7/6 Game: A Bus to Catch

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7/6 Game: A Bus to Catch

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Timelined Monday, October 10

<Shinobi> "Yes, hello, officer? I wanted to report a crime. You see, I just walked out from that high class store over there, you see, the one with the guy madly gesticulating at me and coming a-running because I am wearing an expensive Armani suit that I technically didn't pay for."

<Shinobi> "You see, I am a mutant, and we do this kind of thing aaaaaaallll the time. And I am supposed to drive that point home. So if you could be so kind as to switch on your radio and gurgle spats of blood over it while screaming for help, that would be nice?"

<Shinobi> "Now, there is no need to pull a gun...you just should have told me you needed help with that..."

<Clarice> "Halt, villain!" Clarice appeared in a flash of pink light, one hand already held up in the cease and desist position.

<Clarice> She then squinted at the man in question, "... Wait ... don't I know you from somewhere?"

<Bobby> Bobby was still on the line with Darren as the team started to disburse. "Yeah, I think we got this... I mean, it's just one guy!" He waited for a moment, rolling his eyes. "No, boss, you know as much as I do - the cops picked him up on some facial recognition software. He's just sort of causing a scene so far..."

<Melati> "Do you know what we really need on this thing?" Melati asked, hunched over the wheeled as she steered the van through the thick traffic, one eye on the road, the other on the navigation system. "A fucking siren."

<Melati> She reached up to her ear to tap the small comm device clipped there. "Clarice, where are you, dammit?"

<Paige> Paige covered her eyes so she didn't have to see Melati's driving. "Siren and lights would be good."

<Bobby> "I see her," he called into the com, putting Darren on hold. Bobby and the more... eager members of the team were already on the ground. Or, rather, he was on the roof, his ice slide melting nearby. "She made contact already. Standby, I'll send location."

<Shinobi> "Iiiiii...don't know? Could you give me a moment?" He turned back to the officer, still point his gun at him. Then a fist like granite just broke the man's face while his colleague watched in terror. "Use your radio when I tell you to, fucker!" He pulled it off the man lying on the ground that seemed to literally bleed teeth and bone fragments.

<Clarice> "Oh, I'm aaaaaaaat," she looked around for a street sign, "the intersection between 52nd and 73rd?"

<Melati> "Don't worry, Miss Guthrie, I know exactly what I'm doing," Melati told her teacher as she turned the wheel and took the van up onto the sidewalk. "I've done this countless times before." She sounded quite proud of that fact.

<Bobby> "Fuck me, so much for that - Dare, Imma call you back later... bye!"

<Paige> "I'm not sure that helps, Mellerz!" Paige informed her, keeping her eyes overed. At least she didn't get car sick.

<Melati> "Okay, we're on our way," she called back into her comm. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" Melati paused. "No, forget that. Just... watch out, okay?"

<Shinobi> "Hello, is this thing on?" He pressed a few buttons. "Hey, Imma go and murder some people now. Send in...I dunno, some more people. I am having a lack of them, there's only a pinkish girl here right now, she looks like she doesn't need much murdering. Thanks a bunch."

<Noriko> Noriko was following along with Melati as the only way she could pick up speed was if she knew were the person was.

<Kael> Kael was in uniform - and still mostly human-shaped, though he'd resolutely refused - still - to go to a healer. He was used to his father's driving, so the pavement-mounting barely made him bat an eyelid as he held on.

<Doug> Doug had his eyes closed and was trying to stay in his zen place, which was anyplace but in this van with a crazy driver.

<Shinobi> "Awww, look at that, there's already blood on this thing! I just got it!" He held out the blood-covered sleeve towards Clarice. "Do you know whether I can get this out with white wine? I seem to remember you can get out red stains with white wine?"

<Bobby> Nothing brought out the cops like the news of a presidential assassin on a rampage in the city, and Bobby could see red and blue lights converging in from every direction. "It's about to get real crowded down there guys - be careful."

<Melati> Melati sat up in her seat as she tried to peek over whatever obstacles lay ahead of them. "No wonder nothing moves in this bloody city," she remarked, only partly dodging a hot dog stand that appeared out of nowhere. "There's so much blue flashing up ahead, someone must have robbed a donut store."

<Noriko> "Breathe Doug, we'll be fine Mel knows what she'd doing." Giggling a little as they served again adjusting her suit as it got pulled on over her clothes.

<Melati> "Hold on tight, we're almost there!" Gripping the wheel tighter, Melati floored the gas pedal. "Watch out, New York, X-Men coming through! Yeah, that's right, there a lizard behind the wheel, so you better get out of the way, motherfucker!"

<Kael> Kael leant to the side, calmly looking out of the window (and resisting the urge to shift and hang his head out of it) and squinting in the direction of the lights. "Big donuts then." He muttered. "I see Cl-uh, Blink, is it?"

<Bobby> Bobby closed one eye and winced as he listened to this on the comm.

<Doug> "If I don't breathe, I may pass out, and then I won't know when I died." Doug whimpered a little. A manly whimper, he insisted to himself... denial was a wonderful thing really.

<Rachel> And, people complained about her driving. Rachel had to roll her eyes because, clearly, they had never ridden in the van with Mel at the wheel. She leaned over Paige to peer out the window and eyed the sea of upcoming emergency vehicles, "Holy shit…"

<Clarice> "That wasn't very nice at all!" Clarice squeaked, before grabbing the man's shoulder and spinning him around onto her fist.

<Paige> "Eeee!" Paige squealed, sinking more into her seat and clinging to the seat and Rachel for dear life. If she lived through this, she would never complain about Rachel driving or taxi drivers ever again!

<Shinobi> Shinobi saw the fist coming towards his face and then got somehow...less. The fist just went through his face, through his head, and out the other side. In fact, the whole man just stepped through Clarice.

<Rachel> She pulled a face at being clung to and attempted to disentangle herself, reminding herself this was why she tried to avoid going out with Paige.

<Bobby> "Well, that confirms it - it's the Shinobi Shaw Acolyte fucker!" he called over the comm to the van. "Get out of there, Clarice! Wait for backup!"

<Noriko> "Come on Mel we can't let Clarice have all the fun!" Getting her gauntlets on now her suit was done up.

<Clarice> ".... Gaaaaah!" Oh ew! Freaky! Freak as ALLLLL heck! She pulled one of her crystal blades out of her quiver and swiped at him, seeing if that would effect him, "Cop's are down!" She replied over the com.

<Melati> "Hold on to your panties, everyone!" Melati yelled, smashing her foot on the brakes. The wheels of the van started screeching and spewing smoke, until the vehicle stopped just inches before the frantically waving police officer. "Here we go; I hope you enjoyed your ride with the Mel-Express. Now everyone get out and look out for something pink!”

<Shinobi> "Now, lady, don't get me wrong, I would really like to play with you..." The blades just went through him. "But I kind of really want to kill some innocent bystanders. So, if you'd excuse me?" He started running towards a store full of people pointing at him and taking videos with their phones.

<Bobby> Bobby sighed and shifted to ice, forming up an ice slide to join the melee.

<Noriko> Noriko managed to get out of the car without falling over this time giggling and climbing atop the car to look for Clarice.

<Clarice> "No!" She opened up a portal under his feet, trying to catch him.

<Melati> Melati spotted Clarice just a little ahead, tangling with a familiar looking guy, surrounded by several police officers lying on the ground, most of them motionless. "Blink!" She shouted, running towards her teammate. "Backup is here!"

<Shinobi> "Whoops!" He fell through the portal.

<Melati> "Sorry for the delay, but there was a special at the drive-in," she added, slowing her step just as Clarice opened her portal.

<Rachel> As they skidded to a stop, Rachel threw the side door open and hopped out of the van, brushing by the panicked officer that was nearly a hood ornament to follow Melati after Clarice.

<Kael> "Acolyte? The ones who shot at us?" Kael narrowed his eyes, apparently the only one who wasn't bothered by the driving. He didn't appreciate being shot much. As the van screeched to a stop, he was already climbing out, shifting as he did, looking for the SHIELD guy as he crouched and tried to ignore the grating pain of the shift.

<Clarice> "He wants to hurt people! He's targeting the humans! We need to evac and-" since she'd been so worried about trying to catch him she hadn't thought about where to place the exit portal, resulting in Shinobi landing on top of the X-Van.

<Noriko> Noriko spotted the guy and Clarice and jumped into her blurring run, halting in front of the stupid bystanders. "Everyone evacuate the area! Run for it!"

<Clarice> "Oh ... crudsticks!"

<Bobby> Throwing up a wall of ice on one side of the street, Bobby tried to block off the cops and bystanders there from harm at the very least. And then there was the matter of the officer down...

<Paige> Once she was sure she was still alive, Paige hopped out of the van, about to follow the others. She eeped as he fell right on top of the van she was still standing beside.

<@Melati> There was a loud thud and the noise of shattering glass coming from behind them. Melati spun around, her eyes going wide as she froze in place for a moment. "My baby!"

<Kael> Kael reacted instantly to the intruder on top of the van and almost him. His jaws went to close on Shinobi's shin with enough power to crush the bone.

<Doug> Doug's powers weren't made for offense or defense really. So he was the idiot only armed with a taser, a special mix of mustard gas and police grade pepper spray with a UV dye added, and a baton. He knew how to shoot a gun, but didn't actually own one so that was a moot point. So he started trying to shepherd people out of the area.

<Clarice> "Sorry! Sorry! I'm really sorry! I'll pay for it to be fixed ... I'll save up so I can pay for it to be fixed!" She looked around at all the prone cops, "Should I blink them to hospital?"

<Bobby> The cop was going to bleed out, and his partner was still just babbling for backup. Bobby crouched down beside the man and touched his face, cooling the skin enough to slow the blood flow. Then, he got back on the comm to SHIELD.

<Shinobi> "Oh, well...this is awkward...Sorry folks..." He got up, still on the van, and dusted himself off. "Now, don't mind me, I'm just your friendly neighbourhood psychopath passing through." He decreased his density again, basically ignoring the wolf guy, and started to walk on air towards one of the tallest buildings around.

<Paige> Paige just stared for a moment, before getting on the com. "Is anyone going to get him!? He's getting away... in the air."

<Kael> The teeth meeting made an audible 'clop' in the air, actually jarring for a moment as Kael put a hand to the side of his head and shook it. "I don't think ve can just dogpile, he'll walk right out." He glared at the guy walking away.

<Melati> "Oh no, you're not just gonna walk off, pal!" Melati growled, taking off towards the damaged van. "Keep an eye out for injured civilians, I'm going for our floater here." She jumped up on the van's hood, and onto its roof from there. "I'm so sorry, sweetheart," she muttered. "Mommy Mel is going to make up for it."

<Bobby> Bobby heard Clarice and waved her over. "Yeah, get him out of here, babe - last thing we need is more fatalities."

<Melati> Pushing herself off the edge of the van with all her strength, she jumped right after Shinobi, claws held out.

<Shinobi> He had reached the building now and just walked through the wall, leaving lizard girl behind. Moments later people started jumping out of the windows.

<Clarice> Clarice nodded and opened up a portal to the nearest hospital ... then though about it and changed it to the next nearest hospital, to try and stop the ER from getting overwhelmed. She poked her head through, "Hi! Uh! Blink from the X-Men here, I'm gonna need some paramedics and stretchers, we've got critically injured policemen here!" She told the shocked receptionists.

<Melati> Soaring right through the guy as if he were a ghost, Melati's mind needed a moment to process what was happening. Then her eyes widened and she started flailing her hands, until smashing face first through the windshield of a cop car.

<Noriko> Noriko spotted this and sprinted back, trying to help catch people as she was the fastest moving person in the group.

<Bobby> Looking up, he realized they were losing the bastard fast and nothing was working. "Shit.... RAE! Melt his brains!"

<Paige> "Bobby! Those people!" Paige shrieked as the people began jumping. She moved to help Clarice with the injured policeman though, trying to focus on that.

<Kael> Kael rubbed his face and jumped off the top of the van, landing in a crouch. He wasn't going to be able to do much against a guy immune to physical attacks, seeing as that was what he was built for. He moved to help shepherd people behind the Iceman's barrier, trying to think.

<Bobby> He formed ice slides at a run, trying to catch as many as he could - or who were out of range for the others.

<Shinobi> "Boom! Headshot!" He pulled his fist out of what used to be a man's head. Then he jumped into another one and rematerialized, going intangible directly afterward in order to avoid even more blood splatters. "Anybody got white wine?"

<Melati> Tearing herself free, Melati more or less dismantled the car she had smashed into. Stepping onto the sidewalk, she followed the direction their target had disappeared in and tapped her comm. "The bastard can make himself untouchable, so don't just go at him," she told the others. "We need to think of something fast."

<Doug> Doug had found a man that had fallen during the rush and was currently helping him out of the area, arm around his shoulder. "Hop, hop hop, come on, let's hop it out of here." He was muttering.

<Kael> "Da, I got that." Kael muttered back into the mic. His jaw still ached. "There's got to be a vay of stopping him being able to do that, da?"

<Paige> Paige moved quickly to direct people away from the mad man and to (she hoped) a safer area. Anyone injured was sent toward the EMTs.

<Bobby> Bobby had made his way up to the floor where the Shaw asshole had gone through the wall on an ice pillar, just in time to see him explode a guy's head. "Fuck!"

<Melati> "Yeah, we just need to think of something," Melati replied, her jaw clenched as she tried to push herself past the stream of fleeing people. That guy was killing innocents as if it were some sick game, and they couldn't do anything to stop him. "Come on, Mel, use your bloody head for once!"

<Shinobi> "Ooookay, no white wine...maybe the next building?" He jumped through the wall and right through the wall of the next building over. "Now, where was I?..." He looked at a group of people standing flabbergasted around a water cooler. "Oh, right, slaughter."

<Noriko> Noriko jumped onto some teenagers shoulders and ran across the crowd of people before leaping aiming for Shinobi and rather then going for a punch she let off a blast of electricity.

<Kael> "But he's not attacking us. He's being careful to ignore us, in fact." Kael was thinking aloud as he moved people. "Da, that's right, do as the big scary Russian verevolf tells you, go that vay. Nyet, small blond child, I do not eat dog food, but thank you for your kindness." He gave back the can of dog food a toddler tried to give him with a bemused look and a pat.

<Doug> Doug dropped the man off at one of the ambulances in the area that had been deemed 'safe' zone, and ducked out again to look around the buildings for more people that hadn't managed to be evacuated.

<Bobby> Enraged, Bobby flash froze an entire chunk of the wall and shattered it with another volley of ice. "Oh, you fucker!" And now he had to chase him to the next building.

<Shinobi> "Ouch! Motherfucker!" He felt an electric shock crushing through his body. That would have hurt a normal human being, him it at least slowed down.

<Noriko> Noriko hit the floor of the building and rolled. "Everybody run for it!" Eyes glowing she aimed another blast at the bastard.

<Paige> "Anything working on that guy?!" Paige asked as she kept evacuating, feeling it was slightly useless when they couldn't stop the guy.

<Kael> Kael looked up as he smelt - and oddly, tasted - the iron tang of what seemed to be lightning. "I think Zappy's hit on something? That sounded like it hurt."

<Melati> Mikael's words brought a frown to Melati's face. "That's it!" she replied, turning around on the spot. "He needs to become tangible to attack people!"

<Shinobi> This electric shock nearly got him again, but he managed to leap through a wall again. Once outside he went super-dense, accelerated and...crashed through the X-van, which then promptly exploded.

<Shinobi> "My suit!"

<Bobby> While he was stunned, Bobby threw ice at him, hoping to encase him long enough to get the inhibitor cuffs on his belt on the guy.... but he was too fast.

<Noriko> "Someone get me some car batteries and I'll keep the asshole a ghost!" Using the hole in the wall to get back on the ground and after the guy.

<Kael> "So force him to - nyet, I am not a puppy - attack us! Annoy the shit out of him. Nyet, no ear-scritches, maybe when Volke is done saving the city, small American." He carefully patted the small child again. "You make sure your family stays safe, da? Good. Ear-scritches later." With that, he bounded towards the blast.

<Doug> Doug paused: "Would a taser help?”

<Clarice> "Umm ... car batteries?" Clarice finished getting the last of the injured cops through the portals, " ... The cops won't mind if we use their batteries, right? Civic duty and all?" She fretted slightly, it could be stealing after all!

<Melati> Melati rushed out of the building just in time for the explosion to take her off her feet and throw her back against the wall. "NO!" She scrambled back to her feet, the burning remains of the van falling to the ground around her. "You bastard!"

<Shinobi> He climbed out of the wreckage. "My suit! Must kill mutants...but...must kill humans...but...my suit!" He rubbed his temples rapidly, his face switching between rage and calm serenity in quite an eery manner. In the end, serenity won, and he moved on towards the ice shield separating him from the cops, wordless, determined.

<Noriko> "Sure chuck it over Doug!" Smiling and running after the guy another blast going for the killer.

<Doug> Doug raced forward. "Use it in good health. Strongest you can get." He handed it over.

<Noriko> "Grabbing it as she went passed she drained the battery and chucked it back over her shoulder quickly.

<Paige> "Grab the batteries too, Blink! Anything we need to take this nutcase out."

<Shinobi> He started to change frequencies of density, going from almost diamond to basically nitrogen in a mater of milliseconds. Almost all of the electricity went through him.

<Kael> Unfortunately, between the guy and the ice, was Kael. He stood his ground. "He vants to get through the ice, don't ghost him yet." He murmured into the com, eyeing up the approaching psychopath.

<Kael> "Also, there's children behind that ice. I don't know about you, but I'm suddenly motivated to make sure he can't get through."

<Clarice> Clarice popped the car hood and scrabbled to pull the battery free, ewwwwwww car oil. Icky!

<Doug> Doug took it back and went to rob cars of batteries. When he would find one, he'd run it to where it could be grabbed easily and then went back to looking for more batteries.

<Paige> Paige stopped what she was doing to move to the ice wall. What could she do, what could she do?

<Melati> "Not to mention he took out my poor little baby," Melati growled, approaching from behind to corner Shinobi between herself and Mikael. "I just got her perfectly new spark plugs last week. This is personal now."

<Kael> "This bastard shot me. I'm Russian, ve hold good grudges." He snarled - and it was a snarl - but no matter how imposing he was, he was no use if the guy wasn't solid. "I think ve need to distract him. He doesn't ghost if he's concentrating on us."

<Melati> "Keep close to him," Melati instructed the more physical members of her team, circling her target slowly with her claws ready. "When he wants to hurt anyone, we can hurt him, so make sure you don't give him the chance."

<Clarice> Clarice teleported the batteries she'd retrieved from the cars to Doug's pile, "Shall I start evacing the people behind the barricade?"

<Noriko> Noriko halted and spotted the open batteries, draining them the moment they weren't feeding anything and started to spark off enough electricity to have her hair standing on end. "Hey bastard? You know your molecules are about to feel something shocking?" She shouted at him with and evil grin before running forward to ram him.

<Noriko> She let off her charge at the same time. Avoid this, bitch.

<Doug> "I wish we could build a... I dunno. A electrical cage around him, or a force field, or something. Or... I dunno. Box him and electrify it?" Doug heaved a battery to the pile. Then he spied a bus and almost clapped. Those have more than one battery! Woo! All the batteries!

<Melati> "Yes, we've got make sure it's only us near him," Melati told Clarice. She pulled up her arms to shield her face just when Noriko zoomed past her.

<Kael> Kael nodded, catching Mel's look as he copied her circling, keeping the guy between them. He could feel Noriko's charge making his fur stand on end, and without realising it his teeth was bared and he was growling at Shinobi. "Da, bystanders keep him predictable, so long as ve move them ve know vhere he's going to go."

<Clarice> "Okay!" Clarice saluted and teleported behind the ice wall, "Okay, if everyone would just form an orderly- nonono don't zerg rush the portal like cattle! Geez!"

<Bobby> Bobby was staying well away from all that electricity, knowing he was no use to anyone if he was fried too.

<Shinobi> He tried to alternate densities fast enough to cope with the huge amount of electricity aimed at him, but ultimately he failed.

<Shinobi> His only way out was to go full diamond now. This left him immune to electricity, but...well...

<Shinobi> "Well, this is gonna hurt..."

<Melati> Melati peeked past her shielding arms just in time to see Shinobi turn solid - and stay that way. "Everyone! Hit him with all you got! Now!" She was upon him in an instant, digging her claws into the crystalline body.

<Clarice> "Is it safe for me to drop a car on him?" Clarice called through the wall as she helped the last of the stragglers through.

<Noriko> Nori hit the floor and rolled then, mind washing about as she pushed up off the floor swaying a little.

<Paige> He was one form now. What was stronger than diamond? Lasers! Nobody had a laser.

<Kael> Kael didn't need to be told twice. He let go of the wolf, bounding at the man and leaping for him, slamming into him with an angry, terrifying snarl, though he didn't do anything so stupid as to try and bite diamond. His jaws hurt already, thanks.

<Paige> But she could be AS strong as him. She nodded to herself and pulled off her skin to reveal her own body in diamond form. She ran at Shinobi and swung her fist at his face.

<Shinobi> "Argh!" He flailed around as he was beatend and dragged all over the ground. "My suit!"

<Doug> Everyone? Doug looked around and took the baton out and oh well... swing for the stands as he rolled by at one point. It bent a little, but ah well. He felt better at least.

<Kael> "You'll lose more than your suit you murdering-" He degenerated into Russian snarls as he held him down for the others.

<Noriko> Noriko scrabbled away now the fist fight was evident and ran for the pile of batteries doug had created and collapsed against them. "Doug you are a life saver."

<Melati> "Better make it a bus," Melati told Clarice, swiping the claws of both hands at Shinobi, tearing his suit to shred. "And wait for us to get the hell out of the way first."

<Bobby> He pulled his inhibitor cuffs from his belt and moved in, then noticing Paige joining the fight. "Whoooooooaaaaaaa."

<Shinobi> Finally he came to rest at the bottom of the dogpile, unable to get up.

<Clarice> "Whooo! Go Professor Guthrie!" Clarice clapped, "A bus? I can do that, clear the area!" The bus that Doug had been harvesting vanished into a portal.

<Paige> Paige kicked him again just to be sure. "And stay down!"

<Doug> Doug clapped his hands and did his Zoidberg impersonation. "Yay, I'm helping!"

<Melati> "And this is for the van," Melati growled, adding a kick to Paige's punch, before she realized what Clarice was about to do and grabbed everyone to pull them away from the immediate area of the impact. "Hit him, Blink!"

<Paige> Paige jumped back quickly so she wouldn't get smashed too.

<Bobby> Bobby had to stop again at the bus and again he was reduced to a "Whoa... okay."

<Shinobi> Everybody was letting go for some reason, so he slowly got up again. "Oh, I am SO going to hurt all of you, screw the humans..."

<Noriko> Noriko started draining the batteries till her energy levels headed back to normal and she could stand without swaying. "That's better! All my gods I need more bus batteries in my life. If he need zapping again just shout!" She added over the comm.

<Bobby> With an almost sympathetic look at Shaw, he pointed up at the incoming bus.

<Kael> Kael scrambled back, staring at the guy, then the bus that was about to hit him. "...Da, you do that." He muttered, grinning - well, wolfishly.

<Shinobi> "...I want my lawyer...and my dad..." BOOM

<Clarice> The bus landed with a small explosion on top of the bad guy, "Sorry!"

<Noriko> Noriko flung a battery at the bus and exploded that as it hit as well, just for good measure you understand.

<Clarice> "I didn't hurt him too bad, did I? Oooh, watch out for flying bits of bus guys!"

<Noriko> "Nice one Blink!"

<Paige> On reflex, Paige shielded her face, though there was little need to. She was made of diamond. "Bobby get him!"

<Kael> Kael pushed himself to his feet, eying up the wreckage suspiciously. He wasn't going to be triumphant until he was damn sure the kid was down.

<Doug> "You just made a bunch of school children very happy." Doug called out to Blink. He gave her a thumbs up. "Just sayin'."

<Melati> Melati watched the devastation with grim satisfaction, before she turned to glance at Mikael. "What do they say in your homeland? In Soviet Russia, bus catches you."

<Kael> Kael couldn't help it. He burst out into helpless laughter.

<Bobby> Once the debris bounced off his ice, he moved in, still in ice form, and looked for the guy. He was forced to use another flow of ice to tip the bus over onto its side with another crash.

<Bobby> Oh... there he was.... wow. "Okay, asshole. Say bye-bye." He grabbed one raggedy-suit-clad arm and snapped the first inhibitor cuff into place.

<Clarice> Clarice blinked next to Bobby, "I didn't smash him too bad did I?"

<Clarice> She smiled at Doug, "Thanks."

<Bobby> The man seemed semi-conscious, which was impressive, but now that he was cuffed, he was human. "Well... I think you dented him nicely, Pinky."

<Melati> "You could never smash him hard enough, if you ask me," Melati commented, stepping close to make sure their opponent wouldn't get up again - or turn ghostly.

<Clarice> "Just so long as it's not permanent denting, that would be really bad karma."

<Paige> "Good job, everyone! We're amazing!"

<Noriko> Noriko sauntered over dusting herself off. "Nothing a good explosion can't fix, so far anyway."

<Shinobi> "Hey, watch out for the sui-..." He looked down at the tatters. "Oh fuck it, take me in, I need a shower."

<Melati> "Nah, I'm pretty sure you stacked some serious good karma by saving all those people," Melati told Clarice, giving her a small smile, before she looked at the rest of her team. "You all did."

<Bobby> Bobby checked his pulse, but when he started talking he decided to just drop him face down on the shattered asphalt. "Yeah, shut up."

<Shinobi> "Ouch! This is police brutality! I'm going to sue you!"

<Kael> Kael finally calmed down from the bad joke, shaking his head and shifting back to human and coming a little closer to the others. "I don't know, I didn't precisely do much." He smiled a little, actually managing a blush. "But at least I didn't find somevhere to vhimper this time, da?"

<Melati> Melati tried to suppress the pang of guilt that weighed down her heart when the thought that they hadn't been able to save everyone crept into her mind.

<Noriko> "We all worked really well together didn't we? getting better at dealing with harder situations and teh newbies did good to!" Smiling at Doug and Kael.

<Clarice> "He's not police, he's government, silly bad guy."

<Paige> Paige shifted back to flesh and looked around for Rachel. Where was she anyway?

<Bobby> Bobby shifted back to flesh and rested his foot on the guy's back, looking up at the sky for his backup... then he saw a flash of skin. "Um... Paigey..."

<Paige> "Hm? What?" Paige glanced back over to Bobby.

<Melati> "That was great teamwork, everyone," she commended the others, her voice sincere, and gave them a nod. "We all did your best." it had been all they've had, even though it hadn't been quite enough.

<Clarice> "Oh my gosh!" Clarice covered her eyes with a squeak.

<Shinobi> "Government brutality! Inform the press!" He squeezed out from the space where his mouth met the asphalt.

<Noriko> Noriko blinked and averted her eyes blushing. "Paige dear I have a er spare dress in my bag in the car....hopefully it'll fit..."

<Kael> Kael found himself distracted, an eyebrow going up as he brushed the shoulderlength hair out of his face. "Vell." He grinned.

<Paige> "What are you... AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" She screamed and ducked behind the closest thing she could to hide.

<Bobby> Bobby made an elaborate hand gesture at her and a face, then... oh, she got it now.

<Doug> "My question is... um..." Doug chuckled. "Whose our ride home?" Then he almost giggled. All the vehicles in a certain radius had no batteries. He finally laughed into his hand. He was giddy from the excitement.

<Melati> Some cheeky looking fat kid took a snapshot with his cellphone, a rather smug grin plastered across his face.

<Melati> "Welcome to superhero fame, Miss Guthrie!" Melati laughed.

<Clarice> "I can get us home ... I think I should get Professor Guthrie home as soon as possible," Clarice said, still covering her eyes.

<Kael> "Oh no, don't hide, someone that beautiful doesn't need to!" Kael yelled, still grinning.

<Noriko> Noriko dashed forward and grabbed the phone well Paige hid, deleting the picture and handing it back before running to what was left of the van to grab the spare dress.

<Doug> Doug held out his jacket trying to stand in front of her. "Nothing to see. Move along now. Nothing to see here." He called out, laughter still in his voice.

<Melati> "Snap pictures of these instead!" Melati called towards the crowd of onlookers while zipping down her uniform, distracting from the professor and her wardrobe malfunction by pulling open her own.

<Bobby> "I would suggest the Blink express for you guys, but... well... my ride is here." He looked back up at the SHIELD helicopter now approaching, with the rest of his team in tow. Late, as usual.

<Kael> Oh, Kael wasn't going to need to take a picture, that memory was...wait, wasn't she a professor? He tilted his head in thought for a long moment, before his hair was suddenly blasted by the downdraft of the helicopter.

<Bobby> Distracted by lizard tits, he jumped at Darren's voice demanding bagels in his comm.

<Clarice> "Modesty portal is a go!" Clarice opened a portal right next to Paige.

<Paige> Paige put the tiny dress on, glad she was skinny at least. She considered just staying in her hiding spot, because facing the team was not something she wanted to do. Especially not Rachel. But a portal she could do. Paige hopped through it.

<Melati> Melati waved at her fans, before turning around to jog towards Clarice's portal. "Drinks are on me tonight," she announced to the others while zipping up again.

<Kael> Kael was suddenly distracted by Mel...enough that he was taken off-guard by the small child demanding she be allowed to scritch the puppy now.

<Doug> Doug took off, time to go. He dived through.

<Noriko> Noriko sat back down on her battery pile and relaxed abit with their teacher safely hidden from view back home.

<Kael> He sighed, smiled and shifted back long enough to let the child scratch him behind the ear, before giving her a long wet lick and bounding for the portal - while Bobby was being told in no uncertain terms that his other teammate would appreciate a bagel too and minus the birdseed this time, Kent.

<Noriko> Pushing off the pile she got up and strolled to the portal waving at all the people and glancing at the blood splatters on the floor, gods help the police force of the city.

<Bobby> With Shaw - it was always a fucking Shaw - secured to the drop line, Bobby let Selene haul him up and soon joined his team in the air.

<Clarice> "Is that everyone?"

<Melati> "I think we've got everyone," Melati said, looking back to see the area being fenced off as police and paramedics swarmed the scene. "Let's be outta here then." She turned around and jumped through the portal.

<Noriko> "I think so? Wait what about Rachel?" Looking round and glad she hadn't left anything important in her bag, phone and wallet tucked in her bra.

<Kael> Kael looked behind him for a second, before disappearing into the portal. Well, for once, he hadn't been useless...

<Clarice> "Umm? I think Bobby can look after her," Clarice said, she gave the SHIELD team a wave before vanishing through the portal as well.

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