3/30 Game: The Last Supper

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3/30 Game: The Last Supper

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sun Mar 31, 2013 2:56 am

timeline: April 10th

Komodo: Taking the jet was by definition not the most stealthy approach, especially not when hovering over the outskirts of New York City, but the added mobility would be worth it. Melati knew they would need to be able to move in fast once they got a lead, and would have to keep up with any movements on the ground.

Komodo: "Alright, let's hope the stealth mode will be enough not to send the mice running before the cat gets there," she remarked, flipping a couple switches on the controls. "We're not going to let those suckers get away again."

Facade: Cecilia's skin was still waxen and her breathing still hitching occasionally but for the most part there was little outward sign of distress. Cass was gone too. Fabian had been right, they were picking off people one by one and if she had left she almost certainly would've been caught too. She had to thank him again.

Calvin: Calvin nodded at that. "Yes, Hobbes says he is ready. He will be following us above the cloud layer and in stealth mode, ready to come down the moment I call him." Calvin was quite excited. Not good excited, as he felt when he was finishing a new invention. Rather, really, really bad.

Arachne: Jess was anxious too but she hid it well. She was used to covering her true feelings. Tying her hair back slowly and methodically she tried to focus on the task at hand.

Komodo: "Sweet! Nothing like a big ass robot ready to bust some cannibal balls," Melati commented, managing a small grin. She turned towards Rachel. "Have you picked up any leads on Quentin yet? I have the scanners on auto, but I'd rather not fly after any random dude with pink hair down there."

Blackjack: "Anyone ever wondered if his hair is naturally that colour?" Jack, the multicoloured rabbit asked. He really should have made sure the easter dye was temporary. At least his suit covered most of him.

Sentinel: "What is wrong with pink? Hobbes wants to know."

Facade: "It's not," Cecilia remarked tersely. "It's dyed." She'd know, she'd spent enough time around him.

Komodo: "You didn't dye him pink, did you," Melati asked, looking over her shoulder. "Not that I wouldn't appreciate the punkness of it all, but he might lose a bit of his threat potential."

Phoenix: Rachel had reluctantly went to have her hand healed before the mission and looked up from experimentally flexing her fingers to answer Melati, "Not yet. Give me a few more minutes."

Blackjack: "Wait, who's dying who pink?" Jack asked.

Facade: Cecilia shook her head grimly. "I did a lot of things, but I never did that." No, she'd just taken his drugs and invited him into the fold and trusted him. That was so much better.

Komodo: Melati nodded. "Take your time. When we found him, we count on you to handle him. From what we know, he's a really powerful telepath. This mission will be a really short one if we can't keep him shut down."

Arachne: Jess didn't like all the waiting around. She got up from her seat to pace up and down.

Sentinel: "This will be an excellent test run to see whether telepaths have any influence on Hobbes." He rubbed his hands, right now actually good excited again, and pulled out his tablet pc for note-keeping purposes.

Komodo: "Everyone else, keep in mind what we agree upon during the briefing," Melati said, turning her seat around to face the team assembled in the jet. "Keep together, watch each others back, and be on your guard. These guys have a talent to pick off people one by one, so let's not do them any favours."

Arachne: "I'll let you know the moment I hear anything coming our way... unless there's more grenades in which case I'll be deaf again and good luck with that."

Facade: Cecilia stayed exactly where she was, gripping the arm-rests on her seat and closing her eyes. For once, actually praying (angrily and reluctantly) to whatever higher power that might exist not to kill Jamie, John and Cass before they got there and to spare her and her friends.

Sentinel: Calvin proceeded to check his backpack. It was nice to have a big pink friend at your side, but he felt better being able to defend himself. He had brought the bubble gun (patent pending) and a big ball of seemingly metallic junk, which was his latest invention, the tentacle pie (patent DENIED).

Fabian: Fabian mulled over his red cult robe and leaned over to Cecilia. "I think Professor Drake has a secret sweatshop in the boathouse." Either that or the woman was obsessed with her sewing...god only knows how she reacted when she saw his attempts to clean up the costume closet.

Facade: Cecilia's lips twisted in spite of herself. "Don't make me laugh," she said. "I'm psyching myself up for a cannibal beatdown and I found a severed head less than twenty-four hours ago. I have to be dark and broody."

Komodo: Melati looked Fabian up and down, unable to hide a smirk. "Try not to look too delicious," she advised. "I'm still not convinced that whole stealth infiltration things is such a good idea. I'd rather go in swinging right away."

Fabian: "You still have your mother, you can't be Batman." Fabian let Cecilia know as he stood up from his seat and put his robe on. "How far do you think we'll actually get in the place?"

Phoenix: Leaning back in her seat, Rachel closed her eyes and let out a breath, pushing away her own guilt and anxiety. They wouldn't even be looking for Cassie if she hadn't told the girl she could go out searching for that bastard, Shaw. Closing her eyes, she stretched her psychic awareness over part of the city, glad she'd been working with her powers lately.

Arachne: "I can probably help with that... getting further in, I mean..."

Facade: "No, I'll be Bat-woman 'cause I have boobs," Cecilia said tartly, pulling the cowl over her head. "Far enough if we know the secret handshake and look hungry."

Fabian: "I can't help how delicious I look! I was born with it!"

Blackjack: "How do you even know that's what cannibals wear?" Jack asked, looking at the robe. "Personally I would have guessed they wear bibs or maybe even some kind of shaggy grass skirt thing, like in the old looney tunes cartoons." Jack added.

Facade: "This is what the people that ambushed us were wearing," Cecilia remarked. "I'd say that's a safe bet."

Komodo: "Looking for another reason to jump out of your clothes," Melati asked, looking at Jack with a smirk.

Blackjack: "No, is just... kind of hard hiding how I look like in robes." Jack explained. "Maybe they wore gimp suits under the robes?" he suggested.

Fabian: "I'd call your uniform close enough to a gimp suit." Fabian chuckled. "We should remarket them."

Facade: Cecilia shook her head. Like everyone didn't already think the X-Men were all leather fetishists.

Blackjack: "Not my fault you lot aren't a big supporter of the leathery arts like some of us." Jack replied.

Sentinel: By now Calvin was playing angry birds on his tablet. He had no part in any discussion about fashion whatsoever.

Quentin: Down on the ground Quentin was just stepping out from one of his usual drug dens making a quick sell. He made his way quickly across the street, realizing he needed to be on his way to report quite soon.

Deadpool: "Hwha?" David woke up from the quick nap he was taking. "We there yet?" he asked, shaking the cobwebs out of his head.

Phoenix: Somewhat surprised she managed to actually pick him out of a shit-ton of people, she sat up in her seat, simply stating, "I have him. He just finished a deal."

Komodo: "Oh, look at that, David joins the team." Melati chuckled. "Up for cannibal season?"

Facade: Cecilia's eyes snapped to Rachel, an feeling of dread creeping into her veins. "Where?"

Komodo: "Score." She turned her chair back around, facing the controls. "Just give me a general direction, and I'll take us as close as I can."

Sentinel: He closed the birds. It was time for action. He anxiously looked at Rachel.

Fabian: "I don't suppose he seems to be heading anywhere important?"

Phoenix: "On his way to report or something..." Rachel answered, pulling a slight face, "To a sanatorium, which is that way..." she pointed for Melati.

Blackjack: "Sanatorium? As in crazy people in straight jackets? Wow, that... that's actually a proper place to find cannibals then."

Komodo: "Right, on our way." Melati plotted the course and steered the jet in the indicated direction. "It's just a short trip, so one minute until touchdown. Make sure your disguises are ready. We want to make sure that we have all of them in place before we hit them hard."

Facade: Cecilia tensed slightly. They were close. She cracked her knuckles and straightened her robes. "It's the perfect place to keep people against their will. Holding cells and straight jackets to keep them in, medical equipment, padded walls so no one can hear them scream..."

Quentin: After ducking down an alleyway Quentin soon found himself heading down the manhole and off on the sewer path towards his destination.

Arachne: Jess didn't bother to retake her seat, she just made sure to adhere herself to the floor, tucking her hair into the robes more comfortably and pulling up the hood.

Komodo: Melati reduced the engine output, slowing down the jet as they got closer to their destination, but also killing most of the sound it made. "Right, we're two blocks away," she said, looking out the window. "Down there is a parking lot. I say we touch down there and hoof it from here on."

Sentinel: Calvin go into his robe. "This sanatorium, could it be a trap? I mean, once we are in, do we need Hobbes to crash a whole side of it in order to get out again?"

Komodo: "With these fellas, I assume everything is a trap until proven otherwise," Melati muttered. "So it's good to know we have your little friend ready to crash the party when we have to."

Facade: Cecilia unbuckled her belt and got out of her seat, hanging onto one of the bars on the wall. "Right behind you, boss."

Komodo: Hitting the autopilot, Melati put the jet in hover mode and lowered the ramp, making sure the stealth field was active to hide their ride and ticket back out. "Right on, let's roll!" She unbuckled and got out of her seat.

Phoenix: As soon as they'd touched down in the parking lot, Rachel undid her seatbelts and stood, not particularly enjoying the robed look. She really didn't care for it when she found out how they were going to get into the place. "He's gone into the sewers. Probably best we take the same approach."

Sentinel: "Okay." He followed Melati. "Hobbes is in position, he will follow me where we are going."

Fabian: "We sure wouldn't want to use the guest entrance." Fabian commented, steeling himself for the lovely trek as he followed along.

Facade: Cecilia stepped off the ramp, frowning. 'How did I know?" She sighed, she hated the sewer. She shielded up in anticipation of shit soaked water and grabbed Fabian's arm, extending the shield on him as well. "No need to get our nice new outfits covered in crap before the party, yeah?"

Arachne: Jess stepped out of the jet, senses on full alert. She wasn't going to let herself be taken by surprise and disappoint her dad.

Komodo: "Of course, always with the sewers," Melati muttered, straightening her robe as she walked down the ramp. "Okay, this way." She pointed down the nearby alley.

Sentinel: "Well, sewers are places where people normally don't want to go, so they're ideal for hiding," stated Captain Obvious.

Deadpool: "It wouldn't be a shitty enough situation without having to literally get covered in shit." David griped at the back of the group.

Fabian: Fabian offered her a grin although it wasn't quite up to his usual. "I do approve of keeping clean, I'll admit." Soon enough the manhole was before them. "So, who takes point?"

Arachne: Jess grumbled a little. Not this again....

Komodo: "I'd say always the one who asks, but being the meat shield is what I do best, so I guess that duty falls to the team leader." Melati swung herself into the manhole and climbed down the steel ladder. "Remind me again why I don't wear boots to these things..."

Arachne: "They won't fit on your dainty feet?" Jess hovered her way down rather than use the ladder.

Sentinel: "You think they reduce your speed and agility," noted Captain Helpful.

Facade: Cecilia climbed down awkwardly, keeping ahold of Fabian's arm in the process. "Goddamn..." she muttered as she stepped in God-knows-what.

Fabian: "Well, if Quentin's taking the sewers more than likely the members are as well...so I guess we'll smell accurate."

Komodo: "Ah right, I forgot," Melati replied, hopping down to the base of the sewers, landing in something wet and squishy.

Phoenix: Rachel followed after Melati, not quite prepared for the smell even through she'd been trying to mentally prep herself for it. That didn't even begin to cover whatever she was standing in once she got to the bottom of the ladder. On the bright side, there weren't a bunch of bodies... Yet.

Facade: "Like they wouldn't smell like ass already with all the cadavers..." Cecilia muttered, covering her nose and mouth as she sloshed along. Fuck...this was just wrong.

Arachne: Jess was glad that she could hover and ignited a venomblast to light their way. Mind over matter with the smell. "You should all thank your lucky stars that you don't have my senses."

Deadpool: "Says the person hovering above the shit." he noted.

Arachne: "Well it's enough that I can smell it. Believe me."

Fabian: Fabian was uncharacteristically quiet as they waded through the muck, sliding into business mode as sign after sign marking the cult's paths. "Just wait until you're around the kitchen this place probably has."

Komodo: Melati pushed onwards in the green light cast by Jessica's venom thing, following the narrow path. They came past a couple intersection, where she slowed her steps. "I'd say we're on the right way," she said, pointing at the familiar symbols lining the walls. "How kind of them to leave their house-number."

Facade: Cecilia frowned. "...Holy fuck...I think I've been here before with JP...we were right next to their fucking base and we didn't even know it!"

Komodo: "Damn, you sure?" Melati looked around. "Those fuckers sure are a sneaky bunch."

Sentinel: "Why would they leave their symbols out like that? They aren't very good at hiding..."

Arachne: "Yeah... I recognise this...."

Fabian: "So where does it come out?"

Facade: "I'm positive," Cecilia said quickly. "...Goddammit...we're fucking lucky they didn't come across us..." A chill settled in her stomach. "We could've been killed."

Komodo: "Maybe they're getting cocky," she suggested. "Weird fanatical cults aren't exactly known for their pragmatism."

Facade: "An old subway station," Cecilia indicated. "Just up there, after that it leads to the surface just outside of Knightsbridge in the Bronx."

Komodo: "Don't worry, there might still be a chance for that," she told Cecilia and showed her a fanged smirk. "Okay, let's try this way then. Maybe we're hitting some gold."

Sentinel: "Should we call the police? I mean, even if they don't like mutants much, if we send them to a place where...there are body parts, they would have to react, surely?" Said General Ockham's Razor.

Facade: Cecilia followed Mel closely, leading the others down the tunnel. Oh yes...this was definitely the place. She could see the old subway station coming up right now. "Fuck..."

Fabian: Sure enough, Fabian ducked into the abandoned subway station Cecilia had just mentioned. "Well, I guess this must be a pretty key place then. We best not be late for dinner."

Phoenix: Rachel remained mostly silent as she kept most of her attention focused on Quentin's mind, which kept her from thinking about exactly what she was walking through. The mention of the Bronx caught her attention though, and she was able to recall the general area Cecilia was talking about.

Quentin: Stepping on into the Sanatorium, Quentin made his way to check on the preparations for tonight's meeting, holding his nose from the smell.

Facade: Cecilia dropped the shields as soon as they were out of shit water. "I should've known..." she muttered. "He was from Knightsbridge and so many bodies were found in the north end of the city...at least I might've suspected."

Komodo: "We can call them later," Melati told Calvin, not looking away from where she was treading. "I'd hate to have them burst in at the worst possible moment and scare the flock away."

Komodo: "Yo, heads up, I think I see some light ahead." She held up a balled fist. "Looks like someone's home, after all."

Facade: Cecilia slipped into an enclave by the wall, shields up. Surprise attacks were the most effective after all.

Sentinel: "Ok. Hobbes is read to burst through the ceiling whenever he has to."

Fabian: Fabian just looked over when Cecilia started the 'I should've known' and shook his head. It wasn't time for that. He made his way along the sidewalk, eyeing the building they were heading for and the open gate. "Into the mouth, huh?"

Phoenix: She offered an update on Quentin, "He's inside and being a wimp about the smell."

Sentinel: "No need for theatrics." Especially since they made him feel queasy...

Komodo: "Right, whatever me may find, try to remain calm, okay?" She looked back at the assembled team. "It's probably going to be tough, but let's try to not blow our cover right away."

Fabian: Fabian just smirked at Calvin's request and put his best mental shields up. His mind was as blank as could be as he nodded to Melati, stepping on in.

Facade: Cecilia peered around the wall, trying to get a look in one of the windows but soon gave up and followed in behind Mel and Fabian, head slightly lowered to hide her face.

Fabian: As he got closer Fabian could see more and more of the markings until it started reminding him of the building he and Johnny had the body drop off. Not creepy at all. He stiffened his back and grabbed the door, holding it for the others as politely as he could manage.

Komodo: Even though she had just said that, it turned out to be quite hard to heed her own advice as she stepped into the building. "Holy fuck..." She scrunched up her nose, taking a look around. "...these are human, aren't they? And they look fresh..."

Sentinel: "Oh...dear..."

Fabian: Quentin had not been a wimp at the smell as far as Fabian was concerned, he had been accurate. "Burned hair, it stays with a place for a while."

Deadpool: "Looks like a butcher shop from hell." David noted, trying not to throw up as he spoke.

Facade: Cecilia bit down hard on her tongue and struggled to keep her face impassive. This was too much, too soon. "Human flesh has a distinctive smell when burned...as well as taste." She wasn't disgusted by the actual bodies though, it was more the thought of how they ended up this way that upset her.

Facade: "The joys of studying biology..." It occasionally revealed details someone never needed to know.

Arachne: Jess wrinkled her nose and tried to stay with the group.

Phoenix: Rachel swallowed hard as they made their way into the building, attempting to stave off another bout of anxiety over what had happened to Cassie as she took in the the various dismembered body parts. She froze as she came across a head that look awfully familiar, muttering a few curses under her breath before saying a bit more loudly, "I found Jamie... Well, part of him..."

Phoenix: Fuck, she was going to have to tell Jean.

Sentinel: "This isn't good..." He swallowed hard. There were so many parts. "This is the population of a whole small town..."

Komodo: "Oh hell..." Melati rushed to Rachel's side, stopping dead in her tracks when she spotted the bloody party the other girl had discovered. "Are we... sure it's him? Come on, say it ain't so... dammit..."

Facade: Cecilia turned at Rachel's words...and caught sight of another decapitated head staring at her. "Oh Christ..." She gasped, her skin turning ashen. She looked away, breathing heavily. Don'tscreamdon'tscreamdon'tscream.

Fabian: Fabian just closed his mouth tighter.

Arachne: Jess covered her mouth with her hands. Twice in as many days. This wasn't happening.

Fabian: Fabian was shaken from staring at the head that had been Jamie as a voice sounded behind them.

Fabian: "What are you all doing down here? You're going to be late."

Komodo: Melati gritted her teeth, her jaw clenched. She took a deep breath, ignoring the putrid stench that permeated the place. "Okay, try to keep it together everyone," she muttered. "There's nothing we can do for him... except make sure those suckers all pay."

Facade: Cecilia felt herself disconnect from her body and watched as she began running on automatic. "Coming," she replied, her voice flat and emotionless. Eyes bearing the marker of a thousand yard stare.

Fabian: "Are we really running late? I suppose we can't keep people waiting now, can we?" Fabian was glad for the hood on the robes even though he was pretty sure he was good at psychotically blank face as he turned to follow the man who had greeted them.

Arachne: Jess pulled herself together. She could fall apart later. Right now there were other people to find.

Phoenix: It looked like the top of the head had been lopped off and the brain removed, the voice behind them cutting off any reply she had. Taking in a deep breath, she turned to trail after Fabian.

Sentinel: Calvin joined the robed group, silently, throwing a nervous glance over his shoulder towards what had once been his fellow student.

Komodo: Melati tried to calm herself, which was easier said than done with the adrenalin burning in her veins. The feral reptile in her wanted to pounce ahead and rip anything that got in her way to shreds, but this was not the way. She needed to focus now and hold it together.

Komodo: Taking another deep breath, she willed the change and reverted to her human appearance, so no one would spot the lizardy bits underneath her robe.

Deadpool: Damn. That shit's crazy. Why are you not running. Like, right now? *Blurgh* David tried to remain stoic and ignore both the voices and his... surroundings, while keeping up with the rest of the group.

Fabian: Just acting, he could always act. Fabian fell into step with the man they were following, trying to decide if he knew the man in question or not as he actually started to make small talk with him. "Yes, yes, I imagine we will have quite the crowd tonight."

Fabian: The walls were painted with scriptures as they made their way up the stairs and into what had been the main lobby to the place now lined with tables and hooks hanging from the ceiling. Fabian swallowed a little as he saw how many robed figures were milling about finding their seats.

Facade: Any other time Cecilia might've been fascinated to see Mel's transformation, but right now she wasn't focusing on much of anything as she passed multiple bodies on her way to the party. Shock...she thought, as she passed another severed head and bible writings on the walls. That or she'd finally gone insane. Who could blame her? After all she'd seen how could she not be crazy?

Komodo: "Ah, our flock grows ever larger," one of the assembled cultists said as the group entered the larger chamber, illuminated by candles. "I see a lot of new bothers and sisters join our ranks as acolytes. Let them take part in the communion of the living flesh."

Phoenix: ...Oh, hell no.

Sentinel: "Ah, yes, living flesh, my favourite type of flesh, yummy..." He couldn't help but babble.

Komodo: "I'll have your communion right here," Melati muttered under her breath, balling her fist as her claws emerged despite her human appearance.

Arachne: Jess took a deep breath in an attempt to swallow the wave of nausea that rose with that comment.

Facade: Cecilia stared blankly at the cultist. "I will receive the gift of the lord with humility and piety," she said numbly. Don'tthinkaboutit!

Fabian: Acolytes, now there was a fun word. Fabian fought to not react.

Deadpool: "You're not gonna give us the nasty parts, are you? I don't do giblets." David spoke before he could kick his mouth off autopilot.

Fabian: Fabian forced himself to mingle, not going too far from the group but making sure he was around someone to attack the minute they were ready. He just hoped it was soon.

Facade: Cecilia kept an eye on Fabian, the person with no offensive powers as she walked slightly unsteadily in the crowd. Would they make her take a communion from Jamie's body?! Oh no. Nonononononono. She couldn't do it! She'd choke and give everything away!

Arachne: Jess really hoped they'd do something before it came to eating anything.

Dupe: The gurney sized cart was wheeled in with a sedated mutant strapped to it, looking around at all of the fuzzy cloaked figures. Bathrobes. That was all the dupe could think of. The cart was pushed into the center of the room and the dupe patted his brother on the leg. He was chained up, so couldn't even try to rescue the one tied down. He felt so weak. And scared. They both did. They would both be eaten eventually. They didn't want to die.

Antman: Antman had been clinging to Facade's robe the entire time, silently keeping to himself. Disgusted at the events unfolding before him, he had decided to stay small and not startle his friends now by revealing himself.

Komodo: "The harvest is here," another of the cultist announced as the gurney was wheeled in. Melati visibly tensed, slowly pacing behind the lines of assembled robed figures.

Fabian: Fabian picked up a fork and knife from the table as he mingled about. It only seemed fitting in his opinion that they be put to good use. The harvest? Fabian looked about to see what was about to happen.

Facade: Cecilia inhaled sharply as she caught sight of...Jamie?! Oh Christ...he could duplicate himself. Of course! "The harvest, indeed," she said roughly.

Dupe: The dupe in chains was knocked aside roughly by a robed figure and he fell to the ground, not even able to think of helping them escape. He wanted to go hooooooome. Jean...

Quentin: Quentin took his customary seat as the meal was hauled out. Ugh, he didn't feel like going through this but he needed to do something to get his fix and sitting through the night's festivities was it.

Facade: Cecilia could see Quentin a little ways off from where she was seated, she quickly averted her eyes and shielded her thoughts like Rachel had taught her. Hoping to Christ it would actually work.

Phoenix: Rachel blinked as the cart was rolled out and looked back over her shoulder at the doorway they'd come in from. But, they'd just... She shook her head a bit, cringing slightly at the thought of Jean. While she'd been trying to stick close to some of the others, she decided against it as soon as she spotted Quentin, moving to sit next to him instead.

Komodo: Melati tried to locate the others inside the chamber and make eye contact with them. Her expression was hardened. She tried to look casual as she reached up to tap the small button in her ear. "We can't let them go through with this," she muttered into the mic.

Facade: Where was the damn signal?! Oh... "About fucking time," Cecilia muttered into the mic.

Fabian: "Are we good to go?" Fabian muttered into his own headset.

Antman: "Ready when everyone else is." Hank said into his Ant-Helmet.

Fabian: Beside him, cultists moved to stoke the fire. Fabian moved to join in, not at all opposed to the idea of playing with fire.

Komodo: "We need to focus on Quentin," she said, scanning the room. "If he gets the chance to shut us down, he will, and then it's us who are up for dinner."

Sentinel: "Ready. Hobbes wants to come in."

Arachne: "Before anyone else dies would be nice." Jess muttered.

Facade: Cecilia took ahold of the metal heavy platter set in front of her.

Phoenix: "I'm going to try to take him out," Rachel muttered into her own comm device at the mention of Quentin, carefully reaching out for his mind in an attempt to do so stealthily.

Dupe: Jamie struggled to get up and watched with helpless eyes as his brother was wheeled over towards the fire. The dupe moved his head side to side slowly, still heavily drugged. He couldn't even struggle properly. "Heeeeyyy," he got out hoarsely.

Komodo: "But I wouldn't mind if we let none of fuckers escape into the tunnels and hide," she added, feeling the change coming on. "Ready? Hit them hard!"

Sentinel: Calvin pulled out the tentacle pie from his backpack and threw it into the crowd. A dozen robo squids sprang forth and attached themselves to cultists. All the while the ceiling crumbled down as pink fury entered the room.

Facade: Cecilia walked up to the nearest cultist, platter in her hand and stuck him hard across the face, sending blood splattering across the ground as the metal connected with his nose, breaking it.

Quentin: A frown came over Quentin's face just a moment before Phoenix made her move, his mind flailed out to defend himself, his mouth opening to give a warning just as Calvin's attack began.

Komodo: Melati grabbed the heads of the two robed cultists right in front of her, smacking them hard against the table. A primal snarl come from underneath her hood, before she pulled it back to reveal her fanged visage. "Dinner's over, suckers," she shouted, leaping onto the table as she took her lizard form. "Time to pay the bill!"

Deadpool: David kicked at the knee of the robed figure to his right, collapsing it inwards, before grabbing the head of the one to his left and slamming their nose into the table in two vicious movements.

Fabian: Fabian stabbed the nearest cultist with his fork and kicked him down almost into the fire as he kicked the logs from the fire over as well, catching the tablecloth.

Dupe: The dupe squinched his eyes and mouth closed tight since he couldn't move out of the way of the debris. Go team, he thought sluggishly.

Arachne: Jess lifted into the air and venomblasted six cultists before they knew what was happening.

Antman: Hank bounced off of Facade's cloak and landed on the shin of a foe. Running up it he used his Pym-Particle sting into the man's knee. When he roared and started to crumble, Pym shot up, punching the man in the chin with unbelievable force.

Sentinel: Then Calvin pulled his bubble gun and encapsulated one of the cultists running at him in a translucent springy ball.

Komodo: The whole room was in chaos, robed figured scrambling to their feet, screaming and shouting as they ran aimlessly. Melati was already on the next group, determined to not give anyone a fighting chance. A swat of her tail took several off their feet.

Facade: Cecilia pinned one cultist down to the table with a well placed supper knife in the hand and stuck another in the throat with the heel of her hand as he tried to stop her. "I'll kill you all!" She screamed, throwing a shield into a group of cultist and sending them crashing into the ground.

Antman: Launching off the man's forehead as he went down, Pym spread his arms wide. Landing on the back of another cultist he executed some particle-punches into their spine and avoided the gigantic hands that grabbed at him.

Fabian: Fabian boosted Cecilia first. "Seal off the exits, keep the bastards in here." He gave her a much better grin as he ran by her, attacking a nearby cultist as he did so.

Phoenix: Jumping from her seat, Rachel reached for Quentin and lashed out at his mind, attempting to render him useless before he could react to anything that was happening while searching his mind for any useful information. Well, trying to. His shielding was proving to be a bitch to get through.

Arachne: Jess kept high, venomblasting runners before they could get very far.

Facade: "Got it!" Cecilia said, doing exactly as she was told. "You're not leaving here alive you freaks! We're not trapped in here with you!" She laughed wildly as a few tried to break through her shields. "You're trapped in here with US!"

Sentinel: Hobbes had planted his two enormous feet each in front of an entrance and was now reaching for robed figures to capture them. He was quite pissed, having followed all the discoveries through Calvin's mind, and had to pay very close attention not to squeeze a little bit too hard.

Quentin: Quentin put his feet up, trying to catch Phoenix in the ribs as she tackled him, fighting to get on top. "You like it like your cousin?" He laughed, redoubling his mental attack with images...Rachel probably didn't want to see.

Komodo: "Kill the non-believers," one of the cultists yelled, his robe more ornate than the others. "Feast on their flesh!"

Antman: Pym grew to his original size and using a few moments of retained super strength, he jabbed one of those who Komo had knocked down, into the throat and sent him back down hard.

Facade: Cecilia couldn't concentrate on too many shields when she had so many blocking the exits already but that didn't hinder her much. Leaping up onto one of the table she got ahold of one of the candelabras and stuck another cultist across the face as he tried to run, flooring him.

Deadpool: He pulled out two short, metal baton he had secreted up his sleeves and got to work cracking elbows, knees and heads. Y'know swords would be so much cooler for this. Oooh! And like, a bazooka! "Or maybe just a handgun. A bazooka might be hard to carry." He ducked a swing that he almost hadn't seen coming and swept the cultist's leg's out beneath it, carrying the momentum...

Deadpool: ...through and stamping on their neck.

Fabian: Keeping his boosting duties up, Fabian had to duck quickly as one of the cultists thought catching the intruders with the meathooks was a good idea. He waited until the man swung again and would be taken over with the momentum to launch himself at him.

Antman: Returning to his small size, he bounced onto the shoulder of an unsuspecting cultist and tried to bring her down from her ear. Though she did start to tilt from the force, she shrieked and flicked at him, send him flying across the room. "Bwaaaaaaaah!"

Arachne: "We're not going to go down as easy as you think!" Jess punctuated her point by taking out two more with venom blasts.

Phoenix: Rachel really didn't want to see that, but it was something she could work past. The kicked glanced off her side, and she reached for a handful of his hair, as she'd picked up how obsessive he was about it, answering, "Wouldn't you like to know."

Quentin: "You wanna ditch this?" Quentin shot back, cringing at his hair but knocking his head forward into hers.

Facade: Cecilia put up several shields to stop some of the hooks momentum and threw another shield into another cultist that tried to get them started up again.

Antman: Smacking against a wall, the woman who had swatted him moved through the fray and found him. "Little non-believing bug!" She proceeded to repeatedly stomp on him.

Komodo: "Really, you're biting me!?" Melati stared at the hooded woman who was trying to bite through her armored sleeve and the tough scales underneath. "If you want to do it right, you need the right chompers for the job!" She returned the favour, lunging forward to sink her fangs into her shoulder. The woman fell over from shock, letting out a scream.

Antman: She picked up Antman's unconscious body, contemplated putting him in her mouth. She shrugged and started to open wide.

Fabian: There were a few cultists that thought biting was a good idea, one was even chewing on one of the dupes while the fight went on. He would gain the power of this flesh on his own!

Facade: Cecilia rushed towards the chained Jamies, punching the cultists that were gnawing on them and cutting the chains with her shields. "Where're are they?!" She demanded. "Where's John, Jamie and Cass?!"

Fabian: Fabian claimed a length of broken off meathook chain as a bludgeon, swinging it at knee level and smiling just a bit at hearing the satisfying crack of cultists who no longer could run away.

Komodo: "Jamie!" Melati turned around to watch one of the dupes getting bit, a cultist hanging off his neck. Blood splattered from his torn jugular. "You bastards, you killed the dupe!" She took off to leap at the hooded man.

Dupe: The dupe was strapped to the table still because no one thought to undo his straps, his head falling to the side as he gurgled out his last breath.

Phoenix: "I'm not really into being eaten by anyone but my girlfriend," Rachel answered as she used a telekinetic shield to avoid having her nose broken, reaching for his throat as she rolled them, "Now, tell me where the students are before I make you."

Antman: Another lashed out past Komodo and found his way to the other dupe. Leaping a top of him and began to push his fingers into his eye sockets, trying to take out his eyeballs. With bestial animosity it began to tear at the dupe's cheek with its teeth.

Dupe: Jamie moved his arms freely as he looked up at Cecilia. "Um... I don't know... I hurt. They're mean."

Arachne: Jess spied the woman trying to chew on Hank and venomblasted her in the back of the head

Antman: Antman dropped to the floro as the woman was sent sprawling into a group of cultists and Deadpool.

Deadpool: "Ow! Asshole stabbed me!" David threw an elbow back, hopefully crushing the cultist's windpipe before drawing the knife out of his shoulderblade. "And it's all rusty. I'm gonna get tetanus!" Can't get tetanus, idiot. "Right."

Facade: Cecilia's vision tunneled as the cultist sent his fingers into the eyes of the dupe. "DIE YOU FREAK!" She sent a spike right into his shoulder, making him scream and fall to the ground, clutching at the hole.

Quentin: "I'm not going to tell you shit, if you want an answer come and get it if you can." Quentin mocked, trying again to break into her mind. He had to be stronger than her, right?

Arachne: Jess landed and scooped Hank up before retreating to the ceiling.

Dupe: Jeaaaaannn....

Fabian: Fabian swore as a particularly quick cultist sank her teeth into him and he lashed out, pushing her into the table and not feeling guilty at all as the woman's hand hit the burning cloth and he cracked the chain down on her legs.

Facade: She stood by the dupes, fending off cannibals as best she could from them. "You have no idea-" She screamed inhumanly as a cultist leapt on top of her back and bit down hard on her head, dragging her down onto the ground with his weight.

Komodo_: Holding a bloody cultist in either hand, Melati let out a snarl, kicking a third into the chest as he rushed towards her. "Yeah, that's right, come at me!" Another fell to a swat of her tail, and she hurled the beaten two into another group. "I'm going to feed you your own filthy flesh, you sick fucks!"

Dupe: Jamie lurched and coughed up blood, falling over on top of the cultist who was trying to eat him and who made him blind. Jeeeeaaaan...You light up my li-- His heart stopped and his body went entirely limp. Both were gone now. The cannibals had won that at least.

Komodo_: Seeing Cecilia go down, she ran towards her, leaping up onto a table to lunch herself on the back of the man on top of her. Sharp claws dug into his back.

Facade: Cecilia screamed as both dupes lay dead on the ground beside her and the cultist continued to bite whatever piece of exposed flesh he could while she struggled with him. "MEL HELP ME!"

Phoenix: There was no way he could be a better telepath than her. Mental shields holding steady, Rachel grasped at his throat with her telekinesis and tried to push her way into his mind, giving him a cold smirk as she assured him, "I can, and I'll burn through your mind to get the answer if I have to."

Komodo_: Melati pulled the man off Cecilia, raising him high into the air, before tossing him headfirst into the wall with a feral scream.

Arachne: Jess carefully removed her robe so she didn't drop Hank and looked for somewhere to put him. She had no pockets. With an internal sigh, she unzipped the top of her uniform enough to securely nestle him in her cleavage. Now. Back to taking down the badguys.

Fabian: <Quentin struggled, sure that he could keep his own with Phoenix but he would find out later if he could ever think again that he certainly could not, his mind breaking right open for her.

Facade: Cecilia got to her feet inhumanly quickly. Blood running down her head, several visible bite marks on her neck and slammed an armoured fist into a nearby cultist's face, breaking off a large number of teeth.

Fabian: Fabian was near Cecilia in a minute, boosting her more and also tapping into his, admittedly, slightly backwards healing ability. "Are you okay?"

Phoenix: While the threat had been there, Rachel didn't need to make good on it and released her hold on his throat as she stood, calling to the others, "I know where Cassie is!"

Facade: "I'm a-alive," Cecilia got out as the wounds closed, wiping the blood off her face. "They couldn't tell me where the others were," she said, indicating the dupes. "I tried to protect them but those freaks killed them!"

Arachne: Jess, running out of energy for venom blasts, took to punching people. And she decided today was one of those days where she didn't need to mind her strength.

Deadpool: "Biff! Pow! Shazam!" he punctuated every hit with a yell. "Hurk." He stumbled forwards as a club deflected off the side of his head and hit his injured shoulder. She hit you with an arm! How weird is that? He turned the stumble into a roll, bowling over a couple cultists.

Komodo_: Melati felled one of the last cultist standing with a mean punch to the throat. "We'll get them," she said, catching her breath. "We'll get them all."

Komodo_: She raised a clawed finger to point at Quentin. "Wrap that sorry piece of shit up," she snarled. "The cops can bag the rest of these psychos. We have to be off to get Cass."

Facade: "And John and Jamie!" Cecilia added. "...If they're still alive..."

Phoenix: "She's in a church... It's not far from here."

Komodo_: Turning to look at Cecilia, she gave her a firm nod. "Them, too, yes," she confirmed. "We'll get them all. Alive." She wiped some of the blood from her hands and face, glancing at Rachel. "Then there's no time to lose. Let's head out."

Facade: "Give us the location!" Cecilia said to Rachel, indicating her temple, following Mel. "We gotta go. Now."

Komodo_: As they gathered their team and made their way towards the exit, she tapped her comm once more and signaled the police.

Fabian: "It's okay." Fabian assured Cecilia, looking around as it seemed they were out of opponents. "Can you get information from any of the others, Phoenix?"

Deadpool: David crawled out from under the mess of limbs, both attached to bodies and not, and made his way to the group of his fellow students. "Nothing like some light exercise to get the blood flowing."

Phoenix: Rachel pushed the location of the cathedral on the Upper West Side, near Harlem, at Cecilia as she answered Fabian, "Maybe, assuming they know anything useful."

Facade: Cecilia laughed hysterically. It was okay?! Somebody had a very screwed up definition of 'okay.'

Komodo_: "If the people holding Cass know anything useful, they'll tell us," Melati commented. "We'll make sure of that."

Antman: Pym coughed as he came to. "Where am I?" Damn it's comfortable.

Arachne: Jess looked down as she followed the others, "Don't freak out but you're on my boob."

Antman: "... For now? I'm okay with that."

Arachne: "I thought you might be."

Facade: Cecilia turned to Mel. "Upper West Side, near Harlem." She turned towards the exit. "If we take the sewers or the jet we could make it faster!"

Komodo_: "I'll fire up the jet," Melati announced. "We'll be rolling in hot."

Komodo_: The old church hadn't seen any use in years - no sacred one, anyway - even though she was certain that a whole different kind of service had been held in it recently. It's tall tower lay in disrepair, an most of the large windows had been boarded up. "Touchdown," Melati announced as the jet dove in low, the ramp already down. "Let's go spread the good word."

Fabian: The location made Fabian feel uneasy. A church wasn't a secure place to keep captives, surely, not when there were warehouses and meatlockers to have. A church would have meaning to Kraven and he didn't like the meaning it might be.

Antman: Having left Jessica's cleavage, Pym brushed himself off and looked to Facade's face, as he was once again riding her curtails was currently on her shoulder. "Morales asked me to go." he whispered to her. "He couldn't get approved for the mission. He said I owed him for turning him in." Pym shrugged.

Facade: Cecilia raced off the ramp and slammed a shield into the doors, knocking them right off their hinges. Eyes swerving as she looked down the halls. "Goddammit...Goddammit..." she breathed.

Fabian: "C- Facade, don't run in!" Fabian charged in after her, though, not wanting her to be alone where she could potentially be ambushed.

Phoenix: Rachel quickly unbuckled to make her way off the jet and down to the church as soon as Mel had said the word, though she paused just inside the doors to scan the area. Shaking her head, she assured them, "No one in there... But..." Shit. That was probably not good.

Arachne: "What the hell happened to stealth?" Jess wondered aloud.

Facade: Cecilia studied the hallways. There were traps, that was certain. The question was could her shields take them. "I'm glad he didn't go," she said to Pym. "He shouldn't have to see that."

Fabian: "Well...if nobody is in there no need for stealth." Fabian didn't like saying that, however.

Antman: "Where is everyone? Were we lied to?" he said into the mouthpiece of his helmet.

Facade: She decided time wasn't on her side. "I'm going in," she said, taking Pym off her shoulder and handing him to the nearest person, creating shield body armour over herself.

Komodo_: Melati stormed through the wide entrance, her pace gradually slowing as her eyes fell upon the unreal scene in front of her. The huge table was laid out in the most exquisite dishes and cutlery. The candelabras were almost burned down, some of the lights still flickering. None of the heavy chairs was occupied.

Komodo_: She had always considered herself one of the toughest, most hardened bastards around, even before joining the X-Men. The sight she was met with made even her bend over, however. Melati's knees went weak for a moment, and she had to grab one of the thick stone columns for support.

Phoenix: "Venom's..." The words died on her lips as she stopped in her tracks next to Melati, her mind not even processing the sight before her.

Komodo_: On the table lay the remains of a human - or what was left of them. Most of the bones had been picked clean and left in a bloody, grisly display. The torso had been cut open, no trace of left of most of the organs inside. Even the chest had been pried apart, the ribs poking out in unnatural angles.

Antman: Pym had regrown as he followed the others in. "What in the f-" This was not right.

Komodo_: With the exception of the eyes - merely empty sockets now - the face lay mostly untouched. They were supposed to know who the victim had been. "Cass..."

Fabian: Fabian slowed his steps as he took in what was before them, his expression fading from his face as he drifted for the table.

Arachne: Jess covered her mouth with her hands, letting out a small scream. She couldn't help it.

Komodo_: Melati closed her eyes, trembling as she fought to regain her breath. Her claws tightened, breaking chunks of stone out of the massive column. They were too late.

Antman: Pym backed up to the door. There weren't a lot of words he could think of to say, none worth saying at least. He looked to Jess as she screamed. "How could they?"

Venom: "....n-...", at the door, Eddie Brock had finally arrived, mask receding as he tasted the stale air, analyzed the words, "....n-no, this is...", he stumbled forward, breaking into a jog, then a sprint, straight passed the group and stopping at the table, "...no, no, no, please, Jesus PLEASE, NO!"

Fabian: Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Fabian shook his head, he didn't need to start being morbid considering the morbidity that was all ready around them. "Is there any sign of the others?"

Facade: Cecilia's breaths came in rapidly as she grabbed her hair. "...FUCK!" She screamed as loud as she possibly could, her voice echoing off the walls. "NonononononoNO!"

Phoenix: After spending a few moments simply blinking at the remains, her face having lost most of its color, Rachel sucked in a ragged breath as Eddie pushed his way past, closing her eyes in an attempt to fight off the nausea.

Venom: Stumbling as he climbed, Eddie mounted the table, falling down beside the mutilated body, "N-no, no...I-I can...I can't...", he was in panic, no thoughts were stitching together in his mind. The Symbiote was silent. His mouth dry, his eyes burning, his hands covered in blood and gore, "No, no, w-we can...s-she...this isn't....t-this..."

Facade: Cecilia yanked one of the table cloths out from one the tables, sending cutlery scattering. Sobbing hard as she covered the remains of Cassandra with the pristine linen. "I'm so sorry..." she gasped out. "...I'm so sorry..."

Komodo_: "I'm sorry," Melati's voice was subdued as she pushed herself away from the column, raising a hand to cover her mouth. She had to force herself to look at the horrid scene in front of her as she stepped closer. "Eddie... "

Fabian: Fabian stayed close to Cecilia, moving slower but still keeping with her as she covered Cassie.

Antman: "We need to find the others." Pym said, deciding that focusing on the horror that he couldn't change was the worst thing to do. He went over to the columns and looked for chains bolted to the walls, hoping maybe there would be signs of them being kept aside during... the feast.

Phoenix: Once she realized it was a losing battle, Rachel forced herself to move from where she was rooted, losing the contents of her stomach near the column Melati had further damaged.

Venom: "NOT LIKE THIS!", Eddie screamed, "Damn it, Cassandra! I BEGGED you!", he gripped his head, literally tearing hair from his scalp as he roared, "I WILL KILL YOU! I WILL KILL YOU ALL FOR THIS!!!"

Komodo_: "We will," she told Hank, her voice tense with grim determination. "And they will pay for what they did. I swear." She stood next to the table, looking at Eddie, before quietly adding: "We have to take her home."

Facade: Cecilia sniffed as the blood from Cassandra's empty eye socket's stained the sheet, making two perfect red flowers where her eyes should be. "...Just like hibiscus..." she said hoarsely, wiping tears out of her eyes.

Komodo_: She reached out to put a hand on Cecilia's shoulder, giving a gentle squeeze. "Thank you."

Phoenix: As Eddie's words echoed through the abandoned building, she remained hunched over where she was, eyes squeezed shut as she worked on pulling herself together. God, she'd been the one who'd told Cassie she could go out searching...

Venom: Eddie turned to Melati, eyes wide, jet black tendrils crawling across his face, bearing a contempt that made the air around him seem unnaturally still, "Where. Are. They."

Komodo_: Melati clenched her jaw as she turned her head to meet Eddie's gaze. "We don't know," she answered. "But we will find out."

Arachne: Jess backed to a wall, still staring blankly at the shape of Cassie under the cloth as she slid down to the floor.

Facade: Cecilia leaned heavily on the table. "...Debo darle las gracias de nuevo. Es casi seguro que me salvó la vida. Sólo deseo Cass tenÃa a alguien a hacer lo mismo," she said to Fabian.

Facade: ((Spanish: ...I should thank you again. You almost certainly saved my life. I just wish Cass had someone to do the same.))

Antman: Hank looked over to the emptied body and felt a qualm of disgust and horror wash over him. He fell to his knees and began to push dust and stones around. "There's something here, there' s a clue. I know it. We have to find them."

Antman: "We just need to get some stuff from the lab, get some clues. I can do this. I am smarter than them. This can't be allowed to happen again." He felt tears swelling in his eyes.

Venom: Still breathing heavilly, Eddie rested a hand on the the wrapping around Cassandra's remains, "...I'm sorry.", he choked, a hand covering his mouth as he stomached the sob comming up, "Please, please forgive me...."

Fabian: Fabian swallowed hard at Cecilia's comment but nodded, reaching up for a moment to squeeze her shoulder. "We should take to the sewers from here, find all the places marked. They have to have some kind of storage or prison where they keep people. Since they had Jamie's dupes there's a good chance he's alive, possibly Johnny, too."

Deadpool: David hung as far away from the body as he could while still staying in the room. So, yeah... that's... happened.

Komodo_: "Believe me, we'll do everything we can," Melati promised Hank, looking at him and giving a nod. "And if we have to turn this whole place into dust."

Facade: Cecilia drew in an unsteady breath and scrubbed her eyes. "...Fabian's right. We need to find John and Jamie...we can't help Cass now."

Fabian: "De res." Fabian didn't really know what to tell Cecilia other than she was welcome. Later on he might be his more eloquent self but it wasn't right now.

Fabian: He glanced over to Eddie. "Have the police got to the Sanatorium yet?"

Venom: "Dust?", Eddie stood slowly, "There will be no dust left.", trembling, he stepped down from the table, wiping his eyes with a sleeve that left blood on his face, "I will kill them all.", he said simply, stepping away from the table and walking past the group.

Komodo_: "We'll honour her by saving the others," Melati added with another glance at the covered form of the dead girl. "I think it's what she would have wanted. She was always passionate about helping, about making a difference."

Venom: "I don't know, Cortez.", he said, "But we'll find out...."

Facade: Cecilia looked down at Cass again. "...I tried to teach her how to defend herself..." she shook her head. "I was a fucking bitch to her..."

Fabian: "You should get them here as well. We shouldn't take her yet...and should probably quit disturbing the scene."

Fabian: He shook his head to Cecilia. "Trying to help someone isn't being a bitch."

Phoenix: Having gotten her emotions in check for the moment, Rachel straightened, turning to lean back against the column, still feeling fairly sick despite the body being covered. Nodding, she tossed in, "We should head back, regroup, and get back out to find the others."

Venom: Eddie stopped, sucking in a deep breath. No....not like that. He wouldn't waste his anger on Fabian Cortez. He continued walking away, ignoring Rachel's words.

Komodo_: Melati bit her lip, looking after Eddie. "I know it might sound hypocritical coming from me, but I doubt I'd even try to stop you,"she muttered, before turning to Cecilia. "Don't blame yourself, okay? I'm sure she liked you. She had her own way of showing it, I know that."

Komodo_: "I guess we'll have to let the police investigate the scene first, but we should tell McCoy and anyone else at the school who might be able to help look for clues," she said, reaching for her comm again.

Facade: "I don't blame myself," Cecilia said roughly. "I blame the people responsible. I might not've been the best person to her but I didn't want this. I never wanted this..." she shook her head, breathing unsteadily. "I will not waste my time blaming myself for this when there's people far more responsible I can blame and who would excuse themselves so easily by blaming me. I won't give them the satisfaction."

Komodo_: Taking a long look at Cecilia, she answered her with a firm nod. "Good," she said simply. "That's what we need. What the others need."

Phoenix: She supposed Eddie's secret wasn't much of a secret now, but she still wasn't going to comment about it as she watched him walk away. They'd already had that discussion. "If anyone's to blame, it's me. I gave her permission to go out patrolling for Shaw," Rachel said numbly, shaking her head, "I should've said no."

Facade: "It doesn't matter now who's fault it was," Cecilia said, wiping her mouth shakily. "The results the same. We gain nothing from could've's, should'ves and would'ves."

Fabian: "I'm pretty sure cannibals are to blame." Fabian replied, rubbing the bridge of his nose before looking to Mel. "Where to now?"

Antman: Pym threw a cobble stone at the wall. "Fuck it!" he said, storming out. "The fuck use are we if we can't stop this? They're a bunch of fucking animals!"

Arachne: Jess was unresponsive, still staring at the shape under the tablecloth from her seat on the floor.

Venom: There was the sound of a motorcycle revving outside, before its motor's roar started into the distance.

Komodo_: Melati took a deep breath, before turning to face the others. The true strength of a leader shows when those under her guard fell, doesn't it? Now more than ever was the time to muster that strength, to help those remaining push onwards. "We scour the sewers, and every other little hideout that we can find around here."

Facade: Cecilia looked at Jess and then turned her eyes to Mel. "I'll volunteer for searching the foundation of this place, see if there's an access to the sewers."

Komodo_: "We'll find the time to mourn Cassandra, but now we need to save those who still can be saved." Keeping her expression firm, she nodded. "I suggest we form teams and start to search systematically. We'll get everyone to help out."

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Re: 3/30 Game: The Last Supper

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Jack's gonna go all black again, and turn emo because of this. Man I wish had a nap before the game so that I could have joined this.

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Re: 3/30 Game: The Last Supper

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Nice job, guys! Sorry I missed it... Angel would have enjoyed beating their asses. :shifty

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