3/23 Game: Body Snatched

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3/23 Game: Body Snatched

Post by Ferguson » Sat Mar 23, 2013 11:19 pm

April 2nd

<Fabian> Fabian held the car door open, leaning against the top. "Here we are, ladies, an evening to de-stress awaits us inside."

<Jessica> Jess had already had many of those evenings but still.... She gave Fabian a smile as she stepped inside.

<Cecilia> Cecilia smiled and stepped out of the car. "Thanks, Fab." She looked up at the now very familiar building...God, who'd've thought she'd say that just months ago? Not her.

<Kat> Kat got out of the car and soaked up her surroundings. She was nervous to be here. She hadn't spent much time out of her dorm room this semester.

<Jean> Jean tugged down her dress, since car rides were never ever good on short skirts, and looked up at the club. Nice!

<Jessica> Jess was quite at home in the club after the time she'd been spending there recently and had already sought out her favourite place to sit and a drink ahead of the others.

<Cassie> "Oh, how gentlemanly" Cassandra remarked, offering Fabian a smirk as she climbed out of the car. "Thank you." She straightened the fishnet sleeves covering her lower arms and stepped up next to Cecilia. "You trained him well." She snickered under her breath.

<Fabian> Before Fabian could get the door to head on in, however, he caught sight of a familiar glimpse of pink hair. "I do try, is that Quentin down the way?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia raised an eyebrow. "I think it's the other way around. He's taught me more than I've ever taught him." Cecilia looked up. "I think so. Hey Quent!" She waved at the pink haired guy just a little ways away. "Long time no see!"

<Jean> Quentin? Jean looked up and around for the pink-haired guy, then saw he wasn't alone. Oh, well. She could play it cool, after all.

<Cassie> "This certainly beats the sewers we've been sloshing through the other day." Cassandra glanced up at the imposing entrance to the club. "Though I've still not gotten used to the idea of being a regular guest among the wealthy and famous. I constantly feel as if I should be holding doors and fetching drinks for people while in there."

<@Quentin> Looking up at the greeting, Quentin gave a wave. Well damn, there was Jean...but it wasn't like he was going to be seeing this Sammy chick after tonight. "Well hey, didn't know you people'd be around here tonight...matter of fact, didn't think I'd be around here either. Not really my kinda crowd usually." That was a lie considering how many of the Hellfire Club members he seemed to have special robed dinners with but that was best left unsaid.

<Cecilia> "If you go in with that attitude then you will be," Cecilia said. "I was born in a slum and waiting on people in a fast food place before I came here but I'll be damned if I ever felt I should be there."

<Kat> Kat felt very uncomfortable in her new surroundings. She didn't frequent clubs; this wasn't her scene. "Don't feel bad Cassie. I don't feel like I should be here at all."

<Jean> Jean nodded at Quentin with a small smirk, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and checking out his date.

<Cecilia> Cecilia stepped away from the two girls. Self-worth and backbone couldn't be taught, she thought. You either had it or you didn't and she wasn't going to waste her time convincing other people what they deserved.

<Jessica> She wondered vaguely what was keeping the others as she looked around the now familiar faces at the club and took a sip of her drink. It was amazing how much more relaxed she felt now than when she'd first started coming here.

<Cecilia> Cecilia stepped up to Quentin and the woman he was with. "Well, it wasn't my crowd either at first, but I learn pretty quick and the place can be very interesting some nights, depending on who's there. You should join us."

<Cassie> "Oh, don't worry, I'm not feeling bad about it, at all," Cassandra told Kat, turning around to smile at the other girl. "It's quite fun in fact. I believe a lot of the regulars in there are quite determined to make me feel like I don't belong, but that's okay. I wouldn't want to, anyway."

<@Quentin> "Well why not, I'm not about to turn down an invite." Quentin looked over to his guest for the evening who was all ready looking a bit spaced out. "What do you say, Sammy, a few drinks?"

<@Quentin> He did have to steal a quick smirk to Jean. This one's nothing in comparison.

<Kat> Kat smiled back at Cassie. "Well, then. Let's drink."

<Jean> Jean grinned, quickly hiding it behind her hand. Good to know.

<@Quentin> Dumb as a box of rocks, too.

<Jean> That's not very nice. Though her giggle colored her mental voice.

<@Quentin> Truth should always be said. Quentin just smirked as he made his way on inside.

<Cecilia> Cecilia caught the look between Quentin and Jean. "Right, well, I'd love to shoot the shit on the sidewalk all night but I'm getting sorta cold so..." She rolled her eyes once her back was turned to the others. There was no accounting for taste.

<Jessica> Jess settled back in her seat and closed her eyes, allowing herself get swallowed up in the sounds of the place.

<Cassie> "Why fit in when you can stand out, after all." Cassandra cracked a wry smirk. "And now that's an excellent idea." She offered Kat her arm and stepped up towards the entrance. "Oh, hello there, Quentin. Haven't seen you in a while."

<Jean> Broken out of her little interlude, Jean hurried after the others.

<Fabian> Fabian, however, was a bit weirded out by finding some random homeless guy wandering around the Club. He grabbed the door but was mostly trying to figure that whole thing out. Who knows, people worked their way up all the time if they were smart enough and he had brought a random homeless guy before and it worked out great.

<Cecilia> Cecilia thanked Fabian again for the manners and stood aside at the entrance to wait for him. It seemed good form not rush in ahead of her boyfriend and leave him trailing behind.

<Jean> Jean gave Fabian a smirk as well, flipping her hair. "Thanks!"

<Kat> Kat took Cassandra's arm and walked with her. She nodded towards Quentin as they passed him. As they entered the door, she took a deep breath and smiled at Fabian. "Thanks for all the chivalry."

<Fabian> "Of course, I try to get some in before I do something that takes all of my brownie points away." Fabian pushed his concerns aside as he took Cecilia's arm, leading the way to where Jess had slipped off to once he caught sight of her.

<@Quentin> Quentin all ready had a round of drinks coming with Sammy and, if a person was watching closely, a pill for him and a pill for her just to keep them going.

<Cassie> "Banking good deeds never works, believe me," Cassandra replied, chuckling as she stepped past Fabian and escorted Kat into the main hall. "They're all gone and forgotten as soon as you do something even slightly questionable."

<Cecilia> Cecilia smiled as Fabian took her arm. "The greatest of the great, the worst of the worst," she chuckled into his ear. She shot a concerned look at Kat. She made a mental note to keep an eye on her. She seemed nervous and Cecilia was pretty sure the girl had spent most of the semester in her dorm.

<Fabian> "Does that mean I'm forever behind? I like to think I'm forever ahead." Fabian chuckled at Cecilia's words though, looking over at Jess now that they were closer. "You've picked a strange place to meditate."

<Jessica> "Every place is strange." Jess corrected, "With hearing like mine, this is actually better than looking for quiet." She blinked her eyes open.

<Fabian> "Quiet's dull anyway." Fabian said most certain of that assessment.

<Cecilia> Cecilia snagged two glasses of champagne and passed one to Fabian. "To get this evening rolling."

<Jessica> She laughed, "Yep. It is when compared to what you can hear in this place."

<Fabian> "Excellent, champagne all around!" He gladly took his offered glass.

<Cassie> "I can't disagree with that." Cassandra nodded in Fabian's direction, stepping up to where Jessica sat. "I prefer soft music myself. If you still prefer silence, though, have you tried water? As in, floating in it with your ears underneath the surface."

<Jessica> "You'd be amazed how well sound travels through water... but thanks for the suggestion." She smirked, "I'm fine with the noise. You get used to it."

<Cecilia> Cecilia rolled her eyes. "Am I the only one here that likes hard rock? I like something I can lose myself in. Everybody's probably heard me in the dance rooms. Crank that stereo up and you can feel your fillings rattle and just dance. Now that's a good time!"

<Fabian> "It's not exactly meditation music though." Fabian teased Cecilia just a little bit. "But this makes me consider more concerts we should go to sometime."

<Jean> Jean spotted a waiter and grabbed a glass of champagne herself, taking a seat to look around. Swanky.

<Jessica> "Why would I want to listen to hard rock when, to me, going out and sitting on the street is just as noisy."

<Cecilia> "But it is!" Cecilia disagreed. "My mind goes away when I do that. Traditional meditation doesn't really work for me, I just use the time to think about things I gotta do. It's better when I do something."

<Kat> Kat grabbed a glass of champagne and immediately took a long drag of it. She was hoping that it would calm her nerves.

<Fabian> "I'm pretty sure that's always how you think, which is why we're here instead of letting people go on with such thoughts. To a night off...see, Kat's really good for it." He raised his glass to the somewhat nervous girl and drank.

<Cassie> "I prefer my accordion," Cassandra remarked, a slight smirk on her lips, before she turned her head to look at Kat. "Oh, that's an idea. We wouldn't want to get left behind when it comes to drinks, no?" She gave the other girl an encouraging grin and reached for a filled glass herself.

<Kat> Kat raised her own glass. "To getting out of the dorm room."

<Cecilia> Cecilia sipped her own drink. "I'll need something much heavier than this if I'm really gonna relax, but this is a good start." She polished off her glass. "I'm going to the bar, anyone want anything? Speak now or forever hold your peace, I only got two hands."

<Jessica> "Good luck keeping up with me," Jess laughed a little.

<Jessica> She gave the waiter at the bar a wave, signalling for another drink.

<Fabian> "I'm in a gin mood tonight, if you wouldn't mind."

<@Quentin> "Could you grab Sammy something new? Looks like she needs a refill." Quentin asked Cecilia, checking his watch quickly.

<Cassie> "And to an adventurous night," Cassandra added, raising her own glass. "Every journey starts with the hardest part - taking that first step." She showed a grin and lightly tapped her glass against Kat's.

<Cassie> After taking a good sized swig from her glass of champagne, she turned to Cecilia. "I can help you, if you like," Cassandra offered.

<Cecilia> "Sure," Cecilia said. "No problem and if you're all very lucky I won't spit in it," she teased, striding off to the bar. "Just sit, it's fine. I'm going to get a better look of who's around anyways."

<Jessica> Jess smiled as the waiter brought her her refill, "Thanks." She settled back in her seat again.

<Cecilia> Cecilia leaned on the nice oak bar and waved down the bartender. Gin for Fabian, rusty nail for her, cosmopolitan for Sammy (she seemed a fruity drink sorta girl) and a Manhattan for Kat (she seemed like she needed it).

<Cecilia> She piled the drink on a lone platter that was floating around on the bar and came back to the table distributing the proper drink to each person. "And you're on your own for the rest of the night, I ain't your waitress for the evening and I'll be too drunk to help you later." She settled back in her seat and nursed her scotch. A few of these and she'd be downright mellow.

<Jean> Jean was just sipping her drink, and watched Quentin disappear into the crowd. So, she did what came naturally and checked out his date again.

<@Quentin> Sammy was just all smiles with her drink, popping another of the pills she had gotten from Quentin that day. "Now where'd he get off to?"

<Jessica> "Just wave at the staff, they know where we are. They have good memories for drinks." Jess gave Cee a smile.

<Fabian> "Thank you, my dear." Fabian gladly took his drink. "Though, you could wear the waitstaff's costumes whenever you like."

<Kat> "Thanks for the drink." Kat downed the rest of her champagne so that she could move on to the drink that Cecilia brought her.

<Cassie> "Too bad, we might have tipped you." Cassandra showed Cecilia a small smile, before she raised her glass to take another sip of champagne.

<Jessica> "I think that's Fabian's job."

<Cecilia> "Like I said, I wanted to have a look at the floor and you'd all just love to see my ass in a French maid costume," Cecilia joked distractedly. This Sammy person seemed very out of it. "So...how long have you been seeing Quent?"

<Jean> Jean had caught the pill pop, and though she had her own ongoing love affair with Sean's stash, but that was a little too far for her. Hearing Cecilia's comment, she decided to listen in.

<@Quentin> "Oh, we've known each other for a while. I'm not sure we're actually seeing each other but he invited me out tonight. We're supposed to meet a friend of his." She answered, giving a pleasant if vapid smile.

<Fabian> "I'll be sure to slip something." Fabian smirked, unable to pass that up.

<Cecilia> Cecilia also saw the pill...what's worse she knew what it was. She'd taken it. "Oh? Where did you guys meet?" Cecilia said, friendly enough. "Are you a...?" Cecilia gestured, hoping the woman would catch on and know she was asking if she was a mutant.

<@Quentin> "Hmm? Oh, oooh, yeah. All of you guys are too, right? He knew one of my roommates, Sarah, but I guess he didn't want to take her." That was a point of pride.

<Jessica> Jess nodded to the girl's question, casting her eyes around the room again.

<Cecilia> "Yes," Cecilia confirmed, creating a partial shield over her hand for a brief second. "Nice to meet another one of us."

<@Quentin> "Wow, yeah, it's lovely." Sammy nodded and finished her drink. "I think I'm going to go see if I can find him. Maybe he's found the guy we're supposed to meet. See you later." And with that Sammy wandered off into the crowd.

<Fabian> "She...is so fucking blazed."

<Cassie> "Quentin seems to have an interesting taste when it comes to picking places for a date," Cassandra remarked, swirling the contents of her glass. "I don't know him that well, but this seems like the kind of place someone like him would not be caught dead in."

<Fabian> Fabian frowned a bit as Cassie voiced something he had thought at the beginning of their night. "So I'm not the only person who finds it a bit odd?"

<Cecilia> "No shit," Cecilia said to Fabian. "That's kick there, I think. I recognize the stuff."

<Jessica> "Well I wouldn't have thought most of us would be caught dead in a place like this but... here we are..."

<Cecilia> Cecilia frowned. "By that argument though it's weird for me to be here...but yeah, I find it a bit odd he said this wasn't his usual crowd and then apparently he's friendly enough with someone here that he's supposed to be meeting them. I dunno, it's odd but explainable. They could be a...customer."

<Cassie> "Jess has a point," Cassandra conceded, gesturing towards the dark-haired girl with her almost empty glass and nodded. "Maybe he's here to do, you know, business? As I understand it, this club is frequented by some mutant regulars, isn't it?"

<Fabian> "Yeah, a customer would make sense...but it's not odd for you to be here. People know who your connection is and Shaw's involved with the school."

<Cecilia> Cecilia kept looking in the direction Sammy went. "...I wonder who he's meeting..." she said. "I sorta want to know." She looked at Fabian. "Well, maybe not, but hopefully one day people will know my name. Not that I mind being connected to you," she smiled.

<Jessica> "Just because some people aren't his 'usual crowd' it doesn't mean he wouldn't come here now and again. We barely know the guy. Maybe he's secretly rich?"

<Jean> "Customer?" Jean started paying attention again at that.

<Cecilia> Cecilia shook her head. "He's from the Bronx, deals kick for a living and spent most of his life in foster care," she said. "I've chilled with him a few times, he told me."

<Jean> Jean's mouth dropped open slightly.

<Kat> Kat had quietly been listening to the conversation about Quentin. "So, obviously, he's a winner."

<Cassie> A mischievous grin found its way onto Cassandra's features as she quickly finished her drink and let her gaze wander over the others at her table. "Want to sneak after him and find out?" She made it sound like a schoolgirl's dare.

<Jean> "I thought he was a student! Or, like, he was gonna be!"

<Cecilia> Cecilia caught that look from Jean. "What? Something I say surprise you?" She scowled at Kat. "Life can give you a shit hand. You do what you gotta do to survive."

<Cecilia> "Maybe he might, he told me he would think about it," Cecilia shrugged. She looked at Cass. "I dunno...maybe I shouldn't. It's really not any of my business."

<Fabian> Fabian smirked towards Jean. He had a feeling he could guess why she seemed so surprised. "Guess he could be a student one day, who knows, but I'm with Cassie right now, lets see what he's up to."

<Jessica> "I don't think it's any of our business," Jess frowned. What was with them thinking they had the right to involve themselves in everyone's lives?

<Cecilia> Cecilia hesitated, but curiosity won over her. "Well...alright, but let's make it subtle."

<Jessica> "Oh yeah... subtle... because we can manage that." She rolled her eyes as she muttered that comment and shook her head.

<Jean> Jean downed the rest of her drink. Uuuugh. Well, whatever. It was just that one time at least. Wait. "Wait, what? We're following him?"

<Kat> "I agree with Jess. Let's just say here, and do more drinking!"

<Cassie> "We could go together," she suggested, leaning across the table and taking a peek in the direction Quentin and his companion had disappeared in. "And I can do subtle when I want to. I just don't, most of the time."

<Fabian> "You know, sometimes for being an international former hooker you can be really boring and a wet blanket, Jess." Fabian teased and grabbed his glass. "Best of both worlds, we drink and look!"

<Cecilia> Cecilia polished off her drink and followed Fabian. "International hooker," she snorted.

<Jessica> "Prostitute. Not a hooker. And I was not international with that." She grumbled.

<Kat> Kat sighed. She swallowed the rest of her drink and followed Fabian reluctantly.

<Cassie> "Is there a difference," Cassandra wondered, quickly replacing her empty glass with a full one as she tagged along with the others.

<Fabian> "One sounds better and keeps me from making a fishing the seven seas joke." Fabian replied, leading the way through the crowd; so far he didn't see any sign of Quentin or Sammy now.

<Jessica> "Yes there's a difference. I didn't go off to bars and chase guys around. I sat and waited. They came to me." She sighed and got up with her drink to follow them.

<Cecilia> Cecilia rolled her eyes. "The one's I saw back home had guys come to them on the street corner, does that make them classy?"

<Cecilia> "I think the quality of their leopard print miniskirts say otherwise."

<Jessica> "Just... never mind. It doesn't fucking matter.... you don't understand."

<Fabian> "And anyway, not fun enough to detract from the hunt." Fabian called back though he was still disappointed with his hunt. "Maybe they've stepped outside?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia clicked her tongue. "Or the back rooms maybe?"

<Fabian> Fabian shook his head. "Unless Quentin's keeping some secrets from us that's unlikely."

<Cassie> "I was just genuinely curious," Cassandra replied, offering a small smile as she held up her hands, palms outward. "I didn't mean to offend. We all did what we did, right?"

<Jessica> "If you stop talking I can maybe see if I can hear him talking somewhere."

<Cecilia> "Not likely to happen," Cecilia sniggered. "Fabian likes the sound of his own voice."

<Fabian> Fabian was all ready making his way towards one of the exits, motioning for the others to follow him. "That's because my voice is delightful. You know you love my accent."

<Cecilia> Cecilia smiled, following closely. "Can't argue there."

<Jessica> "I can think of better accents."

<Fabian> "Luckily I don't need to impress you." Fabian just smiled as he did actually quiet down, holding the door for the others.

<Cecilia> "Jesús, públic exigent, Fabian. És evident que vostè ha trobat un públic millor en mi," Cecilia whispered, thanking him again and slipping outside.

<Rottwell> Dr. Algernon Rottwell stood with crossed arms, watching the two men of large built struggle to fit the cargo into the shabby old van. "Gentlemen, I usually don't try to tell others how they should do their work, but you might find your endeavors rewarded with more success if you didn't try to push in the wide side first."

<Cecilia> ((Catalan: Jesus, tough crowd, Fabian. Clearly you found a better audience in me.))

<Jessica> Jess sighed heavily as she followed them outside.

<Kat> Kat followed Jess outside. "Thanks Fabian. Have to appreciate a man with an accent."

<Rottwell> The response he got was a confused look from one of the two men. Rottwell rolled his eyes. "Oh, that's okay, take all your time," he said. "We're only standing in a dark alley and trading suspicious cargo at a dodgy looking van. I mean, that's an everyday sight in this city, isn't it? So, please, no rush."

<Cecilia> Cecilia flattened herself against the wall. There appeared to be some sort of shipment heading out. "...What do you think's in those crates?" She edged along the wall, hoping for a better look.

<Jessica> Ugh alley. In her nice dress. What was it with these people and dirt?

<Cassie> "Thank you," Cassandra told Fabian and slipped out the door, looking around as she found herself behind the club. She instinctively drew some of the ambient shadows closer around them as she stepped up behind Cecilia. "I would say... chopped liver," she suggested, her voice a hush.

<@Quentin> Quentin stood against the wall counting the money in his hand. "You need to get better henchmen. I'm the best guy you've got, Doctor."

<@Quentin> "And you had best not shorted me on the pills. You know I don't take well to that."

<Kat> Kat found a dark space against a wall to press herself into.

<Cecilia> Cecilia crept to the corner, keeping low and listening hard.

<Rottwell> The two men nearly dropped their cargo, prompting Rottwell to let out a sigh and run a hand over his forehead. "Next time I'm taking the gorillas," he muttered, turning around as the assistants finally managed to load up the van. "Please excuse the dynamic duo back there. So, I assume that concludes our business?"

<Jean> Jean could not believe this shit, and pressed her hand over her mouth as she watched.

<Fabian> Fabian was practically holding his breath now, wishing that he hadn't decided to lead the way out now that he was the closest to whatever was going on at the other side of the alleyway.

<Cecilia> Cecilia grabbed onto Fabian's sleeve, a bit worried. She didn't like how close he was to whatever shady shit was going on...then again she was easily the next closest to it...but still it should be her in front. She could take the heavier blows...too late now though.

<Rottwell> "My dear Mr. Quire, what do you think of me?" Rottwell put on a broad smile and placed both hands on his chest. "If you believe I hadn't more pressing concerns than wondering how to cheat a small scale drug pusher out a meaningless share of his profits, I might have overestimated your wits."

<@Quentin> "Call me whatever you want, I'm just putting dinner on the table." Quentin held out his hand expectantly.

<Jean> Well, Jean was crossing this one off her list, pink hair or not.

<Jessica> Jess didn't know what to think. She was going to reserve judgement for now.

<Cecilia> The guy Quent was talking to sounded foreign. English, she guessed. Judging from what she'd heard of John's accent. "Sap vostè que l'altre?"

<Rottwell> "And as long as its fresh, you shall receive your treats in return," Rottwell replied, pushing the case in Quire's hand. "Let me know when the next load is served up, and we'll arrange something." He turned to his assistants. "Gentlemen." The trio proceeded to board the van.

<Cecilia> ((Catalan: Do you know the other guy?))

<Fabian> Fabian, meanwhile, was trying to see what it was they were putting in the van but couldn't get a clear shot of it at all. Maybe they should try to get back inside. He shook his head to Cecilia's question.

<@Quentin> "Working on the big project, have a few ins as it is. I'll let you know when I can bring the talent by."

<Rottwell> "I'll look forward to hearing from you then," Rottwell replied, before closing the door of the van. "Let's be off then, with all haste. We don't want to be late for dinner."

<Cecilia> Fuck her. She didn't have a pen and paper. Cecilia tried to get a look at the license plates in vain but couldn't see the last few letters...or first few. Fuck!

<@Quentin> "Am I expected for dinner tonight or no?" That was something he wouldn't mind getting out of, to be honest.

<Jessica> With a small frown, Jess backed to the door.

<Cassie> "And you guys were suspecting he might be involved in something illegal," Cassandra remarked with a chuckle. "He's just trading suspicious boxes with shifty people in a dodgy van."

<Fabian> "...think there's candy?" Fabian muttered.

<Cecilia> Cecilia was getting very creeped out with all the dinner talk...but she could be paranoid. She hadn't been at her most stable lately. "...Someone tell me I'm paranoid and freaking out over nothing."

<Rottwell> "With such meager pickings? We'll be lucky to keep the family fed." Rottwell leaned out of the open window. "Make sure to bring in a more bountiful haul the next time, then we'll see about it." He gestured at the men sitting in front, and the van sped off.

<@Quentin> "Will be sure to." Quentin gave a salute, stepping away as the van left and turned to head back inside.

<Fabian> "Shit, gogogo," Fabian motioned the others to head back inside.

<Cecilia> Cecilia rushed back towards the door, gesturing for the others to go in.

<Jessica> Jess was waaaay ahead of them, already mostly inside. She wished she'd brought patches. Now she wanted to be drunk. Very drunk.

<Cassie> Cassandra took the obvious shortcut and blended into the shadows of the alley, quickly swallowed by swirling darkness that took her back into a dark corner inside the club.

<Kat> Kat darted to the wall nearest the door and passed through the wall to make a quicker entrance back into the building.

<Jessica> She went to the bar anyway and ordered another drink or three.

<Cecilia> "Come on, hurry it up!" Cecilia hissed to Jean, lingering in the doorway and making sure everyone got out before she left.

<Fabian> Fabian hurried inside along with Jean, quickly shutting the door as quietly as he could and closed the door behind Cecilia, sliding up to the bar and schooling his face as quickly as he could manage. Getting drunk was off of his table for the night, however.

<Cassie> "Do you think he might have spotted us," Cassandra asked, peeking around the corner as she waited for the others to rush back into the club. "Quickly, we should look not suspicious. Or try to, anyway."

<Fabian> "Shots, we need shots, nobody who is worried about anything gets shots."

<Cecilia> Cecilia snapped her fingers at the bartender for drinks. "I'm gonna need it," she said, her face ashen.

<Fabian> "Bartender! Jagerbombs, please!" Suddenly getting drunk was back on the table for him.

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "Yeah okay." She shook her head and took a sip of her drink, she was getting patched up later that was for sure.

<Kat> "I'm down with shots. Lots and lots of shots." Kat was ready to just get drunk. Especially after witnessing whatever deal had just gone down.

<Cecilia> There was a barely detectable tremor to Cecilia's hand as she threw back one shot and then another. Paranoid. That's what it had to be. She was up all hours of the night working on that case and there'd been a murder at the university and her father had been murdered so that brought up bad memories.

<Cecilia> It was all explainable. She had to be crazy.

<@Quentin> Stepping on inside, Quentin looked around and saw the group at the bar. "Oh, are we doing shots? I'm afraid I can't stay long but I've time enough for one for the road."

<Jessica> "Hey, Sammy went looking for you. Did she find you?" Jess looked over at him.

<Cassie> "So, who's going to ask him what he's been up to," Cassandra asked the other, a tiny smirk curling the corner of her mouth as she reached for one of the shot glasses herself. She quickly lowered her voice when Quentin approached. "Ah, there you are. Leaving so soon?"

<Cecilia> Cecilia's expression was impassive - one thing could be said for this place: it made her a better liar. "Yeah, we are. Hey, where's your date? She was...nice."

<@Quentin> "Yeah, I found her outside. She's all ready taken off with our friend though, I'm going to be meeting them later."

<Fabian> Fabian tried to shake his head without being too noticeable. There was no way they were going to be saying what they saw if he had anything to do with it.

<Jessica> "I hope she's okay she seemed a bit out of it... probably want to keep her off the booze for a few drinks..." Jess advised.

<Cecilia> Cecilia felt her blood pressure spike. Outside?! No way...no she couldn't be in the truck...could she?

<@Quentin> "Oh yeah, she's going to be sleeping some of it off."

<Cassie> "She seemed nice enough," Cassandra said, taking a careful sip from the strong alcohol in her glass, her eyes on Quentin. "I wouldn't mind seeing her again sometime."

<Cecilia> Cecilia sat down, keeping a decent smile plastered on her face. "That's good," she said neutrally, keeping a firm grip on the back of her chair and the bar so her hands didn't shake.

<Jessica> "Sleeping it off with your friends?" Jess raised an eyebrow, "They going back to someone's house then?"

<@Quentin> Quentin downed his shot, putting it back with the others. "Well, we'll have to see, could be fun. Yeah, they'll take her back to her apartment before they go on to dinner."

<Cecilia> Cecilia turned her back to Quentin and faced the bar. She didn't know if she's was being paranoid for no reason, she had no idea if she was sane or insane anymore. All she knew is she felt afraid all of a sudden and she didn't want him to see.

<Jessica> "Hopefully get her some coffee or something." Jess nodded, sipping her drink again.

<@Quentin> "Hmm, I should go pick some up. You guys have a good night then." He gave his cheekiest of waves and headed on away from the group.

<Fabian> "...okay, that was fucking weird."

<Cecilia> Cecilia nodded at Quentin excusing himself and took another shot with a trembling hand as soon as he was gone. "Did anyone get a look at the license plates?"

<Jessica> "Nope. I was already in retreat mode."

<Fabian> "I couldn't make it out, I was at the wrong angle." Fabian admitted, going for one of the shots. "So I think we can all agree he just fed us a line of shit, right?"

<Kat> "Yeah, no license plate here. I was too busy making friends with the wall."

<Cassie_> "We'll do our best," Cassandra replied, managing a small, uneven smile in response to Quentin's goodbye. She was silent for a moment, raising the glass to help herself to another sip of alcohol. "So, do I have to say out loud what everyone else is already thinking, or..."

<Cecilia> "...I think we can all agree we're never gonna see that girl again," Cecilia said hoarsely. "I gotta really bad feeling..."

<Cassie_> "We should have done something, shouldn't we?" Cassandra cupped her glass with both hands, holding it tight as she looked from one face to another.

<Jessica> "Yep. Don't want to talk about this anymore." Jess withdrew to the bar again and passed Jean a drink because she seemed to be on the same page.

<Cecilia> Cecilia threw back another shot and pulled out some change from her purse. "We can still do something."

<Fabian> "What could we have done at the moment though, we were pinned down...maybe we should see if there's anything in the alley now?"

<Cecilia> "That's one idea," Cecilia said, nodding at Fabian suggestion. "And then after I'm calling in a tip on a payphone to the cops to check street cameras for that van...maybe they might pick it up."

<Kat> "Let's put our drunken investigative skills to use." Kat signaled the waitress to bring her another drink.

<Cassie_> "Or maybe we wanted to do something, but Quentin made us forget about it," Cassandra mused, a frown sneaking onto her face. "He is a telepath, is he not? Perhaps he could hear our thoughts while we were out there and did something to them."

<Cecilia> It wasn't likely, but she had to try. She stood up, "Are we gonna go then? 'Cause we gotta make it quick if we do."

<Fabian> "Best do it as soon as you can...maybe if they find the van before it gets to wherever it goes they won't have killed her...and great, now I'm thinking of that possibility." Fabian got up, really hoping they weren't about to walk into a telepath trap.

<Jessica> "I really don't want to talk about this anymore... I'm going to stay here and just... not think for a while..."

<Fabian> "You do that." Fabian replied distractedly as he made his way back to the door.

<Cassie_> Cassandra quickly downed her shot, instantly regretting it, as grimace marred her face when she forced the strong booze down her throat. She put down the glass and nodded. "I'm with you," she told Cecilia.

<Jessica> "If you need me... shout. I'll hear you... for now I'll just stay here with Jean and get drunk vicariously through her."

<Kat> Kat got up to follow Fabian. "Well, let's go look and see and pray that we aren't falling into a trap."

<Cecilia> Cecilia yanked out her cellphone and dialed in a number as she walked. She got the voicemail of the person she was trying to reach. "Ed, it's me. Check street cameras for a big truck headed out from the Hellfire club, it's important you find this van and call me back as soon as you can!"

<Fabian> "Someone should tell Shaw as well, check the private security." Fabian mumbled, stepping on out.

<Cecilia> "One thing at a time," Cecilia replied, following him closely and shielding herself up as soon as she was out in the alley.

<Jessica> "I can do that too... if I can find him..." Jess eyed Jean, "In a minute."

<Cassie_> "Good luck with that, and don't take candy from strangers," Cassandra replied, turning to wave at Jessica and Jean, before she quickly followed the others. "Don't worry, this doesn't feel like a trap to me," she then assured Kat. "Usually, I can rely on my feelings when it comes to things like that. Mostly, anyway."

<Cecilia> Cecilia was on her phone again, leaving a tip for the cops. Giving them a description of the van, the woman they were looking for the time of departure and what little description of the suspects she could give before snapping her phone shut again once she said her piece. "Right, that's the tip sent in. Hopefully someone finds that van before it's too late."

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