7/27 Game: Zerg Rush

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7/27 Game: Zerg Rush

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November 3rd.

Dusk: The swirling black vortex opened several feet above the ground, which wasn't much of an issue for the raven-haired girl floating through the portal. "Sorry about that," Cassandra apologized to the rest of the team as they came tumbling through.

Obscure: Sue instinctively broke her fall with a cushiony soft forcefield, rolling to her feet and looking around. "It's okay." She gave Cassie a smile.

Fabian: Fabian swore as he came into contact with the ground, steadying himself and listening. Screaming and the sound of a good many feet running could be heard. "Well, this is...they really picked a close-quarters city to work with, didn't they?"

Wither: "I think that was the point," Kevin said, rubbing the elbow he'd landed on. "Better odds of having more damage and havoc."

Blackjack: Jack landed on his big fluffy feet with cushioned thuds, but it still took him a moment to orient himself after the teleport. He looked towards Fabian, then his ears perked up, hearing screaming.

Dusk: "I'm just glad that I found the right spot at all," Cassie remarked, floating down to the ground and looking around to get her bearings. "I hope so, anyway. These long distance jumps are taxing, especially with that much baggage."

Obscure: "Well... practice makes perfect, right?" Sue offered.

Armor: Landing within her glowing amber avatar construct, Hisako looked up at Cassandra, keeping her wry sigh inaudible as she stood back up, armor fading as she floated down to her feet, "You would think we had supah-sentai Air Miles...."

Fabian: "Trying to call us fat, Dusk?" Fabian half-teased as he looked up to try and get his own bearings as well and listen for what he hoped was the general way of the ruckus. "To the right?" He asked, glancing that way as the noise echoed down.

Obscure: Sue projected her invisibility out in a cone infront of them then swept it around the buildings to see where the noise was coming from more clearly.

Dusk: "Does that mean we're still not getting a replacement jet anytime soon?" Cassie asked Sue, wearing a tired half-smile. "Just for the record, the next mission ferry express are handled by the Blink-Bus."

Fabian: The first thing to come into sight was people charging away and towards the team. "Yes, I'd say that's the way to go..." It was going to be hell getting through the crowd though. "Anyone fancy rooftop views?"

Armor: "It means we need to invest in Air Miles...", Hisako hummed to herself, turning to Fabian, "You see any way up? Any stairs or....elevator?"

Obscure: "I can get us up." Sue created a forcefield under their feet and lifted them to level with the rooftops. "I promise it goes all the way to the tiles."

Fabian: "We've got portable collapsable stairs." Fabian motioned to Obscure, inclining his head.

Fabian: And apparently she was all ready in the works and Fabian knelt down to hold on better just in case the crowd came through flailing sooner than was good.

Wither: "This is creepy." Kevin looked down at the ground as they went up.

Armor: Hisako blinked downwards, instinctively drawing up her armor-frame as they rose, ".....a-aaah. So not just invisible power....", she bit her lip awkwardly, "...this is very disconcertend....I think is the word?"

Blackjack: "You got that right," Jack told Hisako

Armor: With a smile, Hisako nodded; proud she'd 'gotten the word correct'.

Dusk: "Here, I got the right thing to reduce the risk of missteps," Cass remarked, summing forth some black smoke that flowed across Sue's invisible steps. "Keep in mind we have no security net for this show."

Obscure: "If you'd rather find your own ways up I can always just drop you?" Sue suggested with a small smirk as she crossed off the field onto the roof.

Armor: "Gomen? Oh, let me just think....would I like to fall to my death(?)", Hisako hummed, "No, I think I would rather be alive. Arigatou(!)"

Fabian: "Where's the fun without the chance of being a splatter on the pavement?" Fabian asked as he hopped onto the roof and hurried along the side of the building, seeing the crowd now start spill through the alley below.

Dusk: "I've always wanted to see Istanbul," Cassandra said, letting her gaze wander across the vast skyline as they floated higher up. Screams echoed through the narrows streets not too far away from where they were. A car soared through the air, as well. "Of course, I would have preferred doing so outside of apocalypse season."

Thor: Ankka, not one to waste energy, had his axe-hammer over a shoulder, standing on the rising platform. He was however uncharacteristically silent.

Obscure: "Pfft, I'm not the only one with for-... huh." She decided to try and deflect the car from the buildings.

Wither: Kevin scrambled onto the roof, glad to be able to see something under his feet. He watched the car go by. "Well. it's big and strong and it can throw cars. What's the plan?" He shouted over the din of the people below, running by.

Fabian: "Did anyone see what threw it?!" Fabian sped up, glad that the buildings were close together to move along forward without much worry.

Armor: Sniffing, Hisako grimaced, stepping away from the group a little, "Thank you, but I think I prefer not being broken all inside.", she assured Fabian, clapping her fist and hand together, "X-ah Gold Shotai to intercept the aggressives and neutralize all threat!"

Obscure: "Catching cars is not the plan, right? Because I don't think I can do that again...." Sue had managed to put the car down in a street and now she wanted a lie down.

Thor: Ankka stepped onto the roof, looking around, long hair pulled into a ponytail. "Hit it until it stops moving." He supplied, kicking into the air and following. "I can catch the next one, it von't hurt much if I miss after all."

Armor: "Chotto mate, Ankka!", Hisako called after him, sighing a little - it was clear to her he was still distressed over Ashida Noriko's disappearance; "Ok, all units to engage, yes?"

Dusk: "I really don't want to ruin the mood of the beautiful sunset, guys, but is something... eating that building over there?" Cassandra pointed towards an old building several blocks further down. There were things scuttling all over the small bell-tower, some of the shapes even flying and buzzing around the top.

Obscure: "Oh crap... those look big..." Sue scrubbed her face with her hands.

Fabian: "Once we see who, yeah!" Fabian called back, stopping short of the edge of the next building as he saw what Cassandra just pointed out. Was that..."Anyone remembering the bug things in the subway...only more grotesque?"

Fabian: "And big, yes, big." Big bugs. Giant big bugs. How often were they really going to fight with bug things?!

Armor: Hisako snapped her fingers, "Aaaha! May-chan is said about that! She said you all killed them, right?",

Thor: 'Distressed', no. He'd got past that when he'd found out it wasn't his Noriko on the slap. 'Angry' was closer. 'Raging quietly' might be better. Angry enough that the localised rainstorm that had developed back at the school at Nori's 'death' had turned into a full-blown, crater-causing terrifying lightning storm...

Wither: "Oh giant bugs. Great."

Dusk: "Were they flying before?" Cassie asked. looking at the others, then back at the swarm of horrid monsters. "I don't remember them being able to fly... or looking this big."

Blackjack: "Okay, in all honesty, why haven't we thought about packing heavy duty bug killer in?" Jack asked as he pulled out his batons.

Thor: He set his face when he saw the bugs. "Bears are vorse." Was all he said, landing lightly on the roof.

Dusk: "Okay, here's the plan - we strip Wither naked and I teleport him right into the middle. When all of the monsters are dead, we head for kebab and apple tea. Everyone in favour?"

Fabian: "These aren't the same." Fabian said a bit quietly as he forced himself to go closer for a better vantage point. These were definitely bigger. "So...engage. We've definitely got to get them out of the air if we don't want them escaping." But they didn't want them able to get at the crowds running away...and the sound of guns firing from security and the emergency response coming in didn't sound good to do hand to hand with either.

Armor: Turning to Jack, Hisako shrugged, "Tell May-chan to make it.", she stepped up on the edge of the rooftop, glancing over at Cassandra, "I like Cortez' plan better.",

Wither: "NO!" Kevin grabbed at his suit. "Bad idea!"

Obscure: "I could totally go for this plan." Sue nodded to Cassie. "Apart from the naked man part, it has all the right ingredients."

Wither: "I'l take my gloves off and someone can get me to their wings."

Fabian: "This is the second time we've ran into something like this, we should know what the things are...and last time the corpses sort of exploded so there wasn't much to study."

Blackjack: "I just like the naked part. Anyhow, guys and gals, let's go get them."

Armor: Raising her fist, Hisako called up her armor frame, "X-ah Shotai Gold: Yo-Yo Rodriquez formation! Missiooooon Starto!", she hopped off of the rooftop, armor shooting her forth gliding across the air.

Thor: "I vant to be able to sqvish something. Anything." Ankka's eyes took on their blue-white glow, the pads over his torso lighting up as he began to charge. Kicking himself into the air, there was a faint roll of thunder following him as he lowered the axe from his shoulder, making a bee(heh)-line for the bugs.

Viper: Viper scanned the area from her vantage point in a helicopter, "Aha! Our friends are here!" She smiled, "Let's see how well they stand up today." She turned to the helicopter's other passenger. "Direct them to attack please, Jessica... and stop giving me that look. I don't know what you want."

Fabian: "Obscure, can you bubble them and push them to the ground?" Fabian asked, not really wanting to see these things closer but knowing they couldn't all very well fight in the air.

Dusk: "Oh well, let's do it the messy way then." Cassandra summoned the darkness around her, struggling against the strain of the evening sun as it burned cold on her back. "Hey, anyone up for keeping score?" That being said, she disappeared in a swirl of shadows that took her right into the thick of the creatures.

Obscure: "I can try..." Sue chewed her lip, "Might be easier for me to, er, clip their wings...."

Wither: "Ok, try that and I'll hold them down once they get to the ground." Kevin found a narrow staircase and went down.

Fabian: Fabian started his usual round of boosts around, taking a deep breath and started down. "So far that's a decent enough plan."

Obscure: Sue invisibled herself and bubbled up, taking herself as close as she dared to get a better view of her targets in the failing light.

Thor: Fabian's boost shivering through him, he got closer, tightening the grip on Mjolnir. He picked his target, and threw lightning at one that was heading straight for him. "Incoming!" The bolt tore off the wings, leaving the bug to shriek its way to the ground below.

Blackjack: Jack nodded and rushed down to the street level to go ahead and crack some exoskeletons on the ones that didn't fly.

Dusk: "Who knew you can't really catch insects by surprise?" Cassie called as she was set upon by a small swarm of the creatures almost the very moment she appeared near them. "Good thing I brought my fly swatter." Said swatter, created out of her dark constructs, slapped the nearest bug out of the air before it could take a bite out of her.

Fabian: One of the creatures let out a warning hiss and a blinding light quickly flashed through the area as it reared up to swat at the oncoming rabbit.

Blackjack: And swat he was. He flew backwards and landed against a wall, taking a moment to pull himself right again. He then blinked noticing the one rather albino looking bug going right for him. "I got a pair of sticks with your name on it!" he yelled.

Thor: Ankka swore in Finnish as the light made his eyes smart. He looked up to the sky, clouds starting to swirl in over them. He was about to severely confuse any meteorologists around, sullen thunder starting as the clouds flashed.

Armor: Hisako slid as she hit the ground, her armor following her movements as she bought her force-sword into existence and waited for a group of insects to bare down on her. She smiled, closing her eyes and whispering "Senkei...", before slashing open the first wave in a single stroke.

Thor: "Vhat's the vord on destroying them?" He asked in the com, a whip of wind blasting a bug heading for him into a wall.

Dusk: "What happened to the third one?" Cass asked Jack as she floated above his head and caught one of the bugs with her black tentacles when it tried to pounce the rabbit from behind.

Armor: "Oh, so they are weak?", Hisako hummed, watching them shriek and click at their injuries, "That was hardly lethal, come on bug!", she kicked one down as it came in for a riposte.

Blackjack: Jack used the wall to launch him right back at the pale bug, swinging his arms and hitting the creature hard for the first strike. The creature however chittered and hissed loudly, making Jack nearly cringe at the sound, before it backhanded, or whatever it had as hands, Jack a couple feet backwards.

Obscure: Sue sent invisible daggers flying into the swarm, aiming for the edges of their wings to damage their abilities to fly. She watched the injured ones spiral to the ground, breaking their fall however because the screeching they made sounded so human for just a split second.

Fabian: giantbugsgiantbugsgiantbugsgiantbugs. Fabian was never going to sleep again but he decided to see what would happen if he tried to burn one out. He was keeping well to the back of this particular fight for the moment though, herding the crowd away.

Thor: The bug he'd slammed into a wall, however, disappeared before it hit the wall. Ankka swore loudly as it slammed into him, blue markings seeming to trace over its carapace, and what counted as its eyes flaring blue too before it disappeared again. "...Fabian, you've come across these before. Are they supposed to teleport?"

Viper: Viper leaned out of the helicopter, watching the fight with interest. "Now, Jessica, you really should watch this so you can help them avoid the dangerous ones. Come here and steer them." She gestured the girl to her side.

Dusk: "Need some help with this one?" Cassandra positioned herself between the pale bug and Jack, hesitating for only a moment. Something about the monster felt familiar. Even stranger was the fact that is appeared to briefly pause itself. "I've no idea what you are, but you're clearly the ugliest of the whole bunch."

Dusk: To her shock, the creature chittered, before uttering "Cassie" with its horribly distorted voice.

Wither: Kevin removed his gloves and ran to Cass and Jack, ducking to avoid being bowled over by him. "Ok, Obscure's brought a bunch of them down, You guys got this one?" At their nod, he went to the grounded insects, reaching for a pink one that veered off to the side. It started climbing up the wall to get at the person who'd injured it. He let it go, grabbing the leg of another one and hanging on for dear life as it tried to shake him off.

Dusk: "That bug knows my name," Cass muttered, stating the obvious. "Why does it know my name?" Before she could receive any kind of answer from anyone, the pale creature shrieked, the moment of hesitation passing as it leaped straight at the girl.

Fabian: "That's...not good." Fabian answered as Cass reported on the name-knowing bug... "That means we can't squish them, can we?"

Thor: Ankka managed to slam a fist into the flickering bug's side, apparently stunning it enough for it to drift a few feet, but before he could get it it had disappeared again and he had another problem. Another bug - smaller than the rest - flew for him, hitting him and slamming him into a wall. He shocked the bug to make it let go - and got shocked right back.

Blackjack: Jack bounded at the pale creature, stopping it midair with a kick, and both tumbling down near Cassie's feet. "Dusk! Focus!" he yelled before trying to pummel the creature with his batons.

Obscure: Sue was starting to think bubbling herself in the middle of the swarm was a bad thing to do. She had bugs crawling all over her field. Several of them were hammering on it now and it was all she could do to keep herself in the air. "Er, guys? Little help?"

Thor: "...No, no sqvish." He stared into the bug's face as it opened its mouth a little. "They can use powers..." There was an unsure rumble of thunder before he got a jolt that actually hurt. It was...licking one of his pads...? Ankka heaved it off him, staring at the bug.

Wither: "The bug knows your name?" Kevin asked as he was shaken off.

Dusk: Cassandra instinctively summoned a shadowy barrier to protect herself, the albino monster being stopped just short of it by Jack's pouncing attack. "What are you? Why do you know my name?" she demanded to know, her subconsciousness already dreading the answer.

Armor: Landing atop the albino-looking insectivore attacking Cassandra and Jack, Hisako stabbed into its carapace, yanking her blade to jolt it away, "Your taste in men is getting lower, Kage!"

Blackjack: Jack's pummelling didn't do much as he was easily lifted and thrown off by the pale bug. He rolled and got back to his feet, "How strong are these things anyway?!"

Fabian: Fabian dropped the one he had been boosting up and watch it scuttle around dazed and focused back on boosting his teammates. If he couldn't drop them dead he wasn't sure how much he should risk using on the bugs. "What do you need, Obscure?"

Dusk: "No!" She didn't know why she yelled at her teammates to stop, or why she lashed out with shadowy arms to push both of them off the pale monster. "Armor! Blackjack! Stop hurting it!"

Thor: "Ankka?" The bug chittered at him, circling him warily. Ankka lowered his axe, the impending storm already starting to break up. He raised a hand slowly to his earpiece. "...This one knows me." He said into it, voice carefully deadpan. "And it just shocked me. I...I think ve have a problem."

Sue: "I need bugspray... or fly paper... or a big uv light of some description... Or, you know... less bugs. I can't actually see for bugs..."

Armor: "Nani ga?", Hisako blinked, pulling her blade free and leaping down between the best and her teammates, "Explain what you mean! Haiyaku!"

Wither: "What's going on? Stop hurting them? They're kind of attacking."

Thor: He didn't get much chance to say anything else - a massive, screaming bug slammed into Ankka, their momentum carrying them into a building and demolishing a wall.

Fabian: "Can you push them with walls?" Fabian suggested, ducking under one set of clanking mandibles and, oddly enough, a bug trying to swipe at him with it's tail. Oh hell, did these things have stingers?

Viper: Viper focused on her passenger again, "They are fighting the control. Do something about it. Make them more aggressive and see if we can't push them into changing their minds."

Obscure: "I'm trying to push but there's just so many of them pushing back. I've had a lot more practice containing things than keeping things out."

Dusk: "I have a feeling why they name us," Cassandra told the others, but before she could elaborate further, she was pulled off her feet by the albino bug pouncing her from behind.

Fabian: "I'll try to drop some of them." Fabian assured her although now that they spoke at least and Dusk was freaking out a bit he was nervous about doing so. Nevertheless he started putting too much energy into a few of them. "Hold on, they may get a bit rambunctious before they go down."

Fabian: And by rambunctous Fabian meant they would rattle about the bubble even more which probably wasn't helping right at that moment.

Armor: Hisako turned, crouching back and summoning her armor's glowing blade once again and waiting to strike the arm off of the pale abomination grappling Cassandra, "Cassie! Do not move so much!"

Thor: "They know us!" Ankka's voice was strained as he bodily lifted the huge bug. "Rrrargh-" It flew out of the rubble and into the wall across the narrow street, shrieking all the way. "And they can use powers. Do the math, Idiootteja te!"

Blackjack: Jack jumped on to the albino bug, "Dusk, should I hit it or not?!" he asked, getting a bit grossed out at the wings trying to push him off while he clung using one of his batons wedged into a nook in the carapace.

Armor: Blinking, Hisako's wide eyes remained on the monster in front of her, "N-nani....", she tuted, finally cottoning on, "They are the other X-er team!",

Blackjack: "Yeah, I kind of got that... but do we hit or not?! Because they don't seem to mind to hit us!" Jack repeated his question.

Obscure: "Oh god..." Sue closed her eyes tight and reinforced her fields, becoming fully visible as she focused on keeping up the wall to protect herself.

Dusk: "I do my best, but that's kinda hard when it's trying to eat my face!" Cassandra eventually did the next best thing and simply teleported out of the creature's grip. "Hit them, but don't hurt them!" she called from above. "Not too much, anyway."

Thor: He stalked out of the hole, Mjolnir disappating for the moment, the tiny bug that had licked him landing behind him as the huge one pulled itself up groggily. Ankka ignored it - her - for the moment.

Wither: "How is that possible?" Kevin asked, putting his gloved back on and running. His power was all about killing. "A little help down here!" He yelled as a bug began chasing him.

Thor: ...At least, until he was shocked. He'd got ready for it this time though, actually grabbing the power and pulling in the charge. The tiny bug chittered and swiped at him. "Sorry, Noriko...I really am." He murmured, kicking up into the air and draining her. He cut off the drain, then slammed into the huge one, wincing at the shriek as he let go of all the extra charge straight into its carapace.

Obscure: "Fabian hurry up!" Sue's head was pounding in time to the hammering on her shields.

Fabian: "I'm fucking doing it." Fabian reminded her. "They'll go down when they go down, I don't exactly know much about them."

Thor: Ankka pushed off the still-alive but groggy bug, kicking into the air, looking for Noriko - but the bug had gone. He swore, before hearing Sue and Fabian. Mjolnir suddenly flew through the knot of bugs, knocking them off the shield and disorientating them. "Sorry, I vas occupied. Better?"

Dusk: Her gaze moving back and forth between the albino insect and the entrapped Sue, Cassandra trusted her friends to make the right call and decided to come to her friend's aid. Vanishing insider her shadowy vortex, the portal took her right inside the girl's shields. "Hey there, anyone in here ordering a backdoor?"

Thor: ...Well, until they decided to come screaming for him. He really should have thought this through...

Obscure: "Much better!" Sue scanned the area for Kevin and caught the bug persuing him in a bubble. "Gotcha you little bastard!"

Thor: Mjolnir hit his palm and then was flung again, this time arcing blue-white bolts of energy. The tattered clouds he'd neglected suddenly contracted, spiralling and black above them. "Time to be a thunder god, mmm?" He grinned as the group of boosted bugs scattered from the axe-hammer then came for him again.

Thor: "You're velcome!" He yelled over the rising wind. The bugs descended on him, and then there was a god-awful cry as the knot was blasted apart by a hit of lightning, a couple spiralling, smoking gently, to the floor. Ankka was near glowing as energy snapped and arced around him.

Obscure: "Maybe I should try to contain them instead?" Sue offered, disappearing from view again and dropping her bubble towards the ground rapidly to throw off the remaining bugs.

Thor: A couple more of the bugs, burnt out from Fabian's boost, dropped out of the sky as he looked for his friends.

Dusk: Looking up, Cassandra watched the thick swarm of buzzing creatures in the skies above them. "I really hate to be the killjoy here again, but I'm starting to think things are starting to get out of hand." There were screaming civilians in the streets around them, and helpless police trying their best to fend off the onslaught of monsters.

Dusk: "They're headed for the big hotel back there!" she pointed out once tracing the creature's direction. "You know, the important looking one with the many big cars parked in front of it!"

Hisako: "Contain this inside, I will help the civilians.", Hisako affirmed, her armor frame flashing blue for a moment as it grew larger around her, leaping over the upturned vehicles and proceeding to block off the insect horde.

Hisako: "May-chan would say 'Zerg Rush!'...", she murmurred.

Fabian: Fabian couldn't help but look alarmed as the ones he had burnt out seemed to still have enough energy to rear up and put up a fight. "What the hell is powering these things? I can't kep them down but for a few minutes!"

Thor: "Then maybe ve should beat them to it, yes?" Ankka used the wind to throw a few back the way they came, but there was too many. He doubted Fabian could boost him to that degree.

Obscure: "Wait what? We're letting them into the hotel?" Sue flattened herself against a wall to avoid more people, creating a shallow domed field over her.

Dusk: "Unless one of you packed some big cans of Raid, I feel we're starting to run out of options here," Cass commented, wrapping some of the creatures in shadows before teleporting them away to - hopefully - uninhabited areas.

Fabian: "I don't think the tranqs we have would even touch these things if I can't knock them down for more than what I've managed so far." Fabian sighed, wishing that big can of Raid did exist.

Dusk: "If they're focusing on the hotel, hopefully the rest of the city should be safe," she told the others, before taking to the air in an attempt to intercept the flying swarm.

Obscure: "I'll do my best... Fabian, I'm going to need the boost if you have anything left..."

Fabian: "It's not my energy I use." Fabian pointed out, going right ahead and granting Sue the extra power. "Just let me know if you start to feel it's too much, don't want to crash you."

Thor: Ankka lowered Mjolnir, landing beside the others, energy earthing into the ground around him. "Hnn. I can help, yes? But I too vill need a boost. Again." What if it burnt him out? One way to find out...

Obscure: "I'll do the best I can," Sue boosted herself up onto the rooftops again for a better view of the hotel then concentrated on blocking all the external windows and doors from the top down.

Dusk: Surrounding by billowing clouds of darkness, Cassandra did her best to fend off the swarm, lashing out with black tentacles to swat the flying monsters out of the air or fend them off with solid shadow-discs when they came a little coo close for comfort.

Fabian: "Ruin them." Fabian chuckled and complied.

Viper: "Oh this will not do at all... those forcefields are a problem." Viper frowned, "I think it is time to withdraw them, Jessica. Before those forcefields block your signal. Send them home. And try to smile. I did not kill a single one of your friends."

Dusk: Her gaze lingered on the distant horizon, where the sun slowly sank into the sea. "Right, now it's showtime," Cass announced as soon as the last of its rays vanished, no longer weakening her.

Thor: Ankka just grinned, before pushing himself up in the air. He barrelled into the centre, the storm contracting and becoming a solid wall of lightning to help Sue's shields. This felt amazing...he honestly felt like he could do anything he chose to right at that moment.

Dusk: Focusing her power, she pulled all the darkness around her close, before releasing it in an expanding sphere that scattered the entire swarm.

Thor: Along with the wall of lightning, the field and Cassie's sphere, Ankka was barrelling through the swarm so fast he almost seemed to be teleporting, breaking up the swarm and making them scatter, the bugs unable to touch him. Weirdly, every time they did, the uniform almost seemed to armour in that area.

Blackjack: And down at street level, Jack just handled the ones that was terrorizing the cityfolk cowering around the hotel. Go jack!

Hisako: "If only you put this much effort into homework, Kage.", Hisako laughed to herself, standing atop a traffic signal pole within her armored frame, staying clear of the blackness permeating from her commerade.

Obscure: Sue finally finished sealing off the hotel. "Okay... I got it..." a slow drip of blood trickled down from her nose and splattered on her uniform.

Blackjack: "Where you going?" Jack yelled after he thwarted a bug from impaling a bystander on a railing. Unfortunately the bug swiped at the rabbit, knocking him back against the same railing. "Argh! I can't feel my chest!" he yelled after the metal spike jabbed him.

Thor: "Can I start calling things 'puny mortals' yet?" Ankka laughed - he couldn't help it, the boost and the pure charge was giving him an amazing rush, even a helmet seeming to come into being thanks to the boost. The bugs weren't standing a chance as he made sure those separate from the swarm couldn't get his friends.

Dusk: Teleporting to the hotel, Cassandra supported Sue by smacking away the last couple of bugs that still attempted to pierce her shields. "I really don't want to jinx this, but I have a feeling we're owning this battle," the raven-haired girl announced, smashing a particularly aggressive specimen with a giant shadow-hammer.

Thor: The scattered swarm was moving off. Ankka hung in mid air, still glowing, still earthing, now covered in a strange, almost archaic armour, the helmet crowned with wings that swept back against his head. He would not have looked out of place with a cape. "Did ve vin?"

Wither: "My power is so unhelpful," Kevin saidm going to see if he could help Jack. "You gonna die?"

Fabian: "Maybe when you're immortal." Fabian teased, now letting himself relax just a bit as well...he kept the boosts going though because he knew how much energy these things seemed to store for their recovery.

Blackjack: Jack cringed, looking up at Kevin, "Nah, got the wind knocked out of me... hell it's gonna bruise badly tomorrow."

Obscure: The drip of blood was now becoming a trickle, "Can someone tell me when it's safe to relax?"

Dusk: "I think we did," Cass said, catching her breath as she watched the rest of the creatures take off into the air and rejoin the fleeing swarm. It didn't seem to come any closer, or attack any of the other buildings. "Woohoo, go B-Team!"

Viper: Viper watched the swarm head off, "Alright, time to go home." She slid the door closed, "Good work. Tomorrow I promise we will finish our adjustments."

Thor: "I'm not testing that one just yet, but I'm getting this idea..." Ankka watched the swarm, grin fading as he realised Noriko and his other friends were in that somewhere. "Relax, Sue. They're backing off, and I have a lightning barrier up, yes? You did fantastic."

Thor: He dropped out of the air, landing beside the group hard enough to leave a sizable crater, still armoured. "...Oops. This boost is amazing, Fabian." He straightened, examining the armour for a moment before looking back at the swarm.

Obscure: "Oh good..." Sue dropped her fields and sank to the floor in a heap, swiping absently at her face to wipe away the blood. "Goddamn... where's Noriko with my meds when I need her?" She massaged her temples.

Dusk: "Shouldn't we, I don't know, follow them or something?" Cassandra asked, looking around at the others as she slowly sank to the ground and bent over to catch her breath. "I mean, we probably should." She had to lean against a nearby lamppost when her strength faded. "Then again, we should make sure first everyone in the city is safe."

Thor: "...Currently in that svarm, Sue..." Ankka said quietly, Mjolnir hanging loosely from its wrist strap.

Obscure: "I think I want to go lie down and take a nap..."

Fabian: "...are we letting them just escape?!" Fabian asked in addition to Cassie's question. "Can we get them teleported somewhere that'll hold them?"

Wither: "Would the danger room work?"

Fabian: Fabian made the move to follow, not liking a potential escape at all. Who knew where the creators of these things were and when they could just swoop in.

Thor: Ankka leant against the wall, watching. "I...don't know...but there's thousands, even with your boosts, Fabian. Ve don't know...I mean..." He sank to the floor, pulling off the helmet, looking at it blankly. So Lukas isn't the only one then... "Odinin kuulat, I vant to destroy something."

Dusk: Cassandra looked up at Fabian, the cold sweat clinging to her forehead as she slowly nodded. "I think I can manage one more long distance portal," she said.

Hisako: "Ah, ah! The Danger Room is perfect!", Hisako rejoined the group, heading off after the retreating swarm, "Haiyaku!"

Obscure: "I don't think I can do that again..." Sue shook her head. "I'm exhausted and my head is killing me... I can maybe get one..."

Hisako: Hisako hummed, "Ah! Idea!", she pipped up, "Cortez: power up me and I can make my armor big enough to catch many of them!"

Blackjack: Some rubble got pushed away near them, and a pale bug claw shoved the heavy debris out of its way. Staggering a little, the albino one took a second before it started moving towards where the rest of the swarm was going.

Wither: "Will they get trapped in there with you?"

Obscure: Sue decided to ignore the pounding migraine and seized her opportunity, catching the albino in a bubble. "Never mind. I got one..."

Fabian: Fabian kept his mouth shut. This was the time where they needed serious weapons even if they weren't for killing. "So...I guess we port it back and we start in on the clean up?"

Dusk: Cassandra did not know what made her look in the right direction at just the right moment, but she did turn around in time to spot the pale bug take off into the air. Until it bumped into Sue's invisible field, anyway. "Good job, Sue! Don't hurt it!" The black-haired girl jumped right to the caught creature's side.

Thor: "...I could try and electrocute all of them if you boost me enough, Fabian, but I don't know if that vould vork, considering even you couldn't burn them out." Ankka supplied, still staring at the winged helmet.

Obscure: "I don't think I have the energy for any more constructs so it's safe... just port it before the bubble pops and I pass out..."

Hisako: "......well, maybe not that.", Hisako mumbled, shrugging and taking to the air again with her armor frame.

Blackjack: Rubbing his chest, Jack stepped closer to the others to look at the caught bug. "So... that's the Jonas one?" Jack asked. "Isn't it going to get stronger the darker it gets? Pretty sure that's what zombie boy kept saying when no-one asked what he could do."

Fabian: "Plus we don't want to run the risk of killing them. Electrocution and bugs, albeit giant bugs, doesn't sound like a good idea." Fabian admitted in defeat.

Obscure: Sue didn't like the sound of that at all. "Yeah please port it somewhere with lots of lights... like now... my brain hurts..."

Dusk: "Don't worry, Uncle, I'll take you back home," she muttered under her breath, before engulfing the shrieking and struggling monster with her powers to send it right into to the school. "I hope Danger appreciates the surprise guest," Cass said, hoping the robot wouldn't kill the poor thing.

Obscure: "Oh thank God." Sue let the field drop and decided the roof she was sitting on would make a good bed, lying down and curling up.

Thor: Ankka let out a short, bitter chuckle. "I vasn't touching them." He glanced up to the sky, shooing the storm away like an errant puppy, the barrier of lightning falling apart. Then he lowered his head, hair hiding his face as the hair knot gave up.

Wither: "So...now what do we do?"

Obscure: "Sleep for a weeeeeek..." Sue mumbled.

Dusk: Cassandra dropped down on her knees once the summoned shadow had dispersed again, feeling too weak to trust her own sense of balance for the time being. "Well, one the downside, we'll be stuck until I have regained enough strength to take us back home," she answered Kevin's question.

Dusk: "On the upside, we're stuck in Istanbul," she added, a weak smile on her lips as she looked up.

Wither: "I hear it's pretty at night." Kevin sat down too.

Blackjack: Jack raised a hand, "Might I suggest we use the school's titanium credit card and get some rooms at the underwater hotel? Heard there are some very pretty fish there."

Obscure: "If there are beds... sold."

Blackjack: "Pretty sure there are beds in a hotel, we can ask when we get there though."

Thor: "I just vant Noriko home." Ankka's voice from behind the hair was hoarse, quiet and uneven.

Obscure: "Awesome... someone carry me?"

Dusk: "I want to spend the night in a Turkish bath," Cassandra remarked, turning her head to look back at the hotel they guarded. It was already swarming with hordes of police, bodyguards in expensive suits, and even members of the military. "Any idea why those things happened to pick this city of all places?"

Obscure: "Maybe they heard the food was good?"

Wither: ""Food sounds good. Who brought the credit card?"

Dusk: "I think Jack wanted to invite us all to some hot mocha," Cass said as she got back to her feet and dusted off her uniform. "Anyway, I think we should slip into the crowd before anyone thinks of asking us any questions, or I see our relaxing night ending before it begins."

Obscure: "Okay but seriously... someone carry me...."

Wither: "Just be careful, okay?" Kevin pulled his hoodie up. "Come on, up you get." He went over and helped pull her up so he could carry her piggy-back."

Obscure: "Thank you... I'll walk when I can see straight, I swear..."

Thor: Ankka pushed himself up, the armour seeming to break apart as the helmet disappeared into a golden mist. He wiped his eyes, before scraping the hair out of his face. "I vant a bottle of raki. I got plastered off that vhen I vas in Iraq, and I don't vant to be sober." Was all he supplied.

Wither: "Least I could do because I did nothing earlier."

Dusk: "I just want to curl up in a dark place for a while," Cassandra said, looking back over her shoulder as the group made their way back into the crowded streets, where they'd hopefully slip away from anyone who might have taken an interest in them.

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