself out of the temporary funk, "I tried to get her back legally, but the social, the courts, they don't care, what else am I meant to do, this was the only way I could think of to make them listen to me."

Surge: Noriko swayed alittle her head and hair felt funny. "Brb you guys got this handled for now I need air for a moment." Walking to outside the shop leaving the door open though so she could listen.

Toxic: "True, social don't care about mutants. At least, that's the deal I got back in Ireland."

Spot: "But you are the fast guy, so you can just go in and out with the baby. Also, she's being too creepy over that baby picture for me to disturb her."

Komodo: "I guess that's easily forgotten because I ain't got dangly bits between my legs," Mel remarked, quickly thinking through their options. "Yeah, what the hell, why not? I guess trying to talk things through won't hurt. Let's see if we can get that settled somehow."

Obscure: Sue wandered outside and over towards Jean, "Hey... you okay?"

Komodo: "Before the national guard rolls in, anyway."

Facade: "Social doesn't care about mutants or us," remarked Cecilia bitterly. "But hey, I just speak from experience. You guys can tell me 'it's not like that Ce-celia' but I know the truth. They don't."

Firebird: Jean jumped and let out another little eep at Sue's sudden appearance. She was a telepath! How did people sneak up on her?! "Um... yeah..."

Komodo: "Preach it, sister," Mel tossed in.

Northstar_: "...we can't just take a baby." Jean-Paul wanted to headdesk at Spot's suggestion. "That'd be a great headline, wouldn't it. We all know what's going on, there's just limited things we can do that isn't going to make the situation worse.

Facade: "Not 'take,'" said Cecilia. "'Repossess.'"

Toxic: Adam smiled at Cecelia. "Hey, I know it is. Spent from the age twelve up in foster homes. It...well..." He snapped out a blade and - oh wait, it didn't have the notch in any more...huh. He frowned. Of course not, he remanifested...bastards.

Obscure: "It's okay. You're allowed to freak out. I did... still do with zombies..." she wrinkled her nose, prodding one with a field. "I had a bad experience in the Danger Room with them and I've been a bit phobic ever since..."

Komodo: "Yeah, somehow I think 'X-Men cut up dead people, steal baby' won't make for the best headlines," she remarked.

Melody: Melody nodded, "Nates family are rich, they can afford to 'cure' her with that bullshit thing that Trask guy was doing, as far as everyone else is concerned that's the most important thing, I mean, it's not like mutants are people after all?"

Northstar_: Jean-Paul gave Cecilia a flat look. "And then this would be an even bigger mess. The system sucks but you can't just spit in it's face without things going completely tits up for you and everyone involved."

Spot: "Worse than the literal zombie appocalypse?" He pointed outside. "I'm pretty sure someone's aunt Amelia is shuffling about out there, and we've cut her in two and set her on fire."

Facade: "Well what do we do, just leave that poor kid to rot in the foster care system? Do you guys know what foster care is like? That poor kid'll be eaten alive!" She said, upset.

Toxic: Adam actually twitched when Trask was mentioned. "Oh hell no is he getting his hands on a baby. Tell me where she is, I'll get her now."

Komodo: "Don't worry, she was mean old hag anyway," Mel told Spot. "They'll thank us for it."

Firebird: "UGH, so this really happens a lot??" Jean gave Sue an incredulous look, gesturing around at the corpse exhibit.

Melody: "So what do you think I should do!?" She snapped, "Just let them take my baby way to be experimented on so they can change her fucking skin colour to something more apropiate?"

Facade: "Say the guy who's trying to change the system," Cecilia fired back. "Christ JP, I thought you of all people would know how unfair the system is! They fucked you over not once but twice! Or am I wrong?"

Komodo: "Easy now." She held up her hands. "I said we'll deal with this, okay? Somehow."

Obscure: "Well this is the third zombie incident outside the Danger Room so... does that count as 'a lot' because if it does then yep. 'Fraid so..."

Northstar_: "I'm not defending the system, Cecilia, I'm saying there are good ways of going about things and then there's parading zombies about and stealing babies."

Northstar_: Oh my god he was not working with sane people today. "So, first step? Sending the bodies back where they came from."

Northstar_: "Because nobody's going to give anyone a baby who's hauling the undead down mainstreet, I'm sorry but it's true."

Toxic: Adam rubbed his temple and closed his eyes. "Okay. We've established kidnapping is bad. No kidnappy. Can we...talk to them? Maybe take both Mel here and the kid into our custody or...something? Wow." He paused. "I just had a whole sensible there."

Facade: "And what they did wasn't theft?!" Exclaimed Cecilia. "They stole a mutant child so they could cure her! You guys, I can't stand by and let this happen. I've seen this too much before and I'm not gonna ignore it now. If you won't help, I will!" She turned to Melody. "I'll help you."

Firebird: "No wonder Rachel is fucking crazy." Jean started checking the recesses of her uniform for that cigarette she'd hidden. Great, it was bent.

Toxic: "...Did someone change my drugs? Someone did, didn't they."

Komodo: "Hey, I'm already grown up," Melati told Adam. "Oh, you mean the other Mel..."

Obscure: Sue giggled, "Yeah... years of this would definitely do that." She patted Jean consolingly, "On the plus side... this zombie attack didn't end as shittily as the last one so we're one up..."

Toxic: Adam heard what Cecelia said. "Hey. Hey! No, they didn't. They did it legally, Facade, JP and Komo's right!"

Melody: Melody shrugged, "If you want me to send them back I will, but if I don't get Harmony I'm bringing them back," she warned.

Toxic: "We can't just walk in there and take it, that'll fuck things up worse."

Komodo: "And we're not going to do this, okay," she reminded everyone. "For once, I'm willing to try the sensible approach first."

Northstar_: "Facade, we are helping." He sighed, wanting to shake his head again. "If she wants to get her baby back and not have problems like this for the rest of her life we can't just go in half-cocked." And if anything screamed unfit mother it was someone who thought it was a great idea to start the zombie apocalypse on unwitting citizens.

Facade: She shook her head, they didn't get it, they were like her but also not like her. They couldn't really appreciate this, she thought. "Don't bring the walkers back," she said. "We'll...find some way to help you. I promise."

Firebird: "UGH," she repeated, fishing out her lighter too and firing up. "So is it a seasonal thing? Is there a zombie season so I can go on vacation for it?"

Komodo: "Maybe they can be reasoned with," she explained. "After all, who's better suited to care for a freaky baby and her scary mom than a bunch of freaks like us, eh?"

Northstar_: "So...we're going to have to explain this away as you losing control of your powers caught up in the emotion of it all or something...and we're going to definitely need some telepathic help for that I imagine." Luckily, they had their fair share of good telepaths.

Obscure: Sue shook her head, "Not really... sorry... if there was, I'd be right with you on that nice long vacation somewhere warm."

Melody: "Better," Melody warned, before snapping her fingers. As one the zombies all started to shuffle back in the direction of the graveyard, "See, even tidying them away for you."

Toxic: Adam slid his blade away. Damn, he wished he had the ability to chill everyone the fuck out. He rubbed his forehead. "That's what I was saying." He gestured to the lizard girl. "Trust me, as long as I spent in the foster system, you have to be careful how you handle shit." Because he'd done all the wrong things, he knew that now.

Firebird: Jean screamed again when the zombie with the cute shoes turned around.

Obscure: Sue shrieked as the zombies started moving again and clung to Jean, instinctively shielding them both.

Facade: "No explanation really required," said Cecilia. "This lady just lost her kid, she's distraught, it's the truth. I'd be a mess if I lost my kids." If I had any that is.

Firebird: Jean had no problem grabbing Sue, practically climbing her in fact and dropping the cigarette in the process. "OH MY FUCKING GOD!"

Spider-Girl: <"Hey, this is Mayday: the erm....the zombies are all moving off in the same direction and into one of the webbed-off areas.">, chimed the Spider-Girl over the radio channel, <"Should I follow?">

Northstar_: 'Yeah, but it's still a mutant attacking the public. She's going to need some pretty good lawyers to make that okay in the long run, especially since this is pretty close to what was happening in New Orleans during the whole Nur thing."

Surge: Noriko saw the zombies going for Sue and Jean and reacted instinctively the jolts flying from her entire body as her eyes lit up like christmas lights while she shocked the moving zombies right the way down the street.

Obscure: Sue decided they needed to be higher up, lifting them into the air and disappearing them both from view. Ah invisibility. Safe.

Firebird: That made her scream too, so she just kept right on at it for a while.

Komodo: "Speaking of, it's about time we got our own lawyer, don't y'all think so?" Melati ran a hand over her head.

Melody: "Pffft, wasn't really an attack, no one's been hurt by them," Melody reasoned.

Northstar_: "Because a lot of the people out there were probably doing just what Firebird's doing out there." He jerked his thumb towards the window. "That's not how anyone else is going to see it, I'm sorry."

Surge: Zombies buckling and jerking Noriko walked towards them just letting the energy get releasd through the dead bodies, it was certainly stopping them advancing.

Spot: "Are there special mutant lawyers? We could send in Farouk and he could just change everyone's mind."

Obscure: Sue patted Jean gently, "We're okay now. They can't get us up here or see us."

Northstar_: "I'm pretty sure Xavier has a fleet of them along with the staff we never see that fixes up the school once we burst down one too many walls.

Melody: A muscle under Melody's eye started to tick, "Look .... could ya tell your tiny buddy to stop blowing them up? It's harder to move exploded bits y'know?"

Toxic: Adam saw the light show, blurring outside. "Hey, N'iko - she's sending them back to the graves, it's okay!"

Facade: Cecilia shrugged, she wasn't so fussed on the details really. "Either way things'll work out. We'll sort this out," she reassured Melody. "Look, I understand where you're coming from here. I'm from the South Central Bronx and you already can see we've got more than just mutant minority status in common. I get this and I'll help you. I promise."

Surge: It was fine no need to ask her to stop as the energy finished grounding itself and Noriko collasped.

Firebird: Jean clung to the blonde and watched the zombies shuffle beneath them. "This SUCKS!"

Komodo: "Right, so how's that for a plan," Melati announced, gesticulating with a clawed hand. "You're coming with us onto the jet, then we're off to the place where you say they keep your kid. We'll take it from there."

Northstar_: Jean-Paul pushed his com. "It's all right, Spider-Girl, they're going home. You want a doughnut?"

Obscure: "Yep. Really sucks." Sue agreed. "Plus side... at least we can't smell them now."

Northstar_: "And we'll see about getting you one hell of a lawyer, too. Xavier is pretty good for it, he'll help you along."

Toxic: Adam squeaked, blurring and catching her before she hit the ground. He poked the comm. "Um. Taking Surge to the jet. Think she out-zapped herself..."

Surge: "N-no.... no out zapped... lost control." Rubbing her eyes the blue glow was still there. "Owwie."

Firebird: Jean hadn't been smelling them much anyway, but now that Sue mentioned it.... she took a deep breath. "Oh my god, that's so much better..." She looked content. "And I like your perfume!"

Komodo: "Understood," Mel replied into her comm. "Just make sure she's okay and doesn't blow the jet's fuses or anything, okay?"

Melody: "Xavier?" Melody frowned, "He's like, your boss? He'll help me?"

Facade: "He's the guy who took us all in," said Cecilia. "And yeah, he'll help you. For free even."

Toxic: "Ah. Yeah, I've been doing that...a bit..." He hugged her before blurring to the jet. "Sure thing, boss. Here, you chill for a bit."

Obscure: Sue giggled and blushed, "Thanks... It's definitely better than the smell of dead things."

Surge: "J-just wanted them to stop moving didn't realise they were being s-sent home, jean was scared..." Rubbing her head she curled up on the seat. "Then I couldn't control it..... just like before.... is Melody ok are we gonna help her?"

Komodo: "Hey, I stole a frikken tank and am still not behind bars, for what it's worth," Melati remarked, thumbing at her chest.

Firebird: "Way, waaaay better." Jean looked down again. "I dropped my only cigarette..."

Melody: Melody snorted at the 'free' part, obviously not believing that, "Well, I guess to finance a group like you, this guy must be rolling in it. Lemme guess, I gotta join your little group in exchange for his help?"

Toxic: "I think so." Adam nodded. "We're going to see if they'll let us take both Melody and her girl - Harmony? - with us. They want to...to give her to Trask, N'iko. We can't let that happen."

Northstar_: "Not really, no. It'd just be worth it to us that you're not breaking out Thriller again but you're welcome to the school and, if you want, the team."

Obscure: "Aww I'm sorry... if I smoked, I'd give you one but it's a nasty habit and I'm an athelete." She made them visible again.

Komodo: "Nope, not if you don't wanna. You just gotta agree that we're helping you with your powers thingie there," Melati explained. "You know, to make sure future zombie uprisings are limited to a bare minimum."

Facade: Cecilia sighed. She should've known better than anyone that 'free' didn't mean shit to people like them. Nothing was for free, usually. "No. We won't make you do anything in exchange...I realize it sounds hard to believe...but I'm there and it's not so bad...besides, what've you got here, really?"

Facade: "Bet you live in a shitty apartment with little wages and not much food," she said. "Crap schools with gangs...that the kind of neighbourhood you want your kid to grow up in?"

Firebird: "I'm cultivating nasty habits right now. I need them." Jean checked to see if all the zombies were gone. "I used to be.."

Surge: Noriko shook her head resisting the urge to tap into her comm and scream. "No not trask we have to stop that, hope they're convincing her to come back."

Obscure: "Why'd you stop?" Once she was sure the zombies had shuffled on, she lowered them back to the ground.

Melody: Melody sighed and looked around the interior of the shop, "Nothing, with Nate gone," she admitted, "Alright, but I'd better swing by my place to pick up some stuff first."

Facade: Cecilia nodded. "Alright, I can come with if you need help. I won't be shocked by anything around here, unlike some of these folks," she grinned. "Grew up in a shit apartment myself."

Toxic: "Think so. They were when I left." He sat beside her, slumping in his seat. "How's your memory?"

Melody: "Though ... you guys had better be straight up with me," she narrowed her eyes, "You try anything and I'll show you exactly what I can do."

Firebird: Jean let go of the other girl and levitated her cigarette up to check it out. "EW it has zombie goooo," she whined.

Northstar_: "We can pack you up easy enough and I think we can imagine enough what you can do, no worry about that." Jean-Paul smirked. "So, anything we need to do before that for you?"

Komodo: "Fair enough," Melati agreed with a nod.

Surge: "It's better not perfect.... I seem to be missing alot when it comes to missions but not so much when it comes to home, my music is good but I don't remember it but I remember my favourite icecream and Ankka and you and Clarice."

Obscure: Sue wrinkled her nose. "Never mind... maybe Mel has some on her? I think she smokes occasionally maybe.... could just be weed though."

Facade: "Melody, I am the realest person you are ever gonna meet," said Cecilia, snorting. "I doubt you'll find many people who are as straight as I am."

Toxic: "Seems to go like that only...I'm getting almost perfect recall now." He looked at his hands. "Really wishing I wasn't." He sighed. "On the upside, though, I remembered I'm gay, soooo...yeah." He gave her an awkward smile. "And I have a triffid."

Melody: Melody shook her head, "No, I just need mine and Harm's stuff ... and maybe I should let my mom know where I'll be ... if she's sober."

Spider-Girl: <"Hey, is this on? Sue!">, Mayday sounded awfully happy over the team radio, <"I'm video-ing this: the zombies are all walking back into their graves it's...i-it's pretty surreal!">

Firebird: "I'd go for pot about now too." Jean looked around again. Yeah... lots of it.

Surge: "You have a triffid? cool." Taking a deep breath she tapped her comm on. <Someone tell Melody I'm sorry and are we helping her?>

Obscure: <"Ewwww please don't show that to me later.... I'm begging you...."> Nightmare fodder. Today was made of it.

Facade: Cecilia cringed at the 'if she's sober' part. Thank Christ her parents were not like that...she could've had it so much worse despite the shit conditions she lived in and this was just a reminder of that. "Right, we'll see you shortly then."

Northstar_: "You want to get on our plane to head there then or shall I run you?" Jean-Paull offered.

Melody: "... You have a plane?"

Obscure: "Well then we'll ask Mel when she gets back from donuts..." She gestured in the direction of the shop.

Komodo: "Yeap, and a pretty wicked one, no less." Melati smirked, nodding again.

Northstar_: "Even I was not about to run all the way to Detroit, sweetheart." Jean-Paul joked. "Like you assumed, the guy's pretty loaded."

Spot: "What, you think we took the tube to get here?"

Melody: Melody considered this, turning up in her neighbourhood on a plane, and found this was a happy mental image, "Plane sounds good."

Komodo: "Awesome." Melati nodded again. "Then I suggest we hit it, before we have to explain all this to the cops somehow."

Facade: Cecilia made a face at the word 'cops.' "Yes, please. I'd like to avoid the cops if I can."

Northstar_: "Hear that everyone? Plane hopping time." He called over the intercom, getting up to lead the way out...but not before he grabbed a thing of doughnuts and left the money on the counter.

Firebird: "I'm not getting on that plane until the head gets off," Jean announced, crossing her arms.

Surge: <Got you, so no zombie apocolpse and many good savings?>

Surge: <The zombie head is cool! it groans when you go near it!>

Firebird: "NO! THAT'S NOT COOL!"

Northstar_: "We can't keep a head, that's just wrong."

Obscure: "I got it..." Sue invisibled a section of the plane so she could see the head then caught it in a bubble and pulled it out the door, dropping it neatly in a trashcan.

Surge: <Awwwwwww but daaaaaaaaaad>

Spider-Girl: Mayday rapelled down the side of a bulding, jogging back to the traffic junction the group had landed in initially and caught her breath, removing her mask, "Honestly the coolest video footage ever.", she mused to herself, approaching the jet.

Facade: Cecilia eyed the donuts. "Maybe just one..." she said, grabbing one and throwing some change on the counter. Fuck it. Her ass was already fat, what was one more donut?

Komodo: "Looks like that is taken care off," Mel remarked, walking past the moaning trashcan as she headed for the plane.

Obscure: "My powers are awesome for when you don't want to get dirty." Sue grinned.

Facade: "Mm," said Cecilia around her donut, which was surely on it's way to her thighs as they spoke. "All clear, boss. Let's blow this joint!"

Firebird: "Ew," Jean said, stomping back up the ramp and checking under her seat for more stray parts before she sat down and strapped in.

Northstar_: "Doughnuts are worth it." Jean-Paul smield to Cecilia. Was the head seriously in a trashcan? Ugh. "I don't suppose you can give directions to which grave he belongs to?" Jean-Paul asked Melody as they walked along.

Melody: Melody emerged from the shop in time to watch the zombie head getting dumped in the trash, "... Oh, must have missed that one," she picked it out of the trash and sent it rolling back towards the graveyard.

Northstar_: "Ah good, saves me having to run it back, thanks!"

Spot: Little did JP know that the head was still attached to Spot's spot. He could pull it back out from that trash can any time he pleased...

Northstar_: And it freed him up for doughnuts, mmm.

Obscure: Sue headed into the jet behind Jean and flopped into her seat. "Oh Mel, have you got a spare cigarette on your person for Jean? She dropped her last one and I think she earned it even if it is a nasty habit."

Surge: "So who's going to rub balloons all over me till we get to this place we're going to? And welcome to the group Melody."

Facade: "Tell me that when I'm 300 pounds, my ass hits the ground and my boyfriend dumps me for a blonder skinnier woman," said Cecilia to JP, flatly.

Spider-Girl: Watching the new girl carefully, Mayday took her seat aboard the jet, removing the tracer dart and sliding it back onto her belt, "So erm...I over heard on the radio we're kidnapping a baby?", she looked around the interior, scratching her head.

Melody: "No, my baby was kidnapped from me," she clarified.

Komodo: "Sure thing," she said, reaching into a pocket of her uniform to pull out a pack. "Here, help yourself. You look like you need it." She tossed Jean her cigarettes, then headed for the pilot seat.

Northstar_: "Judging by who he's been with since coming here he doesn't strike me as a blonde type and you know very well this'd be gone with one good DR round...but if you don't want the doughnut I'll eat it."

Firebird: Jean caught the pack with her teke and perked up for the first time all day. "Yay! Thanks!"

Facade: Cecilia frowned as she sat in her seat. Her uniform was too tight..."No, it's fine. I'm fucked anyways," she said. "But you can have this one," she said, giving him the second donut she swiped sheepishly. "Men are men," she said ominously.

Obscure: Sue smiled and patted Jean on the arm, "See, it's not all bad?"

Toxic: Adam was back to cat's-cradling, distracting himself from thinking...then wondering idly if Jolen would like a flower... "...Anyone know of anywhere I can get lots and lots of daisies?"

Komodo: "Right, everyone strapped in?" She looked over her shoulder, before hitting the switches that started up the engine and closed the ramp. "Next stop, zombie baby!"

Melody: "My baby isn't a zombie!"

Northstar_: Doughnut! Jean-Paul attacked the offered doughnut. "Yep, lets do this thing." He called back to Melati as he strapped himself in.

Facade: "If I had a nickel everytime someone said that..." said Cecilia, smirking.

Firebird: Jean lit up and took a deep drag. Smoking on the plane? Yeah, she was doing that. Fuck yeah.

Surge: "Demon baby then? Also there's a good florists I know in town but why do you need daisies Toxic?"

Obscure: "So... you never answered my question," Sue reminded Jean, "Why'd you stop?"

Northstar_: "Aw, don't call her a demon, that's just being mean to the kid...I do hope the breastfeeding question was a no though because, while I don't have breasts, that pained me."

Melody: "Christ, I would have thought a bunch of mutants would have ... y'know ... more tact then this."

Spider-Girl: Mayday smirked at Melody, "Oh, you would be amazed(!)"

Surge: "I didn't mean it in a mean way, the fangs and eyes looked way cool."

Firebird: "Because being a mutant sucks." She nodded and took another drag, closing her eyes.

Facade: "Guys!" Snapped Cecilia. "Christ can you be more insensitive? Jesus!"

Melody: "And no ... she was on solids from the start," Melody smiled a little.

Northstar_: "There you go, advanced. Harmony, right? Your names are even themed."

Toxic: "Bestest. Daisy chain. Ever."

Spider-Girl: "I think if everyone tries really hard...", Mayday nodded at Cecilia, "Seriously, this is why we don't have a Pepsi machine on board..."

Surge: "Really? So is she growing at normal baby rate or like mutant fast?"

Facade: "Her name's Harmony, if you guys were listening," said Cecilia churlishly. "Don't call her an 'it.'"

Obscure: "Being a mutant doesn't mean you can't still enjoy sports... even if they stop you from competing. I know what that's like... and that does suck..."

Spot: ""Melody" and "Harmony". I am sensing a theme."

Surge: "I like both names, so like how old is Harmony?"

Firebird: Jean rolled her head sideways to look at Sue through her hair, letting the smoke escape her mouth slowly before she answered. "I got kicked off the Olympic cycling team."

Melody: "No, apart from the eating thing she hit all her ... umm ... what do you call it again, benchmarks? Whatever, she hit them at the right time, and she'll be six months this friday."

Obscure: Sue wrinkled her nose, "Ouch... I was in the running for figure skating... and it's not fair because I couldn't even use my powers to cheat... all I could do back then was turn invisible."

Facade: "That's good to hear," said Cecilia smiling. "Her...father...he was a mutant?" She asked.

Melody: "Nate was human, Nathan White, we met volunteering at the hospital when we were kids."

Facade: "White?" She said, raising an eyebrow. "Uh...this may be a bit rude...but was he also white?"

Toxic: ...Were they boyfriends? Well, they liked each other...and they were cuddly...sooo...maybe he should talk to Jolen about it. Maybe.

Northstar_: "Good way to meet someone." Jean-Paul commented, smiling. "There will be babies for her to be around at the school as well, some all ready born and some on the way."

Melody: Melody smirked, "Of course, which is another reason people think she's better off with his family."

Firebird: "They said I could use my teke to my advantage." She crossed her legs and drummed her fingers on her knee. God, were they there yet? "Are we there yet?! GOD!"

Facade: Cecilia cringed. "I'm sorry...I understand your troubles...my parents were interacial...hispanic and black...my father's family didn't like that...and I'm with a white guy currently, s'why I asked. We got some things in common."

Obscure: "Humans are mostly assholes about people with powers. They assume we'll cheat just because we can. There's no trust in the world these days... but that doesn't mean you can't still have fun with it... I know it's not the same though. I haven't put on skates in over a year..."

Spider-Girl: "And if you care about your child anywhere as much as I think my Dad cares about me...", Mayday added to Cecilia's statement, "Then I think we should do everything we can to help you, Melody."

Firebird: "I need a shower," she muttered, watching the new girl... who seriously needed a tailor. Oh, Sue was still talking.

Facade: "And people think I'm impatient," she snorted at Jean. "And obviously she does care a lot," said Cecilia. "Who doesn't love their kids? That's...not allowed." Or it should be illegal in any case. Who couldn't love their own child?

Obscure: Sue giggled, "Yep. Zombie goop will do that to you." She sat back in her seat, glancing over to May.

Melody: "Of course I love her, she'll all I got left of Nate," her shoulders slumped slightly.

Surge: There was a small noise from Noriko, apparently the girl had passed out, sparks crackling over her fingers occassionally.

Northstar_: "Well, as long as we don't go all zombie jambouree you stand a fair chance of keeping her, yeah?" Jean-Paul offered a smile back to Melody. "And we get to babysit, yes?"

Facade: Cecilia frowned. "If you don't mind my asking, how did he die?" She asked quietly.

Spider-Girl: Mayday smiled, "You'll get her back, Melody. We're super heroes, we have a knack for this stuff.", she put an arm around Sue, "Don't we, Susie?"

Firebird: Jean settled in to enjoy her cigarette, tuning out again.

Obscure: "Yus. We're awesome at everything we do." She leaned against May and smiled.

Melody: "I promise, if you can get her back to me legally no more zombie hordes, okay?" Melody managed a small smile for Jean-Paul.

Komodo: "Sounds fair enough," Melati chimed in, giving the thumbs up over her shoulder. "Though, you better should rely on someone other than me if you put much importance on the whole 'legal' part of it."

Melody: "And Nate ... well, he got caught up in a robbery down the seven-eleven, got shot," Melody shrugged again, "Of course it was my fault," she added bitterly, "nothing to do with the fact that the only reason he was there was 'cos he was living with me 'cos his folks kicked him out."

Facade: Cecilia closed her eyes, this was too much. The parallels...it was uncanny. "I'm so sorry...my father was killed in a similar way."

Melody: Melody didn't let herself react, just shrugged, "Shit happens."

Facade: "No shit!" Laughed Cecilia. "Don't I know it."

Facade: Cecilia sat back in her seat. Well, it was gonna be nice not to be the only black girl in the whole school. Angelina was nice...but people keep mistaking them from a distance and she was a teacher. Not really the same thing.

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